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Related article: Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 10:22:38 +0800 From: "solark36yahoo.co.uk" Subject: 15 Harford 15Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and not intended for minors or those judged unable by law to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and not intended.The author reserves all rights to this work.Author's pre-story note: Sorry for the delay. If you have noticed, I have not set a time for the story in my previous chapters. I'm remedying this in this part. Hope you can enjoy it and I think it puts the circumstances in perspective. I must admit that it is the most difficult part of the story to write yet. That was why I had taken so long to come up with this part. 15 HARTFORDThe story so far: Michael and Martin have tided over their crisis. They have managed to find a way to stay together. They even went on the holiday that Martin had wanted when they first committed themselves to each other. Part 15 - The DecisionMichael wiped his tears as he thought of the holiday they had six years before. They were like a honeymooning couple in Amsterdam and they renewed their commitment to each other in bed. Everytime he thought of how blessed he had been, Michael would shed a few tears.Now, as they were entering the twenty-first century, Martin suggested another trip to Amsterdam. Martin actually proposed to him the night before. Getting down on one knee in their home, Martin asked him if he would go to Amsterdam in September to be married. It was the one place in the world where gays could get married legally. Of course, Michael knew that in the rest of Europe, the situation was not equal to the Netherlands. Michael told Martin that he would gladly be married to him but the trip to Amsterdam was still too hasty. Michael wanted to come out to his brother and sister first."Are you feeling okay?" Gary, his lab-mate, asked."I've got a lot on my mind," Michael said cautiously."Leave everything and go home. I'll cover for you.""No, I'm okay.""Do you want someone to listen? Danni says I'm a good listener.""That'll be nice.""Okay then, it's half an hour before lunch break. Let's finish this batch and then we'll go out for lunch. We'll come back after lunch to start the new batch," James suggested."That's a good idea."Michael and Gary were good friends. They had been course mates during Michael's Masters Degree Programme. Michael's performance had been exemplary during his work that the professor he was working with recommended him for a Masters Programme Scholarship. He had free tuition but had to be bonded to the university for at least five years. Michael did not mind. He was very interested in his work and it gave him the excuse to stay in Edinburgh. Martin was thrilled.Michael met Gary on the first day of lectures and they became good friends almost immediately. Of course, insecure Martin had a hard time believing that they were just friends, until Michael decided Off Lolita to come out to Gary and introduce Martin to Gary as his lover. Gary was a little shocked at first, but accepted Michael and Martin for who they were. When Gary got married to his wife, Danni, both Michael and Martin helped out as ushers at the banquet. Both Michael and Gary ended up in the same lab with Professor Rush, the professor who had hired Michael.They finished their sandwiches-and-tea lunch in the staff cafeteria in a hurry and then took a walk in the small meadow just outside their laboratory."Ok, Michael, shoot. I want to hear all about it!"Michael took a deep breath. "Martin asked me to marry him."Gary frowned. "I can see why that upset you, you're secretly in love with me."Michael's eyebrows shot up, "What?"Gary gave a chuckle. "Just teasing!""For a moment there, ..." and then started to laugh. Gary joined in.When both of them stopped laughing, Gary continued, " That's great news Michael! Why were you crying?""They were tears of joy, Gary. Martin and I had had some rough times together.""So! When's the big day?""Actually, I told him that I'd think about Off Lolita it.""Whoa! Stop there Watson! Holmes here must've got a hearing problem. I think I just heard you say that you'd think about it. What do you mean you've to think about it?"Michael smiled. At the labs, the two of them were known as Holmes and Watson because of the way they had solved a little scientific mystery and published their work in a reputable journal."I want to say yes, but at the same time Martin knows that there are certain things regarding my family that we've got to settle before we take that step.""Oh! You mean you've got to come out to your brother and sister before moving on.""Yes, Gary. They're already twenty-two. Both of them are already working. I just wanted to ...""Michael, don't you think the two of them know something already? They're adults and with you living with Martin all this time, don't you think they'd suspect?""So far, they'd not said nor ask anything. Not even to our mother. We've told them that Martin was helping me out. In the beginning, they'd wanted our mother to fall in love with Martin so that we'll be a complete family. However, my mother made it clear to them that she was not in love with Martin.""She tactfully left out that part where Martin was in love with you, eh?" Gary said.Michael nodded his head. "To them, Martin's my benefactor. I'm just afraid that they might think that I'm just being grateful to Martin for his help.""I can see what this might look like," Gary admitted."My mother thought that I was sleeping with Martin because he demanded it as part of the payment package. She saw how Martin and I acted towards each other. She guessed that we were together and confronted me.""That must've been very difficult for you.""Well, you know that I went after Martin, rather than the other way around.""That's your version. I believe it was something of both. Martin was attracted to you but was afraid to show it. You acted on the attraction you developed for Martin.""Must you analyse everything?" Michael asked with a hint of laughter in his voice."We're scientists aren't we? I took what you told me before and pieced it up together. Why do you think we are called 'Holmes and Watson' and not 'Watson and Crick'?"Gary did not wait for an answer. "Watson," he said with an old accent added, "I believe you need to speak with each twin in turn. What is your strategy?"Michael smiled, "Mr. Holmes, would you like to be part of my strategy?""What? Then get bombarded with all the questions? Sorry Watson, old chap, you're on your own." Then adding in a more concerned tone, "But seriously, if you need any help, I can sit in or something. You do know that Martin has to be present.""Martin wouldn't want anything less. He'd insist on being there. But considering the difficulty we had regarding our 'relationship' in the past, your presence might be misconstrued, if you get what I mean."Gary nodded. Though Martin is already comfortable with Michael and himself as work-mates, Gary wasn't so sure that Martin would like Gary to be involved in family issues."I feel better already!" Michael declared. "Let's get that final batch of the experiment prepared and that's when the work really starts!"-----"Martin, I've decided," said Michael quietly as he was getting into bed. Martin had already undressed and was in bed.Martin gave a wide smile. "Tell me.""Yes," Michael said. Martin reached Off Lolita out and gave Michael a big hug."But...""But?" Martin sounded confused."We'll have to tell the twins before we go to Amsterdam.""When Off Lolita can you take leave for Amsterdam?" Martin asked."The second week after the Easter break would be a good time. We'd finished our paper for the conference and the work load would be lighter. I know that it wouldn't be in September as you liked, but it's the best timing I can manage.""That'll give us five weeks, won't it?""Yes.""When do you want to tell them?""I'd like to tell Adam first. We'll tell him this weekend.""And Charlene?""I haven't worked that out yet. She is the difficult one. I need to be prepared just in case she starts her tantrums.""At twenty-two? Surely she'd outgrown them!" Martin exclaimed in disbelief."Only when she's not given her way. Most of the time, Adam gives in to her. He's grown quite shy as he grew up.""It's settled then, this weekend?""Yes.""I'm glad we bought over your flat. Now I don't have to look for a hotel. They are so costly.""You've never told me how you managed to buy the flat," Michael said."I gave an offer the landlord could not refuse.""Which was?""Fifteen thousand quid.""That's all? I'm sure it's more expensive than that.""That's all," Martin said chuckling. "You never believe me whenever I tell you the price.""No. There's something you're not telling me.""What else is there to say?"Martin did not wait for Michael to answer. He closed his lips over Michael's and kissed him.-----The Watson's had two guests on Saturday night. One was Martin and the other was a nice young girl that Adam brought home. She was a pretty girl and was Off Lolita very polite. During dinner, it was revealed that she was working in the building opposite where Adam was working. They'd meet everyday along the street and at the cafe during lunch. After dinner, Adam excused himself to bring Gillian back.For Michael, it was a blow. He had wanted to talk to Adam but the appearance of the girl made things difficult. At the spur of the moment, he decided to talk to Charlene first. When he told Martin, Martin was surprised. Michael seldom made rushed decisions. However, he knew Michael did not make rash decisions. He trusted Michael's judgement.After coffee, Charlene sat down and started chatting with Martin in the living room.Michael had, in the meantime, had told his mother his plans. He came out of the kitchen into the living room. "No date, tonight, Charlene?" Michael asked."When Adam said he was bringing his girlfriend home, I knew I had to cancel all dates.""The night is still young. I remember the time when you were eager to get to some party or another," Michael said. "I even remember that winter night when you insisted on going to a party some brother of a friend had invited you to.""That was a long time ago. How old was I? Fourteen?""No, thirteen, if my memory serves me right," Mrs. Watson said as she sat down."Thirteen? Was it really that bad?""Don't tell me you don't remember anything, now," Michael teased his sister. "You were always very matured.""That was true.""Then, why has Adam beat you in the dating game? He's found someone special. Have you found that special someone?""Well ... I'm looking, but I suppose I'm very picky. After seeing some of my friend's broken relationships, I've decided to be more careful. Gillian seems like a nice girl. Adam's lucky to have found her. I just hope they are meant for each other.""Charlene, I have to tell you something very serious. You must control yourself and let me finish you say anything, ok?" Michael said."OK.""You know Off Lolita that Martin and I are living together. Actually, we are more than just friends. Both of us are gay." Michael could see his sister's eyes widening. "I found out that he was and fell in love with him. Please understand. It has nothing to do with the help he was giving me. I was in love with another boy but he was killed. And in a strange way, he helped me find Martin. Martin had the greatest respect for me and offered to help my studies. He did not know I that I fell for him until after I had started my studies. When I revealed my love, he reciprocated. Now he has asked me to marry him."Charlene looked blankly at her brother first and then at Martin. Then she let off a small shriek when she looked at her mother, who was more anxious than shocked."Mom, you mean you knew all along? You knew about Mike and Martin and you did not tell us?""Charlene, I told her not to tell you. I was afraid with all the bad publicity given to gays, you may not have understood. I always meant to tell you when you reached eighteen, but was afraid to tell you because you seemed so much at ease with Martin and was afraid that the revelation may make you detest Martin."Charlene just stared at Michael for a while before responding, "Actually, my big brother, I don't know what to make of all of this. On one hand, I'm surprised, more like in shock, that you are gay. On the other hand, I'm glad that you've found someone you love. In another way, I'm glad that your significant other is Martin; on the other hand, I just can't help wonder 'why Martin?' After all he's almost mom's age!"Michael could see that Charlene's face was one of puzzlement and confusion. "Look, Charlene, I know that this is a lot to take in all at once ... "Suddenly Charlene smiled, "Look, Mike, you're still the big brother I love. I know it's a lot to swallow at the moment, but I'm sure that I can live with it. I just want to know if you're happy, both of you."Mrs. Watson gave a small smile when Charlene said 'both'. She knew that Charlene would accept Martin and Michael's situation in time.Martin also grinned when he heard Charlene refer to Michael and him as a couple. "Do I get your blessing to be married to your brother?""If only I can be maid of honour," quipped Charlene. "Now which one would be wearing the wedding dress?" Charlene could not help but giggle and it was a contagious giggle. Soon the whole room was laughing away.Charlene stood up and went to Michael to give him a hug. As she turned towards Martin, he stood up and she gave him a hug too. "Welcome to the family! I remember hoping that you would be my step-father but brother-in-law is not too bad ... not too bad at all!""One more thing, Charlene," Michael added when all of them had settled down from that melodramatic twist of events."Yes, big brother. What is it?""We want to break the news to Adam. Please don't say anything about it to him. We'll try to tell him tomorrow.""No problem there, big brother. I hope you can get through to him. He's changed somewhat. He's gotten quieter and more thoughtful. I'm sure that Gillian's responsible for that. I can see that he's taken to her.""She seems like a nice girl. Looks like she's from a middle-class family," Martin remarked."Yes," Mrs. Watson said, saying her first words after the revelation. "She's a nice girl.""So," asked Charlene, "when's the wedding? Where's the wedding? I know you can't have a gay marriage here.""We were thinking of going to Amsterdam. I know we can get a marriage certificate there," said Martin. "We were hoping for a date around the end of April or early May."Charlene thought for a while. "That doesn't give us time to plan does it? Tell me your plans ..."-----When Martin and Michael returned the next morning for breakfast, Adam wasn't up yet."I heard him coming in close to midnight," Mrs. Watson explained."We were hoping to catch him for breakfast and tell him," Martin explained."Tell me what?" Adam spoke from behind. He was still in his pjamas."Get washed up, young man. There'll be plenty of time for talking. Martin is not going anywhere soon," Mrs. Watson said to her son.Adam grinned, "Yes mom." He winked at Martin and said, "Mothers, what will we do without them?"Adam took about twenty minutes to get changed. He came in all Off Lolita dressed and his hair neatly combed."You look like you're going out.""Yes. Gillian and I are going to the movies. We promised to meet at eleven."Michael let Adam bite into his buttered toast before telling him about Martin and him. He took a deep breath and, after getting Adam's attention, proceeded to say what he had said to Charlene the night before.Adam's face hardened. He listened and said nothing."Adam, I need to know how you feel about this," Michael said.Adam kept deathly quiet. He continued to eat his toast and drank his coffee. Then, he turned to his mother and said, "I'll be going out now, mom. I can't keep Gillian waiting." With that, he turned around and walked out of the kitchen and into his room.Michael grew concerned. Adam wasn't taking the news well. Michael got up and walked to Adam's room and knocked at the closed door, "Adam, please. Talk to me."Adam threw the door open and pushed Michael aside. He then walked hurriedly out of the house. Charlene, in the meantime, had just come out of her room. She witnessed the scene and shouted, "Adam, what are you doing?!"Adam disregarded her question and just left. Michael was in tears. Martin came from the kitchen to give him a hug. Mrs. Watson just stood at the doorway to the kitchen shaking her head.When Michael had calmed down, Mrs. Watson said, "When he comes back, I'll have a talk with him.""I must have disappointed him so," Michael said quietly. "We were close. We shared our problems with one another. I mean, we were so close. I didn't expect him to react the way he did. He treated me as if I didn't exist!""If mom doesn't get through to him, I'll give a try. After all we're twins," Charlene added. "I suggest that both of you go home. Spend the day at Martin's house. I'll call you on your cellphone once we've spoken to him, okay?"Michael and Martin could only nod their heads. They knew that there was little else they could do.-----"What happened this morning?" Mrs. Watson asked Adam when he came back at four in the afternoon."What do you mean, what happened?""Michael.""I've got no brother who is a faggot.""Adam!" exclaimed Charlene. "I can't believe you've just said that.""Why can't I say it? It's true isn't it? Mike is a faggot. Martin is a faggot and both of them are screwing each other. If they are happy, why do they want me for? Do they want me to join them?""Adam! What a way to talk about your older brother," chided Mrs. Watson."Why are you on their sides? Don't you know that what they're doing is wrong? Society frowns on them. What they're doing isn't natural. I supposed that old fag tricked Mike into the lifestyle. He's so old! Probably enslaved Michael into being his boytoy. After all, he paid for Mike's education, Mike's indebted to him."Charlene could sense a tremble in Adam's voice. He did not sound convinced of what he was saying. She knew her twin brother well enough to understand that there was more to this than just his disapproval of Mike and Martin. She tried to search in his eyes for some clue as to his true feelings. However, Adam turned from her when he realised what she was trying to do."Adam, it's big brother you're talking about? Don't you know that you're breaking his heart.""Doesn't he know that what he is doing is breaking my heart too?" Adam retorted. He stormed back into his room.Charlene looked at her mother. She did not know what to do.Her mother could only shake her head. She had tears forming in her eyes. She stood up from where she was sitting and moved to the living room.Charlene followed her mother into the living room."Mom, you've got to talk to him," Charlene pleaded."What can I say? That he's wrong? Do you think that he would accept it? Charlene, I want more than anything to see my family happy. If Mike is happy, Adam is not. If Adam's to be placated, Mike would be miserable!""Why is Adam acting this way? It's not like him. Mike was his idol. Mike was all he wanted to be.""Maybe he couldn't take the news. Maybe, he'd never accepted gays. Maybe Mike hid himself so well that Adam never thought that Mike was gay. Oh dear, this is all very upsetting. Charlene, I know that you're very upset too, but this is very delicate. Let me think ...""It's not fair! When we were growing up, Mike was always there for us. Even now, he still cares for us. He always accepted us for who we were. He never tried to force us to be someone we were not. He was here when I had my heart broken. He was here when I upset Adam by my teasing. He was always here as a support and a big brother. Now that we can take care of ourselves, he takes the risk of sharing his joy and happiness with us. How can Adam be so selfish and take away his happiness. I know that he would not be happy with Martin if Adam does not give him his support."The two women held each other and cried, not knowing that Adam had heard their conversation.-----Michael was quiet the rest of the Sunday. As they were on the train, going back to Edinburgh, Martin sat opposite Michael. He could sense the distress in Michael's heart. He wanted to reassure Michael but he knew that Michael just needed to be quiet. He would speak when he was ready. Martin knew he just had to be patient. It was difficult for Martin to do nothing when he could sense how his partner felt."Thanks Martin. I love you," said Michael when they finally reached home. He moved forward Off Lolita to give Martin a hug and kissed him.Martin kissed back and said, "Are you okay?""As well as can be. I've come to a decision. All through the morning, I was confused as to who I loved more, you or Adam. That's why I was so down. I thought I'd to choose between two of you. I pondered about the choice for a long time. During the train trip, I was actually getting more and more depressed. I love you with all my heart, Martin, but I also love my family. The question was whether I loved you enough to give up my family ...""Mike, you can't give up your family! Your family is who you are. Your mother ... Charlene ... even Adam must love you very much!""I realise that Martin. That's why I've decided that I should go on with the wedding. I spent the whole time considering my love. Then, I suddenly realised that the problem was not my love but their love. I have no control over who loves me, but I have control over how I am going to respond to the situation."Martin hugged Michael, " You sound as if you've made a breakthrough.""Yes," said Michael. "I still love Adam, though he may have decided not to love me anymore. It is upsetting and sad, but I cannot let that affect the love we have.""Mike, if you want to delay the wedding, I'll understand ...""You misunderstand. I want to be married to you. That'd make me extremely happy. I don't want to change the plans we've made.""But, Adam was supposed to be the best man ...""We can ask someone we know, perhaps, Donald?"Martin looked into Michael's eyes and said, "Even Gary would be a good choice!""That's a minor adjustment we've to do. Our love's going to be celebrated, let's not lose sight of it. Who'll be our best man is not the most important ... that we love each other is."-----Charlene did not sleep well, too many things had happened that weekend. Her two brothers were foremost in her mind. She just could not understand why Adam could not accept Michael. She decided to get up and get a glass of warm milk. Perhaps that would help her get to sleep.When she opened her door, she saw Adam carrying a backpack. Her eyes went to the clock on the wall. It was half past two."Where are you going?" she asked Adam in a low voice."I'm moving out.""Why?""None of your business!"Charlene began to be afraid. "Adam, what's gotten into you? Mom would be worried sick if she didn't know where to find you.""I'll call her when I get settled in." Adam turned to move out of the house.Charlene knew that it was useless to chase Adam. Once his mind was made up, he would not budge. That was why they did not mention Michael anymore.The next morning, Mrs. Watson was told of Adam's departure. A tear-stained Mrs. Watson rang up Michael to tell him the news. Michael did not take the news well. He could not understand what was happening. All he knew was that he needed to be with his family.He went to Professor Rush to explain the reason for his emergency leave. Professor Rush listened carefully and said, "This is strange. Is there a probability that he's under the influence of drugs or of someone?""I don't know. He did intorduce us his girlfriend, Gillian. She is such a sweet girl. I don't think that she would be the cause of Adam's strange behaviour.""I know someone in Scotland Yard. Let me call him and arrange for him to meet you back in Birmingham. He may be able to help you out.""I don't know what to say, Professor?""You've one of the best men I have ever had. You're also a dear friend. Since I've a way to help, why not?""Thanks!"Michael called Martin to tell him of his decision to go back to Birmingham. Martin wanted to go with him, but Michael said that he needed some time alone with his family. Martin agreed reluctantly.-----Martin was not sure if Michael had made the right decision. They were waiting for their turn to be married. Actually, they Off Lolita were early. Michael got ready very quickly. In fact, they were the first to turn up. Michael was not showing the anxiety he had a few weeks ago. In fact he seemed more than relieved just before they left for Heathrow.Michael did not speak about his sudden change of mood.After waiting about ten minutes, Mrs. Watson & Charlene arrived. When they saw the couple, they let out huge smiles.Michael was dressed in a grey suit with a white shirt and a dark green tie. He was smartly dressed and his attire spoke of simple elegance. Martin, on the other hand was dressed in a black suit and a black tie. Off Lolita It was almost the suit he would wear to work except for the fact that his blazer resembled a sports jacket in its cut. Though their suits were not perfectly matching, their faces and eyes betrayed that they were in love and the fact that they were holding hands confirmed that they were a couple."You're a perfect couple!" beamed Mrs. Watson."Yes! You look perfectly happy," added Charlene. "The glow in both your faces say it all.""Are you expecting anyone else?" asked Mrs. Watson."Yes," answered Michael, "the other witness has yet to appear.""It's still early. We have another twewty minutes," said Martin. "We won't have to be too punctual. I'm sure that there's a few minutes' allowance. Anyway, the two of you," said Martin, looking at the two women in front of him, "... you're looking very beautiful. I'm sure that Mike agrees: the ceremony's enhanced by the presence of two beautiful ladies.""We were careful not to outshine the main guys here. Anyway, thank you for your compliments," answered Charlene.Mrs. Watson noticed that her son was silent. "You're awfully quiet ... " She received a nudge from her daughter. All of them knew that Michael missed Adam.At about five minutes before time, Gary and his wife, Danni, turned up."Sorry for being late!" said Gary as he neared the party."Actually, you're just on time," answered Michael."Mom, Charlene, let me introduce my colleauge at work, Gary Black, and his wife Danni.""Very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Watson, Ms Watson," said Gary as he shook their hands. Danni greeted them similarly.Michael, not wanting to be late, said, "Let's get to the reception."-----Adam looked at his watch. He hoped he was not too late. The flight had been on time but in his anxiety got the better of him. In the rush, he got his baggage belt wrong and could not find his luggage. Fortunately, he spotted a fellow traveller who led him to the right belt. He took his luggage and took a taxi to his destination.The presider of the ceremony had just started the proceedings. Adam rushed into the office. There was a security person there who tried to stop him but Adam whispered something to him and Adam was allowed passage.All eyes turned towards Adam as he made his way to where Martin and Michael stood."Excuse me please!" Adam said in a loud voice. "I think I have a right to say something here."Adam's eyes met his brother's. Michael's eyes were brimming with tears.Michael could not believe his ears when Adam spoke. Though he was glad to see his brother, he was afraid of what Adam would do. The mixture of the elation and fear produced tears in his eyes.Adam did not walk towards Michael but towards Martin. Martin was a little apprehensive, not knowing what Adam would do.Adam looked into Martin's eyes and said, "I'd hoped that you, Martin, would be my dad." Adam shook his head. "But it wasn't to be. I guess I'd have to settle for brother-in-law." He gave Martin a hug.Michael had a look of surprise at the last sentence. His look of surprise changed into a broad grin when he saw Adam's face over Martin's shoulder, giving him a smile and a wink.Adam moved from the still-surprised Martin to Michael. "I'm sorry for what happened. I'm glad that I was able to make it in time."Turning to his puzzled mother and sister, he said, "All will be revealed after the ceremony."Gary gave a slight smile and said, "Adam, you stand here. I know Mike'd like you to be the witness."Adam looked surprised but did not argue when he saw Michael nodding his head.The ceremony was simple but dignified. Michael and Martin exchanged their vows and on paper, Michael took Martin's surname. However, in Britain, they still were not recognised as a couple. 'Michael McBain' is legal only in some countries in Europe.The party of seven had a simple lunch as a celebration. Charlene was very curious regarding Adam's sudden appearance."Can I ask about what happened back there at the registry?" she asked.Michael looked at Adam. Martin sensed that Michael knew about it, but was not saying anything. He knew that Michael did not like hiding things from him. He figured that it had to be something really important for Michael to keep it from him.Adam took a deep breath and said, "We've caught Daddy's killers."-----to be continuedAuthor's note: Thanks for the letters. I am greatly encouraged by all who send me feedback. If you have anything to say to me, mail me! So don't be shy. I respond to every person who sends me a comment.Soul Lark solark36yahoo.co.uk
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