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Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 08:24:38 +0200 From: "solark36yahoo.co.uk" Subject: 15 Hartford 10Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and not intended for minors or those judged unable by law to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintended.The author reserves all rights to this work.15 HARTFORDThe story so far: There were two birthday celebrations followed by a wedding. In the midst of the activities, Martin and Michael decide to spend less time together to prevent uncomfortable questions from Michael's family. That was before Mrs. Watson revealed that she knew about the both of them. Part 10 - RevelationsWhen Michael got home that evening, the twins were already in bed and Mrs. Watson was just getting ready for bed. She got into the kitchen to warm him a cup of milk."You told him, didn't you?" she asked."Yes. I had to, you know."Mrs. Watson nodded her head. "It is so important not to keep anything from each other.""How will you treat him, now that you know? Will you be uncomfortable around him?""I don't know. After all how can I treat him like I did before when he is now my son's boyfriend," Mrs. Watson said seriously. She saw that Michael was a little disappointed"Then, I'll have to tell him not to come over because he was afraid that you would be uncomfortable." Then Michael saw his mother's upper lip twitch a little. She gave a little giggle and said, "I think I will not only be comfortable, I think I will dote on him more now that he is almost my son-in-law!" Then she gave a little laugh. "I got you, didn't I?"Michael heaved a sigh of relief. "Thanks Mom, I didn't know how you will react to him now that he is no longer just a friend. But you'll have to restrain yourself from doting on him, we'll not be letting the twins know about us. With all the confusion of information concerning gay couples, we thought it would be better to let them know when they are a little more mature.""I understand. If they are to know, you will have to tell them yourselves. However, you'll have to warn me when I get carried away. I like him. He's a nice man. He cares from the heart ... I know ... He brought me lunch every day when I was home.""He suggested it to Lolitas Nude me," MIchael said. "I was thinking of how to rush back from classes to get lunch for you. I did not even tell him what I was thinking of. He just suggested it to me and I agreed.""My lips are sealed with respect to the twins. However, your relationship with Mr. McBain is not that difficult to see. I can only hold off questions for so long.""Just say that you did not notice anything and try to get them to talk to me. I know that I have always told them not to talk behind any one's back but to talk to the person concerned if there was a problem.""Alright. Charlene is pretty perceptive and Adam won't be so naive for much longer. You'd better get a speech ready.""Yes, Mom."-----The rain was heavy that Saturday. The twins had wanted to go to the cinema but the rain was too heavy. The weather report had said that it was the effect of a warm front that had been building up south and had moved up north without any precipitation. That was surprising. Whatever it was, it was bringing this rain, and Michael and the twins found the weather too depressing for the cinema. Even the sports that were normally played on the Saturday had to be stopped due to the rain. The TV only showed games from the previous week. Charlene was glad when Adam and Michael agreed to watch the afternoon film on TV. Adam ended up snoring softly on the couch and Michael was listening more to the rain falling than to the dialogue of the film. Charlene was sobbing as the hero held the dying heroine in his arms and professed his love to her. The programme ended and Charlene was wiping her tears and staring into nowhere in particular."That was quite a sappy film wasn't it?" Michael asked."No, it was not. It was very romantic. The hero was dashing and really loved the heroine.""Well, I hope you don't meet someone like that, I don't want you to die so young," Michael teased."It's her own fault!" Charlene declared. "If she had listened to him and not come after him ...""Actually, if she had listened to him, he would probably have died and she would be totally in tears at the end of the show. Filmshows are like that. They are very predictable.""I wish life were so predictable. I would be able to avoid every bad thing that was going to happen," Charlene said."Well, life is not so predictable. Sometimes it can be but sometimes it is not. That's why life is so interesting."The telephone rang. Charlene went to answer it."Hi there, Mr. McBain!" she greeted when she heard who it was."Big brother! It is your call."Michael took the receiver from Charlene. "Thank you Charlene." He placed the receiver in his ear and said, "Hello!""Michael, Martin here. My mother had a stroke this morning at home and we got her to the city hospital. It was quite a serious stroke. The doctors say that it is a matter of time. Nelly is at home and I am alone here. I ..." Martin's voice was shaky and Michael knew what was happening to him."Hold on there. Which ward are you in? I'll come right away.""I'm at the Stroke Centre's third ward ... Thanks!"Michael replaced the receiver and told Charlene that he was going to visit Mrs. McBain in the hospital."Let me come, too. All I need is to put on a cardigan.""I think not, Charlene. It is raining cats and dogs and I don't want to have to worry about you catching pneumonia.""But I'll be careful!""Look Charlene, would you want to eat Adam's cooking when we come back home? Mom will be back late and you will need to cook. I have already seasoned the ribs. All you have to do is to put them in the oven to roast them an hour before dinner. If we let Adam do it, we might get charcoal for dinner."Charlene was not pleased, but neither she did not like burnt ribs for dinner. "Alright, I'll do the cooking, tonight. But you owe me.""Yes Charlene. We'll talk about it later, okay? I need to leave as soon as possible."Fortunately, Michael was able to hail a taxi despite the rain. He arrived at the hospital at about four. He saw Martin at the waiting room. He looked dishrevelled and distant. Michael could tell that he was very worried and needed someone to keep him company."Martin!" called out Michael. Martin smiled and looked a little less anxious when he saw Michael. "You don't look too good. What's the situation?" Michael asked."I don't know. I have sent word to my sister in Australia Lolitas Nude but I do not know where my brother is. I have left word at his last address but I don't think he is there right now. It is very difficult to get him. I am numb. Next to you, Mother is the closest person in my life. I know very little about her family, nor I do not know much about my father. When he died, there were no other people outside my family that attended his funeral. Right now, I feel lost. You are the closest person in my life now. My mother started slipping away from me the moment she started to lose her memory. I love her but I do not know what else to do for her. Before she goes, I would like to tell her about both of us. I don't know if she can hear, or she will understand. But at least, she is told that I am happy.""Let's go," Michael said immediately. He knew of the feeling Martin was speaking about. When his grandmother was dying, he, too, felt helpless. He knew it was her time but there was this emptiness that he felt. He knew that Martin felt the same way too. At least Martin had found a way to handle it.They went into the room, and there were monitors and wires all over. There was no one else in the room, thankfully."Ma," Martin started, "this is Michael. You remember him. He spent last Christmas with us. He is my lover, Ma. I love him and he loves me. I just want you to know that I am still loved and that you can rest easy. There is someone for me. You were always worried when I would settle down. Well, I can say that I have." Martin turned to Michael and said, "Can you say something, Mike?"Michael was at a loss. He did not really know what to say. Anyway, he let his thoughts come out audibly, "Mrs. McBain. What Martin said is true. I love him and I have committed myself to him. We're like husband and husband. I may be young but I know that Martin is the one for me. We get along fine and I promise you that I will never do anything to hurt him. I love him. You have my word."They held hands and their joined hands went forward to hold her hand. They held her hand for a few minutes before coming out of the room. As they were getting back to the waiting room, there was suddenly an alarm from Mrs. McBain's room. Two doctors and a few nurses rushed into the room. Martin and Michael were asked to wait outside.After about fifteen minutes, the doctors came out. One of them addressed Martin, "Mr. McBain, I am sorry, your mother has just passed away. Of course you knew that it just was a matter of time. The clot in her brain had actually caused much of her brain to die. Her body just couldn't sustain itself any longer."Martin nodded his head grimly and shook the doctor's hand, "Thank you doctor. Just tell me what to do next."-----The doctor had been very helpful. He got the various papers ready for Martin to sign and then suggested that Martin call an undertaker to make the funeral arrangements.A glance at the telephone directory yielded the undertaker to be engaged. Another telephone call to Australia confirmed the time of the funeral. The funeral would be held the day after Martin's sister arrived.The funeral was a simple affair. Martin's brother came just in time for the service. Many other people attended the funeral too. The Watsons were there and so were many of the Lolitas Nude technicians that had worked with Martin. Michael had stood beside Martin during the whole ceremony.After the ceremony, Sally and her husband, Donald, came to offer their condolences. Sally asked Donald to get the car. She then brought Martin and Michael aside and spoke to them in a low voice."You two are together, aren't you?"Michael replied, "What are you talking about Sally? We are here together.""I mean, you know, like a couple?"It was Martin's turn to talk, "Michael, I don't think we can hide from her any longer. Yes, Sally, we are. We hope that you don't make it public knowledge because I need to keep my job and he doesn't need to be harassed in school.""Of course. I will keep mum. Actually, I thought Martin had a thing for your mother, Michael. It was only when I saw you standing next to him that I realised that Martin loved you, not your mother.""Thank you Sally," Michael said, "I hope you don't disapprove.""No, I sincerely hope that you find the happiness that you seek. Mr. Martin McBain has been alone for too long a time."The Watsons came to wish Martin good-bye. Sally had offered to bring them back home."Thanks Mrs. Watson. Thanks Adam and Charlene," said Martin as he shook their hands."Go to Sally's car," Mrs. Watson told the twins, I will be coming on in a short while."Michael said to his mother, "I think it is better ...""I know. It is better for you to be here. I understand. I'll think of something to say to the twins." Turning to Martin she said, "Take care of yourself, won't you, Martin.""Yes. I will. I'll bring Mike to the flat after things here are arranged." Mrs. Watson only called Martin by his first name when they were alone. Martin had insisted that she use it because he was now something of a son-in-law. However, in order not to cause confusion, she said she would only use the first name when she was sure that they were alone.Gradually, everyone left except Michael, Martin, his brother, and his sister and brother-in-law."We're going to get some rest. I think you'd better do the same," Martin's sister said as she ushered her husband up the stairs."Well, I am going to get a stiff drink," said Martin's brother. "Care to join me?" he asked Martin and Michael.When they got to the study, Martin said, "You've not been introduced yet as Colin arrived just in the nick of time. Michael, meet my older brother Colin and Colin, this is Michael Watson."Colin looked a lot like Martin but a lot older and a lot bigger. Michael noticed that the McBain siblings looked more like their father than their mother. Mr. McBain's picture was prominently placed on a table close to the fireplace.Both men shook hands. Colin took one look at Michael and grinned. He asked Martin, "I hope you are happy."Martin looked puzzled. "What did you just say, Colin?"Colin smiled. "Are you happy, Martin?""In general, yes. But I'm not happy over the death of our mother." Martin had a frown that said that he was more puzzled than annoyed."I guess I shouldn't be so cryptic. I know about the two of you."Martin raised his eyebrows. His brother had only seen them together for this funeral. How could he have guessed?"Marty. I have been around the world. When Michael, here, did not leave with his family, I knew that there was something more than just friendship. I have observed the way he looks out for you. The small little things reveal much more than the larger things."Michael blushed. He had been very concerned over Martin because Martin had not been sleeping well due to the funeral arrangements. He must have been fussing a little too much over Martin."Was it that obvious?" Michael asked."No. Not that obvious. I confess that I overheard what that red-head said after the funeral."Martin and Michael stood there waiting for Colin to continue. Martin was anxious to know what his brother thought of all this since he was clearly the head of the McBain household now."Why are you looking at me like that? You look like a couple of prisoners waiting for the sentence!" Then he realised what they were thinking. "You are grown men! You do what you want. I don't want to tell you what to do.""You are the head of the McBain household now, you know." Martin said softly.Colin looked at Martin and let out a small laugh. "I don't want it."Martin looked at Colin in surprise."Look, Marty. I came home because Mother died. I did not come home to take over this place.""But there was no will and so technically and legally, the house and property belongs to you."Colin got a little annoyed. "What can't you understand, Martin? I don't want it. You can have it if you want.""It's not a matter of wanting or not wanting. You automatically become owner. I do not hate this place, but it also gives me some bad memories. That's beside the point. Your signature is needed so that the process of ownership doesn't end up in the Council's hands.""You mean I have got to go through all that paper work?"Martin nodded. "We are to go to the lawyers tomorrow morning at nine to get this settled. Lolitas Nude Whatever your reasons for not wanting this place, I think you do not want to just hand everything over to the Town Council, do you?""Of course not. Those people have more than they can spend without us poor folk giving them more." Colin thought for a moment and then said, "I need to tell you something in Lolitas Nude private."Michael took the hint and excused himself. He got out to the living room and closed the door to the study and waited there."Colin, Michael is my partner. He is considered family to me. You needn't have to chase him off.""Look Marty, what I'm going to tell you isn't nice. It is a family secret. Dorothy knows about it too. Let's just say that what I'm about to tell you is something that is very sensitive. If you wish to tell Michael, I have no objections but I won't tell him.""I don't see the difference ..."Colin interuppted, "There is. Once you listen to what I have to say, you'll understand.""Alright, continue.""The woman we just buried today is not our real mother."Martin looked and stared in disbelief. "What are you talking about? I have known no other mother.""When you were born, our real mother died. I was twelve and Dorothy was thirteen. Father needed a wet nurse for you and so he hired someone. She was an unmarried mother and had just had a stillborn child; and so, she was able to provide you milk. She was supposed to leave after a year but you had gotten quite close to her. So Father decided to marry her. But Father was not in love with her. He just thought it best for both of you. She is the mother that you know. I do not know about Dorothy, but at first I disliked her. However, she never once laid a hand on me or ordered me about. In time, I came to accept her as part of the family. Then there is something else. There's the reason why I left. I am sure you remember the whipping you received when you were thirteen. You were not the only one who was whipped. Mother was whipped as well. Father blamed her for what happened. I saw her being whipped but she never made a noise. I had to choose between caring for her and caring for you. As you were outside, I had to choose you. After you got back to your bed, the next day, I went to see her. She was in a bad shape. She was distressed that she could not help you, nor nurse you. That was why I was there and she wasn't. I found out that though Father had slept with her, he had not touched her. That was why she never had another child. The night before I left, I wanted to right a wrong. So I confronted Father with the emotional torture he had been giving Mother. He tried to hit me, saying that I was perverted just like she was. I hit back. It was then I realised that if I continued to stay, things would become worse. I left but was never far away. I found out that after I left, she got whipped again and this time she did not really recover until they sent her to the hospital. I do not know what story our father gave them but she got sick because of the whipping."Martin sat there blinking. It sounded like they were not living in the twentieth century but in the middle ages. He knew that Colin was not lying. He was just numb when the truth came out."After Father died," Colin continued, "I wanted to come back permanently. However I had a company running in Asia and if I moved back here, I would have to give up everything."Martin found the words to say, "I am glad you told me all this. I had kept much locked up without realising it. I may have to share this with my counselor and see if this had any effect on my life.""Look, Marty. I care a lot for you and I don't care if you are gay or not. I told you this secret because I see that this Michael is very young. Just don't repeat history and mistreat him."Martin asked, "You are not disappointed in me?"Colin said, "Father would have been disappointed, not I. I guessed that you were queer when you were thirteen but was not quite sure because boys are always boys. Martin, you should know me. I am a free spirit. If you are happy, I say, go for it!"Martin hugged Colin. "You don't know how glad I am that you approved."Colin pulled himself away and said, "You don't have to have my approval to do anything.""I know," Martin replied. "However, but it is better to havie your approval."The two brothers hugged each other again.Martin said, "Do you think we ought to let Dorothy know?""If you want to, but she may not take it well," Colin said.Martin's sister had not taken the news well at all. In fact, after they had settled everything with the lawywers, she and her husband took the next flight back to Australia. They kicked an awful row over the revelation in the house.-----When Colin left after dinner that night, the house was suddenly empty. Michael had gone back to his mother's the evening before. Nelly was still there in the house, though. Martin asked what plans Nelly had."Well, I have my brothers' and sisters' to go to," she said.Martin thought for a while and said, "If you don't mind being a housekeeper, I could use someone to look after the house and garden when I am at work in the city. I will not change your salary.""Would I mind? Of course not! I had wished that you would allow me to stay, but it was not my place to ask. But the salary is way to high. All I need is half of what you've been paying me."Martin smiled. "Thanks. Lolitas Nude But half is just pittance! I insist that you take the whole amount!"Nelly replied, "Martin, I can actually do without the pay. I have enough in my nest-egg as it is. However, it is quiet here and I can still keep busy with the little housework there is. After all, your mother, bless her soul, took up most of my time and effort. Lolitas Nude This setting is more a retirement home for me. I should be paying you instead!""With mother gone, I really do not have much expenses. I feel that I'll be exploiting you if you took only half.""But Martin, you are helping out Michael, aren't you? The extra money would be put to good use."Martin sighed when Nelly mentioned Michael, "As you've heard, Nelly, I am a homosexual. My lover is a nineteen year old man. Are you sure you are okay with this?"Nelly laughed. "Martin, I have seen all sorts as a nurse. I was in the emergency ward, you know. A few years before I retired, I had a round in the AIDS wards. It's not true that AIDS patients are all gay, you know. I have seen it all. Gay people are just like any ordinary people. There are those who are really terrible and those who are really loving; just like the straight people. I have seen gay and straight people sterotype others. There is no such stereotypes. The media stereotypes gay and straight people too. Everyone is different. Artificially, I suppose we categorise people by their sexual preferences but we can never categorise the characters of people just by their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation does not say anything about their characters or goodness ..." Nelly looked embarrassed, "Sorry, I ramble on, don't I? I have no problem here. I have seen you caring for others, Martin. I'm certain you are a good person. Michael seems nice too. He's had a hard life from what I gather, and you are helping him. He has been the perfect Lolitas Nude gentleman all along. I have no gripes with him.""That's nice to hear.""There's one problem, though?""What's that?""I am not against public displays of affection. I mean that kissing is okay but the other stuff are to be reserved for the bedroom, not in my presence. You can't ... you know ... " Nelly blushed.It was Martin's turn to laugh. "Of course. I understand and I promise there'll be no hanky-panky outside the permitted areas."-----It was a beautiful summer. Michael found work for the summer in a restaurant in the city. He only had to work from Sunday to Wednesday. With the work, he was able to supplement his mother's salary so that she need not work too hard. Both Martin and he kept with the regular schedule of meeting on Friday before Martin went back to the suburbs. He stayed with his mother when he was working but in his own flat when he was not. The twins did not seem to notice the relationship between their brother and Martin. If they Lolitas Nude had, they did not mention anything.They continued their fortnightly visits to Jimmy's grave on Saturdays. The visits were usually short and Michael no longer broke down.They did make a special effort to be available on the anniversary of Jimmy's shooting. Both Martin and Michael went to the restaurant that had unfriendly waiters and waitresses for dinner. They were surprised at the change in the attitude of the staff. The waiters and waitresses were less grumpy and more friendly. Apparently the web-site on the internet had affected business enough to make the owners sit up."What will you have?" Martin asked Michael."I think I'll have the shepherd's pie. After working so many weeks in a restaurant, I don't think I have any special cravings.""I will go for the chicken salad," said Martin."I notice that you are watching what you eat. Is it part of your exercise program?" Michael asked."Yes. I hope you like how I have changed.""I love you no matter what shape you are in, but I must admit that your body is definitely more alluring of late. You can say I am curious, almost in a sexual way, what lies behind the clothing."Martin laughed. "So you are with me for the sex, eh?"Michael did not answer because he saw a waiter approach."Can I take your order?" the waiter asked."I'll have the chicken salad and ..." Martin said."I'll have the shepherd's pie," Michael added."Would you like a wine to go with your dinner?""Give us a bottle of a Burgundy wine," Martin said."Very well," the waiter answered with a smile. "We are almost out of our good Burgundy's. But I'll make sure you get a freshly opened bottle." Martin and Michael thanked him as he picked up the menus and moved away."The service has certainly improved," Michael remarked."I think Ian needs to be congratulated for this. I wonder how many signatures that web-site collected?" Martin said.In the midst of dinner, Martin took up his wine glass and proposed a toast, "Let's drink to the memory of Jimmy. He is the reason I am with you."Michael took up his wine glass and said, "Yes. To Jimmy, whose love continues in the both of us."After they had drunk, Michael noticed that Martin was beaming. "What are you so happy about?""I have never thought of it that way. That Jimmy's love is within us. It is so beautiful. I know that he would agree with what you've just said."After dinner, the two of them took a walk to the place where Jimmy had been shot. They were afraid to hold hands because there were people around. There was hardly anyone when they reached Warwick Road. Even then, they did not hold hands. They were glad that they did not for there was a man sitting at the spot where Jimmy was shot.They stood a distance from the man. The man seemed to be drunk. Even though they were at least fifty yards from the man, they could smell the alcohol that was emanating from him. He was dressed in a light blue shirt with a brown sleeveless pullover. He wore jeans and on his feet were a pair of galoshes. He was waving his hands about and he was wailing. He was either hopelessly drunk or mad."This is just bad luck. I don't like to have the man there, but neither do I want to chase him away. I have no right." Martin whispered to Michael."Shh. I think there is something he is saying..." Michael interrupted."... my fault that you died Jimmy. Why did yer cair fer me, son? ... n'ver ... good pop and ... yer n'ver complained. Fergive me, wonyer?" The man wailed and then started crying. He knelt at the spot and bowed down with his head touching the bitumen road."It's Jimmy's father!" Michael realised."Let's go to help him," Martin suggested."No. This is his private time with Jimmy, we have no right ..." Michael said.Just then, a police patrol car came up. Someone must have made a complaint about his bellowing.They whispered words of thanks to Jimmy from where they were and then decided to go back to the car.As they were walking back to the car, Martin was very silent. Michael sensed something and immediately asked, "Is there anything wrong, love?"Martin cleared his throat softly and said, "Perhaps it is just my insecurities haunting me. Nothing to worry about.""Martin, let me into your life. If you keep shutting me out this way, how am I supposed to love the real you. Don't turn into a stranger. We have arrived at this point of our relationship, and I know we can go further. Don't turn me away," Michael said earnestly. He hoped that Martin would not shut him out. He guessed that Jimmy's father had brought about something."Mike. I am so afraid of growing old alone. As I think of it, I am so glad that I have you. Yet I realise that I am sure to go before you. I cannot help but feel selfish when I realise that you would be the one suffering if I died and left you alone. We will not be able to have children. I am feeling sad and a little guilty because in our relationship, reality dictates that you would be alone eventually ...""Don't say anymore," Michael interrupted. "Martin, let's take our relationship one step at a time. I mean, we are not even living together yet. Let us live one day at a time; one moment at a time. Let us cross the first hurdle first, which arrives when I graduate. I can see it coming and perhaps we need to prepare for it. Let us not predict the twentieth hurdle when we are not even considering the first one in front of us. Let us look first at what's going to happen when I graduate, okay?""Yes. I understand."Michael smiled. "Let's not talk about this now. Let's enjoy this night we have, okay?""Alright." Martin grinned. He knew that it was going to be a night of passion. If they Lolitas Nude were able, the next morning too. He was looking forward to it.-----to be continued Author's note: I was thinking of ending this story prematurely after hastily tying up lose ends, because I was not getting mail from readers. However, there were two letters that changed my mind. I am personally thanking those two writers. I had thought that since I had so little feedback, the story had stopped being interesting. I know that there are many areas in Michael's and Martin's relationship waiting to be explored. I have also introduced several characters in the story line that begs to have a major part. I know I have been a little ... no alright, very ... long-winded at certain points of the story. I hope to be less long-winded and yet not lose style of the writing.Using the television language in the US, part 10 ends the first season and 15 Hartford would be going on a hiatus. I need a little break from work (I have a real occupation, in case you did not know). It's summer and I would be taking about two weeks holiday up north, out of the country. Perhaps the experience in another country could give Lolitas Nude me more ideas and give me a breather. I had discovered a lot about myself in writing this story (more so than "Sam"). My trip will help me discover more about myself, I hope.I almost forgot! The song that I asked about in part 7 was "If I Let You Go" by Westlife. I used some of the sentiments found in that song to describe why Michael decided to express his love for Martin. It only ran a few paragraphs.Thanks to Nifty. It is a great place to share stories. To all the readers who have written me, my thanks and gratitude for being supportive; I know that I will continue to write as long as I am able to.Soul Lark solark36yahoo.co.uk
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