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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionThe Two Girls (c) 1988 Master Chris Story #13 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is a warm, sunny Tuesday and you have just woken up. You stretch languorously in your satin sheets and run your hands up your body thinking how great it is to be alive. Your hands touch your thighs, your pussy, and your tummy. They pause briefly at your nipples, tweaking them and pulling them up from your body. They awaken at the touch and you feel a familiar shiver run down through your stomach to your pussy. You let out a sensual moan and think about what new adventure awaits you today.You are the headmistress of a very special school for the training of sexual slaves and submissives. Each day holds some new adventure. Today is Tuesday, you think. Oh, yes. Today you have scheduled the initiation of two young girls into the delights of lesbian bondage and discipline. Neither of them is expecting this although you have had the pleasure of seeing them individually both naked and helpless as you subjected them to restraint and orgasm after orgasm while feeling either humiliation or helplessness. They have never had the opportunity of tying up another person and bringing them to orgasm despite themselves. Today, they will find out.The thought galvanizes you into action. You get out of bed and in very short order you have showered and dressed and are on your way down for breakfast. In the dining room, one of the students has the duty of the day to serve you breakfast. Her name is Talia and she is a beautiful sixteen year old. She was delivered to you three days ago by her mother who has left instructions that she is to be trained in exhibiting herself until she is comfortable with her body.As she approaches you with your morning coffee you say, "Good Morning, Talia.""Good Morning Miss.", she says.She is wearing a pretty summer dress that comes down to just above her knees and is backless."Please raise your dress Talia", you ask, "so that I can be sure that you are wearing no underpanties."Talia's pretty teenage face turns a Lolita Cp brilliant shade of red as she hears this request. She is obviously embarrassed however she hesitantly reaches down and grasps the hem of her dress. With her hands slightly trembling, she slowly raises it to the level of her waist while you watch. Her pussy is clean shaven as it has been since the day of her arrival. It's puffy lips protrude slightly as though she is excited."Did you masturbate last night?", you ask.Her blush is renewed and travels a little further down her chest. She nods her head at your question."Very good.", you say, "Tonight you'll get to do it again with a number of the girls watching."Her head shoots up in horror. She cannot imagine a situation more terrifying. You just smile at her reaction and ask for the rest of your breakfast. A half-hour later you are sitting at your desk in your large, well furnished office. The two girls you are expecting will arrive any minute and you take a moment to review their files.Sarah is an eighteen year old sex-kitten. She has long blond hair and took to the routine in the school right away. She has an athlete's body. Her breasts are small and firm and are topped with tiny pink nipples that are very sensitive. Her shaved pussy show a short slit with long pink lips. Her buttocks are tight and her legs long. She is 5'11" tall. She is not, however, particularly embarrassed about her body but she is shy when it comes to taking control.Karen, on the other hand is quite different. She is more likely to want to be in control of her situation. You remember how scared she was when you tied her spreadeagled and used a vibrator on the tips of her breasts and the tip of her clitoris. She is a brunette with an hourglass figure. Her breasts are large and her nipples long. Her pussy, when shaved, reveals long, long, inner pussy lips and her ass is the most sensitive of any of your pupils.You decide to have Sarah in first. You call for her and a moment later she is standing in front of you, nervously wondering what might be expected of her today. You discuss the upcoming events with complete candor."Today Sarah", you say, "you will get the opportunity to dominate another pupil here. You will not be the subject of this domination or discipline but will, instead, be the originator of it. In a couple of minutes, I will have Karen come in here. Karen will be instructed to follow all of your commands. Your job will be to eventually bring her to orgasm while she is bound and helpless before you. You will have plenty of opportunity to make long buildup for her so that when she comes it will be the most incredible experience of her life. Does this excite you?"It is obvious that it does. Since you have begun speaking, Sarah has started to breath heavily and her face is flushed.She nods her head as she says, "Yes, but I'm a little nervous. I've never made love to another woman before.""You will learn.", you say.You go over the various things that Sarah will subject Karen to and then you both sit down to await her. Karen arrives a couple of minutes later. She is wearing a summer skirt and blouse combination. She stands before your desk as you tell her what is expected of her."You will follow the instructions of Sarah today.", you say, "If you Lolita Cp do not obey her completely, I will make sure that you are punished severely."Karen blushes as she looks at both Sarah and yourself. It is one thing to be dominated by you but to be exposed in front of another student is humiliating. Sarah stands up immediately and looks right at Karen."Take off all of your clothes right now!", she says.Karen hesitates and then begins. Her shaking fingers fumble at the buttons on her blouse as we both look on with interest. As the blouse drops to the floor, Sarah stops Karen."Wait.", she says, "Your nipples are not hard enough. Play with your nipples until they are as long as they can be."Karen cannot believe it. Her hands are visibly trembling with excitement and fear as she begins tentatively pulling her own nipples. They respond instantly to the stimulation and begins to get dark and hard as they stick out almost a full inch from her body."Very well.", says Sarah, "You may continue. Did you enjoy pulling your own nipples?" Karen hangs her head embarrassed to admit it. "Yes.", she says in almost a whisper. "Remove the rest of your clothes.", instructs Sarah.It does not take long before Karen is standing before us completely nude. Sarah picks up a riding crop and begins walking around the naked girl. Karen goes to cover herself with her hands but Sarah does not allow it."Clasp your hands behind your head.", she says.Karen does so reluctantly. Sarah starts toying with Karen now. She reverses her hold on the crop and starts touching Karen with it. Karen starts as the cold silver knob of the handle finds its way between her shaved pussy lips. She is mortified to find that she is becoming wet at the treatment. Her condition does not improve. Now Sarah touches her long nipples with the crop and the feeling of the Lolita Cp leather stroking the extra-long nipples causes a shudder to run through Karen. Sarah takes the crop and slides it between Karen's legs from behind. Using it as a kind of guide, she moves Karen over to the side of the room where she ties her facing the wall so that her arms and legs are stretched wide apart and the only part of her body touching the wall are her nipples."Do you know what will happen to you now?", asks Sarah.Karen shakes her head but she eyes the riding crop nervously. She is in the perfect position to receive a good spanking. Instead, Sarah now ties a blindfold over Karen's eyes. Reversing her hold on the riding crop once again, she starts sliding it back and forth over Karen's soaking pussy lips. Karen cannot stifle the moan of pleasure that escapes her lips. Sarah now guides the silver knobbed crop so that it penetrates Karen deeply. Karen lets out a gasp as the long crop acts as a dildo. As soon as Karen has begun moving her hips in rhythm with the crop, Sarah stops and, leaving the crop embedded deep in Karen's shaved pussy, moves back to my desk to get a bottle of oil and a small vibrating dildo.You have become so excited watching these two that you are now stroking your own shaved pussy with one hand while the other hand pulls hard at your sensitive nipples. Sarah slowly starts oiling Karen's sensitive asshole. Karen is moaning helplessly at this point as Sarah's oily fingers, first one then two slide into Karen's tight rosebud. Every once in a while Sarah reaches forward and slide the Lolita Cp riding crop in and out of Karen's soaking pussy. When Karen's ass is sufficiently lubricated, Sarah slides the vibrating dildo into it and turns it on. It is like an bolt of electricity. Karen cries out at the exquisite sensation and begins thrusting her hips back and forth as Sarah works both the riding crop and the vibrating dildo in and out of her.Just as Karen is about to come, Sarah stops the action. The dildo and the riding crop are quickly removed and Sarah doesn't touch the writhing girl for a moment. Karen begs Sarah to let her come but Sarah doesn't touch her except to retie her to a table on her back. Karen's leg are now tied with the knees held wide apart and her hands are tied above her head. Her now soaking pussy is on display and from your desk you can see the puffy pink lips sticking out, crying for relief. The vaseline glistens between her bottom cheeks from the workout that Sarah gave her there.Sarah now takes two nipple clips and attaches them to Karen's long brown nipples. Karen gasps at the sensation and her hips start to move again. String is tied to the clips so that they are continually pulled up and away from her body. Sarah takes another set of clips and attaches them to Karen's sensitive inner pussy lips. These she fastens so that the lips are not only pinches but are pulled wide apart to expose the over-stimulated pink interior. Karen is now totally helpless and Sarah steps back to observe her handiwork. She reaches over and takes a jar of honey from the counter. Using a spoon, she drips just a little of the warmed honey directly on Karen's hard clitoris. Karen cries out but the best is yet to come. Bending down now, Sarah reaches out with the tip of her tongue and begins slowly licking the honey away. Karen's hips are straining upwards begging for more. When that honey is gone, Sarah puts a drop on one of Karen's stretched out pussy lips and licks that.For the next several minutes, Sarah drives Karen into a frenzy by dropping a tiny bit of warm honey onto a sensitive area and following it with the dart of her hot tongue. Her nipples feel the sensation then her lips. Your own pussy jumps at the sight of both of their tongues mingling together trying to catch all the honey. A small dab is licked from her belly button and then her tummy Finally, Sarah draws a tiny line of honey from her ass all the way to her clitoris and begins a series of long licks to catch it. Her extended tongue drags from the small of her back through the crack of her pretty white buttocks across her entrapped pussy lips and onto her clit. Karen begins coming almost immediately and cries out in long gasping sobs at the sensation. Sarah continues to lick until the honey is gone and Karen is exhausted. Finally it is over. Karen lies back completely satiated.Sarah, however is now more turned on than ever and now gets up on the table and straddles Karen's chest. She reaches down to spread her own soaking pussy lips and pushes her pussy directly down to Karen's mouth. Karen doesn't hesitate for a moment. Her hot pink little tongue reaches up to give Sarah the relief she craves. The sight is too much for you. Your hand rubs your own hard, hot clitoris faster and faster. You and Sarah come at almost the same time. Your cries mingle as your bodies shudder with the explosions that wrack them.After Karen has been released and the girls are once again dressed, you tell them that they will report back to you tomorrow morning to reverse roles. You can see Karen start to think about what she will do to Sarah in the morning as Sarah squirms in her chair thinking about what will be done to her. They leave your office hand in hand, leaving you to think about Lolita Cp what adventure is next. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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