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Related article: From: Chris Subject: NEW! Master Chris #78: Camping Trip Date: 1997/01/31It had sounded like a great idea, a long weekend of camping in Canada's Algonquin Park. While it was quite a drive and not Karen's first overnight camping trip, it was her first trip with the new friends she'd met since she and her family had moved here.It had taken a little time for the shy 17 year-old to settle in with the new crowd at her high-school. Having Bobby ask her out had changed all that. Bobby was one of the more popular guys at school and as soon as Bobby had taken an interest, Karen had found herself hanging with the "in" crowd during and after school.Being popular was not Gothic Lolita unknown territory for Karen. She was stunningly attractive. A mix of midwestern American and Mexican blood had resulted in a dark, sultry look. Karen's hair was brunette and her eyes a liquid hazel. Her skin was dark enough for her to look perpetually tanned.As an active athlete, Karen's body was firm and tanned. Her still-growing breasts were a firm and rounded B-cup. Her long legs showed the firm muscles of a distance runner. It was a look Bobby found irresistible.Going out with Bobby had turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful experience. While not completely sexually inexperienced (she was, after all on the pill), Karen was happy that Bobby seemed patient about going "all the way". Certainly he wasn't running into any resistance. There was something about Bobby's quiet, confident Gothic Lolita manner and touch that turned Karen on like a light switch. When Bobby had told Karen about the wilderness canoe trip, he had hinted that it would be a perfect opportunity to do "whatever they wanted".Karen's Mom and Dad had put up a surprisingly token resistance. Karen figured being only two months away from her 18th birthday was a big factor. Bobby's confidence had won them over too. The trip would be with a party of six - three girls and three guys. They would be starting and finishing from the Long Lake ranger station. According to Bobby, they would be out of sight and touch with civilization within minutes of starting their trip. It was an area the group knew very well from previous trips.The week before going had been a hectic race of getting ready. Karen and he two co-voyager girlfriends had gotten together throughout the week to make sure they had everything.Barb and Susan had taken Karen under their wing to make sure she would be able to find everything she needed. On Thursday night, the evening before leaving, attention had turned to bathing suits. Susan had come across Karen's rather worn Speedo while packing."C'mon, we've got to get you a new suit!" exclaimed the pretty blond. "Unless, of course, you're planning on not turning Bobby on at every chance you get." Susan gave Karen a wicked look that told Karen that she knew exactly what might happen this weekend. "C'mon. I could use a new suit too."An hour later the two teens dashed into the local Mall's Bikini Village. Susan headed over to her familiar one-piece territory but Susan wouldn't hear of it."You've got a great body girl! Time to show it off."Susan grabbed Karen by the arm and dragged her through the more revealing suits starting with the skimpiest of bikinis. With several choices under her arm, Gothic Lolita Susan pulled her friend right into the changing room and started peeling off clothes."Don't dawdle," she said.Karen reluctantly started following suit. To her surprise Susan stripped completely naked!"Hey," whispered Karen. "We're supposed to leave our underwear on.""So what?" replied Susan giggling. "Besides, I almost never wear any."As Susan straightened up, Karen got another shock. Susan's public hair was. gone! She was completely bare down there just as though she was 10 years old.Karen averted her eyes and started stripping herself. When she got down to her bra and panties she hesitated. Susan, now half-dressed in the bottom of an outrageous thong bikini caught her eye and gave her a look as if to say `You're not chicken are you?' Closing her eyes, Karen pulled her panties down and reached back for the claps of her bra.Karen always removed her bra last. It wasn't that she had small breasts, they were just fine. But she had inherited one thing from her mother that embarassed her. Her nipples were huge. They were the biggest of any she had ever seen. Dark brown, like her mother's, they were at least _ of an inch long and almost a inch thick. Even when soft they protruded and were almost never soft. It was to keep them covered that Karen virtually always wore a bra. Susan's eyes widened a bit as they came into view."You sure are pretty," she said. Then, pointing at Karen's nipples she said, "I'll bet Bobby loves those."Karen blushed and raised her hands in a vain attempt to cover the erect buttons.Susan's eye lowered somewhat to Karen's neatly trimmed bush. "I can give you a hint Gothic Lolita though," she said. "If you want to really capture Bobby's attention, I'd think about shaving it bare. That's how Bobby likes it, I promise. If you disappear that muff, you'll go a long way to turning him into a red-hot pistol.""I-I-I'll think about it" was the best Karen could come up with but the thought stuck in her mind.The girls went through several swimsuits before making their selections.Susan went with a string bikini that was tight enough to split and outline her shaved pussy mound. Karen was sure it would also become almost transparent when wet.Karen ended up with a more conservative no-strap black suit that her firm breasts would have to hold up. While still a one-piece, it was the most daring bathing suit Karen had ever worn. There were large cut-outs on the sides and a transparent mesh panel both front and back that left her back virtually bare to the top of the crack in her bottom. The suit was also so high-cut that Karen would have to raise her bikini line with a razor that night.Once safely back home and with Susan home finishing her own packing, Karen leisurely finished storing what else she needed in her backpack and settled into a hot bath, her last for the next 3 days. She was soaked, shampooed and relaxed before Karen finally turned her attention to her bikini line.Idly playing with her curly brown muff, Karen found herself getting turned on. She thought of Bobby and how he had unresistingly held her wrists over her head last weekend with one hand while the other hand had gently opened her blouse and unclasped her front-closing bra (she had worn it with just this opportunity in mind). Karen closed her eyes and stretched her hands up above her in the bathtub. Gliding one hand down she grasped one of her thick nipples in one hand and rolled it, just as Bobby had done. Like her boyfriend, Karen pinched the nipple suddenly and gasped as the memory of the sensation and the sensation itself seemed to blur together.Karen opened her eyes and, with a visible effort, removed her fingers. She didn't dare slide them lower. She knew already her fingers would find a slippery, welcoming slit."Whew. better save that for the weekend," Karen murmured to herself. Taking her razor, she back to carefully trim back her curly brown patch of hair on both sides to make sure nothing would poke out from the new swimsuit. Working slowly to make sure she wouldn't nick herself, Karen narrowed the covering to a two-inch wide strip. Karen tugged at the remains thoughtfully.`Aw - what the hell,' she thought. With an impetuous swipe, Karen slid the razor right through the center of the hair that was left. She had already taken care of the hair on her lower lips but it still took several more minutes of concentration before Karen put the razor down. Her pubis was now as bare as the day she was born. Karen could clearly see her two puffy lips for the first time in almost eight years. She didn't realize that she would not cover her pussy with hair again for almost another 25 years. It was sexier, Karen decided as she got out of the bath and got ready for bed.Morning came all too quickly and Karen was anxious to get her trip underway. Still, there was a whole day of school ahead of her before the drive to the park that evening. Pulling on her panties, Karen felt the strangeness of her new "bare" look. With her short denim skirt on she looked in the mirror just like normal. Underneath though, she felt more than naked. She wondered if anyone would notice.Every step at school seemed to accentuate the exposing feeling but no one seemed to notice anything."So. all packed?"Karen jumped. She hadn't seen Susan come up behind her."Yeah, I'm all ready and, you know what else?"Susan shook her head."I did it last night, just like you said."Susan looked confused for a moment until Karen pantomimed shaving her face. Understanding swept across Susan's face leaving her with a wicked grin. "Everything?""Everything! Just like you," Karen whispered. Her pussy seemed to tingle as she confessed. It was as though it knew it was being talked about."Bobby's going to flip!" said Susan."Hope so!" said Karen over her shoulder as she headed off to class. `I'll see you at 3:00."The day passed in a blur. Finally the time to leave had come. With her five friends packed into the jeep and their gear in the back, the troop headed north. Canoes would be rented Gothic Lolita at the park. It was a four hour drive and the group checked into the park almost on time at 7:15pm.Arrangements for canoes and gear had been made weeks in advance. After collecting everything they needed for an early-morning start, the 6 teens set up tents nearby in the designated campground amongst the many over-night campers. It didn't take long to set-up the three tents and a short while later the group was sitting by a campfire sipping hot chocolate and making plans for the morning.It was close to midnight when the 3 couples split off to get some rest for the morning. Karen was nervous. It was the first time she had ever slept with a boy and she wasn't sure exactly how things were supposed to go. Bobby quickly stripped down to his skivvies and slipped into his sleeping bag. Propping himself up on one elbow, he watched as Karen slowly took off her running shoes and socks. Turning her back on her boyfriend, Karen reached down and pulled off her shorts. Reaching under her T-shirt, she unclipped her bra and pulled it through her sleeves. Then, in her panties and T-shirt, she too slipped into her sleeping bag to await what might come next.Bobby smiled. "Give me your hands," he said.Looking curiously, Karen held out her hands. Bobby turned and opened a zipper of his knapsack. Karen's eyes widened as he pulled out a coil of cotton rope. Without speaking, Bobby gently wound the rope around Karen's outstretched wrists then tied them together. Karen let Bobby pull her hands above her head to tie them to the base of the tent pole.Karen was covered both by her sleeping bag and her T-shirt yet she had never felt more exposed. Bobby leaned over now to give her a long warm and wet kiss. It seemed to go on forever. It made her so hot that Karen moaned.Bobby fingers reached to the zipper of Karen's sleeping bag. A few short moments later Karen was covered only by her T-shirt. Bobby pulled up, sitting beside the helpless girl. Karen was squirming with the heat she was feeling all through her body. Bobby reached down and grabbed the hem of Karen's T-shirt. Pulling slowly, he gradually lifted it higher and higher. Karen, of course could do nothing; not that she wanted to. She closed her eyes and felt the edge of her shirt now touch the bottom of her breasts. Bobby dragged the edge over her nipples as he exposed her chest completely to his gaze. Karen knew her nipples must be hard. They were aching.Karen kept her eyes closed. She holding her breath, waiting. First she felt the whisper of his warm breath. It was just over her left Gothic Lolita nippled. `Oh God,' she thought just as Bobby's mouth descended to suck her nipple deep into his hot mouth. Karen thought she'd pass out at the sensation as a small cry tore past her lips.Bobby's mouth pulled up. Karen's nipple made a popping sound as he pulled too far for it to stretch. Karen sucked in air in a gasp.Now Bobby took a nipple in each hand. Karen could feel him rolling them. In one firm motion, he squeezed and pulled. Karen gasped again as her backed arched up trying to follow her nipples. Bobby held them, fully extended for a long moment as Karen opened her eyes then he let her down."Oh please Bobby," said Karen in a throaty whisper."Please? Please what?" he asked smiling. His fingers never left her nipples. They were teasing, stroking, rolling constantly."Please... do. anything."Bobby smiled at her. "Anything?""Oh God, Yes!" said Karen.Bobby lay back down, propped again on one elbow."Pretty hot huh?" he asked. Bobby's left hand traced little lines up and across Karen's breasts."Uh huh," moaned Karen."And do you like this?" he asked, tracing little patterns around Karen's bound wrists.Karen nodded. She hadn't thought it would make any difference but it did. Being helpless and in Bobby's control had turned her young body on like never before."I love it," she said honestly."Good," he smiled.`Now.' Karen thought. Now it would happen. After all, she was completely helpless. Now surely he'd pull down her panties and make love to her.No one could be more surprised than she when Bobby gently pulled her T-shirt back down and even more surprised when he pulled her sleeping bag back up to cover her completely."Don't you want to, you know, do it?" asked Karen."Oh yes, you have no idea how much, but not now. I'm waiting until tomorrow night. Can I tie you up tomorrow again? I promise it'll be hottest night you've ever had! Tomorrow I'll do `anything' to you, just like you asked.""Sure," said Karen. "It makes me hot. Are you going to untie me now?""Only when I'm ready," said Bobby softly."Ok," said Karen.Karen closed her eyes and, for the first time, fell asleep with her wrists bound. It would not be the last.The early morning sun was streaming into the tent when Karen awoke. Her wrists were no longer tied. `Did I dream it?' wondered Karen. Checking her wrists she found she had not. The marks of the ropes still showed where they had held her overnight."Hey sleepy head, it's time to rise and shine." It was Susan. Pull on your bathing suit and some shorts. It's time for breakfast."Karen got dressed quickly in her new swimsuit and her cut-offs and poked her head outside. The weather was perfect. Everyone else was up already and the smell of bacon and eggs was already coming from the Coleman stove.Everyone was anxious to get onto the water so breakfast and striking camp was a quick affair. After a last trip to the restrooms to enjoy a final acquaintance with running water, the group was ready.Virtually everyone was an experienced canoeist and the group made good time up Long Lake. As promised all signs of civilization disappeared within ten minutes of leaving the ranger station. Given the vastness of this Canadian park, it was unsurprising that the group would not meet another traveller until they returned.The scenery was spectacular and Karen, like the others, thoroughly enjoyed herself. To her surprise, Barbara quickly doffed her bikini top followed closely by Susan. Karen was envious at how easy it seemed to them. She just couldn't seem to do it. Baring herself for Bobby was one thing. That was hard enough. But out here? In front of everybody? Karen didn't think she'd ever ben able to do that.Lunch was beside a beautiful waterfall which was part of an extended series of rock pools. Everyone ended up swimming and cooling off from the increasing heat. The canoes were portaged around the falls and the afternoon found them on an even more secluded lake.The group pulled up to an island in mid-afternoon.The island was a good size and each of the three couples headed to a different site to set up camp.Karen was delighted. Now she had Bobby all to Gothic Lolita herself. Maybe even she could go topless, she thought.With the tents pitched and everything stowed away, the group reconvened for a late afternoon dinner in a clearing near the center of the island."We're off for some private time," said Bobby after everything was cleared away. "Remember, don't call us, we'll call you."Everyone chuckled."Have a great evening you two lovebirds," called Susan as they got up to leave.Karen blushed as Bobby led her by the hand back to their part of the island.As they got back to their clearing, bobby asked Karen if she had to go to the bathroom. Karen shook her head."Remember what I asked you last night?" he asked."About being tied up again?" Karen blushed again as she remembered the evening before. Just the memory made her feel hot and squishy."Uh huh. Are you ready now?" asked Bobby."Right now?""Right now." Bobby wrapped his hands around Karen from behind in a big bear hug and blew softly on her long expsed neck."Ok", she whispered.Bobby turned and pulled a large bundle of rope from his pack.Taking one of Karen's hands in his, Bobby gently wrapped the end of the rope around her wrist. Bobby started a second length of rope around Karen's other hand. Now with both hands individually bound Karen looked questioningly at her boyfriend. Bobby smiled.Taking first, the end of the rope attached to her left hand, Bobby pulled the rope up and through a fork in a tree that was about eight feet in the air. Bobby tied the rope loosely. Now taking the rope on her right wrist, Bobby threw the end through a fork in the tree to her right. Karen couldn't help but wonder at the perfect placement of these trees. Bobby must have known exactly what he had planned. The trees were perhaps six feet apart and had matching forks at just the right height.With the ropes now firmly tied, Karen's arms were pulled up and wide apart. The position was not uncomfortable but Karen was definitely helpless. She pulled at the ropes, testing them to no avail. They were strong and unyielding. Karen felt a shiver run through her. It was a definite turn on.Karen looked around. Bobby was back at his knapsack. With her arms stretched up, the top of her bathing suit slipped a bit. As she had all day, Karen reached down to tug it up. It was, by now, just a reflex. The ropes, of course, held firm. Karen realized in a heartbeat just how helpless she was. `Oh well,' she thought, `I probably won't have my bathing suit up much longer.'Bobby was back in front of her."Comfortable?"Karen nodded.Bobby reached up with a sleeping mask, the kind people sometimes use on planes when they're trying to shut out the light."I'm going to cover your eyes," he said.Karen's eyes went wide but she didn't say anything as Bobby carefully adjusted the blindfold over her eyes.Karen could feel the late afternoon sun but she could no longer see it.Now she felt Bobby's hand, sliding up her long legs, cupping and squeezing her bottom, sliding along her outstretched arms to her sides. Karen could feel her heat rise from the simmer it had been on all day to a low boil in an instant.Her moan was involuntary."Now, now, we can't have you making too much noise." Bobby chuckled. Karen heard him rustling around then sensed him right in front of her again. His lips were warm and soft as he kissed her sensuously on the mouth. Karen let her body lean into his as she opened her mouth to kiss him fully. Their tongues danced against each other for a moment before Bobby pulled back. Karen leaned her head forward, unable to see but seeking his mouth again.Bobby's fingers caressed her cheek. Karen felt his thumb on her lower lip and let him pull it down, opening her mouth again. Softly, silkily, he slid his thumb deeper into her mouth."Suck," he whispered.Karen did. It was one of the hottest sensations she had ever had. She licked and sucked and moaned just as if she was giving her boyfriend a blow job. Bobby finally pulled his thumb from her mouth."Good Girl," he said caressing her cheek again. "Now open wide."Karen opened her mouth as wide as she could. Bobby reached up and Karen felt something rubbery being pushed inside her mouth. The rubber ball filled her mouth completely. Karen went to bite down on it and found she now could not completely close her jaw. She went to speak, to ask Bobby what he was doing but the only sound that came out was a muffled "Mmmph!" A soft leather strap around the back of her head held the ball in place."Shhhh," said Bobby. "It'll just keep you from making too much noise. Now Bobby's tongue explored further. He licked her neck then one earlobe. Karen twisted but Bobby's found first one ear then the other. Karen squealed into the rubber ball as his tongue made contact there. The sensation was like throwing an electric current into her pussy. She was instantly soaked.Bobby's fingers again traced her outstretched arms from her bound wrists, down her underarm to her sides. Karen' s squirming had helped her swimsuit to slip to the tops of her nipples and now, finally, Bobby helped it some more. Bobby dragged the elasticized top downward across Karen's over erect dark brown nipples then further, leaving her exposed all the way to her belly button. Bobby's hands traced down to her nipples now, tweaking them simultaneously. Karen was so hot she was sure she'd have an orgasm right now and that just from her teasing her nipples!The hands roamed lower. Karen could feel Bobby untying her Reeboks. Gently he lifted first one foot then the other, leaving her barefoot on the soft earth. Strangely, the sensation of being barefoot made Karen feel even more naked than being bare-breasted. The invisible hands were at her waist now, undoing her cut-offs. A moment later, they were in a puddle at Karen's feet.`This is it,' thought Karen. `Now he's going to see everything.' Bobby's fingers grasped the top of Karen's swimsuit and began tugging it down, an inch at a time. The anticipation was too much for young girl. As the suit uncovered her last secret, a new bare pubis, Karen could feel Bobby's breath blowing on it. Karen pushed her hips forward, desperate to feel his touch on a very hot, soaking wet pussy. Her bathing suit joined her shorts in a puddle around her feet and again Bobby lifted first one foot then the next to remove them.Karen was now completely bare and completely helpless. She sensed Bobby standing in front of her."I love it that you did this for me," he whispered as one hand slide down to cup Karen's silky smooth mound. "You're wet." Bobby's middle finger was now splitting Karen's engorged lower lips. It was slick with her juices. "Does this make you hot?""MM Hmmm," she moaned."Are you ready to keep your promise and do anything for me?" he asked.Karen nodded again. Bobby's fingers were now toying with her rock-hard nipples again."Every part of you will be teased, stimulated. Do you understand?"Karen nodded. She sure hoped so."It's going to be the hottest night of your life," he whispered.Karen could feel and hear him moving again. Back to the tent? To his knapsack? What else was in that damn knapsack?It was a couple of minutes later before she felt his touch again. This time it was at her ankle. More rope wound itself around her ankle and was then tied to the side. The other ankle was next. Karen could easily imagine her new position. With her arms and legs both spread wide she was like an offering to the Gods. She imagined for a moment someone canoeing by and seeing her and realized in surprise that the thought turned her on!Bobby's touch returned. This time Karen could smell the unmistakable scent of baby oil just before Bobby starting rubbing it onto her. He started at her arms and worked downward. He paid special attention to her thick sensitive nipples before moving lower. Karen's pussy scarcely needed lubrication but even her puffy lower lips were covered in the slippery oil.When he had finished her front, Bobby moved behind her. Her covered her shoulders and back generously then moved to her bottom. Karen felt Bobby's oil covered hand reach right between her legs from behind until it was resting on her belly. With his middle finger pushing harder than the others he pulled downward across Karen's sensitive clit, through her soaked pussy lips and up between her buttocks, he middle finger running right across her anus as he did so.Karen squeaked softly at the sensations and again as he did it a second time. The third time, Bobby paused with the tip of his very slippery finger right over the crinkled opening of Karen's anus.Karen felt Bobby's face near her ear. "Do you like being played with here?"Bobby wiggled the tip of his finger against her anus. Karen gasped through her nose. `How did he know?!' Karen had been playing with her bottom since she first played `Doctor' at the age of eight. It was one of the things she loved most about playing with herself. Karen was one of the only people she knew who liked having her temperature taken rectally as a child and had discovered many other objects to push in there also. Small carrots, candlesticks, or her favorite, a hairbrush handle, had all seen time in her rectum while she brought herself to orgasm. Now, how could Bobby had possibly known that? Karen could feel the heat of a blush start in the roots of her hair and flush downward past her face to the top of her chest."Well?" Bobby whispered.Karen nodded her head then let it hang down, embarrassed."Good. It's going to be played with tonight."Bobby finished covering the young teen in oil then stepped back. It was obvious Karen was turned on. She couldn't stand still. Constantly squirming in her bonds, she was stretching, looking to be touched. `Well,' thought Bobby. `She's going to have no shortage of that tonight!'Bobby leaned forward to put his lips near Karen's ear again. "Are Gothic Lolita you ready now?"Karen nodded. If she got anymore ready, she'd explode right here."Good," said Bobby. "Then I want you to be very quiet and listen and feel what's happening around you."Bobby stepped back several feet then knelt down.Karen frowned under her blindfold. `What did he mean?' She was ready now! The sounds of the trees and the gentle breeze took up all of her hearing. Where was Bobby? Each moment that passed raised her anticipation further. What would he do to her body? Where would he touch her next?Karen held her breath, listening. The crack of a twig made her swivel her head. Was he to her left? She listened again. A slight rustle made her turn her head again. Was he in front of her. Karen felt his warm breath an instant before his hot wet tongue touched the tip of her left nipple. "MMMmmm" she moaned. It felt so good. The tongue swirled around Gothic Lolita the long brown nubbin then it sucked the nipple in, delicately, warmly the nipple was alternately sucked in hard then soft in a soft rhythm leaving Karen feeling like her nipple was fucking his mouth.Suddenly a second tongue touched Karen's right nipple. "MMpph!" she exclaimed but, of course, no words came out. `Who was that!?' thought Karen but then the second mouth sucked her nipple right in and started pumping it.Karen's head was a jumble of sensations and thoughts. She couldn't keep them all straight. The first mouth left her left nipple and was replaced by a soft hand.Now Karen felt a warm breath on the soaking wet lips of her pussy. The hot tongue that had just left her nipple slid in a long slow lick up Karen's smooth pussy. It effortlessly parted the puffy lips to swipe deeply into Karen's molten juices. At the top of its voyage the tip found Karen's engorged and under- attended to clitoris. It had been so erect that it was almost fully uncovered by it's habitual protective hood.The tongue took another long languorous swipe and when it found Karen's clit again Karen felt the hot mouth suck it right in. Her squeal was involuntary. She was a millimeter from coming right there.Karen felt the second mouth leave her nipple and rise up to come close to her ear."Like that?" It was Susan! "Barb loves sucking a girl's clit. She does such a good job at it too."Karen's eyes opened wide under the blindfold. Susan and Barb! The mouth holding her clit hostage was suddenly in motion. Barb's tongue thrashed back and forth across Karen's erect clit.Susan's fingers grasped each of Karen's nipples and started rolling them. But it was Susan's tongue dipping into Karen's ear that set her off. Karen squealed into her gag and pulled at the ropes with all her might as her body tried to turn itself inside out. Just as she started to calm down, Barb's still-licking tongue started first one aftershock, then another. It was the most powerful and explosive orgasm Karen had ever had and at the hands of two girls too!As Karen's consciousness swam back to the land of the living, she realized that Barb was still between her legs but now gently lapping Karen's still puffy outer lips. Susan was standing right beside Karen straddling one of her bound legs. Karen realized with a shock that Susan was naked too! She could feel Susan's warm full breasts pressed to her side and the feeling of Susan's smooth pussy was pushed against Karen's upper thigh."Hey, that's just the warm up," whispered Susan. "Now, if you promise not to talk, not to say anything, I can take off that gag."Karen nodded.Susan's hands left Karen's still-hard nipples and reached behind her head to release the strap. As she pulled the ball from Karen's open mouth, Susan leaned forward to cover it with her own. Karen pulled back for a moment then gave in. Susan's tongue found hers and in a moment, Karen was pushing back in the hottest kiss she'd ever had. The sensations between her legs added an intensity Karen could have never imagined.It seemed to go on forever but finally Susan pulled back."Ready for more?" It was Bobby, murmuring into Karen's ear again. She hadn't forgotten him."Oh God yes!" said Karen.Susan pulled away Gothic Lolita from Karen's right leg. Karen could feel that her leg was wet. `Was that the oil or was Susan soaking wet too?' wondered Karen.Barb got up now and a moment later Karen felt both her friends back at her breasts. One set of delicate fingers rolled Karen's right nipple, pulling and squeezing until, Karen thought, if it got any hotter it would burst. Now more fingers pulled something over the nipple. `An elastic?' Karen thought.Whatever it was, it circled the base of the overlong, overthick dark nipple and squeezed it firmly. A moment later Karen felt it being pulled forward. The doubled elastic had been tied in advance to a long string. Bobby held the string firmly in one hand. Karen felt the nipple being tugged up and outward as Bobby tied the end of the string to a branch several feet ahead of the bound teen.The left nipple was soon in a similar predicament, leaving Karen's B-sized breasts pulled into soft cones by their tips.Karen felt even more helpless than before as she sensed everyone moving again. Someone was back kneeling between her legs, Barb, Karen guessed by the questing tongue that lapped again at her wetness. The constant stimulation of Karen's nipples was having a devastating effect. Karen could feel herself starting to bubble again. She could feel Barb's Gothic Lolita hands reach around her legs from the front and hold onto her rounded bottom.Suddenly, softly yet firmly, Barb pulled Karen's buttocks wide open and held her that way, completely exposed from behind. Karen could feel the breeze waft across her crinkled oiled anus.The tip of a warm finger touching it, circling the crinkled opening, Karen held her breath. The finger was obviously very slippery and a moment after it slid inside, at first just the tip. It was Susan's finger. Karen was sure of it. Now in a slow twisting push, the long delicate finger penetrated as far as it could, spreading the slippery lubricant that covered it over the walls of Karen's rectum and her tight anal opening.The finger withdrew only to enter again. This time more firmly, driving deep into Karen's body. Karen went to push back on the finger but the elastic restraints on her sensitive nipples pulled forward, adding to the sensations. She couldn't help but gasp.Now the touch at Karen's bottom was different. `What was that!', she wondered.The first firm push answered her question as a mid-sized bead pushed past he sphincter and into her body.Barb had found her clit again and Karen didn't know whether to push forward or backward to the riot of sensations attacking her body.Susan's finger drove the bead deep and then started pushing the next bead on the string past Susan's anal muscles.Karen could feel herself teetering closer and closer to an orgasm. Even if she wanted to speak she couldn't have now. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps, her moans now more like sobs as the sixth bead was pushed deep up inside her body.Suddenly it all stopped!Barb pulled away. Susan's hands pulled back. Karen could sense Barb and Susan moving back to either side where they had started and now someone else was right in front of her.Bobby's fingers pulled the blindfold up and off, leaving Karen looking at him and the orange and yellow and red and purple sunset behind him."Hey. Remember me?" he smiled.Over Bobby's shoulder Ken and Paul were both standing, looking. Ken was holding a video camera, Paul had a regular camera but Karen was past caring.Bobby leaned forward and Karen could feel his hardness against her belly. He was completely naked.Both girls leaned down to pull the elastics from Karen's nipples and each sucked one right into their mouths as Bobby flexed his knees and brought the swollen head of his cock to her soaking and spread open lips."Oh please do it!" Karen moaned.Bobby obliged, thrusting upwards to fill her pussy to its depths with his organ.Karen knew it would not take long as Bobby began pumping into her. The sensations at her nipples, her pussy and, indeed all over her body were too much to hold together. Karen cried out as she began to climax in a major way for the 2nd time that day. As she did so, Susan delivered her last surprise of the day by pulling down on the string which disappeared into Karen's bottom.The sensation of the first bead pulling past her spasming anus sent Karen completely over the edge. Every muscle in her body seemed to spasm at once. Bobby felt her clamp down hard on his cock and it was enough to send him over the edge too. Crying out himself, he thrust hard into Karen as he began to spurt deep insider her body.Susan had gotten to the second bead and then quickly the third. Each rounded invader was pulled past over-stimulated nerve endings and muscles desperate to clamp down on anything. When the last bead feel free and Susan and Barb stood, Karen was hanging limply in her bonds, partly held up by Bobby who didn't look too steady Gothic Lolita on his feet himself.Everyone jumped to the ropes and in a moment Karen was in Bobby's arms as he carried her to their tent.It took only a few more moments to lay her in the sleeping bags which Bobby had zipped together to make one large bag.The two naked teens were soon curled up against each other, basking in the after-glow of what had been the most spectacular climax either of them had ever experienced."My God Bobby," murmured Karen into his shoulder. That was incredible. I've never felt anything like it and I doubt I ever will again.""Oh I don't know," chuckled Bobby. "Tomorrow night we thought we'd tie Susan up."Karen could hardly wait. Camping Submission c 1997 Master Chris Story #78 in the Master Chris Collection The Master Chris Collection Page: 1 You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Compuserve: 74545,247
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