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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 18:20:53 UTC Subject: NEW: Master Chris #77 - Back in the Corner F/mBack in the Corner (c)1996 Master Chris Story #77 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well, here I am, back in the corner. It's a position I know well though I can't seem to ever get used to it. My nose is pushed as far into the living room corner as it can go. My bottom, bare of course, is slowly cooling off from the burning, embarrassing, childish spanking its Nn Preteen Pics just received. I'll be here for a few minutes with nothing but my hot bottom and my thoughts to occupy me.You would think I'd be used to it by now. After all, I've been spanked since I was a boy. I'm sure I was a handful and I no doubt deserved most of the punishments I received. Dad used to spank me but he left my mom and me when I was only 7.Punishments stopped for awhile but I turned into something of a terror and it wasn't long before Mom took up where Dad left off. At least once a week it seemed I was being pulled over Mom's lap for an "attitude adjustment".The routine was always the same. Mom would pull down my pants and underwear in one good, long yank then bend me over her lap. Once I was in the desired position Mom would make sure I knew why I was being punished then apply her firm hand until my bottom was red and hot and usually until I was in tears. Then I shuffled off to the living room corner, my pants still around my ankles to "think about it".The pattern was the same time after time until I turned 15. Then everything changed. forever.I guess as with any boy who's been spanked through puberty, my bare bottomed spankings got more and more embarrassing. I certainly worked harder to avoid them but still every 2 to 3 weeks I found myself baring, however briefly, my growing and suddenly hairy genitalia on the way to bending over my mom's lap. Worse, more often than not, I would be sporting a raging hardon in plain view of my own mother. No amount of pleading would have Mom stop baring my bottom. She felt that the embarrassment was at least as important to the punishment as the application of her hand.When I was around 15, the Hendersons next door moved away and Miss Balsam moved in. Miss Balsam was a very attractive woman close to my mom's age and lived alone. She and Mom soon became the best of friends. Miss Balsam was always over at our place or Mom was over there. They seemed inseperable. It's funny though, after awhile Mom's attitude toward Miss Balsam changed. She seemed overly polite and I don't think I ever heard her contradict Miss Balsam. It was always "Yes Katherine" or "Of course Katherine".Anyway, with all the comings and goings of Miss Balsam and my mom, the inevitable finally happened. I remember it was summertime and Miss Balsam and Mom were perched on stools in the kitchen sipping at some lemonade. I don't remember exactly what I said as I went through the kitchen but it was certainly not nice and as Mom reacted I know my reply contained a swear word or two. In retrospect it wasn't very smart.A heartbeat later Mom had a firm grasp of my ear and was tugging me towards a kitchen chair. My eyes sprung wide open in horror as I realized she meant to spank me right in front of Miss Balsam! My panic struck cry of "Mom!" went completely unheeded as Mom dragged my shorts and underwear to my knees in one pull. My traitorous cock was, of course, rock hard and I quickly moved my hands in a vain attempt to cover it.The spanking was the same as always except that for the first time my embarrassing punishment was in full view of a non-family member and, worse, an attractive female non- family member.When Mom finished tanning my behind and finally let me up, Miss Balsam got a full view of what I'd been trying to hide as I shuffled off to the corner rubbing my bottom. I think I remember every second of the fifteen minutes I spent there, my red naked bottom on display to both women.Mom and Miss Balsam picked up their conversation as though nothing had happened although the conversation now turned to corporal discipline."I'm happy to see you take him in hand Mary," said Miss Balsam. "Goodness knows, boys of all ages need firm guidance.""I guess so," said my Mom."Of course so!" said Miss Balsam. "Why, if you ever feel you can't keep up, I'd be pleased to lend a hand.""Do you hear that Michael?" asked my mom. "If you give me any more trouble I'll have Miss Balsa adjust your attitude for you."The threat must have proved salutory because for almost three weeks I kept my nose out trouble and out of the corner.My mom it seemed, was spending more and more time next door. She was so deferential to Miss Balsam that sometimes she seemed like a kid herself.I did pretty well for about three weeks before my mouth finally ran out of control again. This time it was over homework and I told Mom what I though she should do with her suggestions of finishing it early. It was one of those moments when I wished I could have reached out and grabbed the words to cram them back into my mouth but it was too late.Mom got real quiet and her eyes narrowed."Alright Michael, you want to continue to test me? Well you're going to learn that your actions carry consequences. Come with me."With a firm grip on my wrist, Mom led me right out the front door and toward Miss Balsam's despite my increasingly frantic protests.When I went to pull back, Mom stared me down with a steely gaze. "Michael, if I don't get your immediate obedience, I swear to God I'll spank you right here on the front porch!"I believed her. Sniffling, I followed her over to the house next door. I figured I was in for a repeat of my last punishment. I wasn't exactly right.Mom walked straight in without knocking. I mean, she practically lived there anyway.Calling for Miss Balsam, she pulled me to the corner of the living room. With a sharp tug my shorts and underwear were down around my ankles and a short push at my back was enough to propel me to the corner of another woman's home.Though I silently begged it not to happen, my cock reacted to these circumstances by rising up to achingly hard attention.Miss Balsam was now in Nn Preteen Pics the room too and she and my mom retreated to the kitchen where they began speaking in tones just below my ability to hear. In a few short minutes they were heading back into the room to announce my fate.My mom came up right behind me. "Well Michael," she said softly. "You're going to get your wish. Biss Balsam will take care of today's attitude adjustment.""Mom!" I implored."Mom nothing!" she snapped. "You do exactly as you're told or so help me your next spanking will be on the porch!""Off you go Mary," said Miss Balsam. "I'll send him back when we're done.""Yes, Katherine," said my mom and without further ado left me alone for my first spanking with Miss Balsam.The room was quiet for a minute or two. I could just feel Miss Balsam's eyes on my bare bottom."Alright young man," she started. "Punishments in my house are done my way. The first thing that we don't do here is to give spankings to half-dressed boys so get those clothes off right now.""Everything?" I squeaked. This was worse than I had imagined."Everything and be quick about it!"I wasn't wearing much and it didn't take long before I was buck-naked and back in the corner. Although it wasn't visible from behind, my cock was still rock hard and my hands were covering it in front. Miss Balsam, of course, noticed."Clasp those hands on your head," she instructed.I had never felt so vulnerable.I heard Miss Balsam leave the room and meander through different parts of the house. The waiting only served to build the anticipation of what was to come.It was perhaps five minutes, perhaps ten when I heard her comae back to where I was waiting."Alright young man, follow me."I figured I'd be going to quickly get across Miss Balsam's lap but she was already on the move through the kitchen and down the few stairs to the den where she stopped and sat down in an easy chair.My hands had naturally come back to covering my hardon and Miss Balsam noticed as soon ash she turned around."Get those hands back on your head!" she barked.I jumped as my hands seemed to fly back up of their own accord.Miss Balsam looked me up and down, pausing at the sight of my bobbing cock."Step closer," she said firmly and I shuffled forward until I was only inches from her.Miss Balsam reached out with her right hand which held, I now saw, a hairbrush. Using the edge of the brush she pushed at the underside of my cock then stroked the edge along the length of it from bottom toward the top. I gasped at the sensation."So, I see you being punished arouses you," she said. "Well, perhaps we'll deal with that later. Alright, over my lap then."Miss Balsam was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and as I bent over, my hard cock came directly into contact with her warm thighs."Lift up Michael," she said.I lifted my hips as instructed and felt Miss Balsam's hand snake down to firmly grasp my hard on. In one smooth motion, Miss Balsam's thighs spread open. Her hand tugged downward, firmly pulling my hard organ down with it. The thighs clamped together holding me in place by the end of my now squeezed cock.I felt one of Miss Balsam's hands on the small of my back, the other resting on my clenched buttocks."Like your mother, I think we'll start with a hand spanking," she said.The first smack came immediately and in a few moments my bottom was hot and red as usual. The spanking didn't last long and seemed somewhat less strict than what I was used to. Of course I didn't realize that this was just the beginning.The spanks stopped and I waited to be let up."You're not quite dont yet, young man," I was told.What else? I wondered.I heard the sound of a jar opening then I smelled it as Miss Balsam put the jar right under my nose."Do you know what this is?" she asked.The smell was tell-tale. "Vics-vap-o-rub," I replied."Indeed it is," Miss Balsam chuckled. "Is your bottom warm?" she asked, patting my behind."Yes," I said."Well it's about to be much warmer both inside and out. These pink buttocks are still clenched. I find that a sign of rebellion and I won't have you being rebellious with me. Now, point your toes and lay the tops of your feet on the carpet."I followed my instructions.Suddenly I felt both of Miss Balsam's hands at my tender buttocks. To my horror she spread them wide, wide apart fully stretching and exposing my crinkled anus. I found I couldn't clench my buttocks at all to prevent the humiliating exposure. To my surprise, the new position of my feet effectively removed any ability I had to keep my bottom clenched.Holding me spread with one hand, I then felt the tip of Miss Balsam's finger at my most sensitive opening. She tickled me outside momentarily then slide her long slippery finger deep into my body in one firm motion. She pulled it out then pushed it all the way back in a slow twisting motion. The sensation drove my hips down involuntarily pushing my cock deeper between her thighs.The finger withdrew leaving me feeling squishy behind. My body was already a riot of conflicting sensations but Miss Balsam wasn't done with me yet.For a moment or two she just held me still then I felt the prickly feeling of the bristle side of the hairbrush stroking my already sensitive bottom."Yes Michael, it's my brush and in a moment you're going to make its acquaintance."It was a another moment or two before I realized what we were waiting for and I moaned as I did.What had started as a squishy then tickling sensation deep in my rectum and in the ring of my anus was now becoming uncomfortably warm. The Vics which would have normally warmed my chest to treat a cold was having a much more pronounced effect as a lubricant.At the first sign of my involuntary squirming, Miss Balsam stopped stroking me with the bristle side of the brush and turned it over to finish warming me on the outside. The hairbrush spanking was fast and furious Nn Preteen Pics and almost instantly had me in tears. I was quivering when a couple of minutes later it stopped.Miss Balsam held me, stroking my back and buttocks with her hand until my crying settled down to sniffles."Your spanking is over Michael but when you're punished by me, some embarrassment will go with the lesson to make sure you remember it."At that I felt my hot buttocks spread again and a new touch at the hot circle of my anus. I realized right away what it was as it pushed past my sphincter muscle. The rounded handle of the hairbrush slid deep Nn Preteen Pics into me until I could feel the bristles against my bottom."Back in the corner young man, and get those hands back onto your head."With the brush stuck ridiculously from my behind and my cock still stuck straight out in front, I shuffled forward to the designated corner to wait another ten minutes with my bottom on fire outside and smouldering inside.I had pretty much calmed down when I was told to turn around and approach Miss Balsam again at her easy chair.This time she was holding a ruler in her hand and for a moment I thought I was to be spanked again.Miss Balsam reached out with the ruler and tap lightly at my stiff cock. Nn Preteen Pics It bobbed crazily at the sensation. My hands were still locked on top of my head and I stared stupidly as the edge ruler now moved to scrape along the bottom of my cock from top to bottom."Hmm, still aroused are you?" she chuckled. Very well, you may relieve yourself."My eyes were wide. Surely I couldn't have understood her properly."Go on, pull on it," I was told firmly.I still couldn't believe it. Miss Balsam's eyes raised to mine. "Now," She said.In a daze I lowered my hand to my cock and gave it a tentative squeeze. It didn't take long. I was so worked up that a few short strokes later my body clenched up to start an orgasm. The hairbrush handle still buried deep in me held firm against my spasming anus as I cried out and watched my cock spurt over and over onto the hardwood floor.Miss Balsam smiled at me. "You can clean that up in a moment. Alright, back over my lap."Again, I put myself over her warm thighs wondering if I'd again be in for more punishment. Almost immediately I felt Miss Balsam's touch on the end of the brush still lodged deep in my bottom. It was twisted then teased in and out for a few moments before being completely removed. I felt twinges from my just-spent cock at the sensation. My bottom was still burning hot inside and I was grateful for the next touch of Miss Balsam's fingers covered in cold cream as she once again deeply lubricated me. This time the cold cream had a soothing sensation. My cock rose harder at the sensation.It was over quicker than I'd thought and with my cock once again hard, Miss Balsam had me stand again. Without asking my hands went back to the top of my head causing a small smile from my tormentor."Back in the corner for another few minutes Michael," she said.Dutifully I shuffled back into the corner, my engorged member at attention as I Nn Preteen Pics heard Miss Balsam leave the room.My bottom was down to a dull deep warmth when she re-entered the room and had me dress and leave.It was my first spanking by Miss Balsam but by no means my last. From then on my mom would bring me over to Miss Balsam's on a regular basis. Sometimes she'd stay and watch me be punished and teased, sometimes I'd be left on my own. On a couple of occasions I'd find other women at Miss Balsam's. To my intense embarrassment they would be permitted to view my punishment in its entirety.The routine varied from time to time but it always included me stripping completely and always included my bottom ending up hot both inside and out. You think I'd get used to the feel of that brush sticking out of my bottom but I never did. It was always an erotic, scary experience. I did get used to going into Miss Balsam's and immediately stripping completely and going to the living room corner to stand with my hands on my head. It was what was expected of me. I still remember the first time Miss Balsam's hand touched my always erect cock and assisted me to my completion.There are a few moments that stand out firmly in my mind of punishments that would come. The first is when I arrived to the living room to find a young woman about my age in one of the corners. I was stunned. She was completely naked and facing one of the corners. She was very attractive at least from behind. Her bottom was red from what was obviously a recent spanking and, just like me, she had the famous hairbrush sticking out from her perfectly rounded bottom. So that's what it looks like I though to myself.For a moment I froze, not knowing what to do. Then, I figured that obeying my instructions was probably the best course. I quietly stripped and put myself into the corner. Miss Balsam's entered a few moments later."Come here Sara," she said.I listened as the young lady shuffled over. I heard Sara bending over Miss Balsam's lap and heard her gasp then moan as she was teased and manipulated much as I was. The cry of her orgasm must have been embarrassing for her.As I was called over to that same lap a few moments later, Sara was back in the corner. She stayed there through my entire punishment, making it one of the more embarrassing one of my life.I saw Sara several times over the next year in that same position. I would find out much more about her than I had ever counted on.The other moment that stands out firmly in my mind was a glimpse only but validated what I had expected for a long time. Miss Balsam had been over at our house while I was at school. When I came home, she was just leaving and smiled at me as I entered.I went right up to my room to change into something more comfortable Nn Preteen Pics and as I did so, I was stunned to catch sight of my mother in her bedroom. She was standing, naked in the corner of her room, nose in the corner and, like she had often seen me, with a hot and red bottom. Her own hairbrush was clearly visible sticking from between her buttocks.I stared, fascinated for a moment, but there was really nothing that I could do. I went to my room and changed. When I came out, her door was closed. We never spoke of the incident.About a year after I first met Sara, I finally met her in a social setting. Miss Balsam invited Mom and me over for supper. Sara was there and for the longest while I couldn't look her in the eye. She turned out to be Miss Balsam's niece. It turned out that my mom and Miss Balsam were working on being matchmakers. They figured Sara and I would be a good match. I didn't realize how right they were until Sara and my first date.We ended up back at her place and before I knew exactly what I was getting into, I found myself naked and standing in the corner of her room! She had learned well from her aunt and then some. We've been together ever since.Sara has her own style and expects me to perform for her once I've had my attitude adjusted. She's taken great delight in trying all kinds of methods of doing so. From time to time she even demonstrates for my mom and her aunt. I find those moments the most embarrassing.One thing that almost never changes and that it how I'm expected to wait for her ministrations once my warm up spanking is complete. It's how I'm waiting right now, in the corner with the long handle of her hairbrush buried deep in my bottom. She says I'm in for a special treat tonight. I can hardly wait.- - -You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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