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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.07 The Master Chris Collection THE COUNTRY HOUSE ___________________________ It is a warm sunny Saturday morning and you have just answered the phone. "Hello", I say "are you ready for an adventure?" You smile at the thought of yet another outrageous adventure and you say, "Yes!" "Good", I whisper, "Do you remember the young blonde you initiated? Well, if you come to my country house, you'll have her at your command. I'll pick you up in ten minutes." You feel your nipples harden at the thought of being the mistress of this pretty blonde slave. Ten minutes later you are ready. You are wearing a tight white blouse, a miniskirt and running shoes. As usual, you are not wearing either a bra or panties. Your freshly shaved pussy is already starting to get wet. As a final touch, you have inserted you butt plug into your bottom. As you sit in the car, you feel the lubricated plug push deeper into your rectum. Without asking, you immediately pull your short skirt up to the level of your waist. "I'm wearing my butt plug.", you say. I smile at the at the thought. It is a quick drive to the cottage which is situated next to a lake in the middle of a beautiful wooded area. As we pull into the driveway, I hand you the keys. "She is waiting for you.", I say, "I will be back later." I then push two fingers deep into your wet pussy and after I take them out, I lick them sensuously. You moan as your pussy is stretched by the fingers. You get out of the car and enter the cottage. In the living room you see her. She is wearing a thin cotton skirt that goes to her knees and a light blue cotton shirt that is unbuttoned almost to her waist. Her hands are tied together and then to a rope which is looped over a beam in the ceiling. She is stretched so that she must stay on tip-toe to remain standing. Her feet are bare and you see her sneakers tossed in the corner. She is also blindfolded. You don't move for a moment knowing that she has heard you come in and imagining her anticipation. You look at her carefully. You are sure that her breasts and pussy are not covered by any underclothing and you decide not to remove her blindfold just yet. You move right up in front of her so you can feel her breath on your face. You reach up and touch her full lips with your fingertips. She gasps at this first touch. "Please", she whispers. You smile. It is unclear whether she means please stop or please go on and you know that either way is irrelevant. You reach down and pull apart the sides of her blouse. Her breasts come into view. They are large but firm and they are topped with magnificent nipples. Your own nipples are large especially when they are hard like they are now but hers are larger. The are long and thick and they stick out to over a half-inch. They are surrounded by dark areola. She is breathing a little heavier now anticipating her breasts being touched. Instead, your hands move lower and unfasten her skirt letting it fall in a heap around her ankles. You pull up a chair in front of her. "We are going to have plenty of opportunity to find out about you.", you tell her, "First, we're going to find out what turns you on." The girl shifts uneasily on her feet. She is still blindfolded. "Let's talk about your breasts.", you say, "Are they sensitive?" Her voice quivers a little as she responds, "Yes." "Tell me what you like to have done to them." "I like it when they're squeezed very hard.", she says, "And I like it when the nipples are pulled." "Very good", you say, "And how should the nipples be pulled?" "Very hard.", she admits, "I like it when they're pulled until it starts to hurt. I also like those nipple clamp things that pinch them." "Anything else?", You ask. She hesitates for a moment and then says, "Well, my boyfriend slapped my breasts lightly with a little leather strap once and I came right away." You smile at Nn Preteenage Models the thought. You stand up and grasp one of her long nipples in each hand holding them tightly between forefinger and thumb. You begin pulling them rhythmically steadily increasing the pressure on each stroke. The young girl begins to moan as you pinch her nipples hard and pull them and her breasts up. You hold them there for one long moment and then let go. The nipples are as hard as little pebbles and the blonde gasps as they are released. You reach down and pull gently at her pubic hair. "You will lose this shortly.", you say. "Please don't!", she pleads. "Why not?", you ask. "I'd feel like a little girl.", she whispers back. You remember what it was like when your pubic hair was first removed and how mortified you felt. "Then you'll just have to feel like a little girl.", you tell her. You unfasten her hands from the beam and you lead her over to a table. After removing her blouse so that she is completely naked, you have her lie back on the table and you tie her so her hands are stretched above her head and her knees are far apart. You see the light blonde hair perfectly framing her pussy and you can see her crinkled anus fully exposed. You make a quick trip to the bathroom for supplies and you take the opportunity to remove your own butt plug which had become a little uncomfortable. You are sure that you can put it to better use. During the next few minutes you shave the blonde's pubis completely. You take your time and you do a thorough job, reaching down all the way to catch the small hairs between her pussy and ass. The young girl whimpers throughout the entire process. When it is done, you take some baby oil and begin rubbing it into her pussy. You oil every nook and cranny, paying particular attention to her clitoris. Soon she is squirming in her bonds. You oil the inside lips of her pussy pulling and stretching them wide apart to expose the pink interior. She is, of course, helpless to stop you. You lay a hand flat on her mound and you feel the heat rising from it. Nn Preteenage Models Then, oh so slowly, you slide one hot, oiled finger into her pussy and into her ass at the same time until both are embedded to their fullest. The girl lets out an uncontrollable moan. She is close to coming but you don't let her yet. You reach up and undo her blindfold. "I want you to see this.", you say. You position a large mirror so that she can see her now naked pussy. "You should get a good look.", you tell her as you reach down. You grasp the edges of her pink pussy lips with the tips of your fingers and you pull them apart until they are stretched wide enough to be uncomfortable. She blushes as she looks at her own pussy now more exposed that it has ever been before. You let go of her pussy and stand up. Her eyes follow your every movement. You take your plastic butt plug in one hand and begin coating it with lubricant. Her eyes open wide apart. "Do you know what I'm going to do with this?", you ask her. She nods her head. "Say it.", you say. Her voice sounds just like a little girl as she says, "You're going to push into my bottom until it hurts." "No", you say, "It wont hurt at all." Very slowly, you begin to insert the plug into her bottom. You watch her anus expand to accommodate it. The blonde's hips are now moving reflexively up and down as her ass is slowly filled up. Soon it is lodged in her to its fullest. You reach up with one hand and pinch one of her nipples quite hard. With the other hand you slowly move the hard intruder in and out of her tight behind. It only takes a minute before she begins to come. Her short quick gasps become cries of pleasure as her whole body tightens in the orgasm. You keep stimulating her for a while longer as she peaks again and again. Watching her come has excited you so much that you can't resist touching yourself. It takes the briefest of strokes on your already soaking pussy before you give a little cry and come too. A few minutes later you pull the girl to her feet. You remove her butt plug before you tie her hands behind her back and you attach a dog collar to her neck. You take a long leash and with one end fastened to the collar and the other end firmly in hand, lead the blonde outside. She is still hot from her recent orgasm and she protest weakly as you pull her out the door and onto a path into the woods. You walk slowly, allowing her to pick her way carefully in her bare feet. You stop for a moment and look back at her. She is blushing furiously and looking around to see if there is anyone there. You walk on for a few more minutes before you stop. You take her blindfold out of your bag and cover her eyes with it. Next you take your rope and use it to tie her. You have her lay on her back on a wide patch of moss. You take her hands and tie them to a tree so they're stretched out above her head. Her ankles and knees are tied to two convenient trees on either side so that they are held wide apart about a foot above the ground. You step back to observe your handiwork. She is beautiful. The sun hits this patch of the forest just so. Her pussy and ass are completely exposed to you. You look between her legs and you see the sunlight glisten off the mixture of oil and her own juices on her shaved pussy. Further down, the sun catches the sight of the lubricant still evident around her crinkled rosebud. She is breathing heavily. If anything, this has Nn Preteenage Models excited her beyond where she was before. Being completely vulnerable here, in the open, has turned her on. "What are you going to do to me?", she asks in a hesitant, little girl voice. You say nothing. "Please don't leave me here. Please. Anyone might come by. What if they saw me?" You smile at the thought but still you say nothing. After a moment, you move to the other side of the clearing. You reach down and pick a spray of nettles. You move back over beside the helpless girl. Without speaking you reach down and gently rub the frond of nettles across her engorged nipples. She is startled at the touch. The scratchy nettles begin to irritate the nipples almost immediately. You know from experience how itchy they can be. You stand up and move down between her legs. Bending down, you rub the irritating buds along the lips of her slit. She moans as her hips begin squirming about. For the final touch, you rub one frond gently across her exposed anus. You press the prickly nettle gently, making sure that it will have its effect. When you stand up, you see that the stimulation of the nettles has already begun. She is moaning softly, pulling at the ropes which bind her in an attempt to touch herself. Her pussy has begun lubricating again, its juices trickling down between her buttocks. A few minutes more, you think, and she will be willing to do anything. As you start to walk away, the blonde cries out, "Where are you going?" You don't reply. You take a leisurely stroll along the path wondering what might happen if someone actually discovered her there. About ten minutes later, you walk back into the clearing. She is moaning steadily now. Her shaved pussy is soaking wet. She hears your footsteps and blushes again. "Hello....hello?", she asks tentatively. You pick up a thin flexible branch and sit down next to her. With the branch firmly in hand, you gently slap both her breasts with it. She lets out a little cry at the sensation. You don't slap her hard enough to hurt her, just hard enough that the stimulation of her over stimulated body in enhanced. You slap her again, making sure that the tip of the branch touches the nipple of one breast. You alternately slap one nipple then the other until they are as hard and excited as they can be. Then, you stand up and begin lightly slapping the sides of her pussy with the branch. She is dripping wet now. The sensation of the branch touching the sides of her pussy is almost more than she can bear. She is very close to coming. You lay a few strokes on the sensitive inner lips of her pussy and a couple directly onto her hard clitoris. She is moaning and pulling on the ropes of her bonds trying to get free so she can satisfy herself. You can't take any more yourself. You drop the Nn Preteenage Models branch and your clothes on the ground. You place yourself between her legs so that your left leg crosses under her right and your right leg crosses over her left. You scoot down so that both of your shaven, wet slits touch. The sensation is electric! Immediately you both begin grinding your pussies together. The hot wet feeling of another woman's slit touching yours is incredible. It takes only a minute and you both cry out as your juices mix in an orgasm that takes you both over the brink. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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