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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 18: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== As Sam came out of her reverie she realized Arnold was staring at the soap dispenser that was mounted on the wall next to the shower he was standing under. She knew the purpose of the unit and also knew what he was contemplating. There was little doubt as to the agony Arnold was in, not to mention the frustration he was experiencing. Something would have to be done soon, otherwise her hopes of having him cum inside her would be dashed against the ceiling of the shower room. She moved to him and embraced him from behind, her arms encircling his abdomen. She pressed her firm, jutting breasts into his back and he flexed and shifted the muscles there, sending thrills through her nipples. Her hands moved up and enclosed his pecs which he also flexed. The smooth mountains of muscle shifted and grew under her hands, causing her to become even more moist between her legs. Slowly she encircled his nipples with her fingernails and finally pinched them both very hard. "Unnnnnhhhhhhh," he moaned. He ground his ass against her. "Oh, do that again. Harder." She obliged him and pinched harder, pulling them out away from his body. His breathing increased in speed and the moan grew louder. She stopped and turned him around before her. His cock was a dark red, verging on purple. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. She knew he had been close to an orgasm. "Oh, no you don't. I'm not letting you off so easily. You're going to cum inside me next time and I'm going to enjoy it proper. You don't think I went through this whole work-out just for the pleasure of watching you splatter your cum against the wall, did you?" "Oh, Sam. I gotta cum right now. My balls are killing me. They really hurt. You gotta help me." "Can't you wait until Mr. Ridell gets back?" The desperation in his voice told her he thought not. The desperation in her voice told him he had better. There had to be a way. "Isn't there a way to do it standing up?" "Yeah. But are you sure you want your first time to be like that?" "I don't know. What's the difference?" "Well, not much, really. It's just that we won't be facing each other. That's all." "What do you mean?" "I have to turn around and bend over. Then you enter me from behind. Like this." She turned away from him and bent at the waist, bracing her arms against the wall of the shower. Her gorgeous, muscular ass aimed itself right at his cock. He could feel something like a magnet pulling him to her. His cock knew exactly what was supposed to happen. "Sam?" "Go ahead, Arnold. Just hold on to me so I don't fall, okay?" Arnold moved up behind her and grabbed the end of his cock. He squatted and tried to see exactly where he was supposed to put it. Things looked incredibly different from this angle. He recognized her asshole now and saw how there was little chance of him having mistaken it for his ultimate goal. He also saw, just below it, the opening to her vagina, the lips swollen and dripping with the creamy white juice of her excitement. He stood back up and tentatively touched her there. "Is this it, Sam?" Sam moaned and her ass wriggled in pleasure. "Yes, Arnold. Just go slow and easy. You won't be able to go all the way inside me, but I'll show you what to do about that. Go ahead." Very slowly, Arnold moved forward and placed the head of his cock against the opening. He wasn't sure how far 'not all the way' was so he decided to err on the side of caution. The moment his dick came in contact with Sam and the warmth of her cunt was felt on the head of his cock the whole world took on a different look. His life up until that moment became inconsequential. All the shit he had put up with at home, all the fights, all the crying, all the abuse (physical and mental), all the battles for control, all the heartaches and headaches and feelings of uselessness and futility and hatred and distrust melted away and were replaced with a sense of center. The center of himself. The center of life. The center of the universe. A beginning. A rebirth. A coming of age. A cumming. His balls began to churn and that familiar heaving sensation he always got just before shooting his wad began to work on his loins. He quickly grabbed Sam's ass and pulled it to him, his huge cock sinking in to half its length. Sam let out a high pitched scream which Arnold interpreted as pain. This distracted him enough that he didn't cum immediately. "Oh, God. Sam? Are you all right?" "Fuck me, stud. Fuck me!" As he pulled himself out, she squeezed the muscles of her vagina and clamped down around his huge, throbbing shaft. Again he entered her, this time with a sense of caution, her tight cunt causing the most incredible sensations to build up in his cock. They traveled down the length of it and then consumed him; spreading out from his groin until they took over his entire body. He lost control of his actions and gave into the need to pump his giant cock into her cunt. With each push of his member she cried out in pleasure/pain. Wetness was pouring out of her and her muscles strained and tensed. Arnold's body began to tense as well until each fiber of muscle stood out in detail. "Oh, yeah! Oh, oh, oh, you're so big. So big! Fuck me, stud. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Oooh. That's it. That's it! Don't stop. Don't. . . Stop. . . Don't. . . Stop..." An incredible feeling of warmth immediately consumed her cunt. His huge cock pressed against the walls of her vagina each time she bore down on it. She concentrated on not passing out; her knees were quickly turning to mush. Arnold quickly approached orgasm. "I'm cumming, Sam. I gotta cum. Oh. . .Oh. . .Oh. You're so tight. I'm. . .I'm. . .Iiiiiieeeeeeee!" He began pumping with increased speed, his gigantic cock ramming into her with incredible force. His cum shot up his shaft and blasted out of the slit. Each volley brought a huge, growling scream from him, as though he were physically willing each one to shoot out. He had no idea how long this went on. His mind was blank. There were no thoughts in his head that he was aware of. The only thing that existed was his cock, Sam's cunt, and the incredible feeling of warmth. Every sense was supercharged. They all fed him huge amounts of data which he had no way of comprehending. The smells, the touches, the sights, even the taste of the air all combined to overwhelm him. Sam stopped trying to do anything but stay up. She had never been so filled, so consumed with the feelings of a cock in her. Arnold's cum fired with such force. Way back in the corner of her mind she was able to appreciate the fact that, though he was beyond control in most ways, he had not failed to care for the depth to which he penetrated her. Had things gotten out of control, and there was no reason to suspect they shouldn't have, his cock would have been pulverizing her cervix at this moment. He had sensed how far he could go without hurting her and had held to that. After a while the intensity of his orgasm slacked. The huge wads of cum stopped shooting out of his cock. But the size of the cock did not diminish. He was as hard as before he had entered her. He kept pumping her cunt with his massive member as though nothing had happened. In fact, it appeared he was on his way to a second orgasm. His increased moaning and the force with which he entered her indicated that he had not been satisfied by the last earth-shattering orgasm. He needed to cum again. Sam didn't know whether to stop him now or just let things take their natural course. She was fascinated by the fact that he could achieve sequential orgasms. This was definitely a first for her. The incredible sensation of his cock, deep inside, continued to melt her. She felt herself quickly approaching what felt like an orgasm although the only stimulation her clitoris had received was from his huge balls swinging forward and barely brushing it. She thought if she could get some pressure on it she would cum with him. "Arnold, hold it a minute. I want to try something." Arnold didn't hear her so she stood up and pulled herself away from him. It wasn't until she was completely off his cock that he realized he was pumping the air. He opened his eyes and looked at her curiously. "I'm sorry to interrupt this marvelous activity, but I'm very close to cumming, too. I want to try another position. How are those beautiful biceps of yours feeling?" He Lolita Model flexed them and they swelled up. She moved to him and grabbed the end of his Lolita Model cock, lifting it to his abdomen. She then pressed her body against him, his cock now between her breasts. His hips were still making small thrusting motions and his cock rode up and down between the two glorious mounds of her breasts. He pressed his hands to the outside of them and they squeezed his cock. Sam swooned at the feeling of the hot shaft against her and pressed herself to him even harder. His pumping actions increased and Sam knew he was close to cumming again. "Grab my ass and lift me up over the top of your cock." He did so and lifted her, his huge biceps bulging with the effort. Sam grabbed the head of his cock and, as soon as her ass cleared the top of it, directed it between her legs to the entrance to her cunt. Arnold then slowly lowered her onto it and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Arnold's face was between her breasts and he turned his head from side to side and sucked on her erect nipples, causing her to moan loudly. He lowered her onto his cock and that incredible feeling of rightness consumed them both again. "Okay, stud. Pump me! I want to see those biceps of yours pump up real big. Let me see those veins. Fuck me." She took one hand and ran it down between her legs to feel the huge shaft entering her. Her index finger found her clitoris and began massaging it, loud moans emanating from her throat. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the sense of consuming passion that flooded through her entire being. Arnold turned around and placed his back to the wall to keep his balance. This was what he liked best of all: working out and cumming. The combination of the incredible feeling in his cock as Sam's cunt slid up and down the thick, hard shaft along with the feeling of the pump in his biceps was the ultimate sensual experience. With each lift of Sam's body his bicep heated up more and more, generating that feeling of "the pump". It could only be described as a muscle cumming. As the fatigue set in the warmth spread throughout the entire muscle and the blood rushed in to remove the resulting waste products. His huge pecs were bulging, too, with the effort of supporting her ass. They also began to hum and throb. Sam's breasts were constantly rubbing up and down across them, causing both lovers' nipples to be stimulated into hard, sensitive, miniature erections. Their moans increased and they pressed themselves together to increase the sensation. Meanwhile, his huge cock was beginning to ache. The only cure he could find for it was to push harder into Sam's hot, moist, cock-squeezing cunt. Each time he lowered her onto him it relieved him and created a need to do it again. Sam's finger worked her clitoris and in just a moment had stimulated her to the edge of orgasm. It took all her effort not to send herself over the edge. She wanted to cum with Arnold, but didn't know how close he was. She tried to sense his progress but he was unreadable. It was as though he were in the middle of a set. She took her hand off her clit and placed it on his bicep, feeling the power of the muscle as it pumped her body up and down. She squeezed its bulk. "Oh, yeah. Do that again. Squeeze my bicep. Squeeze it hard. I want to feel your hands on my biceps. Both of them. You see how big I'm getting? Look how big you're making my biceps, Sam. Oh, yeah! Squeeze my pecs. That feels good. Touch me." Sam's hands roamed over his torso, kneading and feeling his huge muscles as the flexed and swelled. As she did, she could sense his strength renew and a different energy flow through his body. His cock began to expand and his hips forced themselves upward towards her ass each time he lowered her onto Lolita Model it. She wrapped her legs around his hips tighter, placed her hands on his shoulder and began to help him lift herself up. His moans increased and his breathing became more labored. She sensed fatigue setting in and tried to help him to the completion of his efforts. "Oh, God. Oh, I'm cumming again, Sam. I'm..." Sam's hand dove down between her legs again and renewed its efforts on her clit. Within seconds her clit exploded in orgasm and her body contracted and shook with each wave. Arnold arched his back and his eyes clamped shut. His biceps were at the point of failure but he couldn't stop. His need to achieve orgasm far surpassed his muscles' limit of endurance. He pushed himself into the realms of pain and the increased sensation drove him over the edge. With loud grunts he began to shoot another load of cum into Sam's cunt. It immediately ran back down his shaft and balls. As soon as the last violent load had rocketed out of his cock his arms collapsed and fell to his side. Sam held on and kept herself from sliding further onto his shaft. She pumped herself up and down him until he began to soften within her. She tried to hold him in her as long as she could, but eventually he slipped out of her, the huge rope of flesh swinging back and forth between his legs. Slowly Sam lowered her feet to the floor, her breasts pressed tightly against Arnold's still heaving chest. She ran her hands over his shoulders and down to his completely wasted biceps. They were deep red, blood-filled and huge. As she massaged them he moaned with pleasure. Slowly his eyes opened and he looked at her. It took a moment to focus but when he did he drank in her beauty. Her Lolita Model golden hair was like a halo that fell on her shoulders. Her deep blue eyes studied his face, looking for signs of what he was feeling. Very slowly he raised his arms up, a supreme effort after what they had just been through, placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her to him. Their lips met in a kiss that started gentle and small but grew in passion until they were grasping at each other's body, running their hands up and down, feeling the huge muscles that lay just beneath each other's skin. Passion flared up and soon their hips were pumping against each other again, Arnold's cock thickening and rising, pressing against Sam's still wanting clit. Arnold looked over Sam's shoulder and saw Mr. Ridell standing at the entrance to the shower room. He was without his basketball and the front of his trousers displayed the outline of his erect cock. Arnold wasn't sure when he had returned, but it had obviously been in time to enjoy their union. Sam turned to see what had attracted Arnold's attention and her eyes opened wide upon seeing her former mentor. The huge grin on his face spoke volumes. Together the two of them went over to him and embraced him between them, pressing their naked bodies to him. He had never touched either of them in a sexual way in all the years he had known them, but now he ran his hands over their backs and up to their shoulders, down their arms and back to their asses, giving each area a healthy squeeze as he did. Sam backed away a step and took Mr. Ridell's hands in hers. She placed them on her breasts. Mr. Ridell moved his hands over the surface of her firm mounds and tested the texture and resiliency of them. His attitude was a cross between the teacher evaluating a students progress and a small child discovering a new world. The nipples responded immediately to his touch and she purred as he rubbed and encircled them with his hands. She stepped away from him and began a long, slow posing routine she had been working on. Each muscle group jumped out in full detail as she turned and twisted her body into amazing contortions designed to show her attributes to their best advantage. She had never done this routine for anyone naked before and the thought of displaying her beautifully developed body for these two men now really turned her on. Each chance she got she would run her hands over her breasts or down to her clit, flicking and teasing it in passing. Arnold moved to Mr. Ridell and put his huge arm around the man's shoulder, hugging him to him. They both watched in total fascination as the woman performed her routine for them, her body seductively flexing and posing for them. Both of their cocks grew larger and Arnold's began to bob and weave in front of him. Mr. Ridell looked down at it and saw the massive tool growing before his eyes. Arnold saw where the man's attentions were directed. He had always wondered why, in all the years of his working out with him, all the hundreds of showers and all the many orgasms in this very room, Mr. Ridell had never touched the huge cock that they constantly talked about. Arnold took Mr. Ridell's hand and placed it on the shaft of his growing cock. The man squeezed it hard and returned his attentions to the incredible display of muscular development before them. Sam saw what was happening and began to get hotter. Mr. Ridell's hand was pumping up and down Arnold's phenomenal cock which was unbelievably hard again. Lolita Model Her hand strayed down to her crotch and began to rub her clit in earnest. She continued to pose and flex but the routine took on a more seductive tone, the poses becoming more and more explicit. Mr. Ridell's hand began to work Arnold's cock harder and faster as Arnold stood there in wonder of the sight before him. Sam was making him so hot he felt he could cum again. But he didn't want to without her. He let Mr. Ridell enjoy his cock for a few more moments and then pulled away from him. He began his own posing routine that he and Mr. Ridell had worked on, but he also incorporated overtly sexual moves meant to stimulate the other two observers. His huge cock was thick and red, angling down between his legs. His scrotum was pulled up tight and his balls were swollen. He turned away from them and squatted to the floor, extending one leg out to the side. This allowed a clear view between his legs and Sam and Mr. Ridell saw that his cock was reaching to the floor. He slowly pumped his hips and his cock brushed back and forth across the tiles. He flexed his arms and back and his huge biceps popped up. The feeling of the recently exhausted muscles as they pumped up and filled with blood was a turn-on for him and his cock instantly stiffened, rising from their view. He turned back around and continued to display his physique for them, but now his huge cock was sticking straight out from his abdomen. He grabbed it with both hands, working them up and down along the thick, hot shaft. Both Sam and Mr. Ridell's hands moved unconsciously to their own crotches and began to stimulate themselves. Arnold became hotter, seeing his two friends react to his display and it drove him on to more outrageous behavior until his back was arched and his hands were rapidly but lightly flying up and down his own cock. Every muscle was bulging to its maximum size as he thrust his hips forward to give them the best effect. His huge balls swung back and forth with each thrust of his hips and the head of his cock grew and turned a dark purple. Just before he would have cum he stopped and quickly changed to a full front pose which he knew was his most devastating, from practicing for hours in front of the mirror. Sam's hand dove deep into her crotch and released yet another orgasm that was totally beyond her control. Mr. Ridell's hand had been rapidly moving across his cock within his pants and his hips promptly began to buck. Arnold held the pose and dared his two friends not to cum. The sight of this young man with his bulging muscles and unbelievably huge cock was too much. Neither of them were up to the challenge and they both achieved orgasms within seconds of each other. When they had completed themselves they looked at each other. Something amazing was in the air. It was charged with an energy they had never experienced before. And there was this beautiful body with its beautiful cock throbbing before them. Sam and Mr. Ridell got the same idea at the same time. They both went to the soap dispenser, got generous amounts of the slippery liquid on their hands and then moved to Arnold who was still holding his pose, his muscles shaking with the effort. Each of them grabbed his cock with both hands and spread the soap along the blood-engorged shaft, down to his balls and up around the huge, enflamed head. They then started to pump and squeeze him. Arnold had never had his cock so completely enclosed before. Within seconds Lolita Model his hips were bucking and a low deep growl was issuing from his throat. He had worked himself to quite a frenzy and was very close to cumming. His balls began to ache and he grabbed the tops of his friends' heads to keep from falling over. They worked their hands furiously up and down the long, hot shaft. Sam moved one hand around to Arnold's asshole. When she sensed he was just about to cum she jabbed her index finger up his ass and wormed it around. He let out a loud shout and within seconds the cum flew from the head of his cock. It shot across the shower room and landed with a splat. Several more loads of cum followed, each as large and powerful. Arnold's knees weakened and he slipped to the floor unconscious. The last few shots of cum drooled out of the head and ran down the length of his now softening cock. Several moments passed as the young man's breathing slowed to a regular pace. Finally his eyes fluttered open and he gazed up at his two friends who were hovering over him. He smiled weakly at them and mumbled something incoherent. Neither Sam or Mr. Ridell could figure out what he was trying to say. After a little while longer he repeated himself. "I want to cum like that every time. I want a finger up my ass every time I shoot." He turned his gaze to Sam. "Your finger." Sam and Mr. Ridell exchanged knowing glances. Neither of them had told the boy that he and Sam would not be seeing each other again. Both of them also realized just how hard this was going to be on all three of them. Sam turned her head away as tears began streaming down her cheeks. She used the excuse of having to go to the bathroom so Arnold wouldn't see her crying. No, this was not going to be easy. When he had finally regained control of himself he stood, walked over to the wall and leaned back against it, his beautiful physique at last relaxed, his cock returning to its flaccid condition, but still awe-inspiring even in that state. Mr. Ridell sat down on one of the benches just outside the shower room. Sam returned from the bathroom and moved to Arnold, leaning forward, pressing her body and lips against him. Her hands wandered over his huge muscles. Arnold looked over at Mr. Ridell who was sitting there shaking his head. He pushed himself off the wall and went out to his friend. Mr. Ridell looked up at Arnold, the huge cock mere inches from his face. He reached up and stroked the soapy tool and sighed heavily. "I guess you won't be needing that more comfortable spot you were asking for earlier, will you?" Arnold turned to look at Sam who raised her eyebrows in question. "It's up to you, Stud. You're the one who's all soft and mushy." Arnold studied the beautiful woman before him and the thought of joining with her one more time caused a stirring in his loins. He flexed his sphincter muscles and his huge cock jumped. Sam moaned with desire. She wanted one last go around with this sex machine and she wanted it with a bit more control. She also wanted him on top of her where she could watch his magnificent body as it fucked her. "Come on, Stud. Let's get you rinsed off and we'll do this thing right." Arnold returned to the shower and Sam turned on the nozzle next to the soap dispenser. The sharp needles of water hit his body and rinsed the soap off. Sam joined him under the stimulating stream, allowing the water to jab and tickle her body. She moved her hands over Arnold's body, wiping the soap off and enjoying the feeling of his powerful muscles. When he was clean Arnold returned the favor, letting his hands seek out every part of her anatomy, studying her curves and contours, her hard, firm spots and soft, delicate secrets. By the time they were completely washed and rinsed they had stimulated each other to a level of almost uncontrollable passion. Arnold's cock was unbelievably hard again, Sam's nipples were so erect they ached, her cunt was flowing with juices. They were constantly rubbing and caressing each other, their lips meeting in deep, wet kisses. Arnold Lolita Model turned the water off and lifted Sam into his arms. He gave her one last, deep, penetrating, soul shattering kiss and then turned to Mr. Ridell. "I need a bed to lay this beautiful woman on." Mr. Ridell looked at the magnificent sight before him. He had never suspected that his two proteg�s would end up this developed, either in body or spirit. There was no doubting that something unusual was happening. The energy that surrounded this sexual union was dynamic, palpable, a powerful force. He had never seen such an incredible bond between two people. He thought it almost might be worth going against his better judgment, encouraging these two to stay together, just to see what would happen. But he knew better things would be in store for each of them if they went their separate ways. He said nothing, but headed for the locker room door. Arnold followed, his arms filled with Sam's muscular, sexually-charged body. Mr. Ridell peeked out into the gym to make sure the coast was clear and then signaled for the two lovers to follow him. About ten feet further down the wall was another door which was used to store gym equipment. Lolita Model One end of the room was stacked with mats. Mr. Ridell had pulled several of them down and made a low bed out of them. He had gone to the dispensary and gotten the bedding off of the nurse's cot. The room was industrial, poorly lit, stuffy and hot. The two muscular youths couldn't have cared less. Arnold carried Sam over to the stack of mats and laid her gently down, his muscles bulging as he handled her body as though it weighed mere pounds. Sam's hands stroked his huge arms, feeling the power of his swelling muscles. She ran her hands across his face, pulling his lips to hers and joining, once again, in a long passionate kiss. Mr. Ridell closed the door and locked it from the inside. With Sam on her back on the mats, Arnold moved around between her legs which were spread wide, ready to accept him into her. His hands idly stroked his huge cock as he studied the image before him. Her hands moved to her own breasts and began to knead them in time with his movements. Very quickly the pace of their actions and the energy level in the room picked up. Sam brought her hands down to her cunt and inserted two fingers into the steamy slit, making sure she was as lubricated as possible. Although she wanted his cock in her in the worst way, she needed to remind him about not hurting her by plunging his full length into her. "Be careful with that big cock of yours, Stud. It's a lot longer than I am deep, and you could do some serious hurting if you get too carried away." Arnold looked down at Lolita Model his huge member and, for the first time in his life, wished he were half the length he was. He wanted to let himself go without having to worry about the possibility of harming this remarkable woman. He knew that, were he able to just drop all his cares, this would be a fuck like there had never been before. He wanted to make the earth shake. He wanted to make the stars spin in the sky. He wanted to create a new thing, a new energy, an new kind of union between two people. There had to be a way. He could feel an incredible urgency and a certain destiny welling up in him. In a small but complicated way the world would not be the same after he and Sam were through this afternoon. The first drops of cum began to drip from the head of his dark, throbbing cock as he anticipated this final union with his lover. Already Sam's hips were beginning to rock with the expectation of his shaft once again stretching her cunt to the limits of pleasure. She pulled her fingers from inside herself and stretched her arms out, entreating him to enter her. Arnold dropped to his knees and grabbed the end of his cock. He shuffled forward but Lolita Model did not lower himself to her. Instead he waved his huge tool back and forth between her legs, teasing her. Her hips began to rise and she arched her back, her muscles tightening to wonderful knots of power. She raised her back off the mat by shear strength and matched the level of his cock. Her magnificent breasts rode atop her chest, two firm, delicious mounds of flesh jutting up proudly into the air. The smell of her cunt filled the air and Arnold took several deep breaths, savoring the mind-wracking odor. He could stand it no longer. He moved forward and guided his cock into her upraised cunt. He made several small thrusts to make sure he was wet enough not to hurt her and then surged forward keeping his hand around the base of his cock to make sure he didn't go in too far. As he entered her he squeezed his cock and the sensation almost made him pass out again. His head swam and his balls began to churn. Sam received his cock with a passion and joy that completely overcame her. Her muscles tightened, her body arched, her mind flooded with sensations that swept over her and carried her off. From the instant his cock came in contact with her, waves of pleasure began shooting out from her cunt to the far reaches of her body. She luxuriated in the heat of his cock as it filled her again and again. "Oh, fuck me, Stud. Oh, fuck me with that big cock. Ooooo! Big cock. Fuck me hard. Oh, that's it. That's it. Oh, God! Oh my God! Don't stop. Oh, shit. Oh, yeah. Deeper. I want more. Gimme more! Fuck me more! Oh, you're so big. So big! Oooooo! Oooooo! Oh, touch my clit. Touch me! Aaaaagggggghhhh. Harder. Rub me harder. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh God! Oh God! Harder! Harder! Oh, big cock! Big Fucking Cock!!!! Oh God, I'm cumming. Don't Stop! I'm. . . I'm. . . I'm. . . Ah!... Ah!.. Unh!... Unh!... Unh!... Unh!... Lolita Model Unh!... Unh!... Unh!... Unh!... Unh!... Unh!" A quick, violent orgasm shot through her body, her cunt exploding in a shattering climax. Arnold's cock continued to drive away and she rejoiced in the knowledge that it would be some time before he achieved his own orgasm. She wanted him to continue to fill her with his huge cock forever, and was sure he could, too. Sam looked up at him through the gap between her two breasts as they shook and heaved with each thrust of his cock, the nipples growing still harder and bigger. Every square inch of her skin was beginning to tingle and the air she breathed seemed charged with an energy that drove her on past this orgasm to one she felt would be even more incredible. She began to lower her hips, knowing that in the state Arnold was in he would have to follow her. She wanted him on top of her, his bulging muscles where she could grasp and claw and knead and rub them. Arnold sensed she wanted him nearer her and took his finger off her clit, bending forward to place his hands on the mats on either side Lolita Model of her. It was like the last piece of the puzzle falling into place. After all the different combinations and positions they had tried, suddenly the whole idea of two bodies joining together, in an incredible, orchestrated movement, became clear. He sensed her fascination with his muscles and lifted himself off of her just enough so that only his chest and arms would be supporting his upper body. His pecs and triceps swelled and her hands immediately moved to them, her fingernails digging into his skin, sending incredible shocks through him. The closer the feeling got to pain the more his entire body felt. She knew just where that line was between pain and incredible sensation and she kept him there with each move of her hand, each dig of her nails. Sweat began to run down over his body and coat his skin with a shimmering layer of wetness. Sam's body, too, was covered and their gleaming skin only raised the sense of excitement in them both. Arnold occasionally lowered himself down so that his pumping body could slide across Sam's sweat coated breasts, her nipples erect and incredibly sensitive. As they rubbed against his pectorals she shuddered Lolita Model and moaned, pressing her chest up into his pecs to further increase the sensation. Soon his muscles began fatiguing and his body took over as it pressed towards the final rep. His breathing became regular, his concentration turned inward, he focused the effort on the muscles being used and isolated their movement. Just as the fatigue in his biceps had done previously in the shower room, the sensation in his pecs and triceps now drove him to heights of concentration and exertion which would send him catapulting towards a massive, uncontrollable orgasm. Sam could feel the power of his chest and arms. She felt his cock within her begin to expand. As his rhythm became steadier and his breathing more deep she knew he was about to cum. She turned her head and made eye contact with Mr. Ridell. She wasn't able to express herself but hoped he would know what it was she wanted. He nodded to her and moved around behind the completely oblivious Arnold. Slowly the energy within her cunt began to gather again, but this time there was no direct stimulation of the clitoris. Just the incredible girth of his cock and his powerful thrusts combined with the unbelievable sensation of his huge, sweat-covered muscles writhing and bulging under her hands was driving her to her final, staggering climax. Her hands couldn't get enough of his powerful mounds of muscle. They shot here and there, sliding over the slippery surface, not knowing where to go or how long to stay on each bundle of hyper-developed fiber. And with each movement of her hands she triggered new sensations within him that drove him higher and higher. This was the combination that sent him over the top: intense physical exertion combined with an uncontrollable drive towards orgasm. He became a pistoning, heated machine, thrashing and thrusting toward his ultimate explosion. His grunts of exertion grew louder and raised in pitch with each thrust forward of his hips. Finally he was bellowing and howling as the sensations within him and Sam became too much. He thrust his hips forward once more and his head flew back, his eyes bulged open, his gigantic muscles swelled, his hips ground into Sam's pelvis and he froze for a brief moment. Sam arched her back and lifted Arnold up off the mats, every muscle in her own incredible body reaching towards that final effort. The moment hung in time, as though they had suddenly become a photograph. . . and then their bodies burst into a renewed effort that made all before pale in comparison. Sam's hips heaved and thrashed, driving her cunt onto his cock further than she should have been able to go. She was uncontrolled. Her movements were furious. Arnold became a blur of effort, his cock moving in and out of her so fast that, despite the depths to which he was entering her, she had no time to react to it. Mr. Ridell stood behind Arnold and watched as his beautiful, muscular ass flexed and pumped against Sam. When he judged the moment was right he moved his hand up to that pumping, flexing mound of flesh and rammed his index and middle fingers up Arnold's asshole. The boy let out a blood-curdling scream and a final torrent of cum thundered up his shaft and splattered against the inside of Sam's cunt. Sam rocketed to an orgasm the likes of which she had never even dreamed of experiencing. Wave after wave of delicious passion flowed through her body and her juices mixed with Arnold's cum and flowed out of her onto the mats. Her cunt grasped and sucked at his cock, driving him far above and beyond any reality which he had ever experienced before. The pain in his muscles turned to something else, an energy that took on an existence of its own. It picked him up and carried him through the orgasm, holding his body above Sam far longer than the muscles, themselves, could have possibly endured. It was as though, having finally found an identity of its own, the energy of their sex refused to be put to rest. Eventually, though, the feelings of pleasure began to subside and their movements did as well. Arnold gave his cock one final thrust and he collapsed on top of Sam. Mr. Ridell slowly pulled his fingers out of the boy's tight asshole and sat back down on the end of the pile of Lolita Model mats. Sam wrapped her arms around the boy's neck, clasping and grabbing in a desperate attempt to sustain the incredible sensations which continued to wrack her body. She had no control of herself and began to cry. Too many sensations, piled one on top of the other, made it impossible to hold back the sadness which swept through her in contemplation of separating from this incredible lover. Arnold's chest began to shudder in silent sobbing as well. He had not been prepared for what had happened to him today. The tensions of the previous twenty-four hours combined with the incredible experience of his sexual encounters with Sam were more than his mind had been taught to handle. They embraced and cried into each others shoulders for many minutes. Eventually their lips found each other and they kissed urgently, hungrily. Sam suddenly stopped and held his face away so that she could see him. "You know." It was a statement. He nodded. "How?" "It's just the way it has to be, right?" "But how did you know?" she demanded again. "Why else would you be so sad at a time like this?" They embraced again and cried all the more. Both of them had hoped that they might be wrong, that it didn't have to be this way. But the fact that they both knew made it a certainty. Arnold lifted himself up off her body in one final, Herculean effort, his huge pecs swelling. Sam melted at the view. He rolled off her and looked back at Mr. Ridell. "I don't think there is anything I could do to repay you. Thank you. Thank you." He reached out and pulled the old man down onto the mats between himself and Sam. They both turned him around onto his back and then drew their bodies up against his, pressing themselves to him in an intense hug. Slowly, tentatively, his hands began to roam over the surfaces of his two former students' bodies. In all the years he had spent with these two he had never enjoyed feeling the fruits of his and their labors. Now he explored their muscles, feeling the strength within. Sam and Arnold sat up and presented their bodies to him proudly, openly, relishing in the feeling of his explorations. As his hand touched each body part they flexed and pumped for him. His actions became more intense, more bold. His cock got harder and thicker and his hips began to pump. Both Sam and Arnold reached down and squeezed him through his pants and he immediately let loose with a body-wracking orgasm. Sam leaned forward and kissed him gently on the cheek. Arnold, after seeing what she was about to do, joined her. They both kissed their dear friend and then their lips met above him for a final, deep kiss. When they parted they heard the first sounds of deep, heavy breathing. They looked down and smiled. Mr. Ridell had fallen fast asleep. Slowly they got up so as to not disturb the slumbering man. They unlocked the door, peeked out to make sure no one else was in the gym, and then scooted around into the boy's locker room for one last trip to the showers.
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