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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 17: PattyThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== As Patty drove up to the gym she saw there were already three people squatting on the pump island waiting for her arrival. They were in heavy conversation and made quite a tableau. Three pairs of thick, muscular thighs being hunched over by three pairs of very wide shoulders and being wrapped around by three pair of large, highly developed arms. Their heads wagged back and forth, shaking or nodding with great animation in response to one of the other's comments. It was Sunday. The politically radical wing of the muscle set was in attendance. These three always showed up and argued political issues back and forth as they heaved weights up and down all afternoon. Sometimes their arguments become so heated she was amazed that they didn't sometimes heave the weights at each other. There would always come a time, about two hours after their arrival, when she would have to call a cease fire and demand that if they were going to discuss anything at all it had to be in the category of polite dinner conversation. They would always shift gears. One time they picked up the topic of plants and got into one of the loudest and most heated arguments they had ever been involved in. The only good thing about these three and their Sunday afternoon verbal bashings was that it kept the crowds down; most people found the atmosphere too distracting. She was the only one working Sunday's and too many people made things hectic. Not that she wanted to drive customers away, but she appreciated having one slow day a week. Today was going to be a short day for her, anyway, as she was leaving at four o'clock for her sister's and the kid was going to lock up for her. She thought he would be here already, but his bike wasn't parked in front as it usually was. She parked her car and opened the front door of the building, walked to the back of the office, disarmed the alarm system and walked back out to the reception area. The three were still sitting on the curb arguing some minute geo-theo-eco-bio-political point. She had long since given up trying to follow the gist of their weekly diatribes. The topics were generally so esoteric she hadn't the slightest idea which side who was on. She suspected none of them did most of the time, either. Arguing for argument's sake. The sun poured into the gym through the sky lights, heating up the place, so Patty turned on the ceiling fans to get some air moving. Her next task of the day, and the reason she enjoyed working on Sundays, was to water the literally hundreds of plants that occupied every nook and cranny of the gym. The plants had been her contribution to the identity of the place so they were her responsibility. She had started a few years ago with a couple of potted ferns in the front area. Soon she was bringing in several new plants each week. They started to be hung from the sky lights, stuck on top of exercise stations, shoved into every corner available until they became the most identifiable characteristic of the gym. The oxygen they created was a great asset. People who worked out there swore they could get in an extra two to three reps on every exercise they did compared to any other gym in the area. Cynics claimed they were shorting on the weights to give this impression. This was not the case. More oxygen in the air meant more oxygen in the bloodstream. More oxygen in the blood stream meant a quicker exchange of waste products created during heavy activity. Quicker exchange meant the muscle worked longer and harder. Muscles that worked longer and harder got bigger, faster. C'est �vident. The plants stayed. She had gone out and bought a water sprayer that rode on her back like a knapsack. It was pumped up by hand and then a long nozzle delivered the water to even the hardest to reach of the plants. She still took a step ladder around with her to tend to the individual plants, plucking and preening her babies, getting rid of shed leaves, checking for infestations, generally letting them know they were loved. The plants thrived on the atmosphere of the gym. The harder the people worked out the more carbon dioxide was released into the air. The plants were all very big. The people were all very big. Everyone was happy. She Lolita Portal had the routine down. The whole place could be watered and a moderate amount of maintenance could be done in about forty-five minutes. Just as she was putting the step ladder back into the closet the political party finally realized the place was opened and came in, dragging behind them the remains of some philosophical argument that had been beaten to a pulp out in the parking lot. Something told Patty they were going to run out of steam pretty soon. This might just be a peaceful afternoon after all. The three of them headed for their respective locker rooms to get changed and she headed for the front Lolita Portal desk to call the kid to see if he really intended to come in. It would be a shame if he didn't, she thought sarcastically, as it would provide her with the perfect excuse for not making the drive south. Then she would just go home after closing up and see if her new neighbor was pre-occupied. If she closed her eyes she could imagine that huge cock of his laying in the palm of her hand. She had tried to seem blaz� when he had dropped his massive dick in her hand, but the fact was she had never seen, much less had her hands on, anything that big before. Her asshole tingled at the thought of that bulbous head pushing its way past her sphincter muscles and traveling up her colon. She became wet between her legs and welcomed the chance to withdraw to the office for a few minutes to enjoy, and even encourage, the flow. Just as she had sat down at the desk and propped her feet up on the edge to get a better angle with her finger on the lips of her cunt the front door swung open and the kid, that irrepressible bundle of unrestrained energy, flew into the gym. A whole series of emotions, not a majority of which were pleasant, ran through Patty's being. It was, however, inevitable that the kid would, indeed, walk in at that very moment. That's what made the kid the kid. The kid, always spelled and said in the lower case, was the gym mascot. He had wandered into the place about a year-and-a-half ago. He was immediately hooked on the place. They Lolita Portal couldn't get rid of him so they gave him a job. He took care of the place, keeping it clean, and made himself available to the customers in case they needed a hand and, on rare occasions like today, actually sitting in the command seat, handling any emergency that might come up. They generally only allowed him to do this on Sundays, the slowest day of the week. It wasn't that he was incompetent. To the contrary, he was the most conscientious employee they had. But he was young and still had a lot to learn about the big responsibilities. Several times now they had let him close on Sundays and everything had gone off like clockwork. Patty's confidence in the kid was very high. She also liked the fact that the more responsibility they gave him the more responsible he became. In return for his efforts he was allowed to work-out for free. This he had been doing with a dedication that shamed all but the most serious of their clientele. In the past eighteen months the kid's body had gone from that of a gangling, out-of-proportion teenager to one of depth and definition. The other thing Patty was happy about was the kid's own level of self-esteem. When he had first walked into the gym he'd had a terrible self-deprecating manner that was quite uncomfortable to witness; he had literally hated himself. Over the course Lolita Portal of his time there he had been befriended by most of the folks and had learned to see the improvements in his mind as well as his body. He had also found his center. He discovered the reason he had been so miserable was that he had spent the last few years trying to convince himself and everyone else around him that he was straight. He wasn't. It had been quite obvious to Patty and several of the other folks that the kid was playing a role he wasn't suited for. They got two of the more openly gay customers to have a little talk with him. When he finally figured out his proper sexual orientation it was as though someone had thrown away the old kid and this new, improved version walked into the gym in his place. Patty was sure that he was still a virgin, but if he kept up his current rate of development he was going to have to beat them off with a stick before the year was out. Patty greeted the kid with her usual feigned lack of concern. The kid feigned right back, pretending that his presence and the fact that he was closing that night were matters of course. Nothing out of the ordinary here, no sir. She could tell he was so hyped up about it that he was about to blast right out of the top of his head. She enjoyed seeing him enthusiastic. Sometimes it got on her nerves. Most of the time, though, it was contagious. He'd go down to the gym floor and cajole and razz and encourage and pump up anyone who looked like they weren't putting in a hundred-and-ten per cent. His enthusiasm for the world of body building was another of those aspects of the place that gave it its own identity. If you couldn't face going into another gym and moving forty or fifty tons of iron around, you just headed over to The Pump House and the kid would get you so hyped up you finished your routine and wanted to start over again. Many people would request him as their workout partner. He would sometimes do two or even three people a day, exercising right along with them. At the end of the day exhaustion would overcome him and he would fall dead asleep on the couch in the office. They'd kick him out at closing time only to find him sitting on the curb when the doors were opened the next day. Patty suspected there wasn't any kind of a home life for the kid. She also knew he had no other income and probably wasn't getting the proper nourishment. This was especially important in light of the amount of energy he expended in the course of a day. She always made sure that whoever he worked with tipped him generously at the completion of the session. But there was no guarantee the money was going to food. She tried to suss him out on this but he was uncharacteristically closed mouth about the subject of where his money was going. So when Patty sensed that things were out of balance in his system she'd haul him out to a restaurant and jam a bunch of good food down him. "You're late," said Patty, hoping he wouldn't have one of his good excuses. "You're late," the kid retorted. "I was here fifteen minutes early. Those politicals started in with their arguing and I thought if I had to sit around inside all day and listen to their bullshit then I didn't think I needed to do it in the big outdoors as well. I split on my bike and went down to the beach for a swim. I figured there wasn't anything to do until you left at four, anyway." Patty was properly chastened. She had forgotten she had specified the time to be there and then had blown it herself with her little self-indulgence in the shower. She didn't let the kid know this, though. She just barreled on through as though it was still his fault and never looked back. The kid tactfully allowed this. There were no recriminations here, this was just the way their relationship worked. "Seeing as I got stuck doing all the plants (she never, ever, let anyone do the plants) you get to go down on the floor and baby-sit the babbling threesome." The kid rolled his eyes in mock exasperation. "It shouldn't be too bad. I think they were running out of steam when they came in." "I hope so. Barbara got so upset at something one of the guys said last week she stopped spotting him in the middle of a bench press. Just walked away leaving the guy there holding about four hundred fifty pounds over his head." Patty thought it couldn't happen to a nicer person but kept that to herself. Abandoning someone in the middle of a rep was dangerous and not to be condoned. She needed a serious injury in the gym like a hole in the head. Hopefully their differences had been patched up during the week and she wouldn't have to have words with them. The one thing that made this place was the feeling of support and camaraderie among all the staff and clientele. If something like that was allowed to spread it could be the downfall of them all. "That's pretty serious stuff. If you see it happen again, with that bunch or anyone else, let one of us know. Immediately. Got it?" "Sure. I'm sorry I didn't bring it up when it Lolita Portal happened. It seemed sort of harmless at the time. I'll keep my eye out for it." "I know you will. If I didn't think you could handle it I wouldn't be leaving you with the keys tonight." He beamed. "Now get out there and make sure those boneheads don't kill each other. And if I catch you joining in with them, you're fired. Now git." The kid jumped up and made for the gym floor. The window along the side wall of the office overlooked the gym itself. She sometimes would sit at the window, her legs spread and finger busy while she drank in the sight of all that beautiful flesh bulging and swelling. She especially liked the view afforded her by the benchpress stations. They all faced the window so that when the tools laid down on them to go through their reps she'd get a great look up their gym shorts at their jockstraps. There was nothing she loved more than cock. She loved it hard, soft, thick, thin, short, long, cut, uncut, white, black, purple. Especially purple. When it was so hard and Lolita Portal hot and the blood swelling it to incredible size just before it shoots its load of cum into her cunt or mouth or ass. She really loved it purple. She thought again of the huge cock she'd handled today and began to fantasize in earnest about it entering various openings in her body. The nice thing about this particular cock, aside from its obvious physical charms and great location right next-door, was that it was attached to a beautiful body with a beautiful face and a beautiful sense of humor and a beautifully unassuming ego. That was the one thing she usually didn't like about tools. They had this ego thing. They all needed to feel there was no one better than them, there was no one more important than them, that the center of the universe had nothing on their cock as far as importance was concerned. The fact of the matter was that every tool she ever dealt with was the most important thing in the universe at that moment. If the tool would just realize this and return the favor then the sex would be great. Great? It would generally be earth-shattering. But most of the time they carried the whole sexual history of the world into bed with them and expected to be judged on how they compared with every dick that ever entered a cunt since the beginning of time. Patty got the feeling that Arnold's problem was not that he had an ego to match his dick, but that he equated people's desire to own him physically with love. She had been forward with him, for sure, but that was just her way. The fact that he so freely referred to his cock and, just as freely exposed it to a complete stranger like herself, told Patty he didn't have much of a sense of privacy. She thought there was probably a homelife situation that had prevented those personal barriers from being formed in a normal, growth oriented way. This usually involved incest or other forms of sexual abuse. Though this was all none of her business, she felt that if she was going to be involved with the guy, even on a casual sex basis, she'd probably end up dealing with it on some level. It wouldn't be the first time she'd gotten wrapped up in some tools past. The most notable example of that had been that cunt, Norma Benton's, last ex: Mark. He had practically run away from home when he couldn't stand her proprietary attitude towards his body any more. He had been an abused child and spent his late teens and early twenties searching for some fucked-up version of real love. Norma was the perfect source for fucked-up love. He fell right into her trap, accepting her body worship as a replacement for a real emotional commitment. When he won the Mr. Universe contest she conned him into marrying her and then the fun really began. He became her sexual toy, cumming when she called, as it were. She had no sense of marital fidelity and continued to take other men to bed with her, sometimes literally kicking him out of their bedroom so she could spend the night with some other muscle-bound stud. Patty suspected the only reason Mark lasted so long was because he, too, had a very large cock. In fact, until Arnold showed up, it had probably been the biggest on the beach. But with the marriage being so fucked-up it wasn't long before Mark was slacking off on his training, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. He started to replace real exercise with steroids and other chemicals. Needless to say the following year's Mr. Universe went to a much more deserving physique. That same deserving physique celebrated his victory in bed with Mark's wife, Norma. Patty had found him, drunk and very high, sitting on the beach at three o'clock in the morning in front of her apartment. He had been making quite a racket. Instead of leaving him to the cops and bad press, Patty took him in, gave him a cup of coffee, a hot shower and a warm bed. He cried all night. He kept saying over and over that he had only wanted someone to love him. The years of work, the hundreds of thousands of pounds of iron, the starving, the pain, the pushing himself every day to surpass the efforts of the day before when all he really wanted to do was go lie down somewhere and sleep for a week, all of it was just so that someone would love him. Several relatives and close family members had loved him for his big, physical cock. He felt if he could improve the rest of himself physically then more people would love him. He ended up having no one inside himself to be loved for real. Mark ended up staying at Patty's for a week. No one else knew he was there. The only demand she had put on him was that he make no attempt to contact Norma. It worked for a week but you can't change the stripes on a zebra over night. Or even in a week. He called her one day while Patty was out. When Norma demanded to know where he was he told her. She immediately called the cops and had them come and get him on some trumped up charge. Apparently he had a credit card in his wallet that was in Norma's name and she accused him of stealing it. She came down and bailed him out of jail after letting him be humiliated for a couple of hours, took him home, fucked him and then made him watch as she screwed the successor to the crown. That night, while Norma and the new kid slept in his marital bed, Mark left with nothing in his pockets but a comb, the keys to his car, which he had bought long before meeting Norma, and a piece of paper with Patty's phone number on it. Patty agreed to take him back but with several conditions. He would work at the gym to earn his keep, he had to seek out professional help to get to the bottom of this self-destructive behavior, and he had to sleep on the living room couch. No sex until the divorce was final. And that was the other thing. He had to file for a divorce and see it through. All these things Mark did. When the divorce hearings came up Norma had counter-filed claiming that because he hadn't won the Mr. Universe contest the following year he had failed to live up to her expectations as a husband and suitable bed partner. The court threw her case out and awarded him a tidy little alimony which he declined. He just wanted to be shut of her. If he had a check coming from her every month it would be as though the bond would still be there. Nothing. He wanted nothing. He stayed with Patty for eight more months and then moved out on his own. He appreciated her support, her generosity, her love, her understanding, but it was time he got a little personal space and figured things out for himself. The therapy helped immensely in dredging up and allowing him to deal with past wrongs. Once he realized where all his problems stemmed from he was able to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Norma, on the other hand, still blamed Patty for "screwing up the best piece of meat I ever bedded." And now there was Arnold. If she was correct in her assumptions about him this could be the beginning of a pattern. She didn't want to baby-sit any more tools. She'd love them, she'd fuck them, she'd suck them, she'd even make the occasional breakfast for them, but she wasn't going to take any more to raise. She'd have to be on her guard from the very start. It was then, when there was still a novelty about the new tool in her life, that she tended to become attached to them. And she figured it would be very easy, and very nice, to become extremely attached to that eleven-and-a-half inch cock she'd handled that very morning outside her apartment door. All this time her finger had slowly been massaging the lips of her vagina through her sweats. She had succeeded in worrying herself into a state of agitation that required a bit more direct attention. She figured if just the thought of that huge dick could inspire at least two orgasms in one day then the real thing was going to plain tucker her out. She headed down the stairs to the gym and back towards the employees bathroom with a quick glance over the room to see if everything was still in the correct number of pieces and also to check to see if there was anyone worth taking with her. Two other people had come in during her reveries and were presently going through pre-workout stretches. The political contingency was uncharacteristically non-verbal. She wondered if they had quit speaking to each other until she noticed the kid riding herd on them. He was issuing encouragements and good-naturedly chiding them for skimping on this push or that pull. He was indomitable. He was also cute. You couldn't possibly get pissed at him. He just cuted his way into your good graces and you let him push you through your reps, coming out with a greater sense of accomplishment and a larger muscle. Patty thought about the kid for a second. She wondered what he would be like. She wondered if, since his episode of self-awakening, he would be the least bit interested in having a quick one with the boss-lady. He was shaping up very nicely, his arms were starting to take on that wonderful definition when the individual muscles began assuming their own identity. His chest was becoming broad and deep, the pecs more prominent under his baggy sweat shirts. When he bothered to take his top off, which was rarely, he displayed a fine abdomen, tapering from increasingly wider shoulders down to a tight waist and firm ass which she suspected was one of his favorite muscle groups to work on. She also noticed he had taken to wearing a different style of jockstrap. It seemed to offer a bit more support, thrusting his genitals forward more than when he had first started coming to the gym. At this moment Patty was eyeing that thrusting forward and wondering what the dear thing looked like unfettered. She could put pressure on him to reveal himself, to even have sex with her; she was certain he would acquiesce, but there wouldn't be anything else to it. Nothing much different than what Norma was guilty of. She decided the best thing she could do for both herself and the kid would be to honor him with a little fantasy action while she took care of matters herself. She gave the kid the high sign, showing him that she was going to the bathroom. The kid rolled his eyes dramatically, showing that he knew what the purpose of her trip was. She flipped him the finger and headed back through the equipment and plants to the door marked private. The sound of iron hitting iron and the song of the men and women grunting and moaning in their efforts was, quite literally, music to her ears. This was the tune she loved to masturbate to. Lolita Portal She closed the door, turned the lock, pulled down her gym clothes and sat down on the toilet. Her nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of her cunt juices which were flowing with the expectation of orgasm. She ran her finger up her cunt to get it good and wet, bringing lubrication back to her clitoris which was already becoming quite agitated. Slowly she pressed her finger into it, her other hand spreading the lips of her vagina to allow the most contact possible. She pictured what she thought the kid's cock looked like, with nothing to base the mental image on besides her own active imagination. She built an idealized kid in her mind: shy, reticent, his cock hanging heavily between his legs, the balls swollen, the tip leaking tiny drops of cum. As she reaches out for the cock before her it twitches in anticipation of being touched. Her finger nails run along its length causing it to thicken, the head becoming bigger, stimulating pleasant thoughts of it pressing against the inside of her cunt. The sound of iron plates clank and the sound Lolita Portal of the grunts and moans blend with her own as she takes on their beat. Her finger drives her clitoris into a vibration that begins to ring through her entire body. In her mind the kid growls and moans as the animal she senses within him is released by her ministrations. His cock is now hard and long, her cunt is hungry and empty. She spreads her legs wider and entreats him to enter her. He hesitates, the distended member bobbing and weaving between them. She leans forward and takes it into her mouth, the head pushing its way to the back of her throat. He becomes more agitated and she tastes his seminal fluid leaking profusely from the tip. As she sucks on his cock she reaches around behind him and begins toying with his asshole. Her fingernail traces the sphincter muscle, flicking across it. Then, with a quickness that startles the boy, she drives her forefinger in, worming it back and forth until it is buried up to the last knuckle. He cries out in pleasure/pain and his cock leaps in her mouth. She fastens her lips tightly around its ever expanding girth, preventing its escape. He wriggles his ass back onto her finger, attempting to get every last millimeter inside him. His hips begin to work as his animal drive takes over. He wants to cum. She takes him up to the split second before he's about to shoot in her mouth. She pulls away, her finger vacating his clasping rectum. He growls. He tries to force his way back into her mouth but she leans back with legs spread. If he wants to shoot, it has to be inside her. The look on his face says novels. She's a cunt, a tease, a hot bitch. He grabs the massive organ that juts out from between his legs and viciously rams it into her, splitting her and sending her immediately over the edge. It's so big, so hot, so smooth, so virgin. She starts to cum the moment he's inside her. He pounds away at her cunt and is soon splattering her insides with a thick covering of cum. Again and again he rams his hot cock into her, each thrust accompanied by another volley of jism. Her cunt throbs and jolts, her abdomen contracting over and over with the force of her orgasm. She thinks he is done but he keeps thrusting, his cock still hard as a rock. Again the waves of orgasm overtake her and send her spinning through a universe of electric impulses, the stuff stars are made of. He immediately cums again, filling her to overflow, his sperm running out of her cunt and down the insides of her thighs. One final thrust, one final Lolita Portal shudder and he pulls his cock out of her cunt with a popping noise. He glares down at her, challenging her to ever think of doing that again. The animal will not be toyed with. She lies breathless, ravaged, satisfied. There was a banging at the door. It took her a moment to realize where she was. She focused on her image in the mirror in front of her, over the sink. Her eyes were glazed, her hair tosseled. She then realized that the finger of her other hand, the one that had been spreading the lips of her vagina, had found its way down to her ass and the forefinger was imbedded up to the last knuckle. Someone was banging on the door still. "Who is it?" she said, none to politely. "It's me, Patty." The kid. "Things getting a little wild in there?" "I'm fine. I'll be out in a second." She washed her hands, opened the door and walked across the room to the stairs. The kid fell in behind her. "Was I making too much noise?" "I just turned up the music out here, but you raised a few eyebrows ." "You're a sweetheart." Patty decided to tell him about his presence in her sex dream. "I just had a fantasy about you." "Me? Why?" "Beats me. Unknown quantity? Seemed like the fun thing to do." "Was I any good?" She'd reached the stairs and stopped on the first one, turning to him. His interest in how she perceived him sexually took her a bit by surprise. "The best, darlin'. The best." She patted his cheek and turned to go up the stairs but he grabbed her wrist as it touched the railing. Patty felt an electric shock run through her body. She turned towards him, eyebrow raised in reaction. He was about to say something else but stopped in mid-word and just stared over her shoulder at something up in the reception room. By the look on his face she knew she would see one of two things when she turned around: Either a gunman Lolita Portal pointing a forty-four magnum at the back of her head or her new neighbor delivering her "forgotten" gym bag. She turned around and Arnold waved to her. Patty trotted up the stairs, sensing the kid close on her heels. Arnold looked as gorgeous clothed as he did naked, or semi-naked. His shirt spread nicely over his pecs, clung seductively to his biceps. His pants were pleated and baggy but revealing at the same time. She also knew it would have been possible to draw a straight line between the kid's eyes and Arnold's cock and not be a degree off from their aim. In Arnold's left hand was the errant gym bag. As she came up the stairs he held it out to her, shaking his head in mock disappointment. She wondered if he Lolita Portal knew she had left it behind on purpose. She'd play the innocent until he called her on it. "Thanks," she said, taking it from him. "I realized as I was getting out of the car here that I had forgotten it, but there were already people here so I figured if you weren't able to drop it by I could stop by your place on my way out of town this afternoon." "I know. Things got a little distracting just as you were leaving. I would have done the same, under those circumstances." The look in his eye told her he was innocent of her manipulations. He nodded his head over her shoulder. "Who's the gawker?" Patty turned around to introduce the kid but she stopped in mid-breath. The look on his face could only be described as "stupid". The kid was dumbfounded. She turned back to Arnold, bravely trying to keep a straight face. "This is the kid. He's going to be closing the gym for me tonight. That is, unless he doesn't report in from outer space before then." She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. Slowly the kid shifted his glance to her and his expression changed to one eerily reminiscent of the one she had fantasized on his face when she had stopped sucking his cock to keep him from cumming in her mouth. The similarity was scary. She had never seen him look that way in reality and had never thought such thoughts could cross his mind, but he obviously resented being made fun of when his emotions were running so high. Patty decided she had done enough damage and let the kid handle it himself. She knew that, sooner or later, he would have to deal with such a situation and she was glad that it was with someone as seemingly together as Arnold. She looked back at Arnold and saw he was watching the interplay between them carefully. She didn't know if he could figure out where things stood between herself and the kid. Arnold stuck out his right hand to the kid and introduced himself. "My name's Arnie. Shape, to my friends." This last was delivered with a nod to Patty. The kid took his hand and shook it firmly. Patty wondered what would be made of Arnold's reference to her as "friend". "Glad to meet you. My name's Peter." Patty turned quickly to him, surprise written across her face. "Peter? That's your name? After all this time you've finally let the secret out." Realizing she was doing it again, she shut-up, wondering why she was making a mess of this. She feared the kid, Peter, was horning in on her territory. This was inane. She had just met this man this morning. Okay, so she had held his eleven-and-a-half inch cock in her hand on the walkway of their building. Okay, so she had a great fantasy about him while showering, the orgasm from it melting her to a puddle in her tub. So what? So why was she feeling so...so...so left out? That was it. There seemed to be this electricity passing back and forth between these two men and she wasn't being included. Arnold's smile was one of amusement. He probably was used to being stared at by men and women alike, so the attentions of this young man were probably nothing he couldn't handle, both physically and emotionally. He was completely nonplused by the scrutiny his cock was coming under. He seemed to enjoy it, in fact. He appeared to become a bit annoyed, however, when Peter kept pumping his hand. Finally Arnold looked at his arm going up and down and said, "I don't think I've gotten this much of a workout since I left the gym two days ago." Peter realized he was still shaking Arnold's hand and sheepishly let go of it. He struggled for a moment to find his voice and then asked, "Are you new around here? I don't remember seeing you on the beach. I'm sure of that." "No, I just moved into town today as a matter of fact." Peter shot an inquisitive look to Patty. "I took the apartment next to Patty's. We met this morning when I was moving in." "Oh, you're neighbors," Peter said with a bit too much relief in his voice. "So you just met. This morning." "Yeah. This morning." Arnold was becoming quite amused at Peter's reaction. "Just friends. This morning." Peter realized he was being ribbed and blushed. There was love in his eyes. Patty wondered how long Arnold was going to let this go on. Surely he could see the boy's reaction to him. Was he playing with him? Was he innocent of the boy's attentions? Was he enjoying them? Could she have been so wrong about this hunk with the magnificent cock? The truth was that she had nothing to judge her assessment of his sexual preferences on. Now that she thought about it his outrageous behavior and apparent sexual openness seemed to match more that of some of her gay friends. Maybe the reason he had been so easy about her handling his cock was because it hadn't meant anything to him. There had been no pressure of a relationship there so dropping his dick into her hand had been just his way of introducing himself. Her heart went cold. Was that magnificent cock to be nothing but a source of fantasy for her? She thought truly envious thoughts towards Peter. Images of him bent over the arm of a couch or over-stuffed chair with this beautiful stud ramming his huge hard-on up his ass, a look of painful glee plastered on the young boy's face, caused her blood to temporarily run cold. She looked at Arnold and saw he was staring at her as though she had just thrown up on his favorite tie. She turned to Peter and his expression was similar. What the hell were Lolita Portal they looking at? She then realized that she was pounding loudly on the top of the reception desk. It was as though her body was throwing a temper tantrum and it hadn't invited her. She stopped and took a deep breath. Arnold waited for a moment and then said, "I figured as long as I was down here I might as well take you up on that tour you promised me. Can you spare a few minutes?" Peter, realizing something was wrong, but obviously not guessing what it was, spoke up. "I wouldn't mind showing him around if you're busy, Patty." Patty tried very hard to keep both her countenance and her voice as even as possible. "I suppose that would be entirely up to Arnold. Uh...Shape?" "It might be nice if Peter could come along. He could run me through some of the gear I don't recognize." Patty hoped this was an effort not to hurt the boys feelings. They walked down the stairs and began winding their way through the different stations, Arnold occasionally stopping to ask a question about this piece of gear or that. Several times he did indeed request that Peter demonstrate a certain machine, seemingly unaware of its use. Peter would eagerly jump to the task, putting on more weight than he would normally use. He'd then whip off his sweat shirt, revealing his developing physique, and begin to do full reps, his breathing deep and concentrated. Arnold would watch each rep as though there were some secret locked inside its performance, the answer to which would grant him untold powers and abilities. When Peter finished he would answer any questions Arnold had, and he always had at least one, but would then withdraw and defer to Patty as to the course of the tour or the next point that would be made. Patty had no idea what was going on here. Arnold seemed to be intensely interested in Peter. But then he seemed to be intensely interested in herself when she was talking. Occasionally they would get to a station where someone else was exercising and he would wait until that person had finished using the apparatus completely and then query them about this or that point. His interest in what these people said seemed to be no less or more. Slowly it dawned on Patty. He was just interested. He was fascinated. Every moment was new to him and he didn't waste it by prejudging or evaluating before all the data was in. He was completely open to what was going on around him, allowing the experience to wash over and around him like a rock in the middle of the stream. The water would run up and past, changing its course, making little eddies, the rock seemingly unaffected. But time and water would eventually mold the rock, smoothing it, changing it. Arnold would take a long time to absorb the information and experiences and then the change would be noticed later. Patty stood back and watched the process, amazed at the man's complexity. She thought it would be interesting to know how he was processing the information about Lolita Portal Peter. It would take her a long time to straighten out her new image of the boy. At least Arnold had the advantage (or was it an advantage) of not knowing what a change had come over the lad since Arnold had walked through the front door. Suddenly her heart went soft. Both of these men were far more complex than she had given either of them credit for. She found the thought of them being "tools" suddenly very foreign. She knew she had made some quick assumptions about Arnold, his most interesting aspect being his huge cock. The kid. . . Peter. . . (she would have to get used to calling him that real quick) had been, up until that moment, a pet, a mascot, a gadfly. She thought of how he worked with the other people in the gym, of how his efforts to improve himself and his dealings with others had been such a success. Even how his ability to come to terms with his own sexuality without being traumatized impressed her now as she knew it should have impressed her Lolita Portal upon first perceiving it. By the end of the tour it was obvious that Arnold had deflected the boy's infatuation. Instead, he had forged a friendship with the young man based on a respect for his vast knowledge of the equipment in the gym and his obvious devotion to his own and others use of it to its best advantage. Had there been any question about Arnold becoming a member of the club before, those doubts were laid to rest. "You should be quite proud to have Peter on your staff, Patty. He knows more about what's going on around here than people I've talked to at other gyms who are twice his age." Peter beamed. Patty hadn't realized it, but she had never considered Peter "on the staff" of the gym. It now seemed so obvious. They would be fools to let him get away. She made a note to talk to him about this the first chance she got. She gave him a knowing look and said, "We'll talk." "So, do you think you might be joining us here?" Patty noticed Peter's stress on the word "us". She smiled. You had to love him. Arnold seemed very impressed. With Peter, with the gym, with the plants, with the atmosphere. He looked around and nodded his head. "I'll bring in my checkbook tomorrow. Do you have an annual fee?" "Plan on sticking around a while, eh?" "Patty, with this kind of atmosphere and this kind of staff, I'd be hard pressed to find anything else this good. Yeah. I think I'll be around for a while." Patty's heart did a flip-flop. Peter thrust his hand out and shook Arnold's, his face covered by the biggest shit-eating grin Patty had ever seen. Okay, a great friendship had been forged here, but she could tell that Peter had his own agenda regarding that eleven-and-a-half inch cock.
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