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Related article: STORY.60 The Master Chris Collection FROM ONE COUPLE TO ANOTHER ___________________________ It was dark when Bobby and his wife Janet pulled into the long drive on Woodbine Street. This was their fourth visit to the house in as many weeks but still they were both apprehensive as Bob parked the car in front of the door. It had been almost six weeks before that Janet had spotted the ad in an adult newsletter and had shown it to Bobby. Dominant couple 30's, seeks submissive couple 20's-30's for play. You must be prepared to follow all instructions and all training. Send picture and letter describing your precise interests. Janet had grown soaking wet by the end of the short paragraph. Both she and her Preteen Nude Toplist husband of three years enjoyed kinky sex but they had discovered that they both enjoyed the submissive role. Janet had tried to be a good dominant for her husband but could never really get into it. Bobby was the same. The first meeting had been on neutral territory, supper at an Italian restaurant in the city. Bobby and Janet had discovered that the dominant couple were both attractive and fun to be with. Chris and Terry were in their mid-thirties which made them about ten years older than Bobby and Janet. Still, the two couples barely noticed the age difference. When Bobby and Janet noticed at all, they found they liked it as if it made them feel even more vulnerable. It wasn't until after-dinner drinks that the subject of Bobby and Janet's submission was even raised. "We want to find out *all* about your fantasies and experiences." said Terry in a husky voice, "But first, let us tell you a couple of things about us." Terry ticked the points off on the fingers of her right hand as she listed them. - We have done this a number of times before and we are both very experienced in dominant/submissive sex. - Chris and I are not bisexual. When we have a submissive couple, I will usually handle the man and he will usually handle the woman. We give instructions, of course, to either submissive. - On occasion, I will assist in training a woman or in punishing her. - When we meet a couple we always meet you both at the same time. That way there's no jealousy. - We are not into heavy pain or S&M. Our goal is sexual satisfaction for everyone concerned, not how much we can make you hurt." Janet looked over at Bobby and they exchanged a silent message. "Ok", said Bobby, "It looks like this will work out. What happens now?" Chris smiled, "Just keep this Saturday night free. We'll make sure you get the appropriate instructions." A shiver caught both Bobby and Janet. 'What would happen next Saturday?', they wondered. It was late into the evening before the dinner ended. Before they parted company that night, Janet and Bobby had told their new Master and Mistress everything about themselves and their fantasies of being submissive. The instructions arrived at mid-week by courier. Janet waited for Bobby to come home before they opened them. Inside the package were two envelopes, one addressed to each of them with a warning on the outside that they were to be read privately and that the contents of the instructions were to be kept secret from the other until after the weekend. They were both excited as they went to different rooms to read their instructions. Janet's instructions read as follows: 1. You are not to have an orgasm from now until you get here. Nor may you touch your or Bobby's genitals in a sexual way until instructed. Bobby has the same instruction. 2. You are to carefully bathe, shampoo above and below and shave your legs and armpits before arriving. 3. You are to wear a white blouse that buttons all the way down the front and is translucent. It should not be see-through but rather sheer enough that the darkness of your nipples will be visible to anyone looking directly at them. 4. You'll wear no bra. 5. You'll wear a skirt that has a maximum length of mid- way to your knees. 6. You will wear no panties 7. You will wear no stockings 8. You will wear comfortable heels 9. You will not wear any jewelry or a watch. Bobby's instructions were not much different. His instructions were written in a feminine hand, obviously Terry's. In addition to not touching himself and being clean, Terry had one more instruction: - You are to purchase the sexiest pair of woman's panties you can find. They are to be lacy. Under your jeans on Saturday, you will be wearing them. Bobby's cock had twitched into erectness with that request. Saturday had approached very slowly. At least a dozen times both Bobby and Janet had thought about not going through with it. Finally though it had come. It became an evening of firsts for the young couple. It was the first time that Bobby and Janet had both been bound and helpless at the same time. It was the first time that Bobby had watched Janet touched and then spanked by another man. Likewise it was the first time that Janet had ever seen Bobby dressed in a woman's panties then later watched those panties be pulled down as her husband was spanked over the knee of another woman. It was the firs time that Janet had been bent, naked over another woman's lap for a spanking since her mother had spanked her as a child. Preteen Nude Toplist It was the first time that both Janet and Bobby had stood, naked, noses pressed into opposite corners of the room displaying their spanked bottoms at the same time. Finally, it was the first time that both Bobby and Janet had had a simultaneous orgasm, never mind that it was in front of a fully clothed couple who watched them come, side-by-side as vibrators played over their bound and blindfolded bodies. They had come back twice since then. Each week, the instructions were a little different, each time the thrill of the unknow kept them in a state of excitement like nothing they'd ever experienced. Now, they were here again. This time, the package with their instructions had been a little larger. When they opened it, they were shocked and excited more than ever before. Inside the package had been simple instructions. - You will each wear *only* the garments enclosed. Even shoes are not permitted. You may wear your coats over these garments. Inside each package were two simple items, a thin blue hospital gown, the type that tie at the back and a plastic hospital identification bracelet with their names on it. Janet and Bobby had looked at each other in stunned silence. It was Bobby who finally spoke. "I guess it's going to be quite a weekend." Now here they were, parked once again outside the large house. Bobby and Janet felt somehow more than naked as their bare feet padded across the cool pavement toward the house. They could both feel the cool evening air gently wafting up their bare thighs and across their warm genitals. It was Terry who met them at the door. "Hi", she smiled, "Are you wearing what you were sent?" "Yes Ma'am", they replied in unison. "Very good. Now you should both go upstairs and sit in the first room on your right. You can leave your coats in the closet down here. We'll call you when we're ready." With that, Terry turned and walked upstairs, leaving them alone. With their coats safely hung up, the couple felt even more vulnerable. They made their way upstairs, helpless to prevent the short gowns from parting at the back. The first room on the right looked like a sitting room. Two straight backed chairs were placed conspicuously in the middle of the room. Janet and Bobby sat down. Each gasped slightly as the cool leather of the chairs touched their overheated genitals. It was about five minutes before the side door to the room opened. "Janet, the doctor will see you now." said the voice of Terry. Janet took a deep breath and stood up and walked into the next room, leaving her husband to wait. Inside the room, directly in front of her, Janet saw a table with her Master and Mistress behind it. Both of them were wearing white lab coats just like the doctors do. The room was dimly lit except for the table and the area right in front of it. Chris smiled and motioned her into the light. "Are you ready for your examination little girl?" he asked. Janet found herself trembling as she nodded. "Very good" said Chris, "Please clasp your hands behind your head." As Janet lifted her hands, she felt the back of her gown opening wide apart to display her buttocks. "Now turn around slowly for us." said her Master. No matter how many times she did this, Janet couldn't help blushing as her bare bottom came into view. She knew that the view of her naked buttocks excited both her Master and Mistress and that idea turned her on even more. As she turned around, Janet started to get a good look at the rest of the room. Although the lights were dimmer in other parts of the room, Janet could clearly see a raised table off to the side. Looking a little closer, she could make out what were obviously metal stirrups at the end of the table just like her doctor's office! Janet's heart was pounding as she turned once again to face her dominant friends. From the look on their faces, she could tell that they knew that she had seen the examining table. "Very nice" smiled Chris "Now please remove your gown." Janet removed her gown and without being asked, again clasped her hands behind her head. Seeing Janet completely nude and vulnerable in front of them turned both Terry and Chris on. Janet was a beautiful woman. Blond with her hair cropped short for the summer and a faceful of freckles, she often looked like a tomboy. But now, without her clothes, she was all woman. Her figure was a trim 34b-24-35. Her breasts were small but firm. Her areola usually dark, got even darker when aroused as she was now. The nipples themselves were unusually long and thick when erect and Terry and Chris had discovered that they were one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Janet's pretty little pussy was framed with a light down of blond hair. Looking down, Chris could see that she had just trimmed it for her visit tonight. Janet was soon to find out that it would be the last night she and her submissive husband would be allowed pubic hair for awhile. Terry stood up from the table and took Janet by the hand. "Come with me" she said and led her over to the examining table. Janet had thought that she would be immediately placed in the steel stirrups, but Terry had other plans. The exam table was a little higher than waist height so Terry directed Janet to stand on the little footstool beside it. To her surprise, Terry had her bend foreward at the waist until her upper body was resting on the leather table. Janet's eyes followed Terry as she walked around the table to a counter. Janet watched her take something from a glass and then reach down for a tube. As Terry turned, Janet could clearly see the two items. The tube was K-Y jelly and the object was very obviously a rectal thermometer. Terry caught Janet looking and smiled. "We'll start by taking your temperature young lady." she said as she walked behind the younger woman. Janet's ass had always been the most private part of her and, although it turned her on to have it played with, Terry and Chris had yet to as much as touch her there. Janet felt Terry's thumb and forefinger spreading her buttocks open to expose her crinkled brown opening. The cool touch of the lubricated thermometer made her gasp as it touched her there. Terry slide the thin glass tube into her then stood up, leaving Janet bent over with just the tip of the thermometer sticking from between her firm buttocks. Janet was left there for a couple of minutes before Chris came over and pulled the thermometer from her. "Hmmm, a little warm." he chuckled then motioned for her to get up on the table. As expected Janet's feet were gently placed in the stirrups leaving her open wide. Terry took Janet's hands and pulled t hem to the top of the table. Soft cuffs fastened her wrists firmly to the table. A small pillow in the small of Janet's back ensured that her breasts thrust upward as an offering to her Master. Chris attached similar cuffs to Janet's ankles thus securing them to the steel stirrups. The stirrups were then pulled very wide. Janet had never felt so helpless and so aroused at the same time. There was nothing she could do to prevent her engorged pussy lips from parting open to expose her soaking pussy's interior. Once the stirrups were fastened wide apart, Janet's mobility was severely curtailed. Still, Terry and Chris each took a strap from the side of the table and fastened them to her knees. The strap pulled the knee out and down, keeping her extremely exposed. Now Chris moved to the end of the Preteen Nude Toplist table and Janet felt the whole end part of the table from below her waist drop away. >From his vantage point, Chris had a perfect view of her pussy and her anus still slick from the K-Y jelly on the thermometer. He let his fingertips gently slide up her thigh. "Excited?" he whispered. Janet closed her eyes and nodded. "Good" Being on a leather table, fastened to the cool metal stirrups left Janet feeling more vulnerable, more exposed than anytime in her life. As Terry reached down and gently covered her eyes with a blindfold, Janet felt even more helpless. Her sense of hearing was instantly heightened. Her ears strained to hear what was happening around her. Preteen Nude Toplist She heard Chris moving at the counter near her feet, heard the sound of items being moved around, then sensed that someone (was it Chris or Terry?) was again sitting between her widely stretched legs. The cool touch of a well lubricated finger at her anus was almost a relief to the anticipation. The finger teased for a moment or two then pushed gently until just the tip had slipped past the sphincter. Janet's breathing was coming in short ragged breaths. The finger twisted and turned in tiny, minute movements, each one causing Janet to squirm in her bonds. Suddenly the finger pushed deeper, sliding in slowly, not stopping until it was as deep as it would go. Janet's toes curled at the sensation of being penetrated anally. The finger moved in and out in long full movements. Janet felt her anal muscles clench despite herself thus intensifying the feeling. After a couple of minutes the finger pulled itself from her only to be replaced after a moment by the sensation of something more unyielding. A dildo? she thought. But this sensation was something altogether different. Without being able to see it, Janet's senses were extra sensitive. The cool lubricated object now starting to slide into her was at first very thin, thinner even that the finger that had just left her but as it slid in, she felt it widen, pushing open her ass. Whoever had a handle on the object was moving it in and out with a tiny motion, letting it slide a little deeper and thus spread her open a little wide each time. On one push it spread Janet open very wide and was held there, stretching her anal ring. Janet felt it push inward just a little further and to her surprise, the object was much narrower. Her sphincter clenched down, pulling the object deep into her rectum and then holding her open on a much thinner "neck" as the wide handle stopped the object from disappearing into her. The only sound in the room now was Janet's ragged breathing. Chris chuckled Preteen Nude Toplist and patted her mound with one hand as he stood up from between Janet's legs. "I'd ask you if you enjoyed that but it's obvious that you do." Janet had to admit that it was true. Even bound and blindfolded she could tell how wet she was. Again she heard movement at the counter then a gentle tug on her pubic hair. The sound of a 'snip' of scissors shocked her. 'Snip, snip, snip' and in a flash, Janet knew what was happening. Her pubic hair was being removed! Janet heard herself whimpering at the idea and she was completely helpless to do anything about it! Terry patted Janet's tummy as Chris continued to remove her muff. "Don't worry, you're going to look so hot without it." she said. The scissors stopped and Chris continued with shaving cream and a safety razor until Janet was as smooth as when she was eight years old. "Oh God!" she thought, "I wonder if they're going to do the same thing to Bobby?" Janet felt the straps at her knees, ankles and wrists being removed and a moment later, she was being helped to her feet by the dominant couple. The sensation of the rectal plug, still lodged deep in her body, was even more intense when standing. Janet was led out of the examining room while still blindfolded and into another adjacent room. Chris pulled her hands in front of her and attached them to a cord that a moment later pulled her hands toward the ceiling. When she was stretched upwards, the rope was tied, leaving the pretty girl to wait for whatever would come next. Janet heard the sound of one person leaving the room while the other continued to move around in front of her. The fingers that then pulled her nipple erect and the sensation of the nipple clips being attached were no surprise. Back in the waiting room, Bobby heard the intercom come alive again, "Alright Bobby, it's time for your examination." Bobby's heart was thumping as he entered the darkened room. Like Janet, he moved toward the lit area. "Clasp your hands behind your head if you please." said Terry. "Now turn slowly for me." Bobby felt himself blushing as he turned to expose his naked bottom, uncovered by the short hospital gown. Terry had him pause while facing away from her. She leaned back in her chair and enjoyed the view of his tight little behind. She smiled in the darkness. 'That bottom will be feeling quite different in a few minutes.', she thought. Terry led Bobby over to the examining table. Bobby couldn't help thinking what Janet must have Preteen Nude Toplist looked like on this table only a few short minutes ago. The steel stirrups that stuck out from the end of the table were still stretched wide apart. Bobby could see the leather straps hanging from them and pictured Janet's ankles straining against them as she was exposed to her Master and Mistress. Suddenly it occurred to him that it would soon be him with his feet in the stirrups. He blushed as Terry ordered him up onto the table. A moment later he was told to lie back and Bobby did so, embarrassed to be put into the humiliating position that women must suffer when visiting their gynaecologist. Terry gently placed his feet in the steel stirrups, still slightly warm from Bobby's wife's feet. Terry reached over and pulled the leather straps over his ankles and pulled them tight as she fastened him to the stirrups. Terry moved up to the head of the table and took the submissive man's hands in hers and positioned them up to the head of the table so that Bobby was fully extended on the table. Leather straps there held him now helpless in this exposed position. Bobby felt his breathing quicken as he realized that he was now at his Mistress' mercy. Bobby looked up in time to see Terry's hands descending with a blindfold that now cut his vision off from whatever would happen next. With his sense of hearing now heightened, Bobby hear Terry move back to the end Preteen Nude Toplist of the examining table. Another set of leather straps at his knees pulled them out and down to leave his genital and anal area overextended and completely exposed. Bobby listened as Terry moved around the room near the end of the table. Now he wished that he had paid more attention to just what had been sitting on the counter near there. What, he wondered, was there for her to use on him. Now, there was silence. Bobby held his breath, wondering what would happen next. As the tip of Terry's well-lubricated figure touched the center of Bobby's anus, he let out a soft sigh. The finger teased there for a moment before dipping inside. Terry added more lubricant to her long but slender figure then pushed it deeply into her young male submissive. The finger moved in and out, twisting as it went, adding more lubricant every once in awhile until the interior of Bobby's rectum was thoroughly covered with vaseline. By now Bobby's hips were straining upward, pushing against Terry's finger despite himself. As the finger pulled from him, Terry felt Bobby's muscles trying to hold it in. "Oh you like that do you?" she asked. Terry chuckled as she watched Bobby blush beneath his blindfold. She reached over and took a rectal plug similar to the one still firmly inserted in Bobby's wife Janet now tied in the next room. She eased just the tip of the flesh-colored plastic past the resistance of his sphincter and held it there, watching his reaction. Despite all the stimulation of his anus, Terry knew that his bottom was very tight. She would have to go a little slower than with Janet. The plug eased out slightly then pushed in a little deeper. Terry held it a moment, then let the pressure up and let the tip of the plug slide almost out before sliding it in even deeper this time. This in and out motion continued. Terry kept sliding the lubricated plug in deeper and deeper, twisting slightly as she did so. Bobby had started to moan slightly and did so again as the thickest part of the plug slid into him, holding his anus stretched wide apart upon it. Terry held this part of the plug in him, not letting the anal ring either push it out or pull it in. She twisted the plug slowly through a full rotation and smiled as Bobby whimpered at the exquisite sensation. His cock was now rock hard in front of her and Terry couldn't help but to bend down and let just the tip of her tongue taste the drop of pre-cum waiting for here there. Bobby gasped at the warm touch of his Mistress tongue and Terry watched his cock Preteen Nude Toplist twitch in reaction. She chose this moment to add just a little more pressure and let the rectal plug be pulled deeply into her submissive friend as his anal muscles clamped down on the narrow neck of the plastic intruder. Terry stepped back as Bobby moaned loudly and strained upward in his bonds. For a moment she wondered if he would be able to help from coming but Bobby was able to bring himself under control and calm down slightly. Terry let him regain his composure for a minute or two while she prepared things at the counter. The next sensation that Bobby experienced was similar to his wife's had been a few short minutes before. Terry quickly and expertly clipped his pubic hair to a short stubble using scissors. Like Janet, it took Bobby a moment or two to realize exactly what was happening and then he moaned in embarrassment as his Mistress quickly removed the last covering his genitals had from her. The shaving cream and razor were next and Bobby held his breath as she carefully shaved the sensitive area. In a few short minutes Bobby's pubis was as naked as it had been when he was a child. Terry slowly, sensuously rubbed warm oil around his cock, balls and pubis leaving his naked cock rock hard. Bobby felt a strange feeling as Terry fastened something around his cock and balls. Without being able to see it, he wasn't sure what it was. Terry smiled at the sight of the baby pink ribbon now tied with a bow around Bobby's move sensitive parts. The long end of the Preteen Nude Toplist ribbon she left hanging down between his legs. She'd need it shortly. Bobby listened as Terry made her way up the table toward his chest. Again, Terry leaned down and this time took his left nipple in her mouth. Bobby arched his back against the leather straps as his Mistress bit down on his sensitive nipple and pulled it upwards. The tiny nipple quickly became erect and Bobby felt Terry pull it out further as she fastened the metal clip to it. Bobby's cock twitched again, betraying the turn on that the restraining clip was to him. Terry's mouth was already on the right nipple pulling it erect also. With the long rectal plug still in him and the clips firmly fastened on his nipples, Bobby felt Terry releasing him from the table. The leather straps on his wrists were left on and as he was pulled up to a sitting position, Terry fastened them behind his back. As Bobby moved to his feet, his buttocks came together and he felt the plug sliding even deeper into his bottom. Terry now reached down to take hold of the end of the pink ribbon firmly tied around Bobby's erect cock and balls. "Come along young man." she said and gave a little tug on the ribbon. Bobby was helpless to do anything but obey, shuffling forward in tiny steps hoping not to walk into anything. Terry led him into the next room where his wife Janet was still tied with her hands to the ceiling. Janet had not been left idle. Chris had kept up the teasing on her body while Terry had prepared her husband on the doctor's examining table. A vibrating magic wand had been playing all over her hot body and Terry could see immediately that the pretty young girl was bathed in a fine sheen of sweat. Janet's breathing was coming in ragged breaths by now. Chris had kept the rectal plug deep in her and had attached clips identical to Bobby's to Janet's thick nipples. The vibrator had touched the clips and the end of the plug every once in awhile producing a tremor through the firm body. Janet's freshly shaved pussy had obviously tasted the vibrator also, thought Terry as she noticed the submissive young girl's juices on the smooth lips. Janet's clit was now erect, poking up teasingly between the bare lips. Terry led Bobby over to the center of the room directly in front of Janet and positioned him facing her. Chris helped to tie his hands to the ceiling also so that he was helplessly stretched right in front of his wife. Although the young couple could not see each other, the heat of each was evident to the other. Janet felt the hot breath in front of her and knew that it must be Bobby. Chris and Terry moved forward and the two submissives felt their nipple clips being adjusted. A moment later, there were only two clips between them. Bobby's nipples were now firmly attached to those of his wife. Bobby and Janet felt themselves pressing against each other. Bobby's rigid cock was now poking up at Janet's oiled smooth lips. Terry reached between them to guide the firm organ up into his wife. The couple moaned in unison at the intense feeling. Unable to wait, Bobby started moving in and out of Janet only to feel the ribbon around his balls pull with a sharp jerk. "Not until your told." said his Mistress sharply. The tension of trying to stay in Janet without moving was almost more than Bobby could bear. Janet also moaned in frustration, wanting desperately the thrust of Bobby's cock into her over-sensitized pussy. Terry and Chris stepped back to enjoy the scene. It was unique. The naked, stretched submissive couple were attached to each other at the nipple and their genitals. "Now then," said Terry, "I suppose you two would like to begin to rut like a couple of dogs in heat wouldn't you?" "Oh yes Mistress, please." moaned Bobby and Janet. "Very good." chuckled Chris, "We'll give you a helping hand then. Your Mistress and I will be setting the pace." A moment later Janet felt the sharp crack of a riding crop against her naked buttocks as Chris smacked her with it. The surprise of the smack thrust her against Bobby, pushing his cock deep into her and causing her to moan loudly. As Janet pulled back a swipe of the crop by Terry onto Bobby's buttocks caused him to thrust forward again. The sound of the dual spanking continued like a metronome, spanking first one then the other, controlling the pace of the couple's rutting. It was Bobby who started to come first. Chris and Terry had been watching for it. His breath now in short desperate gasps, his buttocks clenched again and again as he arched himself into Janet. The movement pulled at the clips which fastened the pair's nipples firmly together. Janet felt her nipples being pulled out by the clips as her husband cried out in front of her. Chris moved forward and with one hand twisted the Janet's rectal plug. It was all she needed. With a loud sob, she came too, twisting and pulling against her bonds and grinding her naked pubis against her husband. Finally, hanging limply from their wrists, it was over. What would happen next? wondered Bobby. What could top this? wondered Janet. They would soon find out.
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