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Young Lolita Toplist

(2011-11-22 09:23:57)






Related article: Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 15:44:13 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: 5b & 6c 06The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"5b & 6c" 06 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Waking, mid-afternoon's light filtered through the mini-blind."Awake?" Gino called out.He got no answer, so tried sliding out from under Justin."I'm awake!""Oh, I thought you weren't awake. I called out to you and... never mind.""I think we kind of made a mess of your sheets.""Yeah. But it's not like I don't have another set.""How's your stock of towels?" Justin hinted for a shower.Smiling, Gino reports, "I've only got a ton and a half of them!"This time their shower time went by with a little less radiance. More like a shower, they washed each other's backs off, Justin trying to get another rise out of Gino, by soaping up his big balls."Back off. They're not running on empty yet!" Gino joked."Hmm...is that an invitation for a sleep over?""Not a bad tactic for inviting yourself.""So? Did it work?""How about some veal parmesan, warmed up?""I'd rather be having `this' veal!" Justin says, trying to firm Gino's 9c again.%In the next town over, at a gas station, Adam is making a phone call, dialing his brother. There's no answer, so he leaves a message.�ck at 6c, Justin dresses himself in a borrowed tee shirt, which fits fine, but the jeans needs rolling up."Why couldn't God make you a normal size?" He asks Gino.Popping the veal parmesan in the over, he answers, "The big guys were made to dominate the shorter ones!""In more ways than one!" Justin gives Gino a friendly grope."Yeah, well you did make me feel mighty good down there." Then joking, Gino asks, "You have a lot of experience at blow jobs?""Oh yeah. I just took my ad out of the college newspaper, because I was making too much money. The IRS was after me!""Maybe the IRS wanted their share? Ever think of it that way?""Yeah. But they'd rather have the money.""Hmm," Gino says, "Not me. I'd rather have the sweet sensuous.... hey!""What?""By the way. Where did this kinky stuff come from?""Don't ask me," Justin Young Lolita Toplist says. "You're the one that started it.""Me? How?""You started biting my nips.""It was turning you on.""I know.""So?""So, it turned you on when I bit around your `bellyhole'?""What's wrong with that?""Nothing, other than who calls somebody's navel their bellyhole?""Well," Gino says, lifting his shirt, exposing his hairy navel, "that's what it is!"With slow forgiveness, Justin says, "It does turn me on."With confession, Gino admits, "I have to admit your biting did give my boner palpitations!""Hmmm..""What are you thinking now?""Oh, maybe later.""Huh?""Maybe later of giving you a `boner-attack'!""You kidding. Your mouth caused quite an eruption as it is!""Oh, so you like my blow jobs, eh?">From all the talk, Gino's salami was filling his pants.Justin says, "Hmm... I could sure use an appetizer!""Waaaait a minute there... you still didn't answer my question about this `kinky' stuff.""Nothing much to answer. I like my nips ravaged and you like your `bellyhole' stimulated. What's more kinky than that?"Gino smiled."What?" Justin quizzed him."Why don't we leave the questions til later.""Yeah, dude. Whatever."Whipping out his cell phone, Justin turns it on."Incoming!" He shouts out."Who is it? Your kinky sex partner?" Gino quips."How could it be him? You're not on the phone!"Gino gives a fake laugh."It's Adam.""Adam who?" Gino asks."Adam, my brother... hold on a sec. I need better reception," Justin says, taking the call in the other room.Gino busies himself, taking the Italian bread out of it's long bag, placing it on a baking sheet. Placing the sliced-in-half bread on it, he brushes olive oil on it. Next, he takes some garlic, prepares it, smashing it, then arranging it on the slices. He sprinkles parsely on it."What's up?" He calls out, when Justin enters the kitchen."Oh, it's Adam. That junk he drives around in, bit the dust. I gotta go bail him out.""That's what brothers are for!""Will dinner keep?""Um, I'll just put the bread in, but I'll keep it warm.""Cool. I'll be back as soon as I can.""Here," Gino writes seven numbers down, "call if you're delayed.""No, I'll be right back."Come six o'clock, there's no call and no Justin. Seven o'clock and the garlic bread Young Lolita Toplist could be used for hammering. Seven-thirty rolled by and Gino was kicking himself for not taking down Justin's cell phone number. Then he remembered. Justin's jeans, briefs, socks and tank top. They should be ready for the dryer. "Rat's!" Gino said out loud. Justin must've grabbed his wallet, on the way out. `Naturally. He would need his license'!%Meanwhile, downstairs, in 5b, Thomas sat in his chair, flute in hand, his remote control keying in on a scene of the DVD, of the last flute master class he gave, at LQCC. He recalled, as each student made the same mistake. He started thinking to himself, `Ah, so that's where they got off,' realizing he didn't explain the concept fully. Cutting off the DVD, he went through the embouchure section once more, as if he performed `live'. Solving the problem, he made some mental notes, jotting them down on paper. He put the DVD back with his other master class files. He then spotted something.Outloud he thought, "I have not seen this in a dog's age!"Reaching for it, he pulled out of the collection, his own personal copy of `Grease', the movie. He tossed it in the DVD player. As the credits played, he ran a cloth through his flute, getting all the spittle out, took it apart and put it back in it's case. Going to the kitchen, he forfeited watching the opening beach scene, to fetch himself a glass of wine. He brought, along with the whole bottle of Chardonnay, a full glass. Sitting on the sofa, lengthways, he kicked off his slippers.Suddenly his door springs open."Oh, I haven't seen this one in a dog's age... hey, sorry we kept you waiting!""I beg your pardon?""Aren't you Gino Trava-ticklee-ah-tony?"Maybe he had his own agenda for being pissed at Gino, but the mispronouciation kind of made up for part of it. The other is the adonis standing before him!"No. Gino lives in 6c.""Isn't this the..."He looks at the door."Oh my. I'm made a grand boo-boo!""Adam, you jerk! Sorry about this professor!"In walks Justin, grabbing Adam's arm, dragging him out of the room, leaving Thomas, at the least, astounded. Closing the door, he's left holding the bottle and missing the first song."Adam, you're such a spaz!""You said up a flight and to the right.""I meant after this flight.""You should say what you mean.""We were already half up this flight. I meant one `full' flight of stairs, doofus.""What a shame, too.""What?""He was so cute and geez, I haven't seen Grease in Young Lolita Toplist at least ten years!""Forget it. You won't like him anyway.""How do you know? He looked so adorable stretched out there on the sofa, his cute face popped up over the top to look.""C'mon... c'mon... you came here to meet Gino."Dragging Adam up the stairs, Justin's hand went for the knob to 6c."Locked," Adam says real quick, "nobody home... let's go back and watch `Grease'!""He's home. We're just like three hours late."Answering the door, Gino says, "Where have you been for three.... hours... who's this?""Gino, this is my brother, Justin says.Adam asks, "What's to eat? I'm starved!""Adam, can you excuse us for a moment?" Gino asks, after inviting him in.The two went out in the hallway."Whatever happened to `I'll call you if I'm delayed?'""Oh, well... y'see when Adam needs my attention, he needs my attention and...."As the two talked it over, inside 6c, Adam was going shopping in the fridge."Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... veal parmesan!"Taking the pan out, he fired up the oven. He found some fresh bread, in long packages, some olive oil from the cupboard and with some garlic and parsely seasonings. From it, he assembles some garlic bread. He popped the parmesan in the oven. In a bottom bin of the fridge he found some lettuce and threw together a salad, with some cherry tomatoes."Mmmmmmm, smells good," Justin says. "Thanks for waiting for us.""Waiting?" Adam says, looking to Gino. Then he fudges, "Oh yes. Thank you so much for waiting for us, Gino," Adam lied through his teeth, to keep the peace."Save your breath, Adam," Justin tells him. "I already know the food was put away.""Speaking of which," Adam jumps across subjects, "who's the hottie downstairs?""Hottie?" Gino questions. "Downstairs? Nooo.. you're not talking about..."Justin breaks in just in time to reveal, "Professor Ladner.""Where did you meet him?""There was a mixup...""Your fault," Adam informs all."Was not.""Was too. You should've said what you meant; not what you thought you meant.""Hold it!" Gino says, "Time out," he holds his hands, "somebody want to clue me in to what's going on?""Adam accidentally walked in on the professor and thought it was your apartment and....""He's really quite an attractive man!""He's not your type," Justin tells his brother."Oh? Not gay? What a dirty shame!""Gay, he is, but like you say a dirty...""One man's opinion. Do you know how long it's been since I've seen `Grease'?""What does `Grease' have to do with Tom?""Tom? So, that's the handsome devil's name!"Right now, Gino is getting the impression that Adam is used to getting on people's nerves."Y'know, it might not be a bad idea.""What, Gino?" Justin asks."Grease?""What are you driving at, Gino?""I wonder if Thomas likes veal parmesan?""Shall I go ask him?" Adam volunteers.Gino and Justin look at each other. Justin shrugs his shoulders, saying, "Whatever you think!""Adam, would I be putting you out, asking you to.........""No sweat."In two seconds, Adam is out the door.The clock hits 8:30."He's been gone for thirty minutes. What's keeping him?""I don't know, but your mamma's veal parmesan is out of this world, Gino!""Thanks. You know, Adam makes really good garlic bread. I'm really stuffing myself, and this salad is....""Gino?""Huh?""What time do we have to leave to be at the club?""Oh shit! Mr. Pinque's! I almost forgot!""I've got the dishes," Justin says, as Gino runs into the bedroom.%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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