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Related article: Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 11:02:04 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: 5b & 6c 05The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"5b & 6c" 05 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Walking the hallway, Tom followed it to the end. He tried the door to the dance studio. It was locked. He knocked. It opened."Hi Tom. C'mon in."It was the first look Tom had gotten of Gino's bod, beneath the shirt as it remained unbuttoned, the shirt tail pulled out. Gino was sweating. It showed, his body saturated with the salty wetness, most of the shirt, as well. When the door opened wide, admitting him in, he caught Justin in the act of replacing his tee shirt over his equally moist bod."Practicing hard, eh Gino?"Going deeper into the room, Gino introduces his new friend, "This is Justin Kharazian."They shook hands, Justin's a moist one! Gino introduced Tom, mentioning him on the faculty, referring to him as, "Professor Ladner"."Tom," the twenty-four year old professor suggested calling him."Gino has been a big help to me this morning, helping me with a new routine.""Mind if I watch?""Um, we're all finished up, I think. Right Justin?""We can show Tom, if you would like.""Sure," Tom said. "I'd like to see you in action, Gino.""Oh well, most of the action is in Justin's ballpark."Tom watched Justin walking back, his tee shirt completely sticking to his perspired bod."Ready?""I'm ready!" Gino called back across the floor.Tom watched as Justin pirouetted across the floor, the last minute doing a little jump, landing flawlessly in Gino's arms. Unlike the other ten or twelve times, he immediately bounced backwards, then strode over to where Tom was standing."What do you think?"Tom clapped, as he said, "I'm afraid I don't know much about dance moves, but it looks impressive.""Thanks. It's my own creation," Justin replies."Well I can tell it's creative. All of the arts are, but I can tell there's special effort added to this one."Gino comes over to where the two are chatting."I wouldn't have been able to work out the piroutte and jump without Gino. He was a big help to me.""I bet it's a lot different than dancing on a cube, eh Gino?""What was that?"Gino couldn't believe his ears."Excuse me. Ah, nice meeting you Justin."Rather than a gentle walk, Gino stormed out of the dance studio. Going down the hallway, he stripped off his shirt, dabbing his armpits, wiping his forehead and chest. He lit out of the building, putting his sweaty shirt back on.Back at the dance studio, Tom had some explaining to do."I know you're a professor here and I bid you no disrepect, but why the fuck did you go and do something like that?""I.. I'm sorry. I don't know. I....""Don't give me your apologies. Gino is the one you should be speaking to."Justin went about his business getting himself back together again, real quick, as if he didn't want to be in the same room, roughly assembling his paperwork and stuffing it in his bookbag, atop the piano. Tom just stood there. Running out, Justin flicked the light switch off. Tom found his way to the door and let himself out. No one was around and he felt lonely."Gino, wait up, huh?"Gino had been headed towards the student center."I'm sorry about bailing out back there," Gino said."Well, as I recall, the remark was directed at you," Tom mentions."Right.""So, are you a cube-boy?""Yeah. I dance Friday and Saturday nights at Mr. Pinque's.""Cool!""Thanks," Gino says in reply."For what?""For not thinking that it's demeaning for a ballet dancer to double as a sleazy dancer.""Oh I don't find it to be the case at all. In fact... can I come watch you sometime?""You really want to?""Sure. I'd even appreciate it if you showed me some steps.""Really?""I've really only delved into ballet and some tap dancing.""Sure I'd show you some steps.""How about a cup of coffee first?" Justin suggests."That's cool," Gino tells him.Tom waited at his car for a half hour before figuring out Gino wasn't going to show up for the return trip home. So, he drove home, feeling mighty lonely. The question he asked over and over is `Why did that Justin have to come between us?' Another part of Tom, blamed himself, wondering why he didn't `move faster' in development of his relationship with Gino. `I should have taken up his offer for a shower!'%"I would've been in my junior year, but I ran out of cash," Justin says, "but don't get me wrong. I'm not destitute either.""Oh? How's that go, if Lolita Toplists you don't mind me asking?""Well, you see Gino, my father has a very lucrative car dealership. At first he managed the place, but then bought it when the owner was ready to dissolve it.""Cool," Gino said. "Does he have any cheap cars?""I think he can find you something.""Maybe in exchange for `cube dance' lessons?""Gino, can we talk about something?""What's that?""I don't know what your relationship is with Professor Ladner, but...""Friends and distant ones at that. In fact maybe not at all.""I was pretty rough on him," Justin says."Good. Maybe somebody has to be that way, to get through to him, yet I can't figure out why he would....""Jealousy?""I only met the guy. Sure, I said some things about doing a shower together, but nothing serious.""And did you shower together?""No. He more or less switched the subject.""So, you two don't mean anything to each other?""Neighbors. That's about all. Why?""Because maybe I can have a go at it?""I'd like that," Gino said it, but in his mind, he felt like he was dropping Tom before anything even materialized."I need to get a shower. You?"Gino smiled, asking, "Your place or mine?""I stay at the dorm. There's not much privacy."Knowing what Justin suggested, the two headed out to the student parking lot."Nice car," Gino said of the late model jeep."Thanks," Justin said, getting in, inviting Gino to climb into the opposite seat."Y'know, I'm feeling kind of sorry for the things I said to Professor Ladner," Justin says."Don't think anything of it. He'll get over it.""I hope so.""Why the concern?" Gino asked, yet deep down in his heart, he felt the same."Ulterior motives?""Ulterior motives? How's that go, Justin?""I'm thinking Professor Ladner could be a really sweet guy.""He is. I mean was. I-I-I mean he could be. Frankly, I was totally surprised by his comment.""Well me too, especially being I don't know you very well.""I hope I can make you change your opinion."They sped over to Gino's place, taking the normal precautions, a stop sign, red light-green light, a yield at North Shore Drive, the prelude to Lake Quinn Luxury Apartments."I'm sorry to keep bringing this up, but do you really think Tom is jealous?""I don't know Gino. But when I mentioned `ulterior motives', I did have something on my mind.""I figured so. Mind clueing me in?""As I mentioned, I think our professor can be a really sweet guy.""He can. Maybe I'm just not the right person for him.""Right."As they ascended the stairs to 6c, Gino picked up on the flute music coming through the door."So, do you have someone in mind?"They lingered at Gino's door."Wait! You've been planning something, Justin. What do you have up that sleeve?""Right now, a musky armpit!""Mmmm," Gino states, wiggling his eyebrow.The comment from Justin, threw Gino entirely off the subject. Letting themselves in, closing the door, Gino presses his chest up against Justin's. They kiss, as Gino's hands lift the sweaty tank top off. As Justin's top moves up in the air, so does his hands, as if someone is lifting them from above. With Gino's bod still pressuring Justin's to remain still, Gino's tongue darts out of his mouth, aiming straight for the dark, hairy pit."Oooooooooooooooooooooh!" Justin moans, as Gino licks.Used to tantalize, Gino unpins Justin from the door. He takes off his sweaty shirt. Taking Justin's hand, he leads him into the bedroom. They both proceed to strip down to nakedness. Gino escapes the room for the jon. Soon the sound of a shower is heard. Justin follows the lead. Already steam has escaped the tile and glass enclosure, misting over their bods."Come find me, if you dare!" Gino calls out from inside the rectangular shower stall."Mmmmm..." Justin says, stepping over the tub.As he gets inside, Gino greets him with both arms. Their bodies meet, cuddling each other. Wet greets wetness, as the water cascades over their heads, dripping down."Mmmm.... I wonder how come the dorm shower doesn't have this essence of ambience?" Justin questions."Maybe because it's missing me?" Gino asks, in a sexy mode."Mmmm...." is all Justin says when their lips meet.Both rub their hands up and down their backs. However, Gino's hands deviate, stretching down further, sliding with the water to the small of Justin's back. Next, he ventures further, grabbing Justin's ass, firming up the two mounds in his hands."You want it bad, don't you Gino?"In a sassing manner, Gino replies, "You bet I do!"Straying from Gino's bod, reaching behind him, Justin twirls the central control. The last of the water pours over them."Hmmm... just what I like!""And what's that?" Justin quizzes Gino."A man who goes after what he wants!"Both place a foot out of the shower. In between the door and the wall their lips connect. Gino's hand, familiar with the layout, grabs a towel. Stepping out, he dries Justin's front off."Mmmmmm.... one of my favorite things!" Gino says, leading."Oh? What's that?""A luscious pair of hairy nips!"Justin smiles, as Gino cocks his head to the left, going for his nip. He braces himself."Oooooooooooh...ooooooooooooohhhhh...oooooh!" Justin moans over and over again.Standing there, his left hand scrunching up Justin's right asscheek, his tongue and teeth are reeking extreme pleasure to Justin's left nip, Gino's tongue making it's own path around his hairy nip, then his teeth taking a taste."Ooooooooooh hell yeah!" Justin cries out.Gino's hand wanders around to the front."Looks like I found one of your hot spots, eh Justin?""I have a few of them. Your hand is on one of them now!"Gino just smiles, giggles, as he strokes Justin's tool.Drying himself off with one quick motion of the towel, Gino stuffs it back into the towel rack. Kissing Justin once more, he slowly leads him into the bedroom."Oopsie!"Laughing his ass off, Justin stands there watching Gino tumble over on the floor."Damn ottoman!""Hee hee... some romanticist you turned out to be!"Smiling, Gino pulls down the sheet on the bed. He climbs in, all the time his sights engaged; eye to eye. Justin follows his lead, going to the other side of the grand-sized bed."I thought you were a fair man, Gino.""Huh? How's that go?"Kneeling on the bed, Justin replies, "You did one of my nips, but not the other? What kind of fairplay is that?"Smiling, following Justin's coy leading, Gino gets Lolita Toplists up from the bed."Down, boy!"Giggling, the twenty-one year old freshman lies down on his back. Not wasting any effort or time, Gino presses half his bod down, his mouth going straight for Justin's right nip. Unlike before, there's no soft cooing. Gino's teeth move right in for the kill!"Oooooooooooooooh! Arrrrrghhhhhh! Oooooh shit!" Justin calls out.However, the dancer makes no effort to stop Gino from gnashing his nip-flesh, other than pushing him away."Oooooooh!" Justin sighs, when Gino let's go."Damn!" Gino says, looking at Justin's nub, all red, darker in appearance as surrounded by his dark, hairy fuzz."Why'd ya stop?""Why?" Gino quizzes him. "Because I want to find those other `pleasure spots'!""Like you didn't know?"What Justin talked about is his cock standing straight up, pointing at Gino's stomach."I thought something was tickling my bellyhole.""Your bellyhole?"Instead of spelling right out, his navel, Gino takes Justin's pointer finger and jabs himself into his deep innie."Ooooooh!" Gino says.It's time to flip places."Kinky!" Justin calls out, as Gino lies down."Go for it!" Gino exclaims, wiggling his eyebrows.With positions evenly exchanged, Justin looks over the man before him, taking in the sights. First his mouth replaces his finger, pressing hard against Gino's navel, his tongue digging deep into his bellyhole."Oooooh yeah!"Thinking of how Gino went right ahead and did whatever, Justin takes a gamble at pleasuring him. He sinks his teeth into the little ring around Gino's navel, biting away at it."OOoooooh fuck!""Hurt?" Justin stopped automatically."Hell yeah...""Hmm..." Justin says, followed by, "too kinky, man!"This time, he finds out how much Gino is enjoying having his navel Lolita Toplists eaten out, moving his hands up to Gino's chest, he follows through with some nip massaging."Oooooooooohhhhh yeah..." Gino wails in pleasure.Soon it becomes unbearable, Gino's cock at full throttle, jabbing Justin in the throat. In his mind, Justin is saying, `the-hell-with-it', with Gino's bellyhole. Instead, Justin changes his attention to Gino's tool. It's enough to make Gino do a sit up, as his mouth surrounds the meaty flesh and gowns down as far as he can, lips pulling tautly against the sides of Gino's 9c."Ooooooooooooooh yeah... hell yeeeeeeeah....Ooooooooh!"Gino is in total abandon, lying back down. As he slowly calms down, he begins to devote some attention to Justin, taking his nips in each hand, mashing them. Gino smiles when, through the sucking action, from a humming sound, he picks up some Lolita Toplists good vibrations. Justin then speeds up the action, stroking Gino's cock, too long to completely engulf in his mouth."Yeah.....yeaaaaaah....ooooooh fuckin' yeahhhhhh," Gino calls out as he comes to climax!After guzzling Gino's load, Justin sits up, taking his own cock in his hand and is stroking furiously."Ah... ah... ahh...oh.....ahhhhhhhhhharrrrrrrgh!"Coming, ropes of white goo sling forth out of his cock and pressing his ass forward, he makes it land on Gino's stomach, mixing with his hairy trail. Finishing off the deed, Justin then falls forwards, onto his own goo. They lay there, heads next to each other, panting into each other's ears.%�2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author. % Other stories by T. Chase McPhee: FOR SALE BY OWNER nifty/gay/highschool/for-sale-by-owner/ FOR THE LOVE OF MICHAEL nifty/gay/highschool/for-the-love-of-michael/ SENIOR CUT DAY nifty/gay/highschool/senior-cut-day/ STRIPEs nifty/gay/adult-youth/stripes/ NATURE WALK nifty/gay/adult-youth/nature-walk/ iCONS nifty/gay/beginnings/icons ROAD TRIP nifty/gay/authoritarian/road-trip/ OLD-FASHIONED GOOD WILL nifty/gay/beginnings/old-fashioned-good-will/ TIDELIGHT ZONE nifty/gay/adult-friends/tidelight-zone/ BUFFALO BOYS nifty/gay/authoritarian/buffalo-boys/ MUSCLE JOCKS FOR DOMINATION nifty/gay/authoritarian/muscle-jocks-for-domination/ OUT IN THE WILD, WILD WEST nifty/gay/celebrity/out-in-the-wild-wild-west/ CHRONICLES OF MARK SASSOON nifty/gay/authoritarian/chronicles-of-mark-sasson/
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