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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.53 The Master Chris Collection JEFFERY'S VISIT TO SAN FRANCISCO --------------------------- It was 2:15 when the plane starting making its descent into San Francisco airport. Jeffrey had been thinking about landing all day, all week in fact. He expected that who would be meeting him was his friend and sometime Mistress Sally. Sally and Jeffrey's sex games had been exciting and all too few as far as Jeffrey was concerned. Each time one or the other had assumed a submissive role and the resulting "Adventures" were the realization of fantasies that most people never even imagine. This time it was Jeffrey's turn to obey his Mistress. Sally had given him specific instructions the evening before. He was not to play with himself until she allowed it, he was to remove his underwear during the flight and be naked under his jeans and he was to bring a small butt plug that she promised would be used on him while he was with her. The flight landed smoothly and Jeffrey grabbed his carry on bag, the only one he had brought with him. Sally was waiting at the gate. "Hi!", she called as he exited the jetway. Sally ran up to him and gave him a big hug. It had been months since they'd seen each other last. "Have you got any bags that we need to wait for?" asked Sally. "Nope." "Ok then, lets go." Sally led Jeffrey out of the building and next door to the parking lot where her car was waiting. "We'll be going for a little drive." she said with a mischievous smile and pulled out of the parking lot onto the highway. The pair had lots to talk about and the first 10 minutes of the drive was taken up with small talk as they caught up on the news. Sally had maneuvered herself onto the freeway and Jeffrey had been so caught up in the conversation that he hadn't even noticed that they weren't heading for the heart of the city. He had just started looking for direction signs to get an idea of where they were going when Sally took the opportunity to pull off into a Rest Area. She parked the car in an empty spot at the end of the parking lot and then turned to Jeffrey. "Alright, it's time for your adventure to start. Did you follow all of my instructions?" Jeffrey felt his cock stiffen as she asked him this simple question. "Yes" he replied. "Good get out of the car and into the back seat please." Jeffrey did as he asked. In the back seat was a folded sheet that he had to move over to sit down. "Now I'd like you to remove your shoes, socks and pants." Jeffrey looked around nervously as he reached down to undo his shoes. Although no one was in sight, removing his clothes in such a public place made him feel very exposed. By the time he had removed his pants, his cock had grown rock hard and was sticking straight up. Sally smiled at the sight. "I'm glad to see that you didn't wear your underpants as instructed. It might have been Lolita Pedo embarrassing for you to be spanked right here." Jeffrey certainly agreed with her. Sally now reached back and handed Jeffrey a sleeping mask. The simple blindfold was the kind handed out in First Class on airlines on long flights. "Put this on if you please." Jeffrey felt even more exposed without being able to see. "Very good now lie down on the seat and you can use the sheet to cover your lower half." Jeffrey sighed a sigh of relief as he was allowed to cover his nakedness. "We'll be driving for a while so make yourself comfortable." said Sally as she started the car. The small talk continued after a while and for the next hour or so the two friends just enjoyed being with each other. Jeffrey had almost forgotten his compromising position as he felt the car slow and curve as Sally took an exit from the freeway. 'Where are we?' wondered Jeffrey. The car turned from side to side through a number of streets for several minutes and then Jeffrey felt a bump as Sally finally pulled into what must have been a driveway. Jeffrey heard Sally get out of the car and heard her footsteps as she walked around to the rear passenger door. The door opened and suddenly Jeffrey felt the sheet being pulled from him. "Sit up Jeffrey." Jeffrey sat up in the back seat. His hands dropped to his lap concealing his now raging hard on. "Take off your shirt now." she said. A moment later Jeffrey was completely naked. Without being able to see, he was very nervous. Was he, in fact, in a driveway or in the middle of a crowded parking lot? He had no way of knowing. Sally took Jeffrey's arm and helped him from the car. The asphalt under his feet felt strange and accentuated his nakedness. Again he felt his hands move naturally in front of him to hide his prick. Sally laughed. "That will never do." she said as she pulled his hands behind him. Jeffrey felt the familiar click of handcuffs as she fastened his wrists behind him. Next Jeffrey felt Sally's hands at his crotch as she tied a long pink ribbon around his cock and balls. Taking the end of the ribbon in one hand she led him forward slowly by tugging gently at the ribbon. Jeffrey felt himself blush as she led him off the asphalt and onto cool grass. Jeffrey was led forward several more feet. "Up two stairs now Jeffrey." said Sally. Jeffrey felt the stairs with his feet and lifted himself up the stairs and into a Lolita Pedo building, a house he figured. Sally led him forward through one room and into a carpeted room before stopping. "On your knees now and in your submissive position." she said. Jeffrey dropped to his knees and spread them wide apart. He leaned forward until his head was touching the carpet and waited for his next instruction. He was left for a minute or two and then he heard the click of a camera as his picture was taken. Pictures were taken of him from every angle. Finally the pictures stopped and Jeffrey sensed someone standing behind him. 'Was it Sally?' he wondered. The cool touch of a fingertip covered in vaseline made him gasp despite himself. The finger toyed with his anus, running around in circles and over the center of the sensitive opening. Finally it paused centered directly on the middle of his puckered anus. Jeffrey held his breath wondering what was next. The finger pushed slightly just opening his anus slightly but not even penetrating. It stayed there for a full minute just turning slightly. Suddenly the finger plunged deep into him all the way to the third knuckle and held itself deep in him. Jeffrey gasped out loud at the exquisite sensation. Her heard a chuckle from off to the side, it was Sally. "He seems to like that doesn't he?" Another woman's voice answered from behind Jeffrey. "He sure does. I like it too." Jeffrey felt a blush hit his face which was thankfully hidden by the carpet. He flushed a deep red at the humiliation of being exposed like this. The finger in his rear was now moving. The mystery woman moved it in and out slowly, finger fucking his rear. Finally, she decided that he was well enough lubricated and next he felt the tip of the anal plug he had brought with him. The plug was not too large and the only uncomfortable part of it was the widest ridge as it passed into his sphincter. His anus pulled at the intruded as the thick bulge passed into him and was firmly lodged with four inched imbedded in his rectum and the wide base sticking obscenely out. "I guess it's time for his spanking." said the strange woman. "Here's the paddle." answered Sally. The paddling with the ping pong paddle was fast and furious and left Jeffrey wit a bottom that was burning hot. "Up now Jeffrey." said Sally as she helped Jeffrey up onto his knees. The handcuffs were removed and Jeffrey automatically moved his hands in front of him. "Hands behind your neck." said Sally and Jeffrey moved to obey. More pictures were taken both in front of his stiff organ still tied with the pretty pink ribbon and from behind of his now red bottom. Every few minutes Jeffrey was touched somewhere. Either a tug on the ribbon or the plug was pushed, pulled or twisted in his sensitive bottom. Each touch caused him to moan involuntarily. The teasing and photographs went on for about ten minutes. Finally it stopped. "On your feet Jeffrey." said the strange woman. A tug on his ribbon led him across the room again. Taking him by the arm the woman led him right into the corner where she told him to stay without moving. With a final twist of the plastic plug, the woman walked back to the center of the room. Jeffrey heard a couple more pictures of him in this humiliating position. He was left there for ten minutes or so without being able to hear much as the women had moved to another part of the house. Finally, Jeffrey heard footsteps approaching. "Come with me Jeffrey." said Sally. She took him by the arm and led him back to the center of the room. Sally pulled him forward until he felt the back of a leather sofa touch his thighs. "Legs apart please." she said. Jeffrey spread his legs and felt leather cuffs being attached to his ankles. The cuffs were quickly attached to the sofa legs. Now Sally pushed him forward so that he was bent over the sofa from behind. Leather cuffs were attached to his wrists and then to straps going to the front legs of the sofa. Jeffrey's head was resting on the sofa cushion. He realized that the position made his bottom particularly vulnerable and exposed and he wasn't surprised to hear more pictures being taken. Fingers on his anal plug tugged gently then started to tease the plug out of him. It would be pulled out an inch then left to slide back in slowly. As the thick part of the plug stretched his anus, the fingers held it there, teasing him. Finally the plug was pulled fully from him leaving Jeffrey gasping. A finger replaced the plug covered with lubricant. It moved in and out slowly adding a little more lubricant to leave him slippery and ready for whatever was next. The touch of plastic at his rear made Jeffrey think that it was his plug again but this felt different. As the object was pressed into his tight opening, he realized with horror that this was an enema nozzle. Surely he wasn't going to get an enema with a stranger watching! Sally obviously had other ideas and Jeffrey was helpless to prevent them. He felt the hard cool nozzle as it made its way relentlessly deep into his bottom. The gurgle of water as the clamp was released came a moment later. As the water filled his bowels Jeffrey blushed yet again. The was very embarrassing. The enema was not long and not large and a moment later, Jeffrey's plug made sure he would not have an 'accident' as it was pushed back into him. The straps holding his wrists and ankles were released and Jeffreys Lolita Pedo wrists were re attached behind his back. With one woman on either side, he was led from this room into the bathroom where he was manipulated into place and bent over so that his ass was positioned over the toilet. Sally reached around and grasped his plug. She pulled it slowly from him and then let him sit down to release the enema. To Jeffrey's further embarrassment, the women didn't leave, but stayed to watch as he performed this most intimate of acts with them. Finally Sally released his wrist cuffs and let him clean himself. Once complete, Jeffrey was led back into the other room. The two women had him lie on his back on a raised table and then proceeded to tie his hands above his head and his kneed wide apart. His cock, still imprisoned by the pink ribbon was rock hard. Jeffrey heard the sound of a vibrator starting then a second one. The touch of the vibrator tip at his anus had him jump at the sensation. The vibrator was moving constantly, first all around his anus then pressing firmly into his now clean rectum. A second vibrator started on his prick. Jeffrey knew he couldn't hold out much longer. With a cry, he began cumming, spurting his come up onto his chest. He tugged at his bonds as he tried to reach himself. While the vibrators continued to tease his orgasm from him, two mouths descended on first his chest then his still hard prick to lick the come from him. Lolita Pedo The sensation of two tongues running up and down his cock had Jeffrey spasm again as he trashed in his bonds. Finally, it was over. The girls let him up and Jeffrey was helped to dress. He was still in a daze as they led him outside and into the car. Five minutes later, Sally pulled the sleeping mask from him and he saw daylight for the first time in hours. They were, by now, back on the freeway. Sally was smiling. "Whew!" said Jeffrey, "That was the most incredible thing that ever happened to me. Who was that woman?" "You'll never know." chuckled Sally. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I don't know what you've got planned for me tonight in San Francisco, but I can't wait to see you top this." Jeffrey laughed. "It's going to be a pleasure trying." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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