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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.52 The Master Chris Collection THE HOTEL ROOM ADVENTURE --------------------------- I have been in the hotel for an hour when I finally hear the phone ring. "Hi." It is your voice at last. I can picture the wicked grin on your face as you speak. "Are you ready for your adventure?" "Yes.", I say. I wonder what you have up your sleeve this time. "Ok, Good. Will you follow all of my instructions?" "Yes." "Fine. I want you to strip completely right now. Put down the phone and pick it up again when you're completely naked." It only takes me a few moments. I feel strange, silly standing here without anything on and my cock stiffens as I pick the phone up. "Okay, I'm completely naked." "Good boy. Now I want you to follow my instructions exactly. First of all I want you to peek outside your door to the room across from you # 432. Make sure you can see the key in the door. Do that now then come back." I put down the phone and go to my door. Tentatively I open it an inch protecting my modesty by peering around the edge of the door while keeping my body hidden. Across the hall I can see the door to room 432 and, stuck in the keyhole, as though forgotten there, is the room key. A moment later, I'm back on the phone. "Okay I can see the key." "Good, now I want you to take your key and put it in your own door's keyhole then I want you to walk across the hall completely nude and go into room 432. When you get in there go right to the corner of the room that's empty and kneel there with your nose in the corner and wait for instructions. Do that now." With a click, you break the connection, leaving me trembling with a dead phone in my hand. The thought of walking across the hall stark naked even for a moment has left me shaken and yet despite the embarrasment I know I'll experience, I am also extremely excited. My cock has become rock hard. Never mind the trip across the hall, what will be waiting for me in the next room? Again I tentatively move to the door. Opening it slowly, I poke my head out into the corridor to make sure the coast is clear. Thankfully, the hallway seems deserted. I reach around to the front of my door and put my key into the slot. Another quick look to the left and right to check for anyone and then comes the moment of truth. I take a deep breath and then scurry out of my room, pulling the door behind me. Bare-ass naked, I jump across the corridor which suddenly seems 50 yards wide and scuttle into room 432. As the door closes behind me I am breathing hard and my heart is beating a mile-a-minute. I move into the room slowly. It looks like a carbon copy of the one I just left. I can see your black nylon bag lying on the bed. It contains plenty of toys, I am sure. My fear of finding a stranger in the room is unfounded and I start to breath a little easier. There is only one corridor not filled with furniture and I see a towel folded neatly where I am expected to kneel. There is a towel folded neatly there. I follow my instructions and kneel with my nose pressed into the corner. It is several minutes wait and I find myself unable to think about anything but what will happen next. Will you be alone? What will you do with me? The phone's ring startles me and I jump up to answer it. "Hello?" "Hello", you chuckle, "Did you enjoy your stroll across the hall?" I give a little embarrassed laugh, "It was certainly exciting." "Mmmm good. What's going to happen next will be too. I want you to open the nylon bag on the bed and take out everything in there. I reach out and pull the bag to me. Inside are a blindfold, a small butt plug, a tube of KY jelly and a pair of shiny handcuffs. My cock twitches at the sight. "Okay, I have everything out in front of me." "Good. Now put down the phone and lubricate the plug and yourself and get that plug into you." My breathing quickens as I follow the instructions. The plug is a comfortable size once inserted but the thick bulge in the middle has me gasp as I push it in. "Okay, it's in." I tell you. "Good boy. Now you should take the blindfold and put it on. Tell me when you can't see anything." The black silk scarf goes on quickly and I find the loss of my sense of sight to be even more exciting. "It's on." "Fine, now put the phone down on the night table and handcuff your hands behind you." Once the handcuffs are on, I have to I have to bend down to get my mouth near the phone. "I'm handcuffed now." "You've been a very good boy so far. Once I hang up I want you to hang up the phone then go to the end of the bed and get into your submissive position there. Stay that way until you're told otherwise. The phone clicks off abruptly. It takes a couple of tries to get the phone back on its cradle with my eyes blindfolded and my hands attached behind my back but finally I manage. Taking small steps so as not to bump into anything, I work my way down to the end of the Preteen Pedo bed and get up on it. I kneel down with my feet dangling over the edge of the bed and my knees well apart. I lay my head down on the bedspread thus leaving my bottom up and exposed spread open like and offering. For several minutes nothing happens and again I am left with my own fantasies. I am truly helpless now, in another room, no clothes at all with my hands handcuffed behind me. I wait patiently, not even able to touch my cock which I can feel is rock hard and throbbing as it hangs below me. I hear the click of the door as it opens and then someone moves into the room. My hearing has become more acute since being blindfolded. I hear the rustle of movement as the person walks around taking a good look. Is there only one person? My ears strain for the sounds of someone else but I can't hear anyone. Is it you? I wonder. I hear the movement right behind me now as the person stops. I try to put myself in their perspective. They have a perfect view of my spread buttocks and my anus filled as it is with the white plastic plug. Beneath the plug, my balls and cock hang helplessly. I blush as I think about how exposed I am. The sudden touch on the plug seated deep into me has me gasp involuntarily. The gentle tug on the plug becomes more insistent, pulling the plastic backward. With firm pressure, I feel the thick part of the plug slide out of me a fraction of an inch at a time. When only the narrow tip of the plug is still inside me the fingers stop. I am trembling with excitation. It is as though we are suspended in time. The tip of the plug holds me open teasingly. With a sudden motion, the hand thrusts the plug in, forcing it deeply into me. I can't help moaning out load as the plug penetrates my bottom. "Mmmmm", you chuckle "Like that?" I am panting with the sensation of the plug now once again seated deep in my body. At least I know it's you. I feel your hands stroking my buttocks and then glide down to cup my cock and balls. You give my balls an authoritative squeeze before moving away. I hear you move behind me. I hear the click of a camera as you take pictures of my from various angles. I can't help blushing again. One of your hands comes to rest on the small of my back and grasps my handcuffed wrists. "You're going to be spanked now." you say and a moment later, the sharp sting of a ping-pong paddle strikes my bottom. The paddling is fast and furious, leaving me gasping for breath with my buttocks hot and red before you pause. I hear you click more pictures of my now red bottom. The camera is put down and now I feel you move onto the bed in front of me. A moment later your grasp my hair with both hands and pull my face into your shaved and very wet pussy. "Lick it!" you command and I obediently stick my tongue out to like your smooth pussy lips and the hard nubbin of your clitoris. You come very quickly, crying out again and again as the orgasm runs through you. I am leftg with my face covered in your juices as you get up. You grasp one of my arms and pull me to my feet on the floor. "Spread your legs." you order. I feel your hot mouth descend on my cock. One of your hands reaches between my legs and grasps my balls, leaving me with no illusions about who is in control here. The other hand moves further between my legs to hold the plastic plug still lodged firmly in my rectum. You start to twist and push at the plug pushing my dick harder into your mouth. I'm not able to hold out for long with the sensations running through my body. My hot bottom and the twisting, moving plug are driving my crazy but your tongue drives me over the edge. I feel my balls tighten as my orgasm starts. Sensing that I'm close, you push my plug deep into me. My cock explodes and I cry with pleasure as my jism spurts into your open mouth. I'm squirming, trying to escape the Preteen Pedo exquisite sensation but your hold on me is relentless. It is only when you have milked the last drop of cum from my and I am hanging my head in exhaustion that you let me free. My handcuffs and blindfold are removed and you stand to give me a hug and a kiss. "Go get cleaned up.", you say as you push me into the bathroom. When I have cleaned myself, I come out of the bathroom with a contented smile on my face. I start to chuckle at the sight. You are completely naked with a blindfold on and your wrists handcuffed behind you. You're kneeling in the corner of the room with your nose in the corner. As you hear me walk into the room you say, "I'm ready for my adventure now Master." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You Preteen Pedo may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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