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Related article: Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:15:17 -0800 (PST) From: T Chase McPhee Subject: 2006: A Space Oddity threeThe following story is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons in towns, cities, or governmental areas, in which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story by law. This is fiction. Do not forget, in real life, to think about 'sexual safety matter'; got condom?"2006:A Space Oddity" three (John Crichton/Steve Austin/Jason Castle/Capt. Troy) wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Damned it all!" Ben shouted out, hitting the bottle for the fifth time that night.Coming down hard on himself, Ben sat in the big comfy chair of his trailer. He knew it would still be another month before the female cast set foot on the lot, of the filming of `2006: A Space Oddity', so for now he had to remain cooped up, like some caged animal.Then it came to him, `hey wait a minute here! Ice Tray is bringing the party in. Now why can't I?'`Damned it all!' Came the second downer for the evening.Checking both ends of the telephone cord, nothing seemed amiss. However, Ben had already stirred his loins. He didn't want to give up now. So, leaving his trailer, first stop was Lee's abode. After waiting for a reply to both a ring and knock, he forced the handle. It was unmovable.`Shit!'The only known `open' trailer, was Ice's. Frankly, Ben had rather not tangle with that crowd. However, the space between his legs craved special attention.`Oh, what the fuck,' He threw his hands in the air.Walking up to Ice's trailer, he knew he would have to put up with the kinky bull crap, unless Ice could run the telephone cord out to the door. His trailer didn't afford the luxury, so he wasn't sure if Ice's would be the same story."Um, excuse me?""Can't hear you. The music's cranked up," a tall, black dude answering the door, shot out with.A bit perturbed, by their stupidity, Ben shouted through the screen door, "Why don't you fuckin' turn it down?"Not only did his ears hear it, but Ben's feet could detect the `__boom-boom __boom-boom __boom-boom', as if they had been implanted under the pavement of the lot."Wait! I'll be right back!" The young black fellow told Ben, holding up a finger, to signal `a minute'.So, Ben waited, his hand in his pocket, trying to keep his erection tame. Three minutes later, the same tall, lanky guy shows up at the door."Heeeey! C'mon in brutha!""I just want to use your phone.""Sure no problem, bro!"Ben was shocked at what he saw. Right off the bat, two black guys fucking a white guy at both ends and this was just inside the door! Further into the trailer, he spotted a black and white `candycane' of men, some Latino's and one Asian, in a long chain.One yelled over, "Hey man, strip off them clothes and get with us here!""No thanks," Ben replied, opting out of the gangbang.They journeyed into the kitchen."What tha fuck?" Ben spurted out."Help yerself, man. We got plenty of food," his guide offered.It wasn't the elegant fare that astonished Ben. Instead he had to at least touch the `serving platter', to make sure it was real."I don't believe it!"" You never seen a nude boy, serving food before, Bennie?"For an instant, it was not the white guy's body, tied out eagle-spread to the kitchen table, via gold-toned ropes that tied him down to the legs, but, foods of several varieties arranged tastefully on his pecs, stomach, pubes. Ben wondered where the other end of the cucumber was, that stuck out under the guy's balls. A second thought crept in, where did the guy get his name. The third inch of though was `I hate that name!'As the thin black guy is leading him onward, Ben quizzes him, "Aren't you worried what happens when that candle, in his navel, burns down?""Oh, I'm sure he'll let us know. Get what I mean?""Oh, I sure do," Ben replied, cringing at the thought of the hot well of boiling wax in the guy's navel.Finally, Ben was led to the back room, chomping on a carrot stick, plucked from the side of the serving platter's right nip. The fellow gave Ben the phone, excusing himself for a moment. Before Ben could dial three numbers, a different, tall black man walked up behind him, placing his index finger over the `hang up' feature on the phone."Heey, what's the idea?" Ben clamored."What's the matter? Don't like a good time, boy?""Wait one second here!"However, the man didn't have any intentions of taking sass from any white boy. A snap of two fingers, brought two young Latino guys forward. They grabbed each side of Ben, taking him back into the maze of rooms. Kicking, shouting, fighting for dear life, he struggled, but to no avail."Get the fuck off!""Hey, mind your manners boy.""I'll kick the shit outta you if you don't...""Now is that anyway for a guest to act in his host's home?""Host? Ice Tray? Where is that bastard?"Having answered the door, the guy stood there, shaking his head. He had a good picture of how rough Ben could be. His goal would be to tame the arrogant creature."Prepare him. I think the gangbang is almost over!"Ben protested, struggling to try to free himself from the two muscled black men."Heeeey! You just tore my Gucci shirt!"Hearing what Ben said, the two Latinos laughed, continuing to strip the actor."Nice," one commented, his hand gliding over Ben's hairy left pec.The other asks, "You work out, man?"Ben was beyond the point of communication."Not too friendly is he?" one says to the other."No. I don't see what Ice sees in him. Friend? Shit!""Hee hee heeee," the other continues, "wait till the guys get done with'm.""Whew, will you look at this hot ass, Malcolm?"Even though Ben struggled through the whole ordeal of having his shirt torn and ripped from his body, the humiliation of his pants unfastened, stripped, his briefs taken from him, his sneakers and socks removed, then to top it off, manhandled, as he was tied with his arms stretched out, eagle-spread, along with his feet. Thinking of himself as `tough', at this moment he swallowed, sensing some shaky ground ahead."Wha-what are you going to do to me?"Malcolm, the tall, lanky one, stood there stroking his cock, grinning, then replied to Ben, "Oh don't worry. We're gonna work you over real good!"As the two laughed, Ben struggled in his bindings, cursing the two and Ice Tray out. He clammed up, when the open door produced the six men involved in the gangbang, unattached."Hee heee," Malcolm laughed with glee, as he directed them, "My bro said to take care of him real nice. Oh and Peewee?""Yeah, Malcolm?""Stick a few bills in his wallet to cover the shirt?""No problem Malcolm.""Your bro? You're Ice Tray's brother?" Ben questioned.Malcolm didn't answer, laughing as he made his exit. Ben, hairy body outstretched, hanging by his arms, tied in the shape of an `x', looked around at the seven bare men. Like any man, first thing that struck him was the sizes of their cocks. None of them seemed to be any shorter than his own 8c. In fact, seemed like his cock was in the low end of the `extended shaft scale', according to length. He looked upon himself as even smaller, as all of the cocks in the room had been hard, except his own.The Asian stepped forward, announcing, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry!"Falling right to his knees, Ben got the shock of his life, as the Asian held Ben's cock in the palm of his hand, as if serving it up on Preteen Nudist a silver platter. Instead, he lifted it up and inserted it into his palate.The Latino suggested, "C'mon Adrian, I'll take his left pec. You take his right."Ben's eyes shifted from directly below to first, his left pec, then right, as the Latino moved his mouth over his pec and began licking over his hairy nip. On the other hand, Adrian took more pleasure for himself, taking Ben's other nip in between his teeth and softly grinding the nip-meat."Oooooooooohfuck!" Ben sighed, throwing his head back, mouth opening, eyes squinting."Heey, I claim his ass!""Are we not surprised, Hector?" Trey called out, causing the crowd of men to laugh out loudly.Ben then tried to look over his shoulder, as he felt hands on his asscheeks. Another wave of emotion swept over him, as he experienced the tongue invasion in his ass crevice. Then he couldn't keep track of who was where, as his whole body seemed engulfed with tongues, mouths or hands."Ooooh fuck! Oh fuck!" Ben called out, dropping his head back.He shocked himself back to reality once more, as his relaxed body got caught in the bondage of the leather cuffs on his wrists. However, the Asian, tonging his now hard shaft, plus the stimulation of his nips, balls, ass hole, a tongue darting in and out of his navel and a mouth alternating between armpits, began to make Ben buck his hips."Heeey, he wants to fuck you, Osama!" Trey called out, making the boys laugh.It made Ben yell, "No way! I'm not a queer!"However, he wasn't getting much of a choice. There, in front of Ben, Osama bent over, hands on his knees, holding his ass up to the hard shaft, all primed. Ben couldn't help but feel awesome, as Juan lubed up his rod, squirting stuff out of a tube. Jason busied himself with spreading the lube, by fingers, to Osama's ass."Looks like we're ready and greased up!" Trey reported.With Ben's eight inch tool in hand, Trey positioned it to Osama's ass."Hey, Maurice! Adrian!""What bro?""Yeah bro?""Quit playing with each other. You want me to tell Malcolm you're playing with each other? Huh? Huh?""No," Maurice says, solemnly, like did something terribly wrong."Huh Adrian?""No. You don't have to go and tell Malcolm. We cool.""We're here for him, so pull Osama's ass apart so I can shove his cock in there."The reality of the moment hit Ben. However, between the oral treatment he just received and the loose affect the booze still had on him, he let it happen. Somehow he didn't register a difference that it was the Asian and a guy's Preteen Nudist ass before him that they fed his cock into."Yeah... gonna ease it in nice and gentle-like."Trey talked Ben's hard shaft into Osama's ass hole, as if talking a jet into landing in the snow."Arrrrghhh!" Osama let out, when Ben's head pierced his sphincter."Oh yeah, Samba baby!" Trey called out when he felt the resistance.Ben sighed, "Ooooooh...ooooohshiiiit!"Trey commented, "Feel good, don't it Bennie baby?"He hated that nickname, but Ben didn't give a fuck what he was called, after feeling the warm interiors surround his shaft.."Oh yeah, work that cock, Bennie baby," Trey kept up the talk.About to let go of Ben's cock, Trey sensed him working his hips, helping to force the eight inch barrel in, on his own.>From the accolades pouring from Ben's mouth, Trey knew that Ben had passed the point of no return."How's it goin' in here, bro?" Malcolm walked in on them."I think he's addicted bro.""Alright. That's my boy, Trey!"The two friends hugged, chest to chest."Think he's into it enough, Trey?""Oh yeah."As if the ringleader, Malcolm gave a signal. Juan and Jason reached up and unhooked Ben's wrist cuffs from the hooks in the ceiling. He didn't even fight the feeling, but instead threw his hands around Osama's torso, bringing his ass closer, so that he could force more of himself deep inside."Hector, you still on his ass?"However, Malcolm still had more in store for Ben."Set him up in the bed, boys."They laughed, when Ben whimpered, his cock popping out of Osama's ass."What'd you do that for?" Ben cried out.The laughter became louder and more uncontrolled."Don't worry, Bennie," Trey told him. "We'll have you sunk back in soon enough!"Somebody put a beer in Ben's hand, another a shot of poppers, which made him all the more horny for ass. They didn't need to restrain Ben, seeing him firming up his own tool. Helping him over to the bed, Juan and Jason lifted Ben into place, behind Osama, kneeling."Anybody want to help out here?"Maurice and Adrian lifted Osama's legs up, letting them rest on Ben's shoulders, as Juan and Jason helped guide his cock into port. With two beers down and a few hits of poppers, Ben was flying high."Yeah... let's get that cock in that ass, huh Bennie?""Yeah," Ben showed no reluctance, his own hand. Bent on filling Osama's tight passageway, Ben prodded, "Gonna fuck Samba baby deep and hard!"They all roared at Ben taking up Trey's nick for Osama and applying it in new dimensions. His cock slipped in a little and then it became Osama himself, bearing down, trying to get as much of Ben's meat in, as possible."Hell yeah!" Ben called out, now shoving his rod into Osama's pressing hole.Not watching around him, Ben didn't see Malcolm and Trey clearing out the room. Soon it was only Malcolm making his exit, saying, "Have a fun night, Bennie!"He didn't even Preteen Nudist acknowledge the two leaving. His mind, body and soul had been keyed in one and only one thing.%Continued....Copyright 2005 T. Luke McPhee This story may not be sold or made part of any collection Preteen Nudist without prior written permission.
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