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Preteen Model

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Related article: Another Solar Fox OriginalThe year was 1975. William Lee Anders sat with his brother, Sean Edward Anders, at the top of a hill, covered by leaves left from the fall of the previous year. Sitting here and looking out over the horizon, they could see the skyline of Atlanta. William, or Bill, as he was called, was seventeen, and his brother, Sean was sixteen. Sean was the only one that called his brother "Billy". Bill didn't mind either, he rather liked for him to call him that and in a strange sort of way wished everyone would call him that. Looking directly ahead, they could distinctly make out the Equitable building on the skyline, and with an even closer look, half of the blue dome of the Hyatt Regency. Today, Sean was wearing Bill's clothes, as he frequently had for the last year or so. They wore generally the same sizes of clothing. Bill was wearing his own clothing today. Sean was even wearing a pair of Bill's underwear, and Bill knew it. He liked this concept about as much as he liked for Sean to call him Billy, because he knew that Sean had this nasty habit of creaming his shorts up good. After at least a good day of wear, those shorts usually wound up back somewhere in the neighborhood of Bill's chest-of-drawers again.Here, in the 72-degree afternoon heat, they had removed their shirts. Sean had been wearing Bill's "Jaws" shirt, which Preteen Model featured a photo of a large shark on the front after the onslaught of the highly successful motion picture. Bill and Sean had been to see the movie more times now than they could count. Occasionally Bill would also wear Sean's clothing, and they would always smile each other because Sean also knew that his underpants were in for a creaming. But Bill wasn't into creaming his underpants a lot becauses he knew they tended to stick to him a lot when he took them off. As a rule, when he was around the house, he'd just let it all hang out in his room when he got stiff. As he and Sean shared the same room, this often worked out well for both parties. While Sean was into wearing Bill's clothes, and sometimes even his sneakers, today he was wearing his own shoes, a new pair of P.F. Flyers.Bill would frequently hug his brother and at times would even peck him lightly on the cheek; when Sean was younger he dispised that and as a result he would often avoid Bill on purpose; this was about a year ago when Sean was 14. That was when Bill had first really tried to kiss his brother on the cheek at length. Hell, he loved him, and he was just trying to express it as best he knew how. It was almost a year before Sean really tried to associate with his brother again, just after he had turned fifteen and Bill had turned sixteen. Sean was hanging around Bill's bedroom often then; at that time they had separate bedrooms. It was late that night and Bill had left his light on. He was reading a novel to try to forget shit that he had on his mind. Hell, he was half-pissed by now - he had tried to get close to his young brother and had obviously either over-done himself or failed or both. But knocking on Bill's door now, at 11:00 one Saturday night, and hearing a distinct "it's open" from Bill, in walked Sean, clad in his underwear. He slowly approached Bill now, Bill casually placed his book, spine up, on the bed. Sean walked right up where Bill had his head resting on the pillow. Sean's underwear was RIGHT in Bill's face practically, and Bill could tell he was hard. Sean had what looked like a gigantic "question mark" in his underwear; the body of the penis curled around and the head was somewhere else, bent out of sight because of the pressure from his tight briefs, but at the same time, Sean wasn't entirely hard. Bill was slow at taking his glance from Sean's lower abdominal portion and moving it up Sean's smooth chest to his face. "Is there something I can do for you?" sixteen-year-old Bill had asked. "Yeah," Sean had said, "I don't mind if you kiss me anymore, Billy. I'm sorry I have been so stupid.." "It wasn't stupid," Bill said, rubbing his own leg where he had a slight itch. It was enough to divert Sean's attention to Bill's lower abdominal area. "You just reacted the way any dude would react man.. you wanna get it more from the chicks. That's fine," said Bill, playing on what he thought was Sean's line of thinking. Bill knew he Preteen Model had seen his own brother naked before and before he had started kissing him, they would occasionally shower together. Bill would look at Sean and get a hardon, and everytime he did, Sean would snicker and be quick to get out of the shower. He knew only girls made his dick get like that, and Sean wondered how a hot shower made Bill think of girls. "Can.. can I talk to you?" Sean asked. "Sure bro.. you can talk to me about anything. Sit on the edge of my bed, if you like.." Sean did. It was a warm night; Bill had his windows open and you could hear crickets outside not so far away in their north Atlanta suburb. Sean slid back some on Bill's double bed, almost back to Bill's outstretched foot. Sean knew he himself was stiffening a little; but after seeing his brother stiff so often in the past it really didn't seem to bother him. "I.. I got a problem man.." "Listen dude.." Bill said firmly, "nothing you say to me goes past these four walls, got it?" "Yeah, that's kinda what I Preteen Model was hoping," Sean indicated. "Well bro, you have my word of secrecy." "Well Billy, I don't think girls can do it to me.." "Do WHAT to you?" "Give me a.. hardon." Bill looked at Sean. Sean couldn't hold back a small smile. This also brought a slight smile to Bill's lips, even though he was very serious. "No big deal, man.. they don't seem to give me one either," Bill said as though this were something he said every day of the year. "Heh," Sean laughed. Bill couldn't help getting a little stiff now himself, looking at his brother like this, with nothing on but underwear. If one looked closely under the pale light, he could see Sean's nipples slightly standing. Sean sat there silent a moment. Bill wasn't in any hurry either. "You know," Sean said, "I keep thinking about the showers I took with you.. it looked like your dick got hard sometimes, and your balls would droop.. that was kinda funny.." "Yeah, I guess it was," Bill agreed, getting stiffer still at the mention of dicks from his little brother's mouth, who had never talked about them before this night. Bill found a little bravery in all this. "Have you ever jacked off?" he asked his brother. "Yeah, but.. heh.. the only thing that gets it up is well, thinking a little about Mike Durham..." "Mike Durham... the dude in your science class?" "Yeah.. is that crazy?" "No.. how does Mike look?" Bill asked, even more curious. "Well, he's got brown hair, and he's kinda tannish, you know, gets a lot of sun.. I'd seen him with shorts on.. and well.." "Yeah?" "He just.. looks nice," Sean said. "Do YOU ever jack off?" Sean asked. "Yeah... I do.. I kinda.. think about you." "ME?!" Sean said, stunned. "What about me?" "Sean, you have a good body, man. You really do. You're not exactly a ghost yourself. Have you bothered to look in the mirror?" "Well.. I don't look THAT good.." Sean said, almost blushing. "Yes you do. Don't put yourself down so much man, you don't deserve it. I've always thought you were cool.." "Yeah, you've thought I was cool for the last year. Look what I do; I piss you off ignoring you. It hasn't been fun for me either," Sean said, opening up. "That's okay Sean. I've.. done the best I could.." said Bill. "Well, I just wanted you to know it hasn't exactly been a picnic..."Bill finally raised up and sat on the edge of the bed with Sean. As a precautionary measure, he locked his own door. "Why'ja do that?" Sean asked, puzzled. "So mom and dad don't come bustin' in here," Bill said. "Oh.. I guess that's a good Preteen Model reason," Sean agreed. Bill returned to his place beside Sean on the edge of the bed. Sean smiled. "What ya grinning about?" Bill asked. "Oh, nothing. Just at how agreeable you are with stuff I say..." "Well, I kinda feel the same way, man. All that damn talk about cunts and stuff.. it never really has done that much for me..." "Heh.. well, I never really have talked that much about it," said Sean. Sean was sitting now with an evident boner, he had the fingers of his hands clasped together and the palms wrapped around his pole through the fabric. Sean was still smiling. "I dare you to tickle me under the arms like you used to do," said Sean. Bill did, and when he did, he felt the hair that was now under his armpits that wasn't there the last time he had tickled his brother. "Cool!" he said, "ya got some hair under there!" "You really think it's cool?" Sean asked. "Yeah, I do.." "That ain't all the hair I got..." Sean said in a low voice. "What do you mean?" Bill asked, and Sean slowly lowered his underwear to reveal a very stiff penis, surrounded by curly black pubic hair. "See what I mean?" asked Sean. "Yeah!" said Bill, dazzled. He was even more dazzled that Sean ASKED him to touch it to see if it felt "like his." Bill did feel it and it made his dick very stiff to feel his brother for the first time, ever. He had only drempt of touching it. Sean bent over and kissed his older brother suddenly with an intensity that nearly forced Bill off the edge of his own bed. He was kissing Bill on the cheek; Bill turned his face and for the moment Sean refused to withdraw; with his brother's mouth directly in front of him, he forced his tongue into his brother's mouth deeply for about thirty seconds, Sean and Bill exchanging each other's very breath for a moment. Then Sean pulled out and said, "Ahhhhh!" He smiled like a cheshire cat.Bill pulled down his underwear and showed his hard dick to Sean. Sean didn't seem to question WHY it was hard. Somehow Bill sensed that he knew. "It looks cool, Billy," Sean said. Bill also offered Sean the option of touching it. Sean did, and "thought it was neat that he could touch it, and not feel it in his own dick." Sean now kicked his underwear off his feet; Bill did the same. They sat here on the edge of the bed. "Did I get your dick hard like that?" Sean asked. "Yeah, you did," Bill admitted. "Well, you got me this way too," Sean said. Bill's mind was suddenly clear of all the arguing and differences he and his brother had had in the past. He pushed the book off the side of his bed, the page he had been reading was lost in the process as it wasn't marked. Suddenly he didn't care if he ever Preteen Model read the book again. "Sean, will you.. would you sleep with me tonight?" Bill requested, a whimper slightly in his voice. Sean said nothing, simply nodded in the affirmative. There lay the boys' underwear in the floor, side by side as were their bodies on the bed. Sean had his hand on his brother's knee looking at his naked body. Sean liked the looks of Bill's body hair too. Soon the two of them were getting tired, even though this wasn't a schoolnight. So they each took a pillow in Bill's bed that night and lay there. Bill got up, unlocked the door so if mom DID look in on them, she wouldn't beat the door down and have to wake them. Bill picked up their underwear and shoved it under the covers, got in bed and cut out the lamp. They began to talk at length now. "I really.. never have liked girls.." Sean admitted. "I haven't either," said Bill. "I used to.. go into the boys' rooms and watch the guys all pee.. try to see how big their dicks were. Does that sound crazy?" "No, I still do that!" Sean said. "Well," said Bill, "I guess I do too.. heh." Just then, another thought hit Bill as he reached over, turned on the lamp and reached under the covers to look at their underwear. He noted they were exactly the same size: 30's. Only Bill wore Hanes and Sean wore Fruit-of-the Loom's. That was the way Mrs. Anders told them apart when she washed them. Sean saw what Bill was doing. "What is it?" "We wear the same size underwear, man!" Bill said. "Yeah.. I've known that a while," Sean remarked to Bill's surprise. "Oh? How long?" "Couple of years. That just never has changed, because neither of us have really gained a lot of weight. I was about oh.. twelve then I guess when I saw the underwear in the dirty clothes. I just looked, that was all. I knew I never wore Hanes..." Bill giggled. Sean did too.Bill turned the light off, Sean gave him a peck on the neck. It caught Bill off guard. "Whoa!" "Whoa what, man?" "That was.. different.." "Heh.. I scare ya?" "No.. just.. wasn't expecting it." "So, it DID scare ya.." "Well, a little." With that, Bill hugged his brother as he had been doing about a year before. It really choked him up when he felt Sean hugging him back. "What's the matter, Billy?" "Just.. man, never heard you talk about shit like this before tonight.. it's kinda like.. an alcoholic being restricted from the liquor store for a year, then being told by the government that he could RUN the damn place, ya know?!" "Uh.. sorta.. yeah I get your drift." Bill kissed him back, lightly. Slowly, Sean Preteen Model uttered, "don't stop there. Go as far as you want, big brother." Bill did, he wrapped his arms around him and buried in a kiss. He fondled Sean's chest, slid slowly down his smooth body to his groin, and grasped his tool. It was hard. Bill slowly pulled away. He wasn't exactly ready to do things like jack his brother off, he felt like maybe his brother would rather do things like that himself, but it was plain to see that Sean had changed considerably in the last year. He lay there with his brother now as Sean rolled over on his back and began to mercilessly jack off. Sean, being fourteen, had begun to sperm off about a year ago, when he had first started getting hair around his genital area. He shot off in a matter of about three minutes and his sperm happened to go all over Bill's chest. Bill asked who Sean was thinking about just then, when he was jacking off. "Then, I was thinking about.. you," Sean confessed. Bill was deeply touched. "I did that to you?" Bill asked, as he ran his hand across his chest, getting it wet with Sean's semen. "Yeah... cool huh?" "Yeah! It is!" "Now, let's see you. Can you shoot as much cream as I did?" "Yeah, I'm sure I could.." Actually, Bill was so excited he was already dripping cum down onto his scrotum. He lay back, Sean watched in the dark as Bill slowly started jacking his stiff dick. Soon he too was sending hoops in the air, raining down on them both. Bill had actually put out a little more semen than his brother, because it had been over a week now since Bill had had the nerve to do it. It was now about 1 am, and both boys sacked out in the bed, pulling the covers over them. Mrs. Anders opened Bill's door in the absence of Sean from his bed and saw the two together. A faint smile came to her lips. She quietly closed the door and walked away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Where's Sean?" asked Paul Anders of his wife, father of the two boys, "I was going to give him his magazine back, and his room was dark.. wasn't in bed.." "Relax, honey," Florence Anders said, patting her husband on the head. "He's sleeping with his brother." "Sleeping with Bill? Those two fight like cats and dogs!" "Apparently not anymore.." she said, getting in bed and switching on the TV by remote control. Paul, 32, lay in bed in his underwear and folded his hands on his chest. "You know, it's funny how we never do anything as a family.. never go to movies.. the boys always want to go by themselves.." "I know, I'm lucky if I go anywhere with them in a three-month period. But they're just boys.." "I know.. but they don't like fishing and all like I used to do," Paul continued. "They had to have Hot Wheels cars and Tonka toys.." "Paul, they got rid of their toys two years ago! They're not exactly that young anymore, then again neither are we. I gues I'm just having a mid-life crisis.." "Well, what can I do?" asked Paul. "Nothing," Florence answered abruptly, as though she intended it to sound like he were SUPPOSED to ALREADY KNOW what to do, and just wasn't doing it. "Sorry! Just ask a simple question.." "Paul... get real! We haven't done it since we had Sean... not like we used to anyway." "Well, I've just been tired a lot.. this job is murder.. you just don't realize..." She cut him off. "Well, you had several offers recently for BETTER jobs with BETTER hours.. whose fault is THAT for turning them down? Huh?" Florence was literally shouting now. Bill awoke to hear a shoe being thrown at the wall, his bed was right next to the wall of their bedroom. Sean had heard it too and Bill could see him yawn in the dark. "Getcha something, little bro?" Bill asked. "Naah man.. not a thing. You can.. grab this if you want," Sean said, indicating his dick in the dark. "Grab what?" "My... tallywhacker, silly!" Bill did. It felt wild under the sheets to feel his brother's dick. They fell asleep again. Bill did wake up occasionally to see his little brother sleeping happily beside him. By morning, Sean awoke to go take a leak. This movement awoke Bill. He watched as Sean opened the door quietly, went into the bathroom, and closed the door. Bill stood outside the door for a moment, half wanting to walk in and half not, then deciding "what the hell" and burst in on his little brother. He saw Sean pissing, mid stream. This was a true test of Sean's sudden signs of affection for his brother - rather than doing what he probably would have done earlier, which would have been to make a BIG deal of it, yelling for mom just to drive Bill out of the bathroom (actually Bill had never DARED do something like this before), a smile formed on Sean's lips and he waved his piss stream around in the bowl, finally resting it on the right side of the bowl, causing the water in it to begin to swirl in a counter-clockwise direction. Bill whipped out his penis and pissed there too, causing the water to really bubble, and the water to swirl more swiftly. While they Preteen Model had been pissing, they were naked as their underwear was still in Bill's bed, and Bill had figured this had to be where Sean was going. They were standing hip to hip, and their hips were actually resting against each other. As Bill finished pissing after Sean, Sean flushed the commode and showed no resistance as Bill hugged his naked little brother. Their cocks actually pressed together and rested against each other's lower stomachs as they embraced for a moment. Bill didn't kiss Sean, but Sean kissed him!Both boys then headed back to Bill's room, and Sean asked Bill if they could room together. Bill agreed and next it was decided who would move in with whom. As it turned out, Bill had a larger room so he helped Sean move in with him. By the time Sean and Bill had finished, Bill's closet was full, and Sean had discarded at least two grocery sacks full of old paraphernalia that had collected over his childhood which was either actual garbage, or stuff he no longer wanted. But with his sudden caring for his brother which had started and wasn't showing any signs of stopping, he had even allowed Bill to leaf through it before it went outside, JUST to see if Bill wanted any of it. The only thing Bill ran across was a pair of boys' size 12 underwear that Sean had worn. "How old were you when you wore these things?!" Bill asked. "Probably about eight," Sean said. He had kept them because, as he revealed to Bill, he used to jack off holding them because "he had wild things happen to him when he was in second grade.""What was that?" Bill asked, as everything was neatly in place in Bill's room, and they decided to sleep in the same bed, leaving Sean's old bed in THAT bedroom. Sean revealed that a boy he had known in second grade had met him one afternoon after school, while Sean was taking a leak in a urinal. The boy asked him to come into a stall with him and while Sean had been hesitant, he reluctantly followed the boy into the stall, he now told Bill for the first time. "David showed me his dick, and then he just went ape, pulled his underwear down too, showed me his ballsack, and showed me about jacking off. He let me feel him off for probably about an hour before we left." "I followed him home on my bicycle. That was the day mother started to worry because Dave had me so excited that I forgot to call home. But we just looked at each other's privates and felt of our dicks," Sean said. He looked at Bill as they both sat on the bed, glancing at H.R. Puf'n'stuf. "I never thought I was different," said Sean. "I just.. thought eventually that shit would pass and I'd grow to like girls. I never have." "Well bro, nothing that fancy has ever really happened to me. Remember that time when you were ten, and I grabbed your dick when we were changing clothes, you backed away and it slid out of my hand?" Bill asked. "Yeah.. vaguely," said Sean. "That's really been the highlight of my life, until last night..." "You know," Sean recalled, "when I did that, it felt neat, pulling out of your hand like that. I just remembered - it kinda.. started.. to get a little hard.. like it is now." H.R. Puf'n'stuf went off and WSB-TV went into a commercial about Lite-Brite's. Bill snapped the TV set off and stripped down to his underwear. "Hell, I'm not going anywhere today," he said out loud to his brother. He closed the door, but did not lock it. "Damn," said Sean, "what are you gonna do if mom walks in and catches ya like that in the middle of the day?" "Fuck it," he said. He had just started using obscenities around his brother just last year when they started "going separate ways.." and since that time, Sean also had been known to swear, except to his parents. He had been sent to the principal's office on one occasion for swearing at another student, but there was no disciplinary action because the teacher was sympathetic; it was Sean's first offense, and he was doing a damned good job of faking "hurt-tears" of strong emotional pain.. it wasn't long after he left the office that it was time to go home that day, and he was all smiles again. Sean saw Bill's cock stiffening as Sean also risked removing his clothing, down to his underwear. It was then that Bill really noticed it: Sean had on his Hanes! "Damn, how did they get switched?" he though as he started to say something to Sean about changing back. But then, a little voice inside his head said, "what the hell." Actually the sudden thought that he was wearing the same jockeys that Sean had worn all day the day before was making him a little stiffer. Sean, at fourteen, was quite capable of producing sperm, as he proved while his older brother innocently turned on the Banana Split's show. He looked casually over at Sean, and saw that the entire fly area of his OWN underwear was soaked with a large wet spot. Sean pretended not to notice him. Bill, while he knew what this was, knew that he was not as capable of pre-cumming as his brother, it was just the way their bodies were different. Bill would have been doing it now were his body able to. Finally during a commercial as Bill looked back over, Bill saw that he had it OUT THE FLY of the underwear and could see beads of it dripping off the head of the penis down onto the cotton fabric. Sean watched as Bill whipped out his own dick and slowly stroked it. Bill soon felt another hand on his cock during the TV show, and it slowly seemed to ask, "can I do it for you?" and Sean's grip tightened slightly as Bill's hand slipped away. Sean got faster and faster on his brother's cock, soon giving it full attention as he dropped to his knees and clamped his mouth around it. Although Sean had never really had experience at this before, he really seemed to know what he was doing. Bill soon found himself rubbing his brother on the head, he didn't know why; he just knew that if "he were Sean, it would probably feel good.." so he did. Sean's intensity got a little rougher as a direct result of this, and soon Sean got his first real mouthful of cream. Some did run out of his mouth, but he had taken most of it right down his throat. He had been partly fondling his own cock as he was going along and soon found himself shooting a load all over Bill's bare feet. He giggled as he saw Bill wiggle his toes. Sean had shot a fairly large puddle.Soon they got up and showered together again, but they found themselves doing things like washing each other off and soaping up each other's hair.. things Bill never dreamed in a million years possible. They dried off. Bill caught himself thinking things that he wouldn't have, before this turn of events last night. Things like, "wow, it's just a month til my birthday. I can't wait until I can drive and I can take Sean anywhere he wants to go.." he mentally could see himself as Sean's future chauffeur, taking him places mom and dad would never think of taking him. "I say my boy, yo' got a quite beautiful boday," Bill said, immitating a slight English-accent. Sean smiled at this and popped the elastic waistband of his underwear, which Bill was wearing a fresh pair of at Sean's insistence, while Bill was putting on a clean shirt.That was now but a memory as the two of them were now sitting at the top of this leaf-covered hill. Bill had driven them here in this remote location on the outskirts of Atlanta in the second-hand Volkswagen he had received on his last birthday. Sean was really anticipating his brother's receiving it as much as Bill was himself; Sean knew that Bill would be running him around a little, but not as much as he had! There were great advantages Sean never really considered, like Bill taking him to Preteen Model school and not having to ride the bus with the other boys, although sometimes Sean rode the bus just for the hell of it. Keeping the car a secret as Sean and the others picked it out was the hardest secret Sean had ever kept from his brother; especially now that Bill had known his DEEPEST secret of liking guys. Sean liked riding the bus occasionally. One disadvantage to it was that there was a small group of boys on the bus that were into "snaking" people.. that is, opening the mouth and flicking one's tongue in such a manner that it could cause saliva to project in a small stream from the mouth, sometimes several feet. Sean knew how to do this, and would snake back at the guys, but the thought of someone else's spit all over him usually disgusted him. Until the day that there were just he and one other boy on the bus. He had asked the driver to let this boy off first and then swing back by and let Sean off last. While it was 5:00 before the bus finally arrived at Sean's house and let him off, this day had been quite rewarding to Sean: he had coaxed the other boy, Darrell, who was a year older than Sean, to move to one of the back seats of the long bus with him. Darrell was puzzled by this strange request, but did move. He and Darrell sat side by side. Working up some courage, Sean asked, "you got a.. big one down here?" and lightly pointed at Darrell's groin. Darrell just smiled. "Wanna see it?" he asked quietly. "Sure man.." and Darrell eased down his zipper. Darrell was wearing a blue jean jacket, a "Hijackers" T-shirt and faded denim blue jeans. Sean had always thought he was cool. Sean was stiff, but hearing his zipper slide down the teeth of that fly made him stiffer than ever. Sean could see the white cloth of those jockeys as Darrell reached in and pulled it out. Damn, it was big. When Darrell said, "this is what pumped Denise last night," Sean knew he was straight, but at least he guy was giving him a nice look. "Have you got more than this giant, man?" Darrell asked to which Sean had to say, "not.. quite!" but Darrell persuaded Sean to pull his out. It was stiff of course, but now Sean wasn't bashful. He whipped his bad boy out, and it was about five and a half in this condition. "Hot damn! He's on the boner!" Darrell said quietly. As he had left his out, it too was slightly stiffening. Finally, Sean found more courage. This boy was good looking. "Darrell, can I... just touch it?" "Sure man! If you want.." Sean felt his cock, and really looked around. He noticed he was still a good five miles from Darrell's house; Darrell lived way up the county road. Sean could feel Darrell get a little stiff in his hand but he was afraid to stroke it for fear Darrell would "wise up" on him and what he really wanted to do. Darrell felt of Sean's too, and Sean felt of Darrell's for at least five minutes solid before he saw that his penis was just going flacid again. It was no use; Darrell was straight obviously, but he had something to think about tonight anyway. Something told him in the back of his young mind that "a gay guy just has to get action when and where he can, sometimes even has to pay a price to get it." The bus driver, a man in his mid-40's, thought they were probably swapping baseball cards. Sean knew, because he just threw out a simple, "guess what we were doing?" to Mr. Falkner, to which he replied, "trading baseball cards?"Sean had told Bill all about that afternoon. Sitting here now on the crest of this hill, the sun darting in and out from behind clouds. Bill put his arm around Sean's shoulders as he saw his little brother tremble slightly. "You wanna go somewhere else?" he asked of Sean. Sean's voice had recently changed as well and was a little deeper than Bill had become accustomed to in their youth. "Yeah man," Sean said as the lights of the evening city were coming on with a light glow. "Take me somewhere I've only been once.." "Where?!" Bill and Sean went to the top of the Hyatt Regency, into Polaris, the restaurant which was housed inside the blue dome of the lavish hotel. This restaurant actually revolves slowly; if one sits facing one side, within 30 minutes he finds himself on the opposite side of the dome, looking at other scenery surrounding Atlanta. The pair just ordered a Coke and relaxed a few moments in the place, new to Bill, who had never been here before. To Bill's appall, the drinks cost $1.50 between them. "Told you it wasn't cheap," Sean said. Damn, Bill noticed - Sean's eyebrows in the last year had started getting bushier. They were dark to start with, but now he noticed their bushiness. They left the restaurant after finishing their drinks - and being moved from a good view of Stone Mountain, to the not-as-interesting side view of the Equitable building. As they came down the glass-encased elevator, Sean made the comment, "I wonder how many guys are getting it on right now, in this place." To add a positive note, Bill said, "want my guess if there were a thousand of them here?" Sean nodded. "A thousand of them." Sean giggled. The boys tooled through the heart of the city, looking at all the sights. There seemed to be a laid-back feeling abound, even in the city. Then, before they headed home, Bill took a drive down Peachtree Street, and drove to a part of town that he had "heard" was gay. There were bars, people, stores and there was music. He was driving so slowly that a Checker Cab sat on his horn and yelled "move it buddy!" "Damn," muttered Sean, Preteen Model "so this is the gay part of town, eh?" "That's what I hear," answered Bill. Bill went left down Crescent and pointedthe car back toward I-75. It was 8:00 before they arrived back at the house."Y'all missed supper," Florence Anders said, sipping hot coffee in front of the 25 inch color set in the 'family' area. "Did you boys have a good time?" "Yeah mom, we did," Sean said. "Sean, let me have a moment with your brother, okay?" "Sure!" said Sean, and walked to his room, but kept an ear out. "Listen, I just wanted to say - I really think it's fantastic that you and your brother have been getting along so well lately. Your father is more amazed than I am," she said, smiling. "Sean will be sixteen in a year. He'll need a car, too, won't he?" Bill nodded. "Well, we'll just have to do something about this small dilemma, because I want both of my fine, young sons to have a car of their own. In your opinion, what kind of shape would you say your car is in?" the thirty-something year old mother of two asked of her oldest son. "It runs pretty good, mom. The only thing is that the brakes need relining soon..." She was pondering. She was trying to decide to ask Bill if he'd rather see if Sean wanted his VW and get Bill another car; or to let Bill keep his VW and get Sean a new car. "Would you be willing to take a new car if Sean wants yours, or would you hold any grievance if Sean gets a car in different shape than yours? I want to know, because if you do, I'll even get you a new car and you can sell the VW.." "No mom, the VW is cool.. I sorta like it, the only way I'd want to part with it were if Sean wanted it..." Bill said. Bill knew he had a special relationship with his brother now, and he wasn't ever going to break it if he could help it. Sean had thrown on a tank top and a pair of white Speedos. He looked cute as holy shit dressed like this. Bill had told his mother that they would talk it over between themselves. This astonished her slightly; she found it hard to believe that two boys who, just over a year ago had argued on who got to use the bathroom first every morning, at which she had demanded that they alternate mornings, would now be so complaisant that they could talk out something so large as who would get which car, without an argument. In fact at breakfast one morning when Bill was eating cereal and Sean was still asleep, he told his mother, "you will never catch us two arguing again for the rest of our lives." She had nearly dropped her coffee cup. -=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-=*=-Bill quietly closed the door. Sean was sitting on the edge of his brother's bed, Sean had the left leg of his Speedos rolled up a little to his BROTHER'S underpants that he was still wearing, and had the head of his cock mercilessly sticking out the legband of the undies. It was a little stiff. Bill approached and Sean didn't even budge when his brother hugged and kissed him, aside from the fact that Bill almost squeezed all of the life out of him with his bear hug. He looked down at his own cockhead and said, "do that again, please!" Bill did, and Sean said, "it likes it, look!" He pointed at his own dick, straining to get out of the underwear. "Of Preteen Model course it does, man!" said Bill, feeling his own cock and balls through Sean's faded Wranglers. The only thing of Bill's that Sean was wearing, however, were his underpants. Bill seldom wore tank tops because over the last year he had thought they were something so sacred that only his brother should wear them. He loved to look at his brother in private, and now Sean never so much as minded if Bill stared at him all night. All this did to Sean was make him hard because his brother was treating him like a god, or someone with high authority, and he ate it up. Bill loved doing it, too, because Sean always showed that he loved it. Tonight Bill actually thought his brother looked so cool in his pinkish tank top that he leaned over on his brother and began licking his arms. Sean liked this, and asked, "wanna lick under my arms? I didn't use any deodorant!" "Sure!" Bill answered, and Sean raised his right arm and put it behind his head. Bill got a mouthful of hair and sweat under that arm, then pecked it lightly. As Bill could hold back no more, he lightly eased his brother down on Preteen Model the bed, and they French kissed. Sean's eyes grew a little wider as he got a small taste of his own sweat. It really wasn't so bad, he thought, and wished suddenly that he could taste it more often. His boner was about to rupture in his Speedos. Bill wasn't helping matters any by groping at his brother's cock while they kissed. But, knowing that Preteen Model the door was locked, he eased Sean's clothing down with one hand, resting his brother's head in the other.
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