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Little Nude Lolitas

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Related article: 18-year old in CollegeWhen I started college, I knew already that I was gay. I was 18 years old and I knew what I wanted - hard cock! That isn't to say that I let everybody know. My position on the football team could have been jeopardized. Little Nude Lolitas I kept it to myself, except when I was pumping my boiling oil into the sucking mouth of a frat brother, or standing with clenched buttocks at the ass of an upperclassman as my climaxing dong filled his butt with hot, boiling spunk.I generally had my pick of guys. My young age helped, but so did the fact that I was good-looking, tall and slim. Other dudes in the showers always told me they were amazed at the swell of my shoulders (which are pretty broad), and many even said something about the hardness of my tanned stomach. And I had a pretty big cock, too, my meat surrounded by pubic hair as flaming red as the thatch on my head. My ass and the area around my cock hairs looked positively sheet-white, marking the area covered by my bikini.My dream squeeze was Derek, a graduate-assistant in the P. E. department, but he was Mr. Straight-arrow. Derek helped the faculty coaches with the football team. He was working on a master's degree in physical education, which meant he probably would go on to work with the athletic department of some college. From the first days I saw him out on the playing field, I dreamed about him. He had a great body and I often got a hard-on from looking at him.He was 22, about 6'2", and he weighed around 250 pounds. He always wore a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. His legs were long, hairless, tanned and muscular, and his ass curved out above his thighs, sleek and smooth. His belly was flat and his chest was broad, his pecs bulging out thick and powerful, crowned with big nipples that also poked out aggressively. The sinews of his arms bulged and flexed and, speaking of bulges, the one between his legs was also a turn-on. It was so big, he looked like he carried an apple or something in his jockstrap.I caught Derek once in the showers. When I saw him there, I dropped what I was doing and threw off my clothes. I had to get close to him. Derek was a big believer in working out with weights, and when I saw him with his clothes off, I saw the results of his dedication. The dude had muscles Little Nude Lolitas like a Mr. America! I was Little Nude Lolitas also turned on by his nipples! They were like long pieces of charcoal set in his bulging pecs.His belly was a steel plate stepped like an escalator. His chest was hairless, and with the water from the shower streaming down over it, all his sinews glistened like the chrome-plated engine of a Corvette.But below his waist lay the real engine. I couldn't help myself. I stared at his prick like I'd never seen one before. I'd heard of men having enormous dicks; I'd even seen some big ones in magazines. But Derek's tube was tremendous! I'll bet it was a good 12 inches! No wonder he had such a bulging jock! His gigantic dong had an immense football helmet of its own, made of purplish, flaring meat, and his balls hung down heavily, like miniature cannonballs. God, what a sight!Whenever Derek passed by the door of the shower room when I was in there, I made a point of turning to face him. Because I'd been told by dudes I'd played with-sexually, not football-that I had a seductive young body, I gave him the full treatment. However, he never appeared to pay me any more attention than if I had been fully dressed.I saw Derek in other places besides the gym and playing fields. He and I had a couple classes together besides P. E. One evening, we were both in the library with several other students from that writing class, looking up information for a paper. Rummaging around in some dusty back corners of the library, we found a section of the stacks that was enclosed in a metal cage with a door padlocked shut. "Yo, I wonder what those books are," Derek said."That's the Delta Collection," I told him."Oh, valuable books, huh?""No, those are the sex books. The university library has erotica and pornography, and they're kept under lock and key.""Check it out, dude, they forgot to shut the padlock!" he said with a laugh. Sure enough, the lock had not been closed. We opened the door and went in. I was stunned. I had never seen such an array in my life. I was astonished that such a collection would be in the university library. We rummaged through several books, then Derek pulled down a huge volume, one so big it took both of us to hold it as he opened it.What a book! It started out with some heterosexual stuff, men fucking women and whatnot, but as we turned the pages, it gradually turned to homosexuality. First, the book showed two men with a woman. Then it showed one of the men paying some attention to his male companion. The next few pages showed one man servicing the woman, the second man servicing the man doing the woman. Later on, the men turned to each other, ignoring the woman.And, finally, the book became total, unrestrained gay action. God, it was hot! I had a dick as hard as a fireplace poker from looking at the pictures, and I could see that Derek, too, had a very large bulge in his crotch. "God," I heard him murmur, "this is too much."I looked down to see his prick was popping the top buttons of his jeans. He glanced over at me and I sucked in my breath as I saw him checking out my crotch. Two could play at that game, so I innocently undid the top buttons of my jeans, too. A shiver went up my spine as I saw him lick his lips nervously.Derek then reached down to adjust his fly, his dong making a nice swelling alongside his thigh. As he moved in the small space between the book racks, his hand brushed against my hard dick and his eyes looked into mine. "Got a hard dick?""Yeah," I said, and pushed my hand down the front of his pants to feel his anaconda. It was as hard as a granite rock. Pretty thick, too. "Yeah, you've got one, too.""Looks like both of us have a problem," Derek said in a hoarse voice."Maybe we can help each other out," I said. He didn't seem to be fighting me, so in a second, I had his jeans open. No underwear! I gave a last tug on the denim and his beef popped out like a jack-in-the-box, slapping up against his stomach. I flashed him a smile and he smiled back as I held onto his dong."I was hoping we wouldn't play games too long," he said sheepishly. Games? He had all this planned? "It's a relief to see you like dicks, too," he said, and I almost fainted.Derek pulled out my boner and ran a hand over my belly. I reached my hand over and rubbed his belly, too. Stroking his bull shaft, I was in heaven! He swayed a little as I ran a finger under his foreskin, teasing the piss-slit. I thought about how good it would feel to be plowed by that thick prick as I dropped to my knees and buried his boiling cannon in my throat!Digging my fingers into his ass, I guided his hefty foot-long rod between my lips and slid my tongue up and down it. I sucked him good. I performed like a veteran cock-licker, slurping and bobbing up and down on his pulsing control stick as I cupped his hairy nuts in my hands. And he fucked my mouth, sending his crank deep inside me with thrusts of his hips. As he drilled, I continued to suck like a powerful vacuum, urging Little Nude Lolitas him Little Nude Lolitas to orgasm.Derek's hips convulsed, and he shot his load, squirting his white cum down my throat. I squeezed his balls and he squirted more. I found his spurting piss-hole with my tongue, and pressed into it. The counter pressure against his ejaculation really sent a zap back through him, because he gasped and then his hot load really gushed out, blasting past my tongue, spilling his male seed all over my mouth so that it squirted out the sides and down my chin."Awesome, dude," he gasped. "I never dreamed you were gay, Ted. Sometimes I thought I'd die from looking at you, you're so hot!"I smiled, gulping down his copious seed. The first word I spoke was a spermy gurgle. We both chuckled. "You've been hot for me?" I finally croaked. "I never dreamed you were gay, either!"He looked around. "Let's get out of here before we get caught," he said. "Let's go back to the gym. I've got something I think you're gonna like."Back at the gym, Derek introduced me to Doug, the black janitor. He was cleaning the weight lifting room. "Look at this guy," said Derek. "Ain't he somethin'?"Doug was an older man, about 45. He was as black as the night and built like a fireplace made of ebony bricks. After work every night, he went through weight lifting routines, and the result was a gorgeous body. He had even won some bodybuilding trophies. From his bulging shoulders to his narrow hips, Doug was, as certain gay friends of mine would say, "table meat." He wore a tight T-shirt, and we could see every line and every shadow in his musculature. Down below, there was a bulge in his Levis that made my mouth water"Doug knows where it's at," Derek whispered as we approached the guy. He introduced us and we shook hands. Then, Derek ran his hands across Doug's shirt and felt his firm pecs. "Nice nipples," he murmured, pinching them through the cloth and making them hard.The janitor looked shocked until Derek said, "It's okay. He's okay." Then the two men moved into an embrace and Derek ran his hand down Doug's hard stomach and cupped his basket. Doug moaned, "Let's go into the weight room!""C'mere, Ted," Derek said to me in the weight room as he and Doug clenched. "Try this out." He pushed Doug's ass back toward me. His pants were loose enough that I could run my fingers under his belt, and to my delight, I found he also was not wearing underwear.I reached around to the front of Doug's body and tore at his fly while I explored his pubic nest. The touch of my fingers was apparently driving him insane, because Doug's moans turned to gasps. I reached down for his hard, black python, but Derek had beat me to it! Both of us grasped Doug's meat, the prong definitely long enough for the two of us to hold.Doug reached back to grab my crotch and I saw Derek jerk. Doug had just grasped his basket, too. Then, Derek pulled Doug's jeans down and he was naked from the waist down while we were still completely clothed. We both stripped in a flash.I couldn't believe it! Two 12-inchers in the same room! I was with sexual Olympians!I positioned myself behind Doug, pressing my aching cockhead against his naked asshole, and I began to drill him standing up. I gave him a series of hard drives and was soon buried in his ass to the hilt. I then pulled out slowly, only stopping when I felt the trembling ring of his sphincter tense around the flange of my cannon's muzzle. Then I drove back in again, thrusting hard enough to push Doug onto his tiptoes.I grabbed around his chest and felt Derek lustfully pinching his nipple, pulling on his flame-thrower with the other hand. Doug was squeezing Derek's balls. Form-fitted over Doug's back, I whispered in his ear, "I'm gonna fill your ass with cum!""Do it," he hissed back. "Fuck me hard!" He next looked at Derek and said, "Okay, big boy, gimme that cock!"The janitor folded under me, pulling me down, and we dropped to the floor to continue the fuck doggy-style. I braced my hands on his shoulders and began a slow, steady humping motion.Derek was on his knees before Doug's face, and Doug grabbed Derek's fierce, throbbing hard-on, opened his kisser wide and sucked the prick in! With one hand, I jacked Derek's happy shaft, unable to hold back a horny moan. Then Doug reached a black hand back between my legs and squeezed my nuts. I held him around the chest and proceeded to fuck the holy hell out of him, grinding him as hard and deep as I could.Doug was doing a job on Derek, all right, his head bobbing up and down in his hot crotch. Up and down, up and down, he slurped frantically, and Derek's composure began to crumble.I took special care to batter the swollen knob in Doug's gut, and that made him whimper every time I made contact. I had that dude as tight as a watchspring. Then I heard Derek shout, "I'm cumming!" and I went over the edge myself.The first of us actually to spray was Doug! What a horny man! His whole body spasmed and his cock splattered hot jizz all over the floor. The rhythmic squeeze of his asshole on my cock, driven by his orgasm, intensified my climax, and I found myself shooting his hard ass full of my fresh goo, the biggest ejaculation of my life! The ripe odor of ball juice filled the air as Derek, too, shuddered through an orgasm that was nothing less than sexual fantasy.When we finally came back to our senses, we were all covered with thick wads of cream. Derek's machine-gunning dong had slipped out of Doug's mouth, and he had splattered both of us with his boiling cum. We collapsed into a delighted, sweating, panting heap. I lay in a big pool of something very sticky, wiped at it and stuck my fingers into my mouth. It was Doug's jizz, and I licked my lips, savoring the pungent flavor of his prick liquorWhen I finally pulled myself out of that lascivious threesome, I staggered home and fell into bed. I was sure I would sleep for a week. But I didn't. I saw Derek and Doug the very next day, and we did the same things all over again!
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