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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.16 The Master Chris Collection THE RESTAURANT ___________________________ "We're going out for lunch.", I say one Saturday afternoon. We jump in the car and drive to one of our favorite restaurants. You are wearing a light pink blouse which buttons down the front. You are also wearing a white skirt that is very light and summer weight. Under this is your sexiest bra and panty set in a white lace. We pick a secluded corner of the restaurant and order our drinks. Our waiter is Jacques, a very attractive French Canadian in his early thirties. We are sitting very quietly and looking at our menus when, all of a sudden, I put my menu down and look right at you. You look back at me expectantly. "Give me your panties.", you hear me say in a clear unmistakable tone. You are shocked! The menu starts to shake in your hands. "Here?!", you whisper in a near panic. The restaurant is very crowded and you have never had to do something like this before. You look around anxiously and then back at me, hoping that I've changed my mind. I simply smile at you. With a last look around, you reach under your skirt and surreptitiously pull the lacy white panties down your legs and off your ankles. You quickly bunch them into a tiny ball and pass them to me under the table. I smile again as I raise them to my face to smell them. "Please put them down!", you whisper, worried that someone will see. "You're wet.", I say, "I can smell it. Are you wet?". "Yes.", you say in a little girl voice. I take the pretty panties and lay them right on the table in front of me. You cannot believe it. Someone is sure to notice them and you would be so embarrassed. You realize, however, that you are indeed quite wet and aroused and getting wetter by the minute. Preteen Lolita Bbs "Raise your skirt so you can sit directly on the chair.", I say This is not difficult to accomplish as your skirt is still able to cover you adequately. The leather of the seat feels strange against your naked buttocks and wet pussy. A moment later your waiter returns. You panties are still on the table in plain view. He can't miss them! You look up and see him openly grinning right at you. You are mortified. You turn your head away, blushing like crazy. "We'd like a couple more minutes to decide.", I tell the waiter and he blissfully leaves. I reach into my jacket and pull out several photographs. "Do you remember these?", I ask as I lay them on the table. You recognize them instantly. They were taken by me several days ago while you were in bondage. It was a great session and you see the perfectly clear images of you tied with your hands and legs held wide apart. You can see the clips on both your nipples and sensitive inner pussy lips. Your pussy is held wide apart by the clips and you can plainly see the pink interior completely exposed. Your pink anus shines in one photograph from the lubrication Preteen Lolita Bbs it has just enjoyed. In the next photograph, the fleshy color of a small butt plug peeks out from your tiny hole. "Do you think the waiter will like them?", I ask mischievously. "Oh, please don't!", you beg. You see the waiter from the corner of your eye, heading back in your direction. "Please don't show them.", you plead. "Shhhhh...", I whisper reassuringly. The waiter arrives back at the table. You hang your head feeling humiliated at being exposed in this way. "Jacques", I say, "we won't need these at the table any more. Could you take care of them for me?" "Of course Monsieur.", says Jacques. You are so embarrassed that you barely hear me ordering our food. When next I look up, the panties and pictures are gone. "You didn't give him the pictures did you?!", I ask disbelievingly. My reply is a simple nod and a smile. Oh no! you think to yourself. What will he be thinking about you. You notice that your pussy has caused you to be sitting in a veritable pool of your own juices. Obviously this has turned you on. On the table now are a pair of nipple clips. You eyes go wide at the sight. "What are you planning to do to me!", you ask, "This is a crowded restaurant!" You know even as you speak these words that your protests will carry little weight. It is as it has always been with us. You will do whatever you are told not matter how outrageous. The thought scares you a little but the fear adds a delicious anticipation to you. Perhaps you will be asked to strip naked right here in the middle of the restaurant. Perhaps you will be given like a plaything to one of the patrons or to the staff in the back. It is at once terrifying and exciting. Jacques is now hovering near our table, almost too eager to please. "Jacques", I ask, "do you think she can enjoy her meal while these are attached to her nipples?" You gasp at the question. You can't believe that I am having this conversation as though discussing the weather while you are right in front of me. "Oh oui, Monsieur.", says Jacques smiling at me. "Very well", I say, "Dear, please go to the ladies room and remove that brassiere and replace it with these clips. You hesitate. Stunned at the request. Jacques is waiting expectantly to see if you will obey. Your face is a beet red and you are trembling with emotion as you slowly get to your feet and move off to the ladies room. A few short minutes later, the nipple clips are in place, pinching your long hard nipples in the feeling you know so well. This is the first time you have put the clips on yourself and you are not sure that you like it when it is not done to you. You look at yourself in the mirror. The clips are painfully obvious to anyone who looks! They are sticking out beneath the flimsy fabric of your blouse and you know that there is no way of concealing that. You look at your face for a moment and it surprises you. It is not the same, shy tentative woman of several months ago. You are radiant and obviously sexually aroused. Your flushed face gives you away. You reach under your skirt for a moment to slide your fingers across your hot clitoris. The sensation is electric! You have to restrain yourself from bringing yourself to an orgasm right away. You tuck your bra into your purse and with your arms crossed across your breasts to hide as much as you can you quickly move back to our table. Our food has arrived while you have been gone and I am slowly eating as you sit down. "Very good.", I say. You look down at the nipple clips sticking out from your breasts beneath your blouse. You are very turned on. Jacques is back in a flash obviously interested in what the next turn of events will bring. "Darling", I ask, "don't cover yourself up like that. Show Jacques how the clips look on you." Your face turns a brighter shade of red as you lower your arms to allow Jacques to see the shape of the clips sticking out. Jacques is almost drooling in his observations. "Well", I say, "you can't really see anything can you? You should open your blouse and show Jacques how pretty those clips look on your long brown nipples." You are astonished once more in an evening that seems full of such emotions. You look around fearful that everyone in the restaurant is looking but frankly, given where you are sitting, no one can really see you. Your hands are shaking as they reach up to unbutton the first button. One by one they are slowly undone until I can see an expanse of flesh from your neck to your waist. "Show him dear.", I say. You hesitate once more before reaching up and spreading your blouse wide apart to expose your breasts and their accompanying nipple clips fully to Jacques. "Magnifique!", whispers Jacques. You hold your blouse wide apart showing all your charms until you see me smile and nod. Thankfully, you button up your blouse quickly. Jacques seems visibly shaken as he totters off to serve his other clients. You like the fact that you have that effect on him. Everyone likes to be attractive, but you have turned him on with your behavior. We start to eat our meal and for the next few minutes we don't talk. The sensation of the nipple clips pinching your breasts and your pussy getting slowly more and more wet keeps distracting you. You have an irresistible desire to reach down and rub yourself to an orgasm right here at the table. You could come at the least touch and not care who was looking. Jacques returns a few minutes later. You look down and see that he has a hardon. Looking at you being continuously aroused has caused him the same sensation. "Jacques", you hear me say, "did you know that I keep her pussy shaved? It is quite pretty. Sweetheart, show Jacques how pretty a shaved pussy is." You are so hot that you don't even hesitate any more. You push you chair back a couple of inches and begin raising your skirt while you look right at him. Jacques has begun breathing heavily in ragged breaths. Your breathing is more like gasping as you now raise your skirt right up to your waist. Jacques gasps as he sees your pussy with its juices glistening in the dim light of the restaurant. You can't resist any more. You reach down and with one finger, quickly rub your pussy juices across your clitoris. Jacques closes his eyes and his body twitches as he comes. You see him bite his tongue to avoid crying out. A dark stain appears on his trousers from his jism. The sight is too much for you. You begin coming in short panting breaths, your whole body shakes as wave after wave passes through your body. When you have regained your senses, and covered yourself again, Jacques has disappeared. I pay for the Preteen Lolita Bbs meal and we leave quickly. We make it as far as the car before you attack me. You undo my pants and take my hard cock deep into your mouth. I groan out loud at the sensation. The scene has turned me on terribly. It was all I could do to wait until now. It takes only a few short strokes before you feel my body tighten up and spasm after spasm of jism shoots from me. When it is done I do up my pants and we look at each other for a long moment before breaking into hysterics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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