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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionThe Young Boy in Trouble (c) 1988 Master Chris Story #15 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Robert, come in here!"The door to your office opens and Robert appears. Robert is one of the students in the very special training school that you are in charge of. He is a slender lad, about 5'11" tall with short brown hair and crystal clear blue eyes. He seventeen years old and very attractive. His training has progressed very well so far. He has become willing to follow all of your instructions no matter how embarrassing they are to him personally. He has, over the last couple of weeks, learned about his body while being restrained in a variety of places and positions.You have been able to play him like a finely tuned instrument. You have discovered together where he is sensitive and where he is not. You have seen him squirm with pleasure as his sensitive bottom was penetrated oh, so slowly by your finger. You have watched his cock spring to attention as you announced a bare- bottomed spanking as punishment. You have heard him cry out as his sperm shot high onto the air during a particularly intense orgasm.Now he stands quietly in front of your desk. He is shifting nervously from foot to foot. His mind is racing, anticipating with both fear and excitement Preteen Lolita Pics what erotic pleasures he will be forced to experience today. You have decided that it is time for Robert to have a breakthrough in his training. For the last two weeks, Robert has been dominated only by you. He has learned to be obedient to you and is obviously willing to experience an orgasm at your hand in whatever fashion you decide today. But today, you will not be the only person dominating him. You smile as you think of the plans you have in store for the afternoon."Robert", you say, "Please remove all of your clothes."Robert's face turns a beet red as he hears this request. He has not been able to get used to being ordered to expose himself in front of a woman. He hesitates for a moment before his hands move slowly to the buttons of his shirt. First, his shirt, then his socks and pants are removed leaving him in only his underwear. You wait patiently as his hands pause with his thumbs in the waistband of the briefs. Finally, he pulls them down in one quick motion and steps out of them. He stands before you with his hands covering his cock and balls."Place your hands behind your back please.", you say quietly.He blushes again as he follows your instructions. His prick has begun to get hard and you pause for a moment, looking at his heavy balls hanging under his circumcised organ. You take the wrist restraints out of your desk drawer and stand up. You fasten his wrists together in front of him and then you fasten a blindfold over his eyes. Unable to see, his breathing now becomes a little heavier and his cock hardens quickly. You lead him across the room and out the side door which leads to a now empty corridor. His breathing has become even heavier as he now knows he is outside your office, completely naked!You walk him down to the end of the corridor and into a room you have prepared. As you walk in, you see the two female students you were expecting; Janice and Terri. You put a finger over your lips to make sure they stay silent as you bring Robert to a padded massage table in the middle of the room. You position him on the table, on his back and begin slowly and efficiently tying him up. His hands are stretched above his head and tied to the top of the table. His legs are lifted wide apart and attached to ropes designed specifically for this purpose. By the time you are finished, he is completely helpless and totally exposed.You step back to observe your handiwork. His cock is now rock hard and his balls look large and heavy as they hang below it. Looking a little lower, you see that you have left his sensitive anus completely exposed. His mouth is now parted as he pants, waiting with the delicious anticipation of a sexual slave who does not know what to expect next. You turn now to the two girls you Preteen Lolita Pics are training to dominate men. They are both eighteen years old and are very pretty.Janice is a true blond and stands just under six feet tall. She carries herself like a fashion model and always looks comfortable in her body. She is dressed in a leather corset that leaves her buttocks and pussy exposed and pushes her breasts together and up on display. The nipples are not covered and you can see that they are already hard. She has not taken her eyes off Robert's hard prick since he walked in and she is licking her lips sensuously.Terri, on the other hand, is more petite in her appearance. She is a brunette with a tight trim body that is now almost completely naked. As instructed, she is wearing a garter belt, stockings, leather cuffs and a leather collar. She Preteen Lolita Pics looks like the tougher of the two. Her tiny nipples are also sticking up and you can see the juices from her shaved pussy glistening on the folds of her slit. You sit down to watch the action and the girls go right to work.Janice starts by putting a tiny dab of hot lotion on Robert's nipples. He begins squirming right away as this extra stimulation of his nipples seems to travel directly to his cock. Moving a little lower, Janice rubs a small dab on the bottom side of the head of his dick and it bobs up and down in appreciation. Robert moans at the touch to his sensitive organ. The lotion begins its effect right away and in a Preteen Lolita Pics moment, he is pleading for relief from the warm, teasing feeling the lotion is having on him. Janice starts to move away but Terri takes the ointment from her and puts a small bit directly onto his exposed anus. His hips jump from the table against his restraints as she rubs the sensitive area slowly. Now Terri, takes a long feather and touches the tip of it against the back of his left knee. Moving very slowly, she runs the tip of the feather along his inner thigh towards his genitals. As the feather begins to travel up the sensitive skin just to the side of his cock, Robert begins straining towards it, pleading for her to touch his cock. Terri allows him no relief. Instead, she now runs the feather across his now hot nipples. Janice has taken an ice cube and starts to drip the ice-cold water from it onto Robert's nipples while Terri plays.Robert gasps.It is immediately apparent to him that there is more that one woman here and he is completely helpless to do anything about it. You stand up and remove his blindfold. His eyes turn wide as saucers as he sees the two teenage girls teasing his defenceless body. His blush travels down his face and onto his chest in his embarrassment. Terri is now standing between his legs and tickling his sensitive anus with the tip of the feather. The sensation is almost too much and you see Robert's prick begin to twitch in the sure signs of an orgasm. The girls stop instantly and wait until it has passed.Robert is beside himself. He is now begging the girls to let him come as they alternately drip ice onto the head of his cock and tickle it with the feather. The girls untie him from the table and tie his hands behind his back. They have him kneel down in front of Terri. While Janice holds him from behind, Terri holds the sensitive lips of her pussy wide apart. He can clearly see the pink inner lips of her pussy and the hot juices running down her thigh.Robert sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and Terri moves forward enough that just the tip of his tongue can touch her. He feverishly runs the tip of his tongue up Preteen Lolita Pics and down Terri's sensitive pink lips. She doesn't allow him to get close and he moans in frustration. She adjusts herself so he can barely touch the tip of her clitoris and he now directs his attention there. When she can stand it no more, she moves closer and instructs him to run his tongue deep into her pussy. She is now moaning and holding his head firmly in place. She pulls his mouth up to cover her clitoris and he obediently sucks it into his mouth. His hot tongue slides under the hood of her clit and his lips pull the hard nubbin between them. He runs his tongue rapidly back and forth across her sensitive clitoris until she cries out with pleasure. Her whole body tightens and she throws her head back. You watch excitedly as her knees begin to shake and then she screams as the orgasm runs through her.Robert's face is covered in her juices as Janice informs him that he is about to get a bare-bottomed spanking. Robert blushes in his embarrassment. It is one thing to get a spanking from you who is older than him, but to suffer the kind of humiliating punishment that a little boy would get from someone his own age is unbearable. Nevertheless, he obediently bends over Janice's knee to receive his chastisement. She holds him firmly in place and instructs him to spread his legs wide apart. He reluctantly does so.She starts by rubbing his tight buttocks all over and occasionally sliding her hands between his legs to squeeze his balls or cock. Then she slowly spanks his buttocks until they are a rosy red. He is squirming by the end of it. She pauses for a moment and then you see her slide a finger into her own soaking pussy. She takes it out and slowly but firmly slides its full length into his sensitive bottom. Robert gasps at the sensation. She slides it in and out until he is just about to come from it and then stops. Robert moans out loud, frustrated once again. She has him get on his knees in front of her and then pulls his face right into her pussy. Robert licks for all he is worth and it only takes a moment before Janice now screams in ecstacy.The girls now take Robert and re-attach him to the table. His blindfold is replaced and we see that his red cock is quivering as he pleads for release. Terri opens a jar of honey and takes a large dab on one finger as Janice pops a couple of ice cubes into her mouth. Terri touches his sensitive anus and very slowly slides her honey coated finger into his ass. You know from experience that the sensation is like having your whole body melt at once. Robert's body strains upwards and his hard cock slides right into the waiting mouth of Janice who has the ice in her mouth.The combination of hot and cold on his cock along with the exquisite sensations going on in his ass has Robert pulling with all his might at the ropes which hold him. He cries out, screaming with pleasure as he empties his balls in a mind- shattering orgasm. It takes a few minutes before they all calm down. The girls leave and you untie Robert and lead him back to your office. His knees are weak, he is totally drained and you walk slowly.Watching these three over the last hour has turned you on like never before. If you don't come right now, you feel like you will explode. You close the door to your office and sit down on the nearest chair. You pull your skirt to your waist. As usual, you are not wearing any panties."Lick me Robert.", you gasp.You hook your legs over the arms of the chair to expose yourself completely. Robert falls right to his knees and you feel his hot tongue run deep inside you and along your long pussy lips. When he sucks your clitoris into his mouth, your passion boils over and your orgasm shakes your body as you cry out for more. It is one of the best working days you have ever had! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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