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Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:30:47 +0200 From: Soul Lark Subject: 15 Hartford 01Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and not intended for minors or those judged unable by law to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintended.The author reserves all rights to this work.Author's comments: This is my second work, the first being "Sam". The feedback I received from readers for my first story was mixed. Some were especially disappointed with the last part. "Sam" was inspired by the sharings of a real couple, though the names, etc. were all fictional. This story is from my imagination. I hope you will like it. 15 HARTFORDPart 1 - The ShootingGabe's voice was very loud, especially when he was angry. His voice was heard throughout the workshop. Everyone stopped their work and looked towards the source of the loud voice. The shouting originated from the corner of the workshop where there was a small office. All eyes were focused at the door of that office.The door burst open and it hit the wall with a loud slam. "This is unfair! The union will know about this!" Gabe walked out with a very red face and stormed to his workbench. He was breathing very hard and one could say, 'fuming'.The occupant of the office quietly came out, looked around and said in a loud enough voice, "Alright. Get back to work!" Then, as quietly as he came out, he went back in and closed the door."So what happened, Gabe?" asked his bench-mate, Ian.Gabe looked at Ian with piercing eyes but said nothing."Stop asking, Ian," a small red-head girl whispered. "Gabe just needs to cool off. Don't push him. He'll tell us when he is ready."Ian turned round and grinned at the girl. "You're as curious as the rest of us, eh?"The girl nodded and pointed to the office.Ian nodded and sighed. He knew that he had better not slow down his work or else he would be also in trouble. It was Friday and no one wanted to work extra hours. Every worker's contract said that they had to finish everything that was given to them. The supervisor was very fair, his assignments could always be finished on time, provided that one did not take an extra coffee break or smoke an extra cigarette outside.Within half an hour, Gabe had cooled down and started to work again. The sixteen people there in that workshop were refitting, rebuilding or servicing computers. The company they had worked for was a computer manufacturer. The CEO of the company had hit upon a novel idea that had worked to the company's benefit. Though it was not money-making, it helped their clients stay 'loyal'. The company had given customised computers to certain high-ranking personnel in the companies who were their clients. Special services were granted using the computers which were fitted to the taste and needs of each individual. Of course, there were some outrageous requests which the company was not able to provide, but these were very very few. Every six months, parts of the personalised computers were upgraded according to the technology. This meant that each individual actually had two computers which were custom made and these were replaced regularly without having the inconvenience of having the computer missing.Overheads for this service was high. However, the customer loyalty received was paying for the overheads. Recently, volume had increased due to the fact that some of the rich and famous were added to this programme. They were willing to pay for the luxury.The workshop had started with five technicians. Now it Lolita Top List has grown to sixteen. Among the first technicians was the occupant of the office. The other four were no longer around. Two were sent to another part of the country, one resigned and another was promoted to be supervisor in another plant. Of the five, the one that was occupying the office was the most efficient. In fact, everything went on smoothly because of him. He knew exactly how many people to hire, so as not to have redundancies. The workshop worked just as efficiently even if three people called in sick. His dedication to his work even meant that he would take a bench and start work just like any of the technicians if there was a need.His dedication was praised by his superiors but his efficiency was the bane of his technicians. They did not hate him, and he could a pain, sometimes. The technicians did not really fear him, but feared making a mistake. He was the ultimate just judge, if there was such a thing. Everything went by the book. He did everything with cold steely precision. If a mistake was made, restitution had to be made and he meted it out precisely. Of course, everything was reflected in their contracts. If the technicians feared anything regarding him, it was that nagging feeling that he was probably a robot and not human.Martin was his name, Martin McBain. He had just turned forty two months ago but no one knew it of course. He was of average height and of average weight. If there was any word used to describe Martin McBain, it was "plain".The episode with Gabe was not unpredicted. Everyone, including Gabe, knew that Martin would censure Gabe for the mistake involving a singer's computer. Everyone knew that Gabe was going to get, but, everyone hoped that Gabe might just 'humanise' the 'M&M moster'. That was the nickname given to Martin. Martin knew it of course, but he never seemed to be affected by this. His face would usually be smiley and warm, but if it is on account of a mistake, his face would not show any emotion, not even anger.The work whistle blew and everyone finished their work. Gabe had to stay another ten minutes to finish his quota for the day. Ian and the red-head stood outside the plant waiting for their friend. When Gabe finally came out, Ian said, "C'mon Gabe, I'll buy you a pint."When they were seated and had their first mouthful of ale, Sally, the redhead, asked, "So what happened in the M&M shed this afternoon?"Gabe sighed. "It was about that singer's computer. I was updating the system software when I discovered a virus. I removed the virus, but I ended up deleting the file the virus was attached to. It seems that was an important file to the singer. I should have made a backup but I forgot. The customer was irked of course. A simple way was to email for the file again, but the customer, being afraid of getting another virus, asked for a printed copy by courier. She has charged it to the company, and M&M said that it would come out of my salary. I told him that it was unfair. You know what he said?"Gabe started to mimic Martin's voice, "It was your mistake and you will have to bear the consequences."Gabe shook his head and continued, "I took a look at the price and I must have freaked out. It was more than what I earn for one week! I couldn't take it. You know what was strange? I shouted and swore and cursed and all that, and M&M did not say a single thing, not even a twitch of his eyebrow. I even cursed his mother! He did not react. He just let me go on. That made me angrier but after a while, I gave up. I just walked out of that room. I guess that goes the new album I wanted to buy for my sister. She would be so disappointed."-----Jimmy had his lover lying on his back. After an elaborate shower and an enema, his lover was ready. He looked at Jimmy in anticipation. Jimmy smiled. He knelt down between his lover's legs and started licking his love-hole. There was squirming and even a slight cry."Don't touch yourself!" Jimmy warned."But I think I am going to come!" came the protest."If you come just make sure I don't have to wash my hair," Jimmy chuckled, "but don't encourage yourself to come yet. You've not experienced the best yet!""Uh?""Shh. Just enjoy."Jimmy continued to give his lover the works with his tongue. When the hole started relaxing a little, Jimmy stood up and his lover gave a disappointed look. Jimmy grinned. He took some lube on his finger and pressed the finger at the aperture. His lover's dick throbbed harder. Moving in little circles, Jimmy's finger slowly entered. There was a gasp. Slowly, Jimmy loosened that aperture. He stroked his lover's thighs with the free hand. Then a second finger and a third."Shit!" he cursed softly."What's wrong?""I haven't put on my rubber. My fingers are too slippery to do it properly.""Let me do it for you."With his free hand, Jimmy reached behind his lover to the side table and picked up one of several small packets lying there. He positioned himself to a position where his lover could comfortably roll his condom on.Once the condom was in place, Jimmy moved back between his lover's legs and pushed his three fingers in and loosened the place further. When he was satisfied, he squeezed and spread a liberal amount of lube onto his condomed dick."Are you ready?""Yes.""If it hurts, tell me."A nod.Slowly, Jimmy moved his dick into the hole. His lover's frown told him that there was pain. He moved in a little more and stopped. "Hey love, it hurts?""A little, but I can bear it."Jimmy counted to twenty. Then he moved in a little more. He paused. Then he moved in further. He was concentrating so hard that he realised he was losing his erection. His lover had felt that and stroked his balls. Jimmy's erection returned. Jimmy moved all the way in, surprising his lover."Did I hurt you again?""No, I was surprised, it's a little uncomfortable, though."Jimmy leaned forward and his lover's hips rolled up to accommodate him. Jimmy placed a kiss on his lover's lips."That's for bearing with me.""Oh, Jimmy, I love you so much.""Then you will love this," Jimmy started to move in and out. He had already found his lover's prostate and was giving his lover a slight massage there."Jimmy, that feels good.""Relax and enjoy. Let me do all the work."After minutes of stimulating his lover and himself, his lover gasped out, "I think I am going to come!"Jimmy grabbed his lover's throbbing dick and stroked it. He had jacked his lover enough times to know how to give him the most pleasure.The moans got louder and then Jimmy felt this lover tighten and the first ribbon of come flew out and landed on his lover's stomach. The spasms of his lover stimulated Jimmy further and he felt his turn arriving. As he reached orgasm, Jimmy gasped, "Squeeze love, squeeze!" His lover squeezed giving Jimmy an intense orgasm. Jimmy collapsed on to his lover and began to kiss him and cuddling him.After getting soft and his dick slipped out, Jimmy removed the condom and tied its open end. "Always remember to do this after using a condom," Jimmy said.His lover laughed and said, "Yes, sir."They got up and showered again, getting themselves ready for bed.Jimmy got under the covers first. As his lover slipped in, he said, "Happy Birthday, love."He was rewarded with a kiss. "Thanks Jimmy for popping my cherry.""Was it worth the wait?""Yes, but I wish we could have done it sooner.""Sorry love, I wanted to do it right.""I know. Two years is a little long to wait you know.""One and a half years, love," Jimmy corrected. "C'mere. I want you in my arms tonight."His lover went into Jimmy's arms and they cuddled. Soon they fell into a deep sleep.-----Martin had just finished dinner and had tucked his mother to bed. She was getting worse. The doctor said that she would not be able to take care of herself for long. Martin may have to get someone to look after his mother. If they did not need the money, Martin could easily have stopped work to look after her. At his age, it was not easy to get another job that paid as well as his present appointment. The only way was to employ someone to come and look after her full-time. Martin could afford it, but he wondered if he could trust anyone to look after his mother. At the moment, all was fine. She could still move around and still manage around the house. The moment she starts to forget where she was and what time of day it was, then Martin would have to get someone.Martin sighed as he undressed for bed. Lolita Top List He was worried about the future. If his mother got any worse, there would be another person staying in the house. He wondered if his mother could handle another woman in the house. He slipped under the covers and got to sleep.-----A few months later, Martin went to work as normal. He was early as usual. Everyday, he would come at least Lolita Top List half an Lolita Top List hour earlier and get the work assignments for the day given out. He would place the quota for the day at each bench and assign the roving technician. Usually, one of them would be assigned to the mobile technical team just in case there was need of on site service. That meant that the one assigned had practically a day off because the workshop was so good in what they did that they had very few calls. However, the odd emergency did crop up like if someone accidentally deleted a system file that would crash the system. This morning, it was Gabe's turn. Martin smile when he saw who it was. Gabriel Duncan was a good worker. He was on top of everything. However, the one and only slip he made cost him a fortune."Principles must be kept. No matter how good he is, if a mistake is made, he has to give restitution," Martin thought.After everybody reported in, they got to work. A call came in on Martin's line. The manager of the plant wanted to see him. He got out of his office and quietly closed the door. All eyes in the workshop were on him. Normally, when he came out of his office at this time of the day, it was to issue bad news. He smiled. They all heaved a sigh of relief. When Martin smiled, there were no problems."Main office called. I'll be back."Some nodded whilst the rest just got back to work. Martin walked out of the workshop and up to the plant manager's office. He wished the secretary as he got in."Good morning, Mr. McBain. He has a call at the moment. I'll see if he will see you right away.""Thank you."The secretary opened the manager's office slightly and peeped in. After some words, she came to Martin and smiled, "Mr. Black can see you now, Mr. McBain. Please go right in." She opened the door and showed Martin in."Thank you."The manager was on the phone and so Martin waited. Mr. Black soon ended the call and greeted Martin, "Ah! McBain. It is good to see you.""You wanted to see me, Mr. Black."The manager stood up and pointed to the chair that Lolita Top List was opposite him at his desk. "Please sit down, McBain."Martin sat down and the manager began. "The company has expanded again. This time, the top people have decided to open another servicing centre in the city itself. The centre at the city would be able to service the offices in the business district and this plant would service the other shops and offices. They have decided to include in that service centre a workshop much like what we have here. As Lolita Top List you know, the custom-mades are found both at the office and the houses of the clients. A study made showed that it would be economically more efficient to have one workshop there. We would like you to head that city workshop.""Mr. Black. How far in the city is that workshop?""You remember that old shoe factory that was burnt down several years ago?""Yes, sir.""Well, the company had bought the land last year and built a new complex there. It is scheduled to be completed in two months' time. As you are the most experienced worker regarding our custom-mades, I want to send you to the new building to see to the layout. As with this move, we are upscaling your salary. The details are all here," said Mr. Black, handing a thin folder.Martin looked at the contents and looked up again, "Mr. Black, I am flattered. As it is, I think that I am already overpaid.""McBain. You underestimate yourself. You have been quietly working and we have not revised your salary scale for a long time. How long have you worked for us?""Seventeen years, sir.""You topped the original salary scale seven years ago and you had not had an increment since then, am I right?""Yes, sir.""Any other worker would have asked for a raise or reported to the union five years ago. Instead, you have accepted everything without fuss.""Mr. Black, the company is very generous, I will willingly go to the new workshop but I cannot accept the increment, it is too much."Mr. Black smiled. He had predicted Martin's reaction. "McBain. What are we going to do with you? Perhaps, you could accept a promotion?""A promotion, sir?""Yes. If you notice your title on top of the page, it is 'Assistant-Manager (Special Services)', not 'Supervisor' as it is now."Martin fell silent as he realised that what the manager said was true.The manager widened his smile. Martin was so predictable. "McBain, no more protests. The company's intention is to increase by 50%, the total staff we have now in the Special Services department. This is in view of the fact that our custom-mades have doubled the last three years. So, half of the staff would be here and the other half there. "Martin asked, "Sir, may I suggest that we hire some them now and then train them so that we would be able to function at a higher capacity when we separate the workshop."The manager thought for a moment, "That is a good idea. We had wanted to start hiring after we started there, but I think that your ideas have merit. However, I would have to get the go-ahead from the board."Martin nodded."The thing to do now, and it's extra work for you, is to decide who to stay here and who to go. Also, we would need a supervisor here. I need you to see who would be able to oversee the staff here. I'm afraid that I'll miss you because I don't think anyone could run it like you can.""Sir, I'm flattered, but I do know who to nominate. He is very good at management and is able to teach and spot mistakes.""Who is he?""Gabriel Duncan, sir.""Why does that name sound familiar?""He's the one who slipped up with that singer's computer.""Ah! Are you sure that he is okay? That slip up was a costly affair.""He is the best man for the job. If that singer had called us instead of using her own initiative, there would have been just the cost of 1 minute of telephone time."Mr. Black said, "I agree, but are you sure that he won't slip up again?""He has been very efficient. I'm afraid you won't find anyone who would be as good as he.""Okay, McBain. You know best. I'll trust you.""Thank you, sir. Is there anything else?""I know that you'll probably stay at home, but you are entitled to a flat in the city. I am not removing that privilege just because you do not plan to stay there. However, you cannot profit from that flat by sub-letting it.""That is very kind of the company, sir.""It's better to warn you now, McBain. The city service centre would probably demand longer hours than at present. You might have to be prepared not to return home often.""Yes sir." Martin started to be worried though he did not show it."Next month, you are to go up to the city and oversee the layout of the new place. You may have to spend a few days there to see to the carpenters and the engineers. Alright, I'll let you get all the work started.""Sir?""Yes.""I believe that I need one person to accompany me up to the city. I prefer to have a person to check me so that there may be no mistakes, if that is okay?""I see no problem in that.""Thank you sir. I'll put Duncan in charge then for you to assess his ability.""Good idea! Where do you come up with ideas like this? I'd better be careful. You'll get my job, if I am not careful," Mr. Black laughed.Martin just smiled. "Good morning sir."Mr. Black just waved and Martin left.-----"What's wrong Jimmy?""Nothing is wrong!" Jimmy answered."If nothing's wrong, why are you packing?""It is none of your god-damned business!""Please, Jimmy. Did I do something wrong? Please tell me, I'll change, I swear!""Don't bug me, boy."Jimmy was blocked. He swung his fist and he hit the boy squarely on his left side of the face. Jimmy became pale. He stooped down and examined the man's face. It was just a little red but Jimmy knew that the bruise would appear in a few minutes."See what you made me do?""Jimmy, please don't go. I can't go on without you.""Look! I am a junkie. I am a god-damned junkie. The police are after me and so are the dealers. If I don't go, you'll be in the way and you'll be hurt.""Please Jimmy!"With his teeth clenched and heart hardened, Jimmy said, "You think I loved you? I was with you for the sex. I had you, there's no more challenge, okay? So fuck off! I've never loved you. I've never loved you!""No Jimmy, No!" the boy cried. His cries fell to deaf ears. Jimmy got out of the house fast. What the boy did not see were his tears. Jimmy did love him. With the police and the dealers after Jimmy, his lover would get in the cross-fire. He did not want to implicate him. The only way out was to leave, to get as far away as possible. The dealers did not know about the busted deal yet but the police had seen his face. He knew it was a matter of time.-----Martin and Ian had just had dinner. They had a long day. It was the first day of the four day excursion to the new centre. Ian was surprised how relaxed Lolita Top List Martin was at dinner. He was a totally different person when he was at work. Martin had even told a few jokes. They were really good ones. Ian never thought that the old M&M monster had such a good sense of humour and was impressed with Martin's Lolita Top List insight into computers. He had always thought that Martin was just a slave-driver. So long as everyone did their work, he was okay. He'd have to tell the others about the other side of old M&M monster.They were commenting about the lousy dinner they just had. Ian had thought that the place looked okay. When they looked through the window, the food being served looked decent enough. However, they were not prepared for the service. The waiters were arrogant and were not at all bothered about the time. They had taken their time to serve and rudely told Ian that he could get out if he did not like the service. The waiters had the upper hand. Both of them were hungry and did not want to look for another place. They had endured the terrible time."Let's put a note out in the newsgroups that this restaurant rates less than half a star!" Martin said."Now that's an idea. That'll make them think twice about being so arrogant," Ian agreed."Did you notice that the waiters and waitresses all looked alike?" Martin asked."No ... but come to think of it, they did have the same kind of jaw line." Ian replied."Perhaps it is a family business. That's why the owner has not fired them. Any ordinary restaurant would have kicked them out long ago!"Ian shook his head, "Did you see the crowds? Even with the bad service, there were queues! Why do think that is so?"Martin grinned. "You were so irked that I am sure you did not realise how good the food was.""I guess you are right. My mood affects how my food tastes.""At least I enjoyed the food, though not the service!"Ian did not answer. He was looking around frantically. "Mr. McBain, this place does not look familiar, are you sure this is the right way back to the flat?""I thought you knew the way, that's why I just followed.""I think we are lost.""No problem, we have not turned anywhere yet, all we need to do is go back to that restaurant and then ..." Martin did not have time to finish. He saw a figure with a bag running up the street and some other people following him.They heard a shot ring out. The figure dropped to the floor about three hundred yards in front of them. Someone came up and grabbed the bag and disappeared around the corner. Martin ran towards the fallen figure.Ian shouted, "Mr. McBain, let's leave him alone. It's none of our business.""No! I think he is hurt."Ian stood with his arms in the air as Martin ran towards the fallen figure. Martin, as he approached, saw that he was a man. He bent down and felt the man's neck, there was a pulse, though weak. "He's still alive! Get an ambulance!" Martin shouted to Ian who had begun to walk towards him."Okay if I leave you alone?""Just go!" shouted Martin.Ian ran up the road towards a public telephone that he had passed.The man opened his eyes and grabbed Martin's coat. Martin panicked but did not resist. "Stay still, help is on the way."The man opened his mouth and had difficulty speaking. Martin could not catch what he was saying."Probably due to the bullet in his chest. Must have pierced a lung." Martin thought. When the young man tried to speak again, Martin leaned towards him.The words came in sputters, "Take ... care ... my ... 15 ... hard fer ... Promise ... take care ... my ... 15 ... hard fer ... Promise?" Martin did not understand, but he nodded his head and the man passed out. Martin checked the pulse. It was still there. He was hoping that the ambulance would get there in time ...-----The man was still alive when the ambulance left."We'd appreciate it if you came down to the station to make a statement.""Yes, constable."Ian was giving Martin a nasty look."We didn't do anything wrong. Why are you so nervous?" Martin whispered as they waited behind the police car for the policemen. One of the officers had gone to cordon off the area with tape and the other radioed in."Police Stations give me the chills," Ian replied."Don't worry. We might even get a ride back," chuckled Martin."That's a ride I can do without!"They did not get a ride back but they were not arrested. The police just needed the two men to sign a statement as to what happened.Back in the flat, they watched the late news and the report of the shooting was shown. Fortunately, nothing was mentioned of Martin and Ian. It was reported that the victim was recovering at St. Luke's General."Strange that they mention the hospital that the victim is recovering in." Martin said."Reporters just report what they get. They sometimes do not have the common sense to leave certain things out," Ian suggested."Perhaps you are right."-----Back home, Martin found the answer to the strange report that he had commented upon a few nights before.A newspaper report went thus: "The city police anti-vice squad has managed to crack a major drug ring. A man, 22 year-old James Andrew Mitt, who was found shot on Warwick Road on Tuesday night, was a drug courier who had escaped the police in a drug raid. The police had recovered the drugs but not all the money. Using information obtained from the courier, the police was able to recover the money. The money was kept at public locker number 15 at St. Mark's Bus Station. The drug ring was smashed when an attempt was made to kill the courier at St. Luke's General Hospital. The killer had entered the courier's room and injected a poison into the intravenous drip. The police then trailed the killer back to the hideout of the ring. What the assailant did not know was that the courier had died just hours before he injected the poison."Martin felt sorry for the man who died. He had been so young. "However," Martin thought, "he did something wrong and restitution had to be made."-----Another person read that same newspaper report. His tears were running down his face when he read the words. "Jimmy, why? Why?"His tears continued for three-quarters of an hour until there were no more tears to shed."Jimmy would want me to be strong," the boy decided. He got up and went into the shower. He dressed an went downstairs."Good morning, mom," he called out."Good morning.""Can't eat, I'm already late for school. Exams today, you know.""I know. I've already packed your breakfast and lunch in the bag. Eat the bread on the bus.""Yes mom," he said. Then he kissed his mother on the cheek and left.-----Martin came out of his office and introduced the four new staff to the others. Gabe was to instruct them. Gabe grinned. There were three girls and a guy. He knew the guy from school. He would be a snap to teach. Then he could spend a little more time with the cute blond. Perhaps get to know her better.As he saw Gabe grinning, Martin hoped that the young man would not prove him wrong. "So young and so full of life, but so one-tracked when it came to the opposite sex. Sigh!" thought Martin. However, Martin had another announcement to make. He had decided who was to go to the new place. Of course, there would be an additional allowance for transportation for those who were transferred. Lolita Top List After he read out the names, there were gasps and moans.Gabe was one of the moaners: the pretty blond and his friend from school were supposed to work in the city. His Lolita Top List name had not been on the list. He had thought that M&M had dropped him off the list because of that costly mistake he made. He was suprised when his name was mentioned as the supervisor of the workshop. His workmates congratulated him as he stood speechless on the floor. When he came to, he walked right to Martin's office."Can I speak with you?" Gabe had knocked and peeped in the office."So long as Lolita Top List you finish your quota."Gabe walked in and said, "Mr. McBain, how did I get the job?"Martin smiled, "Call me Martin, you get my position in two months' time.""Mr. Mc ... I mean, Martin, you haven't answered my question.""I recommended you.""What! After that mistake? After that slip up?""Mr. Gabriel Duncan, you are the most capable here. Yes, you slipped. That can happen to anyone. You paid for that slip, didn't you?""Yes.""Then I think you should look forward and not slip again.""Thanks.""One more thing, you don't call me Martin when there are others around until you get this office. I do not want the others to think that I have gone soft. I haven't. Just don't make me look bad when you occupy this office. I wouldn't want to think that you were my first mistake in assessing capabilities.""Yes sir!"Gabe had burst out of the room in anger a few months before, now he came out filled with hope.-----to be continued.Author's note: I hope that the first part was not too boring. Please give me your comments. solark36yahoo.co.uk
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