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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionThe Special School (c) 1988 Master Chris Story #11 in the Master Chris Collection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is late spring and we are sitting down in the garden having breakfast. You are wearing your white satin silk pyjama bottoms and top. I put down my newspaper and look at you."Are you interested in spending your entire summer in an adventure?", I ask.Your heart skips a beat as you digest this tidbit of breakfast conversation."What kind of adventure?", you ask."About an hour's drive north of here", I say, "is a very special school. People like the people you've met send their daughters, sons, wives and so on to this school for a particular kind of instruction. The kids are between 16 and 25 years old and are to be trained in bondage and discipline, in experiencing this type of sex and in being both obedient and more sexually expressive. You could be put in charge of that school. You would have several instructors working for you and you would probably have between twelve and twenty students. Sometimes wives or sex-slaves are sent there for a few days of discipline or training and you would also be in charge of their treatment."Your entire body is flushed at the thought. You pussy has gotten uncomfortably warm and you are literally dripping with excitement. You shift your body on the chair and feel the smooth satin glide across your clitoris.You lick your lips and moan softly, "Mmmmm.""Well?", I ask, "Are you interested?""Yes!", you reply.Your mind is a jumble of thoughts as your fantasies suddenly go into overdrive. You barely hear me say, "Great! We'll go up there on Monday and I'll come to visit every week."On Monday morning you and I take a leisurely drive to the school. It is in a beautiful secluded area north of the city. The 'school', consists of one large building and several smaller buildings nestled into the woods. We enter the larger building and it is not long before you have had the tour and met everyone. There are no students yet arrived so you and the staff meet and discuss the routine. The 'instructors' are three women and one man. They are all attractive and all about your age. They will provide lessons in dressing, make-up, plenty of exercise and when you say, specialized instruction of another kind.The facilities are extensive and include swimming in the small lake, volleyball and horseback riding. By lunchtime, you are feeling quite settled and I return to the city to work. You all enjoy a delicious meal and then you sit down in your office ready for your first interview with the first Lolita Teen new student. Your calendar says that there is a total of fifteen students expected for the summer who will be arriving over the next few days. You will get to Lolita Teen interview each one.The Lolita Teen first is a young girl name Melanie. Melanie's file contains a picture of the seventeen year old girl showing her to be extremely pretty. Her file says she is being brought by her guardian who wants her to be more obedient and sexually aware by the end of the summer. She is described as shy and quiet although the file states that she has already lost her virginity to her first boyfriend who immediately dropped her. No pictures have been taken of her in the nude and her guardian requests for some if possible. You begin to get excited just thinking about it. Your hand slides down into your panties and you begin caressing your clitoris.You are so into it that the knock on the door has you jump. Melanie's guardian is announced and a moment later he enters your office. He is a tall, dark haired man who is very self assured. You are immediately attracted to him. You both sit down and you ask him to describe what he would like done to Melanie."Well...", he says, "she is a pretty girl but she is basically very shy. She has had one relationship with this jerk who screwed her and then left her hanging and she has been quiet ever since. I can see that it would be easy for her to hide inside of herself and to never experience sex again. I figure that a summer here will handle that forever. I told very little about what to expect. She knows that she basically must obey everything that is told to her or to expect the consequences. I have disciplined her myself with a bare-bottomed spanking from time to time and I've made her stand in a corner showing her bottom for awhile but what I'd like is to have her be more exhibitionistic and moreaware of herbody by theend of thesummer."You smile as your pussy tingles at the thought."Let's have her come in then.", you say.Melanie is led into the office and stands on the carpet in front of your desk."Hello Melanie.", you say, "I am in charge of this school and of your instruction this summer. Do you know why you are here?"The girl blushes and hangs her head. You are unable to hear her mumble."Speak up Melanie!", you say"Yes", she replies."Tell me then.", you say"I'm too shy about my body and about...sex" she says."Very well", you tell her, "before we can continue, you must be examined. Please remove all of your clothing."Her head shoots up to look at you, not believing what she has just heard and a deep blush hits her face."Immediately!", you say.Her hands are trembling as they reach for the buttons on her blouse. One by one, the buttons are undone and the blouse is finally removed to reveal a white lacy bra holding well developed breasts. Lolita Teen She fumbles several times before she is able to undo the zipper to her skirt but finally it too falls to the floor. Clad now only in her flimsy white undergarments, she looks pleadingly at you hoping that she can stay as she is."Please remove ALL of your clothing.", she is told.Her eyes close as she reaches behind her to unfasten her bra. She is trembling and it takes her a couple of tries to finally undo the hooks. Her breasts are beautiful. She has a distinct tan line showing the line of the one piece bathing suit she has worn in the past and her breasts are sharply white against the light tan of her body. They are full and round and frankly don't need the support of the brassiere. The pink, virginal nipples are already hard and sticking out from her body. 'They have never felt nipple clips.', you think to yourself as you imagine her tender nipples pinched by the metallic clamps.She hesitates for a moment with her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and then, as though coming to a decision, she quickly pulls them down her long, legs and off. She stands up and hides her curly brown pussy hair with her hands as she faces you."Thank you.", you say, "Now please clasp your hands behind your head."She blushes again as she obeys your command. She is deliberately avoiding looking at her guardian who has been looking on with great interest. You have her stand like that for a moment watching her blush travel down to the level of her breasts as she waits, quivering, for whatever comes next. You now turn to her guardian,"We shall continue from here and I am sure you will be satisfied.", you tell him."Yes", he says, "Thank you."He kisses the embarrassed girl on the cheek and leaves. You have the girl put her hands back down. You open your desk drawer and take out two wrist restraints. In a few short moments, Melanie has her hands fastened behind her back so that she is exposed and helpless. You take a small jar of ointment and you put a dab on each hard nipple. She jumps at the touch. Within a minute, the ointment has begun to get her nipples hot and she is beginning to squirm."During your time here", you say, "you will become very aware of your body. This is your first lesson in that."You watch her squirm for a moment longer then you cross the room to sit in a straight backed chair."Come here.", you say.Melanie follows and stands in front of you. You can see that the ointment is causing all of her attention to be focused on her nipples. You pull her across your knee and give her bottom a light spanking. When her pale buttocks are a light pink, you order her to open her legs wide apart. She hesitates a moment and then obeys. You apply a tiny dab of the ointment to her exposed anus and hear her gasp at the sensation. Another dab is applied to her clitoris which is now soaking in her own juices. You stand her up and have her stand with her back against the wall. She is both squirming and moaning now as the various sensations in her body turn her on. You take out a camera and begin to take pictures. She is so aroused that she obediently poses in every wanton position you demand of her.Finally, she begs you to let her come. You unfasten her hands and you give her a plastic dildo. She doesn't hesitate but immediately slides the thick artificial cock into her. It takes only a moment before the dildo is gliding in and out of her pussy in long, full, slippery strokes. You continue to take pictures of her face as it contorts in the ecstacy of her first real orgasm. You immediately re-attach her wrists behind her back and remove the dildo. She leans against the wall, exhausted. You call for one of your assistants who comes in and leads the naked girl out of your office and up to her room. You are so turned on that you can't stand it. You take the dildo, still wet and slippery with Melanie's juices and you slide it into your own soaking pussy. A couple of thrusts and it is imbedded to its fullest. You sit back down in your chair and you fell the dildo filling you up. Your whole body tightens and shudders as you surrender to your first mind-blowing orgasm of the day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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