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Lolita Top

(2011-11-21 20:51:09)





Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 6: PattyThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Stripping off her clothes in front of the mirror in the bathroom, she flexed her upper torso and admired the view. Just as she was sure her new neighbor had. He had made no bones about his intentions. No one, much less a complete stranger, had ever dropped their cock into the palm of her hand before. Climbing into the shower, the stream of water from the shower head beat deliciously on her taut, hard body, especially on the exceptionally hard, lengthy nipples which crowned her ample breasts. In the world of body building they were in the women's arena what her neighbor's gigantic cock was in the men's. Amazing but distracting. She knew, without having to ask, that he would probably have run into the same prejudices she had. As she lathered up she thought about the tool she had just met. Not quite the biggest on the beach, muscle-wise that is, but then most of the really big ones had too much iron between their ears to be very interesting outside of the locker room. Or bedroom. This one, at least, had a sense of humor. And he was beautiful. Not many of the tools she hung out with would be worth a second look if it weren't for their bulges. And he had a cock. A big, fat one. Definitely a mouthful. Not to mention a cuntful. And an assful, if she had her wish. She wasn't a butt freak, but every once in a while she longed for a nice, thick, hard one up her ass, and this one was nice and thick enough to make it really worthwhile. Patty realized she had absentmindedly begun to massage her soapy breasts, working her amazingly long nipples into a rigid state. Her breasts were very full and round, supported from within by well-developed muscles that held them up high on her chest, giving the appearance of an invisible bra. As she moved they shook solidly. She enjoyed the feeling of them swinging free, the force of each turn bringing to her attention the wonderful, heavy mass that hung there. The steam from the shower filled the bathroom and eased her into a pensive mood. She could tell it was going to be one of those kinds of a days when every body that walked into the gym was going to make her more and more horny. If she didn't pop off a quick one now she'd be wet for the rest of the day, her smell following her around like a heady perfume. She took the shower head off its bracket and ran it over her torso, rinsing the soap to the tub and down the drain. When she was clean she sat down, leaned back, spread her legs wide, and held the spray up to her vaginal lips. Maneuvering the shower head around she selected an especially hard needle of water and aimed it squarely at her clitoris. The response was immediate and intense. The narrow finger of water hammered Lolita Top relentlessly, causing the small nub of flesh to rapidly swell and become even more sensitized. Her breath shortened, her head fell back against the tub and her whole body warmed to an energized hum. Several times she thought it was too much and almost moved the attacking stream away. But she knew that the longer she held it there, the more explosive her orgasm would be. She forced her hand to maintain its position, a feat that was becoming increasingly difficult as her hips began thrusting involuntarily. Her free hand was busy roaming over her body, stimulating whatever part it found itself on. She loved to feel the strength of her muscles as they tensed under the exertion of pleasure. Her long nipples were erect, hard as rocks. Her breasts quivered with each sudden intake of breath as she came closer to climax. Moans of pleasure escaped her mouth and rang against the tiles of the shower, echoing back to her and sustaining the atmosphere of pure, uninhibited sexual power which permeated the air around her. Visions of sexual tools floated behind her closed eyelids, each one with a cock more erect and powerful than the last, until, finally, what loomed in front of her was the new tool next door. His cock: Thick, circumcised, dark pink, turning to blood-engorged red as it grew and became more and more erect, becoming impossibly large. Two hands would be needed to control it, wrapping around its thickness as she drew it to her. She imagined the smell, not fresh and clean, straight from the shower, but heady and full of aroma following two or three hours of serious work-out. It felt smooth, polished, hot. Very, very hot. And thick. Oh, so thick. Stretching her cunt to the limit. Pumping into her with steady, powerful thrusts, his beautiful, sweaty body swaying over her as she ran her hands up the backs of his arms, across his chest; his triceps and pecs swollen with the exertion of holding himself in the push-up position as he rammed his member into her time and again and again and again and oh, oh,...oh, shit, she was cumming, cumming, cumming and the tub seemed to sway as she let herself go to the feeling of her clitoris' exploding sensation, sending brilliant sparks of sexual energy shooting throughout her entire body. Her muscles tensed deliciously, her body vibrated. She held the blessed shower head in position as long as possible, until just before the intensity of it turned to a nuisance. Dropping it, she collapsed back against the tub, allowing the now independent stream of water to shoot up into the air and down onto her sensitized body, setting off tiny explosions wherever a drop landed. Patty savored a few moments of contemplation. The surges of energy gradually subsided and she settled back down to earth. That should hold her through the day. At least she wouldn't be quite so inclined to wander back to the employees washroom with the first convenient tool that flexed itself in front of her. As she was dressing for work she wondered if her neighbor had picked a gym to work-out at. The one she was partners in wasn't the biggest in town; certainly not the most generously equipped. But the members appreciated the atmosphere of friendliness and support which the owners had committed themselves to. This went beyond the usual line of products behind a glass case at the entrance. Dietary, nutritional, psychological and emotional support were readily available to those clients who proved themselves worthy of such. They weren't into baby-sitting, as she called it, but those who needed a shoulder to cry on or seemed to be down on their luck could always find a source of comfort and support from the staff. Family. She chuckled to herself. A very incestuous family, if all the sucking and fucking that went on was any indication. But it was nice to know that when the juices started flowing, as was the case with people whose whole life revolved around stimulating their anatomy into hyper-growth, you could find a release that didn't carry a lot of emotional commitment along with it. Not that there wasn't that, too, if you wanted it. She had lost count of how many couples had met at the gym and either sustained a long-lasting relationship or flat out got married, several of them having the ceremony right there in the gym. She would bring up the topic the next time she encountered him. And that, she hoped, would be quite an encounter. She caught herself. She had to get to work and thoughts like that only encouraged her to lay back in the tub with her friendly shower head. Of course, if she was going to dawdle, the real thing was just on the other side of her living room wall. His sweat-coated body glistening as his well-developed muscles throbbed and pumped under the exertion of moving and setting up furniture and equipment. She wondered what he had in the way of gear. Certainly nothing sufficient enough to maintain that body. Probably just enough to get the quick pump before heading out. She knew that, like putting on clothes, the body needed to be prepped for the outside world as well. Some quick reps on the bench press, arm curls, leg lifts and side lifts for the delts and the clothes would hug the contours just right. Again, images of his sweat soaked T-shirt clinging to his full, round pectorals came to mind. Nope. This was not going to be an easy day. Or night. The trip down the coast to her sister, Betty's, house for dinner with the four snot-nosed, no-neck monsters (as Elizabeth Taylor said in that movie), was really low on her list of life goals. If it weren't for her brother-in-law she wouldn't even consider the effort. But Bob was great. She loved hanging out with him. He didn't prejudge her because she worked out. Most people did. They couldn't help it. They saw those muscles and something made them talk slower to her, using monosyllabic sentences and hand gestures. Bob loved her body. He never touched her, never gave the slightest indication that he had any desire to screw around. He just loved looking at it. She even got him interested in weight training. He'd joined a gym and enjoyed showing her his progress each time she visited. She'd evaluate him, give pointers on Lolita Top what to work and how. He talked to her about her sport, about life, about his dreams, his family. He loved his wife and kids very much. Patty enjoyed watching him play with the little shits, teaching them, by example, how to deal with life. And anyone who could seriously love her sister deserved canonization. Actually, Betty wasn't all that bad. She was just bitter. She felt tied down to a life that, she claimed at least, was not her desire. Of course, there Lolita Top had been little concern about that when, during high school, she had slept with at least one rather potent member of the football team. She had that baby before she graduated, and another by some nameless fuck the following year. Bob happened along at just the right time. He was eager to have a family, found Betty to have good qualities worth marrying, and settled down to the life of fatherhood, having two cretins of their own along the way. He said the last two were to cement the family. Betty said they were to make sure she didn't run around anymore, as they made her too busy to think about anything else. Betty could be a real shithead sometimes. Patty went to her bedroom and pulled her clothes out of the closet. As she dressed she stopped to check out what she saw in the mirror; professional scrutiny mixed with an aesthetic pleasure. She decided to throw a change of clothes into a bag to take to the gym so she could leave straight for her sister's from there. She pulled on her panties, black and brief, just barely covering the mound of her vagina. She flexed her muscles and got pleasure at the image this effort called up. Hot. Very hot. Her breasts round and firm, nipples, at least momentarily, smooth and dark. The ring of dark flesh that surrounded them was slightly swollen. She swung the closet door open so she could stand between its mirror and the one over her dresser, and flexed her back. The muscles popped out in bold relief, like a display of knot-tying. Her ass was firm and defined, her chest, above those two lovely melon-like breasts, was striated with tough, sinewy fibers just under a thin, fatless layer of skin. Yes. Hot. Lycra pants and top, an over-sized T, sweats, socks, sneaks. One more check in the mirror. Hair, a little make-up around the eyes just so she didn't feel naked, she grabbed her bag and was out the door. She looked over the railing to see if Arnold was Lolita Top down at his truck. One more gander at the tool wouldn't Lolita Top hurt. At the thought of it she felt a little rush between her legs. Just what she needed, she thought sarcastically: a good fixation to get her through the day. He wasn't there. Probably was on his way down or up. She'd run into him on the way. The elevator arrived and it was empty. She rode down alone and wandered out the back door to the parking lot. He was just pulling a new load of boxes out of the back and had finally succumbed to the heat by taking off his now-completely-soaked shirt which hung on a hook on the back door of the truck. His skin was smooth and glistening. As was customary in body building, it was completely hair-free. Blemishless, clean, it looked like a piece of pliant marble which the hand of some great sculptor had just finished bringing to life. His nipples, which rested on the outer, lower edges of their respective pectoral, were dark and firm. The sides of his pecs flared up to his deltoids forming a deep, clear pit. As he pulled what appeared to be a box of books out of the truck to carry to the elevator his arms bulged and his neck muscles expanded with the exertion. He turned, saw her and set the box back down again. She wandered over to him. "Just about done, I see." "A few more loads. Then I'll have to figure out where to put everything. I don't think there'll be any time for a work-out." "I don't think you have much to worry about, there. You seem to be getting a fine one now." "Off to work?" "Yeah. I've gotta get the gym open. A few diehards like to get in a quick pump on a Sunday. By the way, have you looked into a gym around here?" "I sort of wandered around the area the other day when I came to sign the lease. Which one do you work at?" "It's a little one a few blocks from here called 'The Pump House'." "I don't remember seeing it. I must have missed it." "That's not hard. The place was a service station at one time. Hence the name. You have to get up and really look into the window to see what's inside. We're not the most well-equipped on the beach, but most of our members, whether they're pro or not, like the atmosphere, and a nicer bunch of nuts you never want to meet. Let me know when you want to take a look and I'll give you the grand tour." "Thanks. I'm not in competition so I don't need a whole lot of equipment time. I model so I have to keep the body up, but that's it." "Did you ever consider entering contests?" "Yeah, I entered a couple, but everyone kept staring at my cock and I couldn't get the judges to take me seriously. After one contest out in the desert I overheard a couple of the judges talking about me. One of them, a man, said he thought it was pretty sick Lolita Top for someone to get up on a stage in front of a serious body-building crowd and turn it into a porno show. I don't know what he expected me to do. Cut it off?" "Penis envy, no doubt. That's the same problem I have." "Penis envy?" She decided to let it slide but noted the penchant for quick repartee. Nice. "Because my breasts aren't whittled down to a flat slab of muscle I can't get taken seriously, either. I could have arms as big as yours but the judges wouldn't see past my tits. It sounds like you'd fit right into our bunch of misfits. We're considered the rogues of the business. If you want to be considered in competition in this town you have to hitch your wagon to one of the more 'legitimate' gyms." It was nice that she had this in common with him. She thought he would be perfect for the gym but wouldn't push it. He'd come around on his own. "I'm driving down the coast to my sister's for dinner tonight. I'll see you tomorrow." "Are you sure I can't bring something? For dinner, that is. How about some wine." "Never touch the stuff. Don't worry. Patty's got everything that's needed. You just get yourself settled in and we'll worry about food co-oping later." She turned to go to her car and saw that some asshole had parked right in front of her. "Aw, shit! Who's the jerk..." Arnold looked where she was indicating and said, "Guilty. Hold on a second. I'll get it moved." He walked over to the car, opened the door and released the emergency brake, made sure it was out of gear and then closed the door. Patty realized what he was going to do and asked if he needed any help. He said he could probably handle it and grabbed the tow bar. It was a bit of a strain to break the inertia, but once the car started to move there didn't seem to be any trouble. Patty just stood back and enjoyed the view. Every muscle in his body inflated to maximum size as he leaned back to pull the car. His legs looked like tree trunks and as they swelled they lifted his cock and balls higher into the cloth of his shorts. She had this uncontrollable desire to go over there and rub that huge bulge. She also had a plan that would get him over to see the gym.
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