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丹麦 哥本哈根 公务交流单位介绍

(2011-10-26 17:07:00)








分类: 欧洲建筑公务交流单位

                      丹麦建筑中心 Dansk Arkitektur Center

       丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Martinussen, chief executive officer, the Danish Architecture Centre ( DAC )


Founded in 1882, is a former canal next to a warehouse. After its transformation, built the present building center. Tall and spacious center, opened in 1998, the main demonstration city construction exhibits. The centre also operates a bookstore, selling all kinds of architecture and design books. In addition there is a cafe, with a white tone of the Danish Modern furniture.


Koolhaas OMA design firms in the Danish Architecture Centre ( DAC ) new headquarters. This is located in Copenhagen's historic waterfront project named" Bryghusgrunden", an area of 27000 square meters, will accommodate the Realdania Foundation ( similar to the British CABE organization ) headquarters office, Residence, commercial space, public areas and recreational facilities.


This building is surrounded by a busy Christians Brygge loop, near an old brewery 's bay.


OMA co-founder Ellen van Loon said:" the traditional ' stacked ' partition has the jurisdiction of their respective projects, and the Bryghusgrunden project are different, its elements such as DAC, exhibition space and Realdania in random order seems to be stacked together. Public project, city road and building center into the building core part, constitutes a different partition between bek."


DAC is a dynamic field, with the exhibition, guides, bookstores, coffee hall and Conference Center


DAC bookstore, in the architectural design, city planning books in Nordic countries the largest selection of.


The DAC Conference Center, small and large conferences, meetings and parties and receptions, with their own kitchen food space


 这座建筑周围是繁忙的Christians Brygge环路,靠近一座旧酿酒厂所在的海湾。

 OMA合伙人Ellen van Loon说:“传统‘堆叠’分区有着各自管辖的项目,而Bryghusgrunden项目与之不同,其要素如DAC、展览空间和Realdania以似乎随意的次序堆叠在一起。公共项目、城市道路和建筑中心深入到建筑核心部分,构成了各个不同分区之间的更广泛的联系。”

Danish Architecture Centre

Strandgade 27B

DK-1401 Copenhagen


Opening hours:

Daily 10-17:00, except Wednesday 10-21:00


DKK 40.00

Free Wednesday 17-21:00


               丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍


COPENHAGEN-X is part of the Danish Architecture Centre of a project, by Realdania fund and Frederiksberg borough and the city of Copenhagen to provide aid. They are responsible for the promotion and dissemination of the Danish capital city development, construction projects and building image and innovation, to provide the public a new environmental protection field. They also often organized debates, crossing the line and traditional, for professionals and the general public to create a direct dialogue with the environment.


Solveig Nielsen is the architect, she is Danish architect alliance members, is the project manager of COPENHAGEN-X. She was a famous Danish architects Henning and Larsen together for the construction and city development project in 10 years, is currently the Royal Danish School of architecture at Academy of Fine Arts and master's degree in city planning strategy. " The EU digital display building energy consumption accounts for the whole of Europe 40%, if we want to solve the problem of climate change, must reduce building energy consumption." She said.


In Denmark, the energy consumption of the building is the largest producer of carbon dioxide. Therefore building energy innovation is in Copenhagen city environmental protection an important part of the work.


Located in the Department of University of Copenhagen humanism green Lighthouse ( Green Lighthouse ) and Solveig Nielsen her COPENHAGEN-X proud of a project. " Green Lighthouse" residential is the Granville Luke group / VELUX in 2010 to build six future energy-saving construction projects in Denmark, is also the first carbon neutral public building.


In addition to Granville Luke / VELUX, green lighthouse and five other partners, including VELFAX, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen University, Denmark and Copenhagen City Hall property right institution.


" We hope this building became Denmark and other European countries with sustainable building of the lighthouse, so called ' green lighthouse ', hope it in the Copenhagen UN climate summit and the IARH climate research conference to exhibit elegant demeanour." Incumbent Copenhagen mayor Ritt Bjerrgard also attended the opening ceremony of the March 3, 2008.


Green lighthouse building shape is cylindrical, so some people give it nicknamed" sundial", its facade shutter can be adjusted, the light as the sun moves around the building rotates into the. The structure of such a design can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Solveig Nielsen explained," in the face of those who call themselves ' carbon neutral ' commercial building, green lighthouse self-contained. Windows and facade proportion calculated, ensure the building too much needed energy consumed for heating, in strict accordance with demand and supply. In the building energy system design on the combination of the sun at different intensities: summer too much solar energy collection to the underground, in the sunlight the weakest out when using. The fresh air inhaled from electric window and through a skylight circulation, constitute a comfortable indoor environment. Adjustable louver window with irradiation in the facade sun automatic lifting."


Three storey" green Lighthouse" ( from the outside to the inside is green ) area of 950 square meters, to accommodate the student advisory office, administrative office and staff club.


COPENHAGEN-X是隶属于丹麦建筑中心的一个项目,由 Realdania基金会和 Frederiksberg自治市以及哥本哈根市提供资助。他们负责推广和传播丹麦首都的城市发展、建筑项目以及建筑影像和革新,提供给市民一个全新的环保视野。他们也经常组织各种辩论会,跨越界限和传统,为专业人士和普通市民创造一个直接对话的环境。


  Solveig Nielsen也是建筑师,她是丹麦建筑师联盟的会员,是COPENHAGEN-X的项目经理。她曾和丹麦著名的 Henning Larsen建筑师一起为建筑和城市发展项目工作了 10年,目前正在皇家丹麦美术学院和建筑学校攻读战略城市计划的硕士学位。“欧盟数字显示建筑能源消耗占了整个欧洲的 40%,如果我们想要解决所面临的气候变化问题,必须降低建筑的能源消耗。”她说。




  位于哥本哈根大学人文主义系里的绿色灯塔(Green Lighthouse)也是Solveig Nielsen和她的 COPENHAGEN-X引以为傲的一个项目。“绿色灯塔”住宅是威卢克斯集团 /VELUX在 2010年前要建设的六个未来节能建筑项目之一,也是丹麦第一座二氧化碳中和公共建筑。


  除了威卢克斯 /VELUX外,绿色灯塔还有其他五个合伙人,分别是 VELFAX、哥本哈根大学、丹麦大学、哥本哈根产权机构和哥本哈根市政府。


  “我们希望此建筑成为丹麦以及其它欧洲国家的可持续建筑的灯塔,因此称它为‘绿色灯塔’,希望它在哥本哈根联合国气候峰会以及 IARH气候研究大会上一展风采。 ”现任哥本哈根市长 Ritt Bjerrgard也出席了 2008年 3月 3日的开幕仪式。


  绿色灯塔建筑外形是圆柱形的,所以有人给它起了外号叫“日晷”,其立面百叶可以调节,光照随着太阳移动围绕着建筑旋转而进入。这样的结构设计可以减少二氧化碳的排放。Solveig Nielsen对此的解释是,“面对那些称自己是‘碳中立’的商业建筑来说,绿色灯塔自成一体。窗户和立面的比例经过精心计算,保证建筑不会过多地消耗取暖所需要的能源,严格按照需求供给。在建筑能源系统的设计上结合了太阳的不同强度:夏季过多的太阳能收集到地下,在太阳光最弱的时候拿出来使用。新鲜空气从电动窗户吸入并通过天窗流通,构成了舒适的室内环境。窗户的可调节百叶会随着照射在立面上的阳光自动升降。 ”

 三层高的“绿色灯塔”(从外表到内在都是绿色的)面积为 950平方米,容纳了学生咨询处、行政办公室和员工俱乐部。
             丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍


DR city demonstration


DR BYEN ( DR ) is SolveigNielsen and her COPENHAGEN-X responsible for another project, this is a Copenhagen new area, is Denmark's National Broadcasting Company ( DR ) of the new headquarters.


The Solveig Nielsen is proud of DR city currently has the biggest Danish solar systems, and advanced groundwater cooling and rainwater recycling. Using the technology means just to prove, can create a huge, modern information technology and high content of office area, at the same time also will be a negative impact on the environment to a minimum.


DR city is composed of four parts, including completed in 2009 by the French architect Jean Nouvel design of the Copenhagen music hall, the entire region from the middle of a long street connected together, one is actually part of the EU funded demonstration building, as the other large area office configuration to pave the way, DR. This part of the IT-ECO.


DR City rooftop installation has 1060 square meters of solar cell, which in Denmark is already the largest scale. According to DR, the solar cell can generate every year for 80-100 MWh regional energy needs, for example, it can make the groundwater cooling pump operation. These solar cells are mounted on the roof of the several panel, wherein the panel, the largest area of 650 square meters.


DR city by free cooling, cooling and water cooling at night with huge cooling system to meet the demand of regional. It is the goal of carbon dioxide emission reduction through the cooling system 75%.


During most of the year, the city DR cooling system may be passed through an air cooler outdoor fresh air is introduced, which is also called free cooling. But the outside temperature is too high, then turn to the use of cooling system of groundwater. The last step, as a back-up plan, also may use a conventional powered compressor cooling system.


Groundwater is located from the city of DR 20 meters deep underground water cooling water out. Water cooling tank also contains comprehensive building on both sides of the separated in warm water and cold water hole. In summer, from cold water pool water to the whole building used for cooling, and then through the warm water holes after the return to the underground reservoir.


In winter, the building cooling by cooling to achieve freedom. Free cooling in extra cooling capacity was used through the water cooling hole to those by warm water and temperature of groundwater, so the cycle.


Renovation of old buildings


Copenhagen has both a way in . Restaden and Holmen award-winning new building, at the same time also has the Latin District beautiful old building.


" Whether it is new or renovated house floor care to reduce energy consumption problem is a very wise. This can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is also a relatively in a short period of time can get return investment. It is also important to pay attention to environmental protection, renovation and use will lead to improved quality of life. Indoor climate on human memory, concentration and mental stress level has an important influence on."


COPENHAGEN-X has a lot of old building renovation project. City hall belongs to the building will be renovated to environmental protection, reduce energy consumption, and make people feel more comfortable residence in the office. This is also the Copenhagen government ambitious environmental protection planning in an important lighthouse project.




DR BYEN(DR城)是 SolveigNielsen和她的 COPENHAGEN-X负责的另外一个项目,这是哥本哈根的一个新区,是丹麦国家广播公司(DR)的新总部。


  令 Solveig Nielsen自豪的是 DR城拥有目前丹麦最大的太阳能系统,还有先进的地下水冷却以及雨水的再循环利用。运用这些科技手段只是为了证明,可以建立一个巨大的、现代和信息科技含量高的办公区域,同时亦能将对环境的不利影响降到最低。


  DR城由四部分组成,包含 2009年落成的由法国设计师让 ·努维尔设计的哥本哈根音乐厅,整个区域由中间的一条很长的内街连接在一起,其中有一部分实际上是欧盟资助的示范建筑,以此为其他大面积的办公楼配置铺路,DR叫这部分为 IT-ECO。


  DR城的屋顶安装有 1060平方米的太阳能电池单元,这在丹麦已经是最大的规模。按照 DR的说法,这些太阳能单元每年能产生 80-100 MWh供区域里的能源需要,例如,它可以让地下水冷却泵运转。这些太阳能单元被安装在屋顶上的几处面板上,其中,最大的面板面积达 650平方米。


  DR城采用自由冷却、夜间冷却和地下水冷却的结合来满足区域巨大的冷却系统需求。它的目标是将二氧化碳的排放量通过冷却系统降低 75%。




  地下水是从位于 DR城地下 20米深的地下水冷却蓄水池中抽出来的。地下水冷却蓄水池还包含位于综合楼两边的分开的温水和冷水凿洞。夏天,从冷水池上来的水用来冷却整个大楼,然后通过暖水凿洞后再回流到地下蓄水池。






  哥本哈根既有这样在 .restaden和Holmen的获奖的新建筑,同时也有拉丁区漂亮的老建筑。


  “不论是新盖房楼还是翻修照顾到减少能量消耗问题是十分明智的。这样将能减少二氧化碳的排放。它同时也是一种相对来说在短时期内就可以得到回报的投资。同样重要的是,注重环保的翻修和使用方式将带来生活质量的提高。室内气候对人的记忆、精力的集中和精神压力的程度有着重要的影响。 ”




丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

3XN was founded as Nielsen, Nielsen and Nielsen in Aarhus in 1986 by the architects Kim Herforth Nielsen, Lars Frank Nielsen (partner until 2002) and Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen (partner until 1992). The studio quickly became known for two things: their preference for social and humane architecture, and projects demanding a high level of detail and employing workmanship of the highest quality.


International Breakthrough

A first breakthrough came with the court house in Holstebro (1992), which was followed by a number of first prizes in architectural competitions, such as the Architects’ House in Copenhagen (1994) The Glass Museum in Ebeltoft (1995) the Oceanarium in Hirtshals (1996), the Danish Embassy in Berlin (1998) and the concert hall Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam (1997). The two latter structures made a name on the international architectural scene for the artistically ambitious Danish architects with their social approach and carefully planned spatial formations.

The Muziekgebouw, completed 2005, together with Museum of Liverpool (2004-) and Kubus in Berlin (first prize 2007), shows the expertise on culture buildings and prestigious international proyects, with emphasis on original solutions in plans, facades and organisation of the interiors.


Architecture shapes Behaviour

The revolutionary design of Danish upper secondary school Ørestad College (2004-2007), together with a number of original corporate headquarters designs such as FIH, Deloitte, Saxo Bank, Horten and KPMG, show that 3XN, through daring concepts and design create architecture that contributes positively to learning and working environments.

These innovations are also reflected in master plans and housing projects like the Lighthouse in Aarhus and the new Denmark’s Aquarium, The Blue Planet, in Copenhagen. The latter being a spectacular design inspired by a whirlpool, which the critic of the Danish daily Politiken found so original as to warrant a comparison to Jørn Utzon’s opera house in Sydney.


GXN – G for Green

In 2007 3XN established GXN; a Research & Development department working with digital tools, new materials and green technologies in order to ensure the studio’s leading position within building sector innovation.


3XN today

The partnership today consists of Founder Kim Herforth Nielsen; CEO Bo Boje Larsen who became Partner in 2003; and Head of Competition Jan Ammundsen who became Partner in 2007.

这个事务所由尼尔森( Kim Herforth Nielsen)所领导,有六个主要的合伙人分别是Kim Herforth Nielsen, Jan Ammundsen and Bo Boje Larsen (Dep. Copenhagen). Kim Christiansen, Tommy Bruun and Michael Kruse (Dep. Aarhus)。创建至今超过20年,目前是丹麦最重要的建筑事务所之一。

3XN成立之初其实是Nielsen,Nielsen和Nielsen,因为它是由Kim Herforth Nielsen以及另外两个Lars Frank Nielsen(合作直至2002年)和Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen(合作直至1992年)三个Nielsen1986年在丹麦奥尔胡斯成立的。三个Nielsen建筑师经常被以复数指代,今天他们更多地被叫做3XN。这个事务所有两个地方与众不同:他们总是追求破天荒的建筑,藐视反人两件事情使他们成名:他们偏爱突破性意义的构想,排斥反人性化的现代主义;在项目上追求高水平的细节并采用最优质的做工。









3XN有三个重要的合作伙伴:Kim Herforth Nielsen,是英国皇家建筑师学会的创始人,也是整个3XN的首席设计师。Bo Boje Larsen,,首席执行官和负责行政,管理事务所的财务,战略和组织。Jan Ammundsen,,是竞赛部的负责人。




2007年3XN建立GXN,它是一个数码工具,新材料和绿色技术的研发部门,它的建立是为确保工作室在建筑创新领域的领导地位。G ,即代表绿色。



3XN 部分作品作品集


丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Stockholm, Sweden


Function: :transportation


Odenplan is a new station for Stockholm’s commuter train, Citybanan. 3XN has designed the entry building for the station as a light and well-integrated urban sculpture. Simple yet complex, the building takes inspiration from a rational rectangular geometry.  The daily flow of people is distributed in a structured and functional way optimizing both traffic and the safety of the station. At the same time the building looks soft, curved and welcoming – and provides a natural platform for resting with a view to the life and movement of the plaza in front.



地址:瑞典 斯德哥尔摩




作品介绍:奥丁是一个斯德哥尔摩的通勤列车,一线城市的新车站。 3XN设计其作为综合的城市雕塑站项目建设。简单而复杂,建设需要从理性的矩形几何得到灵感。同时,建筑造型柔和,弯曲和热情,并提供了一个以生命和运动的广场前提的可供休息天然平台。


2.Bella Sky

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Copenhagen, Denmark

Area:42,000 ㎡(814 rooms)



A new landmark hotel and conference center designed by 3XN is first step of the long-anticipated extension of the Bella Center; Copenhagen’s famous Congress Center. The upgrade of Bella Center will add an urban feeling to the place, and the extension will immediately benefit from Bella Center’s perfect location: Situated between the old city core and Orestad; Copenhagen’s growth center, Bella Center is connected to two important worlds of activities, and furthermore it’s close to the Metro as well as the Copenhagen Airport.



地址:丹麦  哥本哈根






3.Museum of  Liverpool

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Liverpool, England

Area:13,000 ㎡

Function: :public


Located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site between the Albert Dock and the Pier Head, and next to a row of prominent historic buildings dubbed ‘The Three Graces’ the museum building is conceived as inclined or elevated platforms, gradually forming a sculptural structure. Fully accessible it will contribute to the public promenade flow along the Docks. Situated at the Pier Head, the museum will be visible from both the river and  


地址:英国  利物浦





4.Tangen Polytechnic 

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Addrss:Tangen, Norway


Function: :education


Tangen Polytechnic is beautifully situated just south of the renaissance quarter of Kristiansand with an open view to the Otra River. The new school assembles a number of education lines, including hotel and nourishment, design, media and communication and construction courses, both practical and theoretical. Earlier these facilities were widely spread, so one of the important targets for the new school building is to bring different education cultures together to form a unity, that encourages to establish cross-over contacts in order to benefit from the differences among the students.



地址:挪威  唐恩,




5.London School of Economics

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:London, UK


Function: :education


Focussed on the interaction between students from around the world in a unique environment hosting recreational, academic and social functions; 3XNs vision for the New Students’ Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science is about encouraging synergy and social behaviour in a space the students can call their home. 



地址:英国  伦敦,





6.Tivoli Concert Hall

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Copenhagen, Denmark


Function: :culture


3XN has restored he old concert hall, focusing on keeping the unique Tivoli spirit. The concert hall was the largest and most modern in the Nordic countries when it was built in 1956.




地址:丹麦  哥本哈根,





7 CPH Arch

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Copenhagen, Denmark


Function: :urban planning


A bridge spanning a body of deep water, providing the only dry connection between two stretches of land, is one of the most powerful architectural experiences in the landscape. Another classical element is the town gate, which marks the boundary between the countryside and the town, and ‘contains’ the town, physically, structurally and aesthetically.



地址:丹麦  哥本哈根,




8 Muziekgebouw

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Function: :culture


The new Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam is the location for two music institutions in Amsterdam: the Ijsbreker for modern music and the BIMhuis for jazz and improvised music. Danish 3XN Architects won the competition in 1997.

The structure of the building consists in a concrete volume, surrounded by a glass façade and covered by a roof slab, oriented towards the harbour and the station; These objects, the glass volume, the hanged box and the covering roof, explain already from the exterior the hierarchy and the relation between space and functions.




地址:荷兰  阿姆斯特丹,




9 Danish Embassy in Berlin

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Berlin, Germany


Function: :public


The Danish Embassy in Berlin is part of a pan-nordic building complex, created within the boundaries of a common masterplan and completed 1999. 3XN's Danish Embassy consists of two elements, one undulated and "soft", covered in copper plates outside and ash wood inside; the other sharp and prismatic, clad in steel





地址:柏林  德国






10 Oceanarium

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Hirtshals, Denmark


Function: :public


The Oceanarium is an extension of the North Sea Museum, and the home of a fascinating aquarium containing 4.5 million litres of salt water, imitating the harsh environment of the North Sea. Being the largest cold water aquarium in the world, the amphi-scene in front of the biggest window (6x12m) seats app. 600 spectators for the diver's show..




地址:希茨海尔斯  丹麦





11 Holstebro Court Building

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Holstebro Court Building


Function: :public


The Holstebro Court House meant a breakthrough for 3XN in 1992 as one of the most promising young practices in Denmark. We received 'Betonelementprisen' (the Concrete Elements Prize) 1992, the client was awarded the 'Visionary Client' Award, and for the building we received the Danish Building Culture Prize in 1996.




地址:霍尔斯特布罗  丹麦





12 Orestad College

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Copenhagen, Denmark


Function: :education


Four boomerang shaped storey decks rotate in relation to each other like the shutter of a camera. They form the superstructure; the overall framework of the college, and provide space for the college’s four study zones. Each zone is on one level, providing organisational flexibility, with the option of micro adjustment to create different spaces, learning environments and group sizes. The rotation of the storey decks projects a part of each deck into the high central hall. This part is the so called X-zone; a spatial expression of the colleges’ ambition to promote interdisciplinary expertise between study zones with physical and visual links.




地址:哥本哈根 丹麦





13 Deloitte

丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍丹麦 <wbr>哥本哈根 <wbr>公务交流单位介绍

Address:Copenhagen, Denmark

Area:26,000 ㎡ + basement 12,000㎡

Function: :business


Green hanging gardens are cut into the building volume. They create oases for small breaks and open up to the daylight. The openings prolong the outer perimeter and enable all office areas to be placed along the facades with panoramic views and fresh air. The facades are made of double glass elements. This makes way for natural ventilation and a protected place for sunshade blinds.




地址:哥本哈根 丹麦

建筑面积:26,000 ㎡ +地下室12,000㎡








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