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(2015-05-04 16:18:17)


分类: 英语教学




May I take your order now? 现在点菜吗?order 点菜 serve 上菜 change 零钱 Keep the change! 不用找零钱了! tip 小费 treat 请客 (This is my treat! 我请客!)go Dutch AA (Let’s go fifty fifty. ) steak 牛排 cheese奶酪 [转载]高考英语听力话题分类高频词汇及表达汇总

sandwich 三明治 bacon 腌肉 soup  doughnut 多纳圈 appetizer 开胃物 dessert甜品,go out for dinner / dinner out 出去吃饭 snack bar 小吃街;大排挡 hamburger 汉堡包 coke 可口可乐 French fries 炸薯条 dining hall ;coffee shop ;restaurant ;cafeteria ;canteen; buffet 自助餐


stamp envelope package / parcel 包裹 overweight 超重 extra postage 额外邮资 send / post / deliver a letter / mail  /发信 express mail 快件 airmail 航空信件 open an account 开一个账户 postman/mailman, delivery


library card; borrow; lend; keep; renew; bookshelf; novel; science fiction科幻小说;magazine; periodical期刊; reference book; librarian 图书管理员 pay a fine 交罚款 Can I help you? / What can I do for you?


aspirin 阿司匹林 regular doctor 私人医生 emergence department 急诊室 ICU (= intensive care unit)特护病房 treatment 治疗手段 take one’s temperature / blood pressure 测量体温/血压medicine: pills / tablets药丸/药片 heart attack 心脏病 cold / flu 流感:have/catch a cold; pain; headache; stomach-ache; backache; sore-throat喉咙痛 cough; feverWhat’s up? (多用于男生之间)How is it going? How are you? 回答:I’m fine. / I feel good/terrific. / I couldn’t be better. / Nothing is very wrong with me. 好。 I am not feeling good. / I feel terrible/horrible/awful. / I am not myself these days. 不好。 (注意听语气:身体好的时候,语调上扬,语气非常欢快;身体不好的时候,降调,语气非常郁闷。)


operator 接线员 Extension six two two six, please. 请转6226 The line is bad/ busy / engaged. It kept a busy line. 电话占线。long distance call 长途电话  put through 接通电话 hold on / up Hold the line, please. Hello! This is …speaking. Who’s speaking? / telephone/ ring/ phone sb. ;give sb. a call/ ring I’ll call back later / again. I’ll ring him / her up again. I couldn’t get through. Sorry, I’m afraid you have the wrong number.


make a reservation 预定房间 reception desk 接待处 check in 入住 check out 结账 single room单间 suite套间 Do you have a reservation Sir? Have you got any vacant room? (= Is there any room available here?)有空房间吗?All the room are occupied. 房间已满。Can I have a suite please? How much do you charge for that? Smoking or non-smoking? Meals included. 包括饮食。Can I show you your room? / Can I carry your luggage?


speeding May I see your license, please? You will be fined by $20.


store 杂货店 department store 百货商场 shopping center 购物中心 商品信息:size; color; style; price What color/size/kind do you want? 商品论贵贱expensive, cheap 价格论高低high, low bargain便宜货 popular / fashionable 流行的 in fashion 流行,时尚 out of fashion 过时的brand 品牌 counter 柜台 pay in cash 用现金支付 pay in check 用支票支付 credit card 信用卡shop assistant 商店营业员 out of stock 脱销/缺货 in stock 有货


cloudy 阴天  thunder 打雷 strong/ high wind 大风 tornado 龙卷风 typhoon 台风storm 风暴 blizzard暴风雪 It rains cats and dogs.(=The rain is pouring.)下着倾盆大雨。downpour倾盆大雨 shower 阵雨 clear up 天空放晴  经常和天气相联系的情况:vacation  flight(航班) (be delayed/cancelled by the bad weather)


flight 航班 Welcome on board 欢迎登机 bound for…飞往……方向去的 check in 办理登机手续 behind schedule 晚点 take off 起飞land降落




  January Jan.                   February Feb. 

  March Mar.                   April Apr.

  May May.                     June Jun.

  July Jul.                        August Aug.

  September Sep(t).        October Oct.

  November Nov.              December Dec.


  Sunday Sun.                   Monday Mon.

  Tuesday Tue.                Wednesday Wed(s).

  Thursday Thu.               Friday Fri.

  Saturday Sat.


  Traffic, plane, bus, car, train, subway(underground), boat, ship, taxi, transportation, timetable, journey, speed,


  U. S Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar (HK$), yuan, RMB , pound (), pocket change, coin, check, cash, credit card, bank,



  meal, menu, bill, order, tip, hamburger, sandwich, soup, dish, beer, soft drink, fully booked(客满),;


  take medicine, temperature, pill, headache, fever, blood pressure, waiting room, ;


  single room, double room, room number, room service, check in, check out, lift / elevator;

  邮局(post office)用语:

  mail, deliver, stamp, envelope, telegram, postage;


  flight, take off, land, luggage, China Airline, information desk, boarding, customs, departure time, arrival,;


  round trip, single trip, sleeping car, ticket, fair, conductor, ;


  on sale, size, color, price, change, customer, expensive, cheap, discount, ;


  exam, course, dining hall, playground, library, lab, degree, foreign language, optional course, required course等。


 relatives, relationship, reunion, uncle, parents, aunt, family-get-together, generation,


  holiday, festival, Mid-autumn Day, May Day, National Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Mother(Father)’s Day, New Year, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter ,Halloween, Valentine’s Day,


  Basketball, football ,volleyball, baseball, tennis, table-tennis, badminton running , swimming, shooting, fishing, surfing ,skating ,rock climbing, jumping, gym, stadium,


 talk show, concert, show, exhibition, film, movie, play, theatre, museum, music, entertainment, band, chess, amusement park, nightclub, picnic, bowling,


  clerk , secretary, manager , boss, professor, lawyer, businessman, driver, doctor nurse, headmaster, headmistress, librarian, engineer, technician, farmer, policeman policewoman, coach,


  health, gain weight, lose weight, keep fit, balanced diet, smoking, go on a diet, take exercise, gym


  Century, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, yesterday, today, tomorrow, weekend,

At noon, morning, afternoon, evening, night,

The moment/minute……(…)


  Chinese Mathematics English

  Physics Chemistry Biology

  Politics History Geography

  Arts Music Physical Education (P E)


  Chinese, Japanese, German, French, American, Australian, Englishman, Russian, New-Zealander,

  Canadian, Italian, Spanish,


  The People’s Republic of ChinaBeijing The United States of AmericaUSA New YorkChicago ,The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland U.KLondonFranceParis, Germany, Berlin, Australia, Canberra / Sydney, Japan, Tokyo, Canada ,Toronto/ Ottawa, Italy , Rome, Spain , Madrid , Russia , Moscow, Europe,


  Million, thousand, hundred, dozen, score, decade, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth, twelfth, twentieth,


  computer, surf the Internet, technology, science, information, e-mail, download, on line, off line, clone, robot, cell phone/ mobile phone, satellite, spaceship


  clothing , dress, suit, evening dress, jacket, shirt ,skirt, T-shirt, trousers pants, shorts, blouse, sweater, coat, overcoat, tie, socks, stockings, shoes, boots hat , cap ,uniform

18Food and drinks(食物与饮料)

  hamburger, sandwich(es), bread, flour, milk, pork, beef, lamb, chicken , fish, rice, vegetable, black-tea, green-tea , coffee, black coffee, wine, alcohol, soft drinks


1That’s settled. 【就这么定了】2Take your time/Take things easy.【别慌】.

3Anything but cheap【并不便宜】. 4No wonder…

5It’s a deal【一言为定】. 6You’re kidding.【你开玩笑吧】7Can we make it…?【我们可把时间定在…? 8That’s the way it is.【事情就是这样的】

9It depends. 10It’s not intended for scientists, either.【也不是为科学家而准备的】         

 10) It’s far from easy.【一点也不容易】

11You can’t be serious !【别开玩笑了】

12.That’s beyond my imagination.【这超出我的想象】


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