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爆炸新闻--[转载]2009-08-01潘玮柏新加坡访问 WILL PAN's interv

(2011-10-11 10:38:26)




  Video From: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTE3NTU3NDIw.html Words translated by Danyi The boy Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan gruffed(?) his signature hip-hop music when he was in town recently to promote his latest album <Zero Zero Seven> despitehurting his ridge (?)bone during a dance rehearsal. Wilber showed good showmanship during his music showcase @ Dragonfly. 台湾歌手潘玮柏最近在新加坡宣传他的新专辑《零零七》,尽管在练舞时伤了小指骨,但还是唱了他的招牌嘻哈歌曲。玮柏在演出时展现出了了良好的表演技巧。

  He vowed hot of few fans to go at the event with warm smile and charming manner. He danced a the side of the stage, shaking hands with eager fans and posed happily for them.


  When five of his female fans went on stage to play the game "which is the real Coke" with him, he was attentive and cheeky. The fans had to taste the coke and pretend that it was salty. Wilber then had to guess which is the real coke.


  Wilber Pan sang six of his songs that day. He's lighting his fans when he performs more than his four intended song.


  To find out more about Wilber Pan's latest album <Zero Zero Seven>, stay advise on RAZOR POP as Wilber tells us about his music experimentation and his collaboration with the American rapper AKON in the next clip.

  要了解更多关于潘玮柏的新专辑《零零七》,继续关注RAZOR POP,接下来玮柏会跟我们分享他的音乐过程和他和美国饶舌歌手AKON的合做过程。

  In this clip, Wilber Pan shares with us about the music in his newest album <Zero Zero Seven>.He wove the American multi-platinum selling rapper AKON on the song <Be With You>. Apparently, they had a good time working together.

  在这个环节中,潘玮柏和我们分享了新专辑《零零七》中的音乐。他和美国有着白金销量的饶舌歌手AKON共同唱了<be with you>。显然,他们工做时度过了一段愉快的时光。

  During the one-to-one interview, Wilber had a RAZOR TV. He shares with us excitement about coming back to Singapore again after two years as well as why he thinks <Zero Zero Seven> is so popular in Hong Kong and China.

  在RAZOR TV面劈面的采访中,玮柏和我们分享了他两年后再次到新加坡兴奋的心情以及他之所以认为《零零七》在香港和内地这么红的原因。

  Interview Part 1 Christina Ng(interviewer):Hi, Wilber. Nice seeing you. Chiristina 吴(记者):Hi玮柏,很高兴见到你。

  Wilber: Hello.


  C: It's been two years since you last came to Singapore. So how do you feel about this trip this time?


  W: It's great! You know I mean even though it's a short stay, but to me, like I'm back to Singapore, is always, you know, a thrill. Oh cause when I landed, like when I woke up there was praise of all my fans, you know, they're and it was great because you know now they are like such grown-up now. I mean there are actually fans who have kids now. So to me it's great to always come back you know to meet my fans in Singapore.


  C: Yeah. Kids, you have not owned yourself, right?


  W: I've not. I don't have kids but fans have kids, you know. So that's pretty funny,yeah

  玮柏:(笑)没有没有,但是我的粉丝有小孩了,很有趣吧C: So your newest album has done very well in I mean in China and Hong Kong. It talked to charges, it was the best selling album. How do feel about that? What do you think made your album so popular?


  W: Oh…, I mean definitely it's good. What I think most is my fans. They always support my album, no matter where you are,umm and to me, like I think this album probably has a lot different musical elements in it. There was a kinda difference you know, the words of the elements. This album like we actually had a national collab with AKON so I think that really catches people's attention. I think this album I did more production. I produce my own tracks now, I compose, and you know, I do arrangements. So I guess I’m just happy that people actually you know like the music that I compose now. So I think you know I’m really blasting and I’m now thinking of ….


  C: See, what's your new experimentation of your music that you've done in this album?


  W: What yeah… just basically I become a new producer. You know I mean back in the days I first started, my music career with my company, you know, they passed me songs, you know just I performed, I sang on it, but now these days I come up to all music, you know I write songs and I, you know, I find the direction, like what I learn I can convey, what a kind of feeling that I can convey, and to me, I mean it's more fun now, it's more fun now. Nothing the past but I mean because the past I mean to what I am now, all the experiences, all the shows, it gives me a lot of you know a lot of you know, inspiration for what I wanna do now. So I like....


  C: You produced all the songs in this album, right?


  W: I don't, I don't produce all the songs because umm...to me, like..., I still wanna you know give all the people chances to give you know Wilber songs so that..., you know, they..., cause when I look at myself, I've seen what I can do myself, but other people when they look at me, they probably have different point of view. So I kinda of want to bring that different point of view into my album. So..., yeah, that's how it is. I want to be more type-faced in terms of music.


  Wilber Pan turns into “Zero Zero Seven” for his newest album of the same title. He apparently spent 100,000 Singapore Dollars on the production of this album. His image’s stared by Hong Kong’s top stylist and his album’s novel concept revolves around the secret agent. During our one-to-one interview, Wilber shares with us James Bond’s concept as well as his favourite James Bond and who he wants as his Bond girl.


  Interview Part 2 C: You employed the James Bond “Zero Zero Seven” concept into this album. Why is this concept? Is there a reason for it ? 记者:这张专辑你引入了詹姆斯邦德的概念,有什么原因吗?

  W: Obviously cause this is my seventh album, and we don’t want it to be like a normal thing, we want to be original, like we don’t want just to use the song name to become the album’s title so we pick “double 0 seven” because this is my seventh album and a lot and, from then, we can do different experiments different things like…, for example, like…, you know, the wardrobe, you can do it like the James Bond’s style and…, you know, when watching this music video, we can’t shut this video differently not just like oh…, like probably self-thinking or something, we actually did it in a new movie way, someone who watching this video says it's kinda like a mini movie.


  C: Is James Bond your hero as well?


  W: Oh definitely for a lot of guys, yeah I guess he can be a hero, but I mean yeah I mean the fast cars and always always Bond girls around him. Yeah, I mean but to me, I think it is umm…, his persistence, you know, and his umm…, his responsibility for…, When he comes to mission, he wants to fulfill the mission, he wants to… you know you know, work hard on them. So it’s kinda like what I’m doing music, it’s definitely be a lot best, a lot of frustrations, you know a lot you know letdowns but I mean, at the end we want to finish. You know what you set you want to do.


  C: There are many actors who played James Bond, who’s your favourite actor who played James Bond?


  W: Umm… the most recent one, Daniel Craig.


  C: Yeah… Why is that?


  W: Why yeah…, I mean cause he has that human touched like he’s more he’s more human inside like, you know, he gets mad, you know, he messes up on machines because of like…, because he falls into girls, and and…, falls in love with girls who probably like you know are against him you know or does something to him. So to me, like…, I think it feels more in touch with them.


  C: Are you like that in some aspect?


  W: Yeah falls into the girls gonna get hurt. Yes, I do. Haha…


  C: Haha…. Okay, so who will you pick as your Bond girl?


  W: My Bond girl…, Oh…, definitely I would hope that will be Angelina Jolie. Yeah I would like…, anytime I would try to be her Brad Pitt.




  Wilber seems to have a deep connection with Korea. His music video with Korean actress Lee Hyo Ri was directed by Korean director Cha Yong Tee. One of his songs < Bu De BU Ai> in the album is a remake of the Korean song <Please Tell Me Why> from the Koran hip-hop duo Free Style. He also collaborated of Korean actress Lee Da Hae in one of his MVs.

  Wilber tells us about his Korean connection in this clip.

  玮柏似乎和韩国有着密切的关系。他和李孝利的音乐音乐录影带是韩国导演导演的。他有一首歌《不得不爱》是翻唱韩国的女子组合free style的歌曲。他专辑里也和韩国女演员李多海合作了一首歌曲。


  Interview Part 3 C: So now in your music videos you've worked with Lee Da Hae and Lee Hyo Ri. Could you tell me your collaboration with them and what you think attraction of them? 记者:你你和李多海和李孝利合作了你的音乐录影带。你可以讲讲你们的合作还有你觉得她们吸引人的地方?

  W: This year…, yeah, my music video <双人舞> and oh…,in Korea, worked with the Korean director and oh…, We invited Lee Da Hae to become…, you know, the main actress in it. It was great to work with them. I mean I think…, you know, working in Korea is pretty cool. It’s really professional and really oh…. Everybody has, seems have good manners like we see each other and like always bow to each other. So I like working with them. Working with them was you know was great. I mean they were really professional, oh…, really beautiful ladies and.... It seems like they’re really oh…, they…, I think we end up pretty well. So you know I hope people would like you know what we did, oh…, the music videos.

  C: Like I see, they are both very beautiful and sexy, so which one of them fits your ideal girl?

  W: Umm…, I think oh both of them are really attractive, oh you know. Said Lee Hyo Ri is more like, is more energetic, more powerful, and Lee Da Hae is more…, she’s more, she’s more more elegant, and I mean both of them yeah they do both fits well with me. It’s about hard to pick. I don’t you know which one to pick.

  C: Okay, but you had a kiss with Lee Hyo Ri, yeah, twelve times in the MV, that’s what I read. Is she a good kisser?

  W: Oh…, she…, yeah, I guess I mean it was all right but we kept it professional because you know it was really late at night and we did…, then oh…, yeah..., just tried to finish the singing. So no time for like…, I, you know, feeling but oh…, we just tried to get the work done.

  C: Okay, all right. So you were invited to be in her MV, so were you flattered by the invitation?

  W: Yeah, definitely I mean she’s one of the top, you know, artists in Korea and oh…. To actually collaborate with her was was great. I mean…, you always feel good when somebody invites you in a music video. So…, it is her music video because you feel honored to to…, especially when umm, you know, we’re from different places, different language and…, I mean it’s great and I feel happy to be in.

  C: Okay and why do you choose Lee Da Hae to be in your music video?

  W: Oh…, I mean because the director recommended her and at the same time her drama was a big hit in, you know, in Chinese communities. So, to me, like I’m great to have somebody with umm…, with the lot of, oh well-known actress around the Chinese community to be in my music video. So now, right now, we’re like…, we’re really good friends and you know, I think, you know, I’m really happy to actually meet somebody who knows about her industry but at the same time in different industry. So, I mean it’s pretty good, pretty cool.

  C: So which are the Korean actors would you still like to work with in the future?

  W: Oh probably a lot. I would like to work with the, probably males also, male artist, but I don’t know who but definitely we try you know to set up if it is possible.

  How is it like romancing the boyish Wilber Pan surprisingly he seems to be the possessive lover who is getting deaf(?) for most of the time? Interview Part 4

  爆炸新闻--[转载]2009-08-01潘玮柏新加坡访问 <wbr>WILL <wbr>PAN's <wbr>interv

  C: So can we talk about a little bit about love because you had heart breaks you said just now?

  W: I have a lot of….

  C: Heart breaks? Yeah…, haha…. Heart breaking instances, experiences and,I read you are a quite intense lover? Yeah, you cried over a month over a break-up and yeah…, you stuffed yourself to the extreme.

  W: I didn't stuff myself to the extreme and yeah…, I was definitely heart- broken, you know, back to when…, back to high school, when my ex-girlfriend…, you know, we don’t really, she doesn’t really double burst kinda of break-up, and I was devastated. Oh…, yeah, definitely I was like fourteen, fifteen, so I didn’t really know what love was all about so I was really possessive. And I want her to be with me 24(hours)7(days) now and after her, I may kinda oh grow mature and I started to know more about relationships, and relationships are all about…, you know, giving space. So I think it was, it was a good experience turn to love.

  C: Okay. So what’s the craziest thing you have done for a girlhttp://www.totitv.com?

  W: I did fly over to…,oh…,cause my ex-girlfriend, she lived in Japan, and we were late studying , and my oh…, I flew over without letting her know that I was flying over, and then I went to a place, you know, what kind of…, where she gets out after school, and I waited for her in front of her house, and she just told me it was like a movie scene, everybody was really touched.

  C: Haha…. Okay, so you had a long-distance relationship once too, and I’m very sorry but you ended up right and it lasted for five years. So are you are you still be concerned about long-distance relationships that disappoint because you are always flying around?

  W: Umm…, that’ll be more difficult, I guess. Especially what I’m doing now like I’m not really in the city for more than five days so that’ll definitely be hard so to me, oh umm…, I don’t know. I mean if I’m really fall in love with the girl who I would like to do…, a long distance with a woman to do a long distance that I mean actually I should be fine too. I’m not saying that I won’t because it might happen, yeah.

  C: How do you see yourself as a boyfriend or a lover?

  W: I guess I’m really romantic, and…, but yeah I guess I’m all right. Sometimes like, they probably like, deal with me, not being around, you know, that much and I’m always working, I always put my thoughts into works so I think what to do is that they can understand my…, you know, my work habits. I guess you know can get it out.

  C: Could I ask what's your most memorable relationship?

  W:Most memorable relationship…, I guess it will be the…, yeah it should be the Japanese girlfriend because I mean we’ve been together for so long, She knows me and I know her and you know we did a lot and I mean we only see each other probably more like during the three years probably just the time that we were together at the same place, probably half a month, I'm not(sure), half a year, and you know that, that was pretty painful scene cause we were so sweet, so now I mean it’s good memories, very serious, serious.

  C: Okay, I conclude there’s no girl, no Bond girl in your life at the moment?

  W: Not yet, not yet. I mean there’s probably be a Bond girl for everybody, so oh..., I just wait in the line(laugh), yeah. In this clip, Wilber Pan shares with us his craziest fan experiences. Interview Part 5

  C: And I understand your Shanghai’s fans, they actually gave you superman undies, so what’s the craziest gift you received from fans other than the undies?

  W: Umm…, there’s a lot of different gifts that we gain, there’s a lot of gifts that I keep, oh…, mm…, the most craziest gift, I don’t know. Probably be…, oh…, I really don’t…, they all, I don’t know, they don’t really send me crazy gifts, yeah, oh underwear will be pretty, pretty pretty crazy. But I mean it’s, it’s, it was given on good thoughts, they wish me to, you know, to be like a superman you know during my concert. So I think you know I’m really thankful for that, I don’t think I don't consider that that crazy.

  C: So do you have any memorable fan encounters?

  W: Oh there’s was a girl when she was, back to a couple six years ago, like, she told me that she wanted to give a tatoo of my name on her back, and I don’t, you know, why you doing that you know you shouldn’t do that, and she’s like, I wanna do it because I support you for,you know, come on, you probably forget about me, two months probably, support, you support some other, some others celebrity and then, she's like no no no I’m like fine and I’m like I don’t want to talk to you if you give a tattoo. She’s like fine and she got mad and have a couple years, she came back to my, I, “hey you are familiar” and she’s like “Yeah”“Did you give that tattoo?” She’s like “No.” I, hey, I asker her. So I mean I think it’s always oh it's always good to sort of like, educate your fans if they if act not I like, like I think irrational. So I think I think you know I think she’s a good role model.

  C: And Is she still in love with you until now?

  W:I don’t know if she’s still in love with me but she’s still supporting me so I’m really happy about that.

  C: Then when do you draw the line of fans down?

  W: Oh I think I’m, I mean I can be good friends with my fans but as long as they don’t, you know, harast me, do phone calls or like you know, look at my phone, phone number and like, send me crazy messages, you know, other than that, like you know I don't really, probably I'm not, I don't work from stuckers, like stuck me all around, you know, 24(hours)7(days),that’s kinda of, it’s kinda like gets to you, it kinda makes you feel creepy. So that would be the line I guess.

  C: Okay, so will you let your fans sit on your lap?

  W: Sit on my lap?

  C:Some celebrities do.

  W: Well it depends. I mean like, I mean if we honouredly if we’re doing a show and you know for the fun of them, yeah, but not in everyday life, like “Yo, come and sit on my lap.”You know, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do that.

  C: Yeah, that would be kinda crazy.Share with us about your future plan after that.

  W:Umm basically I just I’m promoting my “Double 0 Seven” album right now and after this, I will be , do my starting of my China Tour, my concerts and after that, hopefully I can bring the China Tour to, the tour to other places as well. So, right now, it’s working on that, brainstorm and you know, adding music so that's it about for now, that will start in September, then hopefully I can come to Singapore.

  C: No plans to be in an movie?

  W:Not yet, not yet. I mean I gotta do the concert tour done first and then I probably consider different scripts, I did get scripts, different kinds of scripts, different scripts for movies but right now, my mind is set of my concert so after that, I’ll take alook at our scripts.

  C: Thanks,Wilber.

  W: Thank you.

  C: Thanks for your time.




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