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Dear Parents,



At the PTA meeting on Wednesday morning, I asked how many parents were planning to go the Middle School Music Recital on Wednesday night, or the Senior Music Recital on Thursday night. There were a couple of people who raised their hands. I was fortunate enough to attend both recitals and I was very impressed with the level of talent, the amount of effort each student put into their performance, and the professional way in which the Music Department at BCIS produced the event.



On Friday I spent some time in our gym watching our young athletes compete on the basketball court. I watched our students, and students from many other schools play as hard as they could, for as long as they physically could, with huge smiles on their faces. They were loving what they were doing, listening closely to their coaches, and working with their teammates with a common goal in mind.



In the BCIS Philosophy, we write about the “enjoyment of lifelong learning,” personal success, risk-taking in a caring learning environment, and inspired action. I had a wonderful conversation about the word inspired with board members, faculty, administrators, and parents as part of our Strategic Planning Process on Thursday evening where we reflected on what that word means in our mission and philosophy here at BCIS.



Here’s what people talked about:



We need “…To inspire students to become inquisitive students who are engaged in their own areas of interest and discoveries…To create a culture of inspiration, excellence and opportunity…” 



That “…BCIS students are inspired to achieve more, to explore novel perspectives, to find new possibilities and love what they do.



How being inspired is really a “Personal mission – you have to develop one and be self motivated…”



You are “Motivated to identify one’s strength for the benefit of themselves and community…Motivated to contribute…Passion



“Different things inspire different people – this speaks to our personalized program – teachers need to inspire students on the journey – inspiration means different things to different people…”



One of the many questions that the Strategic Planning committee members are asking is, “What can be put in place over the next three years, at BCIS, that will create a culture of inspiration and excellence?”



At BCIS, right now, we are very conscious of the need to educate the whole child. We have high expectations of ourselves, and our students. Shawn Hutchinson was in the strategic planning meeting with me and as went the music recital,. he mentioned the connection between our mission, our ideals and what he saw in the eyes and performances of the students who played for us on Thursday night. I whole-heartedly agree with his reflection. During the recital that night, in tournaments the next day, in plays next week as students take part in ISTA, and in our classrooms every day, we see many students progressing on their journey of understanding themselves as learners, motivating themselves through the pursuit of their own interests and passions, being inspired to achieve more, and in the end loving what they are doing.

现在在BCIS,我们清楚地意识到为教育所有孩子,我们的所需之物是什么。我们对我们自己和我们的学生有着很高的期望。Shawn Hutchinson和我一起参加了战略计划会议和音乐会,他提到我们的使命、理想与周四晚上所见表演之间的关系。我完全赞同他的思考。在那晚的音乐会上,在第二天的比赛中,在下周学生参加的ISTA,亦或是在每天的教室里,我们见证了学生们在成为学习者的征途中的进步,见证了他们激励自己追求兴趣和激情之所在,见证了他们被启发而成就更多,最终,热爱自己所做的事情。


I am very proud of all of the adults in our BCIS learning community, who, in many capacities, make up an important part of supporting our students in that personalized journey toward inspired action. I have witnessed many examples of inspired students this past week, and am sure many more will continue to surface in the near future.







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