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L/L Research 亚伦与Q’uo对话六 (二)

(2011-08-30 23:44:11)


  Q’uo: We are those of Q’uo. We greet each again in love and light and apologize for the brief pause, but we were conferring with our friend, Aaron.

  We hope that each has listened to these words concerning desire, for desire purified does not partake of fear, is not separate and does not create separation. Remember two things which this wise entity has said: The path of service is a gift. The path of service is a reflection.

  Let us look from a slightly different perspective; from a slightly different set of opinions, at these statements. These statements can be pondered over and over.




  The path of service is a gift. What is the path? Is it something you walk, or is it you? Are you the path and the gift? And are you by your very nature serving and served? For if you are of love, and if you have consciousness aware of itself, is this not the only undistorted transaction of which you are capable: the giving and the receiving of that great service which is loving?


  Can you conceive of yourself as a gift; perfect, immutable, whole and complete, yet transitive—the self as a verb? Only those selves who see that they are not only on holy ground, but they are holy ground, can move from being a “he”; a “she”; an “it”; a noun, into being a verb—a transitive, acting verb that connects love with love; that acts as catalyst between subject and object, because it knows that subject and object are one. Subject is love/object is love if the subject is self and the object, other self.

  你能想像自己是一个礼物吗;完美的,永远不变的,完整和完全,然而是转变的~这自我当作是一个动词吗?只有那些看自我不只是圣地,而是他们就是圣地的人, 能够从存在一个“他",一个“她";一个“它"的一个名词转变成为一个动词~一个连接爱与爱的一个转变的,动态的动词;在主词和受词间行动犹如催化剂,因 为他知道主词和受词是合一。主词是爱/受词是爱,假如主词是自我,而受词是其他自我。

  One who is the path and one who knows itself as holy knows that self and other self and all that there is exist in a ground of love; and love speaks to love, serving and served, loving and loved. And as distortions are released; as fear becomes less necessary; as this process gradually takes place, the self becomes the path, the gift and that servant which is finally transparent to love flowing through it, never from it, flowing to it but never remaining, for love flows as endlessly as the sea.

  一个是这道路的人和一个知道自己是神圣的人,知道那个自我和其他自我和一切万有存在一处爱的土地上;爱表达出爱,服务和被服务,爱与被爱。而且当扭曲消失 时,当恐惧变得较不需要时;当这个过程逐渐发生时,自我变成这道路,这礼物和那个仆人,因为爱流动如同无止尽的海洋,爱的流动穿越它,不在从它,流入它但 是不再保留,这最终是透明的。

  The path of service is a reflection. This is simply the same statement turned backwards so that one may see that one is served as one serves. We would not belabor this point but only wish each to ponder it. You are a reflection to others, just as others reflect you to yourself. What, my friends, shall you reflect to others? Is your mirror transparent? Are you love? Can you allow love to flow through you and allow the images that you show to others by reflection to be clear and lucid and shining with the light of a truth that is beyond you but can only flow through you?

  服务的道路是一个反射。这仅仅是相反的相同陈述,以致於一个人可以理解一个被服务的人,如同一个服务别人的人。我们不会反覆讨论这个观点,而仅是希望每个 人去仔细考量它。你对其他人是一个反射,如同其他人是你对你自己的反射。我的朋友,你对其他人将反射什麼呢?你的镜子透明吗?你是爱吗?你能不能让爱流经 你,而且让你对其他人展现的影像反射出清晰、透明和闪耀著超越你而是只能流过你的真理之光吗?

  We ask you to ponder this second statement as a corollary of the first, for it does deepen and aid understanding and grasping of the nature of the self as a servant of love; and thus, in serving, served; and thus, when served, serving.


  We would at this time again move to the one known as Aaron and the one known as Barbara that we may have the pleasure of listening and learning and enjoying Aaron’s opinions.

  As always, we ask each to know that these are opinions that we offer. We have no authority over you. Know that we are your friends and perhaps your teachers, but not those who ask any to refrain from discrimination. For you know that which is the truth. And if you hear it not through these instruments, we ask you to put it down and walk on without a second thought, for we would not be a stumbling block before you.

  We leave this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.


  一如往常,我们要求每一个人明暸我们提供的观点。我们对你没有权威。要知道我们是你们的朋友,或许是你们的老师,而不是那些要求你放弃任何辨识能力的人。 因为你知道什麼是真理。假如你聆听它不是透过这些器皿,我们要求你放下它,而且没有第二个想法继续前进,因为我们将不会成为在你面前的一个绊脚的阻碍。


  Aaron I find it a great joy to share in this way with my brother/sister of Q’uo. I would like to look at a distortion of service that was inherent in both Barbara’s and Carla’s questions. In your human form it is so easy to lose track of what you are doing. This is natural to the human, which is not perfect and is not expected to be perfect. I am not condoning unskillful choices here, but only asking you to have mercy for this being that is sometimes unwise in its choices.

  亚伦:我们发现和我的兄弟/姐妹Q’uo以这方式分享是很大的喜悦。我想要看看在芭芭拉和卡拉的问题中提及在服务上的一个扭曲。在你们人类形式,失去你正 在做什麼的轨迹是如此的容易。对人类这是自然的,他不完美也不被期待是完美。这里我不是正在宽恕没有技巧的选择,而只是要求你,对这位有时在它的选择上是 没有智慧的存有拥有慈悲。

  At times many of you have a fixed idea of what it means to serve, an ego attachment to one type of service or another, and you forget so quickly that, as Q’uo just explained, service is a type of being not a doing. When you fully allow yourself to be transparent, and allow light and pure energy to move through you—both into you and out of you, giving and receiving—then you are service. You are not serving, you are service.

  有时你们许多人对於服务的意义有固定的观念,小我依附於一个或是其他的服务类型,而且你们忘记得如此快,如Q’uo刚刚已解释,服务是存在而不是做事情的 一个形式http://www.yuhuwl.com。当你完全让你自己澄澈透明,让光和纯净的能量穿越你~同时进入你和流出你,给予和接受~然后你就是服务。你不是正在服务,你是服务。

  When Barbara phrased her question, she had in mind a kind of distortion. Let me give you an example. On Wednesday evenings she has a channeling session. Her family comes home at 5:30. They are hungry. They have things to tell her and to share with her. She feels a need to get them fed and to get the kitchen cleaned up and to sit and meditate and prepare herself for the channeling session.


  She is almost never short-tempered with them in actuality, but she sometimes feels impatience although she does not manifest that impatience. She feels a sense of wanting to hurry them through their dinner, wanting them to get their dishes washed, and so on. If she goes in to meditate and her youngest son comes in and shares his homework with her, she looks at her watch and is aware that “A houseful of people are going to appear here in half an hour and I need to meditate. Get out of here with your homework!”

  事实上,她几乎从未对他们发怒,而是有时她感到没有耐心,虽然她没有显现出没有耐心。她感觉有ㄧ种希望他们晚餐吃快一点的感觉,希望他们的碗盘赶快洗好, 等等。假如她进入冥想,而她的小儿子走进来和她分享作业,她看表并且觉察“半小时后ㄧ屋子的人将出现在这里,而且我需要冥想。和你的做业滚出这里!”

  Now, she does not say that. She sits him down on her lap and she looks at it, but she is feeling that impatience. And then she feels anger at herself and says, “Who am I serving here? Am I ignoring my family to serve others?”


  She has learned that when she can let go of her fear; when she can feel compassion for this human who is feeling fear so as to allow that fear not to solidify, then it does not matter whether she is sitting in meditation or washing dishes or holding her son on her lap and admiring his homework. It is all meditation because at that point, as she washes the dishes or holds her son, she is service; she is love. What could be better preparation for channeling than holding a child on your lap and giving him love? But the voice of fear distorts that and says, “I must have silence to prepare,” and then self-criticism arises because she knows that to follow up on that impulse would be to hurt the child.

  她已经学习到当她能够释放她的恐惧时;当她能够感觉对正在恐惧的这个人同情时,以便让那个恐惧不变成坚固,然而,不论她正坐著冥想,或是正在洗盘子,或是 抱著坐在她膝盖上的孩子并且欣赏他的作业,一点都不重要。它全部都是冥想,因为在那个点上,当她洗盘子或是抱小孩时,她是服务;她是爱。什麼能比抱小孩在 你的膝盖上并且给他爱是为传讯做准备更好呢?但是恐惧的声音扭曲那个,并且说“我必须安静来做准备", 因为她知道接下来的那个冲动会伤害孩子,然后自我批评升起。

  It would be well worth your while to look at the ways you manifest this in yourselves. No being of third density is immune to this. No matter how aware you are, it catches you sometimes.


  What does it mean to serve? A friend shared a story in which he was leading a large workshop, and a woman who had kept talking about her family of eight or nine children all weekend and the demands they placed on her spoke up toward the end of the weekend and said, “Oh, I want to serve! How can I serve?”


  Many in that group had been talking about working with the homeless or those with AIDS or another disease, and so on. And this man, S, turned to the woman and said, “You want to serve? Get up in the morning and serve your family bacon and eggs.”

  What is service? It is not a doing, but a being, an attitude, a way of approaching the world and yourself with love.


  Now, I know those are inspiring words, but the reality is that it is much harder to do it than to speak of it. Each time that you fall into that trap of mistaking service for a specific kind of doing and see yourselves attached to that doing, might I suggest that instead of looking critically at this human who has made that unskillful choice, you find acceptance for that human. What is behind that grasping at service in this specific way or that specific way? Can you begin to see the layer of fear under there? And as you allow loving self-acceptance to replace that fear, then you become love again and you become service, service to all beings.

  现在,我知道这些是激励人心的话语;但是事实是做比说还要困难。每次为了一种做事的特殊形式,你落入了错误服务的陷阱,而且看见你自己喜欢做那件事,我建 议不是苛责地看著做那个没技巧性选择的人,而是对於那个人你发现接纳。紧抓著这个特殊方法或那个特殊方法的服务背后是什麼呢?这里你能开始去看见恐惧的层 面吗?并且当你让爱的自我接纳代替那个恐惧时,然后你再次地变成了爱和变成了服务,服务所有的存有们。

  We have spoken at length about negative and positive polarity as service to self and service to others. When there is not distinction between self and other, then service no longer takes on that direction. You become aware that when you serve others, you inevitably serve yourself because there is no self or other. And truly, even that entity which you think of as a negatively-polarized being in service to self, without having the intention of doing so, does serve others because there is no difference between self and other.

  我们已详细地谈论关於负面和正面极化,如同服务自我和服务他人。当自我和其他自我之间没有扭曲时,然后服务不再发生那种扭曲。你变得觉察到当你服务其他人 时,你无可避免地服务你自己,因为没有自我或其他自我。确实地,甚至你认为是在服务自我上的一个负面极化存有,没有有如此做的意图的那个实体,真的在服务 其他人,因为在自我和其他自我间是没有分别的。

  Thus, the difference is not in the direction of the service so much as the intention. When there is intention of service to self, it is because fear is present; and greed, needing, and grasping. The distinction, then, becomes intention to serve fear and the solidified self that grows out of fear versus intention to serve love and the deep connection that grows out of love.


  Perhaps this distinction can help you clarify the direction you move your energy. When you think of it in terms of service to self and service to others, the whole direction becomes distorted, because those of you with strong positive polarity who think in terms of service to others find yourselves uncomfortable when you feel yourselves receiving from that service.

  I would like to ask Q’uo to speak at this time as I hear very delightful thoughts coming from my brother/sister. That is all.



  Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument in love and in light.

  In this working we have grappled long with the concepts of being of service. This, obviously, in our opinion, is one of the more misleading phrases concerning itself with serving the one infinite Creator. Therefore, let us look at what we say to ourselves and let us look at what we feel that the Creator may say to Itself.

  Q’uo:我是Q’uo,在爱与光中透过这个器皿我们再次问候你们。在这个工作上我们已经长时间努力处理服务的观念。很明显地,在我们观念里,这是关於自 己和服务太ㄧ无限造物主更多误导性的语词之ㄧ。因此,让我们看看我们对我们自己说了什麼,同时让我们看看我们感觉造物主对它自己说什麼。

  Does the Creator say, “I should; I need; I must; I desire?” Or does the Creator say, “I create and it is good?” What is the name by which the Creator in the Judaic system of myth and culture is known in its highest form? Is it not “I Am” or “I Am that I Am”? [1] Or perhaps, “I Am always becoming”? [2]

  造物主会说“我应该;我需要;我必须;我渴望吗?",或是造物主会说“我创造而且这是美好的呢?",在犹太神话和文化的体系被知晓的最高形式中,什麼名字 是被造物主所称呼的呢?它不是“我是”( I Am)或“我是那我是” [1]( I Am that I Am)吗?或者,“我总是在变为” [2]( I Am always becoming)呢?

  We speak individually to each within this unified circle, for each of you has a universe peculiar and unique to yourself. It is your universe, your creation, and you are co-Creator. No one creates this universe but you. It is your creation and the creation of the Father. All that is created and realized and sensed within your creation is yours, either by being or by reflection of being. Your creation is unlike any other, and all that you feel is outside of you is actually occurring within you.

  在这个一体的寻求圈内,我们对每个人个别地谈话,因为你们每一个人拥有一个自己特别且独特的宇宙。它是你的宇宙,你的创造物,你的共同创造者。没有一个人 创造这个宇宙而是你。它是你的创造物而且是天父的创造物。在你的创造内,万物被创造、了解、和感知是你的,不论经由存有或是存有的反射。你的创造物不像其 他人,所有你感觉在你之外确实是发生在你之内。

  We speak of mirrors. Yet do you realize that in actuality your eyes, your ears and all those things which you use to garner information are illusions also? Do you realize that the sense impressions which are filtered through to your conscious thinking have been through so many judgmental screens that they are in fact already myth and legend before you are aware of thinking, perceiving or realizing each sense impression? The depth of the illusion which you experience is infinite. You will not know anything within this illusion. You may have our permission to stop trying.[3]

  You are becoming. You are creating. There is no “must.”

  There is no “should.”

  There is no “want.”

  There is no “desire.”

  我们谈到镜子。然而你真的理解,事实上你的眼睛,你的耳朵和那些你习惯获得资讯的事情同时也是幻象吗?在你觉察到思考、感知、理解每一个感官印象之前,那 些透过你的意识思考被过滤的如此多的评断过滤器,他们事实上已经是神话和传说,你能理解这些感官印象吗?你经验到的幻象深度是无限的。你不知道幻象内的任 何事物。你可以有我们的允许停止尝试。[3]





  What is your true nature? If you are a creature of the one infinite Creator, then the answer to that for those who feel that the Creator is love is that you are a creature made of love. Here you are. We speak to you in a limelight all your own even though you are one with all in this group. You are love and you are becoming and you are creating. Rest in this bright light, the surest sign of beingness.

  什麼是你真正的本质?假如你是太ㄧ无限造物主的一个创造物,对於那些感觉造物主是爱的人,然而那个答案是,你是由爱所组成的一个创造物。我们在一个以你自 己的中心对你谈话,虽然在这个团体中你是与全体在ㄧ起的ㄧ员。你是爱,而且你正在变为,你正在创造。在这个灿烂的光中、存在性最肯定的迹象中歇息。

  This is your incarnation. This is your experience of being; of consciousness. This is your chance to examine the nature of yourself. And as you examine that nature and you say, “I need; I should; I want,” stop and say to yourself rather, “I create. “ And then look to see if you think that the creation is good! For that which is of the Creator within you will say, “It is good.” And if you create and can say, regardless of all imperfections which are apparent in this immensely deep illusion, “It is good,” then you are upon the holy path of seeking and of service.

  Are there any brief questions at this time?

  这是你的投胎转世。这是你的存在、意识经验。这是你的机会去测试你自己的本质。当你测试那个本质而且说著“我需要;我应该;我想要",停止而且宁可对自己 说“我创造"。然后期待去理解是否你认为那创造是美好的!因为在你内在的造物主将会说“它是美好的。不管所有的不完美,在这个无限的深层幻象中是表面现象 的,假如你创造同时可以说“它是美好的”,然而你就在寻求和服务的神圣道路上。


  (No further queries.)


  Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and as we see there are no questions which those present wish to verbalize at this time, we would ask the one known as Aaron to close this session of working with our expression of profound gratitude for the delightful opportunity to share in this teaching, in this service, and, my friends, most, most deeply, in this being served by being able to blend with the vibrations of each of you the hope, the prayers and the faith of each of you. How beautiful you are and how inspiring is your steady and persistent gaze upon truth, beauty and love.

  Q’uo:我是Q’uo,当我们看此时没有想要以言语表达的问题时,我们想请亚伦结束这个工作集会,在这个教导,在这个服务上,对於有令人愉快的机会去分 享,带著深深的感激,而我的朋友们,最最深刻,在这个被服务上,藉由能够和你们每一个人的震动,每一个人的希望、祈祷和信心交会。

  We leave this instrument now in the Creator’s love and light, and transfer this energy to the one known as Barbara and the one known as Aaron. We bid you adieu at this time. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai.


  Aaron This is Aaron. For those of you who are interested in pursuing this, I offer a bit of homework. In the coming evening and morning, watch yourself very carefully. Service is not just the big things, but the little: smiling to another, washing a plate or glass, petting a cat who is seeking affection, being love.


  Watch yourselves very carefully. Watch for any arising of “I should.” Begin to distinguish the movement of “I should” through the third chakra of will and determination and the “I Am” of love expressed through the open heart.[4] The more deeply you can move into awareness of these patterns in yourselves, the less control habitual pattern has over you.

  仔细地看你自己。看著任何“我应该”的升起。开始去区别“我应该” 的移动穿越意志和决定的第三脉轮,和透过开启内心,爱的“我是”( “I Am”)被表达[4]。在你自己本身,你能够进入这些模式的觉察愈深,习惯的模式对你有较少的控制。

  You are so used simply to reacting, so deeply patterned in your responses, that it takes very careful attention to break those responses. It is like a habit of biting the nails, perhaps, or scratching, pulling at the hair, or whatever one may do when one is nervous. In order to change that pattern, one must begin to observe the nervousness. To change the pattern of moving from a place of “I should” into a place of the open heart, one needs to observe the arising of separation which moves one back from the open heart center to the third chakra and pushes one in the direction of “I should.”

  你已经是习惯只是做出反应,所以深深地被仿造在你的反应上,这要非常小心注意的去打破这些反应。它像是一个咬指甲,或是抓痒,拉头发的习惯,或是当一个人 紧张时,不论可能做出什麼的行为。为了改变这个模式,一个人必须开始去观察这神经质的现象。为了改变从“我应该“的模式进入到开启内心的地方,一个人需要 观察分离的升起,这分离让一个人从开启的内心回到第三脉轮并且逼迫一个人到“我应该“的方向。

  So, just watch it, holding no judgment about it. There is nothing bad in making that move. As you bring increasing awareness to it, you find freedom from reactivity to it—simply noticing, moving back to “I should,” moving back to separation and coming back to allow the heart to open again through loving acceptance and compassion for this being who moved momentarily into fear.


  I love you all and am filled with joy at the opportunity for this sharing. I thank Carla and those which is known as those of Q’uo for allowing me to participate with them in this teaching, sharing, and learning. May I suggest that we close with a moment or two of silent expression of our joy and gratitude to each other and to God for bringing us together in this way. That is all.



  [1] Holy Bible, Exodus 3:14.


  [2] JHVH, Jahweh or Jehovah is a name of mystery supposedly given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The definitions Q’uo suggests for this unpronounceable name are some of those translations of JHVH given by theologians.

  [2] JHVH,亚威或耶和华是一个神秘的名字,根据推测是在西乃山上被给予摩西。对这无法发音的名字,这定义Q’uo建议是由神学家对JHVH做的ㄧ些诠释。

  [3] Q’uo uses the expression “our permission” figuratively and light-heartedly.

  [3] Q’uo使用“我们的允许”比喻地和轻松愉快地表达。

  [4] Aaron is referring to the chakras or rays of the energy body. This body interpenetrates the physical body during our lifetime. The Chinese call this body the electrical body. Acupuncture is based on working with this body. The chakras are points of energy focus that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are seven rays, the colors of the rainbow, red through violet. Red is the first ray and has to do with survival and sexuality. Orange ray has to do with personal relationships. Yellow ray has to do with one’s relationship to groups such as your family and work environment. Green ray is the heart chakra and has to do with loving unconditionally. Blue ray is the chakra of communication and acceptance. Indigo ray is the chakra of work in consciousness. Violet ray is a report on the whole of the energy body; a kind of read-out. Aaron is suggesting that one move from the use of the will and “should” in yellow ray to the use of love in green ray.

  [4]亚伦提到脉轮或是能量体的光芒。在我们的ㄧ生中,这个身体贯穿肉体。中国人称这个身体是电磁体。针灸是奠基於和这个身体工作。脉轮是能量集中的点, 从脊椎的底部到头顶运转。有七道光芒,彩虹的颜色。从红色到紫色。红色是第一道光芒,和生存及性有关。橙色光芒和个人关系有关。黄色光芒和个人对团体的关 系有关,例如你的家庭和工作环境。绿色光芒是心轮而且和无条件的爱有关。蓝色光芒是沟通和接纳的脉轮。靛蓝色光芒是在意识工作的脉轮。紫色光芒是整个能量 体ㄧ种读出的结果。亚伦建议一个人移动能量,从黄色光芒意志及“应该”的使用到绿色光芒爱的使用。 类别:爱与光之图书馆




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