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Cassiopaea 2009 10 24 会议记录

(2011-08-15 13:22:34)


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Topic: Session 24 October 2009 (Read 52006 times)


Session 24 October 2009


Session Date: October 24th 2009
Laura, Ark, P*****, Joe, A***, DD, Allen, A***l, I**, C**, Scottie, G***
Q: (L) Geez, we only have two more months of this year, and it's been one hell of a year. Once again. Every year we say that. Every year we think the year has topped... ya know? Each year has its own particular evil. (Ark) This year was all work. Work work work! (L) Okay. Here we are... Hello.
Q: (L) Geez,我们今年只剩下两个多月了,这是地狱般的一年。又一次。我们每年都那么说。每年我们都认为这一年是到头了……你们知道?每年都有它特别的祸害。(Ark)这一年全都是工作。工作、工作、工作!(L)好了。我们在这……你们好。
A: 84 questions all in one!
Q: (L) Who do we have with us?
Q: (L)我们和谁一起?
A: Olimpia of Cassiopaea. Questions are the beginning of wisdom!
Q: (L) Well, now you say, "84 questions in one," and "Questions are the beginngin of wisdom." Are we supposed to be asking 84 questions, or...?
Q: (L)现在你们说“一共84个问题”和“提问是智慧的开端”。我们该问84个问题还是……?
A: Tonight you are launching a new world.
Q: (L) How?
Q: (L)怎么开创?
A: By asking the right questions.
Q: (L) Boy, that's a heavy responsibility! Well, I guess there's no other way to do it than to start launching into some questions and see where it goes.  (Long pause)  Okay, I guess the first thing that comes to my mind to ask is:  how are our breathing and meditation practitioners doing in the forum and in the group? In QFS and in the forum?
Q: (L)同志们,这可是个重任!我想,除了开始提一些问题,看看它们-Cassiopaea会引向何方,没有其他办法能够做到了。(长时间的暂停)好的,我想最先进入我脑海的问题是:我们论坛和小组的呼吸与冥想练习者怎么样?在QFS和论坛中?
A: Whether they realize it or not, they are making dramatic progress. Do you notice the growing sense of community?
Q: (L) Well, yes I noticed that a lot of forum members were starting to take care of newbies and answer questions and analyze things – and doing a darn good job of it, too! They're starting to think out of the box. Anything else that I should be noticing?
Q: (L)是的,我注意到许多论坛成员开始关心网络新手、回答问题、分析事情——同时还做得非常好!他们开始跳出盒子进行思考。还有我应该注意的事情吗?
A: Their connections are forming at higher levels.
Q: (L) Well (pause) anybody want to ask more about it? Obviously we've got a big responsibility here to ask the right questions. (P*****) Why 84 and not 83 or 82? Is there specific meaning in this figure "84"?
Q: (L) 哇(暂停)有人想再多问问吗?显然,我们身负提恰当问题的重任。(P*****)为什么是84而不是83或82?“84”这个数字有什么特殊意义吗?
A: Figure of speech.
Q: (L) Okay, let's try to stay on track. So, we're talking about the forum and the last thing was something about their connections are forming on higher levels. Okay, is there anything that they are supposed to do about this, or that we are supposed to do about this at this point to assist in some way?
Q: (L)好的,让我们试着保持在正轨上。那么,我们在谈论论坛,最后一件事是关于他们的连接正在更高的级别上形成。好的,关于这个他们该做些什么?或者此刻我们该做些什么来帮助他们?
A: You have already taken the steps for QFS, so now you must open the door for the forum and more.
Q: (L) What do you mean exactly?
Q: (L)你们到底是什么意思?
A: Remember your attorney? Remember the papers filed?
Q: (L) Well, yes. We filed papers to create a legal entity, a legal church to be the shelter for the breathing and meditation program and for anybody who is going to be teaching it. I mean, it's a necessary legal protection.
Q: (L)哦,是的。我们把文件归档来创建一个合法的实体,一个为呼吸冥想程序以及要教授他的所有人提供庇护的合法教会。我的意思是,它是一个必要的法律保护。
A: And so much more than that! It is the 3D symbol for 4D connections being forged.
Q: (L) So you're saying that we should open this to everyone?  Right now? Launch it as a religion right now and offer memberships to not just QFS, but to forum members? Well, we had planned to include some forum members who were interested in teaching the breathing program - for their own protection - but, open the doors for anybody and everybody?
Q: (L)那么你们是在说我们应该对每个人开放?马上?马上把它作为一个信仰发展起来,不仅向QFS而且还向论坛成员提供会员资格?我们原计划吸纳一些对教授呼吸程序感兴趣的论坛成员——为了他们的自我保护——但是,要对任何人和所有人开放吗?
A: Pretty much!
Q: (Long pause and silence) (L) Well, we've been working on this document, the Statement of Principles… We've been working on the statement of principles and it's almost finished. I guess I could speed it up and make it available. I did want to get some other things incorporated in there first, though.
Q: (长时间的暂停和沉默)(L)我们一直在制定这个文件,原则声明……我们一直在制定原则声明,而且几乎快要把它完成了。我想我可以加把劲,使它尽快投入使用。但是,首先我想把一些其他的东西合并到里面。

A: It is a stunning piece of work! It needs to be shared ASAP. It is the clearest and most cogent statement of its kind that has ever launched a true system of growth and participation with higher realms that we know of.
Q: (L) Well of course we run the risk of being accused of being a cult once again by good old Vinnie and his gang.
Q: (L)当然我们是冒着被老好人维尼和他那帮人再次指责为邪教的风险。
A: He sure has done his job hasn't he?
Q: (L) Well, yeah. He's made us afraid of doing the logical thing to say the least. Well, alright. Any particular suggestions about how to go about this? I mean about memberships and so forth since this was designed to be legal protection for QFS mainly and those forum members who are interested in getting more involved?
Q: (L)哦,是的。至少他已经让我们害怕去做这些有逻辑的事了。好了。有如何实施它的特别建议吗?我指的是会员身份以及既然这主要是为QFS和那些愿意参与进来的论坛成员提供法律保护而设计的?
A: There should be levels of membership so that different people can participate to the degree that is comfortable and possible for them. As they grow, they will expand into the wider circle. Because these levels must not be hierarchical, but rather circles.
Q: (Ark) Question is, should we consult about the bigger stuff with our French attorneys so that we are safe in France where there are strict rules?
Q: (Ark)问题是,我们应该和我们的法国律师商量比较重大的问题吗,这样我们在有严格规定的法国也可以受到保护?
A: Ultimately, yes but not necessary immediately. You created the structure for the protection of those in the USA first where it is most needed. Proceed with the steps as you go along.
Q: (L) So basically we have created a legal structure to protect the rights of our group members and forum members and now, anybody else who wishes to join with us, and who believes that the rights that we stipulate in our statement of principles are ones that they value and consider to be their own as well and wish to have protected. So, we have that, and we have an attorney - or team of attorneys - who will ensure that those rights are protected. Of course, the question is that, obviously, if people are going to be coming under this umbrella to protect their rights and we have attorneys at the ready to protect those rights, we're certainly going to have to have money to pay those attorneys. Which means that somehow, in some way, this is going to have to - depending on what the situations are that will arise - at the very least we need to be ready. Because certainly, someone will come along and say something or do something and challenge those rights that we seek to protect, and we have to be ready. So, how do we deal with that?
Q: (L)那么从根本上讲,我们设计了一个合法结构来保护小组成员和论坛成员的权利与现在想加入我们的所有人,还有那些相信我们在原则声明中规定的权利是他们尊重的以及他们自身的应该受到保护的权利的人们。那么,我们有这些,而且我们有律师——或者律师团——他们会确保这些权利受到保护。当然,问题在于,显然,如果人们会走到这把伞下,来保护他们的权利,我们有准备好来保护这些权利的律师,那么我们当然得需要钱来支付这些律师。这意味着无论如何,以某种方式,这将不得不——取决于环境会升级到何种情况——至少我们要做好准备。因为必定,会有人出现,说或做一些事情来挑战这些我们试图保护的权利,我们得做好准备。那么,我们该如何处理?
A: Levels of membership. Those who wish to participate at the level where it might be necessary to employ legal protection should contribute to the structure commensurately.
Q: (L) So you mean something like tithing? I mean, that's how...
Q: (L) 那么,你是指什一税之类的?我是说,那就是如何……
(Joe) I mean, we do it already with group members. I mean, whoever can donate...
(Joe) 我的意思是,我们已经对小组成员采取的措施。我是说,无论谁能捐献……
(L) So it doesn't have to be an actual amount, it's just a commitment according to their ability to commit and not a set amount.
(Joe) And I wouldn't say we should go anywhere near a percentage like other groups do...
(Joe) 而且我不会说我们应该像其他小组那样达到某个百分点……
(L) No, because there will be some people who will be very committed and will be participating to a great extent and yet who may not have a lot of money. And then there will be other people who have more, so it will have to depend entirely on their situation. So long as it's a regular commitment...
(L) 不,因为会有些无私奉献、广泛参与其中但却没有什么钱的人,还会有一些比较富裕的人,所以这得完全取决于他们的状况。只要它是一个正式的承诺……
(Joe) In a situation where someone would need legal defense, supposedly it would only happen that we would have to support them in that respect if they didn't have the money. They could mount their own defense with their own money if they had it.
(L) Right, yeah. We would help so that for example, if somebody wanted to say, "Hey, I'm not taking vaccinations because it's against the principles of my religion, that vaccinations are harmful and we don't believe in them."
(Joe) I wonder if we could work something out the lawyers. In the case where it would happen, it would be an ongoing thing where an increasing number of people would need that defense.
(L) Things like that can be handled with class actions, too. A lot of people can be argued for, and if you win for one, you've won for all.
(Joe) Exactly.
(L) And things like vaccinations, things like the right to smoke tobacco, the right to talk about conspiracies, the right to be spiritual AND interested in world affairs... There are a number of things in the statement of principles that we think are pretty much agreed upon by nearly everybody in the so-called "Truth Movement" even, who do not have the kind of protection that will be afforded to people that come under the umbrella of Our fellowship.
(Joe) Something like that would be pretty clear cut. It's not going to be like the case that was argued against Pepin. It's an incorporated religion.
(L) No, it's not going to be any kind of case like that. It will be strictly first amendment issues – cut and dried.
(Joe) Did we ever ask {attorney} if there's any precedent where something like that went to court and the judge was able to dismiss the legality of the religion itself?
(L) No, that's never been done that I know of.  Look at those people who started that religion there in Texas or Arizona or wherever where they took all their kids away...  Those people really are sick puppies, let's face it. That's my opinion and I have a right to it. First amendment. But even they got their kids back because of freedom of religion!  And what they were doing was clearly abuse, mind-programming, and so on.  Geeze, they start on those people when they are babies!  That’s abusive, in my opinion. 
(Allen) Jehovah's Witnesses have a thing against vaccines. So you know it's been challenged, so we could just look it up and see what happened with that.
(Allen) Jehovah的证人有一个对付牛痘的东西。所以你们知道它被挑战了,因此我们可以查查它,看看到底发生了什么。
(L) It's becoming more widespread for people to be accused of being mentally ill because they think that George Bush and the gang and Mossad and everything were behind 9/11. So, I mean if the church council, the supreme council or whatever you want to call it, the Elders of the church say that this is what the believers should believe, then it's covered under freedom of religion! Conspiracy theory and all the issues about psychopaths are all incorporated into this statement of principles.
(Joe) It makes sense because people have been called crazy and families have got worried about them - about members of families who started thinking "crazy thoughts" and had them committed and stuff. And a lot of times when that happens, the things those people are thinking are no crazier than the things people are thinking and believing in the name of the mainstream religions. But if they said it's in the name of a religion then it's "okay, fine, no problem!"
(L) In the DSM-3, that was specifically covered. I don't know if they've removed that, but at that time, it said anybody who believed they heard voices was suffering from some kind of mental illness EXCEPT if it happens in the context of religious beliefs!! So people could be hearing voices and be crazy as loons, but if it falls under religious beliefs, well, that makes it okay!
(L) It is the logical next step to be taken. It is the logical blanket to throw over the entire Truth Movement. There are gonna be a lot of them who are not going to be able to accept some our esoteric ideas, the meditation, and all that kind of stuff. But the fact is that in order to be a practicing member, they're going to have to be doing the meditation and breathing program - at LEAST that. They don't have to believe anything else. But they have to be doing the meditation and breathing program. And if they're doing the meditation and breathing, and making some efforts to detox their body with some dietary changes, then they're fully-fledged members and they're fully entitled to all the protections which cover all of these other areas.
(Joe) It makes total sense. It's kind of like taking stock of the situation as it is now in terms of trying to get the truth out and realizing that all these corporations and monotheistic established religions on the one side that demonize as "conspiracy theorists" anyone who can see clearly. So the idea is that we join them on their playing field and say, "We're a religion now too! You believe in Jesus? I believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories! What's the difference?!"
(L) And we have something that they don't have. We have a living source that tells us things about 9/11, conspiracies, psychopaths, evil pathology in government, and so forth. So, it's part of a living esoteric source that none of these other people have. I mean, they just have like a bishop or a pope who is just a human being sending down papal bulls... papal BS!
(L)而我们有他们没有的东西。我们有告诉我们政府内9/11、阴谋、精神变态者、邪恶的病理学之类等等事情的生动资料。那么,它是所以其他这些人所没有的生动的机密资料的一部分。我的意思是,他们就好像有个只是个sending down papal bulls……教皇的瞎话的人的主教或者罗马教皇!
(DD) Copernicus and Galileo would have joined!
(L) Still, to be entitled to the protections, they will have to be at least minimally practicing members, and practicing members have certain responsibilities. And this is even considered in legal definitions. They say, "A church is..." and they have a list of things that its members do. If a person is claiming to be a member of the church, they have to do certain of these things on this list. Not ALL of this list, of course, but say, at least five of them. If they are doing those things, then there are legitimately members.
(Joe) Of course, nobody verifies that, right? That's not open to scrutiny by any authority, whether they're doing it not.
(L) In some cases it can be. Suppose somebody says, "That goes against my religion because I'm 7th Day Adventist," and there's some real issue that the PTB really want to squeeze them over, they may go and ask their neighbors if they've seen them ever going to church. Then they'll come back and say you're not a 7th Day Adventist because you've never gone to church, your name isn't on any membership role, etc. So you're just using this to get out of a legal situation.
(Joe) So the main thing is a membership role and minimal participation.
(L) Yeah, and they would have to be to some extent participating member. But of course, according to our statement of principles, being a participating member is going to be carefully defined so that it will cover different levels of membership.
(Joe) Well, we would recommend that everyone who is a member have a copy of the DVDs.
(Joe) 我们可以建议每个会员都有一份DVD副本。
(L) Absolutely. They have to have the DVDs because they have to be doing the meditation, they have to have - and know - the Prayer of the Soul. (L) We have to have virtual churches - an online church.
(Joe) With a forum that people attend... We could show their attendance by...
(Joe) 有人们可以加入的论坛……我们可以通过……显示他们的出席次数。
(L) By the log on the online church.
(L) 通过登录网上教会。
(Joe) We would have to be sure that we would have all that, that we have their real name and address.
(L) That would be voluntary for those who want to be members.  They sign up and sign a register saying, "I did such and such this week, I did the meditation this many times, blah blah blah," and then they just check in and we have those records for their virtual participation.  (L) It's a good idea. So, where are we?
(L) 对那些想成为会员的人来说这应该是自愿的。他们签名并且签一个登录格言“我这周做了什么什么,我做了几次冥想,等等”,然后他们登记,我们就有了他们虚拟参与度的记录。(L)这是个好主意。那么,我们进行到哪了?
(Joe) We're talking about levels of participation.
(L) So, we have levels of participation. How many should we have?
(Joe) You said 7.
(L) Somebody said 4 because they liked Gurdjieff's 4. 7 is a prime number, and there are 7 density levels.
(Ark) The more levels, the more we have to classify...
(Ark) 等级越多,我们需要进行分类的就越多……
(L) That's true. Maybe we could have sub-levels. Like each level has two classifications... well, three levels have two classifications, and then...
(L) 说的对。也许我们可以有子等级。比如,每个级别分两类……三个等级有两个分类,然后……
(Joe) How do we define graduation to levels? Participation?
(L) I would say it has to do with participation, their descriptions of their experiences with the meditation and breathing program, have they held any meetings in their town teaching the breathing program and the meditation to other people, etc. So that would be a certain level of course.
(Ark) But shouldn't it depend so to say on the level of knowledge?
(L) Well, yeah, but that's going to be difficult to determine.
(Ark) Well, nevertheless, there can be workshops.
(L) Yes, they can attend workshops and we can evaluate people individually.
(A***) Yeah, what books they've read, how well they've understood the material...
(A***) 是的,他们读过哪些书,他们对材料理解得如何……
(L) And also their participation in the virtual forum or church. The forum itself can be the virtual church.
(C**) But then you'll have crazy people like psychopaths teaching breathing...
(C**) 但到时就会有疯子教授呼吸……,比如精神变态者。
(L) Well they can't be teaching it until they attend a workshop, and they have to be ordained as ministers before they can be teaching it. That's one thing, for sure. Just ordinary members can't be doing that.
(C**) So that would be like level 2.
(C**) 那么,这可能会是等级2.
(L) So we can have people who are Listeners that are just reading and participating in discussion.  And then, Active Members who are doing the meditation and detox; and then we can have Teachers. That's three levels right there. And then we have people who are Teachers of Teachers. And then you have the Elders. I've made five, haven't I? And then the Elder Elders? (laughter)
(Joe) "The Really Old Elders"?
(A***) Well what do the C's have to say about it? Should be there be 4 or 7 or 5?
A: We like 5.
Q: (L) They like 5. (Joe) So there's circles then. Like the olympic circles. (P*****) Not concentric circles? (Joe) Concentric circles. (C**) Yeah, because you expand to a wider circle. (Joe) So it's outwards not inwards... (Scottie) The smallest group is the center circle. And as you move outward, the outer circle encompasses the inner circle, so the higher level is the outer circle because the outermost circle encompasses all the inner circles.
Q: (L)他们喜欢5。(Joe)那么然后就是圆环了。像奥运五环。(P*****)不是同心圆环吗?(Joe)是同心圆环。(C**)是的,因为你延伸到一个更大的圆环上。(Joe)所以它是向外的而不是向内…… (Scottie)最小的组是位于最中心的圆环。随着你向外移动,外面的圆环包围里面的圆环,所以更高的等级是外面的圆环,因为最外面的圆环包围了所有里面的圆环。
(L) So, I guess we have to do this.  It all makes perfect sense.  It’s the logical step to take considering all the many concerns of our group, the forum members, our readers, and even a wider public. I guess that means we're going to just do it. Okay, so I guess we can get now to some of our personal questions. I want to ask about my mom. I don't know what to ask. I'm afraid to even ask anything.
A: She is on her journey home.
Q: (L) So, it's going to take some time for everything to shut down, is that it?
Q: (L)所以,关闭所有的东西还需要点时间,是这样吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Is she comfortable?
Q: (L)她觉得舒适吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Is she suffering any pain?
Q: (L)她觉得痛苦吗?
A: Little.
Q: (L) And I guess the medications they're giving her help with that?
Q: (L)我想他们教她的冥想对那有帮助?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Was she able to understand all the things that we said to her when we sent these audios to her?
Q: (L)她能理解我们把音频发给她时,对她说的全部事情吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Alright. I guess I want to ask about J***. What is going on there with the boils and all that?
Q: (L)好了。我想问问J***。他的脓肿怎么样了?
A: He needs to practice the meditation to resolve emotional issues. He also needs medical attention.
Q: (L) So anybody else got any questions? (DD) I'd like to ask about medical attention. Should I seriously entertain going ahead with my surgical procedure on my esophagus?
Q: (L) 还有人有问题吗?(DD)我想问问药物护理。我应该严格遵循我食道的外科治疗步骤吗?
A: What do you feel?
Q: (DD) Well, I feel like it's not a good thing, but I'm wondering if the diet and the meditation are enough to overcome this damage?
Q: (DD)哦,我觉得它不是好东西,但我想知道饮食和冥想是否足以治愈损伤?
A: Give it six months.
Q: (DD) Okay, I can do that. Is there any nutrient that I'm seriously deficient in?
Q: (DD)好的,我可以这么做。我有严重缺乏的营养吗?
A: Not in particular. It is mostly inflammation.
Q: (DD) Inflammation of the esophageal sphincter?
Q: (DD)食道括约肌炎症?
A: Body.
Q: (DD) Huh. And how would one reduce the inflammation? (L) That's what the diet's for. (DD) No quick fix. (Joe) Gotta be strict, DD! No cheatin'! (L) It takes six months to really get inflammation under control. It really does. Or longer. It took longer for me. It'll probably be shorter for you. (DD) Is gluten the source of that inflammation?
Q: (DD)啊。怎样才能减轻炎症呢?(L)那就是用饮食来调节的。(DD)没有特效方法。 (Joe) 严肃点,DD!不许胡说八道!(L)需要六个月的时间控制住炎症。确实需要这么长时间,或者更长时间。对我来说,还要更长时间。对你来说可能会短些。(DD) 是因为面筋才发炎的吗?
A: Mainly. Also dairy.
Q: (Joe) DD, DD, DD! What have we been telling you? (DD) Does goat and sheep derived milk products constitute dairy?
Q: (Joe) DD,DD,DD!我们和你说过什么?(DD)是山羊和绵羊的奶制品做成的乳品吗?
A: Yes.
Q: (DD) Okay, I'm all done. Thank you very much. (L) Have you been having goat and sheep products? (DD) I've stayed away from the vache, but yeah, I still have a little bit of brebis or... (L) You'll never get rid of it if you keep having it. (DD) Okay, well that's what I needed to know. That answered a whole lot of my questions. (Joe) Can I ask how A***'s pancreas is doing?
Q: (DD) 好的,我全明白了。非常感谢。(L)你吃过山羊和绵羊食品吗?(DD)我没碰过vache,但,是的,我吃过一点点brebis或者…… (L)如果你继续吃的话,永远也好不了。 (DD)好的,那正是我要知道的。基本上回答了我的大部分问题。(Joe)我能问问A***的胰腺怎么样了吗?
A: Better but not fully healed.
Q: (Joe) Is there anything she should be eating or ingesting, or not eating or ingesting to speed up the healing?
Q: (Joe)为了加快她的恢复,她该吃或者摄取哪些东西,不该吃或者摄取哪些东西?
A: She does well with fish, liver, rice protein etc.
Q: (L) Anything that makes you feel better than anything else? (A***) Ultra shakes are safe. I think they're the only thing that I'm sure is safe. (L) I think those and fish. (A***) Fish, maybe some brown rice, maybe some steamed vegetables. (L) And that's it. Anything else is deadly. (A***) I'm not even sure about bananas any more.
Q: (L)有什么能使你觉得更更好的东西吗?(A***) Ultra shakes很安全。我想它们是唯一我确定安全的东西。(L)我觉得这些和鱼。(A***)鱼,也许一些棕米,也许一些蒸煮的蔬菜。(L)就是它。其他的东西都是致命的。(A***)我甚至不再确定香蕉是否可以。
A: No
Q: (A***) No bananas. What about mint for me?
Q: (A***)香蕉不行。薄荷对我来说怎么样?
Q: (A***) Lemon?
Q: (A***)柠檬呢?
Q: (A***) Phew! (laughter) (Joe) Bananas are evil for everybody! (L) NO! (Joe) They're from South America and were developed by Quetzalcoatl, who dropped down out of his spaceship and said, "Eat these!" (laughter) (Scottie) Bananas were invented by the Atlanteans! (Joe) Look at them! They're yellow and bendy! (P*****) I would like to ask a question about this dream Laura had about this treasure in a cave in the Pyrenees.
Q: (A***)哎呀!(笑声)(Joe) 香蕉对每个人来说都不好!(L) 不!(Joe)香蕉来自南美,由Quetzalcoatl发展起来,他把香蕉从宇宙飞船中扔下来,说“吃这些吧!”(笑声) (Scottie)香蕉是亚特兰蒂斯人发明的!(Joe)看看它们!它们是黄色而且易弯曲的!(P*****)我想问一个关于Laura在比利牛斯山洞中拥有这个宝藏的梦的问题。
A: Wait for more on that. Not time yet.
Q: (L) Alright. Anything more about our group and our forum members? (pause – no new questions)  (L) So we're gonna be pretty busy getting this organizational thing done. So, anything more for the group?
Q: (L)好的。还有更多关于我们小组和论坛成员的事吗?(暂停——没有新问题)(L)所以我们会相当忙碌,去实施组织好的事情。那么,还有更多关于小组的事情吗?
A: Once the external structure begins to take shape, real communities will form and chakra connection will be facilitated exponentially. Make haste but be gentle and wise. There is now more to be done so proceed with JOY. Goodbye.


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