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Cassiopaea 2009 09 13 会议记录

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Topic: Session 13 September 2009  (Read 21260 times)


Session 13 September 2009


Session Date: September 13th 2009
Laura, Ark, PL, Joe, A***, DD, Allen, Keit, C**, Scottie, G***
Q: (L) Hello.
Q: (L)你们好。
A: Pause. Hello.
Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?
Q: (L)今晚我们和谁一起?
A: Soriah of Cassiopaea 6th density transmission.
Q: (L) Alright. First of all I guess, is there anything that you have to communicate with us before we begin asking any questions?
Q: (L)好的。首先我想,在我们提问之前,你们有什么要和我们交流的吗?
A: Ask questions to stimulate flow.
Q: (L) Alright. First of all, A*** {a friend doing the breathing/meditation program} is having a really hard time. She's going through some kind of - close to - an emotional breakdown sort of thing. Of course, she is concerned that she's just losing her mind. Other than what I've said to her, is there anything to add information-wise about what she's going through?
Q: (L)好的。首先,A***{一个做呼吸/冥想程序的朋友}正处于十分艰难的境地。她正在承受一种——接近——情绪崩溃之类的事。当然,她担心自己只是在发狂。除了我对她说过的,对于她正在遭受的一切还有什么明智的建议吗?
A: Her experience is similar to yours due to her rigid stubbornness.
Q: (L) Okay, so she's rigidly stubborn similar to the way I'm rigidly stubborn. Because of that, she's going to suffer as much in the breakdown as I did. Is that it?
Q: (L)好的,原来她的顽固不化与我的类似。因此,她将遭受的痛苦与我在崩溃中所承受的一样多。是这样吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) I see.
Q: (L)我知道了。
A: If one crystallizes on the wrong foundation it means much more suffering.
Q: (L) Are you saying that she crystallized on some foundation, and I did too?
Q: (L)你是在说她具体化到某个基础上,我也一样?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Were they similar foundations?
Q: (L)它们是同样的基础吗?
A: No
Q: (L) But just that it was a crystallization of some sort?
Q: (L)只是某种具体化?
A: Yes
Q: (L) And what caused or what was the nature of this crystallization?
Q: (L)那是什么导致了具体化或者说具体化的本质是什么?
A: Necessity for survival of trauma.
Q: (L) Well, there are some other people who have suffered certainly much more trauma, or at least equal trauma, who I didn't notice going through any kind of similar really outrageous suffering.
Q: (L)有些人遭受了更严重的精神创伤,或者至少是同等程度的精神创伤,但我没发现他们遭受任何类似的如此令人无法忍受的痛苦。
A: They didn't crystallize, they split.
Q: (L) So one difference is that some people crystallize to survive, and some people split to survive. Is that it?
Q: (L)所以一个区别就是一些人通过具体化幸存下来,一些人则通过分裂幸存下来。是这样吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) And I guess if you split to survive, all you have to do is bring yourself together and merge, and therefore it is somewhat easier than somebody who has crystallized and has to break everything down. Is that it?
Q: (L)我想如果你通过分裂幸存下来,你要做的全部就是把你自己捏合到一起,然后融合,因此那比已经具体化并不得不把一切破坏的人要稍微容易些。
A: Yes
Q: (L) So that's one of the reasons for some of the different experiences among the people in the forum for example. Is that the case?
Q: (L)那么,这就是论坛示例中人们有着不同体验的原因之一。是这样吗?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) Maybe people who split, reintegration happens over a longer period of time, where they slowly, slowly, slowly put themselves back together, so the suffering is in little bits at a time. Whereas people who crystallize hold it off until all at once something has to break down... (L) Yeah, people who crystallize resist probably more. I think that was the case with me...
Q: (Joe) 也许分裂的人,复原需要更长的一段时间,他们慢慢地、慢慢地、慢慢地把他们自己重新整理好,所以在一时间痛苦是微小的。而具体化的人一直抵抗着复原,直到某些东西不得不立即垮掉……(L)是的,具体化的人很可能抵抗的更多。我想我就是这样……
A: Yes
Q: (L) So, okay... And there's some people who are having very mild experiences, and there are some people who aren't having much experience at all. What is going on with people who are not having much in the way of experience?
Q: (L)那么,好的……有些人拥有非常温和的体验,还有些人根本没什么体验。那些缺乏体验的人怎么了?
A: They are fusing smaller segments a little at a time. Tell them to be patient and persistent. At some point they will see their own progress in retrospect. It is like walking up a gentle mountain slope.
Q: (L) So in other words, they're the lucky ones!
Q: (L)这么说,他们是幸运儿!
A: Depends on the makeup and potential for strong emotions.
Q: (L) Any other questions on that particular topic? Any particular cases that stand out? (Ark) I think I am an example of the lucky ones. (C**) Yeah, me too. (L) You did it gradually. (Keit) Well, back in C****, I thought I was going crazy as well. Now I'm kind of okay. (A***) I had a horrible experience the other night. Joe and I were doing the whole program, and I kind of switched into a vision where I was being tortured. My fingernails were being pulled off, and I started crying couldn't stop. It was pretty traumatic. But that was the first time that something like that happened. (DD) I had a dream the second night after I did the first whole program. I was in a scenario where I was with a person who was a dangerous person. And I was being stalked by police or the army or something. And I was held by the neck by this person, and he had a thing that was about half the size of a hay hook that was made out of a thin wire. And he stuck it into my kidney on the right side, and when he would pull on it, it was like a taser shock. And I screamed myself awake at about 6 o'clock in the morning. It was the strangest dream I've ever had in my entire life. I woke myself up screaming at the top of lungs. Fortunately, that hasn't recurred. (L) What is the nature of some of these really upsetting dreams and experiences that people here and people in the forum are having?
Q: (L)关于这一特别主题,还有问题吗?有突出的特别案例吗?(Ark)我觉得自己就是幸运儿的一个例子。 (C**)是的,我也是。(L)你是循序渐进地做这件事的。(Keit)回到C****,我认为自己也快疯了。不过,现在我好了。(A***)不久前的一个夜晚,我经历了一件可怕的事。Joe和我正在做整套程序,我忽然进入到自己在被折磨的幻象之中。我的指甲被拔掉了,我止不住地在哭泣着。损伤得很厉害。但那是第一次发生那样的事情。(DD)在我做完第一套程序后的第二个夜晚,我做了一个梦。梦里的我与一个危险人物在一起。我正在被警察、部队还是什么追踪。这个人一只手掐着我的脖子,另一只手里拿着干草钩一半大小的用细铁丝做成的东西。他把它插进我右侧的肾脏,当他钩住我的右肾时,像是响起一声泰瑟枪的声音。我惊叫着在凌晨6点醒来。这是我一生中做过的最奇怪的梦。我以最大的声音惊叫着把自己弄醒。幸运的是,再也没有做过类似的梦。(L)这儿以及论坛里人们的一些非常混乱的梦和经历的本质是什么?
A: Memories of lives of pain and suffering that remained unresolved at the end of those lives. We are sorry that some of this is painful, but this method is actually the least traumatic method of any for this purpose. Once the dark dreams are processed out of the system, all will be better. Then there are no more hooks for illusion to attach to.
Q: (L) In other words, then people are able to be less controlled by hidden unseen or unknown emotion and more able to... (Keit) Assess reality and reactions to see what is objective...?
Q: (L)这么说,人们就不那么容易被隐而未现或者未知的情绪控制,更能……(Keit)评价现实和反应,看清客观事物……?
A: Yes
Q: (L) I have noticed that quite a number of people on the forum seem to be getting smarter.  Is that just - they really seem to be getting things, putting things together, and...
Q: (L)我注意到论坛里相当多的人似乎正变得更聪明。那只是——他们似乎真的在整合事情……
A: When energy is no longer needed to support illusion it is available for knowledge and awareness.
Q: (L) So there's a lot more hope for people than they even suppose. Even more than they suspected?
Q: (L)所以人们比他们设想的有更多希望。甚至比他们感觉到的还要多?
A: Just remember that the slow breathing and the meditation and prayer are the most important components. If things move too fast then cut out the round breathing doing it only occasionally.
Q: (L) If things move too fast… (PL) That's exactly what I noticed. In the beginning I was doing round breathing, meditation a lot. And since I had trouble to get to sleep, I was praying one hour or two hours until I went asleep. That's when I got all those very bad dreams about getting stabbed and shot and cut and tortured. It was going too fast. Apparently, the more you do it, the faster the purging of those memories and illusions goes. (L) So, you can gauge your own process by how uncomfortable you are. And if you're uncomfortable, back off the round breathing and just do the meditation. The meditation and the prayer are the gentle, subsurface healing process I think. Is that correct?
Q: (L) 如果事情进展太快……(PL)我注意到这点了。开始时,我做了许多轻快呼吸和冥想。自从我失眠,在睡着之前我就祈祷一两个小时。就是那时我做了全部这些关于刺伤、中弹、割裂和折磨的可怕的梦。这进展得太快了。显然,你做得越多,这些回忆和幻象的倾泻前进得就越快。(L)那么,你可以通过自己的不安度估计你的进展。如果你觉得不安,退回到轻快呼吸,只做冥想就行了。我觉得冥想和祈祷是温和的深层治愈过程。对吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Now, Allen acquired some interesting software. (Allen) The choir software. (L) Yes. And we had the idea of making some just regular meditation audios where I could recite the prayer and maybe sing it, or even sing some other songs and he could manipulate them with this software to make it melodic and meditation-worthy type music. So, we were wondering if this was something that was a good idea?
Q: (L) 现在,Allen得到了一个有趣的软件。(Allen) 唱诗班软件。(L)是的。我们想制作些正规的冥想音频,我在里面可以朗诵或者演唱祈祷文,甚至还可以演唱一些其他歌曲,他可以使用这个软件对这些歌曲进行编辑,使它们成为美妙的冥想类音乐。所以,我们想知道这是否是个好主意?
A: Oh definitely!!! In fact, that is a superb way for truly cosmic frequencies to be transmitted via your/our voice!!
Q: (DD) So long as it's not Patsy Kline tunes! (laughter) (L) But I wanted to channel Patsy Kline!!! (Allen) I was actually wondering if my multiplying your voice several times would actual multiply whatever it was they were putting through your voice that many times?
Q: (DD) 只要不是Patsy Kline的调!(笑声)(L)但是我想要开辟Patsy Kline!!!(Allen)我非常想知道,如果我比你的声音增加几倍,是否也会使他们放入你声音中的东西,不管那是什么,增加几倍?
A: Not only that, it will enable us to insert frequency modulation directly between the layers of sound. Why don't you play a sample now?
Q: (Allen) Play a sample of the chorus, or of the music I've been working on?
Q: (Allen)播放一段合唱示例,还是我制作的音乐?
A: Our voice!
Q: (Allen) How can I play a sample of your voice? I've got some music that I've been working on, but it doesn't have any choral stuff in it yet? Is that the music that you're talking about, or is there something that I'm missing?
Q: (Allen)我怎么播放你们的声音示例?我有些自己制作的音乐,不过里面还没有任何合唱。那就是你们指的音乐吗?还是我错过的一些内容?
A: What did you record today?
Q: (Allen) Ah! So, any particular song?
Q: (Allen)啊!那么,要配上特别的曲子吗?
A: U pick!
Q: (Allen) Okay. So right now, all I have is me playing guitar, and Laura singing with a little reverb sweetening it. Would that do?
Q: (Allen)好的。那么目前,有的只是我来弹吉他,Laura带着反腔演唱。这样可以吗?
A: Yes
Q: (L) I had the idea to take ordinary songs and sing them and then for Allen to take say one ordinary song that was like a familiar melody to people, and then stretch it out to an hour CD. A song that would take 4 or 5 minutes to sing, make it stretched to one hour. And then put a musical track in the background that's more in time.  So anyhow, is this a good idea?
Q: (L)我有个注意,可以先演唱一些普通歌曲,然后让Allen从中选一首脍炙人口的,将它延长为一小时的CD。一首歌曲通常持续4、5分钟,把它延长为一小时。然后在时间充裕的背景中加入音轨。那么不管怎样,这是个好主意吗?
A: Very! Try it!
Q: (L) Well, that wasn't very informative. I could have answered that, Jesus. (DD) Hang up on them! (laughter) (Keit) So which song would you choose? (L) Well, just a whole bunch of them.
Q: (L) 那不能增进什么知识。我本该这样回答,上帝。(DD)把电话挂了不让他们讲下去!(笑声)(Keit)那么你要选哪首歌?(L)有一大堆呢。
[Pause while Allen tries to burn music to disc. Everyone then ends up listening to music in the office.]
Q: (Keit) On an emotional level, Amazing Grace had the most effect on me. (Allen) We can have you sing solo and then a choir of us come in and back you up. That's a thought.
Q: (Keit) 在感情级别上,奇异的恩典对我最有效。(Allen)你可以先进行独唱,然后切进我们大家的和音来支持你。这是一种想法。
A: Many possibilities, eh? Notice the "effect?"
Q: (Joe) Music to soothe the savage the beast!
Q: (Joe抚慰凶暴心灵的音乐!
A: Music to communicate to the soul.
Q: (L) Well, I really don't understand.
Q: (L)我真的搞不懂,
A: There are frequencies in your/our voice that are inaudible to the physical ear but affect the spirit.
Q: (Joe) True. (Scott) I wonder if that's why there are certain bands where the people totally can't sing, but everyone thinks they're great - I mean, above and beyond marketing and all that kind of stuff?
Q: (Joe) 确实如此。(Scott)我想知道那是否就是一些乐队完全不会演唱,但大家却觉得它们很棒的原因——我的意思是超越以及在商界之类的以外?
A: Yes! And some of them activate "interesting" frequencies!
Q: (L) When you say "interesting", what does that mean?
Q: (L)你们说的“有趣的”是什么意思?
A: Shall we say that it is planned and deliberate for nefarious purposes.
Q: (Joe) What music were you thinking about, Scottie? (Scottie) I was just thinking after our talk the other day about objectively and subjectively good music and everything. I was thinking about some of the popular music, like pretty much everything... Like my workout music, grunge music, electric guitar music, rap music - all these different types of popular music. And some of it is actually done by somebody who can't even sing at all and people just absolutely love it. So there are all these different genres where some bands become popular, whereas you can go to a bar and here's somebody singing a song and they're ten times better, but... (L) But they're not famous. (Scottie) So why do these people who have absolutely no talent become famous, beyond the fact that they were "discovered", or advertising, etc...
Q: (Joe) 你在想什么音乐,Scottie ?(Scottie)我只是在想那天我们谈起的客观的和主观的好音乐以及一切。我在想一些流行音乐,比如几乎一切……比如我的训练音乐、蹩脚的音乐、电吉他音乐、说唱音乐——所有这些流行音乐的不同类型。这其中的一些确实是由完全不会演唱的人创作的,然而人们却非常热爱它。因此,在所有这些乐队流行起来的不同派别里,你都可以走进一个酒吧,那有唱得好十倍的人,但…… (L)但他们没有名气。 (Scottie)那么这些完全没有天赋的人除了被“发掘”或者做广告等等是怎么成名的呢?
A: Laurel Canyon anyone?
A: Laurel Canyon任何人?
Q: (laughter) (Keit) We were just talking about it today! (Joe) Yeah, they were all picked. (C**) So would Laura's voice be kind of what Gurdjieff called "objective music"?
Q: (笑声) (Keit)我们今天只是谈谈!(Joe)是的,它们都入选了。 (C**)那么Laura的声音会是Gurdjieff所谓的“客观音乐”吗?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) I've got a great name for your album: Laura Canyon! (laughter) (L) I think I'll pass on that one. Unless you want to put an echo in so it sounds like I'm singing across the canyon. (PL) So, those bands in Laurel Canyon, those singers like the Mamas and the Papas, those bands that were obviously sponsored, because, through their music, they could put a kind of spell on some listeners, manipulate them, generate some negative emotions...?
Q: (Joe)我给你的唱片集取了个很棒的名字:Laura Canyon!(笑声)(L)我想我会淘汰这个名字。除非你想在唱片里加入回音,那样听起来才像是我在峡谷中歌唱。(PL)那么,Laura Canyon里的那些乐队,Mamas、Papas之类的歌手,那些明显被赞助的乐队,因为,通过他们的音乐,可以把一种符咒放入一些收听者体内,来操纵他们产生一些负面情绪……?
A: "Spellbinders."
Q: (Keit) Maybe you can ask about movies? (L) What about movies? (Keit) We were talking about Laurel Canyon in relation to movies, and we see this same effect. (L) Did Laurel Canyon do movies? (Keit) Because it has that lab. (Allen) Oh, it has that CIA lab at the top of Laurel Canyon. (DD) Which is the spook lab. The spook's cinema lab. (Allen) It's all part of that same thing. (PL) They did some horror movies.
Q: (Keit)也许你可以问问电影? (L)电影怎么了? (Keit)我们在谈论与电影相关的Laura Canyon,我们看到了相同的效果。 (L) Laura Canyon拍电影吗? (Keit)因为有那个实验室。 (Allen)在Laura Canyon之上的那个中央情报局实验室。 (DD)哪个是鬼实验室?鬼电影实验室。 (Allen) 那全是同一个东西的一部分。(PL)他们拍了一些恐怖电影。
A: Yes. All part of the same programs.
Q: (PL) Does it generate just general negative emotions in listeners, or is it more specific nefarious purposes?
Q: (PL)它只在听众中产生一般的负面情绪还是它有更特殊的险恶目的?
A: More specific...
Q: (Joe) Dissociation. (PL) To trigger some kind of programmed murderers or stuff like that?
Q: (Joe) 分裂。(PL)触发一类被编程的谋杀者之类的?
A: In some cases. Like an audible "Catcher in the Rye."
Q: (C**) What's Catcher in the Rye? (Allen) Catcher in the Rye was the book that the guy who shot John Lennon had in his hands when he shot him. (L) Yeah? (Joe) Sirhan Sirhan. (L) And also the guy that shot John Lennon. (DD) It's supposedly a kind of MKULTRA trigger thing.
Q: (C**)《黑麦中的捕手》是什么?(Allen)《黑麦中的捕手》是杀死约翰列侬的人在开枪时手中拿的一本书。 (L)是吗? (Joe) Sirhan Sirhan (L) 也是开枪打死约翰列侬的人。(DD)一般相信那是一种MKULTRA触发物之类的东西。
A: Many triggers for many programs. Now you have the means to cancel much of this.
Q: (L) What do you mean "means to cancel much of this"? (PL) Counter-music. A counter-signal. (L) You mean it's gonna be the Battle of the Bands?! (laughter)
Q: (L) 你说的“删去大量触发物的办法”是什么意思?(PL)相反音乐。一个相反信号。 (L)你是说那会是乐队的战役?!(笑声)
A: You got it! On a cosmic level too!
Q: (L) I think it's strange. (PL) One of the triggers is for murderers. But they say it's one of the specific nefarious purposes. Are there examples of other specific nefarious purposes? Can they trigger suicide in people?
Q: (L) 我觉得这很奇怪。(PL)触发物之一是给谋杀者的。但他们说那是特殊的险恶目的之一。有其他特殊的险恶目的的例子吗?它们能在人群中引发自杀吗?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) General association among young people, ya know what I mean?  Turn their brains into... (Keit) Like psychopathy, and violent... (Allen) I don't think it has to be that serious. It's part of the frequency fence, the music...
Q: (Joe)年轻人中的综合社团,你们知道我的意思吧?把他们的大脑变得…… (Keit)比如心理变态、暴力…… (Allen)我认为没那么严重。它是频率围墙的一部分,音乐……
A: Frequency fence! [spelling at the same time Allen is speaking]
Q: (L) So you read their minds, Allen. (PL) But this music is available all over the world. (L) Yes. And our music is not. We haven't even made it! (laughter)
Q: (L) 那么你在读他们的心,Allen。(PL)但这个音乐在全世界都可以得到。(L)是的。但我们的音乐不是。我们还没做出来呢!(笑声)
A: Time is awastin! And how are the videos going???!
Q: (laughter) (A***) The dog ate them. (laughter) (L) The dog ate my homework!
Q: (笑声) (A***)狗把他们吃掉了。(笑声) (L)狗吃掉了我的作业!
A: No dice!
Q: (L) Well, I don't know what to say!
Q: (L)我不知道该说些什么!
A: Where is your faith in your abilities to rise to the occasion?
Q: (L) [Groans!] (Scottie) Ya know what would be awesome? Offer a CD, and then use the evil iTunes to distribute the music. (Allen) Absolutely. (Scottie) I mean, we could give it for free, too. (Joe) I think you should just start talking, ya know? And do as many tapes as you need. Just start somewhere. (A***) We could always pick a topic and we could throw questions at you. (Allen) Maybe you should just start with saying "In the beginning..." and see where it leads?
Q: (L) [哼!](Scottie) 你们知道怎么做最好吗?提供一张CD,然后用讨厌的iTunes散布音乐。(Allen)绝对。(Scottie)我是说,我们也可以免费提供。(Joe) 我觉得你只要开始讲就行了,你知道吗?你需要多少就制作多少磁带。从某处开始就行。(A***)我们总可以挑出一个话题向你提问。 (Allen)也许你只要以“起初……”开始就行,看看会导引向何方?
A: Try it!
Q: (L) Oooh! I don't want to do that!! (Keit) Why not? (L) I look horrible on video! (Chorus) You do NOT!! (Keit) But we'll make you pretty! (PL) You already did it! (A***) You looked beautiful! (Allen) Got a special filter that will make you look like who you want to look like. (Ark) It's fixed. (L) What's fixed? (Ark) This future is fixed. [singing] You can do it! You will do it! (L) I don't want to talk to you guys any more. (Ark) You don't want kisses? (Joe) Laura? (Allen) You never saw the last video we shot!
Q: (L)哦!我不想这么做!!(Keit)为什么不想? (L)我在视频中看起来很可怕! (异口同声地说) 不是这样!!(Keit)我们会把你弄得很漂亮! (PL)你已经做到了! (A***)你很漂亮! (Allen) 用一个可以让你看起来是你喜欢的样子的专业滤波器。(Ark) 就这么定了。(L)定下来什么了? (Ark)这个计划定下来了。[唱歌]你能够做到的!你会做的!(L)我不想再和你们这群家伙说话了。(Ark)你不想要亲吻了?(Joe)Laura? (Allen)你从没看过我们上次拍的视频!
A: Just do it! Release the last one to see response!
Q: (Allen) We filmed one that she hasn't even seen. (DD) Well, let's see it! (Allen) And that's the one we talked about that we'd just put up for free... (A***) She's never happy with them, though. (Keit) Let others decide. (Joe) We're the viewing public. (Keit) And people will be really happy! (L) I feel like a dog and pony show. (Joe) There'll be no dogs and ponies. (Allen) Well, dogs... (Ark) Don't be selfish, honey. (L) Selfish?! (Ark) Yes! Not letting other people have what you have? You have something to communicate, and this is the best way to communicate.  (L) I'm tired all of a sudden. (Joe) Do you wanna change the topic? (L) You have another topic? (Joe) There's that question that you wanted to ask for the people on the forum about soul smashing? (L) Oh, the soul smashing! Can you frame a question around it? Or you, you're the expert on that topic Keit. Make a question. (Keit) Well, basically is what I said was close...?
Q: (Allen)我们拍了一个她甚至还没看过的视频。(DD)让我们看看!(Allen)这就是我们说到的要免费提供的那个…… (A***)尽管她和他们在一起永远都不那么高兴。(Keit) 让其他人决定。(Joe)我们是观望群体。(Keit)人们会非常高兴!(L)我觉得像是小狗和小马的表演。(Joe) 不会有小狗和小马。(Allen)狗…… (Ark)别那么自私,宝贝。(L)自私?!(Ark) 是的!不让别人拥有你所有的?你有可以交流的东西,这就是最好的交流方式。(L)我忽然觉得累了。(Joe)你想换个话题吗?(L)你有另一个话题?(Joe)就是你想替论坛上的人问的关于灵魂捣碎的问题? (L)哦,灵魂捣碎!你能提出一个关于它的问题框架吗?或者你,Keit,你是这方面的专家。提一个问题。(Keit)基本上是,我说的接近……吗?
A: Pretty darn accurate. An example of "getting smarter!"
Q: (Joe) Does that mean Keit?
Q: (Joe)你指的是Keit吗?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) What was your theory? (L) She was talking about Illion's Darkness over Tibet and the descending spiral and that it's a choice and you have to...
Q: (Joe)你是怎么想的?(L)她正在说Illion的《西藏上空的黑暗》、下降的螺旋线以及那是一个选择,你不得不……
A: We couldn't have explained it any better!
Q: (Scottie) Did you write about this on the forum? (Keit) Yeah. (Scottie) How did I miss that?? (A***) Yeah. (Keit) I have some more to say about this. (Joe) So that was about trying to smash all these souls back into primal matter, was that it?
Q: (Scottie)你在论坛上写关于这些的内容了吗?(Keit)是的。(Scottie)我怎么能错过这个呢??(A***)是的。(Keit)关于这个我还想再说点。(Joe)那么,那是关于企图捣碎所有这些灵魂,使他们返回到基本物质,是这样吗?
A: Yes
Q: (Allen) Could you just explain it, because I didn't read it. (Keit) What I said is that...  I brought this in quotes and quoted from Darkness Over Tibet. The author mentions that there are two possibilities in development: upward and downward. And there is a possibility of losing one's soul, but it should be a conscious decision, it's a choice. And it can't be taken by force. (L) But they can make you choose by wearing you out. (Keit) Exactly, and I gave my personal example where I felt that traumatic experiences in our lives kind of manipulates us into choosing the downward development. And we basically choose something that is against our own level of being. And it's so traumatic for the soul, that it twists the soul and puts it in a downward position. The eventual outcome of this event is basically smashing the soul, even if the final smashing event is relative small. And that's why there is so much suffering and pathology in the world, where they force and manipulate souls into choosing. (L) Against their own nature. (PL) And Illion said that the worse thing for a human being is the sin against their own soul. (Keit) And sinning against the soul is going against your own level or nature of being.  So, like narcissistic tendencies and everything, that's why for our own sake we need to clean ourselves. (DD) Is this why they've injected so many drugs into the culture to just weaken people?
Q: (Allen)你能对此仅做些解释吗?因为我没读过。(Keit)我说的是……我把这个放在引号里,并且引用自《西藏上空的黑暗》。该书的作者提到发展有两个可能性:向前和向后。有可能会失去一个人的灵魂,但那应该是个有意的决定,那是一个选择。不能用武力执行。(L)但是他们可以通过耗尽你来使你做出决定。(Keit)很确切,我个人就是个例子,我觉得我们生活中痛苦的经历会操控我们选择向下的发展,而我们基本上会选择违背我们所在级别的事情。那对灵魂来说太痛苦了,扭曲着灵魂并把它放在向下的位置上。这个事件最终的结果就是捣碎灵魂,尽管最后的捣碎事件相当小。那就是世界上有那么多痛苦和病态的原因,他们强迫并操控灵魂进行选择。(L)与他们的本能作对。(PL) Illion 说,对于一个人来说更糟糕的事是违背他们灵魂的罪恶。(Keit)违背灵魂的罪恶将会违背你所在的级别或本能。所以,就像自我陶醉倾向和一切一样,那就是为了我们自己,我们需要净化我们自身的原因。(DD)这是他们向文化中注入大量药物来削弱人们的原因吗?
A: Yes and remember also transmarginal inhibition principles.
Q: (L) One of those principles is that even strong dogs that could not be broken in ordinary ways, if they subjected them to physical trauma like surgery, or illness, or something like that, that that would weaken them to the point where they could be turned. So torture is also part of this process.
Q: (L)其中的一条原则是即使是强壮的狗也不能用普通的方式打伤,如果他们在它们身上施加诸如外伤、疾病之类的身体损伤,那会将它们削弱到被转变的地步。所以用刑也是这个过程的一部分。
A: Yes
Q: (L) And we live now in a culture of torture which is basically a soul-smashing culture.
Q: (L)我们目前正生活在拷问的文化之中,从根本上说就是捣碎灵魂的文化。
A: Yes
Q: (L) So there are souls that are being twisted and deformed to the point where they will... I mean, a lot of these people think that they will be going to heaven because they're imposing their god's will on other people, and they think that whatever they have to do to bring in the rule of their distorted version of Jesus Christ on Earth or whatever - ya know, these fundies - that basically they themselves are putting themselves in the position of being soul smashed because they are completely going against not only the teachings of Christ, but also against their own natures. I think many of them really mean well, but they have been so gradually and so incrementally twisted by pathological individuals in positions of power and in high positions in churches, and pathological individuals that create doctrines and theologies that are twisted, that they are essentially agreeing to the sale of their own souls to the devil. (Joe) I wonder if it extends to people who aren't directly involved in it, but are just ordinary members of the population whose minds are so twisted that in their own minds they sanction it or they agree with it. Even when they're faced with the facts, they're not being lied to so much, but they realize the whole thing about torture and the CIA and torture camps...
Q: (L)所以有些灵魂,他们被扭曲变形到……的地步。我是说,这些人中的许多都认为他们会去天堂,因为他们在把他们上帝的意愿强加在他人身上。他们认为,不管他们做什么来引入他们扭曲的基督耶稣在世版本或者不论什么的教条——你们知道,这些专家们——基本上是他们自己把他们放在了灵魂被捣碎的位置上,因为他们不仅彻底的背弃了基督的教义,也背弃他们的本能。我认为他们中的许多本意还是好的,但他们已经被教会里身居高位、重权在手的病态的个别人逐渐地扭曲了,他们从根本上同意把灵魂出卖给魔鬼的契约。(Joe)我想知道这是否已经蔓延到不直接牵涉其中的人们,他们只是普通大众,但精神扭曲却严重到在内心中认可或赞同它。即使现实就摆在眼前,他们也不太愿意相信。但他们认识到关于拷问、中央情报局和刑讯阵营的整件事。
A: Silence in the face of "evil" is equal to participation unless there is a good reason for the silence that serves a higher goal.
Q: (Joe) That's really interesting because it kind of explains the whole debate over torture, and how they've been trying to get people to accept torture. And more and more facts coming out about the reality of the CIA having tortured and trying to twist that around to get people to accept that as something that is conscionable.
Q: (Joe)这真有意思,因为它似乎解释了关于刑讯的整个争论,以及他们是如何让人们接受拷问的。越来越多的事实显示出中央情报局折磨并且试图扭曲人们,让他们接受这些是合理的。
A: Acceptance of torture is the "mark of the beast."
Q: (DD) That's why there's the popularity of television shows like "24". (Joe) Conditioning people. (DD) It's wildly popular. (Joe) I mean, you get all these people who are faced with the real life torture of another human being, and they actually cheer it on. And if that's the same as participation, then these people are all being put on that downward spiral.
Q: (DD)这就是像“24”这样的电视秀流行的原因。(Joe)取悦于民。(DD)它非常流行。(Joe)我的意思是,你让所有这些人面对现实生活中对另一个人的刑讯,而他们确实感到快乐。如果这与参与是等同的话,那么这些人就全都被放在了向下的螺旋线上。
A: Remember the "lake of fire" in the Book of Revelation? Remember that those who live by the sword will die by the sword?
Q: (Keit) What's "lake of fire"? (Allen) In Revelation where all those who didn't accept Christ would be thrown in... (Joe) Hell, basically.
Q: (Keit)“火焰湖”是什么? (Allen) 在《揭露》中,所有不接受基督的人都会被投进去……(Joe)基本上就是地狱。
A: Soul smashing.
Q: (L) Creepy. (Allen) I'm thinking about all those people who don't necessarily think torture is okay, but they still... like they abhor torture but they're still kind of accepting it because it's necessary, or maybe they just try to not think about it at all. (Joe) Well, people who think it's necessary... (L) They're already lost. They've already bought it. I mean, the scientific evidence is that if you need information or whatever, if there's some justifiable reason, that is NOT the way to get it. The records of the inquisition which are extensive - I mean, tens of thousands of people were tortured and confessed to the most outrageous lies just to get it over with. Just get it over with and let me die! I'll tell you anything you want me to say! And they confessed to flying on broomsticks, to mating with devils, to dancing naked in the moonlight, to kissing each other's backsides... I mean, you name it, and they confessed to it just to get it to stop. And it was ALL horse-hockey! (Allen) And I'm sorry, even if scientific evidence doesn't show that, even if we said, "Oh yeah, torture actually works for getting information," you're still torturing human beings! It's still abhorrent. It's like, how can you do that?! (Keit) The thought I had is that pathology, what is done to children of narcissistic families, it's like torture. (L) It IS torture! (Keit) And what happens is kind of like it poisons them and basically allows them to accept the torture environment. Because they already experienced it, they were like touched by evil. (L) Torturing another human being to force them to say or do something that is against their principles is wrong no matter what your perspective.  They are, each individual, entitled to their principles, to their ideas, to their politics whatever. And if you want to change that, or if you think that there is something about their point of view that is threatening to you, then the way to change that is by discourse, by education, by sharing information and data. NOT by trying to force them to go against what is rightfully theirs, at the soul level, by torture!  To try to force somebody like that is basically a kind of soul killing of its own. Jesus even said in the New Testament that whoever is a stumbling block to the least of these, it would be better for him that he had never been born. And when he said, "never been born", that's almost like a way of saying his soul is going to be smashed. It's just really astonishing. (DD) What happens to a soul after it is smashed?
Q: (L)令人毛骨悚然。(Allen)我在想那些不认同刑讯的人们,但他们仍然……似乎他们憎恶刑讯,但又因为它的必要性而接受它,也许他们只是避免去想这些。(Joe) 那些认为这是必须的人们……(L) 他们已经迷失了。他们已经买下它了。我的意思是,科学证据显示如果你需要信息还是其他什么,如果有个正当的理由,那并不是得到它的方式。广泛的调查记录——我的意思是,上万的人被用刑,被迫供认最无耻的谎言,只是为了结束它。让它结束吧,让我死吧!我会说出你让我说的一切!他们供认骑着扫帚飞行,与魔鬼一起编织,在月光下裸舞,亲吻彼此的臀部……我的意思是,你说出它,他们就会供认它来让它停下来。它全都是马粪!(Allen) 我很抱歉,即使是科学证据也没有显示这些,即使我们说“哦,是的,刑讯对获取信息很有效”,你依然是在折磨人类!这仍然令人厌恶。这就像,你怎么能那么做呢?!(Keit) 我认为是病态——对自恋家庭中的孩子所做的一切——就像是刑讯。(L) 它是刑讯!(Keit)发生的一切似乎说明是它毒害了他们,从根本上允许他们接受了刑讯环境。因为他们已经经历过了,他们就像是被邪恶用刑。(L) 对一个人类用刑,强迫他们去说或做某些违背他们原则的事情是错误的,不管你是怎么想的。他们是,独立的个体,献身于他们的原则,他们的理想,他们的政权,无论什么。如果你想改变这些,或者你认为他们的观念中有某种威胁你的东西,那么改变他们的方式是通过讲道,通过教育,通过共享信息和数据。而不是强迫他们违背他们的信条,在灵魂上,通过用刑!像那样强迫别人,基本上就等同于杀死了他的灵魂。耶稣甚至在新约中说过,那些当别人绊脚石的人,还不如从没出生过。当他说,“从没出生过”,就仿佛是在说他的灵魂将会被捣碎。这只是非常令人吃惊。(DD) 灵魂被捣碎之后,会发生什么?
A: Primal matter. Start the cycle over. Millions or billions of years acquiring consciousness.
Q: (DD) So you start out as like a hydrogen atom or something. (Joe) You become a rock. (PL) Is there a link between a “smashing year” that was announced by the Cs early this year? It was mentioned, and now we're talking about soul smashing... (L) Well, it's kind of interesting because this insight that I had about soul-smashing, when I woke up that particular morning is that that is what they are trying to do: they actually think that they can smash souls and turn them into primal matter. And it was such a shocking thought to me, and just now I'm realizing that this insight came through in the year they called a "smashing year". This insight kind of came smashing through into my consciousness - to even think of that; that's almost unthinkable. (PL) If they smash the soul of human beings, then aren't they losing because we are their cattle? So it's more like that... (Joe) The whole thing starts again...
Q: (DD)那么,从一个氢原子之类的重新开始。(Joe)你成为一个岩石。(PL)今年初,仙后座宣布的“捣碎年”和这之间有联系吗?之前提到了捣碎年,现在我们又谈论起灵魂捣碎…… (L)有趣的是,在那个特别的早晨我醒来后,关于灵魂捣碎的直觉是他们试图做的就是:他们真以为可以捣碎灵魂,将它们变为基本物质。对我来说这是个非常震撼的想法,刚才我意识到这种直觉就是在他们所谓的“捣碎年”成为现实的。这种直觉似乎在向我的意识中传递捣碎——甚至是思考它;这几乎是不能想象的。 (PL)如果他们把人类的灵魂捣碎,不会因为我们是他们的家畜而损失吗?所以那更像是……(Joe)整件事重新开始……
A: It isn't going to happen to all.
Q: (Keit) Oh, that's what I wanted to ask: Is it going to happen on an individual level, or to everyone? (L) Yeah, so it would be individual.
Q: (Keit) 哦,那正是我想问的:它会在个别人身上发生,还是在每个人身上都会发生?(L)是的,所以应该会是个别人。
A: Yes
Q: (L) So, half an hour ago I said I was tired and we wanted to quit. Are we done with all the asking questions now? (Allen) Yeah, you've got to get your beauty sleep so we can video tape tomorrow! (DD) Your homework's due! (Keit) Oh no, we already have a video, so let's prepare this! (L) The dog ate my homework!! (A***) That buys you a little time. (L) Alright then. I think that's it for this evening. Is there anything we need to know that we didn't ask about?
Q: (L)那么,半小时前我说我累了,大家想要停下来。我们现在问完问题了吗? (Allen)是的,你得去睡美容觉了,这样我们明天就能录视频了!(DD) 你的作业到期了!(Keit)哦不,我们已经有一个视频了,所以让我们准备这个吧!(L)小狗吃了我的作业!!(A***) 那会花肥点你的时间。(L)那好吧。我想那是今晚我要完成的事。有没有我们需要知道但还没提的问题?
A: Next week! Goodbye.



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