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Cassiopaea 2009 07 16 会议记录

(2011-08-09 12:13:59)









分类: Cassiopaea2009

Session Date: July 16th 2009

Laura, Ark, G**, Scottie, C**, P L, Don D, Allen, A**, Joe

Q: (L) This is 16 July 2009. It's been 15 years tonight since the C's first came along. So this is our 15 year anniversary session. It is a dark and stormy night, I can assure you. It is trying to blow like the dickens and rain like crazy and there’s thunder and lightning outside. There was just a flash of lightning and - ah! Hear that thunder? (laughter and loud thunder recorded) So we've got a storm going on, and we're all here in this room and we don't know if the electricity is gonna last. So we have two tape recorders going, one of which can switch to battery power at a moment's notice. We can get candles out if we need to because we may end up in the dark. On the other hand, we may not. We'll have to wait and see. So, anyhow, that's our introduction for this evening. Alright, here we are. 15 years ago... There were a lot of booms and shaking of the house then, though for different reasons. Going back in my mind thinking about it... Hello? Who do we have with us?
Q: (L)今天是2009年7月16日。从C's第一次来到今晚已经15年了。所以今天是我们的15周年会议。我可以向你保证,今晚是一个黑暗又狂风暴雨的夜晚。外面狂风大作,疯狂地下雨,雷电交加。刚刚就有一个闪电,啊!听到雷声了吗?(笑声,大的雷声被记录)那么暴风雨继续,我们都在这个房间里,我们不知道是否会断电。我们有两个磁带录音机在工作,其中有一个可以在一瞬间转为由蓄电池供电。如果需要可以熄灭蜡烛,因为也许我们会在黑暗中结束。另一方面,也许不会。让我们等着瞧吧!那么,无论如何,这是今晚的引言。好吧,我们在这里。15年前……虽然由于各种不同原因,外面轰隆声不断、摇晃的房屋。我的脑海中回忆起来,回想起来……你好?在场还有谁与我们一起?
A: (Loud wind gusts recorded) Leahriaea of Cassiopaea!
Q: (L) Well, alrighty then! Now, we have people on the forum who are trying to sort themselves out and come up with some good questions. But, at the moment, we haven't really decided which of those questions are what we're going to bring to the table here, and what we have on our minds are a couple questions of our own. After I posted the last session, which I did today, one of the forum members posted an article about Maze Dances, or the Dance of Ariadne, or the Crane Dance. And they even put a link to where you could download or see one. (To Ark) Did you ever get it downloaded? (Ark) I downloaded all of them for you {on the minime system which takes hours}. (L) Can we watch them? (Ark) We can. (L) Okay, so we'll watch them later - well, I guess we better watch them now. We'll take a break and watch them before we ask about them. (Break to watch 5 dancing videos) (L) Ya'll still there?
A: Oh yes! That was inspiring, yes?
Q: (L) Well, okay. How close were any of those to the original maze dances?
A: There were elements of the archaic techno-spiritual practice in a couple of them. The first and second were closest in step and pace.
Q: (L) Okay, well, what could be added to the step and the pace to get it closer?
A: One of two ways: dance a spiral with the "bridge" on the turn out of the center or dance a formal maze and the same maneuver on the turns.
Q: (L) I guess the bridge is where they have their hands together and they kind of turn inside out. (DD) Right, that was cool. Is the time signature of the music that they're doing this to of any significance?

A: Yes, but it can be different depending on the aim. Remember that these maneuvers literally change the "field" in which the participants are moving. This can change things on many levels, even including turning DNA on or off.

Q: (L) I once speculated, and I don't remember where I speculated about it, that a human being has a certain field - like a morphic field - and they are connected in various ways to the field in which they interact... that everything else has a field and all these fields interconnect and intersperse, and that people who perform certain formalized maneuvers based on some technology which we don't know or understand, that it's in a sense - because somebody had told me once that information is stored or retrieved on a computer by a single electron being moved in a certain way on a microchip, that it was a pathway that it follows, and that the pathway that it follows means something - so my idea was perhaps human beings in a sense can be like electrons moving within a certain field. If a group of electrons line themselves up and move in a certain way, it adds some sort of considerable - it's like a significant movement of energy - it creates a current. And this creation of a current is like something that enables you to connect to this other realm, this other density. It's almost like you're creating a cord or something, a tube, or some kind of...
A: A "conduit" maybe?
Q: (L) But anyhow, does that idea make sense? (Ark) Well, theoretically it makes sense. But my question is suppose it is done. And it has probably been done by many people. What are the visible consequences?
A: Under the right circumstances, with knowledge, awareness and, most important of all, BEING (letters came very slowly in contrast to the rest of the message, which was fast), there can be openings of portals for many purposes. Remember the Maruts and their baskets? How about a little "travel" if needed for a positive purpose?
Q: (L) Okay, the Maruts were referred to as - they were like all of a special bloodline - and they danced, and their dance produced benefits for the tribe. I mean, the heavens opened, and baskets came down with food and whatever they needed. I mean, it's like the original story of Manna from heaven. Only it wasn't just something tasteless, it was whatever they wanted or needed. Krunchy (healthy cereal)! (laughter)
A: Keep in mind that in order for the techno-spiritual techniques to work, the people of the "blood" must be purified and their chakras must be "connected". If this is done, there are even more important functions. For example: mental blocking of 4D STS attacks. Do you realize that 200 or so people assembled this way, and a block against the marauders could be put in place? Furthermore the wave is coming, the "dancers" could very well determine how it affects your planet and reality. Can you imagine what would happen if the "elite" of your world were cut off from their 4D STS power supply? What if their mind control techniques and frequency fences just "fizzled"?
Q: (L) Well that's crazy. (Ark) How can it happen that they are cut off from their power supply? I don't understand.
A: Mental blocking.
Q: (DD) Do they block themselves? (Review of previous answer) (A***) So they're talking about the dance, and people together doing this dance would create some sort of block?
A: Exactly.
Q: (A***) That's a good reason to learn to dance! (Ark) Well, how long would you have to dance to keep the block going long enough?
A: You create it with the dance, chant, musical induced state, and then just add power as needed.
Q: (S) We just run some extension cords, and... (laughter) (L) But how often do you add power?
A: With the current imbalance, about once a week. Later, as the balance is restored, it can be once a month... Dark of the moon.
Q: (S) What did they mean by "add power"? (L) Do it again. (P) Is it a special day of the week? (L) Well, they said once a month, dark of the moon... Oh, you want to know if it's once a week, then which day?
A: Moon-day.
Q: (L) Well this is all very interesting stuff. Why weren't you telling us this a long time ago? (laughter)

A: We think you know that! There was much you needed to learn on your own for strength and also there was the factor of trust. We understand that humanity has been led astray many times and there is a lot of metaphysical "noise" out there. After this time, we think that even with the "open" nature of the future and reality, we have not misled. The first 6 years were spent trying to increase your awareness and help to purge illusions. Now you see the changes in your world that we spoke of. Now, we hope that you will begin to understand that there is hope, but that we and all other STO beings can only act through you (pause) in the collective sense.
Q: (L) Oh, I see. (Ark) What you see? (L) I just got the word "collective" - I was wondering what in the world that word was in there for. Okay. (Ark) They said there is still hope? That's what they said? (L) I guess the hope is how we meet the wave, and what our world is like after. When you have a wave, a tsunami, you can do like that guy did in the movie Krakatoa. Ya know, throw out your anchor and head into it, tie yourself to the wheel, and grin a lot! That was so cool! So, is that basically what we're talking about here? The wave is gonna happen and how we meet it depends on what we do to prepare and that we can...
A: Yes. And there are a lot of the "elite" who will go under. As we once said it will be a "triple bad day" for Rockefeller and his ilk.
Q: (L) So in other words, we've gotta learn to dance. Does EVERYBODY have to learn to dance?! (laughter)
A: No, only the young ones and those who are able. But... it would be powerful!
Q: (Ark) Yeah, you know, someone has to do this (squatting down and jumping up maneuvers that looked very difficult)... (L) Well, the thing is that it's nothing that could really hurt you. It's not strenuous. (DD) Except those knee drops. (Ark) Okay, I start exercising tomorrow! (C) And all the 200 people, don't need to be in the same place, or do they?
A: It is good to have at least seven in one group. 8 is better.
Q: (L) At least. So, the more the merrier?
A: Yes
Q: (Ark) So it's much like these shamans dancing to get the rain, yes?
A: That was corrupted. They had already lost the knowledge that this is a group thing and no one individual has the "being" to stand alone in 3D {against 4D}.
Q: (L) But the Indians would do rain dances together, wouldn't they? I mean the Native Americans, excuse me. (A***) Feathers, not dots! (laughter)
A: Yes. But they too had lost much knowledge.
Q: (P) Does the location have an influence on the effectiveness of the dance?
A: It can, but not important enough to think about it much. One does want to avoid negative energy locations.
Q: (DD) Maybe out in the back here with the underground stream going to the pond...
A: Running water is good.
Q: (A***) Where we removed the pergola today, there's a nice clearing there. (Joe) Could seven people in this room do something like that at this time?
A: The effort would be extremely beneficial for all here particularly in terms of DNA and other benefits. But for global purposes the larger number is needed. The power increases exponentially with the addition of each person. Remember the saying: Wherever two or MORE (letters came slowly) are gathered...
Q: (L) I guess when you do that slow little loopy thing, that you want to capitalize those letters?
A: Yes
Q: (DD) Is there a time on Mondays to do the dance, like sunrise or sunset?
A: Better as sun sets. In fact you can employ a little sungazing.
Q: (L) So you do your sungazing, get yourself charged up, and then you start your dance. Is that it?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) Is it a good idea to do breathing exercises beforehand?
A: Absolutely!
Q: (L) How about doing some Pipe Breathing while you're doing the dance steps?
A: Maybe. Try it!
Q: (DD) Do we have the dance steps? (L) Well, they said the steps were right in the first and second dances, or a combination of something of those. (Joe) What about music?
A: That depends on aim. We think that you can network to figure that out.
Q: (Joe) If your aim was to like {demonstrates aggressive stance)... (L) You need like martial sounds I guess. (S) So, for the final one with 200 people to block the bad guys, we could use Pink Floyd, the Tear Down the Wall song! (laughter) (L) Another Brick in the Wall, eh?
Q:(Joe)如果你的目的就像{展示侵略性的姿势}……(L)你需要像战争声音,我想。(S)那么,为了最后的200人困住坏人,我们可以使用Pink Floyd的那首the Tear Down the Wall(笑声)(L)墙上的另一块砖,额?
A: Actually...
Q: (laughter) (L) Not a bad idea! (Allen) So should we have workshops to teach people how to do these dances?
A: You better learn them first!
Q: (L) I guess you'll have to watch those first two videos over and over again. (A***) We'll figure them out easily enough. (L) Alright peoples, are we done? Or are you guys so enthused that we just take a break? (Break) (L) So basically, we can recapitulate by saying that people need to learn to breathe. Breathing can change things in their physiology. And also they need to use the breathing to get themselves into a meditative state, or a state where they can do the bioenergetic breathing, which then helps them to release karmic and current life programs and issues and get a cleansing.


Once they've started to become cleansed, then they are able to - and this is supposed to be interspersed with, as I understand it - continuous input of data and information. They did say that you use this to deal with reality. This meditating and breathing is not an escape, this is a healing. Meanwhile, you're supposed to at the same time - throughout the day - you're supposed to be paying close attention to reality and not falling into illusion. Okay, so we've got that part of the program. And then once these people begin to clear out their traumas and their programs and get free of illusions and so forth, that means that they are then better able to use facing reality and thinking with a hammer to connect their chakras. And that, I assume, means connecting to their higher intellectual center and higher emotional center. Of course, you connect the emotional center first and then the intellect comes in also. So, in other words, they become kind of like connected with themselves in the future so to say. Am I on track so far?
A: Yes. But we would like to point that all "souled" individuals are members of a fragmented 6D soul/being. When they begin to connect with their future/higher centers, this implies a natural connecting with the other members of their soul group.
Q: (L) Okay, so anyhow, that's the first thing. And then once people begin to make these connections and then they begin to practice this spiral and maze maneuver which is in a sense like... gee, it's almost like human beings becoming crop circles on the surface of the landscape, and creating neural circuits of some sort in the mind of the earth, or in the body of the earth. Anyway, that's what I'm getting at. And then that is what enables them to do things like mental blocking... Okay, so if you're gonna do this mental blocking, okay so you're gonna do this dance and whatever, how do you effectively put the mental block in place? I mean, you're just dancing thinking, "I'm mental blocking! I'm mental blocking!"
A: No no no! Remember the "Prayer of the Soul"?
Q: (L) So we're supposed to say that while we're dancing?
A: Sometimes. Other times the words will be different. Sometimes it will be chanted and sometimes it will be sung.
Q: (L) So where are we gonna get these words from?
A: We will be giving them in dreams to you.
Q: (A***) Sweet. (L) So, pretty much we've got... Well, that's quite a comprehensive program. There was some discussion on the forum recently about if people had to die to get to the 4th density. And I think I remember you distinctly saying that some will die and some won't. Is that correct?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Some people will transition into 4th density. Like I said before they'll just kind of like rejuvenate and their DNA will unwrap or change under the new cosmic environment and their bodies will change?
A: Some.
Q: (L) And we already asked what some of that would be like. Okay, so... (A***) I supposed we're not allowed to ask if it's gonna happen to us. (laughter)
A: You have your work cut out for you. You have a choice of futures. What will it be? A dark star or paradise restored??? Goodbye.

Conversation after session ends





(L) Well… that was interesting. Question is, do we believe it? It is such a departure… I mean, I know that we are facing a pretty dire future… and yeah, I've been searching for the clues of what to do and how to do it so I guess since we have come so close by our own efforts, we are able to get that little extra help?
(Ark) Change is good. And motion is good. I have the feeling that you can't really do everything by just sitting and thinking, you know? You have to try something else, even if just to get new ideas. And also, it's fun. And you can't do anything really good and something that lasts if this is not correlated to some kind of...
(L) Something that feels good.
(Ark) Yeah. And when I was looking at this first dance, for instance, it occurred to me that there was a peace in it, you know? And this peace, or such a peace, may well create some kind of waves that connect to other waves and even it does something good independently of the results. But I cannot explain it better.
(L) Well it kind of reminds me... Remember when I talk about my power walking, when I get on the treadmill and I kind of meditate on the treadmill and focus on whatever is needed, and somehow it usually kind of happens? This business the Cs are talking about is power walking on steroids.
(DD) I could do that walking. I could walk around the lake and do that pipe breathing. I was walking Ruby, and by the time I'd get home I was in a different state of mind than when I left. During a 45-minute power walk. I can imagine if you through some music into it, and...






(L) Throw some music into it, and you have your aim, and you have the steps, and everybody does the steps in synchronization. By synchronizing their bodies, they're synchronizing their energies, they're making very specific motions of their field, within the field that they are operating, and that produces a kind of resonance also. And it's like a resonance out into the world. So, I think that is very interesting. Dancing in the spiral, or dancing in the maze... And I guess we should have asked if there is a difference? I mean, did you use the maze for one kind of purpose, or different types of purposes, or do you use the spirals for other purposes.

(Joe) I think we'll find out if just do it.
(DD) You have to learn the steps of those first few dances first.
(L) Yeah, so the girls here… Joe who is our chief dancer, is gonna have to get it down pat so he can teach us.
(DD) The amazing thing is the similarity between the Greek... Was that a wedding?
(L) I don't think so.
(DD) Because the traditional Afghan dances were very similar to that.
(C) It's 4 steps, stop. 4 steps, stop. And always anti-clockwise.
(L) And then they had a little hop too, and I think the hop is important. Well, ya'll just watch it and figure it out. I think it's important they way they were holding hands. That was connecting their energy.
(Ark) I am comparing these dances with for example the methods used by Reich with orgone generators and all such things which were probably supposedly to have similar effects. But this was all mechanical.
(L) Yeah, and it had a limited effect.
(Ark) And in fact, they probably were attracting negative energies.
(L) Right. Because I mean the human brain, the physiology, the electricity, not just the brain but the body... All your neurons generating electricity and interacting with the field and acting like capacitors... I think it's a very powerful thing. And it's not chaotic. Now the thing that I noticed the other night when we were watching this movie about Marjoe Gortner, and you see these fundamentalists, they were dancing yeah, and they were jumping around in the aisles, but it was chaotic.
(L)正确,因为我的意思是,人类的大脑,生物机能,电流,不仅仅是大脑而是身体……你所有的神经元产生电流,和场相互作用,像电容器工作……我想,这是非常强有力的事情。而且很有秩序。现在,不久前当我们观看关于Marjoe Gortner电影的晚上,我留意到一件事情,你看看这些基要主义者,他们在跳舞,他们在走道上四处跳跃,但是很混乱。
(C) Yeah, and they were not together at all.
(Ark) Everybody was in his own world.
(L) Everybody was in his own world and they were not really thinking about the group and the welfare and wellbeing of others, the planet or anything. It was all very selfish and self-centered.
(recording end)(录音结束)

I had announced that plan, all kinds of things came up, not the least of which was a wave of tiredness and feeling of being inflamed, including pains in the legs and feet. I realized that something was up, but since there were a couple other things going on in the background, I wanted to wait, keep silent, and watch what developed. After a day or so, I was better and we then decided to have the session on Wednesday, instead of the next "logical" day, Thursday just to find out what was going on. I have learned over the years that it is best not to announce what I am going to do specifically, or when or where, so as to avoid targeted attacks. Apparently, I thought that we could just forget that now, but apparently not.
So, that is why this session was not on Monday but was, instead, on Wednesday. We will be reverting to our policy of not announcing sessions in advance, but will publish them as soon as they are transcribed.
This is also a short one because I was not quite recovered...


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