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Cassiopaea 2009 07 04 会议记录

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Topic: Session 4 July 2009  (Read 11963 times)


Session 4 July 2009


I'm a little late getting this one up. There was some discussion in QFS about how best to edit it since we want to protect certain individuals, but also want to ensure that information that is useful to others is made available.  There is also a bit in this session that is a little embarrassing to me but we decided to retain it anyway in the event that it is helpful to others.
Session Date: July 4th 2009

Laura, Ark, A***, Joe, C**, Don D, Allen B, Scottie, G**  

Q: This is 4th of July, 2009. 4, 7, 09. (DD) 11-11. (L) 9-11, or 11-9. It's an eleven. That's creepy.  
A: It's creepy for the USA in any event. 5D city on a hill!  
Q: (L) I see. And who do we have with us this evening?  
Q: (L)我知道了。今晚我们与谁一起?
A: Gronnioia  
A: Gronnioia。
Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?  
Q: (L)你们从哪进行广播?
A: Cassiopaea Hello!  
Q: (L) I'm supposed to be the one who says hello. (laughter)  
Q: (L)我该是那个说你好的人。(笑声)
A: Not always!  
Q: (laughter) (L) Okay. What do we have in the way of questions? (J) What does "5D city on a hill" mean?  
Q: (笑声)(L)好的。我们有什么问题? (J)“山上的第五密度城市”是什么意思?
A: The metaphor of the fundies with a twist of truth.
Q: (J) City on a hill - is that in the bible or something? (Allen) Yeah. Old Testament. (Ark) Does it mean like capitol? (L) Yeah. (J) It was prefaced by, "It's creepy for the USA in any event." So maybe that means a city on a hill in the USA. (L) Well, the USA has always considered itself the new city on a hill. (Allen) But 5D city on a hill, does that mean the USA is headed for destruction?  
Q: (J)山上的城市——是出现在圣经里或者什么上吗? (Allen)是的。古老的遗嘱。 (Ark)是指美国国会大厦之类的吗? (L)是的。 (J)它前面的一句是“任何事件对美国来说,都令人毛骨悚然。”所以也许说的是美国的一座山上城市。(L)美国一直都把自己看做是山上的新城。 (Allen)但山上的第五密度城市,是在说美国会首先被毁灭吗?
A: More than likely.  
Q: (J) Is Los Angeles a city on a hill? (Allen) No, Los Angeles is a city in a valley. San Francisco is a city on a hill. That's taking it too literally. (J) Maybe not! (S) Somebody get a topographic map and we'll go through all the list of cities. (DD) Denver. (L) Yeah, that's the mile high city. (DD) Pretty good sized hill! (J) Well, wait and see. Well, Paleochristianity? (L) Well, ya'll have questions, so let's get them out of the way. (A**) I want to ask about the cloud rings - smoke rings. (L) What smoke rings? (J) Ya know that article you wrote on smoke rings? Well, recently there was another one in the US somewhere.  
Q: (J) 洛杉矶是一座山上之城吗?(Allen)不,洛杉矶是一座位于山谷中的城市。西雅图是一座山上之城。理解得太表面了。 (J)也许不是! (S)找一份地形图,我们来查看列出来的全部城市。 (DD)丹佛。 (L)是的,它是英里之高的城市。 (DD)大小相当好的山!(J)等着瞧。古基督教? (L)你们一定都有些问题吧,所以先别谈这些了。 (A**)我想问问云圈——烟圈。 (L)什么烟圈? (J)你知道你的那篇关于烟圈的文章把?最近在美国的某处出现了另一个。
A: Read the article.  
Q: (laughter) (A**) Thanks a lot! (DD) What was the cloud that I saw over the house coming {over here this evening}? Was there any significance to that?  
Q: (笑声) (A**)多谢!(DD)今晚来这里时我看到的房子上的那片云是什么?与那有重要关联吗?
A: Our gathering energy attractor.  
Q: (DD) That's what it looked like. That was the impression I got. It was a spiral. (S) Cool! (L) Alright, did you have questions you wrote down? (Allen) How about the crop circle people {we keep reading about on the net}. Do any of those guys actually make crop circles like they claim?  
Q: (DD)它看起来就像是云。那就是我对它的印象。它是一个螺旋线。 (S)酷! (L)好了,你有记下来的问题吗? (Allen){我们一直在网上阅读的}麦田圈怎么样?他们中的一些人真像他们声称的那样制作了麦田圈?
A: Some, but you can tell the difference.  
Q: (J) i.e. they destroy the crops...  
Q: (J)比如,他们毁坏麦田……
A: They also keep watch and post themselves beside "real" ones to take the credit. That is what they are assigned to do. 
Q: (A**) Wow. (J) They're just there to create noise and distraction.
Q: (A**)喔。(J)他们只是在那造谣生事,分散人们的注意力。
A: You can say that again. And {so many people are} so "distractable".
Q: (L) Okay, enough on that. Next? (A**) I was gonna ask about Chaco Canyon. What was it built for?
Q: (L)好的,这个问题说得够多了。下个问题?(A**)我想问问Chaco大峡谷。它是为何而建?
A: Gathering place for those of unusual abilities.  
Q: (A***) Did anybody actually live there?
Q: (A***)真有人住在那吗?
A: More like a "conference center."  
Q: (A**) So what happened to the people that used it?
Q: (A**)使用它的人们发生了什么?
A: Change of cosmic environment followed by earthly difficulties such as famine, climate etc.  
Q: (J) What kind of things did those people with unusual abilities do when they gathered together?  
Q: (J)这些具有非凡能力的人们聚在一起干什么?
A: Well, levitate, for one; direct manifestation for another; and "travel".  
Q: (Allen) So, could they travel from one spot on the planet to another?  
Q: (Allen)他们能从这个星球上的一个地方穿越到另一个地方吗?
A: Yes.  
Q: (A*l) Could they teleport?  
Q: (A*l)他们能进行心灵传输吗?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) Teleport... These weren't your average human beings then. (laughter)
Q: (J)心灵传输……那这些就不是你们这类普通人了。(笑声)
A: No not exactly, but it wasn't the same environment you currently enjoy either.  
Q: (A**) Where did these people come from?  
Q: (A**)这些人从哪来?
A: Remnant Atlanteans. Descendants for the word sticklers.  
Q: (L) I think that's because once, somebody made a big deal out of them saying "remnants of Atlantis" and they meant descendants. (A*l) Do they mean that if our environment wasn't so polluted that we could have super powers? (L) They said "cosmic environment".  
Q: (L) 我想那是因为曾经,某个人把他们小题大做,称他们为“残余的亚特兰蒂斯人”,而他们就是指后裔。(A*l)他们的意思是说如果我们的环境污染不那么严重,我们可能会拥有超能力?(L)他们说的是“宇宙环境”。
A: Gravity is different now.  
Q: (A*l) What happened to gravity? How'd it change?
Q: (A*l)重力发生了什么?它如何改变的?
A: Travels of the solar system through space. You are heading for another such changes soon.  
Q: (A*l) Are we going to become super again?  
Q: (A*l)我们将会再次变得超级吗?
A: Some will.  
Q: (A*l) Me? (J) Is A*l going to become super again? (laughter)
Q: (A*l)我?(J)A*l会再次变得超级吗?(笑声)
A: If you are prepared.
Q: (A*l) So I need to like load up? Lock and load? (A**) Eat your spinach! (L) Seriously, the spinach is the main thing! (laughter) (J) It's part of the acclimatization. (Allen) At Chaco Canyon, they ate lots of spinach. (A*l) So I'll be able to like teleport? And you guys will be able to, too? (C) We don't know. (A*l) We can like teleport and visit each other in our rooms?  
Q: (A*l)因此我需要装载?锁定和下载之类的?(A**)吃你的菠菜吧!(L)认真的讲,菠菜是主要的事!(笑声)(J)是适应新环境的一部分。(Allen)在Chaco大峡谷,他们食用很多的菠菜。(A*l)所以我将会喜欢心灵传输?你们大家也会?(C) 我们不知道。(A*l)我们会喜欢心灵传输,并在我们的房间内彼此拜访?
A: Wait and see!
Q: (A**) Will we have superpowers like this idiot savant guy... (Allen) He's not an idiot savant, just a savant. (A**) Okay, the savant guy... (C) Daniel Tammet.  
Q: (A**)我们会像这个白痴专家一样拥有超能力吗……(Allen)他不是个白痴专家,只是个白痴。 (A**)好的,那个白痴……(C) Daniel Tammet
A: Some will. That is much like 4D experience.
Q: (A**) So we'll be able to like feel and see numbers?
Q: (A**)因此,我们将能够做到感觉并看见数字之类的事?
A: Hear colors...
Q: (A**) That's cool! (C) So does that mean that he's kind of an advanced person or...
Q: (A**) 真酷!(C)那么,这意味着他是某种高级人类或者……
A: Not necessarily advanced, but just the luck of the genes so to say. That sort of thing, and much else, is coded in many and now and then it activates.  
Q: (A**) So, it was activated by his seizure? It did something to his brain?
Q: (A**)所以这是被他的突发疾病激活的?它对他的大脑动了些手脚?
A: Partly, yes.
Q: (A**) Cool, I want some of that man! (C) Yeah... (A*l) You want a seizure?! (A**) He can learn a language in a week!  
Q: (A**)酷,我想成为那样的人!(C)是的…… (A*l)你想要得突发疾病? (A**)他可以在一周之内学会一种语言!
A: So will you one day.
Q: (A**) I will?? I need that!
Q: (A**)我会吗?我需要那样!
A: Patience pays.
Q: (C) Can similar abilities be gained by practicing?
Q: (C)通过练习会获得相似的能力吗?
A: Not really.
Q: (DD) I've been practicing my French for five years! (laughter) (A*l) When is this gravity change going to occur? (L) Read the transcripts. (A**) The next five years. (J) I want to ask about the hummingbird crop circle. (A**) It looks like the Nazca line hummingbird. (L) Okay, Joe wants to know if this hummingbird-looking thing is fake? 
Q: (DD)我已经练习法语五年了! (笑声)(A*l)什么时候会发生重力变化? (L)阅读记录。 (A**)未来的五年。(J) 我想问一下蜂鸟麦田圈。(A**)它看起来像Nazca条纹蜂鸟。(L)好的,Joe想知道这个看起来像是蜂鸟的东西是假的吗?
A: It's "real" but the real question is "Who did it?"
Q: (J) Is it a 6th density thought?
Q: (J)它是一个第六密度意念吗?
A: No
Q: (Allen) Is it 4th density STS?
Q: (Allen)它是第四密度STS吗?
A: Yes and their human "agents."
Q: (A**) What about the original Nazca one, is it supposed to be the same thing? I mean, whoever did it, is it related to the people that did it before?  
Q: (A**)最初的那个Nazca呢?它会是同样的东西吗?我是说,不论是谁做的,它和之前做这个的人有关吗?
A: No.
Q: (Allen) So when these guys say that they're channeling some of these circles when they make them, they're kind of telling the truth: they're channeling 4D STS?  
Q: (Allen)所以这些家伙说的,他们制作麦田圈是在引导其中的一些,他们其实是在说这样的事实:他们在引导第四密度STS?
A: Yes indeed!
Q: (L) Okay, what's the next question? (J) I just had one question about the Lloyd the taxi driver at the pentagon... (L) Let's save that for later. We'll go to P***.  (J) Is P***'s tumor malignant?
Q: (L) 好的,下一个问题是什么?(J)我只有一个关于五角大楼出租车司机Lloyd的问题…… (L)我们把这个问题留到后面,现在谈谈P*** (J)P***的肿瘤是恶性的吗?
A: No.  
Q: (G) Is it a glioma?
Q: (G)那是个神经胶质瘤吗?
A: No. Something in between.
Q: (A**) Is it curable?
Q: (A**)是能够治愈的吗?
A: Anything is curable with the right action within and without.
Q: (A*l) So what can we do to help him?
Q: (A*l)我们能够为他做些什么?
A: It's up to him to decide.
Q: (Allen) Since I recommended reading Bernie Siegel, would the stuff that he suggests help?  
Q: (Allen)因为我推荐阅读Bernie Siegel,他建议的这本书会有帮助吗?
A: Absolutely. But that will not be so simple for P** who tends to escapism.
Q: (DD) Will the chiropractic help him?
Q: (DD)脊柱按摩疗法会对他有帮助吗?
A: Chiropractic will help a little. Meditating in the way you are preparing to teach will help a lot especially with the intentional assimilation of the "Prayer of the Soul."  
Q: (C) What about chemotherapy - is it necessary?
Q: (C)化学疗法怎么样——这是必要的吗?
A: If he wants to check out sooner.
Q: (A**) What about getting angry? Would it help him to get angry at his {childhood abuse} in a real way, or is it too late for that?  
Q: (A**)生气怎么样?用一种实在的方法令他对童年时所受的虐待生气,会对他有帮助吗?还是这样做太晚了?
A: It's not too late but that is not the problem at the deepest level.
Q: (L) What is the problem at the deepest level?
Q: (L)什么时最本质的问题?
A: Grief for not being protected and cherished. He needs to grieve.
Q: (C) Breathing, meditation...
Q: (C)呼吸,冥想……
A: There is also some past life issue involved.
Q: (A*l) What does P** need to do in order to help us understand what we can do to help him?
Q: (A*l)为了让我们知道该怎样帮助P**,他需要怎么做?
A: Communicate without fear.
Q: (A*l) So just talking to him, and... (Allen) He needs to communicate with us without fear. (A**) {Referencing a recent paper about THC cancer therapy; see the following links:
http://www.worldhealth.net/news/thc_initiates_brain_cancer_cells_to_dest   }
 Can smoking pot help him?  
Q: (A*l)所以,去和他谈谈,然后…… (Allen)他需要在没有恐惧的情况下和我们进行沟通。 (A**){参考近期一篇关于THC癌症治疗的论文,查看如下链接:
http://www.worldhealth.net/news/thc_initiates_brain_cancer_cells_to_dest   }烟壶会对他有帮助吗?
A: Not as such. The therapeutic delivery is more specific. He needs to feel the pain and acknowledge it and let it go, not buffer it.
Q: (A**) What about the injections that G**  was researching? (L) I think that's what they were just saying: the "therapeutic delivery" method. (G) It must be specific, and it's nothing that buffers you from your feelings. (A**) Right, because it doesn't make you high, you basically just put it in... (G) It would be better for him to process his emotions than to dissociate.   ...  (C) I guess we have to wait for the results before we say anything to him. (A*l) So basically communicating with him will help him acknowledge his anger and sadness and... (Allen) HE needs to learn to communicate. It's not us communicating with him, he needs to communicate. (A*l) But then that will cure him? (L) I don't think that's what they said. (A**) What can he do to help us to know how to help him. So if he learns to communicate with us without fear, then we'll know to do to help him. (A*l) Yeah, but is there a way for us to ease him into that so he'll open up more? (L) Well, you can only do what you can do. You can't take somebody by the hand and carry them. (A*l) You can show somebody the ropes. (L) Well, we've talked to him, and showed him, talked to him, showed him, and we'll share with him this information - but that's all we can do. That's the limit of free will. (A**) Yeah, we can help him out by giving him the information and stuff, but it's basically his choice. (C) They said that it's up to him to decide. If he decided - consciously or unconsciously - not to act on it, how much time does he have left?  
Q: (A**)G**正在研究的注射剂呢?(L)我想那就是他们刚刚说的“医疗救助”方法。 (G) 那一定非常专业,不是那种减轻你感受的东西。(A**) 是的,因为它不会使你兴奋,你基本上只是把它放入……(G)对他来说,处理感情会比分裂更好…… (C)我想我们得等结果出来之后再找他谈谈。 (A*l)所以从根本上说,与他进行沟通会帮助他承认愤怒和悲伤…… (Allen)他需要学会沟通。不是我们要和他沟通,而是他需要主动进行沟通。 (A*l)但那会治愈他吗? (L)我觉得那不是他们所说的意思。 (A**)他怎么做才能帮助我们了解如何来帮助他。那么如果他学会与我们毫无恐惧的沟通,我们就会知道该做些什么。(A*l)是的,但我们有办法使他放轻松,从而他变得更开放吗? (L)你只能做你做得到的。你不能把某人放在手心里捧着。 (A*l)你可以给某人透漏点内幕。(L)我们已经和他谈了又谈,一次次地透漏,我们和他分享这些信息——但那就是我们所能做的全部。这是自由意志的限制。(A**)是的,我们能够通过为他提供信息和材料来帮他一把,但根本上还是取决于他自己的选择。(C)他们说这是由他自己决定的。如果他决定——有意识地或无意识地——不治疗了,他还剩下多少时间?
A: No dice.
Q: (J) It's very open. Hard to say. (A*l) Well, can we say longer than three months?
Q: (J)这很宽泛。很难说。 (A*l)我们能说长于三个月吗?
A: Say what you like.
Q: (L) What's next? Didn't you want to ask something about J**? (C) Yeah. He's been doing psychotherapy and he still feels that he's possessed. But now after reading one of the last sessions, he wonders if it's just disintegrating like many other people.  
Q: (L) 下一个问题是什么?难道你们不想问些关于J**的事吗?(C)是的,他一直在进行催眠治疗,可仍然觉得在被控制着。但目前,在阅读了上次会议中的一段后,他想知道他的病是否是像其他人一样的分裂。
A: He needs to change location and some companions and, again, the prayer will help enormously. It is a common malady of the French to escape in2 illusion.  
Q: (DD) Is the prayer they're referring to the one that you posted, the variation of the Lord's prayer? (J) Yeah. (DD) Should that be done while doing the breathing exercises?  
Q: (DD) 他们指的祈祷文就是你张贴出来那个改动过的主的祈祷文吗?(J)是的。 (DD)应该在进行呼吸训练的时候这么做吗?
A: Do it according to the instructions that are forthcoming. Please keep in mind that the revelation process is a part of merging. You are becoming us and vice versa.
Q: (L) Well, I guess that means we ought to ask more about this Paleochristianity because we talked about it a lot. We talked about how to make these videos and what will work best. We've practiced with it different ways to see how works for us, with us, and how it makes us feel. And we have a pretty good idea of how to put the video and the audio together that's most effective. We also have past experience as guidance. So, I'm assuming that what you're saying here is that as we've experimented and tested and tried, and the conclusions we came to about how best to do it, that that is in fact the best way to do it?  
Q: (L)我想那意味着我们该问问关于古基督教更多的内容,因为我们谈论过许多。我们谈过如何制作这些视频,怎样做最好。我们用不同的方法带着它一起练习,来看看它对我们有什么影响,如何和我们一起作用。以及它会给我们带来何种感受。我们有一个非常棒的主意,就是怎样将视频和音频放到一起,这样最有效了。我们也有以往的经验来做指导。所以,我假定你们所说的就是,经过我们实验、测试、试验而得到如何把它做得更好的结论,事实上那就是把它做得最好的方法,是吧?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Okay, so then once we have the breathing program, the video that shows the other kind of breathing which then leads into the meditative breathing, what's next?
Q: (L)好的,那么一旦我们有了这个呼吸程序,展示另一种呼吸方式的视频会在之后引领我们进入冥想呼吸,下一步呢?
A: Wait... Did you not notice how relaxed you became listening to the recording??  
Q: (L) Well yeah, I just thought I was falling asleep? I thought I sounded boring!
Q: (L)哦是的,我只是在想我是否要睡着了?我想我听到的乏味!
A: Not boring. Remember what we once said about "voice"?
Q: (L) Not exactly. (A**l) That was me asking the question about sharing the same frequency. Was that it?  
Q: (L) 记不清了。(A**l)是我问的这个关于分享相同频率的问题。是这个问题吗?
A: A different time...
A: 一个不同的时间……
Q: (L) I don't know. Joe, go look up "voice" and see if you can find it.   (Break for transcript search)
Q: (L)我不知道,Joe,去查找“声音”,看看你能找到什么。(会议中止,去寻找记录。)
{Here is the snip of the 9 December 95 session that was found:
Q: (L) I am sorry but I have some personal questions tonight before we get started with other things. I would like to know what is the reason for this terrible depression I have been experiencing for so long now.  I am sick of it.
Q: (L)很抱歉,今晚在开始其他事情之前我有些个人问题要问。我想知道是什么原因导致了长期以来我所经历的可怕的抑郁。我对它已经感到厌烦了。
A: It is a crushing attack.
Q: (L) Where is it coming from?
Q: (L)它是来自哪的?
A: 4th density STS.
Q: (L) What can I do to break it before it breaks me?
Q: (L)在它摧毁我之前我怎样才能摧毁它?
A: Counteract.
Q: (L) By what?  How do you counteract the things that are just beyond my ability to deal with?
Q: (L)怎么抵抗?我怎样才能抵抗我力所不及的事呢?
A: How is the attack represented in 3rd density for you?
Q: (L) How? Because it seems that my husband does not love me. I do not feel safe or in any way able to function as a wife and mother with this feeling, and I know that it must be a misperception on my part, but I cannot help but feel this way.  How can I get over this feeling that he is constantly trying to break me into pieces?  Not only do I have to bear the constant burden of the children with no support, the house, managing everything, but I also am continuously sniped at by him.  None of my feelings are ever considered.  I feel like I am being shoved over and buried by a bulldozer.  Is that what you want to know?
Q: (L)如何?因为我的丈夫似乎不爱我。带着这种感觉,我觉得很不安全,也无力去做一个称职的妻子和妈妈,我知道这一定是我自己的胡思乱想,但我就是禁不住这么想。我怎样才能克服这种我丈夫一直试图把我撕成碎片的感觉呢?我不仅得承担独自抚养孩子、从事家务、管理大小事情的重任,还得不断地被他中伤。从没有人考虑过我的感受。我觉得自己被一架推土机推倒并掩埋。这是你想知道的吗?
A: You are diverting by secession.
Q: (L) What do you mean?
Q: (L)你是什么意思?
A: What is the definition of "to secede?"
Q: (L) To leave a union.  To step out.  To break a union.
Q: (L)离开联盟。走出去。破坏联盟。
A: Attack is not countered by following objectives of attack.
Q: (L) What are the objectives of this attack aside from crushing me?
Q: (L)这次袭击除了消灭我,还有其他目标吗?
A: Secession at an inappropriate juncture to throw plans askew.
Q: (L) What plans would be thrown askew by secession at this point?
Q: (L)此刻的会议会把什么计划弄糟?
A: Voice.
Q: (L) What?
Q: (L)什么?
A: And all other.
Q: (L) Well, I just feel that I would plunge into a pit if I had to secede, as you put it.
Q: (L)照你说的,我觉得如果我不得不离开的话,我就跳进了一个陷阱。
A: Suggest ignoring "snipes" and other unpleasantness, as it is not of your being, thus should not be taken "to heart," and when taken thusly, causes emotional disturbances which manifests as depression and related maladies. These ailments tend to grow in scope and intensity, thereby causing severe damage to plans and activities aimed at executing ones "mission."
Q: (L) That's all fine and good.  But, just exactly what is the mission?
Q: (L)这些都很好。但只是再确切些,这个任务是什么?
A: You are awakening to it just fine, thank you!}
Q: (L) Okay, I found the one that I thought it was, which was something about a voice being a part of some plan or destiny. Is that it?  
Q: (L)好吧,我找到一个我认为是的,关于一个声音是某个计划或命运的一部分的一些事。是这样吗?
A: Yes but not only. The point is this: when you speak while merged, cosmic elements are transmitted via your voice. More than this, it has the power to heal those of similar goals who are not yet at the correct frequency. In short, through your voice we can set frequency resonance for those of "the blood."  
Q: (A**) Wow. (L) What does "while merged" mean?
Q: (A**)喔。(L)“在融合状态下”是什么意思?
A: When you speak to aid others, we are able to merge with you.
Q: (J) So, merging is whenever you...  
Q: (J)所以,无论何时你们……就能够融合。
A: We are merging with you right now!
Q: (J) Say something and heal us all, Laura! (A**) Would doing this in groups physically be even more powerful, like if we did workshops?
Q: (J)说点什么来治愈我们大家,Laura! (A**)集体做的话效果会自然变得更强大吗,比如我们大家一起做?
A: Yes. That will come. And Don mentioned spinning, too. That all has its place along with the "maze dance"; but patience. The meditation and cleansing prayer comes first. You had to go through a "cleansing" too. You are now giving the tools to others so as to enable them to accomplish the same in a different and more efficient way.  
Q: (L) So I mean... Just doing this meditation tape the way we plan to do it, people can listen to it, and by listening to it, there is some sort of frequency that can be triggered in them by my voice?
Q: (L)所以我是说……按照计划制作冥想磁带,人们可以听这盘带,通过收听它,我的声音能够触发他们体内的某种频率吗?
A: Yes. And it can be ten times more powerful in groups with you personally speaking.  
Q: (L) That's too weird. (A**) I think it's cool!  (C) Wake up the masses!
Q: (L) 这太奇怪了。(A**)我觉得这很酷!(C)唤醒大众!
A: The method has been used nefariously for millennia so what is wrong with FRV in a positive context?!   The power of love is also FRV! Only nobody is using it of late.
Q: (L) I feel laryngitis coming on... (laughter) (A**) Uh oh! Somebody get her a scarf! (J) We're gonna have to insure your voice, Laura, for millions. (laughter) (Allen) So is there anything we should do when we're recording you to get you in the zone?  
Q: (L)我觉得嗓子发炎了……(笑声) (A**)哦!来人给她那个围巾!(J)我们得保护你的声音,Laura,几千年。(笑声) (Allen)那么当我们为你录音把你带到这个空间来时还应该做些什么吗?
A: No. It already is fine. Notice that some of those on your forum have already noted and experienced this phenomenon.
Q: (Allen) So I take it there's nothing wrong with me editing out spaces and things? It should be just like a straight recording?  
Q: (Allen)所以我把空白和东西删掉是没错的了?那就应该像是个直白的录音?
A: Of course not!
Q: (Allen) Yeah, the immediate response when people listened to it... how they said it was amazing just to listen to your voice. (Ark) I agree. (L) Yeah, but you're my honey bear. You're supposed to say that! (A**) Sometimes when I was a little kid I would hear Mom call my name, and I would have a shiver go up my spine. (laughter) (Allen) You knew you were in trouble! (J) You would have a full body convulsion when she would shout, "A**! Get a switch!" (A**) It wasn't me! (Allen) Get a switch for J***! (A**) I knew then her voice was powerful. (laughter) (L) Alright, that's just too much. Anybody else have anything for tonight? (DD) I have one little follow up. They said to research the history of Palomar, and the only thing that I could find that seemed pertinent was this Jessop guy, who spells his name different from Morris Jessup, that had a mine where he mined semi-precious stones...  
Q: (Allen) 是的,人们听到它时的及时反应……他们怎么会说只是听到你的声音就够使人着迷的了。(Ark)我同意。 (L)是的,但你是我的甜心小熊。你该这么说! (A**)在我小时候偶尔会听见妈妈叫我的名字,那时我就会毛骨悚然。(笑声)(Allen)你知道自己有麻烦了 !(J) 当她喊你的时候你会全身战栗,“A**!把鞭子拿来!”(A**)那不是我!(Allen) 给J***拿个鞭子!(A**)我知道,然后她的声音变得强有力。(笑声)(L)好了,说得够多了。今晚还有人想问问题吗? (DD)我有个小问题。他们说要调查Palomar的历史,我能找到的唯一似乎还有点联系的东西就是这个Jessop,他以不同于Morris Jessup的方式拼写他的名字,那里有个他曾经挖出过半珍稀石头的煤矿。
A: Deros, anyone?
A: Deros,其他人呢?
Q: (L) Detrimental robots. Underground creatures, like in that creepy movie. What was that creep movie? "Time Machine" or something? (Allen) Morlocks? (L) Morlocks, yeah!
Q: (L) 有害的机器人。地下生物,就像出现在那部惊悚电影里的那样。那个惊悚电影叫什么来着?“时间机器”还是什么?(Allen) 是Morlocks 吗?(L) Morlocks,是的!
Q:  (L)  Alright then, I'm tired. Anything I should have asked that I didn't already ask?  
Q: (L)好了,我累了。还有我该问而没问的问题吗?
A: Please just be gentle with yourself... You are us and vice versa. All of you here. Even S. who sometimes forgets. Goodbye.
Q: (A**) I could have told you that! (laughter)  (S) I never forget!! Okay, sometimes... (laughter) 
Q: (A**) 我本可以告诉你的!(笑声)(S)我从没忘记!!好的,有时……(笑声)



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