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Cassiopaea 2009 06 09 会议记录

(2011-08-07 20:57:58)


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Topic: Session 09 June 2009  (Read 34313 times)


Session 09 June 2009


We've got a new session to post but this one is going to require some context in order to understand the questions and answers.  There is also a bit of specific personal material that will be edited out though I will retain anything that might be useful for others. 
First of all, over the past week we were engaged in taking the "Art of Living" instruction taught by Craig Pruess.   Craig was present at the session on 3 March 2009.  As the Cs had said that the Sudarshen Kriya would be a useful thing for us to know and practice, Craig made time in his busy schedule to come down and teach us.  He is a fantastic musician and when he is visiting, there is always a lot of music; this time was no exception! 
首先,上周我们忙于学习由Craig Pruess执教的“生活艺术”指导。 Craig出席过会议2009.3.3。如同Cs所说,了解、实践Sudarshen Kriya对我们来说很有帮助。Craig在百忙之中抽出时间来教我们。他是个出色的音乐家,在他来访的时候总是少不了音乐,这次也不例外!
We again discussed the Art of Living course in the 30 May 2009 session and, interestingly, that was the session where the Cs brought up the topic of Ancient Christianity, or PaleoChristianity as they referred to it.  Some of what they said was surprising, some other parts were not (historically speaking), since I had tracked these ideas in "The Secret History of the World". 
The first day of the Art of Living course was devoted to preparatory stretching and breathing techniques.  This is called "Pranayama" and you really need a trained instructor to learn this - there's no way it can be taught by me writing about it! 
The second day, Craig taught us the Sudarshen Kriya.  Again, this requires instruction and guidance.  Nobody can teach you by writing about it!
第二天,Craig教我们Sudarshen Kriya。这同样需要有人指导。没人能紧靠描写就能教会你!
This was a very interesting experience for a number of reasons.  At one point, several people in the room simultaneously were startled by hearing a voice or voices and asked "Who is in the front hall?!"  Even though they heard voices,  the dogs did not bark and no one was there.  It was discussed and all agreed that they heard a woman's voice in particular, and it was quite clear in sound even if they did not make out any words.  This will come up in the session.
The next thing that happened was that, at the same time that the others were hearing this voice, (or voices), I had been having an exchange with "myself in the future" - the Cassiopaeans.  This is hard to describe because I'm really not a truancy airy fairy type person.  But, after doing the Kriya, in the relaxed space afterward,  there was a clear exchange of information and the question in my mind was "what were you talking about when you said "What is needed is for many people to begin to make direct connections with their higher centers. This has been done via the "work" up to now, but there are other methods to accelerate the process and obtain the needed assistance" in the last session?   I really wanted to know where they were going with this "PaleoChristianity" thing.
Well, I received an answer and it was at this point that the people in the room heard the voices though I didn't hear any voices myself.  I did wonder if the voices that the others heard were related to the answers I had just received so clearly in my own head. 
Anyway, what I was told - and it was rather clear and precise - was that there were certain parts of the old transcripts where all the clues had been given and that now was the time to put them together with the Sudarshen Kriya as well as recent hints about modifications to the Kriya to create an effective Sacramental method.   
不管怎样,我被告知——以一种相当简洁的方式——古老记录中的某些部分已经给出了所有的暗示,现在是时候把这些与Sudarshen Kriya以及最近关于Kriya的修改建议集中到一起,提出一种有效的神圣方法。
I went up to go to bed that night but, before I did, I pulled the transcript excerpts together that were still fresh in my mind and will present them here, now, before I continue.  I'll bold those things that were "marked" for me by the Cs during the Kriya.


1 January 1995
A: Chakras are like escalators, you choose your step and rise accordingly.
11 March 1995
Q: …. (L) Okay, guys,  let's connect our brain cells here!

Q: ....(L)好了,大家,让我们在这里连接我们的大脑细胞!

A: No need to connect "brain cells," using your chakras will do!

A: 不需要连接“大脑细胞”,使用精神力量的中心就能够实现!
Q: (L) Don't connect your brain cells, connect your chakras.  How do we connect our chakras.  (T) I didn't  know that you could connect them? (S) They are all  connected always.  (L) But I mean how do we connect them  with each other?  (S) Think it, I guess.

Q: (L) 不要连接你们的大脑细胞,连接你们的精神力量中心。我们该怎样进行连接?(T)我不知道这也可以进行连接。(S)它们是一直相连的。(L)但我是问,我们如何才能彼此相连?(S)我想是通过意念。
A: Discover.

Q: (L) Can you give us a clue on this?  (T) Meditation?

Q: (L)你们可以给我们点提示吗?(T)冥想?

A: You are missing the point, don't search, just let it happen when it is ready.

A: 你们没抓住重点,不要寻找,当一切就绪的时候自然就会发生了。

11 February 1995
Q: (L) In a previous reading you stated that the Lizzies  tried to abduct my eldest daughter and that I "stopped" it.  At the time I should have asked, and am asking now:  how, specifically, did I stop that activity?

Q: (L)在之前的一期读物上,你说蜥蜥曾试图绑架我的长女,然而我“阻止”了这一事件的发生。本来在那时我就应该问的:我是如何阻止那次行动的?这太特别了!
A: Mental blocking, i.e. using 4th density principles. ...

A: 精神阻碍,等等,使用第四密度准则……
Q: (L) So, mentally blocking is our defense?

Q: (L)这么说精神阻碍是我们的防御武器?
A: One of them.

A: 其中之一。

Q: (L) And, I was galvanized to erect this shield around my child because it was my baby?

Q: (L)因为那是我的孩子,我的这种能力才被激活而形成了保护孩子的防护罩吗?
A: And you knew what to do.

3 April 1995
Q: … (L) You did tell us at one point that we  could achieve a certain level of protection with stones,  crystals, and so forth, is that correct?

Q: … (L)有一刻,你们告诉过我们,用石头、水晶等可以实现一定程度的保护,是这样吗?
A: Yes but crystals are "small potatoes."

A: 是的,但水晶只是“小土豆”。
Q: (L) Is there anything we can do with our thinking patterns  or with our bodies, or anything we can do to accelerate  the receiving of assistance?

Q: (L) 以我们的思维模式、身躯或者任何能实现的事,应该怎样做才能尽快获得帮助呢?
A: Unite. 

A: 团结。

Q: (L) Okay guys, you are telling us we are under attack, you  are telling us it is going to get worse, you are telling  us that maybe some of these other guys can help us out,  what can we do in the meantime?

Q: (L)好了,伙计们,你们说我们正遭遇袭击,你们说形式将变得更坏,你们说也许这帮家伙中的一些可以帮助我们,可同时我们又能做些什么呢?
A: Prayers help but more is needed.

A: 除了祈祷会有所帮助,还有很多事可以干。

Q: (T) More than prayers is needed.  So, we are on our own until we get contacted?

Q: (T)不仅只是祈祷。这么说,我们在获得帮助之前,要自食其力?
A: Find an Orion!!!

A: 找到一个猎户座!!!

Q: (J)  How?  (L)  What do we do, go out to the beach and  say: "Orions, come here?" …

Q: (J)怎么找?(L)我们该做些什么?走到海滩,然后说:“猎户座,过来?”……

A: That is all we can tell you, because it is the limit of informative arena, any further would interfere with free will, so discover.

A: 受信息提供场所的限制,那就是我们所能告诉你们的全部,任何更深的内容都将会干扰自由意志,所以你们自己去发现吧。
24 February 1996
A: Networking provides solutions, and not just on the computer!!!  {…}  Remember, you learn on an exponential curve, once you have become "tuned in."  This means that you become increasingly able to access the universal consciousness. Please learn to trust your increasing awareness.  All who are present here are at one point or another on that cycle, or one point or another on that cycle of progression, some further along than others.  If you properly network without prejudice, you may all wind up at the same point on this cycle.  We also mean that you can access the universal consciousness to find the answers to otherwise unseen truths…
A: 联网给出解答而不是仅仅依靠计算机!!!{…} 记住,一旦你进入“调谐”状态,就会以指数曲线的速度来学习。这意味着你们进入普遍意识的能力逐渐增强。请学会去相信你们这种渐增的意识。在场的所有人都会有某一个时刻处在那个圆圈上,或者处在全进的圆圈上,有些人会比他人走得更远。如果你们大家没有分歧地正确联网,就有可能一起在这个圆圈上的同一点旋转。这也意味着你们可以进入普遍意识中去寻找答案,否则就会看不到真相……
14 July 1996
A: ... Alright, my dear, you want the facts, so we will give them to you, and hopefully you will comprehend.  If not now, then when necessary maybe...  Fact number one: All there is  lessons.  Fact two: this is one big school.  Fact three: Timing as you perceive it, is never, NEVER definite.  Fact four: What is to happen, as you state it, is a ways off, and will not occur until you have reached that point on the learning cycle, and you are not close yet.  ...  Fact five: The learning cycle is variable, and progress along it is determined by events and circumstances as they unfold.
A: …好吧,亲爱的人们,你们既然想知道事实,那我们就告诉你们,希望你们听后可以理解。如果现在不能理解,那么以后必要的时候也许会……事实一:到处都有功课。事实二:这是一个大学校。事实三:用你的感觉来计时永远不会准确。事实四:如同你们所说,将要发生的事还有很久才会到来,在你们达到学习圆圈上的那个点之前,这是不会发生的。你们现在离那个点还很远……事实五:学习圆圈是变动的,它的进度是由他每年们所打开的事件与条件决定的。
A: "Passion" does not set one "free," quite the opposite!

Q: (L) But what if your passion is for knowledge?

Q: (L)但如果是对知识的激情呢?
A: That is not passion, it is soul questing.

A: 那不是激情,而是灵魂求索。
Q: (L) What is it that gives some people this drive, this steamroller effect that they are determined to get to the absolute bottom of everything and strip away every lie until there is nothing left but the naked truth?  What is the source of this desire?

Q: (L)有些人坚持对一切事物寻本溯源,剥离开全部假象直至真相赤裸裸地显露出来,他们的这种动力来自哪里?这种欲望的根源又是什么?
A: Wrong concept.  It is simply that one is at that point on the learning cycle.  At that point, no drive is needed.

Q: (L) So, you more or less are there because some critical  mass has been reached that 'jumps' you to the point where  seeking truth is simply who you are? It defines the parameters of your being. ... Is it more like a 360 degree circle, and each person is a different point on the circle, and the whole thing cycles, and you never change relative to the people behind and in front of you, and the only real thing you can do to help anyone is to move the circle by moving yourself, thereby pushing the one ahead of you up, and pulling the one behind you into your previous place? And where you are on the cycle determines what you do?

Q: (L)这么说,你们之所以在那,或许是因为达到了某个关键质量,它带领你们跳跃到仅为自身而去寻求真理的地方?它决定你们存在的属性……它更像是一个360度的圆周,而每个人都是这个圆周上的一个不同点,整件事旋转着,你们与前后其他人的相对位置永不改变,你们能帮他人的只是移动自身而使圆周保持运动,这样你们就能推动前面的人并且把后面的人拉到你们先前的位置上,是这样吗?你们在这个圆周上所处的位置取决于你们的作为?
A: It is a single cycle, yes.  There is only one learning cycle, and where you are upon it, determines your EXPERIENCES, and vice versa.

A: 是的,而且只有一个圆周。在这唯一的学习圆周上,你所处的位置会决定你的经历,反之亦然。
Q: (L) Is there ever any point where lines connect from one point on the cycle so that you can 'jump' from one point to another?  Like a wormhole in space or something?

Q: (L)在这个圆周上有没有哪些点是通过线条与圆周上其他点相连的?这样就可以从一个点跳到另一个点。比如空间中的虫洞或者其他什么?
A: Refer to facts 1 and 2 and 3.

A: 参考事实1、2和3.
Q: (L) So, no short cuts?

Q: (L)这么说,没有捷径?
A: Now, refer to 3, 4 and 5.

Q: (L) So, certain events and circumstances could help a person to make 'leaps?'

Q: (L)这么说,某些事件和条件能帮助一个人“跳跃”?
A: No "leap," acceleration.

8 Dec 1996
Q: (L) Are the crop circles themselves like antennae, or like homing devices for energy or thought patterns?

Q: (L)麦田圈像是天线、家用充电设备或是思维模式吗?
A: No.

A: 不。

Q: (L) Is the chronology of their appearance important? 

Q: (L)麦田圈出现的年代重要吗?

A: Semi.

A: 比较重要。
Q: (L) Is their location on the planet, in terms of longitude and latitude, significant?

Q: (L)它们在地球上出现的地点是基于经纬度吗?这重要吗?

A: Yes and no.

A: 是,同时也不是。

Q: (L) In what way yes?

Q: (L)从哪方面来说是?

A: Location, not latitude and longitude... Those are merely measure markers.

A: 地点,但不是基于经纬度……它们只是些测量标记。

Q: (L) If the location is significant, what is it about the location that is significant?

Q: (L)如果说出现地点很重要,那么在这些重要地点究竟有什么?

A: Magnetic generators of bonding frequency.


Q: (L) Are you saying that magnetic generators of bonding frequency are located at those places, are in those places?

Q: (L)你们是说在这些地点有绑定频率的磁场生成器?是埋在地下吗?

A: Port through them.

A: 通过这些地点进出。

Q: (L) OK, location and chronology...

Q: (L)好的,地点与年代……

A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?

A: 你怎么不问巨石阵?

Q: (L) Well, we talked about Stonehenge before, that it was an energy transducer, so to speak.  So, was Stonehenge put there because of the location, or did Stonehenge create... (T) Why don't you just ask what it is about Stonehenge?  (L) Okay, what is it about Stonehenge?

Q: (L)我们之前谈论过巨石阵,可以说那是一个能量转换器。这么说,巨石阵是因为地点的原因而被摆放在那,巨石阵产生……吗?(T)你怎么不问巨石阵究竟是什么?(L)好吧,巨石阵究竟是什么?

A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in order not to have to chase around the countryside reading encoded pictographs.

A: 这些地点把适当频率的精神类型吸引过来,为了接收来自编码心灵感应中的被编码通信,他们将石头依次摆放在适当的位置上,这样就不用在乡村里到处奔走来阅读被编码的象形文字了。

Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiralled in, and spiralled out.]

Q: (L)圆圈里使用了什么技术来从心灵感应中接收信息?[占卜写字板旋进,旋出]
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation.

Q: (L) OK, so that you're saying that moving in a spiral...

Q: (L) 好吧,你们是在说螺旋式前进……

A: The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the wave and focusing thought wave transference energy.  Utilizes /transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking down signal from universal language of intent into language of phonetic profile.  This is for multiple user necessity.

A: 盘旋是用来通过慢波和凝聚意念波转移能量来解译信息的。导电管利用/转换电磁波来将有用的通用语言信号破解为语音学语言。这是为了多用户的需要。

Q: (L) Multiple user necessity implies that a number of people must do the spiral. Is that correct?

Q: (L) 这种多用户需要暗示着一些人必须做盘旋。是这样吗?

A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the same thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly sculpted sing to you.

14 June 1997
Q: (Chloe) Thinking is electrical.  Does a person leave an electrical echo and can certain combinations produce harmony which is cumulative and exponential, thereby certain groups thinking can produce more than others, or individually?

Q: (Chloe)思考是一个电学过程。在这个过程中,人会留下一个电回声吗?按指数规律增长的某些电回声的组合会产生和声吗?这会导致某些团体的思考比其他团体的,或某些个人的思考比其他人的产生更多的和声吗?
A: Close. Now, for Chloe. Suggestion: Combine frequencies to witness the development of a directed wave effect; packs a potent "punch."

A: 接近。现在给Chloe一个建议:对频率进行组合,亲自看看直接波效应的发展;聚集强大的能量。

Q: (Chloe) And is this related to the group of seven? Seven pieces of pizza?

Q: (Chloe)那这和七个一组有关吗?七块比萨?

A: Certainly!  See what letting it flow does, Chloe?


Q: [Question as to whether “dominos” is an acronym for___ ]

Q: [诸如“多米诺骨牌”是否是_____的简称之类的问题]

A: Could be... And if so, be on the lookout for others.

A: 可能是……如果真是这样,寻找其余的事物。

Q: (Chloe) Can we make good pizza?

Q: (Chloe)我们能做出很棒的比萨吗?

A: If you use the right ingredients.

A: 如果你使用正确的配料。

Q: (Chloe) What does that mean?

Q: (Chloe)那是什么意思?

A: Recipes.
A: 配方。
19 February 2000
Q:  What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?

Q: 寒冷的区域之间有什么联系吗?我相信这里面包括英国的石斧和希腊爱琴海的得洛斯人。

A:  Northern peoples were responsible for civilizing the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement.  Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.


Q:  Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...

Q: 这是他们通过巨石阵来与更高密度生物进行通信的实例吗?以及他们接收到的这些信息……

A:  Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.

A: 巨石阵用来与音调小溪取得共振,知识通过头顶的精神力量中心收发系统以精神感应的方式进入,这样就可以教会难教育的人智慧。


Q:  The legend was that the god, Phoebus Apollo, danced at Stonehenge every nineteen years.  What does this relate to?

Q: 传说中提到太阳神阿波罗每19年会在巨石阵跳一次舞。这指什么?

A:  Symbolic.  Tides, moon eclipses, that sort of thing.  Think of Wiccans entubed on the information superhighway!

A: 象征性的。潮汐,月食之类的事。想想信息高速公路上的巫师崇拜者。

15 April 2000
Q:  (L) This is something I have always wanted to get into a session, but I keep forgetting it. So, I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.  What is a "Merkabah?"  All these New Age types are talking about it all over the place, and I just want to know if the standard interpretation is anything close to the reality.  What is a Merkabah?

Q:  (L)有一个问题,我一直想在会议中问问,但我始终想不起来。以免忘记,我把它记下来了。"Merkabah"是什么?所有这些新时代类型都在到处谈论着它,我只想知道它的标准解释是否接近现实。Merkabah是什么?

A:  A creative creation. 

A: 一种创造的生物。
Q:  (L) Are you saying...

Q: (L)你是说……
A: As were..

A: 是这样。
Q:  (L) You didn't let me finish my question!

Q: (L) 我还没有说完我的问题!
A:  We heard it in you.

A: 我知道你想说什么。
Q:  (L) Well, just to get the question on the record, it was are all these people making all this stuff up about what the Merkabah is?

Q: (L) 为了在记录上记下这个问题,我再完整重复一遍:这些人全部都参与了制造叫做Merkabah的东西吗?
A:  But then again, what is made up and why?  It is not so simple!

Q:  (L) In ancient literature, something called a Merkabah is talked about, but the definition of this extremely mysterious thing has been lost down through the centuries.  There have been many "explanations" from such sources as the Midrash - Jewish commentaries - but there is even argument there.  It seems that, even then, nobody knew what it was.  But now, we have all these New Age folks coming along who have decided that they know what it is, and it is variously described as rotating double tetrahedrons...

Q:  (L)古代文学中有关于Merkabah的记载,但是关于这一极其神秘事物的定义已经失传几个世纪了。在诸如Midrash——犹太教注释之类的文献中有过许多“解释”,但这其中也存在争议。似乎即使在那时,也无人知道它是什么。但现在,我们新时代的人民深信自己了解它是什么,它从多方面被描述为旋转的双四面体……
A:  If no one knows what it is, that is as good as any other explanation. 

A: 如果没人知道它是什么,那这个解释也同其他的一样棒。
Q:  (L)  I want to know what the ancients who wrote about it meant?  What is the definition of the word as the ancient writers used it?

Q:  (L) 我想知道古代记录它的人指的是什么?古代记录者在使用这个词时对它的定义什么?
A:  The original definition predates this. 

A: 最初的定义比这还要早。
Q:  (L)  What is the original definition that predated the ancient writings that we have access to?

Q:  (L) 比我们能查阅到的古代记录还早的定义是什么?
A:  What do you think?

A: 你怎么想的?
Q:  (L)  What?  Well, it's a curious word because it is composed of two words or even three: mer kaba or mer ka ba.  If we think of it as three part word, we have the Egyptian Ka, which is like the astral body, and the Ba which is similar to the Ka.  I guess you could think of them as the astral body and the genetic body.  Then there is the Ab which is the sort of principle element of the life in man - like the part that is of God or the soul.  The Ab was represented as a red stone.  It was the part of the man that expressed desire, lust, courage, wisdom, feeling, sense and intelligence.  So, all of them together sort of expresses an abstract creative principle.  Kaaba is Arabic for cube, and it is the square stone building in which the Black Stone is housed in Mecca.  It was supposed to have been built by Ishmael and Abraham. So with Mer, Ka, Ab, and Ba, we have a cube made up of the principle parts of the etheric self, and housing a stone. Soul stone?  Mother stone?

Q:  (L)什么?它是个很奇怪的词,它可以看作是由两个词:mer kaba组成,甚至还可以看作是由: mer ka ba三个词组成。如果我们把这个词看作是由三部分组成,那么Ka是古埃及语,表示星形躯体,Ba与Ka类似。我认为你可以把它们考虑成星形躯体和遗传躯体。Ab则是种人类生命的基本组成元素——像是神或者灵魂的组成部分。Ab用一块红色石头表示。它是人类表达心愿、渴望、勇气、学问、感情、感觉和智慧的部分。所以,它们全部合起来表示了一种抽象的创造法则。Kaaba在阿拉伯语中是立方体的意思,它是圣城麦加的一座正方形石材建筑,里面收藏着黑色之石。据说是以赛玛丽和亚伯拉罕所建。Mer, Ka, Ab以及Ba也同样是一座建筑,这个立方体是由以太自身的本质部分组成,里面也藏有一块石头。是灵魂之石还是母亲之石?
A:  By god, she's got it!

A: 上帝的旨意,她猜到了!
Q:  (L) Okay, we've got the soul or mother stone.  Or the mother of all stones.  Now that we have a definition, what was it?

Q:  (L)好吧,我们得到了灵魂或者母亲之石。或者一切石头之母。那现在我们的定义是什么?
A:  The Matriarch Stone.

Q:  (L) Is the Matriarch Stone the one in Mecca?

Q:  (L)女族长之石就是圣城麦加的那块吗?
A:  Symbolism reigns supreme here.

A: 象征手法在这里至关重要。
Q:  (T) Is this also the Philosopher's Stone?

Q:  (T)这也是哲学家之石吗?
A:  "Stone" to those you perceive as ancients symbolized communication from "a higher source."

A: 那些你们认为是被古人符号化了的表示“更高层源”信息的“石头”。
Q:  (L) What is it about a stone that made the ancients associate it with communication?

Q:  (L) 古人怎样用石头来进行通信?
A:  Radio waves.

A: 无线电波。
Q:  (L) How did radio waves interact with the stone?  Were they recorded by the stone; transmitted by the stone?

Q:  (L) 无线电波怎样与石头发生相互作用?是通过石头来记录、发射无线电波吗?
A:  Transmission.

A: 发射。
Q:  (T) Crystals are stones.  Crystals are used for radio transmissions.

Q:  (T) 水晶是石头。那么水晶是用于无线电波发射的。
A:  Yes.

Q:  (L) And it was said before that Stonehenge was a giant transmitter and receiver.  The original purpose of Stonehenge was to receive communication and to send communication.  It wasn't all that Druid HooDoo stuff that people talk about nowadays.  It was a machine, so to speak.  (J***) Could it be that people who come in contact with a stone in one place, and then they go to another place and come in contact with another stone, transfer something from one stone to another?

Q:  (L) 之前说过巨石阵是一个巨大的收发器。巨石阵的最初意图是用来接收和发送信息。并不完全像如今人们谈论的Druid HooDoo材料。可以说,它是一个机器。(J***) 会不会是这样:人们与某一地点的一块石头联系后,来到另一个地点,与那的一块石头再进行联系,以此将实现某些东西从一块石头转移到另一块石头?
A:  Well, one strengthens their abilities due to awareness channel grooving.

Q:  (L) What gets strengthened from contact with the stones?

Q:  (L) 与石头进行联系能够增强什么?
A:  Your abilities.

A: 你们的力量。
Q:  (L) When they are talking about this Mother Stone, are they talking about something similar to the Atlantean crystals that gathered, dispersed and/or transduced energy?

Q:  (L) 他们提到的这个母亲之石与亚特兰蒂斯聚集、分散和/或变换能量的水晶类似吗?
A:  It is more symbolic. But you are on the right track. 

A: 更多的是象征。但你们在正轨上。
Q:  (L) So, in talking about Merkabah, we are not talking about spinning tetrahedrons that enable you to ascend or generate some kind of "astral vehicle."  They are saying that visualizing yourself inside of one of these enables you to ascend, or something.

Q:  (L)那么在谈到Merkabah时,我们指的不是能使你升起或者生成某种“星形媒质”的旋转四面体,而是指想象你在能使你上升或是做些其他什么的这些东西之一的内部。
A:  If you do that, it may help, though.

A: 如果你那样做的话可能会有所帮助,尽管。
Q:  (L) It may help what?

Q:  (L)对什么有所帮助?
A:  We are going around in circles here.  You should use your own abilities to complete the answers to some of these.  But, then again, it is one form of "spinning," is it not?

A: 我们现在是在兜圈子。你们应该运用自己的力量去完善一些问题的答案。但再一次,它是“旋转”的一种形式,不是吗?
Q:  (T) Everything we have been doing here is all about gaining knowledge and increasing frequency in order to transit from 3rd to 4th density.  In ancient times, they would have had to do the same things.  But, there may not have been as many experiences available.  In order to get experiences, they may have had to travel.  So, by going to the stones, they might have increased their frequencies to transit from 3rd to 4th density. 
Q:  (T)我们在这所作的一切都是对知识的获取以及增加频率实现从第三密度渡越到第四密度。在古代的时候,他们也这样做,但那时或许没有多少可利用的经验。为了获取经验,他们也许不得不穿越。所以,他们可能通过石头增加了频率,实现从第三密度渡越到第四密度。

(L)  Or they used them as a direct machine or device to do it.  Archaeologists say that the people who erected the megaliths were barbarians.  They are defined as barbarians because they didn't build cities, they didn't have the wheel, they didn't have organized agriculture, and they left no written records.  Those are the defined elements of civilization.  Yet, this group of people, whoever they were, did things that we cannot duplicate today, and they did it all over the globe.  The groups who came along after them who DID have all the hallmarks of what we call civilization, also could not erect these gargantuan stones. 
I thought about this for a long time.  Archaeologists say they must have erected them as monuments to their gods, or heroes or whatever.  Some of them think they were calendars to tell them when to plant the corn.  Well, I think that is stretching it a bit.  If you can't cross off the days on the wall and look outside and see that it is time to plant the corn, you're in pretty sad shape.  You hardly need to haul stones as big as buildings across hills and valleys to set them up in special places to tell you to do that!  The psychology of the human being cannot have changed all that much over the many thousands of years from then to now, and it is true that people do not do anything without a powerful motivation; what I call the "payoff."
 What could be the payoff to haul these things around on greased logs as they are depicted? To create a monument or to bury their kings? To get naked and dance in the moonlight? (A)  Like they had a lot of time to do this while struggling to live the barbarian existence, too!  (L)  Yeah.  They are supposed to be howling savages who must constantly hunt to get food, yet they are spending all their time, occupying all their strongest men, to push rocks around! Meanwhile, according to the archaeologists and paleontologists, these folks only live to about 40 years at max! 
(T)  They got a lot of mileage out of those 40 years! 
(T) 这40年他们活得够本了!
(L)  Exactly!  But, we are supposed to be thinking about the things they didn't have: cities, wheels, agriculture, and writing. 
(L) 确实!但是我们得考想想他们没有的东西:城市、车轮、农业和记录。
(F)  Maybe they didn't need it. 
(F) 也许他们不需要这些。
(L)  And why would that be?  Because the stones did it all!
(L) 那怎么可能?因为石头做了所有这些!
(T)  Maybe they were 4th density STO beings who planted all those stones all over the place. 
(T) 也许他们是第四密度到处种植这些石头的STO生物。
(L)  Well, if you think about a group of people who are setting up these massive stones like they were pieces of styrofoam. The stones collect energy and information.  They then transduce the energy or amplify it.  These people know things about movement, dances or spinning or something, that enables them to behave in concert with the stones so that they all become part of a grand machine that does things!  All of the legends talk about stylized dances and the oldest things about Stonehenge say that it was the Temple of Apollo and that Apollo danced there all night at certain periods of time.  Every 19 years, I believe.  When you think about that, and the other places Apollo appeared, the inversions and redactions of the legends, and we come to these magical stones that produce things.  Then we come to the head of Bran the Blessed which supposedly produced endless supplies of bread and fish or whatever else was desired.  Bran's head was the giver of all good things.  But more than that, it was an oracle.  It could speak.  And here we have the idea of a similar function for Stonehenge: both an oracle as well as a giver of blessings and bounty.  Anything you wanted or needed it provided for you.  If you wanted to go somewhere, it transported you as in the legends of the flying carpets.  It was magic transportation.  All of these things are associated, when you track them back far enough, with a stone.  The stones did everything. 
(L) 假设有一伙人,他们竖立起如同一片片泡沫聚苯乙烯似的的巨石。这些石头收集能量和信息,然后变换或放大能量。这些人了解运动、舞蹈、旋转之类的事,他们在石头间举行的庆典中做一些动作,因此这些全部成为运转的伟大机器的一部分!所有涉及到关于巨石阵的传统风格舞蹈和古老事物的传说中,都将巨石阵认定为阿波罗神庙,阿波罗每隔一定的时间都会来到这,跳一整晚的舞。我相信这个时间间隔是19年。当你想到这,以及阿波罗出现的其他地点,还有传说的倒置与校订时,我们就来到了这些产生事物的魔法石跟前。然后,我们来到被祝福的Bran之首,人们认为它能提供无穷的面包和鱼类供应或者其他任何想要的东西。Bran之首是一切美好事物的给予者。但不仅如此,它还是个神谕。它能够讲话。我们认为巨石阵也具有类似的功能,它是一个神谕,也是祝福和恩赐的给予者。任何你想要或是需要的东西,它都会给予你。如果你想去某个地方,它会像飞毯的传说中那样送你去。那是魔力传输。当你追溯得足够远时,一切事物都与石头相连。石头做了全部事情。
(J***)  And it is funny that stones come up.  What I have been doing for the past 10 or 15 years is running around the globe collecting stones.  I've been to some of the most ancient places on earth, and I go from one to the other.  And from each one, I've collected stones.  Plus, Apollo: on Crete, there was an oracle of Apollo on Tara...
(J***) 提起石头,真有意思。我在过去10年或15年中走遍全世界来收集石头。我到过世上一些最古老的地方,从一个辗转到另一个。在每个地方,我都有收集到石头。加上,在克里特岛的阿波罗,在塔拉上有一个阿波罗神谕……
(L) And there was Tara in Ireland...
(L) 爱尔兰有塔拉……
(J***) I wouldn't be surprised if Tara meant stone too!  How is all this connected? 
(L)  Exactly.  This is what I have always thought about these megaliths.  They DID things.  All of the things we think are the "signs" of civilization were done by the stones.  Maybe Terry is right; these people were at some level of density where they could make this work.  At some point, something happened, the ability was lost, and then people had to build cities, engage in agriculture, invent the wheel, and develop writing  - because they could no longer do it the "easy" way. 

(L) 确切!我一直认为那就是这些巨石的用途。他们做事情。一切被我们认为是文明“标记”的事物都是石头的杰作。也许Terry是正确的,这些人处在能够让石头运作的某个密度上。在某刻发生的一些事使得他们的这种能力丧失了,然后人们不得不修建城市、投身农业、发明车轮、发展书写——因为他们不再能够通过“简单”的方法实现了……

A:   Stones were once utilized to provide for all needs, as the energies transmitted connected directly with the pituitary gland to connect spiritual realities with the material realms of 3rd and 4th densities.  So you see, the "stone" was viewed as Matriarchal indeed!

A: 石头曾被用来满足所有需求,比如石头发射的能量能偶与脑垂体直接相连来建立精神实体与第三材料王国和第四密度的连接。因此你看,“石头”实际上是被看作女族长的!

Q:  (L)  Were the beings involved in this type of activity 3rd density, 4th density or bi-density?

Q:  (L)参与这类活动的生物是属于第三密度、第四密度还是双密度?

A:  Originally 4th when home was in other locators.
A: 最初是第四密度,那时家园在其他探测器上。

14 September 2002
Q:  (J) They once said something about bi-density beings.  They were like hybrids between 4th density beings and a 3rd density being.  Or could such an individual be a genetically enhanced human?

Q:  (J) 他们曾经谈到过双密度生物,某种类似第四密度与第三密度生物的杂交。这样的个体会是基因增强型的人吗?

A: Humans were once "bi-density."  And some may be again in the natural way. Those of 4D STS "manufacture" are similar.  Just think of them as a type of OP with souped up engines. 

A: 人类曾经是“双密度”。一些人可能再次回归本性。第四密度STS“制造物”和这类似。可以把它们看作是一类带有引擎的OP。

Q: (L) My next question is: I've been being a bit mouthy on the website.  I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when I see so many lies and so much fraud, and the potential for so many people being hurt.  I know that things are going to be the way they are being, and that we will 'do what we will do,' but it just isn't in me to keep silent when I see what I see.  What are the chances that any of my activities are going to even be helpful?

Q: (L)我的下一个问题是:我在网上已经有点嘴碎了。只是每当我看到那么多谎言与欺骗,想到那么多人可能会因此而受伤时,我似乎就不能闭口不谈了。我知道一切都在正轨之上,我们将“做我们要做的事”,但当我看到所见的内容时,我就不能保持沉默。我这些活动会有可能起到帮助作用吗?

A: While it may not appear to make a difference, sometimes actions accelerate growth.

A: 虽然不会产生明显的影响,但有时行动会促进成长。

Q: (C) Do they mean personal growth or everyone's collective growth? (B) In the form of intensified lessons?  (L) Yeah (laughter). 

Q: (C)他们指的是个人成长还是大家的集体成长?(B)以强化课的形式?(L)是的(笑声)。
A: Personal growth.  And it can lead to lessons, but also to a star for passing the test.

A: 个人成长。会有课程,通过考试还会得到星。
I printed out the above excerpts and we all read and discussed them the following day before the Kriya. We decided to experiment with "modifications" that included drumming and physical movement (spiralling counter-clockwise) before the Kriya to synchronize everyone's moving centers and emotional centers.  We also experimented with singing and producing particular sounds.  The Kriya was very powerful this way, and very energizing.  Then, we had the session.




Session Date: June 9th 2009
Laura, Ark, An**, Joe, Allen B, Craig P, P L, Ar***, Chu, Gaby, Scottie

Q: (L) This is where I start to get nervous. What if they don't answer?
Q: (L)这令我紧张。如果他们不回答怎么办?
A: Cassiopaea will not let you down!!!!
A: 仙后座是不会让你们失望的!!!!
Q: (laughter) (L) And who do we have with us tonight?
Q: (笑声)(L)今晚我们与谁一起?
A: Fortunaea which reminds us that you might like that from Carmina Burana.
A: Fortunaea提醒我们说,你们也许会喜欢Carmina Burana。
Q: (Discussion of Carmina Burana)
Q:(讨论Carmina Burana)
A: Some of those lyrics are truly ancient even if the music is not.
Q: (L) Questions? (J) What caused the destruction of the Air France flight?
Q: (L)问题呢?(J)法国航空航班为什么会坠毁?
A: Cometary explosion of the Tunguska variety though higher and a bit smaller.
Q: (L) Well, that's what we said in the beginning. Around here that's what I was saying, although there were some people who were doubting me, and saying "impossible!" (Ark) No. (L) Yes! (Ark) Improbable. (L) Well you said it was probability zero, and I said it was nonzero. (Ark) Probability that we meet was zero! (An**) Do the authorities know about this and are they trying to cover it up?
Q: (L)那是我们在开头谈到的。我说的就是这个,尽管有些人怀疑我,说“这不可能”!(Ark)没有。(L)是这样!(Ark) 不太可能。(L)你说概率为零,我说是非零。 (Ark)我们碰到的概率为零。(An**)官方知道这个吗?他们试图掩盖吗?
A: Some do.
A: 有些这样做了。
Q: (J) What a way to go... all of a sudden. (L) But I guess if you're going to go out in a blaze of glory, that's the way to do it. (Ar**) It's the quickest way.
Q: (J)会是这样吗?一切都发生的那么突然。 (L) 但我想,如果你会因此而失去荣誉的光环,你就会这样做了。(Ar**) 这是最快的方法。
A: A ticket to 5D naturally! They chose the exit at some level. The days will come when the dead seem blessed.
A: 自然进入第五密度的门票。他们在某些级别选择出口。当死者快要升天时,这些日子就会到来。
Q: (Discussion of grim answer)
A: For some.
A: 对于某些。
Q: (Ar***) Are they talking about in the next 20 years?
Q: (Ar***)他们是说在未来20年间吗?
A: Less.
A: 少于20年。
Q: (Ar**) Oh god... (Alenl) In the next year?
Q: (Ar**)哦,上帝……(Alenl)在明年吗?
A: Five.
Q: (Ar**) So what's going to happen in the next five years that's going to be worse?
Q: (Ar**) 在越来越糟的未来五年内将会发生什么?
A: Wait and see!
A: 等着瞧吧!
Q: (J) We can give you some hypotheses if you want, Ar**. (Ar**) Okay. (L) We can do it later. Next question? (Chu) What did you think about our music during Craig's [Art of Living] course?
Q: (J) Ar**,如果你愿意的话我们可以给你些假说。(Ar**)好吧。(L)我们可以稍后再谈这个。下一个问题是什么?(Chu)你觉得Craig[生活艺术]课程中我们的音乐怎么样?
A: You are really grooving!
A: 你们确实处在最佳状态!
Q: (laughter) (An**) Is there some connection between people with OCD who recognize patterns easily - are they any less or more likely to be suggestible when it comes to hypnosis or dissociation?
Q: (笑声) (An**) 能轻松识别模式的人们与OCD有联系吗?在催眠或是分裂的时候,他们是更不易还是更易受他人影响?
A: No. Other factors are related to suggestibility.
A: 不易。其他因素与易受暗示有关。
Q: (L) So what's on your mind about it? (An**) I was just thinking that it was kind of seeming hard for me yesterday to get into the trance mode ({during Kriya}. I noticed I was thinking a lot, counting, recognizing patterns of breathing and focusing on it, and I was wondering if that was prohibiting me from going into a trance state. Is there any connection?
Q: (L)那你是怎么想的?(An**)我在想,昨天我似乎有点很难进入出神模式({在Kriya期间})。我注意到自己想得很多,数数,识别呼吸方式并把意念集中在上面,我在想是否这阻止我进入出神状态。这之间有关联吗?
A: You are much less externally suggestible though very internally suggestible.
A: 你不太容易受外界影响,尽管非常容易受内在影响。
Q: (An**) You mean I suggest things to myself and then listen to myself?
Q: (An**) 你是说我向自我暗示,然后听我自己的?
A: More or less.
A: 差不多。
Q: (An**) Alright, change subject! (laughter)  (Allen) I have a question. Did I remember correctly, or did I make it up in my own mind when I remembered telling my mom as a kid that the world would end around the time that I was fifty years old?
Q: (An**)好了,换个主题!(笑声)(Allen)我有个问题。我依稀记得,小时候我告诉妈妈世界会在我五十岁左右的时候终结,那确实是我的记忆还是我主观臆造的?
A: Your memory is good though your prediction is slightly off.
A: 你的记性很好,尽管你的预测有些偏离。
Q: (L) Okay, we want to know what is the root cause of P's partial arm paralysis. Is it because of his dietary changes and taking {too much} magnesium and so forth?
Q: (L)好吧,我们想知道P手臂局部麻痹的根本原因?是因为他改变了饮食结构,摄入{过多}的镁等等造成的吗?
A: Not really. It is very much psychosomatic though there is a strong physical predisposition.
A: 不确切。那更多的是由于精神作用,尽管表现出很强的身体诱因。
Q: (P) How to change or reduce the psychosomatic factors?
Q: (P)怎样改变或减弱精神作用因素?
A: This is going to require work. The main issue is the relationship with the mother. The left side represents the mother and feminine energy. You feel paralyzed by your relationship with your mother and the anger that is unexpressed is turned on yourself.
A: 这需要工作。主要问题在于与母亲的关系。左侧代表母亲和阴性能量。你与母亲的关系使你觉得麻痹,你心中压抑的愤怒被开启了。
Q: (P) [something about memories of past abuse] is it my imagination, or is there something there?
Q: (P)[一些关于过去受虐待的记忆]那是我的想象还是真的?
A: There is nothing wrong with your memory either!
Q: (L) It's funny that after you {began} talking about this, that not long after that is when this {paralysis problem} began. (P) So, it means that... (Ar**) You need to calm your rage somehow. (L) Or express it.
Q: (L)真有趣,你在{麻痹问题}开始后不久{开始}谈论这个话题。(P)这么说,你的意思是……(Ar**)你要设法平息你的怒气。(L)或者发泄出来。
A: It is a terrible thing to be used by your mother and thus betrayed to the core.
Q: (P) Does it mean I have to forgive her, to love her, despite this past?
Q: (P)这意味着我要忘记过去,原谅她、爱她吗?
A: What did we just say about unexpressed rage? What is loving and forgiving going to do for what is bottled up inside you?
A: 我们刚才说了哪些是关于未宣泄的愤怒的?爱和谅解会怎样影响装在你体内的愤怒?
Q: (P) It means I have to express rage, this rage and anger that is inside me...
Q: (P)这就是说我得宣泄愤怒,我体内的怒气……
A: There are several nondamaging ways to do this, also. It would do absolutely no good to express it overtly toward your mother, though it would be helpful for you to limit interactions strictly for the duration of the process.
A: 也有几种非损害的方法可以用来宣泄愤怒。直接对你母亲宣泄是完全没有好处的,尽管那会有益于你在过程持续期内严格限制干扰。
Q: (L) So in other words, they're not saying, "Dump on your mother." That's not a good thing. (Ark) What did we learn about nonexpressing of negative emotions. (L) You have to find a way of channeling them out without creating more damage. (Craig) Would regular Kriya help this?
Q: (L)那换句话说,他们不是在说“把怒气发泄到你母亲身上。”那不是什么好事。(Ark)我们能从不发泄负面情绪中学到什么?(L)你得找到一种不产生更大损害的疏导方法。(Craig)有规律的Kriya会对这有帮助吗?
A: Very helpful, yes!
A: 非常有帮助,是的!
Q: (Ark) You see, the first thing I think is just to admit facts about your feelings, admit that you ARE enraged, and then to look objectively at the whole situation and find the best solution without hiding. (L) You're going around hiding this, like your arm. (Allen) The very first thing you thought of was loving and forgiving her - just pushing the whole thing under the rug. (P) Yeah. (L) The way a dog returns to its vomit. (P) I wasn't sure [about the memories] because I was so young. I had glimpses and hints. Now I am more sure and I can do something with that. Otherwise I'm not sure, and feeling guilty to have such bad thoughts about my mother...
Q: (Ark) 你看,我想到的第一件事是承认你的感受,承认你被激怒了,然后客观看待整个形势,不逃避地找到最好的解决方法。(L)你想要逃避这件事,比如你的手臂。(Allen)你想到的第一件事是爱并原谅她——只是把整件事掩盖起来。(P)是的。(L)就像一只狗把它吐出来的东西又给吃了。(P)[关于回忆]我不是很确定,因为那时我太小了。我只能想起些残缺的片段。现在我更确定了,可以对此做些什么了。否则,在我不确定的情况下,这种关于我母亲的邪恶想法使我有种负罪感。
A: Guilt is part of the problem.
Q: (L) So in other words, you are feeling guilty because you wrote what you wrote about your mother ... For thinking it, for talking about it! (P) Is it that I feel guilty because often in {child abuse}, you see the victim feeling he was guilty, he was responsible... (J) But P, you were a child then. (P) I know, but...
Q: (L)这么说你的负罪感是来自你写下的关于你母亲的内容……因为你想到这些,谈论这些!(P)我觉得内疚是因为在虐童行为中你经常会看见受害者觉得他自己有罪,他有责任……吗?(J)但是P,你那时只是个孩子。(P) 我知道,但是……
A: Sexual feelings are natural. It is the duty and responsibility of the parent and all adults to not take advantage of the young in this respect.
Q: (J) They said there was a strong physical predisposition. I was wondering if there was anything he could take that would help him...
Q: (J)他们说有很强的身体诱因。我在想他能采取哪些措施来帮助自己……
A: The old injury that has been discussed.
A: 讨论过的旧伤。
Q: (L) So, they're probably related. (Chu) So, working on that injury would help the process?
Q: (L)所以,它们可能有所关联。(Chu)那么,治疗旧伤会对这一过程有所帮助?
A: Yes. It might also help to get "Rolfed".
A: 是的。对得到“Rolfed”可能也会有所帮助。
Q: (L) Deep tissue massage.
Q: (L)深度组织按摩。
A: It can help to release emotions held in the tissues.
Q: (L) So you're gonna have to get rolfed and do Kriya at the same time! (Allen) And express rage. (L) Believe me, if you get rolfed, you'll express your rage! (laughter)  (Craig) Would it help for P to do an advanced course [of the Art of Living]?
Q: (L)这么说你得get rolfed同时做Kriya!(Allen)还有发泄出怒气。(L)相信我,如果你就发泄出怒气了!(笑声)(Craig)练习[生活艺术]高级课程对P有帮助吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (L) Alright. Next topic?  {...} (P) I wanted to ask a question about this martial arts school I was in, when we were uniting our crown chakras. Were we uniting chakras?
Q: (L)好了,下一话题?{...} (P)我想问个关于我过去所在的军事艺术学校的问题。当我们连接头部精神力量中心时,我们是在连接人体精神力量的中心吗?
A: Not likely, but you could figure that out. Stop being so gullible and inclined to believe in illusions when you know better.
Q: (L) Next? {...} (Gaby)  Whose voice did we hear a couple days ago when we were doing the breathing exercises?
Q: (L)下一个?{...} (Gaby)数日前,在我们做呼吸练习时听到的是谁的声音?
A: Alternate reality bleedthrough.
Q: (Ar***) Was what we were doing caused that?
Q: (Ar***)是我们当时在做的呼吸训练引起的吗?
A: Opened portal.
Q: (L) Let's ask about the Art of Living, the breathing and so forth. Does anybody want to formulate a question or two here? (discussion of question to ask) {...} (An**) Why did I see a menorah today during the {Kriya}?
Q: (L)问问关于生活艺术、呼吸等等的问题吧。有人想在这里简单陈述一两个问题吗?(讨论要问的问题){...} (An**)为什么今天在{Kriya}期间我看见了一个犹太教七分支烛台?
A: There have been a lot of bleedthroughs here. Recall your past life!
Q: (An**) I was a Jew?!
Q: (An**)我前世是个犹太人?
A: Yes
Q: (Ar**) I was a celebrity?
Q: (Ar**)我过去是个知名人士?
A: Maybe!
Q: (Ari**) Oh, be quiet! (An**) Was I a nice Jew?
Q: (Ari**)哦,安静!(An**)我过去是个善良的犹太人吗?
A: Yes...
Q: (An**) What does that mean?
Q: (An**)那是什么意思?
A: That life didn't end well. Connect your resistance to external suggestion and need for internal suggestion to the menorah and the pain and tragedy of that experience.
Q: (Ar**) That is so evil.
Q: (Ar**)那太不幸了。
A: You are safe now.
Q: (Ar**) So you were a Jew who was captured by the Germans, huh? Poor An**! No wonder you hate them so much. Do you? Do you dislike the Germans? (An**) Not all of them. (laughter) (J) You'll end up hating the Zionists if you... (L) She was one. A German Jew. (An**) Wow, I really have a past to contend with. (Ar**) Can I ask one last "Ar** question?" Are there any monsters living in caves in France?
Q: (Ar**)原来你前世是个被德国佬逮捕的犹太人,啊?可怜的An**!怪不得你那么憎恨他们。是吧?你不喜欢德国佬?(An**)不是全部都不喜欢。(笑声)(J)你不会再憎恨那帮犹太复国主义者,如果你…… (L)她就是一个。德国籍犹太人。 (An**)噢,我确实有个令人满意的过去(Ar**)我能问“Ar**问题”中的最后一个吗?在法国有住在洞穴里的怪兽吗?
A: Yes.
Q: (laughter) (An**) There has to be at least one cave monster question per session with Ar**. (Ar**) I don't have to go to Malta!!! Which direction, north, south, Paris, east, west - what caves?
Q: (笑声) (An**)每次会议中都会至少有一个与Ar**有关的洞穴怪兽问题。(Ar**)我不是非得去马耳他!!!哪个方向?是北方?南方?巴黎?东方?西方?什么洞穴?
A: Massif Centrale.
A: Centrale.山丘。
Q: (Ar**) Where is it? (L) Don't encourage her! (P) Is it related to the beast of Gévaudan?
Q: (Ar**)它在哪?(L)别鼓动她!(P)它与Gévaudan野兽有关联吗?
A: Yes.
Q: (P) Does that mean that the beast that was sighted in the eighteenth century is still there?
Q: (P)这就是说十八世纪时发现的野兽还在那?
A: Or a relative and others.
Q: (P) But there are no reports like in the eighteenth century.
Q: (P)但是没有类似十八世纪那样的报道。
A: Wait for the window to open again.
Q: (P) It will come back. (An**) When it came the first time it was...
Q: (P) 它将会回来。(An**)当它第一次来的时候,它……
A: That one was someone's "pet".
Q: (Ar**) Is there a way to track them so I can find them? I just want to take a picture.
Q: (Ar**)有办法能追踪到他们吗?这样我就可以找到他们,我只是想给它们拍张照。
A: No dice!
Q: (A**) Oh come on, tell me!
Q: (A**)哦,来吧,告诉我!
A: Believe us, you don't want a picture!
A: 相信我们,你不会想要这张照片的!
Q: (J) A 4D lizzie's pet that got off the leash...
Q: (J)第四密度蜥蜥的一只挣脱了皮带的宠物……
A: Remember the "Cheddar" monster? That was a young one!
Q: (laughter) (discussion of bigger, uglier monster)  (Craig) About the UK, are they trying a coup to replace the government in the UK?
Q: (笑声)(讨论更大型更丑陋的怪兽)(Craig)在英国,他们正在酝酿一场政变来取代英国政府吗?
A: Just getting the pathological types in.
Q: (J) That's what we suspected, ya know? Vin was saying it seemed like a cleaning, like they were getting rid of people with this scandal. (P) I found some statements from Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Green party, he made some statements in 1996 that he was a pedophile. But there was no quote, no judgment, nothing. So I wanted to know if he was bluffing, or if it was true?
Q: (J)那正是我们所怀疑的,你们知道吗?Vin说那就像一次清理,他们利用这次丑闻来处理掉人们。(P)我找到些绿党Daniel Cohn-Bendit发表的声明,其中一些发表于1996年的声明中提到他是一个恋童癖。但是这没有引文、评论,什么都没有。所以我想知道他说的可信吗?这是真的吗?
A: Why would anybody bluff about that? P, you really need to start using your gray matter more!
Q: (L) You have all that gray matter, and you're not using it. You're letting your emotions rule your life. (Allen) And your arm is probably only the beginning if nothing changes I would imagine. (J) Back to breathing? (L) Yes. So, what do you think of this Kriya?
Q: (L)你拥有全部灰质,你却没有使用。你正在让你的情绪统治生活。(Allen)我能够想象得到如果不做些改变,你的手臂很可能只是一个开始。(J)返回到呼吸上来?(L)你认为这个Kriya怎么样?
A: Great stuff, eh? Lighten up on the fluff though.
Q: (J) Would the fluff be... (Craig) The drumming?
Q: (J)这些绒毛会……(Craig)击鼓呢?
A: Drumming is good and intense. There is too much "free time" in altered states.
Q: (J) Remember what I was saying yesterday about how there was too much time when we were just lying there and nothing was being said... that should be guided.
Q: (J)记得我昨天说的,当我们躺在那一言不发时过去了多少时间吗?应该给予引导。
A: When you sweep the house and leave it clean if you do not decide what to put back in then others will do it.
Q: (Craig) Does that apply to this group, or the public in general?
Q: (Craig)这适合这个团体还是一般大众?
A: Not this group. But definitely those who have not integrated consciousness. The breathing is a tool, a technique, and should be seen as such and not as the result.
Q: (L) That make sense? (Craig) Yup. (J) Should there be any modifications to the breathing? (Allen) Yeah, is the breathing as it's taught now good enough?
Q: (L) 那有意义吗?(Craig)是的。(J)呼吸需要做哪些必要的改进吗?(Allen)是啊,现在教的呼吸足够好吗?
A: Yes but your earlier observations were valid and most useful.
Q: (L) I guess when we were talking about the "huh" thing to get rid of anger - maybe that should come at the beginning? But I guess that would depend on the individual and what their problem was. Some people might not be able to release. I guess it would have to be different at different times, depending on the group, depending on the problem, depending on the instincts of the facilitator. (J) What about the question we raised about the staring and suggesting you take the other person in your heart. (Craig) Is there any danger in the eye gazing?
Q: (L)我想当我们在谈论消除怒气的“哼”事时——也许我们应该在一开始的时候谈论?但我想这取决于个人和他们的问题。有些人也许无法释放。我想在不同时候应该采取不同方法,具体取决于团体、问题、帮助者的天性。 (J) 我们在开始时提出的问题呢?建议你把他人放在你心里。(Craig)凝视眼神有危险吗?
A: Yes, as with everything. But knowledge protects. That particular part is a bit of the New Age fluff. Gazing and unifying exercises should be undertaken with some care.
Q: (L) Like I said, I think that would be really good with couples. (A**) Yeah, it's kind of a personal, intimate thing, when you've already decided that you like somebody. (J) That's a good angle, Craig, couples' breathing! (Craig) That's what Kama Sutra's for! (laughter) (J) No, I don't mean... you can tailor it, ya know? You could have some kind of ideas to bring couples together, or for people who are having problems with their relationships... (Ark) But this may be against the original Indian way. (J) But this is for a New Age, Arky! (Ar**) This is evolution, people! This is going boldly where no one's gone before. (L) Well, I think that, as far as I can tell, even though there's a lot of patristic ponerization in Indian society and thought, they do seem to be relatively free of raving psychopathy. So, in that society, it's not so dangerous - but in Western society, a society that has grown up out of the Judeo-Christian psychopathic... (Craig) Okay. How do psychopaths or OPs respond when they first do the Kriya?
Q: (L) 就像我说的,我认为这最适合于情侣。(A**)是的,这是件私人秘事。当你已经决定喜欢上某人。(J)这是个很好的角度,Craig,情侣呼吸! (Craig)那是Kama Sutra适用的情况! (笑声) (J) 不,我不是说……你可以对这进行剪裁,知道吗?你可以想些办法把情侣们聚集起来,或者那些与亲戚有矛盾的人们……(Ark) 但这可能有悖于最初的印度方法。(J) 但这是为一个新时代,Arky !(Ar**)这是进化,大家!前无古人。(L)依我浅见,我认为尽管在印度社会和思想中有许多宗教等级,但在疯狂的精神病态者中他们似乎是相对自由的。所以,在那样的社会中并不危险,但在西方社会,如此一个在脱离Judeo-Christian精神病态者成长起来的社会…… (Craig)好吧。精神病态者或者Ops在第一次做Kriya时有什么反应?
A: Depends upon the individual. But in general, since it is mostly a physiological process, they can certainly fly under the radar.
Q: (Craig) Does this provide any protection to do eye gazing, the fact that Kriya has come before?
Q: (Craig)先做Kriya会对做凝视眼神提供保护吗?
A: No. In fact since organic portals are mostly emotion reaction machines they might seek out the process for catharsis.
Q: (Craig) Should I drop it from the courses? (L) Drop what? (Craig) Eye gazing.
Q: (Craig)我应该把它从课程中删掉吗? (L)删掉什么?(Craig)凝视眼神。
A: We hesitate to tell anyone what to do, but in this case we suggest that, yes, it would be safer. ...  [letters come very quickly] Do not get lost in an illusion that a breathing technique can protect from psychopathy! Only knowledge can do that, and sometimes it takes a long time to acquire the data to make a determination.
Q: (L) That was pretty strong. (L) So don't think that breathing and prana...  I think we ought not lose site of the fact that psychopaths and OPs and all living beings use prana. (An**) Yeah. (L) And they like it. It's life force. (Craig) Does this Kriya have any possibility of rehabilitation for OPs?
Q: (L)那相当有力。 (L)所以别以为呼吸和prana……我觉得我们不应该忘记精神病态者和Ops以及所有生物都使用prana的事实。 (An**)是的。(L)他们喜欢它。它是生命力。 (Craig)Kriya对Ops有改善的可能性吗?
A: Why do they need to be "rehabilitated"? Do you want to "rehabilitate cows"?
Q: (laughter) (Craig) Moo! (Chu) Ohmoo! (L) I mean, obviously it helps them. They get prana, too. (Craig) Yeah, the thing is that might be more dangerous. (L) Well, the thing is that I think that people have the wrong idea about OPs. I think that OPs are a normal, natural part of the landscape. They are useful, beneficial - as long as they are in their place and doing what they're supposed to be doing, what they're created to do. And as long as they have the proper guidance. It's not something to be afraid of. I mean, you don't want to be married to them or have intimate relations with them, because then they hook in and directly drain your energy. But being afraid of them, that's the whole wrong attitude. We've had a couple here that we've studied long and hard and carefully, and they are what they are. They're emotional and they can be loving towards animals, loving towards their children and families. They can be good householders. (Allen) Also, "rehabilitate" assumes that there is something wrong with them. (Craig) They're blocked from any spiritual development. (J) What do you mean by rehabilitate an OP? (L) Make them not OPs? (Craig) Well, no, help them evolve. (L) Well, they evolve by receiving proper guidance for how to live their lives. And in that sense... (Ark) The point is not to expect from an OP that he will behave like a non-OP. (Craig) Well, that's not my question, my question was... (Allen) What you specifically asked was can they be rehabilitated, and rehabilitation is something you do with someone who was up here, and fell down here. Something happened to them and they got... OPs are just OPs. (L) Oh, well you were thinking... (Craig) Well, because I worked with prisoners. (L) Yeah. (J) Well, then the question shouldn't be... (L) Here, let's ask.
Q: (笑声) (Craig) 哞! (Chu)哦哞!(L)我的意思是,很明显这对它们有帮助。它们也得到prana。 (Craig)是的,但事情是这样,这可能会更危险。(L)事情是这样,我认为人们误解了Ops。我觉得Ops是图景中正常的、自然的一部分。 他们是有用的、有益的——只要他们在自己的位置上做应该做的事。只要他们有适当的引导。他们不是我们应该感到恐惧的东西。我是说,你不会想和他们结婚或者和他们有亲密关系,因为那样他们会钩住你并吸干你的能量。但对他们的恐惧就是全部错误的根源。我们这有一对Ops,经过长期艰苦认真的研究,他们就是自身该有的样子。他们有感情,爱惜动物,爱他们的孩子以及家庭。他们可以是优秀的住户。(Allen)同时,“改善”说明他们可能有些问题。 (Craig)他们的精神发展被阻碍了。 (J) 改善一个OP是什么意思?(L)让他们不再是Ops? (Craig)不,帮助他们进化。 (L)他们通过接受生活上的适当指导来进化。 这么说……(Ark)关键在于,别指望一个OP的行为会像非OP那样。 (Craig)哦,那不是我的问题,我的问题是…… (Allen)你特别问到的是他们能否被改善,而改善是否是你和在场的起起伏伏的人一起做的某些事。他们身上曾发生过一些事使得他们认为Ops就是Ops。 (L) 哦,你是在想……(Craig)因为我与罪犯一起工作。 (L)是的。 (J)那问题不该是…… (L)让我们在这问问。
A: Most of the prisoners are not OPs. Most OPs are very good "citizens."
Q: (Ar**) It's like a toaster. Toasters are useful, they toast, and you can give them the ability to toast better, but it will always be a toaster. And you don't want to sleep with a toaster because that would really hurt.  (Craig) I suppose this gets into the question of the evolution of individual souls. (J) Kriya could be useful for potentially souled people who are in struggle, or souled people who are in struggle. (Craig) So, is there a benefit for OPs to do Kriya?
Q: (Ar**)那就像是个祝酒人。祝酒人有用,他们可以祝酒,你可以给予他们做的更好的能力,但他仍然只是个祝酒人。而且你不会想和一个祝酒人一起睡觉,因为那确实很令人心痛。(Craig)我认为这卷入了个人灵魂进化的问题。 (J)Kriya对挣扎中的有潜在灵魂的人们和有灵魂的人们是有帮助的。 (Craig)那么,做Kriya对Ops有益处吗)
A: Of course!
Q: (L) Benefit, just not rehabilitation. I think it's beneficial for everybody. Except that psychopaths might...
Q: (L)益处,而不是改善。我想这对每个人都有益处。除了精神病态者可能会……
[Second Tape is inserted]
(L) As your question. (Craig) So, are OPs in the public signing up to the Art of Living course? Is this a concern?
(L) 你的问题。(Craig)那么,OPs在生活艺术课程的公共报名会上吗?这有关系吗?
A: No.
Q: (L) My guess would be that they would sign up, probably in numbers equal to potentially souled people because they have probably as often as anybody else trauma in their backgrounds, or being abused, or... (Craig) So I want to ask the same question about psychopaths. Is this a problem?
Q: (L) 我猜测他们会来报名,在数量上可能与潜在灵魂者相当,因为他们很可能与其他所有人一样经常会有背景精神创伤或者被虐待……(Craig)所以我想问关于精神病态者同样的问题。这是个问题吗?
A: Oh indeed. Especially as the process becomes more widely known.
Q: (L) It's just something you're going to have to deal with, situation by situation, just like we do with our groups. We give the benefit of the doubt, we have ways and means of testing. (Craig) But my main concern is to protect other people that go to the course. (Allen) But how do you weed? Psychopaths are not easy to spot. (L) Yeah, the good ones are really hard to spot. ...
Q: (L) 那是你将不得不处理的一些事,就像我们的团体一样得一件一件处理。我们给出怀疑的益处,我们有测试的方法和工具。(Craig) 但我主要担心的是怎样保护参加课程的其他人。(Allen)我们怎么除去精神病态者?他们不太容易发现。 (L)是的,好人确实很难发现……
A: The main thing to consider is this: As people learn the practice and implement it, their own awareness can grow along with "being". And if there is a parallel growth in knowledge, the Kriya will enhance this knowledge thus the protection.
Q: (L) So, it's like one line of things they need to do, I think. Because it's clear to me that it's very helpful. But like they said earlier, you sweep the house out, and if you don't put something back in that's the right thing, then somebody else puts it in for you - like religion, society, television, whatever.  (J) What specific aspect of what we were doing opened the portal to an alternate reality?
Q: (L)所以,我想这像是一系列他们要做的事。因为我很清楚地意识到这是非常帮助的。但就像他们之前说的,你把房子打扫干净,如果不放回些合适的物品,之后其他人就会为你放好——比如宗教、社会、电视等等。(J)我们在做的哪一特殊方面开启了备用实体的入口?
A: Releasing emotional blockages to awareness.
Q: (Ar**) Who did we hear in the hall? Do they have a name? Was it somebody that we know in another reality?
Q: (Ar**)我们在大厅里听到的是谁?他们有名字吗?是在另一个现实中我们认识的某人吗?
A: It could have been "you" in the future.
Q: (Ar**) That's what I was thinking. It might have been one of us in another reality in the hall. (An**) What about my flashback or whatever it was to my past life? What happened? How did I die? (L) Which flashback? (J) The menorah one.
Q: (Ar**)这正是我所想的。那可能是处在另一现实中大厅里的我们其中之一。(An**)我的闪念是怎么回事?那对我的前世来说意味着什么?发生了什么?我是怎么死的? (L)哪个闪念 ?(J)犹太教七分支烛台那个。
A: Experimented on with biological substances.
Q: (An**) Is there anything I can do to work through these emotions from then?
Q: (An**)我怎样做才能平复从那时起积累的情绪?
A: Awareness is the first step. Nothing is totally easy. But practice of Kriya with journaling what emerges and releasing the emotions will get you off to a good start.
Q: (An**) What about G**? Is she okay? {Reference to news that a close childhood friend had just been killed in an accident three days previously.}
Q: (An**)G**怎么样了?她还好吗?{参考新闻:一个童年时代的好友在三天前的一起意外中被杀}
A: At last she understands and feels peace. .. She is telling you not to grieve. She didn't want to experience the things to come. You wouldn't want her to either.
Q: (An**) That was something I was worried about. (L) All of us worried about it. I mean, come on, she's Lebanese in America. (Craig) Can I ask if the QFG should do the Art of Living course wherever they are?
Q: (An**)那正是我担心的。(L)我们大家都担心。我是说,好吧,她是住在美国的黎巴嫩人。 (Craig)我能问下QFG是否不论在哪都该上生活艺术课程?
A: Yes. That is already on the agenda!
Q: (J) You have it on the agenda? (L) I did, yeah. It's on my agenda. We've gotta warn them about the gazing though. (Craig) That's worth asking: Should we warn the local QFG group about eye gazing?
Q: (J) 你把它放在议程之上了?(L)我这样做了,是的,在我的议程之上。尽管我们需要提醒他们凝视。 (Craig)值得一问的是我们该提醒本地QFG团体注意凝视眼神吗?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) That would be an easy one for most of them. (L) Yeah, they wouldn't like it. They would feel instantly invaded. (J) They would come up with the same concerns that we have. (Chu) Can I ask a question? For about a month now or so, I get these visions when I'm about to fall asleep that there's something from a past life that is preventing me from seeing something in the present. Maybe from one or several past lives, I dunno. I would like to know if that's true or if there's something in the present...
Q: (J) 这对他们中的大多数来说会是件容易的事。(L)是的,他们不会喜欢这样的。 他们会立刻觉得是被侵犯了。(J) 他们会出现与我们相同的顾虑。(Chu)我能问个问题吗?大概一个月左右以前,在我即将入睡时产生了一些幻觉,来自前世的某些东西阻止我看到目前的一些事。也许是来自前世,也可能是前几世,不确定。我想知道这是真的吗?目前是有些事情……
A: The past and present are intertwined. The same method will work for you as was suggested for An**.
Q: (L) Alright, does anybody else have any questions? I guess we should ask about our Paleochristianity thing. (J) Last time, they said they were going to tell us how to accelerate the process...
Q: (L) 好吧,其他人还有问题吗?我想我们该问问古基督教的事了。(J)上次,他们说要告诉我们怎样加快这个过程……
A: At this point you already know the answers after having brainstormed about it today, along with a direct message from us during the Kriya!!!
Q: (L) So in other words, that was a message about the transcripts [that Laura received doing the Kriya]. To put those things together in order to understand the point. Is that it?
Q: (L)这么说,那是关于记录[Laura做Kriya时得到的]的一条信息。把这些事情拼凑起来就能够理解这点了,是这样吗?
A: Yes. We've been giving you the keys for years now! It is getting time to use them.
Q: (L) Any more questions? Is there anything that we haven't asked that we should have asked? Consider it asked. (laughter)
Q: (L)还有问题吗?有没有我们该问但还没问的问题?认为那已经问过了。(笑声)
A: No dice! Goodbye.
A: 拒绝!再见。



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