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Cassiopaea 2009 03 07 会议记录

(2011-08-07 20:42:46)


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Session 7 March 2009

Laura, Ark, G**, Scottie, Ch**, Craig P**, Simon, Don D**, Ar**, An**, Joe
[Craig is playing the piano - a piece he composed entitled 'Cassiopaea'.]
[Craig 在弹钢琴——他写的一支名为“仙后座”的曲子。]
Q: (L) Now, come sit. Tell me why did you decide to name it Cassiopaea? (Craig) Well, I'm not... maybe we could just ask the C's? (laughter) (Craig) What was in my mind as a man of 23 years old? Aspiring for knowledge? Why I chose that word, why I was so attracted to that word... I mean, that is my memory of it, it just came. As a composer you look for a name for a piece of music.  For that sound it seemed appropriate.
Q: (L)现在,过来坐下。告诉我你决定将这支曲子命名为仙后座的原因。(Craig)哦,我不是……也许我们只能问C’s?(笑声)(Craig)作为一个23岁的男子,我在想些什么呢?渴求知识?为什么我选择那个词,为什么我对那个词如此着迷……我是说,那是我对它的记忆,它一下子就出现在我的脑海中。作为一个作曲家,你为一支曲子起名字。从声音上讲,它很合适。
A: To be amazed!
Q: (L) And who have we got with us here? Hello.
A: Hiperionia of Cassiopaea.
Q: (L) And what does, "To be amazed" mean? What does that refer to?
Q: (L)“令人吃惊”是什么意思?那指什么?
A: Craig's question.
A: Craig的问题。
Q: (L) Is that the answer to why he chose that name?
Q: (L) 那是他选择那个名字的原因吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (J) Well, he asked what was in his mind as a 23-year-old, and asking about spiritual things? Wasn't that what you asked? (L) What was in the mind of a 23-year-old composer searching for... (Craig) That sound and that name... (L) Okay, so the answer was, "To be amazed".
A: Most amazing now considering all that has gone between, eh?
A: 现在大多数惊异都以调停的东西为素材?
Q: (L) I guess they're asking you that. (Craig) Such a long gap that it's still amazing now? (L) Yeah I guess. (Craig) Maybe that connection was felt - that I'm here now - that connection was felt back...
A: Exactly!
A: 准确!
Q: (L) Alright. We're here because people have pressing questions. Ask away. (Craig) So. This is a big one for me. Who was behind the attempted assassination of my first spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?
Q: (L)好吧。我们之所以在这,是因为人们有紧迫的问题。问吧。(Craig)是这样。这对我来说是个大问题。谁是企图暗杀我第一个心理老师Maharishi Mahesh Yogi的幕后黑手?
A: You aren't going to like the answer. Let's just say elements of secret services were involved.
A: 你不会愿意知道答案的。让我们仅谈谈牵涉的秘密组织成员。
Q: (L) Were any of those elements people that were known and that were not seen as being possibly secret service? What I'm trying to say is was there anybody who was well-known to the people involved and trusted who was involved?
Q: (L)那些失踪了的名人可能是秘密组织的成员吗?我是想问是否有公众熟知的名人牵涉进去,同时他们是否相信组织的成员?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (Craig) Was it because of his work establishing meditation groups to effect world peace?
Q: (Craig) 是因为他建立冥想团体来影响世界和平的工作吗?
A: Partly.
A: 部分。
Q: (Craig) Any other reason that would be useful for me to know now?
Q: (Craig) 还有现在对我来说有用的其他原因吗?
A: Nothing of significance more than to divert attention and focus in the wrong direction. But isn't that always the case?
A: 没什么比把注意力从错误的方向上转移开来更重要。但难道不总是如此吗?
Q: (L) Okay, divert attention from what?
Q: (L)好的,从哪转移开注意力?
A: The concept of spirit.
A: 心理的概念。
Q: (L) And to focus on what?
Q: (L)那将精力集中到哪?
A: Focus on the man.
A: 集中在人身上。
Q: (L) When you say, "focus on the man" what do you mean? I feel like this is getting into a very touchy area. (Joe) I think they mean to focus on the man himself, like to create a martyr or deity out of him. We've talked about this a lot where basically people who propose an idea or a concept and it's got a following, but it maybe it's not really going anywhere. Well, then you kill that person and then suddenly, everyone says, "Oh! He was killed because he was onto something!" (Craig) So the implication is that this is to divert attention away from the concept of spirit?
Q: (L) 你说将精力“集中在人身上”是什么意思?我觉得这是在进入一个非常敏感的区域。(Joe)我想他们是说把注意力集中在人本身上,比如在他之外塑造一个殉道者或者神。我们已经讨论过很多与此相关的内容,本质上是提出一种思想或概念的人会有一个跟随者,但这也许并不是在哪都适用。然后你杀死那个人,之后突然间每个人都说:“噢!他被杀了,因为他想到了某些东西。”(Craig)所以这就暗示着要把精力从心理的概念上转开?
A: Yes.
A: 是的.
Q: (Joe) That would kind of suggest that the concept of spirit that he was promoting was not a correct concept, because attention was focused on him by attempting to kill him. That's how they create a false idea of spirituality... (Craig) Was his teaching in line with the consortium or any of the unpleasant or undesirable elements?
Q: (Joe) 这似乎暗示着他正提出的心理概念是一个不正确的概念,因为精力以企图谋杀他的方式集中在他身上。他们就是那样创造一个关于灵性的错误概念的……(Craig) 他的学说与财团或者某些讨厌的成员一致吗?
A: Not exactly the way to ask the question.
A: 不是提问的确切方法。
Q: (Simon) Yeah. You have to ask something like: Was what he was teaching beneficial to the increasing of knowledge?
Q: (Simon)是的。你得这样问:他的学说对知识的增长有益吗?
A: No.
A: 没有。
Q: (L) But that was your specific question: Was what he was teaching beneficial to the increasing of knowledge? (Craig) Is there any value in his particular angle, the revival of the ancient Vedic knowledge?
Q: (L)但那是你的确切问题:他的学说对知识的增长有益吗?(Craig) 在他特别的角度里有什么价值吗?古代吠陀梵语知识的复兴?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (L) So, obviously there's a little more to this than meets the eye. (Craig) Is this continued in the right direction by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
Q: (L) 所以,很明显这比呈现在眼前得要多。(Craig) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar令这个在正确的方向上延续吗?
A: No.
A: 不。
Q: (Craig) Is there a whole new direction by the work of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
Q: (Craig)通过Sri Sri Ravi Shankar的工作会有一个完全崭新的方向吗?
A: Could be...
A: 可能会……
Q: (L) So what's this Sri Sri guy into? (Craig) He's [teaching "Art of Living" breathing/meditation]. Is this a worthwhile program for the benefit of mankind?
Q: (L)那么这个Sri Sri是研究什么的?(Craig)他[教授“生活的艺术”呼吸/冥想]。这对于人类的利益来说是个有价值的程序吗?
A: In certain respects, yes. But it is lacking balance.
A: 在特定的方面,是的。但它缺乏平衡。
Q: (Craig) Which area does balance need to be improved?
Q: (Craig) 哪些方面的平衡需要改善?
A: Remember that nearly the entire world was against the war over sixty years ago and it came nonetheless. Meditation to calm the mind and commune with higher realms will do nothing to balance this realm.
A: 记住60多年前几乎全世界都反对战争,但不管怎样确实发生了战争。通过冥想平静心绪和与更高领域密切交流都不会对这一领域的平衡有所帮助。
Q: (L) Clearly from my experience, meditation to master yourself and your reactions is a very beneficial thing.
Q: (L) 从我的经验可以明显看出,通过冥想来掌控自己与自己的反应是一件非常有益的事。
A: Yes. But then what does one do with that mastery?
A: 是的。但然后利用这种掌控来做什么?
Q: (Craig) It serves to help people who don't know how to control their mind or their emotions.
Q: (Craig) 它可以帮助那些不知道如何去控制他们思想与情绪的人。
A: Yes. And teach them when where and how to use those emotions for change. Overcoming emotions so that one is not affected by what is out there and inside is little more than becoming an automaton.
A: 是的。教会他们何时何地以及怎样使用这些情绪来达到改变。战胜情绪,这样人就不会被外在影响,内在则几乎成为一个机器人。
Q: (Craig) Can these breathing techniques help - Sudarshan Kriya?
Q: (Craig) 这些呼吸技巧会有帮助吗——Sudarshan Kriya?
A: Absolutely!!!!!!!
A: 绝对!!!!!!!
Q: (Craig) Is it one of the best tools we can use to revive people's humanity?
Q: (Craig) 它是我们可以用来唤醒人们人性的最有效工具之一吗?
A: Yes. But don't forget the balance. Facing reality and mastering the self alternating with meditation for recovery.
A: 是的。但是别忘记平衡。面对现实,用掌控自我与冥想交替的方法来恢复。
Q: (Craig) Is there any chance for OPs to be rehabilitated?
Q: (Craig) Ops还有机会恢复原状吗?
A: Very likely not.
A: 不太可能。
Q: (Craig) What percentage of prisoners are OPs?
Q: (Craig) 罪犯中有百分之多少是Ops?
A: Lower than you might expect in this present reality.
A: 比你对目前现实中的可能估计要低。
Q: (L) So that would suggest that more people with souls are in prisons. (Craig) That was my experience teaching breathing techniques in prisons. There was a lot of fantastic guys. Would showing these breathing techniques here in this household for the present company be beneficial?
Q: (L) 那这暗示着很多拥有灵魂的人在坐牢。(Craig) 那就是我在狱中教授呼吸技巧的经历。有很多出色的家伙。在这家为现在的客人展示这些呼吸技巧有益处吗?
A: Sure.
A: 当然。
Q: (Craig) Can we do it soon?
Q: (Craig) 我们一会就能做吗?
A: Sure.
A: 当然。
Q: (Craig) Should the present distinguished company give up smoking before we do it?
Q: (Craig) 在我们做之前,现在这位著名的客人能戒烟吗?
A: No.
A: 不。
Q: (laughter) (DD) Nice try, though! (Craig) Is that the full program - the five day course? (L) You're going to do the five day course? (Craig) Is that the right thing for this environment?
Q:(笑声)(DD)很棒的尝试,尽管……(Craig) 那是全部的程序吗——为期五天的课程?(L)你将要做为期五天的课程?(Craig) 那对这个环境是好事吗?
A: Sure.
A: 当然
Q: (An**) We don't have to give up garlic, do we? (laughter) (Craig) As long as you don't smoke during the sessions or eat garlic during the sessions. (L) How long are the sessions? (Craig) Two and half hours, two and half hours... (L) Well, we're going to have to cut them back to 45 minutes. (laughter) (Craig) So, the origins of this Sudarshan Kriya, is this from the ancient Vedic times -  Kantekkian Civilization - or is it from modern times?
Q: (An**) 我们不必放弃大蒜,是吧?(笑声) (Craig)只要你在会议期间不吸烟以及不吃大蒜。(L)会议持续多长时间?(Craig)两个半小时,两个半小时……(L)哦,我们将不得不将会议时间削减为45分钟。(笑声)(Craig)所以,这个Sudarshan Kriya的出身是来自古老的吠陀时代——Kantekkian文明——还是来自现代?
A: Modern.
A: 现代。
Q: (Ark) What is it? (Craig) It's a technique with sound and breath to get rid of stress in the system, bring balance, joy, get more energy. Oh, relating back to my first question: If it was to divert attention against Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, then why did they keep the assassination attempt secret?
Q: (Ark) 它是什么?(Craig) 是一种用声音和呼吸来处理身体内压力的技巧,能够带来平衡,乐趣,获得更多能量。哦,联系起我的第一个问题:如果它是将注意力从Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi转移开,那为什么他们要对暗杀企图保密?
A: It wasn't secret from those intended to be influenced.
A: 对于那些打算被影响的人来说并不是秘密。
Q: (Craig) Right... (L) I doubt it would have made any difference to the wider public at all I don't think. (Craig) Well, they kept it secret to keep the organization going, which was in the wrong direction... So, lastly, what is the relationship between Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
Q: (Craig) 对……(L) 我怀疑它是否会产生更广泛的公众影响。(Craig) 他们对此事采取保密是为了使组织继续运行,但却在一个错误的方向上。所以,最后,Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi与Sri Sri Ravi Shankar是什么关系?
A: 5th density pact.
A: 第五密度条约。
Q: (Craig) Are they masters that work with 5th density?
Q: (Craig) 他们在第五密度掌握那项工作吗?
A: Came from... with a mission here.
A: 来自……这里的一个使命。
Q: (L) Well, everybody essentially comes from 5th density, but not everybody comes with a mission. (Craig) Will there be attempts by the consortium to stop Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?
Q: (L) 哦,每个人从本质上来讲都来自第五密度,但并不是每个人都身负使命。(Craig) 财团会试图阻止Sri Sri Ravi Shankar吗?
A: Not too likely.
A: 不太可能。
Q: (Craig) How can that be if he's doing world-changing work? How can that be?
Q: (Craig)如果他在做世界转变工作,财团怎么可能会不阻止他?那怎么可能?
A: It isn't balanced to be world changing alone.
A: 单独进行世界转变是不平衡的。
Q: (L) If he added some elements into it then he'd have to go into hiding.
Q: (L) 如果他让一些成员加入,那他就不得不东躲西藏了。
A: Remember what we have previously said: Life is religion...
A: 记住我们之前讨论的:生活是宗教……
Q: (Craig) Life is religion? [discussion of quote] (Joe) Life is religion. Those who pay attention to reality left and right become the future. (L) Those who seek to shut out life become a dream of the past. Something like that... Who's next?
(Simon) I'd like to know when Avebury was built?
Q: (Craig) 生活是宗教?[讨论引文] (Joe) 生活是宗教。那些对现实到处倾注精力的人将成为未来。(L) 那些试图封闭生活的人成为过去的幻梦。诸如此类……下一个是谁?我想知道(Simon) Avebury是什么时候建造的?
A: 4233 BC
A: 公元前4233年。
Q: (Simon) What was its original purpose?
Q: (Simon) 建造它最初的目的是什么?
A: Observation and calculation.
A: 观察和计算
Q: (Simon) Of what?
Q: (Simon) 观察计算什么?
A: The sky was rather busier than you have thus far known it.
Q: (Simon) So is it something to with observing the comets?
Q: (Simon)所以它和对宇宙的观测有关是吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (Simon) Is there anything useful we can understand from it today?
Q: (Simon)今天我们通过它可以连接到一些有用信息吗?
A: Not really, except of course the abilities of the builders.
A: 不能够,当然除了了解建造者的能力
Q: (L) I think whatever they were observing or calculating is no longer there, so it's like a defunct machine. (DD) Which leads us to the Palomar observations that they said, with the 4th density occupation beneath the mountain. How long had Palomar been a base before the Rockefellers or the human aspect was added to it?
Q: (L) 我认为不管他们之前在观测或计算什么现在也都已经不复存在了,所以它就像一个停用的机器。(DD)哪一个引领我们观察他们说的第四密度在山脉下占领的Palomar。在洛克菲勒们或者人类加入之前,Palomar作为基地已经存在多久了?
A: 200 years.
A: 200年。
Q: (DD) So 4th density STS had been in the mountain for 200 years before. Were the Rockefeller faction the first humans that were brought into that particular operation?
Q: (DD) 所以第四密度STS在200年就在这个山脉了。洛克菲勒派系是加入哪个特殊行动的第一批人类吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的
Q: (DD) Obviously 4th density STS didn't need an observatory on that mountain. What was their purpose?
Q: (DD)很明显,第四密度STS在那座山脉上不需要一个天文台。他们有什么目的?
A: Of course not, but their minions do. Keeps them in line.
A: 他们当然不需要,但是他们的奴仆需要。让他们保持一致。
Q: (DD) We went up to the mountain after the Cassiopaean remarks about that - three times. We noticed that there were some very in-plain-site openings beneath the mountain and into the ground. What was the 10-12 foot diameter manhole with a big lid on it. It would take a crane to lift this lid. It looked like you could drop a truck down this hole. What was the purpose of that?
Q: (DD)在仙后座谈到那之后,我们去过那个山脉三次。我们注意到有一些平原站点洞口在山下并且通往地下。这个直径为10-12英寸盖有大盖子的检修孔是什么?要吊起这个盖子得需要来那个吊车。看起来好像你可以把一辆卡车扔进这个洞。那有什么目的呢?
A: Leads to facilities which have another entrance. That entrance is actually an "exit" and opens easily from the inside.
A: 通往拥有另一入口的设备。那个入口实际上是个出口,从里面打开十分容易。
Q: (DD) Okay. We noticed a couple of other smaller, similar manhole structures down there. And we also noticed what looked like a ventilator shaft. I got pretty close to it and listened and it sounded like there was some form of machinery. Was that some sort of life support for the human...
Q: (DD) 好的。我们注意到一些其他较小但类似的检修孔结构在那下面。我们还注意到一个看起来想通风管道的东西。我离它足够近因此把耳朵贴到上面,我听见一些类似机器似的声响。那是为某种为人类提供生活支持的……吗?
A: Not that. Remember that a large telescopic observatory requires a great deal of technological support, including its own power supply, etc.
A: 不是。记住一个大型伸缩天文台需要大量的技术支持,包括它自己的能源等等。
Q: (DD) Ah, okay. Is that the purpose of the three buildings on rails that we saw that had the pipes that all came together and ran down the hill or underground?
Q: (DD)啊,好的。那就是我们在路轨上看见的拥有通往山里或地下管道的三幢大厦的用途吗?
A: Part of the observation apparatus.
A: 部分观测仪器。
Q: (DD) Okay. Why did 4D STS choose that particular location to build a base?
Q: (DD) 好的。为什么第四密度STS选择这样一个特别的地方作为基地?
A: Ah! Now an interesting question! Perhaps you should research the history of the place and factor in the concept of windows between realities.
A: 啊!这是个有趣的问题。也许你应该研究这个地方的历史,关注于现实之窗的概念。
Q: (DD) I noticed that there were things that struck me as numerous underground operations when I was living on the West Coast in South Orange County. The first thing that caught my eye was the possible underground component of the ziggurat pyramid federal building on Laguna {???}. Was that building connected to any other subterranean works in that region?
Q: (DD) 我注意到当我在南桔郡的西海岸居住时,诸如许多地下活动的事情会把我缠住。引起我注意的第一件事是在Laguna上古代巴比伦金字形联邦大厦的可能存在的地下部分。那幢大厦连接到那个区域的其他活动地下区域吗?
A: Oh indeed. And it will be surprising to see how these things factor into the future police state.
A: 是这样的。看到这些东西是如何与未来的警戒状态相联系将会令人十分吃惊。
Q: (DD) When we were involved in that El Toro airport fracas, it came to light that during World War II, they built a rather large underground component at the El Toro base ostensibly for weapons storage. Did that particular base operation link down toward Palomar or that federal building, or does it now?
Q: (DD) 当我们卷入E1 Toro机场暴动时,发现在二战期间,他们在E1 Toro基地建立了一个相当大的地下仓库,很明显是用来存储武器的。那个特殊的基地行动与Palomar或者联邦大厦相连吗,或者现在是相连的吗?
A: Now you are catching on. There are a lot of linkages down there.
A: 现在你正在理解。那片区域的地下有许多连接。
Q: (DD) Linkages meaning tunnel systems? So are most of the military bases on the West Coast linked that way?
Q: (DD) 连接表示隧道系统吗?那么大多数西海岸的军事基地像那样彼此相连吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (DD) Are they linked to the federal building systems?
Q: (DD) 它们与联邦大厦系统相连吗?
A: In some cases.
A: 在一些情况下。
Q: (DD) Back to Palomar. The juniper that you suggested we locate, I think we did. It stuck out like a sore thumb. It was an orange {colored} tree. Was that the tree that you were specifically referring to?
Q: (DD) 回到Palomar。你建议我们落脚的那颗刺柏,我想我们找到了。它像疼痛的拇指一样伸出它的尖刺,橘黄色。那就是你特指的那颗树吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的
Q: (DD) What significance was that tree?
Q: (DD) 那棵树有什么重要的?
A: Sign post and locater for entry controls.
A: 为控制入口而签署邮件和定位。
Q: (Simon) If you pulled the right branch, Don... (laughter) (L) Enough on Palomar... (Simon) Can I just go back and ask why have I always been so attracted to Avebury?
Q: (Simon) 如果你拉出正确的纸条,Don……(笑声)(L) Palomar的问题够多了……(Simon)我能回过头来问问我总是对Avebury如此着迷的原因吗?
A: Past life connection.
A: 前世联系。
Q: (Joe) I have a question for A***. She was interested in asking a question about her niece. Her niece is the one who said that was in the tower on 9/11. Is this a case of her being reincarnated...
Q: (Joe) 我有个问题想问A***。她非常想问关于她侄子的一个问题。她侄子就是据说9.11时呆在塔中的那个人。这是她转世的一个例子吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (Joe) And she's been talking about seeing dinosaurs at night. So is she having interactions with 4D STS lizard types?
Q: (Joe)她一直说在深夜看到了恐龙。那么她与第四密度STS的蜥蜥类有相互作用吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的
Q: (An***) Was A*** her grandfather in a past life?
Q: (An***) A***在前世是她的祖父吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的
Q: (Joe) Over the past couple of years there have been periodic reports of feet in shoes - disembodied feet - washing up on the shores. The most recent one was in February, last month, and it started this year. I just wondered where these are coming from?
Q: (Joe)在过去的几年中有关于丧失意识的周期性报到——意识脱离肉体——在岸边清洗。最近的一起是发生在二月,上个月,为今年拉开的序幕。我只想知道这些事件来自哪?
A: Let us just say that some individuals have a very sick sense of humor.
A: 我们只能说有些人的幽默感太差了。
Q: (An***) Are they real feet from real people? (L) Yes, is somebody being murdered to provide these feet?
Q: (An***) 他们是和真人有区别的意识?(L) 是的,为了提供这些意识有些人被谋杀了吗?
A: No.
A: 不。
Q: (L) They're getting the feet from already dead bodies?
Q: (L) 他们从死尸上得到意识吗?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (Joe) And tossing them over from boats?
Q: (Joe) 用船只运输他们?
A: Yes.
A: 是的。
Q: (Joe) Just to appear in the news?
Q: (Joe) 只是为了上新闻?
A: Yes.
A: 是的
Q: (laughter) (DD) We were discussing this at dinner tonight. (L) Alright, if nobody has any other pressing questions... (Craig) Simon has a past life connection with Avebury. I'm so attracted to it, do I also have a past-life connection to Avebury?
Q: (笑声) (DD)我们在今晚吃饭的时候就在讨论这件事。(L)好了,如果没有其他紧迫的问题……(Craig)Simon与Avebury有前世联系。我对此十分着迷。我与Avebury也有前世联系吗?
A: Yes. Why do you think you are living there?
A: 是的,为什么你认为你生活在那?
Q: (L) I mean, of all the places to live. What's the name of this place you live? M_____? [discussion of name and joking about its pronunciation] (L) Okay, anybody got anything pressing? (Ar****) Can I ask this one question? What causes this relaxing feeling I get when certain people talk? Like their voices mesmerize me and I feel relaxed. Why do I get that way?
Q: (L) 我是说所有生活的地方。你住的这个地方叫什么,M____?[讨论名字并且对名字的发音开玩笑] (L) 好了,还有人有问题吗?(Ar****)我能问个问题吗?当某些人说话的时候是什么使得我有种放松的感觉?感觉像是他们的声音把我催眠了,我觉得放松。为什么我会这样?
A: Frequency match.
A: 频率匹配。
Q: (Craig) Like a resonance. (Joe) It resonates with your brain. (L) It resonates with the relaxing part. Just like my voice must resonate with the part that makes you irritable and angry. (laughter) (Ar***) It's just that occasionally even if I don't know them I just hear a person's voice and I start feeling calm and very relaxed.
Q: (Craig)类似谐振。(Joe)与你的大脑谐振。(L)与你大脑放松的区域谐振。就像我的声音与你大脑烦恼与愤怒的区域谐振。(笑声)(Ar***)有时即使不认识他们,只是听到一个人的声音,我就开始觉得平静与放松。
A: Now have fun!!!!! Goodbye.
A: 现在玩吧!再见。



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