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Cassiopaea 2009 01 03 会议记录

(2011-08-07 20:18:34)



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Topic: Session 3 January 2009  (Read 29209 times)


This session is going to have some blanks in it since we were discussing a health issue due to the fact that a member of our household was ill over Christmas and nearly died.  Christmas was a rather grim affair for us this year.   I'll edit it as tight as I can so that anything of general interest can be read.




Session Date: January 3rd 2009

Laura, Ark, family, Chateau Crew, a guest

Laura, Ark,家人,Chateau Crew, 一位客人

A: Hello QFS! How is the weather? Gonna get nippy!
A:你好,QFS! 天气怎么样?将会变冷吗?

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?
Q:(L) 我们与谁一起?

A: Sonoriaea transmitting through Cassiopaea.
A: Sonoriaea通过仙后座进行广播

Q: (L) We have a guest here tonight who would like to ask some questions. I'd to keep it short since I don't have a lot of energy. So, D*****? (D) Okay, I'd like to know what to focus on during my transitional period?

A: Find the desire of the heart. Not so easy, though.
A: 找到内心的渴望,尽管不那么容易。
Q: (D) Any clues?
Q: (D)有其他提示吗?
A: False personality must die for the heart to be revealed.
A: 必须摒弃虚假的人格,真心才能够显现。
Q: (D) Okay, so how can I move in that direction?
Q: (D) 好的,那我怎样才能向那个方向前进?
A: It cannot be done alone. You know the drill quite well, just a bit shy about commencing.
A: 它不能单独完成。你很了解这个训练,只是开始的时候有些害羞。
Q: (D) Okay... I'm not sure what to make of that. (L) Well, I guess that's it. That's the same thing they would tell me! (D) It can't be done alone, okay. Can I ask one more? So is there someone specific, or...
Q: (D)好吧……我不太确定该怎么做。(L)嗯,我想是这样,那和他们要告诉我们的是同一件事。(D)它不能单独完成,好吧。我能再问个问题吗?那有什么特殊的人或者……
A: The process of the mirror is the most reliable way of seeing one's true reflection. You can see your soul that way.
A: 镜像过程是看清楚人真实想法的最可靠办法。依此,你能够看到你的灵魂。
Q: (L) When you say "mirror" do you mean a literal mirror, or do you mean "mirror" as we use it in QFS?
Q: (L) 你说到的“镜像”是指字面上的“镜像”还是指在QFS中的用法?
A: Both.
A: 都是。

Q: (L) I have a question I want to ask. A lot of people say that esotericism and politics shouldn't be mixed together, that somebody who has esoteric pursuits - or spiritual pursuits, let me put it that way - shouldn't be interested in "worldly" things. I would like to have your view on this. Have we gone completely astray by mixing in politics?
Q: (L) 我有个问题想问。许多人认为神秘主义与政治不能混为一谈,就是说有神秘追求或者精神追求的人——请允许我这样说——不应该对物质世界中的事情感兴趣。我想听听你对这种观念的看法。我们是否已经因为掺杂进政治而彻底地误入歧途了?
A: Absolutely and vehemently not!!! There is no possibility of true spiritual work progressing without full awareness of the world that surrounds you. What have we said about "true religion?" Let your curiosity guide you. In its pure state curiosity is a spiritual function.
A: 绝对不是!!!在对周围世界缺乏全面的认知的情况下,是不可能促进精神工作进步的。关于“真正的宗教信仰”我们谈论过什么?让你的好奇心引导你,在其纯净的状态下,好奇心是一种精神作用。
Q: (L) There was something else I wanted to ask also... Oh yeah! We did an I Ching for the year 2009. Basically it's "Biting Through", that once you've got the bite in your mouth, you've got to chew it. So, I was wondering if you had any comments on the year ahead?
Q: (L) 我还想问些其他的事情……哦,是的,我们在2009年做了一个电子控制自动转换。从本质上讲,它是“刺痛的历经”,就是说一旦你嘴上被咬了一口,你就可以咀嚼它。因此,我在想对于明年你是否有所评论?
A: Biting Through may apply more to those who are unprepared.
A: 刺痛的历经可能更适合那些还没准备好的人。
Q: (L) Unprepared in what sense?
Q: (L) 从什么意义上说没有准备好?
A: 2009 is going to be a "smashing" year.
Q: (L) Swell. (J) Comets.
Q: (L)膨胀。(J)彗星。
A: Maybe one...?
A: 也许是一个……?
Q: (Discussion of answer) (L) Alright, what do you want to ask, J***? Nothing in particular? (L) How about ____'s health? ...
A: Remember there are those "out there" that would desire greatly to see this work end and will stoop to attack in insidious ways.
A: 记住,那些“在那”的人会极其渴望看到这项工作的终止并且将会用阴险的方式采取袭击。
Q: (L) When you say "out there", what do you mean?
Q: (L) 你说的“在那”是什么意思?
A: Both on and off planet.
A: 在星球上与星球外。
Q: (___) What about the diet I'm eating now: mostly fruits and vegetables and a little bit of meat?
Q: (___)我现在的饮食结构怎么样?大部分是水果和蔬菜,只有一点肉类。
A: More protein needed for amino acids of a natural and balanced type.
Q: (____) So that means the amino acid supplements I'm taking aren't good?
Q: (____)那就是说我现在氨基酸的摄取量不够多?
A: Stop and eat meat. Your type needs the highest level and quality of protein.
A: 停止你现在的饮食结构,多吃些肉类。你需要最高级别和质量的蛋白质。
Q: (____) But I don't like meat! (C) You used to! (J) You do like meat. (____) No I don't!
Q: (____)但是我不喜欢肉类!(C) 你过去喜欢!(J)你确实喜欢肉类。(____)不,我不喜欢。
A: Many of your current ideas and preferences may not be "yours."
A: 你现在的许多想法和喜好也许不是“你的”。
Q: (A****) We all kind of knew that...
Q: (A****) 我们都知道这个……
A: Do not underestimate the opposition.
A: 别低估对手。

Q: .... (J) Are we talking about things being beamed? Is that the main...
Q: ….(J) 我们正在讨论被播送的事物?那是主要的……
A: "Beamed" and otherwise. Hitchhikers and image formation and projection along with emotional manipulation via [planchette is moving too fast for Laura to call out letters, then it slows] various EM frequencies.
A: “被播送的”和其他的。旅行者、图像成型、投影以及情绪调控通过[占卜写字板移动得太快以致Laura来不及从脑中唤出字母,然后它慢下来]各种电磁频率。
Q: (L) Thanks for slowing down there! (laughter) (A****) How do you protect yourself against these frequencies?
Q: (L) 谢谢在那减速。(笑声)(A****)你如何保护自己远离这些频率?
A: Few people on the planet get treated to such special attention.
A: 这个星球上几乎没有人拥有这一特别待遇。
Q: ......  (S) I have a question. They said "various EM frequencies". Well, what I'm thinking is the WiFi inside the house, and...
Q: ……(S) 我有一个问题。他们说“各种电磁频率”,我在想室内的WiFi以及……
A: Very bad!!!!!!!!!!
A: 非常糟糕!!!!!!!!!!
Q: (S) Okay, so we can just use a very long ethernet cable instead of the WiFi.
Q: (S)好吧,那我们可以仅用一根很长的以太电缆来代替WiFi。
A: Research frequencies and cancelling frequencies for ideas. But the main thing is mental blocking. Notice that ______ is similarly affected due to frequency similarity.
A: 用于研究的频率和删除的频率是比较理想的。但主要的问题在于心理阻碍。注意,_____由于频率相似而被同化了。
Q: (J) Frequency of the person, or frequency of the...
Q: (J)人的频率或者……的频率。
A: Note birth dates.
A: 注意生日。
Q: ....  (A****) Is this numerology based? (L) Well, I dunno, I think it's probably numerology/astrology, plus maybe the time of year and some kind of frequencies of the sun sign maybe. Is that it?
Q: …. (A****) 这是基于数字占卜术吗?哦,我认为它很可能是数字占卜术/占星术,可能是把年份和太阳标志的某些频率加起来,是这样吗?
A: Yes. More or less.
A: 是,差不多。

Q: ....  (Ark) You were asking about this WiFi, and it's bad, but I want to ask about this USB stick with the little antenna on our Asus? It radiates microwaves like cellphones. Is it strong?
Q: ….(Ark)你们在询问WiFi,它很糟糕,但是我想问一下在我们阿苏斯(Asus)上带有小天线的USB棒?它和手机一样辐射出微波,它辐射强吗?
A: Also bad. You would be surprised what tiny things can do. In all cases, however, there are remedies and safety measures.
A: 同样很糟糕。你会对能够实现的微不足道的小事感到惊奇。然而,在所有情况下都有补救方法和安全措施。
Q: (S) Well, this kind of my question. Because we have cell phones that are so evil, right? The problem is that even if you never use a cell phone, there are towers EVERYWHERE. If a cell phone is on and it's close to you, that's worse, but... (L) You can't escape it all. (S) So we can obviously turn off the evil stuff, but... (L) I think there's also the stuff out there for cancelling that is dietary {like minerals}, or something you can do.
Q: (S)我的问题是这样。因为我们有邪恶的手机,对吧?问题是即使你从来不使用手机,到处也都有基站塔。如果一个手机开着机并且离你很近,那更糟糕,但是…… (L)你不能完全逃离它。(S)所以明显地,我们可以关掉这邪恶的东西,但是……(L)我认为会有某种饮食上的东西(比如矿物质)或者其他你可以做的事情抵消掉辐射。
A: Silk is always good.
A: 丝绸总是能够很好地抵消辐射。
Q: (Ark) But coming back to this USB stick and little antenna which is probably very weak, what would be the distance from this that you would consider to be safe?
Q: (Ark) 但是回到USB棒和很可能有微弱辐射的小天线的问题上,安全距离是多少?
A: 2 meters.
A: 2米。
Q: (Ark) Oh, so this is really weak. (S) Is it the same for WiFi? (discussion of evil microwaves and what to do)
Q: (Ark) 哦,这确实很微弱。(S)对于WiFi也一样吗?(讨论微波的害处以及能够采取哪些措施)
A: Consider a "Faraday cage" for ___ until she is stronger.
A: 考虑把___放入“法拉第笼”直到她变得强壮。
Q: (___) They're gonna put me in a cage! Aah!! (L) Where the heck would we get one? (Ark) No, that's impossible. (J) You can build one! (L) Well, they put it in quotes, so they must have meant something special. (S) Drape silk around her bed. (Ark) Yes, because Faraday cage to prevent from microwaves would have such tiny little openings that there would be no air to breathe...
Q: (___) 他们将要把我放进笼子里!啊!!(L) 我们从哪能弄到?(Ark) 不,那是不可能的。(J) 你可以自己制作!(L) 恩,他们说的“法拉第笼”是放在引号里的,一定是指特殊的什么事物?(S) 在她的床周围悬挂丝绸。(Ark) 对,因为用来阻止微波的法拉第笼应该有这样微小的开口要么就不能提供呼吸必须的空气了……
A: Scottie has the right idea.
A: Scottie想的对。
Q: (L) What did Scottie say? (S) I was saying that if she's going to be in her bed, instead of mosquito netting, you have a silk netting. (Ark) No! A suit of armor like the warriors in the old times used. (L) I don't think that's very practical, dear. (laughter) (Ark) Silk is a Faraday cage. (S) Why silk? Why silk protects against these things is totally bizarre to me. (Ark) Well, it's made by animals. (L) It's made by caterpillars.
Q: (L) Scottie说了什么?(S) 我说如果她要呆在她的床上,就需要用一个丝绸帐来代替蚊帐。(Ark) 不!应该像古代武士那样穿上盔甲。(L) 亲爱的,我认为这不太切实可行。(笑声)(Ark)丝绸是一个法拉第笼。(S) 为什么是丝绸?丝绸保护事物远离这些微波辐射的原因对于我来说完全是天方夜谭。(Ark) 丝绸是用动物制成的。(L)是用毛虫制成的。
A: Mulberry.
A: 桑树。
Q: (L) That's what the caterpillars eat to make silk. (J) So _____ should take Mulberry extract? (laughter) (_____) And Then I can start making silk? (L) If you start doing weird things, I'm outta here! (laughter) (_____) What can I do to mentally block?
Q: (L)那是毛虫为了吐丝而吃的食物。(J)所以____要食用桑树提取物?(笑声)(___) 然后我就能吐丝了?(L) 如果你能做这么奇怪的事,我就不在这了!(笑声)(____) 对于心理阻隔,我能做些什么?
A: Right now you need help as you are ...  weak. But the general principle can be understood from the term "righteous anger."  If you think about the expression that the fate of the universe may depend on you it should make you angry.
A: 目前由于你很虚弱所以需要帮助。但是一般性原理可以通过“正义的愤怒”这一名词来理解。如果你把这种表述理解为宇宙的命运可能取决于你,那将令你愤怒。
Q: (L) That wasn't very clear, was it? (A****) That expression?
Q: (L) 这不太明白,不是吗?那个表述?
A: No. The fate of the universe can be altered negatively and many will suffer if you are out of the picture. That is what "they" want.
Q: (D) So your first priority has to be to stay healthy and make sure you take care of yourself. (S) We need to get you a superhero outfit. (_____) Made of silk! (laughter)
Q: (D) 所以你的第一要务就是保持健康,确保照顾好你自己。我们得给你弄套超级英雄服装。(____)用丝绸做成的!(笑声)
A: Each of you here tonight have a specific role to play in the coming cosmic drama. Best to always keep that in mind.
A: 今晚在场的你们当中的每一位都会在即将上演的宇宙戏剧中扮演一个特殊的角色。最好总是把这一点铭记心头。
Q: (A****) Can I ask a question? (L) Yes, dear. (A****) What would be a good way to calm my anxiety?
Q: (A****) 我能提个问题吗?(L) 是的,亲爱的。(A****)怎样才能很好地平复我的焦虑?
A: Carefully avoid foods that play havoc with your system and remember that all which affects those with whom you are genetically connected can affect you also.
A: 小心避免食用毁坏你系统的食物,记住,所有能影响与你有普遍联系事物的东西也都能够影响你。
Q: (L) So you're probably getting some of what's hitting ____. (A)____ Oh, YOU! God, get better, would you? (laughter) (J) How much vitamin C should ____ take?
Q: (L) 所以你很可能得到一些袭击_____的东西。(A)哦,你啊!上帝,好起来,你会吧?(笑声)(J) ____需要服用多少维他命C?
A: No more than 6 grams per day.
A: 每天不多于6克。
Q: (L) I would have said 8. (Ark) 6. (S) I thought you could take like 50 grams a day or something. (L) Well, that was when she was really sick, but she needs to stop doing that. (Ark) 6. (S) For silk, is it more important to protect the head and brain, or the body, or doesn't it matter?
Q: (L)我会说8克。(Ark) 6克。(S) 我认为你可以摄取诸如每天50克或者其他。(L)那是当她处于危急时刻时,但她需要停止那么做。(Ark) 6克。(S)至于丝绸,保护哪部分更重要?是头部和大脑还是身体?还是这没多大关系?
A: Everything. And D_____ should keep a silk scarf about her throat.
A: 全部。还有D____应该带一条丝绸围巾围住她的喉咙。
Q: (L) Do you have any? (D) Yeah. Even in the summer though? It's hot in the summer.
Q: (L) 你有吗?(D) 是的,即使在夏天也要这样做吗?夏天十分炎热。
A: Thin silk.
A: 轻薄丝绸
Q: (D) Well, thin silk. Right, okay. (A____) Can I ask another question? (L) Yes. (A____) Why do I have so much deja vu?
Q: (D)轻薄丝绸,好的。我能再提个问题吗?是的,为什么我有这么多déjà vu?
A: The program is constantly being meddled with at present.
A: 目前,程序正被持续干预。

Q: ....(D) I have a question for Laura and Ark. What can bring them more happiness to balance out all the stress and difficult things in their life?
Q: ….(D)我有个问题想问Laura和Ark。在他们的生活中,什么能给他们带来平衡所有压力和苦难的幸福?
A: Not to worry. They have a gold star or two already. More help of a practical nature is also good.
A: 不要担心。他们已经有了一颗或者两颗金色星。实际自然的更多帮助也是很好的。

Q: (D) Can I ask what country might be a good place to think about for me?
Q: (D) 我能问下对我来说哪个国家可能是个值得考虑的好地方?
A: As things develop that will be obvious. Must not interfere here!
A: 随着事情的发展这会变得明朗。这里一定不能涉及。
Q: (L) If they told you such-and-such a country and you met somebody from that country then it might change the way you reacted to them. (D) Oooh, yeah, that's a good point. (L) So, if you don't know, everything will be clean and clear. (D) Thank you. (A____) Good night Wisconsin, we love you!
Q: (L) 如果他们告诉你这些和这样一个国家,你遇到从那个国家来的人时,这将改变你对他们的反应。(D)哦,是的,说的对。(L) 因此,如果你不知道,一切将会很清晰。(D)谢谢。(A____)晚安,Wisconsin,我们爱你!
A: Goodbye.
A: 再见。



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