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(2011-07-08 11:48:27)




分类: 旅行中的美食

Clean kitchen surfaces after preparing foods. Try to 'clean as you go'. Remember that raw meat, poultry, fish and other raw foods can easily cross-contaminate other foods. After handling these foods always wash hands, utensils and surfaces thoroughly and before any contact with other food, especially cooked and ready-to-eat foods.



After use, wash all crockery and utensils with hot water and washing up liquid. Change the water regularly then rinse in clean, hot water. Where possible leave to drain until dry. Tea towels can be a source of cross-contamination so use them sparingly; make sure they dry out after you've used them, change them regularly and wash in a hot wash cycle. Preferably, use disposable cloths or paper towels.


要用热水洗器具并且把所有的清洁剂清洗干净,最后用热水冲干净水池. 把清洗过的器具晾干或用擦碗的布擦干放入碗柜.擦碗布可能是交叉细菌的源头,所以一定要保持清洁.用流动的热水来清洗,时常的换.最好是用可任意使用的布或者厨房纸.

If you have a dishwasher use the right amounts of salt and detergent and keep the filter and all surfaces clean. The highest temperature cycle will be most effective against germs.



Keep all food cupboards clean, cool, tidy and dry. When you take cans from the cupboard, before opening wipe over the tops to remove any dust. And don't forget to clean the can opener.


要保持所有的碗橱清洁整齐. 如果从碗橱里拿罐头,请用纸把上面的尘土擦干净. 别忘了把开罐器也擦干净.

Give your kitchen a thorough 'spring clean' periodically.



Do not leave leftovers on the food counter. After use them wrap them right and put them in the refrigerator. Push out the air in the plastic bag before you put in.

不要把剩余的食品放在厨房的台子上,一定要包好放入冰箱. 如果是用袋子装的,一定要把里面的空气挤出.

Cleaning Materials


Use the right materials for the job:


  • Detergents such as washing up liquids are designed to dissolve grease, oil and dirt.
  • Disinfectants, such as bleach, are designed to kill germs. These are powerful agents and should not be used indiscriminately.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaners are types of disinfectant and can kill germs. They often come in spray form.

1.     像厨房去污清洁剂之类的用品时专门为去油渍和污垢设计的.

2.     像消毒剂和漂白剂这类的是用来杀菌的. 这样的东西不能随便使用, 因为踢它们有强大的腐蚀性.

3.     除菌剂之类的用品是通常在厨房里用的杀菌剂, 一般是一种泡沫状的喷雾剂.

Disinfectants and anti-bacterial cleaners won't work if you don't use them properly, so always follow the instructions.

如果不按照规则利用杀菌剂和去污清洁剂, 一般是不会起到清洁作用的. 

Always clean surfaces first with detergent to remove any grease and dirt, then apply disinfectant to kill any remaining germs.
永远要先使用去污剂去除污垢, 然后再使用除菌剂清洁表面以去除剩余的细菌

Use separate cloths or sponges for separate tasks; where practicable use disposable cloths. If using them more than once, wash in hot water and soap then place in a suitable disinfectant, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Do not soak overnight as disinfectant solutions weaken and may allow bacteria to grow. Use separate buckets, cloths etc for cleaning floors.

用不同的布和海绵要同于不同的任务; 通常使用的布如果用过多次就要用热水和肥皂,一点消毒剂清洗晾干, 不要把它们泡在水里过夜让细菌生长. 用分开的桶,清洁布等等来清洁地面等. 



Kitchen rubbish bins are an obvious breeding ground for germs, so empty them regularly – especially in the summer. Use a lidded bin and a bin liner. Tie up the rubbish bags before removing them to avoid food waste spilling onto the floor. Even with a liner, bins get dirty so clean them out with hot water and disinfectant at regular intervals.

很明显厨房的垃圾桶总是细菌滋生的地方, 所以要尽可能的把持垃圾桶清理干净. 特别是在夏天. 用有盖的垃圾桶和一个垃圾袋. 在拿出来之前要先将袋子扎好来防止垃圾漏到地板上. 就算是有垃圾袋也有肯能弄脏垃圾桶,如果垃圾桶脏了就用热水和消毒剂清理. 每间隔一段时间就可以清理一次. 

Pests and Pets


Make sure that insects, birds and rodents are kept out of the kitchen and throw out any food they come into contact with. To control flies and wasps hang up an insecticidal strip (do not use aerosol sprays in the kitchen) and use traps for mice and rats. If the problem is serious, or if you have an infestation of cockroaches, ants or other pests, you might need to seek professional advice from your local environmental health department or a commercial pest control agency.

要确保昆虫,鸟类和啮齿类动物远离厨房. 如发现有和动物接触的过的食品要立刻扔掉. 要除掉厨房里的夏天的昆虫如苍蝇之类的东西要在厨房内挂一个杀虫带.千万不用杀虫剂. 要是捉老鼠要用老鼠夹而不是毒药.要是您的问题远比这个更恶劣,或者是有许多的蟑螂和蚂蚁或其他害虫. 请寻求地方环境健康部门或害虫控制中心来做集体的解决方案.

As much as we love our pets they do carry germs. Keep them – and their feeding bowls – away from your food and food preparation areas and wash your hands after touching them. Give pets their own feeding bowls and clean these separately from other utensils.

无论我们有多么爱我们的宠物, 它们的确是带细菌. 要保持你的宠物和它们的食盆远离你的食物及食品储藏区. 用手摸过你的宠物后一定要洗手.给宠物为喂食后清理食盆时一定要区别于清理其他的餐具, 并且要远离其他的餐具.


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