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微博|@iamsrk 2010 Jul (译)

(2011-07-11 14:15:10)






分类: 沙鲁克微博专辑

4 Jul 2010

Been kind of occupied with too many things...apologies for lack of presence. Now I am back new & ready on my iPad. Love to all.



Missed u all too, also miss brazil &argentina but achtung how well the Germans r playing. Very happy for all gemans.




A bit of issues typing with iPad still hate that it tries to correct all spelling mistakes or just give suggestions...like a nagging elder



Catching up on the bits I missed on the wireless family...loads been written & so many thought of me...makes me feel like a star...thanx

试图赶上我网络大家庭的进度...写了很多 & 我的想法好多...让我觉得自己像明星...谢谢


Just to clarify the rumor...I am not driving a bugatti or anything...it's a ducat mobile that we have in ra.one...

澄清一些谣言...我没有开布加迪汽车或其他的...是一种ducat mobile,在ra.one中


Ok the spell check is irritating me now...like the dictation test in school...it's a ducati mobike we r using in the film not a ducat mobile

Ok 拼写检查让我抓狂了...就像学习的听写考试...这是杜卡迪电动车(ducati mobike)而不是ducat mobile


Ok will be back later...have to get into some not so nice financial discussions...hate all this part of film production..rule on see u later

Ok 晚些时间再来...要去开一个不太令人愉快的财务会议...不喜欢电影制作时期...待会见


iPad...iMac...nokia...kindle...so much wifi around me feel like a holographic 3d image of myself in space.Marconi we've come a long way baby

iPad...iMac..nokia...kindle...我有这么多wifi的产品,看起来我就像全息3d图像。Marconi 我们已经走很远了,宝贝


7 Jul 2010

in south africa jo'berg..kids excited..nobody to pick us at the airport, the indian consul helped us. thanx all at indian consulate

在非洲 jo'berg...孩子们非常兴奋...没有人在机场接我们,印度领事馆帮助了我们。谢谢印度领事


as you notice it is a bit cold here in jo'berg. my undercover extreme cold look. http://tweetphoto.com/31266016

如你所看到的,jo'berg 有点冷。我非常冷的间谍装扮。

微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

would love to see germany in the final..they have been so good. holland is there already, me going there on 18th so wish them well too...



going for breakfast with the kids...see u all in a bit. love u all


[in a bit 一会儿]


Never done this before...having breakfast early...in the beautiful saxon hotel. ipad doesnt do pics otherwise would upload one with family



@konkonas should have told me before spent so much on the suit i made for ra.one...damn...foiled.

@konkonas 你应该早点告诉我,我在ra.one的服装花了一大笔...该死...金属。


I work in such a hectic maze of activities, then sit out in the tranquility of nature.Frenzy & dormancy...ebony & ivory in perfect harmony.

工作是那么紧张忙碌,而此时沉浸于大自然的宁静中。狂暴 & 休眠...黑檀 & 象牙白 完美和谐


Gotta go now & find german t shirts on the roadside...wife refusing to wear football jerseys...do they do designer stuff for world cup?

要出去了 & 在路边看见德国人的t恤衫...妻子拒绝穿有足球标志的上衣...他们有为世界杯做什么吗?


Off to durban...am so excited that will be showing my kids the world cup...hope they remember it like i do seeing it on tv with my mom



8 Jul 2010

Germany my team lost...feel bad taking my lil ones to matches where our team loses...but one day insha allah we will win..trust me kids.



On way to safari with kids. Away from business...work everything.



9 Jul 2010

At royall malawane...saw a giraffe already...exciting prospect of seeing game at night...feel like jim corbett already

在royall malawane...看见长颈鹿...非常期待晚上的游乐活动...已经觉得自己是詹姆斯·J·科比特

[jim corbett 著名猎人]


as the nite fall in the jungle..our team of daredevils set off in full gear to meet the animals. http://tweetphoto.com/31496303


微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

now off to bed. couldnt get to see much game...but froze to death in the jeep. hopefully the animals will come to see us tomorrow..lov u all



10 Jul 2010

back from seeing all kinds of animals. realized the ones in the city r far more dangerous than the ones in the jungles.



the king is actually yawning but it feels like a roar.... http://tweetphoto.com/31749543


微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

yes now time to sleep...have another early morning attempt at seeing some more animals. will put up pics once i am in jo'berg. lov to all



11 Jul 2010

we r ready for the world cup...our finals jo'bulani balls..bring it on. http://tweetphoto.com/31928649


微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

chairman soccer in south africa was so kind to me at lunch & even made me make a speech..warmth of s africa very touching. having a blast.



had gone in city got surrounded by ppl here. so much love didnt have place to walk.so will celebrate in hotel with toffee ice cream & kids



ryan the rhino from our safari predicts holland will win...lets see if 8 arms or thick skin is right..ha ha.



now off to party with the beautiful kids...beautiful country..beautiful game...beautiful holiday. see u all later...love u.



12 Jul 2010

Everything awesome in the stadium except the game...scared soccer rules over fearless football...hardly beautiful



cold got me last nite...had 102 (football) fever. now better cos the saxon hotel staff (the best hotel) gave me ginger & honey. great time.

昨晚着凉了...有102度的烧(足球)。现在好点了,因为saxon旅馆(最好的旅馆)给了我姜 & 蜂蜜。美好时光


forming a band...want to call it The Arks. i cant sing so will be the manager..ha ha. http://tweetphoto.com/32275174

成立一个乐队...取名为The Arks(诺亚方舟)。我不会唱,所以是经纪人..哈哈

微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

am joking about the singing. just a picture cos we found lots of glasses around.



heading for some exotic indian lunch of daal chawal with the kids.it is a strange pleasure that in a hotel like saxon they make daal for us.


[daal chawal or daal 印度食物,估计扁豆汤]


13 Jul 2010

gorgeous gracious & absolutely heartwarming shakira. was so nice to the kids we r fans for life. http://tweetphoto.com/32430115

非常美丽 & 热情的shakira。对孩子很有友善,我们是粉丝。

微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

will upload family pic with her. she was so humble & so real. thats why she is such a rockstar. said my name with a beautiful accent too.

上传家庭和她的合影。她非常随和 & 和善。这也也许是她成为摇滚明星的原因。用很好听的口音叫我的名字。


have never been more excited to meet a rockstar. the wife & daughter adore her...so do the father & son. http://tweetphoto.com/32430843

从没这么兴奋过遇到一个摇滚明星。妻子 & 女儿崇拜她...父亲 & 儿子也同样

微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

@shakira thank you so much for ur graciousness. you are a fabulous star. the kids think of me as a big hero now. may God bless you. love srk



now off to some shooting. have to jump and hang...still a bit tired with the fever..but u gotta do wot u gotta do. love u all bye...later.



18 Jul 2010

been off wireless world not out of choice but lack of connectivity. partied out completely.too much celebration without any material cause.



cycling around hyde park with kids. chattering about absolutely inconsequential stuff. better to have cycle rides than pvt plane flights



have been doing action stuff for ra.1. will soon upload some pics from the shoot. all going fantastic here...the unit is awesome.all of them



19 Jul 2010

A pic of our stunt in london from the newspapers...hope its clear. http://tweetphoto.com/33681834


微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

21 Jul 2010

antibiotics have sucked all energy out of me. throat feeling better now. can go on the sets & make some noise to feel important hopefully.

抗生素抢走了我所有的能量。喉咙现在好些了。可以去片场了 & 希望吼叫几声显示出威力


got stopped & reprimanded by traffic cop for not having lights on our cycles...point taken & realise need to be a little more responsible.

被警察叫停 & 训斥,因为没有打开自行车上灯..接受 & 意思到需要更多的责任


saw Inception...is this a dream we are all in? can my dream sharer give us more holidays...or can i just take them & it will be ok.

看《盗梦空间》...这是我们都进入的一个梦吗? 我的造梦者能多造给点假期...或我可以直接休假 & 非常好


off to bed now. have an early morning call...will surely tweet from location about all the wonderful techies making this film possible.



also a big welcome to Tom Wu in the film cast. he is so humble & such a sport...really nice to have him on board. goodnite & love to all.

同时,热烈欢迎Tom Wu加入演员阵容。他非常谦虚 & 有运动体格...非常高兴他到位。晚安 & 爱你们


@LeoDiCaprio saw inception...really enjoyed it. wish the film & you all the best. lots of love shah rukh khan.

leonardo 看《盗梦空间》...非常喜欢。祝电影成功。非常爱你 shah rukh khan


24 Jul 2010

Been hectic days...with shoot going all around. Today Karan came to shoot...making him attend some action stuff, he looks most out of place



harness hugging my crotch No crying but eyes water cos of smoke. No wind in my hair but sugar glass. Romantic heroes have more fun I think.



kids give me odd candies & shakes they get for me especially.how we like to share with loved ones that we like most. i do same with my films

孩子们给我一些奇怪的糖 & 克斯,他们特意为我准备的。我们都爱和所爱的人分享,我的电影也是这样的


Random thought: being with kids at the age of 44 I realized today...that's it's ok not to know all the answers. No seeking today just being



@jiteshpillaai happy birthday my friend....live long &happy.think of u a lot...&don't ever give a full list of nominations on Twitter again.

生日快乐,我的朋友...活久些 & 快乐。想你们...不要再微博上放上一个长长的提名清单。


@anupamachopra Meri behoshi ki jadi booti...andar ke kana ko nazi chooti...



Has anyone seen Inception in Hindi? How do you translate: 'I customized the sedative to leave the inner ear function unimpaired.'

有人看过印文版的《盗梦空间》吗? 如何翻译:'I customized the sedative to leave the inner ear function unimpaired.'


@anupamachopra Meri behoshi ki jade booti...andar ke Kaan ko nazi chooti..or maine behoshi ki dawaai uske andar ke kaan mien nahi ghusai



Was complaining it's difficult to type without being corrected by the iPad...just tried doing Hindi & realized that's worse.

抱怨iPad不停地校正我们的拼写...写印度文太累了 & 真的糟糕


At the shoot now...always nice to see pretty faces in the morning....kareena's beautiful face always brings a smile...good morning starts.



Love u all and a big hug...now to earn a living....see u all later.



25 Jul 2010

made karan attend the shooting...he is too sweet...so excited to be part of film making & wishes me so well, its very touching.

让karan参加拍摄...他太可爱了..成为电影制作的一员他很心烦 & 不停祝福我,让我很受感动


forgot today, will upload pics of me & kareena tom from the shoot. its so nice to have friends around especially when the family is leaving.

差点忘了,今天要传些我 & kareen, tom在片场的照片。但家人不在身边时,有朋友在,是多么美好


bedroom nice &tidy no toys..no socks no candy wrappers.Felt alone without the mess my kids make. Will buy some lil socks &throw them around.

卧室很舒服 & 整洁,没有玩具...没有袜子没有糖纸。没有那些孩子们制作出的凌乱的东西,感到很孤单。去买些小袜子 & 在周围扔一些


@kjohar25 Yeah touch my feet today when u see me. Also get me some cool gift &i will give u ashirvad.

是的,今天你看到我请摸我的脚。带点酷酷的礼物给我 & 然后我会给你ashirvad

[ashirvad ? ]


Just so that everyone knows...there is no bugatti car in our film...it's ducati .The news I read about myself, makes me believe in inception



Ducati motorcycle that is. It's an Italian make.

Ducaiti 动力车,就这样。意大利制造。


Anubhav & RA.ONE team has worked so hard...I will always be indebted to them for this experience as an actor & producer. Most awesome.Thanks

Anubhav & RA.ONE团队工作非常努力...我常常被他们感动,作为演员 & 制作人。最可敬。谢谢


On guru purnima...I thank all my teachers & all the films I am part of. Bothone have taught me...how much more there is to know.

guru purnima节日(恩师节)...我感谢我所有的老师 & 我参与的所有电影。你们教我很多...比能想到的要多

[guru purnima is a festival traditionally celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists.On this day, disciples offer puja (worship) or pay respect to their Guru (Spiritual Guide).]


26 Jul 2010

been away from home so long.hope they dont give away my room. called wife to renew booking.she asked for identity papers & my credit card.

离开家太久。希望他们没清理掉我的房间。叫妻子帮我续订,她问我要身份证 & 信用卡


very tired today...must be cos didnt do too much work. must start working out soon...feeling unhealthy & 'oily'. abs getting extinct.

今天好累...肯定是没做太多的工作。快点开始工作...感觉不太健康 & "油腔滑调",广告开始少了


oh god..forgot the picture with kareena.she was preoccupied learning her tough lines for the scene...she had to say "chinese today"? ha ha.

oh 上帝...忘了照片的事,和kareena。她正全神贯注于她绕口的台词...她必须说“中国人今天?”哈哈


somebody told me that they use sterile needles for lethal injections...didnt understand the point ( no pun intended )



now heading to bed..early morning shoot...have a few more cars to blow up..what a life...kars & kareena...chat with u all tom. goodnite

现在睡觉...明早拍摄...要掀翻一些汽车...什么生活...kars & kareena...明天在聊。晚安


In creative world (which I believe is everything) playing safe doesn't lead to stability...it leads to boredom for maker & user eventually

在创作出的世界(我相信是所有)保守不会带来稳定...最终只会导致对制作者 & 用户的厌烦


Rains...shooting action & montages together.2 units...location demands etc.Karan assisting us for a day.hopefully we will make the schedule

下雨...拍摄动作 & 蒙太奇。2个片段...定位。Karan辅助我们一整天。希望我们赶上进度


really sweet to see Karan on an action film shoot.should blow the cars to kal ho na ho music. kajol in a guest role in the flying cars ha ha

Karan在一部动作片里实在太可爱了。应该在kal ho na ho的音乐中掀翻汽车。kajor客串,在飞起的汽车里,哈哈


What's quite nice to hear on the streets here is western passer bys looking at me &saying...oh he's the bollywood man. Thanks Jonathan Ross.

很开心在路上听到一个西方人在看见我之后说...oh 他是宝莱坞的。谢谢Jonathan Ross


27 Jul 2010

Tried to send this earlier but seems it hasnt gone through. http://twitpic.com/28zz8k


微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)

long day at work...shooting double shifts on same film on an outdoor.never done this before. one way to tire urself to avoid lonliness.



anubhav sinha took some awesome shots today..all were amazed.i am so excited by it all..hope we can share this film with all of u soon.

anubhav sinha 拍了一下了不起的镜头...非常棒。非常令人兴奋..希望我们能很快和大家分享


hvae an issue with nights. days are so eventful that nites seem empty...as if the music has suddenly stopped...in the middle of a dance step



issues or no issues...should catch up on some sleep. have to make new pictures for all of us...love you all and be happy.



28 Jul 2010

its not enough to play the game or be a game player, its important to be the one who changes the game. dont know why i wrote that but i did.



tonite was the nite when you ask for forgiveness & pray for all the souls. forgive all who have hurt u...tall order but i made an attempt.

今晚,请祈求宽恕 & 为所有的灵魂祈祷。原谅那些伤害你的人...离谱的要求,但我试着做做。

[tall order 离谱的要求]


wore lungi for a scene.it kind of gets windy & cool inside after a while coupled with the fear that it may open.tense & relaxed coexistence.

剧情要求缠绕腰带。刚开始,有风,感到凉爽,过一会儿,就担心会散开。紧 & 松并存。


onto dinner i proceed. then bathe, say my prayers & wake up to a new day with hope & belief. have a good nite or day as per ur longitude.

正在晚餐中。一会儿洗澡,我的祈祷 & 醒来带着希望迎来新的一天& 信念。晚安 或 早安 (看你的纬度)


29 Jul 2010

just finished the shooting..have a turnaround day off tom...will have to sleep off the excessive work. mentally tired..love u all...chat tom



31 Jul 2010

not allowing kareena to drive anymore...licence revoked national & international. http://tweetphoto.com/35879651

不能让kareena再开车了...驾照废除 本土&全球微博|@iamsrk <wbr>2010 <wbr>Jul <wbr>(译)


spent time with myself today. have to...otherwise discussion, issues,negotiations,meetings...make me forget that all this concerns me too.



its very late & have to shoot early...i think. reading asimov's i, robot...very inspiring & relevant. need to read now and sleep.

非常晚了& 明早很早起..我想。读asimov的i,机器人...非常受鼓舞 & 启发。需要读一读,然后睡觉。


will finish early tom & be online to chat with u all...love u all.

明早一结束 & 就和你们聊...爱你们




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