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(2011-04-21 21:30:43)


. Get up起床
Good morning,sweetie. You finally got up.
Did you sleep well? 你睡得好吗?
Did you have a bad night? 晚上过得不好吗?
How was your sleep last night? 昨晚睡得好吗?
It’s almost time to get up. 该起床了。
Wake up, sleepyhead. 起床,小懒鬼。
Time to get going. 出发的时间到了。
We need to get moving. 我们要赶快行动。
It’s already late. 已经迟啦。
Are you still lazing around? 你还赖床吗?
Rise and shine! 快起床吧!
You better hurry.
It’s time to get dressed. 该穿衣服啦。
It’s already 8 o’clock.已经八点了。
Well, honey, wake up, or you’ll be late for school.
Ten more minutes. I'm still sleepy. 再多睡十分钟。我还想睡。
Did you stay up late last night? 你昨天晚上熬夜了吗?
No, I couldn't fall asleep last night.没有,我昨晚根本睡不着。

2. 穿衣
Peter, take off your pajamas. 彼得,把睡衣脱掉。
What should I wear today? 我今天要穿什么?
It’s chilly outside, so don’t forget to put on your jacket. 外面有点冷,把外套穿上。
How’s the shirt? 这件衬衫看起来如何?
Son, it looks great on you. 儿子,你看起来很帅。
Hurry up and get dressed. 快点换衣服。
You put your shoes on wrong. 你把鞋子穿错了。Put on shoes
You’ve got your shoes on the wrong way. 你把鞋子穿错了。
You’ve got your right shoe on your left foot, and the left shoe on the right foot.你把右脚的鞋子穿在左脚上,把左脚的鞋子穿在右脚上了。
Those shoes are on wrong. 鞋子穿错了。
These shoes don’t match.这两只鞋子不是一双。
These shoes don’t go together. 这两只鞋子不是一双。
Are those shoes pinching your toes? 那双鞋子挤脚吗?
Do you know how to tie your shoelaces yet? 你知道怎么系你的鞋带吗?
What do you want to wear today?今天你想穿什么?
What do you feel like wearing today?今天你想穿什么?
It’s too cold for short sleeves.今天穿短袖太冷了。
Is this shirt too tight?这件衬衫太紧吗?
Here’s a pretty little shirt for you.这件漂亮的小衣服是给你的。
How did your clothes get so dirty?你的衣服怎么会这么脏?
You look smashing! 你看起来好极了!
It’s not really your look. 看起来都不像你了。
Red is definitely your colour. 红色是很适合你的颜色。
What a neat outfit!你穿得漂亮极了!
You’re dressed nicely! 你穿得漂亮极了!
Come on, we need to get these pants on. 来吧,我们需要把这些裤子穿上。
Did you outgrow these pants already? Wow, you’re growing fast. 你已经比裤子长得快啦?喔,你长得真快。
You tore these pants; you can’t wear them today. 你把裤子脱掉,你今天不能穿它们。
Your pants are on backwards.你的裤子穿反了。
Straighten out your legs. 把你的腿伸出来。
Put your legs straighten out.把你的腿伸出来。
Stretch your legs. Don’t bend over.把腿伸直。不要弯腿。
I can’t get your pants on with your legs like that. 你把腿那样我没法给你穿裤子。
Lift up your leg. 把腿抬起来。
Put your foot through here.把你的脚穿过这里。
Put your foot through this opening. 把你的脚穿过这里。
Now your other foot/leg.现在另一支脚/腿。
First put your arm through the sleeve, now put your head through.先把你的胳膊伸进袖子,现在把你的脑袋钻出来。
Your sweater is on backwards. 你的羊毛衫穿反了。
You have your sweater on backwards. 你的羊毛衫穿反了。
Your sweater is inside-out.你把羊毛衫里朝外穿了。
You have your sweater on inside-out. 你把羊毛衫里朝外穿了。
Put your hand through the sleeve. Now the other one. 把你的手穿过袖子。现在另外一只。
Your right arm goes in the right sleeves.你的右手放到右边的袖子里。
Now put your other arm in the other sleeve.现在把你的另一个胳膊放到另一只袖子里。
Your little finger is stuck in the sleeve; let me get it out. 你的小手指卡在袖子里了,让我帮你弄出来。
Take your clothes off/take off your clothes.脱衣服。
Let me button up your shirt. 让我帮你把衬衫扣起来。
Your shirt is buttoned up wrong. 你的衬衫纽扣扣错了。
Will you button up the coat by yourself? 你会自己把外套扣好吗?
Unbutton your shirt. 把你的衬衫纽扣解开。
Zip up your jacket; it’s cold out. 把你的夹克衫的拉链拉上,天气冷了。
Unzip your jacket. 把你的夹克衫的拉链拉开。

Mom, the toothpaste dropped on my shorts.妈,牙膏不小心沾到我裤子上了。
Oh, dear, go get another pair. I'll help you change your shorts.哦,亲爱的,快去拿另一条裤子,我会帮你换上新裤子。
Brush your teeth.刷牙
Wash your face.洗脸
I'm going to scrub your face.我要给你洗脸啦。
There are bubbles on your face. Rinse off.你脸上还有泡沫呢。清洗掉。
Comb/Brush your hair.梳头。

The bath is ready.洗澡水准备好了。
Be careful. The floor is slippery.小心,地板很滑。
Mom, there isn't any hot water.妈,没有热水。
Turn on the shower.把莲蓬头打开。
It's getting cold.水越来越冷了。
Ok. I'll check the heater. Dry yourself with the towel first.好,我来看看热水器。你先用毛巾把身体擦干。
If you never take a bath, other children won't want to play with you.如果你总不洗澡,其他孩子就不肯和你一起玩了。
You got mud all over. Go take a bath.你弄得身上都是泥。去洗个澡吧。
Let's take a bath now.现在让我们洗澡吧。
We will get water ready first.我们先准备水。
Let mummy test/check the water, hot or cold. The water is just OK/It feels just right.让妈妈试一下水温,热还是冷。水温正好。
It's bath time. Let's undress first.洗澡时间到了。先脱衣服。
Let's make you nice and clean. I'll help you. Now take your clothes off.让我们使你变得漂亮又干净。我会帮助你的。现在把衣服脱掉。
Mummy is scrubbing the bathtub.妈妈在刷澡盆。
Go get your bathrobe in the closet/wardrobe.从衣橱里把你的浴袍拿出来。
Let's prepare all the stuffs we will need for the bath: washcloth, towels, bathtub, clean clothes.我们先准备一下洗澡用到的东西:洗澡小毛巾,毛巾,澡盆,干净衣服。
Let's have a shower. Take off your clothes yourself, and don't forget put on your little slippers.我们要冲淋裕了。自己脱衣服,不要忘记换上拖鞋。
Which toys would you like to play with?你想玩哪个玩具?
You can pick a couple of toys and throw them into the bathtub.你可以选几个玩具,把它们扔进澡盆里。
First wash your neck and then your arm, back, tummy, your leg, your feet. Last wash your bottom.先洗你的脖子,然后是胳膊、后背、肚子、腿、脚。最后洗一下你的小屁股。
Wash your body so you don't miss any parts. Start from your neck and go down to your toes.洗洗你的小身体,不要漏掉任何地方。从你的脖子洗到你的脚趾。
Let me wash behind your ears, armpits, under the chin, around the neck.让我给你洗耳朵后面,腋窝,下巴底下,脖子。
Turn around please, I'll wash you back.请转过去,我要给你洗后背了。
Don't splash.不要把水溅出来。
Be careful not to get the water into your eyes or ears.小心,不要把水弄到眼睛和耳朵里。
You are padding in the bath.你在澡盆里戏水玩。
Let's smear some lotion to your body.让我们抹一点护肤液在你身上。
Lather up really well. 搓起泡。
Use the bath sponge to scrub your body.用洗澡球擦洗身体。
Hold the shower head, rinse your body.拿着淋浴头,冲洗你的身子。
Are you warm enough? 你暖和吗?
Do you feel cozy/comfortable in the warm water? 你觉得舒服吗?
Now, you can play with your toys for a little while longer.现在,你可以玩一会儿玩具。
Call me when you want to get out the bath.想出来时叫我。
The water is getting cold, you have to get out of bath.睡就要变凉了,你得出来了。
If you stay in that bathtub any longer, you'll shrivel up into a prune.如果你再呆在水里,你要皱成一个干果了。
We will come out, are you ready?我们要出来了,你准备好了吗?
It is time to get out of the tub.该从澡盆里出来了。
Put on your pajamas.穿上睡袍。
Let me wrap a towel around you.让我用毛巾把你裹起来。
Dry you off with a towel.用毛巾把你擦干。
The towel is soft and warm, mummy will dry you from top to toe.这条毛巾柔软又温暖,妈妈要用它把你从头到脚擦干。
Dry yourself. Don’t catch a cold.擦干,别感冒了。

Before you have breakfast/lunch/dinner, you should wash your hands first.吃饭前先洗手。
Wait a minute please, mommy will get the water and soap for you.等一下,妈妈去拿水和香皂。
Where is your handkerchief?你的手绢在哪里?
Now, put your hands into the water.把你的手放进水里。
Wet your hands and put on the soap.把手弄湿,然后抹香皂。
Rub your hands together. Look, here come the bubbles.两只手互相撮一撮,瞧,泡沫处来了。
Look! The bubbles are dark now. Your hands are too dirty and make the bubbles dark.看!泡沫变黑了。你的手太脏了,把泡沫弄黑了。
Now, put your hands into the water again.
Wash off the bubbles.把手上的泡沫洗干净。
Rinse off your hands.清洗手上的肥皂。
Ok, your hands are clean now.好,手洗好了。
Let mummy dry your hands.妈妈把你的手擦干。
Left hand, and then right hand.左手,然后右手。
Did you wash your hands well? 手洗干净了吗?

You need to wash your hair or it will start to smell.你需要洗头发了,否则它要开始发臭了。
Close your eyes. I'm going to wet your hair.闭上眼睛,我要弄湿你的头发。
It’s not too hot. Here I'm going to put some shampoo on your head.现在我要在你头上涂上洗发水了。
Now, are you ready? Close your eyes really tight.现在,你准备好了吗?把眼睛闭紧。
Let me tip your head back and wash your hair.把头向后仰,让我帮你洗头发。
Ok, let me dry off your hair.把头发擦干。
The shampoo is not supposed to sting your eyes.这种洗发水应该不会刺激眼睛的。
It’s no big deal if you get water in your eyes.如果你把水弄到眼睛里,并没有什么大碍。
Rinse the shampoo off your hair.给你清晰头发。
Let me rinse your hair.我给你清洗头发。
Your hair is all done.你的头发洗好了。
Let’s me dry your hair.让我给你擦干头发。

Take off your pants. 把你的裤子脱下来。
Do you want to go to the toilet? 你想上厕所吗?
Do you need to go potty? 你要去大/小便吗?
I have to go pee/I need to pee. 我要小便了。
I have to go poop/I need to poop. 我要大便了。
I need to go to the bathroom/use the restroom. 我要去一下洗手间。
Don’t unroll the toilet paper. 不要把卷纸散着。
You unrolled the toilet paper again. 你又把卷纸散着了。
You’ve been playing with the toilet paper, and I told you many times not to do that. 你又在玩卷纸了,我跟你讲过很多次不要那样做了。
Wipe your bottom. 擦一下你的屁股。
Don’t use too much toilet paper.不要用太多卷纸。
To flush the toilet. 冲一下抽水马桶。
Don’t put anything but toilet paper in the toilet. 除了卷纸,不要把什么东西都放在马桶里。
Poop is smelly/stinky, so we need to flush the toilet. 大便很丑,所以我们要冲一下马桶。
Poop and pee have lots of germs in them, so we need to wash our hands every time after we go potty. 大小便里有很多细菌,所以每次便后我们都要洗手。
You have to wash your hands with soap after you poop.大便后你必须要用肥皂洗手。
Poop has lots of germs that could make you sick. 大便里有很多会让你生病的病菌。

8、卫生习惯 Hygienic habits
Don’t pick your nose. 不要掏鼻子。
Don’t stick your fingers in your nose. 不要把手指戳到鼻子里。
Your hands are sticky. 你的手黏乎乎的。
Please don’t touch the furniture with sticky hands. 请不要有黏乎乎的手碰家具。
Wash them immediately. 立即把他们洗掉。
Don’t drink from other people’s cups, you’ll catch their germs. 不要用别人的杯子喝水,你会传染别人的病菌。
Don’t put your fingers into that food. 不要把你的手指插到食物里。

Mom, what’s for dinner tonight? 妈,今天晚上吃什么?
We’re having beef curry and rice today. 今天吃牛肉咖喱饭。
When will it be ready? 还要多久才准备好?
In about ten more minutes. Help me set the table first, will you? 在大约十分钟吧。可以先帮我摆好餐具吗?
I'm happy to do it. 我非常乐意呢。
Dad, I don’t like it. 爸,我不喜欢这个。
Don’t be so picky. It’s good for your body. 不可以挑食,这个对你的身体很好。
I'm shirsty. I want some water. 我口渴想要喝水。
The soup tastes great! Take some. 汤的味道很棒!喝一点。
Dad, I'm full. 爸,我吃饱了。
Honey, you should finish your food. 亲爱的,你应该把东西吃完。

Honey, do you want to eat out? 亲爱的,要不要出去吃?
Hurray! I want to. 好棒喔!我要我要。
What do you want to eat? 你想吃什么?
How about Korean barbecue? 韩国烤肉如何呢?
Sounds great! 好啊!

Peter, wash your hands first, and then have some dessert. 彼得,先去洗手,然后去吃点甜点。
Mom, can I have some ice cream? 妈,可以吃点冰激淋吗?
Not today, honey. Don’t eat too much ice cream. 亲爱的,今天不可以喔。不要吃太多冰激淋。
Mom, can I have one more piece of cake? 妈,我可以再吃一块蛋糕吗?
Ok. The last piece is for your dessert. We’re having dinner soon. 好,这是最后一块点心啰。我们等下就吃晚餐了。

I bet you are hungry! Let’s have some meals. 我想你肯定饿了,吃点东西吧。
Wash up, it’s time to eat. 洗洗手,该吃饭了。
Wash your hands before you eat. 吃东西前要洗手。
Is breakfast ready? 早饭准备好了吗?
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is ready. 早饭/午饭/晚饭准备好了。
Din-din is ready. 食物准备好了。
Come sit at the table. 坐到桌子这儿来。
We’re having your favorite today. 我们今天准备了你最爱吃的东西。
Put on your bib. Now you are ready to eat. 戴上围嘴。现在可以吃饭。
Please go ahead. 请先吃饭吧。
Come and get it. 开饭啦。
It’s time for breakfast/lunch/supper. 该吃早饭/中饭/晚饭了。
I'm coming. 这就来啦。
Don’t spill it. 别弄洒了。
Don’t tip it over. 别弄洒了。
Let mommy help you sit on the high chair. 妈妈帮你坐餐椅。
Buckle up the belt. 扣上安全带。
Lay down the tray. 把托盘放好。
Do you want any more rice? 你还要添点饭吗?
I will bring you some rice. 我给你盛点米饭来。
The breakfast is delicious. 早饭美味极了。
What do you like to have for your breakfast? Cake or fried rice? 早上你想吃蛋糕还是炒饭?
Would you like something to eat? 你想吃点什么?
What would you like for dinner? 晚饭你想吃什么?
What do you want for dinner? 晚饭吃什么?
What do you want to eat for dinner?晚饭吃什么?
How about some cake/steak? 吃点蛋糕/牛排怎么样?
What’s for breakfast/lunch/supper? 早饭/中饭/晚饭吃什么?
Let’s take a short break for lunch. 让我们休息一会儿去吃午饭。
I must go home to cook lunch for us. 我必须回家给我们做中饭吃了。
You are hungry, aren’t you? Don’t worry. Mommy will serve you. 你饿了,着急了,是不是?先别着急。妈妈给你盛。
Do you like the breakfast today? 今天的饭好吃吗?
You really like your breakfast. 你吃的真香。
You finished all your dishes. 你碗里的饭都吃完了。
You have a really big tummy. 你真能吃呀。
Are you full? 你吃饱了吗?
Your rice spilled all over the tray. 你的托盘上都是饭。
Try this one. 吃吃看这个。
Do you want more rice/vegetable/meat/fish/soup? 你还要多一点饭/菜/肉/鱼/汤吗?
Which one is your favorite dish on the table? 桌上的菜你最喜欢哪一个?
Do you like the corn soup? 你喜欢玉米汤吗?
How awful! 真可怕,太难吃了。
Aw, it tastes terrible! 哦,味道不好。
How does it taste?它尝起来怎么样?
It tastes really great. 味道真得很好。
It’s very bitter. 它很苦。
It’s too salty. 它太咸了。
It tastes sweet. 它尝起来是甜的。
It is nutritious. 它是有营养的。
We have some snacks. 吃点点心吧。
Where are the snacks? 点心在哪儿?
They are in the cupboard. 在碗橱里。
Have some water/tea/milk. 喝一些水/茶/牛奶。
Are you thirsty? 你渴吗?
I drank milk. 我喝牛奶。
Sip the juice. Don’t gulp it. 小口喝果汁。别吞着喝。
Could you pour me a glass of water? 你能给我倒一杯水吗?
Thank you! That’s enough. 谢谢,够了。
They filled my cup with water.他们在我的杯子里倒满水。
This orange is sour. 这橘子是酸的。
The cake is sweet. 这蛋糕是甜的。
The medicine is bitter 这药有苦味。
The onion is spicy. 洋葱是辣的。
The ice cream is cold. 冰激淋很冰。
The chicken soup is too hot. 鸡汤太烫了。

10、餐桌礼仪 Table manners
Don’t throw food on the floor. 不要把食物扔在桌上。
Stop playing with your food. 不要玩食物。
Don’t smear that all over the table. 不要把桌子都弄脏。
Don't talk with your mouth full. 嘴里塞满食物时不要说话。
Just eat one at a time. 一次吃一个。
Don’t put too much food into your mouth each time. 一次少吃点。
Don’t put all of those in your mouth at once; you could choke. 不要把那些一次都放在你嘴里。你要嚼一嚼。
Don’t spill tomato sauce on your clothes; it’s very hard to remove. 不要把番茄汁翻在衣服上,它很难洗掉。

You know how to use the chopsticks. Great! 你会用筷子了,真棒。
Don’t poke your mouth with the chopsticks. 不要用筷子捅嘴。
Don't’ play with the chopsticks. 不要玩筷子。
Don’t bite the chopsticks. 不要咬筷子。
Your little sister doesn’t know how to use the chopsticks; she can only use a spoon. 妹妹不会用筷子,她只会用汤匙。
Hold the bowl with one hand while eating with your spoon with the other hand. 用勺子舀饭的时候,用另一只手扶着碗。
So the bowl won’t move around and it’s easier to scoop up the rice with your spoon. 这样碗就不坏动来动去,你用勺子舀饭就会比较容易。
Don’t scoop up too much with your spoon. 每次用勺子舀得少一点,别舀那么多。
This knife cuts well, doesn’t it? 这刀挺好使的,是不是?

Mom, I'm ready for school.妈,我准备好要去上学了。
Don’t forget to come straight hone after school. 别忘了放学直接回家喔。
I know, mom. 我知道,妈咪。
Have you got everything? 东西都带了吗?
Oh, my jump rope. Mom, can you get it for me? 喔,我的跳绳。妈,你能帮我拿一下吗?
It’s time to go. 该走了。
You need to change; we’re going to the store. 你要换一下衣服,我们要去商店了。
Bundle up; it’s cold out there. 围好,那儿冷。
Wait for me. 等等我。
Close the door. 关门。
Open the door. 开门。
I’ll be right there. 我马上就去。
Take your time. 慢慢来。
Let’s go for a walk. 让我们去散步吧。
Hurry up/Be quick/Time’s up. 快点。
Time flies, let’s have a race with time. 时间飞逝,让我们和时间赛跑吧。

Where is the restaurant? 餐厅在哪里?
How far is the bank? 银行离这里有多远?
Nearly here. 快到了。
I'm on my way. 我正在路上。
How do you get to your house? 怎样能到达你的住宅?
Go up Main Street. 沿着中心街走。
Turn left at the first traffic light. 在第一个交通灯左转。
Go three blocks. 走三个街区。
Then turn right on first street. 然后在第一街右转。
It is the second house on the left. 左边第二栋住宅。

14、在车上 In the car
Let’s go for a ride. 让我们开车去吧。
Buckle yourself in. /Buckle up. 系好安全带。
Get in your seat. 在你的座位上坐好。
Don’t touch the gear shift. 不要碰引擎。
Don’t unbuckle your seat belt while we’re driving. 开车时不要把安全带松开。
Look at the car wheels turning. 看车轮子在动。
The car wheels go round and round. 车轮不断地滚动。
The concrete truck rolls along the road. 混凝土搅拌车滚过路面。
Look at that car over there. It’s coming towards us. 看那边的那辆车。它正向我们开过来。

14、捉迷藏 Hide-and-seek
Want to play hide-and-seek? 想玩捉迷藏吗?
We want to play hide-and-seek. 我们想玩捉迷藏。
I'm going to count to ten. 我会数到10。
Ready or not, here I come. 准备好了吗?我来啦。
Gotcha/ I got you. 我抓你啦。
Where are you?你在哪里?
I am here. 我在这里。

15、户外活动 Outdoor activity
let’s make a sand castle. 让我们做一个沙子城堡吧。
Want to play outside/ in the yard? 想到外面/在院子里玩吗?
Let’s go play in the park. 让我们去公园玩吧。
Did you get dizzy on the merry-go-round? 你坐旋转木马晕吗?
Want to go down the slide? 相玩滑梯吗?

16、玩追逐游戏 Play catch
let’s play catch. 让我们玩追逐游戏吧。
Catch! 抓到啦。
Good catch! 抓到啦!

17、玩球 Play the ball
Let’s play the ball. 让我们玩球吧。
Roll the ball/toy to me/over there. 把秋/玩具给我/滚到那边去。
Throw me the ball. 把球扔给我。

18、荡秋千 Play on the swing
Want to swing? 想要当秋千吗?
Let’s swing on the swings. 让我们荡秋千吧。
Shall I push you? 需要我推你吗?
You can touch the sky. 你都可以够到天空啦。

和其他孩子一起玩 playing with other children
Let’s all just get along.让我们友好相处。
Now, isn’t it more fun to play together?现在,一起玩是不是更有趣呢?
I'm going to tell.我要告诉大人去了。
Don’t be a tattle-tale.不要做告状派。
Don’t hurt people’s feelings.不要伤害其他人的感情。
That’s not playing fair.那样玩法不公平。
You cheated.你作弊。
You have to learn to stand up for yourself.你要学习捍卫自己。

制止矛盾break up the conflicts
Why are you always picking fights?你们为什么总是发生争吵?
Don’t play rough.玩的时候不要粗暴无礼。
Don’t kick.不要踢人。
Don’t step on his toes.不要踩在他脚趾上。
Don’t hit him.不要打他。
She doesn’t want to be held like that.他不喜欢被那样抱着。
No bullying.不要欺负别人。
Pulling hair isn’t nice. It hurts people.拉人头发布友好。那会伤害别人。
Don’t trip her.不要绊倒她。


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