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【财经新闻】Sony Swings to Big Loss after Natural Disasters 索尼公司灾后蒙受巨大亏损

(2011-05-26 19:54:58)


分类: 经济新闻


Sony Swings to Big Loss after Natural Disasters


【财经新闻】Sony <wbr>Swings <wbr>to <wbr>Big <wbr>Loss <wbr>after <wbr>Natural <wbr>Disasters <wbr>索尼公司灾后蒙受巨大亏损


TOKYO — The March 11 earthquake and tsunami probably pushed Sony to a $3.2 billion loss in the just-ended fiscal year, the electronics and entertainment giant warned Monday. It was the latest Japanese manufacturer to report a huge financial hit from the disaster.


The annual loss would be Sony’s biggest in 16 years — when problems in its movie business, as well as the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, took an economic toll.


The loss would be a major setback to efforts by the chief executive, Howard Stringer, to turn around the company


The forecast meant that Sony, which in February had projected a profit for the year, now expected to lose money for the third consecutive year.


Nine Sony plants in northeastern Japan were damaged by the quake and tsunami, which also disrupted supply chains and put a damper on domestic consumption. The company’s outlook has also been clouded by a series of hacker attacks on Sony’s online services


For the current fiscal year ending March 2012, Sony said it expected operating profit to stay around 200 billion yen. This took into account the lingering effects of the quake, which is expected to shave 150 billion yen off operating profit, Sony said.


Known costs related to the hacker attacks have so far reached about 14 billion yen, the company estimated. Sony has said it hopes to get all affected networks up and running by the end of May. Sony has acknowledged that personal information from over 100 million accounts were compromised in the attacks.

公司估计,由于黑客攻击所带来的已知损失目前已经达道140 亿日元。索尼表示公司希望能在五月底恢复由于攻击而被迫关闭的网站,并承认有超过一千万的客户资料在攻击中受到威胁。

Sales for the completed fiscal year were estimated at 7.18 trillion yen, down slightly from the previous forecast of 7.20 trillion yen. Sony said it expected net profit to turn positive this year, although it did not give an estimate.


Sony is struggling to reinvent itself after being usurped in TVs and digital music players. Even its stronghold in the video gaming business is succumbing to cheaper and nimbler rivals.


The company’s movie and television operation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, is not in a position to pick up the slack. That division has been hurt by an industry wide decline in DVD sales, high marketing costs and so on.


Sony is trying to rectify that shortfall by lining up expensive new installments of its “Spider-Man” and “Men in Black” series.


The only time that Sony racked up a larger annual loss was in 1995, when it plunged 293 billion yen into the red on large losses in its movie division and lax cost controls.


Japan’s last devastating earthquake, which hit the port town of Kobe in January that year, also weighed on Sony’s earnings. But back then, Sony’s mainstay electronics business was still relatively strong.


The fallout from the hacker attacks may be just as worrying as the lingering effects of the March 11 quake. In an interview last week, Mr. Stringer defended Sony’s response to the attacks, which some critics said was too slow.


Sony is the latest Japanese manufacturer to report substantially lower earnings after the magnitude 9 earthquake in March, which devastated much of Japan’s northeastern coast.


Earlier this month, Toyota, whose operations have been severely disrupted since the disaster, said that profit fell 77 percent for the quarter ended March 31. Toyota, which is likely to lose its crown as the world’s biggest automaker this year, said it could not forecast earnings or production for the year ahead because of uncertainty about its ability to resume normal output levels.


translated by 川透社 黄可
当日负责人:刘东   当日责编:段婷

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