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【时事翻译】William and Kate Wed, Cheered by Massive Crowds 威廉王子和凯特的婚礼,万众庆贺

(2011-04-30 23:30:22)


分类: 时事新闻

William and Kate Wed, Cheered by Massive Crowds


【时事翻译】William <wbr>and <wbr>Kate <wbr>Wed, <wbr>Cheered <wbr>by <wbr>Massive <wbr>Crowds <wbr>威廉王子和凯特的婚礼,万众庆贺

LONDON—Prince William and Kate Middleton were pronounced husband and wife Friday and set off in a horse-drawn carriage for a Buckingham Palace reception, capping five months of breathless hype and anticipation for Britain's royal wedding, which is expected to be watched by as many as two billion people world-wide.


As the couple exchanged vows, a swelling crowd the stretched from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace and beyond erupted into cheers, the ceremony coming through on loudspeakers. Britons spent much of the last few months downplaying their interest in the royal family and the wedding – yet on Friday morning, they waved flags and sang the national anthem en masse in city parks.



Just as Ms. Middleton arrived at the Abbey for the ceremony, the nuptials' most closely guarded secret—the identity of dress designer Sarah Burton from the Alexander McQueen label—was revealed at last.



Ms. Middleton arrived at the Abbey at 10:58 a.m. in a Rolls-Royce Phantom 6, wearing a slender lace dress designed by Ms. Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, a fashion brand owned by France's PPR SA. Ms. Middleton wore a veil held in place by a tiara and held a small bouquet containing lily of the valley, which she will place on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier after the ceremony.



Buckingham Palace made the dress's designer a global guessing game –and many had predicted that the job would fall to McQueen, the brand named after the iconic London designer who committed suicide last year.


The ceremony itself lasted about an hour. The Queen and the rest of their families, along with some 1900 guests, watched on as the couple exchanged vows.


Prince William and Ms. Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, both looked composed throughout the roughly hour-long ceremony, occasionally breaking into smiles at each other.


But there were subtle signs of the pressure they were under with the eyes of the world on them. Prince William momentarily struggled to get the ring on the finger of his bride, but succeeded. And Katherine was visibly breathing rapidly during the readings.


The aisles of the church were lined with trees especially brought in for the occasion and the service drew heavily on British composers for the hymns and music.


Beforehand, Ms. Middleton's trip to Westminister Abbey caused a greater stir even than the arrival of her future husband's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, a few minutes previous. "That's Kate!" screamed 7-year-old Olivia Pringle, perched on her father's shoulders. "She was very pretty," said Ms. Pringle, who is from Leeds, England, complementing the bride's "very fancy hat." Her sister, 4-year-old Sadie Pringle was brimming with anticipation: "But when are they going to kiss?"

在此之前,米德尔顿女士前往威斯敏斯特教堂的途中造成了比几分钟前先到的她未来丈夫的祖母也就是女王伊丽莎白二世达更大的轰动。 “这是凯特!”一个7岁的奥利维亚普林格尔骑在她父亲的肩膀上尖叫着。 “她很漂亮,帽子很奇怪。”普林格尔来自英国的利兹补充了她对新娘的看法。她的姐姐,4岁的塞迪普林格尔则是充满了期待地说:“可是当他们要亲吻吗?”

A few scuffles broke out near Westminster Abbey as spectators jostled for views of Ms. Middleton; then a hush fell over the crowds and loudspeakers started blaring the ceremony.


The big crowd in Green Park, near Buckingham Palace, also went quiet when the big moment finally arrived. Watching the ceremony on a giant screen, Vivienne Hodges, 26 and from Birmingham, said of Kate's dress, "It's nice. It's huge, though!" In nearby Trafalgar Square, Rose Walters, visiting from Bath, said: It's a little more traditional than I expected. But I like the diamond tiara."

在最重要的时刻白金汉宫附近的格林公园也立刻静了下了。来自伯明翰的26岁的利德霍奇斯评论着凯特的婚纱:“很美,很壮丽!” 在附近的特拉法加广场,来自巴斯的罗斯沃尔特斯说:“它比我预想的要传统些。但是我喜欢那个镶着钻石的三重冠。”

Ms. Middleton was preceded at the church by Queen Elizabeth II, who arrive in a sunny yellow wool dress amid screams from a patient crowd that tried —and often failed—to see her. "That's the Queen in yellow!" yelled one man on the Mall, who had another woman on his shoulders, as Queen Elizabeth II rolled by in her car. Next to him, a friend who couldn't see used her compact makeup mirror to catch a glimpse of the monarch, who was gone in a flash.


At Westminster Abbey, the crowd was so thick that—despite the Technicolor yellow dress—some couldn't even see the Queen as she drove by; they were getting details via phone or email by friends watching on television.


In the big crowds around Buckingham Palace, everyone was a critic, sometimes with a surreal twist. "His tie is crooked!" a Russian tourist shouted in Russian as James Middleton gave his reading on a giant TV screen in Green Park. Just then someone in a white rabbit costume walked by, holding a scepter topped with a fuzzy red heart.


With crowds swelling along the procession route that will take the couple from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace following the 11 a.m. local-time ceremony, the buzz focused on the spectacle of guests—first families friends and aristocrats, then celebrities and politicians—arriving for the event. Pop and sports stars such as Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham preceded Britain's political class, including Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha; Foreign Secretary William Hague and his wife, Ffion; and former Prime Minister John Major and his wife, Norma.



                                                                                                                          Translated by川透社:陈梦嫔

                                                                                                                  当日责任人:付芳芳   责编:刘晓菲


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