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(2011-03-25 20:31:41)


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                             Finding the extral 120 minutes


What can you delete from your life ? Don’t just blow off the question . Think about it for a minutes .

      你能将什么从你生活中剔除出去?不要回避这个问题。 花一分钟好好想一想。

    I know that single biggest thing I could delete from my life is the time I spend browsing political blogs and website . It’s almost an obsession for me at times , and I don’t get anything out of it except for more indignant and angry . If I really wangted to be political involoved , I could spend that time campainging for the candidate that I want – or doing something to personally improve myself .


there are several other options . Television is a big one for many people . I known one guy who wishes each day going out to the bars for two hours – and he doesn’t even get a drink . He just hangs out with the boys . I know another woman who spends at least three hours a day reading absolutely trashy rommance novles .

     看看其他的选择。电视对很多人来说是一大选择。我认识一个人,他看完电视后每天去酒吧待两个小时- 他并不喝酒。他仅仅是和几个男孩去闲逛。我还知道另一个女人每天花费至少三个小时读垃圾的爱情小说。

        It’s often the people who waste that time that wonder how come others are successful and get promotions . Are they luck ? Or are they just committed to the details ?

     而正是这些浪费时间的人,经常发问别人是如何成功和得到晋升机会的。他们幸运吗? 或者他们只是注重了细节?

       Look around your life . Look for the things you can eliminate . If you can come up with two hours a day , you have a serious block of time to commit to success


     You want to improve your career ? Spend two hours a day masting basic skills related to what you do and absorbing more information . I have several friends in life sciences . One of them spends two hours every single day reading and re-reading the latest scientific papers that come out . He does this in the evetying , after his lab working .


      ou want to improve some aspect of you life – perhaps you’d like to lose some weightSeriously . Walk for an hour . If you can cover a mile in twenty minutes , you can walk three miles . Get up a little earily and do this before work instead of sitting there dead – eyed wachting the Today Show and dreading work . When you get home , instead of flopping in front of the television , put on some walking shoese and a jacket and go for a very long stroll .


      If you can find that 120 minutes and you can use it every day to make a change , you can have that dream . The only diffetence between you and the person actually making it is the willigness to sacrifice that time each day .


       Is your dream worth giving up that hour of television ?







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