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(2011-06-21 21:36:25)


分类: 感悟

"Great Expectations" is the late works of Dickens, but also his most mature work. The title is ironic, it tells an orphan, Pip wants to be the ideal upper story of disillusionment, he eventually did not as a gentleman, of course, and there is no so-called Great Expectations. This book is an extremely exciting story closely the reader's heartstrings, and vividly describes the suffering of a continuous struggle with the fate of orphans Pip psychological history, at last he finally grasped the truth of life to become an ordinary person, and to shake hands with the first love reunion, was a complete ending.
    "Great Expectations" The story has its unique features; there is a time to let the reader unable to stop feeling. Pip hero of this book, but also linked to other characters in a theme. The environment can change people's destiny, Pip is to be the environment change. The beginning, Pip was a kid how naive, easily the letter people, sympathetic. However, Pip had suffered the fate that met the Queen as a girl, this girl will be thorough affect his life. He began to look down on themselves, they began their own home environment and background feel inferior, "and I thought this house in mind, there is no hint of sunshine! The same time, their actions are more offensive and more looked down on his family." It was a very good scene of writing, in such a horrible room, look down upon himself. Is the magic do? Not! This is to be the one truth: Man is the product of the environment. Is the environment has changed Pip. Further, Pip, "good luck", the already possessed, and the non-go when the upper one. Pip asked Herbert to teach him manners and rules, shows that he was anxious to be a Londoner. However, no matter what Pip’s hearts of the good, you can still feel the. He secretly spending money to support the cause of Herbert, which shows that he is a good person, generous benevolence of friends, and never mean. Know that his benefactor turned out to be a fugitive; he began to evolve from the environment. "And the benefactor goodbye became heavy with the anxiety of." This shows that Pip began to care about the safety of the benefactor, and affection of the benefactor produced. "Even if we lack of money can no longer use the benefactor’s money." Indicates Pip heart good things started to recover in the end, he lived a mundane and real life. Finally, Pip and Yisidaila Stop hand, one out of the ruins, the vast heaven and earth being immersed in the quiet of the moon...... From the ruins to the night's fog and then the very beautiful moon, a symbol of Pip and Yisidaila love Trilogy began is not possible, and then is hazy, and finally the moonlight shines. This is a happy ending, finally no regrets.
     The language features, writing in the modus operandi, but there are many places that we can learn. "Rats have been eating it with his teeth, but there is more than sharp teeth of rats chewing on me." In order to describe the Miss Habersham suffering, wonderful! "A people the illusion of terror spread in my heart, as if I Yisidaila are beginning to rot ... ..." This is a classic literary description, to the effect of poetry. "I'm suddenly feeling out of control, lying on the floor, straining to pull his hair on both sides." This sentence in particular to convey the character's psychological inner conflicts, he knew loved the wrong person, but still going to love. "London gave me the impression that a little bit chaotic, narrow roads, forming, but also very dirty." This is only a few strokes; he outlines the characteristics of London. Pip was in this environment, to become a "super person" two efforts. The author describes the Miss Habersham He's story, both compact and they are comprehensive, using a flashback approach. At this point, we have the old lady's situation is clear to her before the abnormal behavior to understand. "His words like lightning, so I look to see ourselves, and then disappointment, danger, shame and other consequences of the impact of coming to me, so I was almost breathing difficulties." Lightning in this analogy is very accurate, Magdalena is based on a series of swift and strong questioning reveals that he is the benefactor of Pip’s. Why Pip disappointments, danger, shame it? That is because the benefactor in his heart has always been a fan, he always felt the old lady, the result is a fugitive, he certainly disappointed. Contact with the fugitive is certainly dangerous, this point Pip clear. The fugitive's money than with an upper people's lives is also true that allows Pip ashamed of ... ...
     In the years went on, people began to change, in the author's pen, wrote a very natural throughout. Finally we all lived in common and not real life; this is what a perfect ending




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