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Classroom Exercises for semester A, junior 1(Absolutely original)

(2011-04-13 21:01:42)


No. 1(starter)

1. I want to color the door red. 我要把门刷成红色。

2. What color is the quilt on your bed? 你床上的那张被子是什么颜色的?

3. What’s Jacket in Chinese? Jacket用中文怎么说?

4. There is a UFO on my room. 我房间上面有一个不明飞行物。

5. My father works in the BBC. 我爸爸在BBC工作。

No. 2(starter

1. My new classmate comes from England. He is English.


2. We all study in Class Three, Grade One. 我们都在一年级3、4班学习。

3. My uncle lives in Beijing. 我叔叔住在北京。

4. Lucy is eighteen years old. She is an eighteen-year-old girl.


No. 3(unit 1)

1. What are your parents’ first names? 你爸妈的名字是什么?

2. I don’t know your last name. 我不知道你的姓。

3. Chinese people don’t have middle names. 中国人没有中间名。

4. Is that a cap or a clock? 那是一顶帽子还是一个钟?

5. Is the boy with glasses playing basketball or soccer?


No. 4 (unit 1)

1. How many telephone numbers can you remember in a minute?


2. 110 is a telephone number. 110是个电话号码。

3. My given name and family name make my full name. 我的名和我的姓组成了我的全名。

4. Does anybody know the answer to the question? 有没有人知道问题的答案?

5. Remember to put on your school ID card before you go to school. 上学之前记得戴上胸章。

No. 5(Unit 2)

1. There is a set of keys on the wall. Are they yours? 墙上有一串钥匙,是你的吗?

2. I can see many things in the lost and found case. 我能看到失物招领箱里有很多东西。

3. Let’s call the police at 110. 我们打110报警吧。

4. My brother likes playing computer games on weekends.  我哥哥喜欢周末玩电脑。

5. He buys a new computer game every week. 他每个星期买一个新的电脑游戏。

6. Is that your kite in the tree?/ Is the kite in the tree yours? 树上那只风筝是你的吗?

No. 6 (Unit 3)

1. My cousin’s mother is my aunt. 我堂兄的妈妈是我的阿姨。

2. Can you show me your family photo/the photo of your family?


3. This is a photo of my friend’s parents. 这是一张我朋友父母的照片。

4. Are those your grandparents? 那是你的爷爷奶奶吗?

5. My grandfather/grandpa and grandmother/grandma work in the police station.


No. 7 (unit 3

1. Thanks for your help. 谢谢你的帮忙。

2. Thank you for coming to see me. 谢谢你来看我。

3. Here are some photos of my family. 这里是我的一些家庭照。

4. Can you bring some water to me. 你能带点水来给我吗?

5. Little Red Hat, can you take this food to your grandmother?


No. 8 (unit 4

1. The keys on the dresser are my grandmother’s. 梳妆台上的钥匙是我奶奶的。

2. Maybe your baseball is under the sofa. 或许你的棒球的沙发下面。

3. I think someone is standing behind the door. 我认为有人站在门后。

4. Don’t put the plant on the bookcase. Put your books there.


5. Where is the WC? It is next to the kitchen. 洗手间在哪里?在厨房隔壁。

No. 9 (unit 4)

1. I need some things for school this afternoon. 我今天下午上课需要一些东西。

2. Can you bring the alarm clock to school for me? 你能帮我把闹钟带到学校来吗?

3. I need to take my school bag to school every day.  我需要每天都把书包带去学校。

No. 10 (unit 4)

1. You can’t take the video tape home. 你不能把录像带带回家。

2. Do you need to do sports every day? 你每天都要做运动吗?

3. Can you bring your family photo to school tomorrow? I want to see it.


4. I need you to do something for me. 我需要你为我做点事。

No. 11 (unit 4)

1. Is there any money in your backpack? 你的背包里有没有钱?

2. You can see a shop between the school and the post office.


3. We went swimming on a cold winter morning. 在一个寒冷的早晨,我们去游泳了。

4. The driver in the front of the bus sees a child in front of the bus.


No. 12(unit 5)

1. Does Jim’s father have a tennis racket? No, he doesn’t. Jim的爸爸有网球拍吗?不,他没有。

2. My sister doesn’t have any balls. 我妹妹没有球。

3. Who wants to play soccer with me? Mike does. 谁想和我踢足球?Mike想。

4. Do you have a ping-pong bat? Yes, I do. 你有乒乓球拍吗?是的,我有。

No. 13 (unit 5)

1. My sister has a volleyball, but my brother doesn’t. 我妹妹有一个排球,但我弟弟没有。

2. Let’s play sports! That sounds good. 让我们做运动吧!那听起来不错。

3. One of the women over there is my mother. 那边的女人中有一个是我妈妈。

4. Which sports club do you want to join? 你想加入哪个体育俱乐部?

5. His two sons are both men nurses. 他的两个儿子都是男护士。

No. 14(unit 5)

1. Poor Gina, she has a small sports collection. 可怜的Gina,她只有一点点体育收藏品。

2. It’s interesting to watch NBA on TV. 在电视上看NBA有趣。

3. Math is difficult, but it’s fun. 数学难,但有趣。

4. I want to have a relaxing holiday. 我想有个轻松的假期。

5. That boring fly is flying around me. That makes me bored. 那只讨厌的苍蝇老是围着我飞,那使我很烦。

No. 15 (unit 5)

1. The man with sunglasses is my grandfather and the woman in a red dress is my grandmother.


2. I read some everyday English every day. 我每天都读些日常英语。

3. Let’s go and have a drink, shall we? 我们去喝一杯,如何?

4. There is a door in the wall and there are four pictures on the wall.墙里有个门而墙上有四张图。

5. I have only one friend now, but I will have more. 我如今只有一个朋友,但我会有更多的。

6. Do you have any sports clubs in your school? 你们学校有没有体育俱乐部?

7. Is this bike his? No, his is under the tree. 这辆单车是他的吗?不,他的在树下。

8. What exciting thing makes you so excited? 什么刺激的事使你这么激动?

9. I am not good at playing volleyball, but I can play the violin very well.


No. 16  (Unti 6)

1. My friend doesn’t like hamburgers or broccoli. 我的朋友不喜欢汉堡和花椰菜。

2. My sister likes French fries and ice cream(s) very much. 我妹妹非常喜欢薯条和冰淇淋。

3. Does your brother like salad or strawberries? 你的哥哥喜欢色拉或草莓吗?

4.  She doesn’t like to eat vegetables. 她不喜欢吃蔬菜。

5. Do you like fruit? No, I don’t. I like vegetables. 你喜欢水果吗?不,我不。我喜欢蔬菜。

No. 17 (unit 6)

1. Liu Xiang is a fast runner. 刘翔跑得快。

2. This singing star doesn’t sing very well. 这个歌唱明星唱得不怎的。

3. I often have/eat a lot of/lots of healthy food for dessert. 我点心经常吃很多健康食物。

4. Does your mother like French fries for dinner? 你妈妈喜欢用薯条当晚餐吗?

No. 18  (unit 7)

1. I want to buy a pair of shorts for my brother. 我想买一条短裤给我哥哥。

2. How much is that pair of blue pants? 那条蓝色裤子多少钱?

3. How much are the glasses in your hand? 你手里的眼镜多少钱?

4. These socks are only 2 dollars. 这袜子才2美元。

5. The sweater is cheap. I will take it. 这毛衣便宜,我买了。

No. 19 (unit 7)

1. Let them take a bag there and bring some broccoli here. 让他们带个包去那儿,

2. Watching too much TV is bad for your eyes. 看太多电视对你的眼镜有害。

3. It sounds boring to go fishing on a rainy day. 下雨天去钓鱼听起来无聊。

4. Here is your sports collection. 你的体育收藏在这儿。

5. She likes going to the reading room after school. 她喜欢放学后去阅览室。

No. 20 (Unit 7)

They sell clothes at a high price.他们高价出售服装。

We have clothes in three different colors.我们有三种颜色的衣服。

Please come to our shop to see the caps in green for yourself.请亲自来我们店看绿色的帽子。

They have socks for only 2 yuan each at their clothes store.他们服装店有每双才卖两元的袜子。

Each student can buy a bag at a good price at our shop.


No. 21 (unit 7)

1. How many pairs of pants do you want to buy for your son?你想要给你儿子买多少条裤子?

2. The price of our shorts is really low.我们的短裤价格真的很低。

3. I don’t want you to buy anything from them or sell anything to them.


4. We have sports bags in different colors on sale.我们出售各种颜色的运动包。

No. 22 (unit 8)

1. When is your birthday?/ What is the date of your birth?你的生日是什么时候?(两种)

2. Do you know your mother’s and your father’s birthdays?你知道你爸爸和你妈妈的生日吗?

3. I often get many presents on my birthday.我生日的时候经常得到很多礼物。

4. My friends will play games at my birthday party.我的朋友们将会在我的生日派对上玩游戏。

5. What day is it today?/ What day is today?今天星期几?

6. What’s the date today?今天几号?

No. 23 (unit 8)

1. What’s your age?/ How old are you?你几岁?

2. When were you born?你什么时候出生?

3. I was born on July 1st, 1996.我出生于1996年7月1号。

No. 24 (unit 8)

1. I will be a teacher at the age of 20.20岁时我会成为一名教师。

2. Are you in the basketball game or volleyball game?你参加的是篮球比赛还是排球比赛?

3. The English speech contest and the school trip are both August 10th.


4. Why don’t you go on the school trip with our class?你为什么不和我们班一起去学校郊游呢?

5. There is an Art Festival, a Chinese Contest, a Music Festival and an English Party on

the School day.校庆日有艺术节,中文比赛,音乐节和英语晚会。

No. 25 (unit 8)

1. Old people don’t like festivals. 老人不喜欢节日。

2. He is a good student. He studies well.他是一个好学生,他学习好。

3. September nineteenth is the nineteenth day of the ninth month of a year.


4. I don’t think Wal-mart sells cars我认为沃尔玛不卖汽车。

5. The date of my friend’s birth is December fifth.我朋友的出生日期是12月5号。

6. Broccoli and strawberries are my favorites.花椰菜和草莓是我的最爱。

7. When was your father born? 你爸爸什么时候出生?

8. Each of the poor men has a wish. /Each poor man has a wish.每个穷人都有一个愿望。

9. The price of the books is too high.那些书的价格太高了。

10. What’s your cousin’s age? 你堂兄的年龄是多少?

11. I will visit someone on weekends.周末我将拜访一个人。

12. They sell bikes at the price of $20.他们以20美元的价格出售单车。

No. 26(unit 9)

1. Do you want to go to a movie?你想去看电影吗?

2. Let’s see an action movie. /action movies.我们看动作片吧。

3. Does your father want to go to a movie?你爸爸想去看电影吗?

4. She doesn’t want to see a documentary /documentaries.她不想看纪录片。

5. My family all like thrillers.我全家都喜欢恐怖片。

6. I don’t think comedies are funny.我认为喜剧不好笑。

No. 27 (unit 9)

1. What kind of movies do you like?你喜欢哪种电影?

2. I like science-fictions, because they are exciting.我喜欢科幻片因为它们刺激。

3. She doesn’t like documentaries, but she likes comedies.她不喜欢纪录片,但她喜欢喜剧。

4. I want to go to a scary thriller this Sunday.我这个星期天要去看一部恐怖的恐怖片。

5. Tragedies often tell us sad stories.悲剧经常给我们讲述悲伤的故事。

6. Do you want to go to an opera? NO, operas are boring.你想去看歌剧吗?不,歌剧无聊。

No. 28 (unit 9)

1. I think thrillers are scary.我认为恐怖片恐怖。

2. He doesn’t think documentaries are boring.他觉得纪录片不无聊。

3. We can learn a lot about Chinese food by eating much Chinese food.


4. She likes different/all kinds of movies.她喜欢各种各样的电影。

5. Gina really likes that science-fiction.Gina 真的很喜欢那部科幻片。

6. I really want to learn about playing computer games.我真的想了解玩(怎样)电脑游戏。

7. Behind every successful man, there is a great woman.


8. Some working people like to see tragedies on weekends.一些工作的人喜欢在周末看悲剧。

No. 29 (unit 9)

1. ---What kind of movies do you like? 你喜欢什么类型的电影?

--- I like action movies and comedies because they are exciting and funny.


2. That’s an exciting documentary. I will go to see it with my friends on the afternoon of December 21st.那是部激动人心的记录片。我12 月21日下午和几个朋友去看。

3. This is a new thriller. Our favourite actor is in it. We  all want to see it this weekend.


4. Many people like Beijing Opera. They think they can learn about Chinese history by

seeing it. But I think it’s boring.


5. I think “Mr. Bean” is a very successful actor, because people from all over the world like his comedies.我认为“憨豆先生”是位成功的演员,因为来自全世界各国的人都喜欢他的喜剧。

6. He often goes to the cinema with his parents at weekends. They think it’s relaxing to see a movie.


7. I like reading funny stories and seeing funny movies. 我喜欢读滑稽的故事, 看滑稽的电影。

8. This weekend, Tom wants to stay at home. But I want to go to the cinema with my other friends.



1. 如果你善于和小孩子打交道,你可以成为一名老师。

If you are good with kids, you can be a teacher.

2. 我姐姐使用颜色有独到之处,她想成为一名画家。

My sister is good with colors. She wants to be a painter.

3. 我想要精通打爵士鼓。

I want to be good at playing the drums.

4. 蔬菜有益于我们的健康。

Vegetables are good for our health.


No. 30 (Unit 11)

1. Scott usually takes a shower at two to eight in the morning.Scott 通常早上七点五十分洗澡。

2. It’s time to brush your teeth. It’s a quarter to ten.该刷牙了,都九点四十五分了。

3. Rick often takes the number 3 bus to (go to) school at half past seven.


4. Students and teachers in our school often work very long hours.


5. Can I have a look at your new guitar after lunch?吃完午餐我能看一下你的新吉他吗?

6. My son often goes to school early. But why does he always get to school late?


7. What a relaxing time to watch TV all night?整晚看电视多么放松啊!

8. What nice broccoli it is!多好的花椰菜啊!

9. What an exciting movie you are watching.你在看的电影好刺激啊!

10. What interesting jobs they are!多么有趣的工作(们)啊!

11. His job is to do the difficult work all day.他的工作就是整天干那些艰难的活儿。

12. He tries to listen to me, but hears nothing.他试着听我说话,但什么也没听到。

13. Can you think what I am thinking?你能想出我在想什么吗?

No. 31 (unit 11)

1. Thanks a lot for teaching us so well.非常感谢你教我们教的这么好。

2. Do you want to know about my English teacher?你想了解我们的英语老师吗?

3. I will tell you about my English teacher.我会告诉你关于我的英语老师

4. Best wishes to you!致与你最良好的祝愿!

5. Students with bad teeth often love to eat candy. 牙齿不好的学生经常喜爱吃糖。

6. Our school always starts at half past seven.我们学校总是七点半开始上课。

No. 32(unit 10)

1、Can you say it in English?/Can you speak English?  你能用英语表达吗?

2、You can’t be a driver now because you can’t drive a car.你现在不能当司机,因为你不会开车.

3、We can both play the guitar very well.我们俩都能弹吉他弹得很好。

4、My sister can write with her left hand.我姐姐能用左手写字。

No. 33 (unit 11)

1、I can sleep a little longer on Sunday morning.星期天早上我可以睡晚一点点。

2、Put on your school ID card and go to school.戴上你的校卡,然后去上学。

3、My father likes being a boss.我爸爸喜欢当老板。

4、How often do you play volleyball? I never play volleyball.你多经常打排球?我从不大排球。

5、My father usually starts working/(starts to work) at 8:30 in the morning


6、Everybody is at work at this time.这个时候每个人都在上班。

7、My father doesn’t often come back from work late.我爸爸不常下班晚回。

No. 34(unit 12)

1. Musicians are usually good at music. 音乐家通常擅长音乐。

2. The newspaper says “Singers Wanted for Rock Band”报纸说“摇滚乐队招收歌手”

3. I want to talk to (with) you about our trip to Guangzhou.我想和你谈论我们的广州之旅。

4. They have little money. Let’s give them a little.他们没什么钱了,我们给他们一点吧。

5. My son can help us with the housework./My son can help us do the housework.


6. We need many vegetables for lunch. They are good for our health.


7. Uncle Sam is always good to kids. We think he is good with kids.


No. 35 (unit 12)

1. My mother is very strict with my father in everything.我妈妈每件事都对我爸爸严格要求。

2. She sleeps for around twenty hours every day in the winter holiday.


3. We are busy doing (with) classroom exercises.我们在忙于做课堂练习。

4. My brother’s favorite sport is running around with his dog.


5. Don’t make me angry.别弄我生气。

6. We have biology on Thursday./We have a biology class on Thursday.


7. Don’t let your child play with fire.别让你的小孩子玩火。


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