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2012年成交(两千七百万, 三十七单 )

(2014-02-09 21:51:21)




Wenny Fu Zhang

心存谦卑, 服务于人

Cell: 781-530-6118
email: wennyzhang49@hotmail.com


2010    使者书房--学生事工捐款  $1050
2011    Lexington教会司提反事工--社会关怀捐款 $2000
2011   文学城我爱我家家坛小学捐款 $3000
2012   海外传教事工  $5000
文学城的美女帅哥(25) - Wenny

服务区域: With 8 years real estate buying, selling experiences
covering---Belmont, Lexington, Winchester, Newton,  Bedford, Acton etc.

2012年成交(两千七百万, 三十七单)
71326190 SLD Belmont MA, asking for 679K, sold for 650K
(3 offers)
在这次的买房过程中,Wenny给我最深的印象就是她精湛的专业水平。听她说她主要服务于Lexington, Winchester, Belmont等地段,她对这些地方的市场有清晰的把握和定位,对房屋本身以及周围的环境有深入的了解。她曾经扩建过自己的房屋,对房屋的建筑、内部的装修、设施的配备、以及所需花销了如指掌。在我所经历的几个月的看房、买房过程中,Wenny多次给我提供非常准确的建议,让我少走了很多弯路,避免无效盲目的行动,节约了大量的时间和精力。
Wenny 给我另一个印象就是她的敏捷的思维和快速反应的能力。如今的市场,好一点的房子上市后转天间就pending了,如果不能快速的行动,和selling agent交流,递交offer,可能就会失去心仪的房子。房地产经纪是个服务性行业,Wenny的服务意识很强,她有一个非常好的心态,对待客户真诚热情,在我的买房过程中,她会在细节方面照顾很好,也容易沟通,交流坦诚。总体感觉,Wenny 具备了非常良好的职业素质和修养,她能够签更多更大的单子就是水到渠成的事情了。
Listing agent: Your paper work was clean and I thank you for that. Even we have a similar better offer, I'd like to make this work with you because I know your reputation as an agent. Our manager, David Sears, has spoken well of you and Doug Rae, our new homes director, adores you. Apparently you've done a number of transactions with Doug in the past. They have shared that I'm lucky you are the Buyer's Agent.
71332559 SLD Boston, MA asking for 428K Sold for 423K
另外提一点,Wenny的估价非常靠谱。房子的排水没进Public Sewer,直接进了后院。改道的话inspector说一千,Wenny说三千,回头plumber的估价是两千五到三千。
71345492 SLD Lexington asking for 838K sld 866K (11offers)
看了两年房,好不容易看上一个符合要求的,但是有一批offer来抢。出offer时,Wenny在很短时间内通过Town office, seller, lawyer 解答了我们的疑问,而且想出一些很好的策略。Wenny对房子很了解,什么要修,修的方法和价位都很清楚。没有她的经验,效率和与seller agent negotiation 的技巧,很难在合适的价位买下这个房子。非常感谢Wenny!
71347430 SLD Newton MA, asking for 475K, Sold for 473.6K (2 offers)
Wenny is a great agent, we are very happy to work with her. This is the first time we buy the house, and Wenny gave us a lot of advice。She always points out the weakness first. Wenny is not like the other agent who just wants to have the deal, she is responsible for the client. The good agent is the agent who can assist you to get the house you like, not always the perfect, but you will never regret your decision. That is just the agent we need, like Wenny.
71352384 SLD Belmont MA, asking for 799K, Sold for 800K (2 offers)
Wenny is very responsive for all my emails and phone calls. Particularly, she is very patient when answering my questions even when it is late at night. We had an extra long waiting time between P&S and closing, and Wenny is very cooperative when we need to make several visitation appointments for contractor measurements and price quote. We have no experience of dealing with other buyer agents, but we are very satisfied with Wenny's professional service.

71294082 SLD Belmont MA, asking for 459K, Sold for 450K
Wenny, 谢谢你!
71356330 SLD Winchester MA, asking for 459K, Sold for 457.5K (2 offers)
因为工作地点的原因,决定在Winchester买房。看了一下Redfin的历史,觉得买房的难度很大。在我们的预算之内的房子,每年寥寥无几,很破旧,而且貌似需要抢。一个要好的朋友向我推荐了Wenny。Wenny 帮她买的房子,合作很愉快。到Wenny的主页看了看,林林总总的信息很多,而且绝大多数是她自己经验的总结。看了一遍那些帖子,对买房扫了扫盲,就决定选她做中介了。历经半年时间,下个星期,房子就过户了。作为first time housebuyer,回想整个买房的过程, Wenny给我们的帮助很大。首先我们很喜欢Wenny的爽快,可能是性格比较match吧,这也是我们合作愉快的主要原因。在看房的过程中,她常常凭经验能客观给房子做出恰当的评估,有什么说什么,房子的利弊,特别是弊,都重点指出来。Wenny 的爽快也表现在她的耐心上,任何时候对我们电话/email“骚扰”都有求必应,及时回复。沟通的顺畅让买房的每一步都有条不紊,少走了很多弯路。Wenny 很专业,就不多说了。她的“买后”服务也很到位,装修师傅的介绍,提供装修所需材料的购买途径和相关信息,帮我们省了很多时间。
我们很高兴遇到了Wenny,买到了想要的房子,并且希望能通过买房结交Wenny 这个朋友,再次感谢Wenny给我们提供的买房服务,也祝她的生意越做越好!
71355629 SLD Lexington MA,Asking for 529K, Sold for 532K (3 offers)
Hi Wenny, “久闻大名”,今日亲自领教你的敬业, 高效,负责。非常感谢你帮我们抢到了房子!
Thanks Wenny - you really deserve the full commission!
Listing Agent:
You were so wonderful to work with and I hope we can co-broker soon again.
71355920 SLD Newton MA, asking for 599K, sold for 585K
(the offer was accepted before two other offers coming in)
We chose Wenny as our agent because she is a Christian. After working with her for a few months, we have to say she didn't disappoint us in the least as a Christian and as an agent. She always puts her client's interest first. The first house we liked was listed at $729K, which was close to our budget limit. Being aware of the multiple offer situation, we made an offer at $730k. The listing agent came back implying our offer was not good enough and asking for our final and best offer. As much as we liked the house, we couldn't really afford raising the offer much. Even though we didn't get the house in the end, we really appreciate her hard working. Wenny also has a large pool of contactors including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, fellow agents, etc. It's been a pleasure working with all of the them. Thank you, Wenny and Keep up the good work.
71366264 SLD Belmont MA, asking for 599K, sold for 605K(8 offers)
Wenny: 谢谢你推荐你的朋友给我!

71284132 SLD Lexington MA, asking for 1.1M, sold for 1.045 Million
我们很庆幸选择了Wenny做我们的agent。Wenny帮助我们拿到比我们自己预期还低的offer。没有Wenny和她的team的帮助,我们这个一波三折的case很可能就close不了,更可能连5% deposit都丢了。
We feel that Wenny really put our interests first. She used her skills and patient to help us completed this complex and sometimes dangerous process. At the end we are very happy on our purchase. Thank you Wenny!

71334161 SLD Wayland MA, asking for 499K, sold for 470K

71330975 SLD Carlisle MA, asking for 1.249M,sold for 1.15Million
我们在波士顿地区的第二次买房,途经三个区(Lexington, Westford, Carlisle),经历了买房 > 盖房 > 又买房的变化, 历时近两年,看了已记不起多少处房子. 整个过程, Wenny 一直在我们身边,从没有催促和急躁. 她的高效,敬业,勤恳,加上丰富的经验和从长远入手的态度,让我们在心里已经把她当做一个非常值得信赖的朋友. 今天搬进新房,无论是房子的选择,最后的价格,还是交易的过程,我们都非常满意, 觉得两年的努力没有白费. 另外Wenny还是一个丰富的信息库,我们的贷款,找contractor,都是她推荐的,解决了我们好多问题,节省了时间. 将来有买房或卖房,我们还是最信得过Wenny
Wenny: 好的客人,是暖心的客人。我们互相成全。感谢主,我这样的客人太多了。

71373278 SLD Belmont MA, asking for 830K, sold for 840K(4 offers)
谢谢wenny帮我们买到心仪的房子。wenny对装修价格很了解,在看房估价时有很大帮助。在发表个人意见时也很客观。后续服务诸如贷款、装修也会积极提供帮助。能争取的优惠即使我们不知情也不遗余力尽量争取。作为first home buyer, 我们受益匪浅。祝wenny生意兴隆,人气更旺!
71381100 SLD Lexington MA, Asking for 549K, sold for 575K (8 offers)
Dear Wenny,
這次買屋我們是從今年三月初開始找房子,到五月中拿到房子,中間一共經歷過四個房屋仲介。最先找了一位在網路上寫了很多麻州房地產資訊,心想:應該很專業吧,請她帶了幾間房子,從看屋過程中,我們就知道那位沒甚麼經驗。沒有辦法給我們有用的建議。接下來在open house時也認識了另外兩位在Lexington非常資深房屋仲介,其中一位只想要幫我們買房子,不是想幫我們買到好房子;另一位服務態度非常好,非常主動積極約我們去看屋,很可惜,我對她看房地產市場跟房子價值有很大的落差,也不夠專業,看房子時,我們問的問題,大部分她都沒有答案。連我們最在意的學區也沒辦法回答。
71333509 SLD Lexington MA, Asking for 1049K, Sold for 950K
找到Wenny是看了她文学城的博客。朋友说你还真从网上找代理啊,总得有人推荐吧.可我总觉得朋友那儿听来的代理的故事都不怎么靠谱, 或是推你买不喜欢的, 有喜欢的连个offer都递不上去. Wenny的博客让我对她有一种信任,说不清为什么.
在狼多肉少的Lexington抢个房子真的很难. 绝望中看到一个挂在市场多日的地点绝佳的房子,condition 稍差. 问Wenny可否挥大刀砍倒我的承受范围. Wenny轻描淡写的说:“试试呗,闲着也是闲着”没想到两个回合下来竟然谈成了. 卖方代理气急拜坏的说:“这个价钱只能是sold as is。”Wenny 照样轻描淡写说:“不要紧, inspection完了再说。”Inspection完了, 在Inspector的report当天出不来的情况下,Wenny连夜写了inspection response, 还拍了照片,找来contractor估计修理价格, 当晚发给卖方要credit. 卖方同样气急败坏的说:“不是告诉你sold as is,发些烂照片来干嘛?” Wenny说“你先给seller看看再说”下午卖主竟然同意给了全额credit.
签Purchase and Sale之前又出了点麻烦,Wenny跑到town里几次确认,最后卖方终于同意解决,免了以后的麻烦.Wenny很有效率,想到了马上办.有点不忍看她大半夜开车去送文件. 百忙中她还会打电话提醒我今天morgage rate 好,赶快lock.
Wenny是值得信赖的, 我的直觉是对的!
SLD Lexington, MA New constuction Sold for $1.432 million
Thank you, Wenny! We are glad the purchasing process happened so quickly and smoothly in the past two weeks. We happened not to have any plans this holiday and we had plenty of time to work on this. It was perfect timing. The location, the floor plan, the completion time and the price range are all great. Thanks again for your help.
Listing agent:
"You are so smart to choose Wenny as your agent. " No MLS number after closing, you and I do not get credit for selling this house because 别的Brokers会不高兴我把房子给你的客人私下里成交。反正你有你的commission,这是最重要的。
71331713 SLD Chelmsford, MA, Asking for 230K, Sold for 220K
Jeff, thanks for your help in our house purchasing. We can always get quick response from you for any question we asked. You are very descent gentleman with great patience and very knowledgeable in real estate business. Thanks again and have a great weekend.
71397288 SLD Lexington, MA, Asking for 305K, Sold for 305K (2 offers) 
When we decided to transfer out daughter to Lexington, we asked our friends to refer us to a top selling agent with a good reputation. She sent us to Wenny. How blessed we were!
She showed us resales, told us what we should aware of when the time to make the best selection. Wenny was our Lexington angel---assisting us every step of the way. Her did support and expertise us signing a contract, helped us with inspections, and provided helpful information.
We happily settled into our new Lexington home and we have Wenny to thank for making this transition to a brand new lifestyle easy for us. She has been an excellent resource; even after moving in, which is proof that Wenny does mptstop serving at the closing table.
We will be recommending her to our friends and acquaintances. After all, they should have the BEST Lexington agent too!
71284562 SLD Lexington, MA, Asking for 309K, Sold for 298 (2 offers) 
Thank you, Wenny! Love you and the house.
71351607 SLD Acton, MA, Asking for 429.9K, Sold for 412K
Wenny 非常专业,不仅仅是对房子本身,而且对各个不同地区的把握也非常好,不同的区,不同的策略,我们最开始在L看上一个房,如果听Wenny的话抢下来真是非常好的deal,但是我们经验不足错失了。然后转战大波郊区,当我看到一个喜欢的迷你小房,Wenny却一直碎碎念我,说这里不是L了,等着我后悔再来找她卖房吧,现在想来Wenny真是为了我们买房自讨苦吃,不肯提前两个月轻轻松松拿一样的报酬(Wenny:不一样,当时人家给的 2.5;后来拿的2.0commission,越拿越少),这么“笨”的代理,大家就好好珍惜吧,^_^
对大局把握足够,我们现在买的房子是bank owned,很多麻烦和惊险都被她一一化解了,满足了我们的心愿.但也花了她不少心思,并介绍适合的专业人士给我们还有一点就是非常热心,总是及 时回答问题,让我这种first time buyer 心理压力减小很 多。

71363758 SLD Acton, MA, Asking for 599K, Sold for 570K
Often it is hard to find a good deal for relocation due to extra time constraints. As fortunate as you are, we found this website. We are very happy to have Wenny and Jeff to work with us in the past two months. Our deal is great. We are able to find a home with a very competitive price. This is mainly due to Wenny and Jeff’s good sense of the market and fast responses and actions. To make the process much smooth, they sacrifice their time to accompany with us from inspection to closing and answer questions we may have. Their advices on things to replace and repair and finding good contracts from their many years’ experience are so much helpful.
71403642 SLD Wayland, MA, Asking for 410K, Sold for 403K
We have been looking for houses for a while, mostly in belmont area, and finally made up our minds that Belmont is too expensive for us and begin to look around in other towns this summer. We have see some of wenny's post on wenxuecity before and believe that she is the right person who can help us.
We're very impressed with Wenny's efficiency, she is always there when we have questions. We have been following the house market for a while, and when we saw the house that we bought later was on the market the first day, we are very interested and called Wenny right away to request to see the house. We're very surprised when Wenny told us that we could go on the same day. We went to see the house, the family was still leaving there and I have to say they are very good at decorating the house. Our whole family liked the house a lot, and we made a offer on the same day and the house was closed about 5 weeks later. As first house buyer we had a lot of questions and we're glad that Wenny alwayls replied on time. After the house inspection and Mortgage application we actually had to go back to China for 3 weeks due to family emergency, we are not so worried that something might go wrong when we are not here because we know Wenny and Vivian (our mortgage agent) will do their best to help us. We are glad everything went smoothly and we are glad that we made the right choice! we also like to thank Jeff, who is so patient with us for the final walk through.
BTW, if you call Wenny and feel like you haven't finish the conversation but Wenny already said good bye and hang up the phone, do call her back, I am sure you are not the first one to have this feeling. It took me a while to get used to it.
Wenny: 谢谢指正!

71405639 SLD Newton, MA, Asking for 290K, Sold for 288K (2 offers) 
在买房上,真的感谢wenny 和 Jeff 联手给予周全的帮助。Wenny的丰富的房地产经验,敏锐的市场感,Wenny 和 Jeff 及时的交易和有效的工作程序,在我们买房时尽显。在出价时, 凭着Wenny的经验和智慧,Jeff 的合作,我们的给价在竞争中出选。在房检和房贷细节和关节上,他们俩有耐心,把事情把握得有尺有寸。 Wenny是一个工作能力强又有爱心的人。我为自己选了wenny而高兴。 我丈夫也非常认可她的能力和为人。 我们都认为Jeff 是个有耐心且让人喜欢的人。
We are sincerely thankful for the help Wenny and Jeff as a team has given us for buying our home in the Boston area. Wenny's rich experience in Real Estate, sharp sense for the market, their quick responses and effective communication helped us reach an agreement with the sellers. When making our offer, Wenny's expertise and efficiency meant that our offer was quickly acted upon and accepted. Wenny and Jeff were patient handling important details during the inspection and mortgage loan processes. They negotiated properly and alerted us when needed. Wenny is a person who has a strong ability for the job and a kind heart. I am glad that I made the right decision selecting her as our agent. My husband also praises her ability and personality. We also appreciate Jeff's patience and pleasant personality.
Best & have a good weekend.

71293131 SLD Boston, MA, Asking for 780K, Sold for 760K
Thank you so much, Wenny! We can't get the house for this price without your help.
71418332 SLD Belmont, MA, Asking for 810K, Sold for 820K (7 offers)
Thanks for the good news and your dedication to the work. We're lucky to have you as our agent.
Bravo, Wenny! Let's hope the rest sails smoothly to close the deal.
We absolutely trust you as a friend, not just our broker.
Listing agent: They got a bargain. The house is fantastic! My seller's argument was your buyer's gain. Hey- it works.
They are lucky to have aggressive brokers like you. Wenny you told me so Sunday. You proved it.
About 7 other very upset brokers, agents and clients. Oh well. You did a better job!
I hope your clients know that! We are all set. Talk soon guys. Sincerely,

71407157 SLD Andover, MA, Asking for 699K, Sold for 699K
我们第一次买房,什么也不懂的,在网上随便搜了一下,看到wenny的博客有好多顾客的feed back.抱着试试看的态度给wenny发了email询问了几个区的情况,最后锁定了ANDOVER,经历种种波折终于搬进新居了。由于买的是new construction,好多东西都可以自己选。Wenny很热情也很专业,开车带着怀孕9个月的我去选橱柜选大理石,对于选什么柜子我也是不懂,wenny给了很有用的建议。后来我生宝宝的时候又要选油漆和房子的颜色,wenny又专门拿着样板跑到医院,总之很为我们着想,很贴心的。在这里不能不说一下我们那个狗血的builder,各种的不负责任,还延期交房,wenny天天帮我们跟builder那边打架,帮我们争取权益,很负责任。总之买房找wenny没错滴!
From Wenny:Builder是很狗血,不寻常。
71433972 SLD Weston, MA, Asking for 550K, Sold for 590K (15 offers)
From Wenny: 路漫漫,我们一起走了三年,是我最初在RE/MAX的客人,终于找了个Deal,圆满了

71430969 SLD Bedford, MA, Asking for 550K, Sold for 566K (4 offers)
初识wenny是缘于同事的强烈推荐和她的网络日志,我当时一篇不落的通读了她的所有文章,顿感获益良多。于是这大半年下来,wenny陪着我们跑遍了95边上大大小小的town。我们真切地感到wenny作为我们的agent,更是非常值得信赖的好朋友和房屋房产方面的好老师。初次买房的我们刚开始看房时更像在看热闹,wenny每次一下车就房前屋后里里外外带着我们细细地转,对于房子的优缺点直言不讳,详细指出和解释我们自己没注意到的种种问题,跟wenny我们学到很多有用的知识。wenny对待客户认真敬业热情耐心,处处站在我们这边,我们没有想到的都细心的帮我们想到,我们想了解的都及时帮我们查询。 wenny说话做事专业高效,回复及时到位,沟通能力强,专业经验一流,对房屋修建装修的方方面面都十分清楚,有这样经验丰富的agent帮我们把关我们自然放心很多啦!(wenny自己went thruogh过建房的每一步哦,见波士顿造房记)。wenny经验还表现在对房市和房价的准确判断以及抢房子时候的运筹帷幄,特别在好区好房大家抢的情况下尤为关键。我们深有感触,lp根据我们的几次亲身经历总结成一句话,“听wenny没错的”!呵呵。在multipile offer情况下,wenny动作快,反应迅速,知道如何出价最合理,如何去present offer和neogotiate,在大家价格都差不多的时候让我们的offer脱颖而出,最终帮我们用理想的价格抢到理想的房子。

71343678 SLD Weston, MA , Asking for 549K, Sold for 530K
这块地卖的一波三折,惊心动魄,共有三家builder轮番登场,真心感谢Wenny and Karen。
71430593 SLD Belmont,MA, Asking for 589K, Sold for 620K (3 offers)
我们是第一次买房子,没有任何经验,开始的看房子过程中,wenny 不断地教给了给了我们很多知识,使我们慢慢成熟起来,知道了怎样把我们对房子模糊的期待和现实结合起来,心中慢慢建立起来了对房子的判断的标准。
我们要在winchester,belmont,lexington区买房子,这些都是竞争十分激烈的地方,在这种情况下,agent 经验是否丰富,能不能给出准确的判断,把握时机及时的作出反应,并同时能为客人的利益着想就显得特别重要。而Wenny在这些方面都很出色,对我们能够最后能交易成功起到了很大的作用。 另外, Wenny 爽快利落的办事风格也让我们的沟通十分顺畅。之后的房检,装修,wenny 帮我们参谋,提供信息,推荐人,不遗余力帮了我们很多忙。真心地感谢Wenny
71434682 SLD Belmont, MA, Asking for 549K, Sold for 549K(2 offers) 
Wenny是我见过的最友好最专业的agent。我非常庆幸在我第一次买房的过程就能遇到她。她回应迅速在第一时间帮我递offer,分析价位,让我顺利拿到喜欢的房子。因为买new construction,我们从下offer到 closing折腾了近三个月,Wenny一次又一次开车带我选装修材料,送厨房电器,连她老公都搭上很多时间,让我们非常感动。我第一次买房没有经验,很早就lock了贷款利率,结果closing推迟我被银行罚款。Wenny又主动提出帮我承担费用,其实根本不是她的责任。总之在整个买房过程中要不是Wenny我们不知要多操多少心,生多少气。每次看到Wenny不分昼夜不休周末替我们张罗,我都感慨万千。这么敬业的人没有理由不成功!衷心希望Wenny的事业更上层楼!
71436472 SLD Bedford, MA, Asking for 895K, Sold for 872.5K
搬家用的纸箱终于消失了,家具衣物各就个位,家用电器也开始各司其职。终于有了家的感觉。回想这半年来找房的起起伏伏,我要对我的经纪人Wenny说声,谢谢。2012年5月,Labor Day后,我只身一人来到Boston。妻子和一对儿女以及来美探亲的父母暂时留在了北卡。买房自然提到了日程。问了周围几个朋友和同事,他们都没推荐他们用过的买房经纪人。可见让客户满意并不是一件容易的事。一个朋友提到了Wenny,虽然他没有和Wenny合作过,但听说她做得不错。这让我想起曾经在MITBBS上看过Wenny写的造房记以及她对MITBBS上一些无谓的争执所表现出的隐忍和大度,让我觉得她是一个理性和成熟的人。于是联系了Wenny开始了每周看房的历程。刚开始我还有些担心,怕Wenny在Boston地区也不过3-5年,未必了解我想要的学区,或者对我想要的价位的房子不很熟悉。通过几次接触,我慢慢打消疑虑,Wenny对整个Cambridge和周围地区都很了解,尤其是Belmont和Lexington。尤为可贵的是Wenny对每个房子都直率的表达出意见,并不会因为我的喜恶而改变。这对我来说有很大的参考价值,尤其是那时我对市场还不够了解。

开始的时候,我并不着急,因为要熟悉周围的Town,了解交通和学区。Wenny对我也没有催促,我们先后一起看了Belmont, Lexington, Newton, Lincon, 以及Acton的房子。Boston房子的贵我有一些心理准备,但房子的老旧却有些出乎意料。Belmont虽然交通便利,但房子多为上世纪初的古董。从北卡那种全新的房子换到Belmont的古董房子,我一时半会还无法适应。Lexington是我喜欢的Town。但能看得上的房子又超出了我想负担的上限。这期间我先后给Lincon和Lexington的房子出价,两次Wenny都割让了一些她的利益来让我的出价更有竞争力,然而两次都没能中标。其中Lexington的房子,我已经尽最大努力比要价高出3万多,居然没有进第二轮的前三名。看着房价的不断提升,妻子一人带两个孩子的辛苦,和不知何时是尽头的买房历程,我不免焦灼起来。这时,Bedford的一处房子吸引了我,它环境优雅安静,背靠树林,周围的房屋新而整齐,屋内布局良好,宽敞明亮,有些方面甚至比起我在北卡的房子更胜一筹。于是和卖家开始了讨价还价。Wenny帮我把周围成交房价进行了比较,使我对房子的市场价格有一个心理定位。Wenny看出了我对房子的喜爱,但不断地提醒我要hold住,以达到我理想的价位。经过几轮的讨价还价后,我和卖家终于达成了协议。于是,我就高高兴兴的进行了房屋检查,准备贷款事宜。房屋检查和贷款经纪人都是Wenny推荐的,这时我对Wenny是100%信任,几乎所有的大事小情都由她提醒。一切就绪后,我回到了北卡过圣诞,并让妻子辞职休假,准备搬家。这时,戏剧性的事情出现了,贷款公司要求我们补充材料证明妻子的工作不会受到搬家的影响。妻的辞职信刚刚上交,我们没法拿出证明。由于我们还有北卡房子的贷款,贷款经纪人觉得我一个人的收入可能正好在支撑我们新贷款的边缘。由于我们贷的是Jumbo Loan,贷款经纪人也不能打保票,决定权在银行。于是我们面临着贷款被拒的风险。而且适逢圣诞,银行的决定迟迟不能下来,房子是否能按时close也成了疑问。而卖房经纪人对于我们可能出现的贷款问题表现强硬,威胁要没收我们的押金,因为是我们主动辞职带来的后果。整个圣诞我们都在忐忑不安中等待贷款的消息。这时,Wenny提出了一个令我吃惊的提议,如果我贷款未能通过,她愿意由她出面帮我筹集现金买房,然后我再慢慢还钱给她。而且在几个小时之内,她就确定了可以筹措的现金数额。经纪人做到这个份上,我真的无话可说。虽然最后我的贷款有惊无险的拿下,Wenny的提议给了我一个巨大的peace of mind,使我知道即使在最差的情况下,我也有退路。


Wenny: 感激和信任是相互的,我们买卖双方彼此成全

71439707 SLD Lexington, Asking for 1.349Million,Sold for 1.26Millon
Wenny is a great buyer's agent. She is knowledgeable, responsible and thinks in your shoes. We closed on our house 3 months from we started looking, hassle free.
71436039 SLD Winchester, MA, Asking for 549K, Sold for 560K (3 offers)
It’s well known that buying a home in Boston is quite a challenging“mission”, especially for the first home buyer like us. Wenny make this mission impossible possible. From the time we started looking for home with Wenny till the time we get our new home key only took less than 3 months! Wenny gave us a lot of suggestions, and never pushed us to make any offer. She responses email or phone calls very promptly, even if when she was on vacation in China. Wenny also referred good home inspectors, mortgage agents, and constructors to us. We will definitely recommend her to our friends.
71447119 SLD Needham, MA, Asking for 579K, Sold for 565K(2 offers)
She helps not only to get the house, but also gives a lot of help and advices regarding house renovation
She is more than perfect especially for the first house buyer.Wenny, Thanks a lot...

71466139 Rented, Arlington, MA, asking for $1900
You sure deserve more compliments, but I am not good at words. :-)
Thanks for all your help and advice. I don't know what to do without your help.




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