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栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗

(2010-11-09 15:43:04)


分类: 《艺术经纬》No.10

栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗





The characters of Lizi’s works are thin, sad and indulgeing in it and have no gender. That is my first impression. She often wear black and loose skirt. From interviewing her I found that she of cause is high instinct about the soul women. Asura, Satan, unlimited love, desire and gender…… If love can control the feeling in the world, if we can find the happy and free way of heaven.



I Would Like to be Ashura

In terms of psychology, a person’s early life experience, especially the life during the  childhood and teenager,  has great influence on him or her. Can you talk about your early life experience?
When I was child, I was in poor health. I took part in the swimming team of Hubei Province when I was five years old. My aim was just exercise not hope win the games. because I don’t like the competition environment, it make me feel nervous. I like do self-challenging things, painting seems to be such one. When I was a kid I like to draw very much and I feel I like it exceeding anything else. I remember I told my parents when I was 4 years old that if you give me a pen, I could enjoying myself one day. At that time, every day I was painting a lot of pictures which have story plot. But I deliberately disorder the paper or not to draw a plot, because I don’t expect others understand it. Somehow I do not want to let others know what I was thinking about. I had many hobbies, I studied swimming, accordion, piano, skating, painting. But at last I choose painting as my job and I am very luck.
I heard that you like the religion. Are you interested metaphysics? Can you talk about your hobby?
I think I am a super sensitive person. For a place or a strange environment I often have some unusual experience. I have seen some supernatural events. I believe such things existing as I experienced presonally. I also like to read historical and religious books and I find it is very interesting. My suprenatural experience began when I was in high school but not only when I was in university. I predicated accurately some would be admitted to the university and some not among my classmates. But I do not predict anything, because I think it would effect my life. My life basicly is painting, I feel happy. When I tired, I like reading religion and occultism books. I also like sing, I transcribed my cd and sent them my friends. They like them.


栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗

Laterly  you call your solo exhibition “Asura”,what do you think Asura?
This is a good question and I have always wanted to write an article on Ashura, but I am so lazy that I would forget in a while. I think Ashura is a very interesting material.In buddhism, the Dao of Ashura is very strange, which is only advance and never retreat, the six Dao in Buddhism are: Heaven,  Humanity, Asura, Beast, Hungry ghosts, Hell. That is, once one joines the Asura’s Dao, it is very difficult to join other Dao. But Asura’Dao is different from the Dao of Heaven and Humanity, actually  it can integrate into other five Dao except Hell Dao. In other words, Asura Dao is existing in every other five Dao except Hell Dao.Then, how about does Asura look like? Men is described very ugly and weird physique in some Buddism books. Women are all beautiful, losing one’s soul to have a look at, so even if one comes from the heaven also admire the women from Asura Dao. Gods from Heaven Dao become Asura just because them lost their virtue, that is, to be demoted into Asura Dao. Asura raise human beings, who live naively and can compare with the Heaven. Though they have the untold delicacy,  they can not enjoy delicious food as they eat just like that of fish, which does not enjoy the delicious food.  All of the living beings having irritable temperament,  are liable to taking out the sword to fight fiercely.However, I  believe this is a uncompromising temperament and very idealistic character of Asura, they will adhere to themselves without ceasing, and I think this is the quality which the artists should process. So sometimes I think that the artist is Aaura, but how many in the real Heaven Dao could reach and access to? Even if not let me to long for. I believe that I am willing to be him even if  I am Asura, at least, I can insist on myself. And I do not think there is anything wrong of Asura.
Their lives are acute . Are your life and creation state acute?
I am at easy in my creation state and have no little acute. I paint likes I play. I like the state, I feel painting is my happy times.
When did you find the contents which your expected to express in your heart?
What I can say that it’s natural. When I was in high school, I drew a picture of two kissing in the water, this topic is the same as that of present work, of course, at that time there were not  the same skill as that of now, but it was very sincere. I like something to show oneself and I believe to my feeling also reflect all people’s feeling, as people are all interlinked. So from the freshman I expect I can express the image and story in my heart someday. Till graduation everyone feel curious of my painting with my own style obviously, but I think that is just what I want to express from I was a child.
You express a unconventional feeling in your works, can you talk about the problem of love?
I think that sex, gender, identity and body are linked by something,and this is love. It is love that  determine sex, because there will no sex impulsion without love. Therefore, gender,body and identity aren’t love or not love,because love is extensive and not to limit man love woman or woman love man. I think love is beyond any boundary and for love regardless of gender, race, difference of status, even species. Love is boundless. Difference of gender can not promote or eliminate the depth of love. Nor can body and identity determine the depth of love.

栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗

In your work, we can not distinguish the binary opposition of male and female. Are the portrait with obscure sexuality, omittance the breast, skinny characters the symbol to show the pain and “trauma” and confuse gender?
Because I painted a soul, I think it has not gender. That is, a man would have a feminized soul. Of course the soul is sad for experience a dead. So I think the soul has not gender and ethics and lightless material. So in my works it is a soft and lovely image. But the pain displayed in my work is also the hidden pain other than the pain which can be felt immediately,which proceeds from the exterior to the interior and infiltrates slowly. What I would like to show is just such things. I think that the reason of this pain is experienced by the emotion.This is a summary for the feeling experience, man and body. I think the reson that I do different from the other person is that I can express such fine feeling in each of my work.
In your works  we could read a erotic feeling  state beyond the binary frame, which got rid of the erotic Utopia concept based on the heterosexual construct. Whether is this a kind of life experience beyond the world individual love?
I think more no-desire love are narrating in my creating. It is interesting. If the love should be have desire ?  If a person without desire can love deeply? So no-gender souls petting and intimating each other would be shown in my works, but they have no body contact deeply. Maybe that is a sad ? It made readers  or they more sad for the thing that they have mental love and can not get their desire though body contact. So my works can bring readers a faint sad. The people are painted enjoy the close clearly but let readers feel sad. That is something I want to express. It is a interesting experience and it is what I express.
Did you once write that your understanding about the same sex love in your handwriting note? But I found you often talked about the narcissism lately. Can you explain your understand about two above?
I like study the buggers’s psychology or the narcissistic homoerotism. The homoerotism have many kinds. The important is what I like later. I think it is very interesting. I once took an example like this: for example, one woman like a girl student, don’t like a boy student. Do you think she would like the girl student who look like a boy student? I believe the answer is no. She like the girl student like herself. It different from the homoerotism which is understood by people traditionally. Because we regard the homoerotism as couple state daily to understand traditionally, which one emphasize masculinization and other feminization. In fact , when you see the real narcissistic homoerotism , they would be out of your expect. Because you don’t see who is masculinization and who is feminization from in person factors. That is the mode I am interested. So I think that is  the origin of homoerotism and it  origin from that they crazy about themselves including their body. I think the homoerotism and narcissistic have relation each other. That is what I study the feeling.


栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗


The Figures of Paintings Eyes are Open at Present

The figures often close their eyes in your painting  and you said the figures open their eyes lately. In terms of your inner heart, is it a transfrom?
I had thought what is the image of Satan. I think she is not fierce traditionally  in my mind. She is thin and pure in my mind. Because she is ghost, she has no sex . she was said pure because she was an angel once. Why does she retaliate the world? Because she open her eyes to see human kind’s ugly, which is she doesn’t want to see. That is why I paint open-eyes’s figure. What let them down is they see something that they don’t want to see. I struggle to express their weak and despairing eyes in my works. I don’t have ability to overture the ugly world and I just can struggle to accept and adapt it. In fact, I am not willing to accept it in my mind. So I just express it in my painting and I choice an  eyes to show. It is very difficult and special.
You had narrated once some kind femininity in your works, can you talk about your understanding?
Femininity is a neutral word, it is not  belong to the man or the woman. In another words, a man can has the femininity. The concept can extend another word “ woman art”. I think it should be changed “feminization art.” Because it is a neutral word,  anybody’s artworks can reveal the feminization tendency. Maybe the works of woman artist have not the tend. But my works will have the tendency. But only women can have the priviege of feminization tendency.
Your start transfer diverse technique of expression lately, sculpture, photograph, dance drama…… could you tell me your  next plan ?
I do a 40-minute dance drama now, and the name is Ashura. It has four acts. I nearly finish it now. I believe it will wonderful. I hope it can be played on theater. I think it is very interesting. It is another extend of my art thought. Diverse  technique of expression can let my thinking more open. I think artists should not consider the material in expressing works. Many people think artist should often transform style. I don’t think so.  The style has never changed because style  depend on your personality. But your schema would be changed and your art expression form can be changed. That is, you achieve your art style through more complicated and rich technique and not  single photograph, installment ,sculpture.  You can  synthesize the technique and  control art expression form.


栗 子:性相模糊的阿修罗



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