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英超第22轮 比赛前瞻 埃弗顿v热刺

(2011-01-04 22:34:52)





分类: 足球

英超第22轮 <wbr>比赛前瞻 <wbr>埃弗顿v热刺

I have been supporting Spurs for 24 years, my first game being away at Nottingham Forest as a three-year old. Gascoigne, Lineker and Mabbutt played in a 2-1 win for Spurs and I was hooked after that!

I am feeling pretty confident about Wednesday’s game at Goodison because we’re coming in to the game on the back of an 11 game unbeaten run and it’s been seven years since we’ve been defeated at Goodison.

Our run over the festive period has been almost perfect. We picked up maximum points and put in a couple of really solid performances, away at Villa with ten men and keeping clean sheets at home to Newcastle and Fulham respectively. Losing Defoe and Kaboul to suspension would be my only gripe, but we’ve got Dawson and Gallas back from injury, which has been a real boost.

Our manager Harry Redknapp has really set our stall out as genuine title contenders. That may be too ambitious this season, but it’s made us play every game with a real belief that we can win and I think that encourages the attractive, flowing football that we’ve been entertaining the Premier League and Champions League with so far this season.

In 2011, I hope that Spurs continue to grind out results against the teams that historically we find hard to break down. Our defence seems to be tightening the belt over the last month, which has been a problem this season and I think that will give us a chance to keep our spot in the top four. The Champions League has been non-stop drama so far and if we can give a good account of ourselves against AC Milan, you never know how far we can go!

Our best performer this season has been Luka Modric. Gareth Bale has taken many plaudits and deservedly so, but Modric has been a lynchpin in our best performances this season. He has a way of dominating a midfield, almost unnoticed at times, but his work rate and ability to instigate a counter attack is invaluable. He’s struck up such a dangerous partnership with Van der Vaart and they’re capable of undoing any defence in the league.

During the January transfer window I think Spurs will be fairly quiet, but you can usually rely on us to provide some deadline day drama! Van der Vaart’s eleventh hour arrival in August looks to be one of the best bits of business in recent history and you know Redknapp will be on the look out for a similar gem. He is keen to bring Beckham in, which will give us a good option and great experience, but the elusive ‘typical striker’ seems to be the main area we need to strengthen in.

Everton will have to watch out for Gareth Bale. If he’s given space to play and run in to, he can be devastating. He seems to add more to his game each week and that makes it difficult for defences to work him out.

Everton's best player this season has been Tim Cahill. He’s kept Everton afloat as a makeshift striker in an injury hampered squad. He’s going to be sorely missed whilst he’s away on International duty. I’ve been impressed with Coleman again and players like him, Saha and Arteta are going to need to find form to compensate for Cahill’s absence.


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