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(2011-09-14 17:54:19)


[0:0.0]    Subtitles revised by Xer
[1:52.80] 击向脑袋左边   Head cocked to the left.
[1:54.31] 废其听力   Partial deafness in ear.
[1:56.37] 这是第一下   First point of attack.
[2:0.32] 第二 击向喉咙 废其声带 让他叫不出声   Two. Throat. Paralyze the vocal cords. Stop screaming.
[2:3.48] 第三 肯定是酒鬼 对准肝脏方向猛击肋骨   Three. Can be a heavy drinker. Punch the rib to the liver.
[2:6.98] 第四 也就是最后 拖住左腿 击碎膝盖骨   Four. Finally, drag the left leg. Fist the patella.
[2:11.54] 小结 不省人事90秒   Prediction of loss of consciousness: Exactly 90 seconds
[2:15.67] 攻击效果: 最多15分钟 完全康复: 不太可能   Complete recovery of the colleges Unlikely.
[3:31.61] - 帽子不错 - 我捡来的   - I like the hat. - I just picked it up.
[3:34.82] 你没带枪吗?   You remember your revolve?
[3:36.61] 我就知道会忘带东西   I knew I had forgotten something.
[3:38.62] - 我以为家里炉子没关上 - 确实   - I thought you had left the stove on. - You did.
[3:43.69] 应该够了吧   I think that is quite enough.
[3:45.90] 毕竟你是医生   You're a doctor, after all.
[3:53.23] 见到你一向很开心 华生   Always nice to see you, Watson.
[3:57.86] 警长呢?   Where is the inspector?
[3:59.92] 在召集人马呢   He is getting his troops lined up.
[4:2.46] 那可不知道要等到什么时候了   That could be all day.
[5:2.33] 歇洛克·福尔摩斯   Sherlock Holmes.
[5:5.42] 还有他那条哈巴狗   And his loyal dog.
[5:7.74] 我很好奇 医生   Tell me, doctor
[5:9.21] 作为一名医务工作者 你是否 喜欢过我的杰作?   As a medical man, have you enjoyed my work?
[5:12.59] 让你看看 我有多喜欢   Let me show you how much I've enjoyed it.
[5:15.45] 华生! 不!   Watson! No!
[5:21.30] 仔细观察   Observe.
[5:25.96] 你怎么看到的?   How did you see that?
[5:28.22] 因为这就是我在找的   Because I was looking for it.
[5:34.44] 布莱克伍德!   Lord Blackwood!
[5:37.31] 你好像有点吃惊啊   You seem surprised.
[5:39.25] 我想说我们更应该关心那姑娘   I would say that the girl deserves attention more than him.
[5:43.32] 确实   Indeed.
[5:50.56] 哦 我要是你的话就不会去碰   Oh, I'd leave that alone if I were you, will ya?
[5:53.63] 好孩子   Good lad.
[5:55.66] 来的真是时候 雷斯垂德   Impeccable timing, Lestrade.
[5:58.85] 一个进医院 一个送刑场   We have a physician, and one to the gallows.
[6:2.59] - 克拉基? - 长官   - Clarky? - Mr.
[6:4.13] 这位女士要马上送医院   This woman needs a hospital immediately.
[6:6.34] - 把她抬到圣母像后面 - 这边 对   - Put it in the back of the carriage. - Yes, sir.
[6:9.65] 把他带走 伙计们   Get him outta here, boys.
[6:15.62] 不介意吧?   If you do not mind.
[6:19.17] 别让我看见他   Get the man out of my sight.
[6:26.33] 你应该等我发指令的   And you were supposed to wait for my orders.
[6:29.1] 要是我等的话 你就要来收尸   If I had, you would be cleaning up a corpse
[6:31.89] 捕风捉影了   and chasing a rumor.
[6:33.64] 况且雇我的是这姑娘的父母 不是苏格兰场 (苏格兰场是伦敦警务处总部的名字)   Besides, the girl's parents hired me, not the Yard.
[6:36.75] 为什么要请我这个外人帮你 我也不清楚   why they thought you required any assistance beyond me?
[6:39.83] - 伦敦城总算能松口气了 - 确实   - London will breathe relieved. - Indeed.
[6:43.70] - 恭喜你 雷斯垂德 - 太棒了 督察   - Congratulations, Lestrade. - Bravo, Inspector.
[6:46.21] 来根雪茄吧   Have a cigar.
[6:47.83] 先生们...   Gentlemen ...
[6:49.27] 笑一个!   Cheese!
[6:53.52] 苏格兰场抓住凶手   SCOTLAND YARD catch a killer
[6:56.52] 大侦探福尔摩斯   SHERLOCK HOLMES
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[7:26.78] 156比80   156/80.
[7:28.86] 很好   Very good.
[7:30.47] 我的神经这几年已经 好得不能再好了 谢谢   My blood pressure has been the best in years, thanks to you.
[7:34.5] 哦 跟我说说   Tell me one thing:
[7:35.72] 你的新住所 你什么时候搬?   Your new home when you change?
[7:39.27] 应该一周内就搬   I will be changing within a week.
[7:41.35] 卡文迪许区   Cavendish Place.
[7:43.50] 那里女人不少哦   And there will be a feminine touch, too.
[7:45.17] - 太好了 - 确实啊   This is, indeed, wonderful.
[7:48.18] 老天爷!   Absolutely. God!
[7:51.16] - 有人开枪! - 不 不 不 不   - This was shot! - No, no.
[7:54.59] 是用锤子砸钉子吧   Were hit with a hammer, not?
[7:56.43] 是我同事 应该是在挂画   My colleague, probably ... preaching pictures on the wall.
[7:59.87] 我去看看   I'll check.
[8:2.18] - 你同事? - 对   - Your friend? - Yes
[8:4.40] 他不会跟你一起搬走吧?   He does not change with you, right?
[8:7.6] 不 他不搬   No, he will not.
[8:11.84] 哈德森太太...   Ms. Hudson ...
[8:13.19] 我可不想自己进去 尤其他手上还拿着枪   I will not go there alone. Nobody has firearms in this house.
[8:16.25] 你不用进去 把报纸给我吧   You will not need to go in there, way. Give me the newspaper.
[8:18.55] 你走了我该怎么办 医生?   What will I do when if you, Doctor?
[8:20.8] 他会把整间屋子都拆掉的!   He will destroy the whole house!
[8:21.43] 他没案子破而已   He just needs a new case that's all.
[8:23.41] 你能不能再晚点结婚?   It could have a longer engagement?
[8:25.78] 有火药味 太不象话了 这可是在家里   I smell gunpowder. This is not right! Not in a home environment.
[8:30.55] 谢谢 菲利普队长   Thank you, Captain Phillip.
[8:32.69] 喝点茶压压惊吧...   Maybe a nice cup of tea ...
[8:34.78] 下周老时间见   Same time next week.
[8:37.47] 来 队长 楼下要安静些   Come on, Captain. It's quiet down there.
[8:38.99] 哈德森太太 给他来点东西提提神   Mrs. Hudson? Bring something to cheer you.
[8:51.74] 请求进入军火库   Permission to enter in the arsenal.
[8:54.51] 准   Granted.
[8:57.83] 华生 我在设计一个   Watson, I am in the process of inventing device
[9:1.32] 能减小枪声的装置   deleting sound shot.
[9:6.81] 显然你没成功   Not working.
[9:9.11] 哦 我能看看吗?   Oh, I see it?
[9:18.69] 自从上一个案子以来 你有3个月没接案子了吧?   You know you are three months since your last case?
[9:26.40] 悠着点 悠着点 华生 别这么狠   Gently. Gently, Watson. Be gentle with me.
[9:31.54] 你不觉得你应该再找件案子来查吗?   I think it's time you find another.
[9:36.9] 找不到 但...我同意   I can not disagree.
[9:37.64] 我的脑子受不了这种无所事事的状态 我需要难题 需要工作   My mind and the techniques of war give me a hard time getting jobs.
[9:41.46] 越快越好   The sooner the better.
[9:43.49] - 报纸 - 谢谢   - Newspapers. - Thank you.
[9:46.25] 看看 还有封信   Let's see. You have a letter here.
[9:48.99] (布莱克伍德明日绞刑处死) 是 皇家园林的   BLACKWOOD TOMORROW WILL BE HANGED.
[9:50.88] 拉姆塞太太寄来的   Mrs. Ramsey, of Queenspark.
[9:52.31] 她丈夫失踪了   Her husband is gone.
[9:53.54] 在比利时呢 还有他的女帮厨   He is in Belgium, with the housekeeper.
[9:56.27] 已经11月了?   We are in November?
[9:58.24] 对 福尔摩斯   Yes, Holmes. What?
[10:0.65] 好吧 雷德福夫人   Lady Rathford reports ...
[10:3.63] 给她的祖母绿项链报了失   your emerald bracelet disappeared.
[10:6.20] 保险诈骗   It is an insurance scheme.
[10:7.45] 雷德福勋爵的马跑得不快 女人倒是换得很勤   Lord Rathford like women fast and slow pony.
[10:11.41] 等布莱克伍德吊死后 你负责验尸吧   I see you be the doctor present the hanging of Blackwood.
[10:14.40] 对   Yes
[10:15.56] 那是我们最后一次合作的案子   It was our last event together
[10:16.66] 我希望能看到案子最终结束   and I wanted to see it finished.
[10:26.9] 还有一个路易斯先生...   A man Louis ...
[10:27.38] 我此刻只关心一个案子   I'm thinking of a case that aroused my curiosity.
[10:30.79] 哈德森太太奇案   The Curious Case of Mrs. Hudson
[10:32.73] 总是不在的女房东   The absent owner of the land of tea.
[10:34.79] 我一直在观察她的进进出出   I've been studying their comings and goings.
[10:37.1] - 实在太诡异了 - 茶水 福尔摩斯先生   - And they appear too .. sinister. - Tea, Mr. Holmes?
[10:41.15] 下毒了吗 "奶妈"?   Is poisoned, "nanny"?
[10:43.3] 你已经够毒的了   There are already enough of that in you.
[10:45.8] 别碰 我的东西都摆得很好   Do not touch. Everything is in place.
[10:47.82] 就跟平时一样 "奶妈"   As usual, "nanny".
[10:51.42] 哦 他又把狗弄死了   He killed the dog ... again.
[10:54.5] 你又对格莱斯顿做什么了?   What did you do with Gladston, this time?
[10:56.36] 我只是测试了下新型麻醉药而已   I was just testing a new anesthetic.
[10:59.50] 它并不介意   He does not care.
[11:3.10] 福尔摩斯   Holmes
[11:4.40] 作为你的医生...   as your doctor ...
[11:5.61] 它很快就会好起来的   What was missing until recently.
[11:7.11] 我以一个朋友的身份...   Like his friend ...
[11:10.22] 你已经在这间屋子待了两星期了 我坚持要你出去走走   You've been in this room for two weeks. I insist, you must leave.
[11:14.33] 外面的世界都我来说没什么意思   There is nothing of interest, for me, out there on Earth.
[11:17.72] - 那 你今晚有空吗? - 当然   - So, you're free tonight? - Absolutely.
[11:22.5] - 一起吃晚饭? - 很好   - Dining? - Fine.
[11:23.18] - 皇家餐厅? - 我最喜欢了   - The Royal? - My favorite.
[11:24.96] 玛丽会来   Maria will be there.
[11:27.51] - 我没空 - 我要你见见她 福尔摩斯!   - It's not fair. - You will know it, Holmes!
[11:32.3] 你求婚了吗?   Have you ever asked your hand?
[11:34.11] 还没 我还没找到合适的戒指   No, I have not found the ring right.
[11:35.62] 哦 那就还不算正式   So it's official.
[11:37.50] 这已经是板上钉钉了 不管你赞成与否   It's happening, no matter if you like, or not.
[11:39.94] 晚上8点半 皇家餐厅   At 20:30, the Royal.
[11:41.15] - 穿好点 - 你穿好点吧   - Use a jacket. - Use you a jacket.
[12:19.26] 福尔摩斯!   Holmes!
[12:22.9] 你来早了   You're early.
[12:24.71] 流行嘛   As always.
[12:26.60] 玛丽·摩斯坦小姐   Miss Mary Morsten.
[12:28.51] 老天啊 很荣幸   My God. What a pleasure.
[12:31.51] 我真不知道他干嘛要 拖这么久才介绍我们认识   I do not know why it took so long to present us properly, honestly.
[12:35.20] 是我荣幸才对   The pleasure is mine.
[12:41.55] 见到你 我激动万分 福尔摩斯先生   It's really exciting meet you, Mr. Holmes.
[12:44.72] 我听说了很多你的事迹   Heard so much about you.
[12:47.32] 我家有一大堆侦探小说... 柯林斯的 爱伦·坡的   I have a stack of novels police at home: Collins, Poe ...
[12:50.64] 没错   True.
[12:52.4] 只是觉得有时候   Sometimes it seems implausible
[12:53.67] 通过细枝末节作出惊人推断 有点牵强   making these large assumptions based on such small details.
[12:57.25] 也不尽然吧   This is not entirely true, not?
[12:59.58] 事实上 细枝末节倒是最重要的   In fact, the small details are by far the most important.
[13:6.54] - 就拿华生来说... - 我也这么想的   - Take Watson ... - I intend to.
[13:11.21] 你看他这根手杖 是用稀有的非洲蛇木制成的   You see him walking with a rare African stick.
[13:14.2] 藏着把高强钢打造的利刃   hiding a steel blade
[13:17.65] 阿富汗战争时没几个 老兵才能获得的奖励   as those offered to veterans the war in Afghanistan,
[13:20.18] 所以我推断 他曾是名得过勋章的军人   therefore, we can conclude is a decorated soldier.
[13:23.6] 坚强 勇敢 天生的冒险家   Strong, brave, brave born to be an adventurer.
[13:26.14] 又很干练 跟所有军人一样   and clean, as all the soldiers.
[13:28.11] 再看看他的口袋   Now, checking his pockets.
[13:32.93] 啊 一张拳击赛的票   A bet on a boxing match.
[13:34.44] 如此说来 他又有点好赌   Now, I can assume that it a little bet.
[13:37.21] 我要是你 就得看好嫁妆   I would be eyeing the dowry if I were you.
[13:39.8] - 那是陈年旧事了 - 对 都过去了   - Those days are well behind. - Are extamente behind you.
[13:41.64] 好几次把我们的房租都赔进去了   It cost us the rent, more than once.
[13:44.2] 福尔摩斯先生 你跟约翰本来就很熟   With respect, Mr. Holmes, You know John very well.
[13:47.53] 如果是一个完全不认识的陌生人呢?   What about a complete stranger?
[13:50.63] 你能从我身上看出什么?   What can you say about me?
[13:52.19] - 你? - 我觉得这有点不...   - You? - I do not think it is ...
[13:53.53] - 我不知道是不是... - 吃饭的时候就算了   - I do not know if ... - I do not agree.
[13:55.2] - 要不下次吧 - 我坚持要这次说   - Maybe another time. - I insist.
[13:56.59] - 你坚持? - 我们讨论过这个   - You insist? - Do you remember what we talked about it.
[13:58.3] 是女士坚持的   The lady insists
[14:6.72] - 你是名家庭教师 - 很好   - You are a governess. - Okay.
[14:8.24] 对 很好 要不要...服务生!   Yes, very well. We ... Waiter!
[14:10.60] 你的学生...是个8岁的男孩   Your student ... It's a boy of eight years.
[14:14.10] 其实查理是7岁   Charlie is seven years, actually.
[14:17.1] 在他这个年龄算是高个子 他今天对你弹墨水了   So is tall for his age. Today smeared paint on you.
[14:20.75] - 我脸上沾到墨水了? - 你的脸没什么不妥   - There is paint on my face? - There is nothing wrong with your face.
[14:24.14] 是你的耳朵上有两滴   You have two drops in the ear.
[14:26.22] 印度蓝几乎没法洗掉   The blue of India is almost impossible to be washed.
[14:28.61] 反正那孩子有点毛躁   Anyway, the gesture this impetuous boy,
[14:30.55] 但作为一名经验丰富的教师 你并没有反应过激   suggests that it has the habit of act hastily
[14:32.95] 所以那家女主人才会把这副项链借给你   and Mrs. that you work for and from whom you borrowed the necklace.
[14:35.86] 珍珠 钻石 毫无瑕疵的红宝石   Pearls, diamonds, rubies Eastern.
[14:38.89] 不像是家庭女教师穿戴的珠宝   The buds of a ruler.
[14:43.89] 然而你没戴的首饰反倒透露出更多   But you do not have the custom of wearing jewelry and reveals several things ...
[14:46.5] - 福尔摩斯! - 你订过婚   - Holmes! - You have been engaged.
[14:48.72] 戒指不见了 稍浅的肤色说明   The ring disappeared, but the white skin the place where once was the ring suggests
[14:51.91] 你曾经戴着戒指在国外待过一段时间   you spent some time abroad behaving with pride
[14:54.7] 但又随后认识到它 并不怎么高的真实价值   and was informed on its small value,
[14:56.79] 于是你毁掉婚约回到英格兰   and then you broke the appointment and you come back England looking for someone better.
[14:59.65] 或许是为一个更好的前途 比如说嫁给一名医生?   Maybe a doctor?
[15:10.5] 你说的都没错 福尔摩斯先生 但除了一点   You're right in everything Mr. Holmes, except one.
[15:15.97] 我并没有抛弃他   I would not let him.
[15:18.22] 他去世了   He died.
[15:29.79] 很好 老伙计   Well, old man.
[16:59.72] 起来打啊!   Stand up and fight!
[17:0.39] 来啊!   Come on!
[17:1.89] 来啊!   Lift!
[17:16.98] 好了 大块头 结束了   You are great, good job.
[17:19.7] 你赢了 恭喜   You won. Congratulations.
[17:21.89] 喂 我们还没打完呢   I'm not done yet.
[17:28.66] 这时候不能丧失理智   This should not be registered an emotional level.
[17:32.65] 首先 扰乱对手的视线   First, distract the target.
[17:35.68] 接着挡住他这时候打来的刺拳   Then block his jab blind.
[17:37.87] 回一记侧拳 击向对方左脸   Counterattack with crossed in the left cheeks.
[17:40.52] 用双风贯耳扰乱对方   Let him disoriented.
[17:43.77] 他会头晕目眩 胡乱打出一击 这时用肘部抵挡   Confused, he tries to fight back savagely. Use blocking elbow.
[17:47.68] 然后猛击对方身体   And punched in the body.
[17:49.84] 接下来挡住左边的进攻   Next block: left.
[17:51.53] 肘击右下巴   Soften your jaw.
[17:54.31] 造成骨折   Now fracture it.
[17:57.72] 破坏右肋   Break the right ribs.
[17:59.73] 造成腹腔神经丛创伤   Traumamatize the solar plexus.
[18:2.2] 将下巴完全打脱臼   Scroll through the jaw.
[18:6.90] 朝横隔膜猛踹   Kick in the diaphragm.
[18:10.49] 结果如下:   Summary: Dizziness,
[18:12.27] 下巴骨折 肋骨3根骨裂 4根断裂   fractured jaw, three ribs broken, cracked four
[18:14.98] 横隔膜内出血   bleeding in the diaphragm.
[18:17.13] 生理恢复: 6星期   Physical: 6 weeks.
[18:18.49] 心理恢复: 6个月   Psychological recovery: 6 months.
[18:21.1] 向我后脑勺吐口水的能力   Ability to spit tobacco:
[18:22.74] 完全丧失   Neutralized.
[18:53.19] 这是哪一出?   Daonde that come from?
[19:34.39] 该死的到底是怎么回事 查理?   What the hell is going on here, Charley?
[19:36.60] 布莱克伍德像是给他施了咒   Lord Blackwood put some kind of curse on it, sir.
[19:38.90] 好像他体内有东西要往外烧   He seems to be burning from the inside out!
[19:45.65] 闭嘴!   Shut up!
[19:47.76] 查理 查理!   Charley. Charley!
[19:49.74] 马上把这人抬去医务室!   Take this man to the infirmary! Now!
[20:4.22] 这是怎么回事 布莱克伍德?   About what is it all, Blackwood?
[20:10.71] 我要见个人   There's someone I want to see.
[20:33.53] - 华生? - 对   - Watson? - Right.
[20:36.14] 我们走   Let.
[20:38.1] 这一开始仅仅是个实验   What began as a simple experiment
[20:40.13] 如今却带来了一个极具意义的发现   reached the edge of a monumental revelation.
[20:43.26] 如果我弹半音音阶   If I play the chromatic scale.
[20:46.45] 毫无反应   there is no measurable reaction.
[20:48.76] 要知道 你喝的东西是用来做眼部手术的   You know that is drinking vece is for eye surgery.
[20:51.77] 但是...   But ... now,
[20:53.39] 这就非常了不起了   and it is remarkable
[20:54.80] 如果我调到八音簇   if I switch to a wide tonal
[20:59.36] 瞧!   Voila!
[21:0.83] 它们便会沿逆时针方向   They fly in a counter-clockwise,
[21:2.37] 以同心圆的方式飞舞   in concentric circles synchronized.
[21:4.8] 这群虫子开始变得有规律了   It is a kind of herd organized.
[21:6.19] 华生 这太不寻常了   Watson is an exceptional discovery.
[21:7.30] 我 运用音乐理论 化无序为有序   I, using music theory, Created order from chaos.
[21:14.1] 你是怎么把它们引进去的?   How do you put them there?
[21:15.68] 好问题   Excellent question.
[21:17.18] 一个个地引进去的 我已经弄了有6小时了   Individually I met the six hours.
[21:20.89] 要是我这样呢?   And what happens if I do this?
[21:26.75] 把自己弄干净些   Clean up.
[21:28.31] 布莱克伍德的遗愿是要见你   You are the last wish of Blackwood.
[21:42.69] 看看那些塔形结构   Look at these tower structures.
[21:45.57] 这是吊桥从未尝试过的组合   The first combination of bridge Truck and suspended attempted.
[21:49.28] 非常有创意   Very innovative.
[21:54.3] 我们帝国真是勤劳勇敢!   The industrial empire!
[21:56.26] 哦 我昨晚替你赢了比赛   I earnings last night.
[22:1.91] 你没在 我照你的习惯替你下了注   You were not there, then I bet you did your usual.
[22:6.23] 你是对的 我会把这个 和你的支票簿放一起的   You're right. I'll stick with your checkbook,
[22:8.34] 安全地锁在我的抽屉里   locked in the safe in my office.
[22:12.64] 你知道有家歌剧院在演"唐·璜"吗?   Did you know that the opera house is displaying "Don Giovanni"?
[22:15.45] 我很容易就能弄两张票   I could easily get two tickets
[22:17.33] 要是今晚你有兴致的话   If you have any cultural inclination tonight.
[22:23.11] 安静是你很大的优点   You have a great gift of silence,
[22:25.26] 华生 作为同伴来说这是相当难得的   and Watson, this makes it somewhat invaluable as a company.
[22:30.98] 我知道她订过婚   I knew she was engaged.
[22:33.36] 她告诉过我   She told me.
[22:35.2] 看来是不去看戏了   This is not for the opera, then.
[22:43.8] 那是我的马甲   This is my vest.
[22:44.13] 我想我们都认为这太小了   I thought we agreed that he is too small for you.
[22:46.21] - 我要你放手 - 我想我们意见一致   - I would like to have him back. - I thought we agreed.
[22:48.4] 给我放手   I want him back.
[23:22.58] 这边请 福尔摩斯先生   Here, Mr. Holmes.
[23:25.63] 布莱克伍德似乎让民众异常狂热啊   Blackwood seems to have inspired some in the crowd frenzy of fear.
[23:29.62] 我想等到他翘辫子 狂热的人会更多   I'm sure will be dispersed so your legs stop shaking.
[23:33.24] 要一起来吗?   Can not come together?
[23:34.88] 不了 你自己去吧 老兄   No, you are yourself, 'rooster.
[23:36.22] 他活着的时候就没我什么事   I have no business with him while alive.
[23:38.31] 随你的便 "小弟弟"   Suit yourself, "mother hen".
[23:53.1] 好像这里还有不少空位啊   It appears that you have many empty cells here.
[23:55.96] 我们也是不得已挪开犯人的 先生   I had to change the prisoners, sr.
[23:57.85] 否则他们就会闹事   Otherwise we would face revolt.
[23:59.73] 他会对囚犯施妖术   It has an effect ... peculiar in prison, as if ...
[24:3.46] 就好像他能进入他们思想一样
[24:6.6] could penetrate into their minds.
[24:11.31] 要是你有其他事的话 我想自己能过去   I'm sure I can find the way if you have other duties.
[24:14.91] 非常感谢 先生 谢谢   It's very courteous, sir. Thank you.
[24:18.31] 我立于海边沙滩之上 看见海水中出现一头怪兽   ... and the dragon of the sea. And I saw the beast out of bodies of water
[24:26.17] 长有十角七头 角上又戴有十个冠冕   ... had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns,
[24:29.69] 每个头上都有个亵渎神灵的名号   and each head had a blasphemous name.
[24:30.58] 他们崇拜给予这怪兽力量的古龙   And people have glorified ... dragon which he gave the beast
[24:32.5] 又崇拜这怪兽 说   to e are glorified and the beast, saying,
[24:33.33] "谁又跟这兽一样?"    "What is like the beast?"
[24:34.77] 这兽长着豹身   beast which I saw has the body of a leopard,
[24:36.47] 熊掌及狮口   but had feet of a bear and was the lion's mouth.
[24:39.57] 古龙赐于这兽力量 王位及权威...   The dragon gave power unto the beast, his throne and great authority ...
[24:43.54] 我喜欢你搞的内饰装修   I like what you did with the place.
[24:47.43] 很高兴你接受了我的邀请   I'm glad you can accept my invitation.
[24:50.28] 我只是有点担心   I was just a small concern.
[24:53.73] 有什么能帮忙的吗?   How can I help?
[24:54.74] 因为感兴趣 我跟进了这系列谋杀   I watched with interest crimes
[24:56.74] 虽然我最初是因为 被害人的家人才接的这案子   And though my soul was first along with the families of the victims
[24:59.9] 但我还是无法忽视   I can not help but notice his mastery criminal.
[25:1.43] 在背后操控一切的你   And the particularity of its action.
[25:3.92] 你太客气了   You're very kind.
[25:5.6] 但是相较而言 你的密文绘画   However, by comparison, his work in the crypt
[25:7.44] 更像是指画   could be called only cave painting.
[25:13.47] 所以你很好奇是不是 还有什么更大的阴谋?   So now you're curious if there is some greater plan?
[25:16.44] 或者说 呃...   That or ...
[25:20.6] 很快 我朋友要宣布你的死讯   soon, you my friend, be pronounced dead
[25:21.75] 我只是陪着他而已   and I'm going to the company.
[25:24.7] 你错就错在以为   Your mistake is that you think
[25:25.91] 世俗的一切导致如今这一切   that any earthly thing led us to this moment.
[25:27.97] 你错误的判断在于假设我是主使人   Your misjudgment to think that I'm holding the brush
[25:30.19] 我只是个引路人而已   I'm just a medium.
[25:33.15] 我只希望早点抓住你   My only wish was that i had caught before.
[25:35.44] 我就不会那5个人枉送性命了   You see? Five lives could have been spared.
[25:39.84] 那些人的死是必须的   Those lives were a necessity.
[25:42.90] 必要的牺牲   Sacrifice.
[25:45.10] 还有5条微不足道的性命 将为一个更宏伟的目标做出贡献   Five other insignificant creatures serving a higher purpose.
[25:48.28] 我在想他们会不会同意华生和我解剖你的大脑   I wonder whether Watson will leave and I dissect his brain.
[25:51.1] 当然了 要等他们先吊死你   After hanging, of course.
[25:54.23] 我敢打赌 你脑子里的异变 肯定具有重大科学意义   I am sure that is deformed in some way significantly interesting for science.
[25:58.20] 而你也能为一个更宏伟的目标做出贡献   Then you also would serve a greater purpose.
[26:2.61] 福尔摩斯 眼睛睁睁大   Holmes, I must warn, in your case.
[26:5.86] 我担心你低估了接下来要发生的事   It worries me that you underestimate the importance events to come.
[26:11.39] 你我注定要开始一段 能改变整个自然结构的历程   You and I are embarking on a journey that will transform the very structure of nature.
[26:16.94] 但在你那充满逻辑的外表下 我嗅到了一丝软弱   But under his mask logic I feel a weakness ...
[26:21.35] 这让我很担心   ... worries me.
[26:24.7] 坚强起来 福尔摩斯   Calm your mind, Holmes.
[26:27.48] 我需要你   I need you.
[26:28.83] 你从上议院成员变作阶下囚   I'd say you have a long way even under the house of Lords.
[26:31.58] - 我会东山再起 - "一路顺风"   - I will rise again. - "Bon voyage".
[26:33.5] 注意听着!   Pay attention!
[26:34.64] 还会再死3个 你做什么都救不了他们   Three more will die and there is nothing you can do to save them.
[26:38.26] 你控制不了局势 认命吧   You must accept that is beyond their control.
[26:41.46] 等你意识到是你让一切成为可能   The moment you find you made all this possible
[26:45.21] 你将彻底发狂   will be the last thought within his mind.
[26:56.9] 他想怎样?   What did he want?
[26:57.90] 我不确定   I'm not sure.
[26:59.50] 但我觉得你们不用跟来 至少这个不用   But I do not think you need to follow it. Not this time.
[27:4.34] 亨利·布莱克伍德 你因施展邪术   Lord Henry Blackwood, you have been sentenced to death
[27:8.81] 杀害五名无辜年轻女子   the practice of black magic
[27:11.16] 杀害第六名未遂   the diabolical murder five innocent young
[27:13.52] 被判处死刑   and attempt to kill six other people.
[27:17.71] 你有何遗言吗?   What last words?
[27:20.58] 死亡...仅仅是开始   Death ... is just the beginning.
[28:0.48] 布莱克伍德已确认死亡   This is the end of Lord Blackwood.
[28:24.95] 伦敦一年的这几天真是阴冷   The weather in London is so dark this time of year.
[28:28.45] 并不是我在想新泽西的家   Not that I'm comparing with New Jersey,
[28:31.43] 我只是更希望在冬天外出   but many prefer to travel in winter.
[28:36.98] 我给你从叙利亚带了点东西   Thank you. I brought it to him. Syria.
[28:40.14] 我从约旦带了些精致的枣子   I found these pomegranates with a wonderful taste in Jordan
[28:42.93] 还有你最喜欢的...   and your favorite ...
[28:45.24] 基克拉迪群岛的橄榄   Olives Cyclades.
[28:47.89] 我想我们或许能一起开个茶会   I thought we could drink tea together
[28:50.9] 摆桌子的时候我发现了这个   and when I was setting the table. I found this.
[28:53.93] 一份标有我名字的文件   A folder with my name.
[28:56.78] "西班牙国王的韦拉斯克斯画像遭窃"   "The theft of the portrait of Velasquez King of Spain.
[29:0.37] "海军文档失窃 保加利亚首相引咎辞职"   "Documents have disappeared from the Navy Bulgarian prime minister will resign,
[29:5.60] "由于桃色绯闻"   Adventures scandalous put an end to the engagement ... "
[29:8.75] "哈普斯堡王子 与罗曼诺夫公主的婚约取消"   "Prince of Austria and Princess Romanov. "
[29:16.31] 我只是在研究你的手法   You just studying its methods.
[29:19.24] 如果当局要我抓捕你的话   In fact, the authorities have asked me to hunt you.
[29:22.93] 但我没看见文章里有提到我的名字啊   But I do not see your name in any these items.
[29:25.35] 但很明显是你的手法   But his signature was clear.
[29:28.86] 这是印度王公丢失的钻石吗?   This is the diamond disappeared the Maharaja?
[29:32.22] 还是只是个纪念品?   Or is it just another souvenir?
[29:34.69] 别总抓着过去不放   We will not discuss the past.
[29:38.15] 好吗?   We?
[29:42.14] 看起来你现在没案子可办   By the looks of things, I would say that you are among the cases.
[29:44.56] 你现在也是没夫君可侍   And you between husbands.
[29:46.43] 结婚后你得到多少?   As you gave the ring?
[29:47.67] 他又无聊又爱吃醋 睡觉还打呼   He was annoying, jealous and snoring.
[29:51.94] 我又变回艾琳·艾德勒了   I'm Irene Adler, again.
[30:3.89] 谢谢   Thank you.
[30:11.67] 我要你帮个忙   I need your help.
[30:13.94] 帮忙找个人   I want you to find someone.
[30:18.52] 你老是这么多疑干嘛?   Because you're always so suspicious.
[30:19.96] 你要我按照事件的时间顺序 还是首字母顺序回答你?   I answer chronologically or alphabetically?
[30:23.2] 小心点 别被锋利的信封割伤了   Be careful not to cut with this lethal envelope.
[30:30.2] 你要知道的一切都在信封里   I think you will find all necessary information within.
[30:33.75] 你为谁工作?   Who do you work?
[30:37.19] 看来我得自己查出来   So I'll have to find the hard way.
[30:40.68] 把钱收好吧 我没说我会接这案子   Keep your money, I did not say that I accept the case.
[30:42.28] 就当这是我赌你会接的吧   Consider a security you will.
[30:46.37] 还记得大饭店吗?   Remember the Grand Hotel?
[30:48.25] 我还住我们以前那间房   They gave me our old room.
[31:4.50] 帮我抵着门 谢谢 医生   Hold the door. Thank you, doctor.
[31:30.28] 女士   Lady.
[31:35.41] - 他会接的 - 干得好 艾德勒小姐   - He will do. - Well done, Miss Adler.
[31:39.59] 正因为这样我才会请你   This is precisely why I hired him.
[31:42.64] 我打赌他会在24小时内把人找到   I think we'll find our man the next 24 hours.
[31:45.67] 最好如此   Better.
[31:47.33] 布莱克伍德的所作所为缺不了李奥丹   Reordan is the key to what Blackwood was doing.
[31:50.55] 他对我的计划也至关重要   It is essential to my plan.
[31:55.22] 见鬼! 你在干嘛? 走路不长眼?   Damn! What are you doing? Can not see where you're going?
[31:58.20] 给我滚开!   - Get out of my way!
[32:0.98] 带我一程吧 先生 我走了很远的路   I'm tired after a long way alms.
[32:8.7] 脚上都有老茧了   Help much, sir.
[32:8.68] 上帝拯救女王!(英国国歌名)   God bless the queen!
[32:10.36] 上帝拯救女王 先生   God bless the Queen, sir.
[32:11.89] 还不快滚!   Whoa!
[32:16.98] 瞧瞧你   See it?
[32:18.99] 为何你唯一关心的女人   Why only woman you cared
[32:20.45] 是个江洋大盗?   is a criminal in the world?
[32:21.88] 你是受虐狂?   You a masochist?
[32:22.96] 容我解释...   Let me explain ...
[32:24.29] 我来吧   Let me!
[32:25.26] 她是唯一胜过你的敌手 还不止一次   She is the only opponent who passed it back ... twice.
[32:29.29] 好一个大傻冒   Making you an idiot.
[32:31.5] 得 你乐呵吧   Sure, you had your fun.
[32:32.24] - 话说回来 她要什么? - 现在得坚持住   - What she wants, anyway? - It's time to work.
[32:34.84] 她会要什么呢?   What she may need?
[32:36.81] 无关紧要   No matter.
[32:38.17] 不在场证明 胡须 还是人肉小船   She needs a reference, canoe human.
[32:41.19] 她倒是有这个本事 骑着你沿泰晤士河逆流而上   You can sit on your back and Rem?it in any direction.
[32:44.12] 华生 这与你无关 不是吗?   This does not concern you, right Watson?
[32:47.4] 我们一起的最后一个案子已经结了   We had our last event together.
[32:48.67] 我已经看过了   I've read.
[32:51.10] 寻人   Persons.
[32:52.94] Luke Reordan Lucas Reordan.
[32:54.22] 1米47 红棕色头发 没有门牙 案子结了   1.25 meters, red, with no front teeth. Case resolved.
[32:57.88] 她显然不钟意你这一型的   You obviously do not have time.
[32:59.71] 她喜欢姜黄色头发的小个子   She likes red dwarfs.
[33:1.10] 那叫侏儒   Pygmy.
[33:2.10] - 这么说你认可了 - 我不同意   - So, agrees. - No, I do not agree.
[33:4.37] 你要知道 那不只是个术语   It is more than just a detail.
[33:7.7] 你把矮人的种类搞混了   You are misrepresenting the characteristics people of short stature.
[33:10.31] 我知道我多嘴招你厌了   I said too much. I know, I hated it.
[33:11.94] 没有 我只是想说 那个人...   No, I'm just saying ...
[33:13.82] 你刚才在干嘛?   What are you doing?
[33:15.50] - 让我解释吗? - 我倒是想听听   - Would you let me explain? - I wish you could.
[33:41.76] - 福尔摩斯 你在干嘛? - 没干嘛   - Holmes? What are you doing? - Nothing.
[33:44.59] - 你是不是戴了... - 假鼻子? 没啊   - You are using a ... - A false nose? No.
[33:46.56] 那个不是...   Tell me, you were somehow ...
[33:49.97] 福尔摩斯! 你在干嘛?   Holmes! Where you going?
[33:57.86] 华生?   Watson?
[34:0.24] 华生! 救命!   Help! Watson!
[34:21.84] 小甜甜 为你准备了些花儿   I have some flowers for you, darling.
[34:23.80] 你这么漂亮 算你便宜点   Focus a good price because you are so beautiful.
[34:27.46] 噢 真走运!   It's my lucky day!
[34:30.42] 美人儿 有东西给我吗?   Hi, beautiful. So talk to me.
[34:36.96] 别动!   Do not move!
[34:42.28] 瞧这儿是什么?   What we have here?
[34:49.18] 多谢   Thank you.
[34:51.63] 那才是我认识的艾琳   This is Irene I knew.
[35:45.92] 华生 我对这个男人很好奇 他把艾琳整得服服贴贴的   Intrigued me, Watson, fright.
[35:48.49] 她可不是吃素的   And she is not sick at all.
[35:49.88] 她感到威胁 很怕他   And intimidated afraid of him.
[35:52.46] 但她还是为他卖命   And work for him.
[35:55.28] 没错   Sure.
[35:57.42] 虽然不关我事 不过我还是 建议你别插手这个案子   It is not my business, but you and advise the You do not touch the case.
[36:0.44] 我现在有的选吗?   There is always a choice.
[36:2.86] 毕竟我有钱自己付房租了 多亏有你   Eventually, perhaps soon I'll pay a rent, thank you.
[36:6.65] 把那玩意儿从我脸上拿开   Get that thing in front of me.
[36:7.79] 又不在"你脸上" 在我手里呢   Not "in front of you" but in my hand.
[36:9.43] 不管你手里是啥 给我拿开   Take what is in your hand and take it out of my sight.
[36:11.68] - 福尔摩斯先生! - 克拉基!   - Mr. Holmes! - Clarky!
[36:12.86] 打扰了 雷斯垂德警长让您 立刻跟我走一趟   Sorry. Inspector Lestrade says he should come immediately to me.
[36:15.45] 这回又怎么了 忘了回苏格兰场的路了?   What else did? It was lost on the way to Scotland Yard?
[36:18.39] 华生 就给他个指南针吧 他需要我们呢   Watson prepares you. This is us.
[36:20.70] 不关我事   Refers to you.
[36:22.27] 先生 是布莱克伍德 他...   This is about Lord Blackwood, sir. He ...
[36:24.81] 他好像又复活了 先生   Well ... seems who returned from the grave, sir.
[36:35.2] - 真有趣 - 多机灵
[36:38.62] 我宣布了他的死亡   - Captivity. - Very smart.
[36:40.62] I declared myself dead.
[36:44.52] 有什么证据?   What happened?
[36:45.90] 墓地管理员说他今天早上 亲眼看见他从墓地里走出去了   Gravedigger says he saw running the cemetery in the morning, sir.
[36:49.97] 这件事就交给你了   I leave the problem in their capable hands.
[36:52.88] 我和玛丽有约   I met Mary.
[36:54.63] 又不是我要名声扫地了   It's my reputation at stake.
[36:57.13] 别来这套   Not try take me with him.
[36:59.37] - 报纸有没有走漏风声? - 我们会尽量收紧口风的 先生   The press already?
[37:3.22] 毫无疑问   Trying to avoid, sir.
[37:4.29] - 现在情况如何? - 恐慌 惊恐万分 先生   Sure.
[37:4.87] - What is the biggest concern? - Panic. Ray panic, sir.
[37:8.16] 那是自然   Really.
[37:9.56] 福尔摩斯 你不会当真了吧?   The take seriously, Holmes?
[37:11.20] 没错 你也该如此   Yes Just as you should and you.
[37:14.65] 这可是职业操守的问题   It is a problem professional integrity.
[37:16.90] 有哪个女孩想嫁给一个   No girl wants marry a doctor
[37:19.28] 是生是死都分不清的医生   does not know and can If a man is dead or not.
[37:37.48] 克拉基 你觉得哪个队赢了?   Who do you think won the fight, Clarky?
[37:39.52] - 什么? - 球赛呀   - Sir? - The game of rugby.
[37:42.74] 你们可是把现场破坏殆尽啊   Vo our boys were doing great destroy all possible evidence.
[37:46.64] 确实 不过至少他们不会错过...   Yes, but not even lose any occasion ...
[37:49.14] 错失良机的机会   the rate of one occasion.
[37:53.60] 福尔摩斯 你请自便   You have to fix, Holmes.
[37:55.7] 在第三天...   Third day ...
[38:1.13] 这些板都是砂岩做的 每个都重达半吨   Slabs were each half ton
[38:2.92] 从里头被砸碎了   and were crushed inside.
[38:6.6] 雷斯垂德 那棺材呢?   Lestrade. Where is the coffin?
[38:8.81] 我们正要把它弄上来   We are in the process of raise it now.
[38:10.65] 听着...   Listen ...
[38:13.23] 唔... 对了   Right.
[38:15.3] 正要弄上来? 还是在考虑要弄上来?   But at what stage of the process? Contemplative?
[38:19.84] 我们的证人呢?   So what is our testimony?
[38:21.83] 在那儿   He is there.
[38:23.31] 显然他非常紧... 紧... 紧...   And it seems that ... As ... as ...
[38:27.0] 紧张 先生   Catatonic, sir.
[38:29.21] - 他有点神志不清 - 好的   - It's so good. - Yes
[38:33.62] 要是你们再这么哆嗦 就等着给我加班吧   Immediately stop dressing as if they were a bunch of sissies.
[38:37.62] 快给我下去把棺材弄上来!   Come down there and take the coffin up there ... Right now!
[38:40.93] 今天还好吗 先生   Hello, sir!
[38:44.82] 没什么   Never mind.
[38:49.24] 我是医生   I am a doctor.
[39:1.7] 他紧张得要命   The man is in shock.
[39:2.78] - 让他再缓缓 - 证人声称   Maybe he will need a few moments to-and responsible.
[39:5.26] 他看见布莱克伍德从坟墓里爬了出来   The witness said he saw the Lord Blackwood is rising from the grave.
[39:8.66] - 如何? - 什么?   - So? - So?
[39:10.93] 你宣布他已死   You declared dead.
[39:13.57] 他没有脉搏啊   He had no pulse.
[39:36.72] 我的天   God.
[39:39.84] 不是布莱克伍德   This is not Blackwood.
[39:43.55] 这下证据确凿无疑   Well, now we're clear ... the obvious.
[39:51.30] 死亡时间?   Death?
[39:55.4] Worms are ... No ... About ...
[39:57.88] 大约两公分   2 / 3 of an inch
[40:1.65] 这么推算死亡时间 应该是在10至12小时之前   would mean that died with 10-12 hours ago.
[40:6.23] 能借你笔一用吗?   Can I borrow your pen?
[40:12.85] - 没有门牙的矮人 - 侏儒   - Dwarf beheaded. - Pygmy.
[40:25.10] 我知道我看见了什么!   I know what I saw!
[40:28.17] 那是布莱克伍德!   Blackwood was!
[40:31.2] 就像看见你们一样   As clear as I'm watching.
[40:35.20] 当死者复生...   And the walking dead ...
[40:38.57] 生者将为之殉葬   life will fill these coffins.
[40:43.87] 那好...   Well ...
[40:44.3] Thank you.
[40:44.96] Sure. Put them out.
[40:50.36] 好 把盖子合上 现场整理干净
[40:52.59] 你真的相信他复活了?   Even thought it was resurrected?
[40:54.59] 问题是"怎么"复活的 游戏开始了   The question is not "if" but "how."
[40:57.96] 一鼓作气往前直冲吧 一边冲 一边喊   "We follow the admonition. And right. "
[41:0.41] 上帝保佑亨利 英格兰和圣乔治! (出自莎士比亚历史剧亨利五世)   "God, Harry, with Englitera and St. George.
[41:4.43] 给 为什么非得是那家鱼和炸薯条店呢
[41:9.70] - 我不明白 - 因为他们使用了一种特殊的啤酒   What to eat in the same place fish and do not understand.
[41:11.96] 确切的说 是北方的烈性黑啤酒   Using a specific beer. Coming from the north.
[41:15.27] 你要知道 福尔摩斯   You know, Holmes
[41:16.75] 我在战时见过一些无法理解的事   I saw things in war we do not understand.
[41:18.93] 在印度 我曾经照面过一个 预言自己怎么死的人   In India, I met a man and he predicted his own death
[41:21.46] 子弹的数量和射中的位置 都精准无误   the number and exact location the bullets that killed him.
[41:26.52] 福尔摩斯 你得承认   We have to admit that they are, Holmes
[41:28.9] 在理论上 超自然因素 是可以解释这起案子的   that a supernatural explanation in this case, it is theoretically possible.
[41:34.13] 同意   - Yes - I agree.
[41:35.10] 不过 没有证据的推理 可是会大错特错的   But it is a huge mistake to do theories without sufficient data for you.
[41:38.75] 人不可避免地会扭曲事实否定理论 而不是依据理论来判定事实   Inevitably, you start to distort the facts as liaison with the theories
[41:41.97] 所以我相信   Instead of changing theories as the law to the facts.
[41:43.79] 这个侏儒是关键   I think it is. Pygmy beheaded is the key to the mystery.
[41:49.34] 手表上弦的孔洞周围有抓痕   Right. Displays scratches around key hole that turns the clock.
[41:52.70] 你得出什么结论?   What do you think?
[41:53.70] 这人多半是醉了   The man was most likely a drunk.
[41:55.51] 每次上弦 手滑了 所以有了抓痕   Each time the clock back, his hand slipped and you nothing.
[41:58.45] 非常好 华生   - Yes - Very good, Watson.
[42:0.14] 你的推理能力已经相当了得   You have developed considerably its own power.
[42:2.67] 再来看看 有几个姓名缩写   Let's see. Several sets of original record ...
[42:7.7] - 皮条客的记号 - 真棒   - The markings of usurers. - Excellent.
[42:8.68] 最近的一个是M.H. M.H. M.H.   The latter are of a certain "M.H. M.H. M.H. .. ..
[42:12.67] - M.H.是指... - Maddison和Haig   - Come ... - "Maddison and Haig.
[42:19.55] 他们可以告诉我们地址   If we can address.
[42:25.90] 真巧   What a coincidence.
[42:28.76] 有件事你忘了推理 福尔摩斯   You have managed to establish a work after watching, Holmes.
[42:31.24] 我不觉得   I doubt it.
[42:33.1] 表上的时间   Time.
[42:33.92] 我得回去了   I have to go, Holmes.
[42:36.35] 和亲家喝个茶   Serve tea together with the future father.
[42:38.73] - 先生 我能给你看相吗? - 不行   - To predict the future, sir? - In any case.
[42:41.9] 不用 谢了 女士   No thanks, ma'am.
[42:42.21] 你得听我说说   Need to hear I tell you.
[42:43.55] 吉普赛女郎 我们不需要   We do not need Bobi and their oracles, Gypsy.
[42:45.89] 就算是和玛丽有关?   Related to Mary.
[42:54.95] 我看见两个男人   I see two men.
[42:56.90] 两兄弟 没有血缘关系 不过关系很铁   Brothers. No blood, but of mind.
[43:4.6] 玛丽呢?   What about Mary?
[43:5.18] M代表玛丽 指婚姻 噢 你们会结婚的   You want to wife Maria or you're about to marry.
[43:10.18] 继续   Continues.
[43:11.91] 我看见各式图案的桌布 还有瓷做的雕塑   I see the sides of the table with style ...
[43:16.10] 和蕾丝桌巾...   statuettes of porcelain ...
[43:18.43] 桌巾...   mileuristas and muslin.
[43:20.84] 蕾丝...   Grease ...
[43:22.81] 桌巾... 福尔摩斯   Mileura muslin, Holmes.
[43:25.49] - 你这人竟无耻到这个地步了 - 不关我的事   - Their depravity knows no bounds? - Yes
[43:29.35] 她发胖了 还长胡子   It is fat and has man ...
[43:32.63] 皮疣呢?   And warts?
[43:33.78] - 满身皮疣 - 够了 够了   - It is full of warts ... - Enough.
[43:35.66] - 有很多吗? - 可以了 够了!   - They are everywhere? - Please, no!
[43:41.89] 这是芙劳若多年来最准的预言了   You scare accurate predictions, like this.
[43:44.11] 也正因如此 你找不到一枚合适的戒指   And precisely why you can not find adjustment ring.
[43:47.9] 我的钱在你身上吗?   My money is on you?
[43:48.8] 你害怕悲剧的生活   You're afraid of a life emotionless macabre.
[43:50.47] 我那份在身上吗?   You have my salary?
[43:51.62] - 承认吧 承认吧! - 把钱给我!   - Recognize it, recognize it! - Give me money!
[43:53.25] 福尔摩斯   Holmes.
[43:56.78] 本店提供各种价位 各式各样订婚戒指   Wide range of engagement rings For all pockets
[43:58.3] 噢 了解   I see.
[44:4.91] 谢了   Thank you.
[44:8.99] 这下可好 你买了戒指 我有了那侏儒的地址   You ring and address pygmy red cat.
[44:12.21] 应该就在前面   Should be there.
[44:13.19] 我觉得她定会喜欢的   I think you'll love Maria really.
[44:16.97] 我还有富余   And I got some change in your pocket.
[44:23.54] - 要我替你看着吗? - 不用   - I follow it? - No, no.
[44:27.34] - 别在这儿赌输了 - 不会!   - Do not waste. - Yes
[44:29.69] 我要去见玛丽了   I'll see you Mary.
[44:31.72] 替我问候她   Send them my greetings.
[44:34.48] 还有她的家人   And his family.
[45:16.65] 有个完全信得过的人在身边   It matters a lot to me have joined
[45:18.84] 确实不一样啊   a man whom I could trust throughout.
[45:22.7] 我只能留给你十分钟   Well, you can count on me fixed 10 minutes.
[45:27.32] 他清楚有人会来找他   Probably thought anyone would come after him.
[45:30.3] 已经来过了   Something just did.
[45:32.66] 是艾琳   Or Irene was here,
[45:34.60] 要么就是那侏儒和她用同一款巴黎香水   red dwarf or cat was given the same as your Parisian perfume.
[45:39.67] 啊 腐败味   Rot.
[45:48.73] 硫氨酸 还混杂着其他气味   Ammonium sulphide, among other flavors.
[45:56.39] 磷   Phosphorus.
[45:59.36] 甲醛   Formaldehyde.
[46:12.76] 看来他是打算把巫术   It seems that the attempt to combine
[46:18.17] 和化学方程式结合起来   a kind of witchcraft with a scientific formula.
[46:29.43] 更重要的是...   But the most important and ...
[46:31.79] 他打算处理掉的东西   Watch for trying to escape.
[46:35.62] 钾和镁   Potassium and magnesium.
[46:37.0] 硫酸   The sulfuric acid.
[46:38.39] 只要没烧完 墨迹里头就有铁   Try to read traces of ink If the paper is very burned.
[46:57.28] 真特别   Peculiar.
[47:1.6] 水合杜鹃花   Hydrate rododendron.
[47:28.39] 福尔摩斯 瞧这个图案   Holmes. Look for the symbol.
[47:33.50] 李奥丹和布莱克伍德是一伙的   Reordan work with Blackwood.
[47:35.55] 那是当然   Sure.
[47:37.29] 问题是什么目的   The issue is the end.
[47:43.57] 不管他在搞什么 显然成功了   The only thing that work Of course he did.
[47:47.6] 怎么说?   Why say that?
[47:48.53] 不然他还死不了啊   Otherwise, more alive.
[47:50.93] 所以艾德勒小姐才会急于要找到他   Here is the reason Miss Adler be desperate to find him.
[47:53.64] 对   Yes
[47:55.33] 我有一样东西没闻出来   This is a smell that the ESC was not very successful identifying it.
[47:58.47] 棉花糖? 糖浆?   Cane sugar. Molasses.
[48:1.0] 枫蜜? 啊 大麦糖   Flan.
[48:4.6] 太妃苹果(左边打手手里拿的)   Apple burned.
[48:11.26] 我猜猜   Let me guess.
[48:12.75] 看你们这身行头   After "kit of fire" they have
[48:15.47] 你们是来烧房子销毁证据的   You are here to make a fire and destroy all evidence.
[48:19.43] 稍等片刻 小子们...   Just a moment, guys.
[48:21.74] 噢 Draga!   Draga!
[48:38.94] 有什么问题吗?   there a problem?
[48:43.42] 肉...   Carme ...
[48:44.77] 还是土豆?   or potatoes?
[48:46.95] 十分钟到了   10 minutes of my expired.
[49:21.25] (法语)稍等片刻   a moment, please.
[49:23.15] 我不赶时间   There is no hurry.
[49:40.62] 你还好吧?
[49:42.22] You okay?
[50:37.76] 你等一下   Come!
[50:38.80] a moment, please.
[50:59.23] 福尔摩斯   Holmes.
[51:1.30] 那是啥?   What is this?
[51:3.24] 我也不知道   not know.
[51:5.24] 小子 来啊   Let .
[51:31.21] Suba.
[52:7.89] 谁派你来的?   Who sent you?
[52:9.70] 你清楚得很   You know very well.
[52:13.95] 替个死人干活   You know you do
[52:15.98] 你还真是奇怪   on someone's dead?
[52:19.54] 他死而复生了   s back the dead.
[52:21.92] 不管有没有复活   not think so.
[52:23.69] 告诉我他在哪儿   And where can I find?
[52:26.17] 比起你和你的玩具   There are things  scariest
[52:29.89] 有些事值得敬畏多了   you and your toy.
[52:40.67] 小兔崽子 跑吧   Run, rabbit, run.
[52:42.87] 没问题   course.
[54:30.87] 福尔摩斯!   Holmes!
[55:24.38] 亲爱的华生
[55:25.98] 你都干了些什么啊?   Watson ...
[55:27.82] What did you do?
[55:41.30] 我整夜没睡   I closed my eyes all night.
[55:43.30] 眨都没眨一眼   Any time.
[55:46.52] 我怎么会这样   Because I never thought ...
[55:49.5] 不去和亲家喝茶 反而...   I'm going to drink tea with the parents of Mary?
[55:53.18] 被你说服跟你走了   I do not know how I convinced to go with you.
[55:56.4] 我们遇袭了 伙计 那是自卫   We say was self-defense.
[55:57.29] 我看了我的笔记 里头有我们过去七个月的丰功伟绩   Reviewed the notes on adventures in recent months.
[56:1.95] 你知道我得出什么结论?   Want to know my conclusions?
[56:3.80] 我脑子绝对是进水了   They are psychologically disturbed.
[56:6.47] 怎么说?   How so?
[56:7.32] 你故意不让我知道你的计划   Otherwise, for me and always let caught in situations of
[56:11.71] 我为什么还傻乎乎跟着你跑?   who willingly I hide your plans?
[56:15.62] 为什么?   Why else?
[56:17.8] 你之前可没抱怨过我的作风   So far did not complain of my methods.
[56:20.61] - 不是抱怨 - 不是?   - I'm not complaining. - No?
[56:22.37] - 那是什么? - 我...   How do you say?
[56:23.46] 我哪儿抱怨了? 我从不呛声   What do you mean "I complain? I never complain!
[56:25.35] 你半夜三更练琴我有抱怨过吗?   Do not complain that the exercises the violin at 3 o'clock in the morning.
[56:28.14] 你不讲卫生 把屋子搞得一团糟   For your clutter, general lack of hygiene
[56:30.60] 还偷走我所有衣服我有抱怨过吗?   or to steal all my clothes.
[56:32.25] 我们说好了的   We have a loan.
[56:33.47] 你朝我屋子放火我有抱怨过吗?   When I complained the rooms that you fire?
[56:36.21] - 我们的屋子 - 那些屋子   Our Odail.
[56:37.44] 你拿我的狗当实验品我抱怨过吗?   When I complained to me that experimenting in my dog?
[56:40.22] - 那是我们的狗! - 看你干的好事!   - When I cried ... - It's our dog!
[56:42.14] 你还破坏我和玛丽的感情 我很生气   What bothers me is his campaign to sabotage my relationship with Mary.
[56:55.94] 我理解   I see.
[56:57.60] - 是吗? - 当然   - Really? - Yes
[57:0.45] - 你理解个屁 - 你太累了   - Do not think you understand. - You are very tired.
[57:3.39] - 是的 - 你有点太敏感了   - Yes - I feel emotional.
[57:5.42] 我没有敏感   There are emotional.
[57:6.72] 你需要好好休息   Just rest.
[57:8.95] 我哥迈克罗夫特 在奇切斯特附近有个小庄园   My brother, Mycroft, has a small area in Chichester.
[57:11.76] 美丽的草坪...   The landscape is beautiful. E and a waterfall ...
[57:14.72] - 咱哥俩去好好享受下... - 咱们?   We could make a theft a lamb to sell ...
[57:16.51] 福尔摩斯 就算是去郊游 我也是和未婚妻一起去   We? Holmes, and if I move from country and to do it with my future wife.
[57:20.4] 当然 如果你...   Of course, if you must ...
[57:21.41] 我和玛丽去 没你啥事   Not you, Mary and I!
[57:23.58] - 你... - 我不受欢迎吗?   - You are not ... - What? Invited?
[57:25.75] 我去我亲哥的庄园小憩都不成吗 华生?   Why not be invited to the house and the country my own brother, Watson?
[57:28.80] - 你还讲不讲道理啊! - 你个非人类!   - You are talking nonsense! - You're not human!
[57:31.30] - 约翰·华生? - 在这   - John Watson? - Yes
[57:35.43] 你被保释了   You already paid deposit.
[57:43.21] 玛丽!   Maria!
[57:48.11] 没你的份   Only Watson.
[57:57.61] 你最好能在早餐前被保出去 我的兄弟们都饿坏了   I hope to be released for breakfast, boys, because "they are hungry.
[58:9.82] 闪开! 闪开!
[58:11.82] 侍者说: "我可以拉下您的凳子吗?" (stool也有"大便"之意)   Back! Back!
[58:13.78] And barman says: "You can push the seat?".
[58:20.9] 你出来..   Very funny. You are free.
[58:22.53] - 下次继续讲 - 很荣幸 福尔摩斯先生   - Until next time. - It's always a pleasure, Mr. Holmes.
[58:27.66] 你来得真及时 雷斯垂德 我快没笑话可讲了   Thank God you came, Lestrade almost exhausted jokes.
[58:30.31] 你上辈子肯定是个罪犯   In another life, you were a major killer.
[58:32.38] 你是名出色的警官   Yes, and you, sir, excellent officer.
[58:33.93] Tomsky! 谢了   Toms! Thank you.
[58:37.41] 你可以解释一下吗?   Please tell me you answers.
[58:39.99] 适当的时候 雷斯垂德   In due course, Lestrade. LONDON UNDER Terror
[58:42.35] 适当的时候? 为什么非要我们 猜你在想些啥?   At the right time? This is a game have to guess what your thinking?
[58:45.79] 恐慌的公众要求知情权   We put in a jar public
[58:47.54] 不尽快查明真相的话   and if not put me in touch
[58:49.76] 我就把你扔回去和那些赌徒玩个够   send him to play "Romeo and Juliet" faster than a horse!
[58:52.99] 把自己弄干净点 好去见人   Now, wash and make themselves presentable.
[58:56.21] 要见谁?   Why?
[58:57.52] 上头来人了   I have friends in the right places.
[58:59.3] 是他们把你保出来的   They are you paid cau㽴unea.
[59:12.13] 很抱歉 先生   Sorry disturb you, sir.
[59:15.45] 不过你必须戴上头罩   But you have to ask.
[59:21.60] 福尔摩斯先生 很抱歉 用这种方式把你请来   Mr. Holmes, I apologize we have called such.
[59:26.38] 你一定很想知道自己在哪 以及我的身份吧?   Probably where you are and My identity is a mystery to you
[59:30.39] 关于我在哪这个问题...   In aspects where I am ...
[59:32.27] 经过查宁路口和霍尔博街的时候 我确实有些分不清方向   I felt lost for a moment, between Charing Cross and Holborn,
[59:35.79] 但经过南福特山的面包店时 我又搞清楚了方向   but I was saved Bakery in Southford Hill.
[59:39.37] 只有那个店会在面包里放入 某种特殊的法国奶浆   Baker, who uses only one specific dye French bread.
[59:44.59] 随后马车又左右颠簸   Then he took a car to the left and right
[59:46.34] 来到了舰队街   and returned to the roundabout Fleet.
[59:49.9] 至于你的身份嘛 思考这个问题   And in the matter, its identity,
[59:51.12] 倒费了一些心思   it took every ounce considerabilei of my experiences.
[59:53.67] 你桌上的信是寄给托马斯先生的   Letters from his office addressed to Sir Thomas rodrum.
[59:56.95] 他是首席法官   Its function is official Chief Justice.
[59:58.59] 至于你是谁...就是另一个问题了   Who are you really ... is not really a puzzle.
[60:4.0] 从你戒指上的圣牛图来看   After the sacred symbol of the stone Your ring
[60:5.96] 你就是四圣会的神秘头目吧   the head and say that you are secretly Temple of Order Four
[60:8.22] 这儿就是总部所在地   the sites to which we are now.
[60:10.50] 应该在圣詹姆斯广场的西北角   Located, I think, the angle of NV the market of St. James.
[60:13.97] 我全都知道了 为啥还费心蒙我眼睛呢   The mystery remains just as you have, be allowed to tired eyes.
[60:20.62] 呃...照章办事罢了   Yes ... So I guess the standard procedure.
[60:26.77] 我们找对人了 先生们   He and I dare say that we have found right man, gentlemen.
[60:29.59] 歇洛克·福尔摩斯   Sherlock Holmes.
[60:30.44] 美国大使史坦迪 以及内政大臣柯瓦德阁下   U.S. Ambassador Standish Coward and Lord, Minister of Interior.
[60:34.66] 我想你一定知道我们组织的一些情况吧   I guess you already know something About ... practices of our Order?
[60:39.17] 当然 非常有趣   Yes
[60:43.63] 你可以持怀疑态度   Yes ... are somewhat interesting.
[60:44.70] 但几百年来 我们的这个秘密组织 为世界和平做出了巨大的贡献   Whether you can be so skeptical, But our intelligence systems
[60:48.29] 危险在于 它也可以助纣为虐   guide to a better world education for centuries.
[60:49.37] There is the danger of being used to interest most foul.
[60:52.78] 有人称之为"黑暗艺术" 或是"真实的魔法"   What some call it black magic or ... witchcraft.
[60:56.9] 我们知道你不相信魔法 福尔摩斯先生   I knew I did not believe in witches, Mr. Holmes
[60:59.65] 也不指望你理解我们的信仰 and we share our 牺i beliefs
[61:2.44] 但请理解我们的恐惧   or fears.
[61:3.80] 眼下 恐惧这个东西   Fear is certainly most contagious condition
[61:6.80] 是最具传染性的   moment.
[61:11.8] 您是对自己孩子的恐惧   The fear of his own son.
[61:14.16] 布莱克伍德是您儿子
[61:16.16] 你们俩有着一样的虹膜 罕见的深绿色 钻石状的淡褐色花线   Blackwood is his son
[61:18.6] You ointments and identical. A dark green, very rarely. Symmetrical shape of the eyes,
[61:23.60] 还有着一样的外耳 这是直系血亲才会遗传的   which, together with the retina is transmitted shares and only after the first degree,
[61:27.51] 有可能是兄弟   which means automatically or who are brothers ...
[61:30.24] 不过现在看来 父子关系更为可能   or in this situation, likely ... father and son.
[61:38.16] 很少有人知道这一点   Very few know this.
[61:41.50] 我们必须保密   I would like to remain a secret.
[61:48.34] 他是在组织的仪式上怀上的   It was designed in a of our rituals.
[61:49.35] 他母亲不是我妻子
[61:51.95] 她有着同样的信仰 也是一名出色的法师   His mother was my wife.
[61:52.89] But we share their beliefs. He was a practitioner convinced.
[61:56.77] 她生下孩子后就去世了   But not strong enough to to survive its birth.
[62:1.60] 他在各处散播死亡   The death followed him everywhere have gone.
[62:3.67] 那五个女孩并不是唯一的牺牲品   These five girls were not the first they slaughtered.
[62:6.8] 他杀了很多女孩来增强自己力量   He killed more than use them and to increase strength.
[62:9.98] 当然 没有证人 但我们知道一切   Of course, no one could prove. But with everyone I knew.
[62:14.30] 他是个祸害   The boy was a real curse.
[62:16.39] 我们尝试过阻止他 但无济于事   We did everything possible to stop it ourselves, but it was not enough.
[62:18.99] 他的力量日益增长   Increase the power of tea once Days passed.
[62:21.41] 复活就是证明   Renaissance to prove that you this.
[62:23.44] 他接下来要做的将更为危险   But what will make is much more dangerous.
[62:25.88] 秘密都在这本咒书中 这是他能量的来源   The secret is in the book of spells. This is your source of energy.
[62:30.80] 他要召唤神秘力量 改变这个世界   We met an army that will change However, ordering the world.
[62:33.95] 我想让你阻止他   I want to find out if it stops and you until you do something like that.
[62:37.46] 我们将提供你所需的一切   You'll get all the help possible.
[62:41.77] 作为内政大臣 我有权力调动警力   As interior minister, has an influence impact on the police.
[62:45.51] - 我明白 - 那么...   A So ...
[62:50.51] 开个价吧   How much did you pay?
[62:53.59] 既然我现在是给各位做顾问 我就有权选择顾客   The great advantage of being a detective found is that I choose my clients.
[62:58.53] 这个案子 我接了   It's like and did. The stop him.
[63:2.8] 不过 不是为了你 也不会开什么价   But not for you. And certainly not for money.
[63:9.21] 我倒有个疑问 托马斯   However, I have a curiosity, Sir Thomas.
[63:12.6] 什么疑问?   What would it be?
[63:13.12] 如果他其他的亲人都死了...   If the rest of his family died ...
[63:15.50] 你还能活多久呢?   as you wait for your the supravie㾌i㽴?
[63:18.38] 好好想想吧   Think about it.
[63:42.66] 你开这个会更在行些吧
[63:44.66] You can be more successful to open it.
[63:48.35] Margot 58 彗星葡萄酒啊   Margot in 1958. Year of the appearance of the comet.
[63:52.10] 好神奇啊 彗星还会影响酒的...   How fascinating is that an event Astronomical can affect the quality ...
[63:56.7] 那件拜托你的案子咋样了?   What about the case that you have refused accep㽴 it?
[63:59.16] ...酒的质量   ... wine.
[64:1.42] 噢 我进死胡同了   We have reached an impasse.
[64:3.70] 你要找的人被埋在布莱克伍德的坟墓里   I found your man. He is buried in the crypt Blackwood.
[64:10.73] 还要继续查吗?   If you need it.
[64:14.13] 天啊...   God ...
[64:17.13] 希望顾客不会来要求我退钱   I hope that my client and will not require money back.
[64:21.49] 你的顾客是位教授吧?   S professor, is not it?
[64:23.27] 我没看到正脸 但看到衣服上的粉笔灰了   I never saw the face, but I saw less lime on the pants.
[64:26.24] 我还不知道有哪位教授 会随身带一把如此精致的手枪   I never met a teacher with gun hidden as well.
[64:34.18] 原来戴眼罩的是你 厉害...   Eyepatch. Well done ...
[64:37.55] 那么案子结束了   So ... case is classified.
[64:39.88] 所以你现在只是顺路过来拜访?   This means that It is a courtesy.
[64:43.14] 不 我是来告诉你 事情已经非你所能掌控 艾琳   No. It is a card that tells you you have gone too far.
[64:46.71] 杀害李奥丹的凶手有意隐藏行踪   Reardon killers site I and their tracks,
[64:49.27] 你就是他们的下一个目标   which means that you will deal of any witnesses left.
[64:53.59] 放松点   Let it breathe.
[64:56.37] 没有我搞不定的事情   I have never been exceeded situation.
[64:58.40] 远走高飞吧 那是你最擅长的   Go now. Disappear. So good at something.
[65:2.15] 留下来的话最好接受安全保护   Or stay. And I agree with remain in custody.
[65:7.53] 要是我有危险 你也逃不掉
[65:9.53] If you are in danger, the same and you are.
[65:16.33] 跟我走吧   Come with me.
[65:20.75] 我们就彼此信任一回 行不?   I trusted you.
[65:24.38] 听着 我要带你去火车站   Do not listen to me. I usually go to the station
[65:28.94] 或是警察局   or the police.
[65:42.13] 那么...   A So ...
[65:45.44] 你选哪个?
[65:47.42] What is it?
[65:50.58] 你来决定吧   Why choose?
[65:52.48] You said it in and to breathe.
[65:54.8] 让你放松些嘛
[65:58.36] 尝到彗星的味道了吗?   Do you feel the comet?
[66:6.34] 为啥不跟我一起走呢?   Why not accept come with me?


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