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(2011-05-07 02:32:38)




The statement was issued by the al Qaeda organization - General Command on Tuesday May 3, 2011. Read in Arabic here (PDF) or the translation below:该声明是由盖达组织- ,总指挥部2011年5月3日星期二。 阅读阿拉伯语这里(PDF)或翻译如下:

Al-Qaeda statement calls the day " a historic day of the days of the great Islamic umma (nation) and in a noble stand of one of its great men and heroes across its blessed age and on the path taken by the will of all the mighty predecessors and those who will follow them, the Sheikh, the Mujahid & the Commander, the pious migrant fighter, Abu Abdullah Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden, may God have mercy on him was killed in a place where truth shines and where sincerity for good deeds and the call for truthfulness exist. Bin Laden was killed so he can follow the mighty caravan of the umma (the nation) with the great leaders, the loyal soldiers, and the honest knights who refused to abandon their faith for the mundane lives and to hand over the command to those who will be humiliate them and be humiliated and that's why they confronted the weaponry with weaponry, force with force and accepted to challenge the arrogant masses that came out to fight with their killing machines, equipments, aircrafts and forces boastfully so they can be seen as men, and still this didn't weaken their resolve and didn't drain their strength, but instead he stood up for them face to face, a mighty mountain, a proud mountain and he was still in the midst of the battle that many got used to and his eyes were used to its sceneries but after that, he was yet to be excused and delivered his message and then he was shot bullets of betrayal and blasphemy delivering his soul to its maker while repeating: 'Who sacrifice the blessed soul for his Lord to fight off the falsehood CANNOT ever be blamed'."基地组织语句调用日“的伟大的伊斯兰乌玛(民族)的日子,并在其伟大的男人和跨越时代的英雄之一的祝福立场和高尚的道路上具有历史意义的一天所将采取的所有威武的前辈和那些谁就会跟着他们,酋长的穆贾希德和统帅,是虔诚的移民战斗机,阿布阿卜杜拉穆罕默德奥萨马本拉登,愿上帝怜悯他是在一个地方杀下真相照着,诚意为好事迹和存在的真实性呼吁。拉登被打死,所以他可以按照与伟大领袖的,忠诚的战士,和谁拒绝放弃他们的信仰的世俗生活和诚实骑士乌玛(国内)强大的车队交出指挥那些谁是羞辱他们,羞辱,这就是为什么他们所面临的与武器装备,以武力和接受挑战是出来打他们的杀人机器,设备,飞机和部队的嚣张群众夸耀,使他们可以被看作是男性,还是这并不会削弱他们的决心,也不会消耗自己的实力,但他却站起来为他们面对面,一个雄伟的高山,一个自豪的山,他在寂静在战斗中,许多习惯了,他的眼睛被用于它的风景,但在此之后,他还没有原谅他,并发表消息,然后他被枪杀的背叛自己的灵魂,并提供其制造商而重复亵渎子弹:谁牺牲了他的主赐福击退灵魂永远不能被指责假'。“

"Congratulations to the Islamic Nation on the martyrdom of their devoted son Osama, “恭喜了他们的孝顺的儿子乌萨马殉难伊斯兰国家,

Even when the Americans managed to kill Osama, they managed to do ONLY that by disgrace and betrayal.即使当美国人设法杀死奥萨马,他们成功地做到了耻辱和背叛不仅如此。 Men and heroes only should be confronted in the battlefields but at the end, that's God's fate.男人和英雄只应在战场上,但面对在最后,那是上帝的命运。 Still we ask, will the Americans be able thru their media outlets, their agents, their instruments, soldiers, intelligence services and their might be able to kill what Sheikh Osama lived for and was killed for?不过我们要问,美国会通过他们的媒体,其代理人,他们的乐器,士兵,情报服务和他们也许能杀死什么拉登居住和死亡的能力呢? How far!多远! How impossible!怎么不可能! Sheikh Osama didn't build an organization that will vanish with his death or fades away with his departure.拉登没有建立一个组织,将与他的死亡或消失,随着他的离去消失了。

In this context, we in al Qaeda Jihad organization promise God Almighty and we ask Him for help, support and steadfastness to continue on the path of jihad that our leaders, led by Sheikh Osama chose, and that we will not be reluctant, and will not deviate from that honorable path until God be the final judge between us and our enemy.在这方面,我们在盖达圣战组织承诺全能的上帝,我们寻求帮助,支持和坚定性,继续他对圣战的道路,我们的领袖,由拉登领导的选择,而且我们不会勉强,并会各位不偏离神的道路,直到我们与敌人的最终裁判。

We also stress that the blood of the mujahid sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God have mercy on him is VERY dear to us and more precious to us and to every Muslim from being shed in vain and this blood (OBL's blood) will be a curse that will chase the Americans and their agents, a curse that will pursue them inside and outside their country, and soon – with God's help – we pray that their happiness turns into sorrow and may their bloods mix with their tears and let Sheikh Osama's resonate again that “America will neither enjoy nor live in security until our people in Palestine live it and enjoy it.我们还强调,对圣战者酋长乌萨马本拉丹的血液,愿上帝怜悯他很珍视被白费,这血(本拉登的血)下跌给我们,更宝贵我们和每一个穆斯林将是一个诅咒这将追逐的美国人和他们的代理人,一个诅咒,将追求内外的国家他们,很快 - 在上帝的帮助 - 我们祈祷他们的快乐变成了悲伤,可他们的血与泪的混合,让拉登的共鸣再次说:“美国既不安全,也不享受生活,直到在巴勒斯坦人民生活,并享受它。 The soldiers of Islam in groups and as individuals will continue to plan and plot without any fatigue, boredom, despair, surrender or indifference until you receive from them a cunning misfortune that will gray the hair of the child even before he gets old.在群体和个人的伊斯兰教士兵将继续没有任何疲劳,无聊,绝望,放弃或漠视计划和情节,直到你从他们收到一个狡猾的不幸,将灰色头发的孩子甚至在他老了。

We call upon our Muslim people in Pakistan where our dear Sheikh Osama was killed on their soil to rise up and revolt so they can cleanse this disgrace that was brought upon them by a handful of traitors and thieves who have sold everything to the enemies of the Muslim nation, and disregarded the feelings of this great Muajhid (Pakistani) people and let them rise up and start a massive public uprising to cleanse their country (Pakistan) from the filth of the Americans who have wreaked havoc in the land”.我们呼吁我们的巴基斯坦穆斯林在我们亲爱的拉登是在其国土上杀起来反抗,使他们能净化有了这种对他们所带来的少数汉奸和盗贼谁已售出的一切人民的敌人耻辱穆斯林国家,无视这一伟大Muajhid(巴基斯坦)人民的感情,让他们站起来,并开始大规模的公共起义洗净美国人的肆虐在谁拥有土地“浩劫污秽他们的国家(巴基斯坦)。

Al-Qaeda chimes in to OBL's body controversy and tells its supporters that OBL had one more message for them.基地组织编钟到本拉登的身体争议,并告诉其支持者,本拉登为他们多一个消息。

"The sheikh (OBL) didn't leave this world before taking part in sharing the joy with his Muslim Umma (nation) regarding its revolutions when the nation has risen in the face of injustice and the tyrants and may God have mercy on him, the sheikh recorded an audio message one week before his killing that we will release soon, God willing and his audio message included a congratulation greeting, advices and a guidance. He ended his audio message with the following verses: “酋长(本拉登)没有参加前离开分享喜悦与这个世界的一部分,他的穆斯林乌玛(国家)就其在全国已上升了不公正的脸和暴君,愿上帝怜悯的革命,酋长杀害之前,他记录声音信息一周,我们将很快释放,神愿意和他的声音信息,包括一个祝贺问候,建议和指导,最后他说下面的诗句他的声音信息。:

Saying the righteousness to the tyrants is the splendor & the gospel.称义的暴君是辉煌与福音。

This is the path leading to the mundane life, this is the path leading to the hereafter.这是一条通往世俗生活,这是一条通往来世。

You can die a slave if you wish or die a free man, this is your choice.你可以在模具的奴隶,如果你想或死一个自由人,这是你的选择。

Moreover, we warn the Americans of any injustice to be made to the corpse of Sheikh Osama, God's mercy be upon him or that he will be mistreated in any despicable manner and this warning includes the mistreatment of any member of the sheikh's honorable family whether they are dead or alive and that the bodies must be handed over to the families because any inappropriate treatment will open the doors of double evil and you will only be blaming yourselves for your own deeds.此外,我们警告任何不公正的美国人作出了拉登,尸体上帝的怜悯是对他或者他会受到虐待的任何卑劣的方式,这警告包括任何酋长的是否光荣的家庭成员虐待是死是活,而机构必须交给家属,因为任何不适当的治疗将打开罪恶之门双,你将只能责怪自己为自己的行为。 We call upon all Muslims to do their duty in enforcing this right.”我们呼吁所有穆斯林要在执行这项权利的义务。“


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