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城堡             castle
  山区             mountainous region
  盆地             basin
  丝绸之路           the Silk Road
  野生动物园          safari park
  水族馆            aquarium
  观光电梯           sightseeing lift
  金贸大厦           Jin Mao Tower
  世博会            World Exposition
  渡轮             ferryboat
  游轮             cruise
  盛典             pageantry
  公共交通           public transit
  往返旅行           round trip
  长途汽车           long distance coach
  时差             jet lag
  出租车            taxi/cab
  免下车银行          drive-in bank
  国际驾照           international driver's license
  汽车旅馆           motel
  前台             reception desk
  健身房            gym
  住宿             accommodation
  入住             check in
  退房             check out
  卡拉OK            karaoke
  闭路电视           closed-circuit television
  公寓式酒店          apartment hotel
  小旅馆、招待所        hostel
  直达航班           non-stop flight
  增值税            Value Added Tax(VAT)
  山林小屋           lodge
  高原反应           altitude stress
  大堂             lobby
  套房             suite
  轻轨             proline/LRT
  磁悬浮列车          maglev train
  头等舱            first class
  经济舱            coach class
  商务舱                        business class
  人生意外伤害险        PAI(personal accident insurance)
  保存完好           well-preserved
  湖光山色           landscape of lakes and hills
  陡峭的            precipitous
  如画的            picturesque
  琳琅满目           an eyeful of goodies
  流连忘返           too delighted to leave
  吉利的            propitious
  宏伟的            majestic
  蜿蜒曲折           winding,  zigzagging
  无边无际           boundless ,  endless
  心旷神怡           soothed and relaxed
  庄严肃穆           solemn
  优雅的            graceful/elegant/exquisite/delicate
  诱人景色           inviting views
  悬崖绝壁           cliff/precipice
  仙境             wonderland
  烟波浩渺           a wide expanse of misty waters
  雄伟险峻           precipitous
  奇花异草                     exotic flowers and herbs
  波光鳞鳞                     sparkling
  苍松翠柏                     green pines and cypresses  
  层峦叠嶂                     range upon range of mountains the hues rise around

国际化大都市         cosmopolitan city / cosmopolis
  大都会            metropolitan city/metropolis
  旅游热点           tourist attraction
  必游之地           a must tourist attraction
  商务旅游           business tour
  蜜月之旅           honeymoon trip
  旅游旺季           tourist season
  旅游目的地          tourist destination
  历史文化名城         a well-known historic and cultural city
  长江三角洲          the Yangtze River Delta
  高架公路           elevated highway
  浦东新区           Pu dong New Area
  自助游            DIY tour
  纪念品            souvenirs
  旅行社            travel agency
  路线             itinerary
  导游讲解员          guide interpreter
  联合国教科文组织         United Nations Educational,  Scientific and
  Cultural Organization
  直辖市            municipality directly under Central Government
  万国建筑博览         exhibition of International Architecture
  世界文化遗产保护地      World Heritage Sites(WHS)
  天下奇观           wondrous spectacle
  名胜古迹           famous scenic spots and places of historical interest
  古建筑群           ancient architectural complex
  避暑胜地           summer resort
  黄金线路           hot travel route
  标准、豪华游         normal/luxury tour
  国内游            inbound tourism
  出境游            outbound tourism
  旅游黄金周          golden week for tourism
  自然保护区          natural reserve/nature preservation zone
  随团旅行           group travel
  星级饭店           star-grade hotel
  强迫购物           forced purchase
  多功能厅           multi-functional hall
  亭、台、楼、阁        pavilion,  terrace,  mansion,  tower
  长廊             corridor
  湖石假山           lakeside rocks and rockeries
  陵墓             emperor's mausoleum/tomb
  塔              pagoda; tower
  坛              alter
  九曲桥            zigzag bridge/Bridge of Nine Turnings
  古玩店            antique/curio shop
  世界七大奇迹         seven wonders of the world
  缩影             miniature
  历史文物           historical relics
  发掘             unearth
  朝代             dynasty
  自然景观           natural landscape
  植物园            botanical garden
  少数民族           ethnic minority
  西域             western countries
  信息港            info port; Cyber port
  不夜城            ever-bright city
  主题公园           theme park
  原始森林           virgin forest
  园林建筑           garden architecture
  江南水乡           the South of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River
  鱼米之乡           land of honey and milk
  古董             antique
  工艺                         workmanship
  手工艺            craftsmanship
  滑雪胜地           skiing resort
  国家公园           national park
  后裔             descendant
  要塞             fort

姹紫嫣红                     a blaze of bright colours / colourful
  崇山峻岭                     steep mountains    
  传移景幻                     Each turn of the belt afford different scenery
  纯洁                         purity
  雕梁画栋                     carved beams and painted pillars
  洞天福地                     scenery of exceptional charm
  阴云避日                     over cast
  飞流急湍                     whirl pools and rapids
  峰回路转                     the path running twist among the peaks
  高超工艺                     exquisite workmanship
  古香古色                     be of antique beauty
  华丽的                       gorgeous
  极目远眺                     look as far as the eye can see
  金碧辉煌                     splendid and magnificent
  尽收眼底                     hold a panoramic view
  惊叹不已                     be marveled / marvel at
  惊涛拍岸                     ranging waves pond on the banks
  乐不思蜀                     too delighted to be homesick 
  玲珑剔透                     exquisitely carved
  绿水清山                     green hills and clear waters
  掮客骚人                     manive letters
  奇峰异石                     picturesque peaks and rocks
  奇珍异宝                     real treasure
  巧妙设计                     well designed
  青山不断                     green hill rode on endlessly
  清澈见底                     limpid
  曲折                         tortuous
  群山环抱                     surrounded by mountains
  日出日落的壮丽景色           the glory of the sunrise or sunset
  如诗的                       poetic
  山峦叠翠                     range upon the range of green hills
  山水风光                     scenery with mountains and rivers/landscape
  闪闪发光                     glittering / sparking / twinkling
  赏心悦目                     delightful
  天方夜谭                     the Arabian Nights
  天下奇观                     wonder/marvelous spectacle
  蜿蜒流淌的河水               winding river
  威然屹立                     towering
  蔚为壮观                     splendid,  spectacular
  闻名遐迩                     known far and wide/famous/world renowned
  无法抗拒的                   overpowering
  熙熙攘攘                     crowded,  hustle and bustle
  鲜花盛开                     flowers in blossom
  相映成趣                     form delightful contrast
  心旷神怡                     complete relax and happy
  绚丽多姿                     colorful
  一览无余                     hold all views in sight / in a single gloms
  依山傍水                     nestling under a mountain and near a river
  意犹未尽                     lingering around
  郁郁葱葱                     luxuriously green
  枝繁叶茂                     luxuriant
  庄严                         grandeur
  壮丽景色                     spectacular scene
  忽明忽暗幻影叠显             mysterious veiled in mountain mist
  船行水上,人游画中           people tour in picture while boating sail on water
  上有天堂,下有苏杭           In Heaven,  there is paradise; and on earth, 
  there is Suzhou and Hangzhou
  五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳 trips to china’s five great mountains trips to other mountains unnecessary,  and trips to Huangshan trips to five great mountains unnecessary
  桂林山水甲天下,阳朔山水甲桂林    Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere,  and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin
  五岳                         China’s five great secret/divine mountains
  天下第一奇山                 the most fantastic mountain under haven
  黄山四绝,奇松,怪石,云海,温泉 the four unique scenic futures: Picturesque rocks,  legendary pines,  the sea of clouds and hot springs.

国家公园                      national park
  洞穴/岩洞                     cave / cover
  溶洞                          water eroded cave
  石灰岩洞                      lime stone cave
  石笋                          stalagmite
  钟乳石                        stalactite
  瀑布                          waterfall /chute / fall / Linn
  间歇泉                        geyser
  古墓                          ancient tomb
  石窟                          grotto
  净坛                          altar
  石舫                          stone boat
  湖心亭                        mid lake pavilion
  水榭                          waterside pavilion
  莲花池                        lotus pond
  教堂                          church
  天主教大教堂                  Cathedral
  修道院                        abbey / cloister / monastery
  尼姑庵                        Buddhist nunnery
  佛教圣地                      Buddhist sacred land   
  琉璃瓦                        glaze tile
  宫殿                          palace hall,  chamber
  皇城                          imperial city
  护城河                        moat
  御花园                        imperial garden
  行宫                          temporary imperial palace for a short stay
  皇太后                        empress dowager
  皇妃                          Imperial Concubine
  宰相                          Prime-Minister
  太监                          court eunuch
  四大金刚                      the Four gardens     
  十八罗汉                      The Eighteen disciples of the Buddha
  出土文物                      unearthed culture relics
  甲骨文                        inscription on oracle bones
  青铜器                        bronze ware
  景泰蓝                        cloisonné
  青瓷                          celadon
  陶瓷                          ceramic
  陶器                          earthenware
  泥塑                          clay figurine
  折扇                          folding fan
  檀香扇                        sandalwood fan
  手工艺品                      artifact / handicraft
  雕漆器                        carved-lacquer-wear
  刺绣品                        embroidery
  苏绣                          Suzhou embroidery
  挂毯                          tapestry         
  唐三彩                        tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang dynasty
  金石印章                      metal and stone seals
  字画卷轴                                       scrolls of calligraphy and painting
  国画                          traditional Chinese painting
  山水/水墨画                    landscape / ink painting
  文房四宝                      the four stationary treasures of the Chinese study,  writing brush,  ink, 
  inkstone paper
  园林建筑                      garden architecture
  天下第一泉                    the finest spring under heaven
  天下第一奇洞                  the most spectacular cave unparalleled elsewhere
  This temple has a long history dating back to the early period of the Tang Dynasty.
  The city boasts the largest and the most famous garden in the country.
  The architecture of this hall best represents the architecture of Song Dynasty



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