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(2010-10-29 15:43:55)


1.smashing a mirror is no way to make an ugly person beautiful, nor is it a way to make social problems evaporate.砸镜子并不能解决实际问题。

2.I gave my youth to the sea and i came home and gave my wife my old age.

1.it is not surprising,then,that the world saw a return to a floating exchange rate system. central banks were no longer required to support their own currencies.
floating policy is of great importance for export trade;itis,in fact,a convenient method of  insuring goods where a number of similar export transactions are intended,e.g.where the insured ha分不同s to supply an overseas importer under an exclusive sales agreement or maintains sales representatives or subsidiary companies abroad.

2, Often an individual must supply personal accounting information in order to buy a car or home, to qualify for a college scholarship, to secure a credit card, or to obtain a bank loan, large corporations are accountable to their stockholders, to  governmental agencies, and to the public.通常,个人为了买车、买房,为了获得大学奖学金,申请信用卡或从银行贷款,都必须出具本人的财务资料。大公司有责任向其股东、政府机构和广大公众说明公司的财务状况。

3. A foreign business representative, neither overly sympathetic toward China nor overly disposed against it, would need to be convinced on a number of scores before he could responsibly commit his firm to taking an equity position in a Chinese enterprise. 一个对中国既无过度好感又无过度恶感的企业代表,在代表公司华投资、与一定中国企业形成平等股权关系之前,必须考虑许多因素。

4.The underwriter realizes this and certainly does not set out to make life difficult for his agency colleagues. However, he has a job to do. Part of that job is to ensure that people who attempt to buy policies because they expect to “die” soon do not succeed in fooling him and his company。核保人认识到这一点,当然不会给他的代理同事出难题,但是他又有工作要做,其中部分工作是,确保那些因预期很快“死亡”而想方设法去购买保单的人其欺骗自己和公司的企图不能得逞。

5.The home of your dreams awaits you behind this door. Whether your taste be a country manor estate or a penthouse in the sky, you will find the following pages filled with the world’s most elegant residences.打开门,恭候您的就是梦寐以求的家。无论您企盼的是一座乡间宅第,抑或是一间摩天大楼的屋顶,翻开下面几页就可以看到世界上最高雅的住宅供您选择。

6.Assuming the laboratory tests go well, and you can quote us a competitive price, we'd certainly be able to place more substantial orders on a regular basis. 若实验室检测合格,且你们给我们的报价具有竞争力,我们一定会定期大量定货的。

7.Shipping details, including whether transshipments are allowed. Also recorded should be the latest date for shipment and the names of the ports of shipment and discharge. (It may be in the best interest of the exporter for shipment to be allowed “from any UK port” so that he has a choice if, for example, some ports are affected by strikes. The same applies for the port of discharge.)装船细节:包括是否转运以及装船的最后日期和装船、卸货的港口名称。(就出口商而言,如能选英国的任何港口装船最为有利。如发生罢工等情况下,他有选择港口的余地。对卸货港口亦然。)

8.You cannot build a ship, a bridge or a house if you don't know how to make a design or how to read it. 不会制图或看不懂图纸,就不可能造船,架桥或盖房子.

9.His developed engine trouble only seven miles after take-off.他的飞机在起飞后只飞行 了七英里就发生了机械故障。

10.Modern aircraft are so heavy that the wings must develop a very large lift force in order to sustain the aircraft.现代的飞机很重,机翼必须产生很大的升力才能保持飞机在空中飞行。

11.Inspired by these ideas, in 1752 Franklin developed a practical lightning rod.由于受到这些思想的激发,弗兰克林于1752年发明了很实用的避雷针。

12.A hypothesis is a specific statement developed by a scientist from observations.假设是科学家经过大量观察而得出的具体结论。

13. Until the domain theory of magnetism was developed, they did not have much success.直到提出了/发展了磁力学理论,他们才去的了巨大的成功.

14.To develop the capabilities of the geophysical prospecting, the renewal of the techniques and equipment is the first thing to be considered. 为了提高地球物理探矿的能力,首先要考虑的事情就是更新技术和设备.

15.Most of the money came from selling the secret of a new type of potato he had developed.大部分钱是靠出售他培育土豆新品种的秘方得来的.

16 As young Goddard grew into manhood, he developed tuberculosis. 年轻的戈达德长大成人时患上了结核病.

17.By the 13th century, printing had developed further.到公元13世纪,印刷术已有了进一步的发展.

18.By the first century the making pf paper in some parts of China had been well developed and had been very common.

19.As early as his second film, Chaplin had developed his own manner of acting, the one that was to become world famous.

20. We must develop all the natural substances in our country which can make us rich.我们必须开发我们国家中可以让我们过上富足生活的一切自然资源.

21. Several attempts have been made through the years to develop the deposit.多年来,为开采这部分矿床已经做了几次努力.

22.In developing a design, the engineer must apply his knowledge of engineering and material science.在进行设计时,工程师必须应用自己在工程学和材料学方面的知识.

23.while people in other countries in the world were trying to catch wild animals and birds and were still collecting seeds and nuts, farmers in china were developing the science of agriculture.

24.at the same time,another kind of paper was developed,made form silk.

25.it is believed that before writing was developed, people in China used to keep records by putting a number of stones together。人们认为,在出现书写之前,中国人常把石头放在一起来记事。

26.Photographers return and the photos are quickly developed.

27.some married people who are not satisfied with their family may resort to the internet to develop an extramarital affair.一些对家庭不满意的已婚男女也会借助互联网去搞婚外恋。

28.chinese researchers have made a breakthrough in developing new materials for nickel-hydrogen batteries used in low temperatures,xinhua reported.新华社报道,中国研究人员在开发利用新材料制造在低温下使用的镍氢电池方面已有了突破。

29.and thirdly,computer games help develop children's interest in computers.第三,电子游戏有助于培养儿童对电脑的兴趣。

30.although the country's long-term strategy of developing the vast western region is still at an early stage,both the government officials and economic experts are keen to discuss the ways to narrow the economic gap between the west and the east.虽然国家开发大西部的长远战略规划还处在初级阶段,但是政府官员们和经济专家们都热衷于讨论缩小东西部的经济差距的办法。

31.on the wings of hope,of love,of jop,miss meadows sped back to me music hall,up the aisle,up the steps,over to the piano.美多斯小姐仿佛插上了希望的翅膀,爱情的翅膀,欢乐的翅膀,一路飞奔回音乐厅,她穿过通道,跃上台阶,三步并作两步走到钢琴前。

32.saudi arabia has had problems with iraq and yemen but he tried hard to remain in touch with leaders of both states.沙特阿拉伯与伊拉克和也门之间早有纠葛,但他仍竭尽全力与两国领导人保持接触。




1.the english language is very good shape.it is changing in its own undiscoverable way,but it is not going rotten like a plum dropping off a tree.英语目前的情况很好,它正按照它那不易为人发现的方式在起着变化,而不是像一只树上掉下来的李子那样在逐渐腐烂。

2.it was on one of these occasions that i met the cartwrights.i was staying with a man named gaze who was head of the police and he came into the billiardroom,where i was sitting,and asked me asked me if i would make up a four at a bridgetable.

3.i have not been satisfied with my efforts to date and i have been constantly searching for some sort of organized and systematic contribution which i could make to bridging the gaps between the eastern and western worlds.我对目前为止所做的努力并不满意,我一直在寻求能够有组织地、系统的写点东西,以弥合东西方世界之间的沟壑。

4.courage in excess becomes foolhardiness,affection ()weakness,thrift()avarice.勇敢过度即成蛮勇,感情过度即成溺爱,节俭过度即成贪婪。

5.on the wings of hope,of love,of jop,miss meadows sped back to me music hall,up the aisle,up the steps,over to the piano.美多斯小姐仿佛插上了希望的翅膀,爱情的翅膀,欢乐的翅膀,一路飞奔回音乐厅,她穿过通道,跃上台阶,三步并作两步走到钢琴前。

6.As to direct and indirect exporting, which approach is best depends on such factors as the company’ size, its export volume, the number of foreign countries involved, the investment required to support the operation, the profit potential, the risk present, and the desires of the overseas buyers.至于直接出口业务和简介出口业务,哪一种方式最好取决于许多因素,比如公司的大小,出口数量多少,公司业务所牵涉国家的多少,出口所投资的多少,可赚利润的多少,存在风险的大小,以及海外买主的要求等等。

7.he must loiter about country churches, attend wake and fairs and other rural festivals,and cope with the people in all their conditions,and all their habits and humors.他一定要在教堂里消磨一下时光,参加纪念守护神节日的活动,逛逛集市,与村民同庆他们的节日,和身世各异的人打交道,并拉进他们的习惯和性情。

8.my work,my family,my friends were more than enough to fill my time.我干工作,我做家务,我有朋友往来,这些足够占去了我全部的时间。

9.the first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight.要在我们这个共和国里当一个好公民,第一必要的条件是他能够而且愿意尽自己的本分。

10.they wabted a generation of Americans conditioned to loyalty and duty.他们都希望把下一代美国人训练得忠于祖国,尽职尽责。

11.not to educate him (the child) is to condemn him to repetitious ignorance.如果我们不对儿童进行教育的话,那就要使儿童沦入世世代代的愚昧状态。

12.Not all mergers, however, are the result of global economic trends, political change or technological innovation. BMW’s takeover of the Rover Group injected much needed investment into the struggling UK car manufacturer whilst extending BMW’s product range.然而,并非所有的合并都是经济全球化趋势,政治变化或者技术革新所带来的结果。德国宝马汽车公司接管了罗福汽车集团(The Rover Group),给这个在挣扎中求生存的英国汽车制造公司注入了急需的资金,同时有拓展了宝马汽车公司本身的产品范围。

13.they drove in a black limousine,past groved of birch trees and endless rows of identical new buildings.他们乘坐一辆黑色轿车,经过一丛丛的白桦树和看不到尽头的一排排式样相同的新住宅。

14.Another factor behind the increase in merger activity is the record performance of stock markets, which has enabled companies to finance major acquisitions on the strength of their inflated share prices.导致合并不断增加的另一个因素是股票市场的空前繁荣。股票市场的空前繁荣使得各家公司可以依赖其上涨的股票价格去资助各种大规模的购进。

15.the united states systems work by means of a series of closely tabulated favors and obligations carefully doled out where they will do the most good.美国的种种体制是在一系列安排周密的恩惠和义务的基础上来运行的,而且施予恩惠和承担义务都必须以获取最大的利益为前提。

16.The retailers perform many functions. First, he may provide a convenient location. Also, he often guarantees and services the merchandise he sells. Third, the retailer aids in promoting the product, often through displays and advertising. Forth, the retailer may finance the customer by extending credit. further,the retailer performs storage function in his outlet,by having goods available.零售商还发挥许多功能。其一,( )可提供便利的场地;其二,( )对他所经销的商品提供担保和服务;其三,( )帮助促销产品,经常进行商品展示活动和发布广告;其四,( )为顾客提供信贷。另外,由于供货及时,零售商还可发挥其商店的仓储功能。

17.Winter is the best time to study the growth of trees. Although the leaves are gone and the branches are bare, the trees themselves are beautiful. 冬天是研究树木生长的最好季节,虽则树叶落了,树枝光了,但树木本身却是美丽的。

18.when mineral oil is refined into petrol,it is used to drive internal combustion engine.to it we owe the existence of the motor-car,which has replaced the private carriage drawn by the horse.当矿物油被提炼成汽油以后,就可以用来驱动内燃机。就是有了这种油,我们才能用上汽车,以代替私人马车。

19.Such is the so-called “business cycle” that has characterized the industrialized nations of the world for the last two centuries—ever since an elaborate, interdependent money began to replace the relatively self-sufficient precommercial society. 这正是近两个世纪(即自从一种复杂的、相互依赖的货币经济开始取代相对自给自足的前商业化社会)以来全世界工业化国家所谓的“经济周期”。

20.To avert the danger of major defaults and to restore security to the economic systems, Western bankers and governments will have to ensure that they are imposing reasonable repayment terms on developing countries, terms that will not provoke revolution or chaos.为了防止发生重大的宣布无力偿还债务事件,并使经济体制回复巩固,西方各国金融机构和政府必须确保对各发展中国家强制实行公平合理的还债条件,确保这些条件不至于引发革命或混乱。


The monkey's most extraordinary feat was learning to operate a tractor. By the age of nine, this remarkable animal had learned to drive the vehicle single-handed.

Discipline is indispensable to victory in war, to success in our work, and indeed, to the realization of our lofty goal. (回避形容词“indispensable”)
They continue to observe the principle of depending on their own efforts as well as of being thrifty in everything. (回避重复名词"principle")

1.A more realistic approach toward international specialization is that of comparative advantage. This concept says that a nation has a comparative advantage in an item if it can produce it more efficiently than alternative products.参与国际分工的另一更为现实的做法是采取比较优势的做法。比较优势是指假如一个国家生产某种产品比生产其他产品的效率高,那么它就具有生产该产品的比较优势。

2.Over the last decade, the use of countertrade in international commerce has become more widespread. The practice is emerging as a vehicle for financing capital projects and production-sharing ventures, for ensuring the repatriation of profits from investments in countries beset by external debt and hard currency shortages, and for competitive bidding on major nonmilitary government procurements.在过去的十年间,对等贸易在国际商业中的应用已越来越广泛。这种贸易方式正逐渐成为资本项目和生产股份企业融资的一种渠道,正在逐渐成为确保投资者在那些为外债所困扰并且缺乏硬通货的国家投资中收回利润的一种渠道,正在逐渐成为政府在大量采购非军用物资的投标中保持竞争力的一种渠道。

3.Needs are the basic, often instinctive, human forces that motivate a person to do something.

4.Most notably, China has avoided the large output declines and severe macroeconomic instability that have tend to characterize the transition experiences in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.最值得注意的是,中国避免了发生大滑坡和宏观经济的严重不稳定性,生产的大滑坡和宏观经济的严重不稳定性曾经是中、东欧以及前苏联经济过渡时期的特点。

5.As each currency’s value is stated in terms of other currencies, French Frances, then, have a value in US dollars, which have a value in British pounds, which have a value in Japanese yen.由于每一种货币的价值是用另外的货币表现出来的,那么法国法郎的价值可以用美元来体现,美元可以用英镑来体现,英镑可以用日元来体现。

6.The purpose of public relations is to influence public opinion toward building goodwill and positive reputation for the organization, and well-executed public relations is a long-term activity that molds good relationships between an organization and its publics.公共关系的目的是为了对公众舆论产生影响,为某一单位树立良好的形象和声誉;简历良好的、有效的公共关系是一种长期行为,这种行为有助于在一个单位和它的公众群体之间形成良好的关系。




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