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教父 中英评论

(2010-10-27 20:53:44)
分类: 教父评论
Running Length: 2:51 运行长度:2:51
MPAA Classification: R (Violence, mature themes, language, brief nudity) 美国电影协会分类:住宅(暴力,成熟的主题,语言,简短的裸体)
Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 戏剧长宽比:1.85:1

Cast: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, Al Lettieri, Sterling Hayden, John Cazale 演员:马龙白兰度,艾尔帕西诺,詹姆斯卡安,罗伯特杜瓦尔,黛安娜基顿,塔里亚希雷,铝Lettieri,英镑海登,约翰Cazale
Director: Francis Ford Coppola 导演:弗朗西斯福特科波拉
Producer: Albert S. Ruddy 制片人:阿尔伯特学拉迪
Screenplay: Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo based on the novel by Mario Puzo 编剧:弗朗西斯福特科波拉和马里奥普佐基础上,普佐小说马里奥
Cinematography: Gordon Willis 摄影:戈登威利斯
Music: Nino Rota 音乐:尼诺罗塔
US Distributor: Paramount Pictures 美国发行商:派拉蒙电影公司

Rarely can it be said that a film has defined a genre, but never is that more true than in the case of The Godfather .很少可以说是一部电影定义了一个流派,但从来没有真正的教父是更多的案件。 Since the release of the 1972 epic (which garnered ten Academy Award nominations and was named Best Picture), all "gangster movies" have been judged by the standards of this one (unfair as the comparison may be).自1972年史诗版本(其中囊括十奥斯卡奖提名及被评为最佳影片),所有的“黑帮电影”已被认定在本一(不公平的比较而定)的标准。 If a film is about Jewish mobsters, it's a "Jewish Godfather "; if it's about the Chinese underworld, it's an "Oriental Godfather "; if it takes place in contemporary times, it's a "modern day Godfather ."如果电影是关于犹太暴徒,这是一个“犹太人的教父 ”,如果它是关于中国的黑社会,它是一个“东方教父 ”,如果它需要时间发生在当代,它是一个“现代教父 ”。

If The Godfather was only about gun-toting Mafia types, it would never have garnered as many accolades. 如果教父的类型只有持枪黑社会性质组织,它决不会囊括尽可能多的赞誉。 The characteristic that sets this film apart from so many of its predecessors and successors is its ability to weave the often-disparate layers of story into a cohesive whole.从设置的特点,因此它的前任和继任许多这部电影与众不同的是它能够编织成一个整体的故事经常被不同的层次。 Any of the individual issues explored by The Godfather are strong enough to form the foundation of a movie. 教父探索问题,任何个人都很强,足以形成一个电影的基础。 Here, however, bolstered by so many complimentary themes, each is given added resonance.在这里,但是,这么多的免费主题的带动下,给出了每增加共鸣。 The picture is a series of mini-climaxes, all building to the devastating, definitive conclusion.这张照片是一个小高潮,一切以毁灭性的建设的一系列明确的结论。

Rarely does a film tell as many diverse-yet-interconnected stories.很少有一部电影告诉尽可能多的不同,尚未互联故事。 Strong performances, solid directing, and a tightly-plotted script all contribute to The Godfather 's success.强劲的表现,固体指挥,并紧密绘制脚本都有助于教父的成功。 This motion picture was not slapped together to satiate the appetite of the masses; it was carefully and painstakingly crafted.这个电影不是打起来吃饱了人民群众的胃口,它是经过精心,精心制作的。 Every major character - and more than a few minor ones - is molded into a distinct, complex individual.每一个主要角色 - 比一些小的多 - 是塑造成一个独特的,复杂的个体。 Stereotypes did not influence Coppola's film, although certain ones were formed as a result of it.刻板印象不影响科波拉的电影,虽然某些的作为它的一个结果形成。

The film opens in the study of Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), the Godfather, who is holding court.这部影片中打开唐维多柯里昂(马龙白兰度),教父,是谁在持有法庭研究。 It is the wedding of his daughter Connie (Talia Shire), and no Sicilian can refuse a request on that day.这是他的女儿康妮(塔里亚希雷)的婚礼,没有西西里可以拒绝对当天的请求。 So the supplicants come, each wanting something different - revenge, a husband for their daughter, a part in a movie.因此,求助者来了,都希望不同的东西 - 复仇,为他们的女儿,丈夫在一个电影的一部分。

The family has gathered for the event.这个家庭聚集事件。 Michael (Al Pacino), Don Vito's youngest son and a second world war hero, is back home in the company of a new girlfriend (Diane Keaton).迈克尔(艾尔帕西诺),唐Vito的最小的儿子,第二次世界战争英雄,是早在一个新的女朋友(黛安基顿)公司的家。 The two older boys, Sonny (James Caan) and Fredo (John Cazale), are there as well, along with their "adopted" brother, Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), the don's right-hand man.两个大男孩,桑尼(詹姆斯卡安)和弗雷多(约翰Cazale),是有作为,以及他们“通过”哥哥,汤姆哈根(罗伯特杜瓦尔),Don的得力助手。

With the end of the war, the times are changing, and as much as Don Vito seems in control at the wedding, his power is beginning to erode.随着战争的结束,时代在变化,尽可能不要维托控制在婚礼中看来,他的权力开始削弱。 By the standards of some, his views on the importance of family, loyalty, and respect are antiquated.通过一定的标准,他的观点对家庭,忠诚度的重要性,和尊重是过时的。 Even his heir apparent, Sonny, disagrees with his refusal to get into the drug business.即使是他的接班人,桑尼,不同意他拒绝进入毒品生意。 Gambling and alcohol are forces of the past and present; narcotics are the future.赌博和酗酒是过去和现在的部队;毒品是未来。 But Don Vito will not compromise, even when a powerful drug supplier named Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) arrives with promises of high profits for those who back him.不过不要维托不会妥协,即使在强大的毒品供应商名为索拉索(铝Lettieri)与高利润的承诺,为那些谁支持他的到来。

Don Vito's refusal to do business with Sollozzo strikes the first sparks of a war that will last for years and cost many lives.唐Vito的拒绝做生意索拉索罢工的第一个战争将持续多年,许多人的生命火花成本。 Each of the five major mob families in New York will be gouged by the bloodshed, and a new order will emerge.五个主要的暴徒在纽约的家庭都将被挖出的流血事件,并会出现一个新秩序。 Betrayals will take place, and the Corleone family will be shaken to its roots by treachery from both within and without.背叛会发生,而且将动摇柯里昂家族的背叛它的根源来自内部和外部。

The Corleone with the most screen time is Michael (it's therefore odd that Al Pacino received a Best Supporting Actor nomination), and his tale, because of its scope and breadth, is marginally dominant.最多的是迈克尔考利昂屏幕时间(这是奇怪的是艾尔帕西诺因此获得了最佳男配角提名),和他的,因为它的范围和广度的故事,稍微占优势。 His transformation from "innocent" bystander to central manipulator is the stuff of a Shakespearean tragedy.他从“无辜的”旁观者中央机械手的转变是一个莎士比亚悲剧的东西。 By the end, this man who claimed to be different from the rest of his family has become more ruthless than Don Vito ever was.到最后,这名男子自称是谁从他的家庭变得更加残酷维托比以往任何时候都不要被其他人不同。

Despite the likes of Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, ...And Justice for All , and Scent of a Woman on his resume, Pacino is best remembered for the role he created in The Godfather (and subsequently reprised in two sequels).尽管喜欢的Serpico,狗日下午,斯卡菲斯, 正义...而且所有 ,并闻香识女人了他的简历,帕西诺是最好的怀念他的作用创造教父 (续集reprized,随后在二)。 While this is not his most demonstrative performance - indeed, he is exceptionally restrained - the quality of the script makes Michael Corleone notable.虽然这不是他最示范表演 - 实际上,他是非常克制 - 脚本的质量,使迈克尔考利昂显着。

Next to Humphrey Bogart's Rick from Casablanca , Oscar winner Marlon Brando's Don Vito may be the most imitated character in screen history.下一步亨弗莱鲍嘉从里克卡萨布兰卡 ,奥斯卡影帝马龙白兰度的唐吉维托可能是历史上最模仿屏幕字符。 The line "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" has attained legendary status, as has the entire performance.该生产线“我会向他提出一个他无法拒绝的”已达到传奇的地位,与整个性能。 With his raspy voice, deliberate movements, and penetrating stare, Brando has created a personae that will be recalled for as long as motion pictures exist.随着他的声音沙哑,故意运动,并穿透凝视,白兰度创造了一个将被召回,只要存在的电影人物。

Don Vito is a most complicated gangster.唐维托是最复杂的歹徒。 In his own words, he is not a killer, and he never mixes business with personal matters.在他自己的话说,他不是一个杀手,他从来没有夹杂个人事务的业务。 He puts family first ("A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man") and despises displays of weakness.他把家族的第一个(“一个人谁不花时间与家人永远也成不了真正的男人”)和鄙视的弱点显示。 He understands the burden of power, and his wordless sympathy for Michael when he is forced to assume the "throne", is one of The Godfather 's most revealing moments (about both father and son).他明白负担的权力,以及他对迈克尔无言的同情时,他是被迫承担的“宝座”,是) 之一教父的最明显的时刻(约父亲和儿子。

The Godfather had three Best Supporting Actor nominees, all well-deserved. 教父有三个最佳男配角提名,所有受之无愧的。 The first was Pacino (who probably should have been nominated alongside Brando in the Best Actor category).首先是帕西诺(谁应该有白兰度一起被提名为最佳男演员类)。 The other two were James Caan and Robert Duvall.另外两个是詹姆斯卡安和罗伯特杜瓦尔。 In a way, it's surprising that Duvall wasn't passed over.在某种程度上,它的令人惊讶的是杜瓦尔没有人超越。 His presence in The Godfather isn't flashy or attention-arresting.他的教父存在并非华而不实或注意力的逮捕。 Like his character of Tom Hagen, he is steady, reliable, and stays in the background.汤姆哈根喜欢他的性格,他是稳定,可靠,并在后台停留。 Not so for Caan's Sonny, whose demonstrative and volatile personality can't be overlooked.不那么卡安的桑尼,其示范和挥发性个性不能被忽视。

Family responsibility.家庭的责任。 A father's legacy.一个父亲的遗产。 The need to earn respect.需要获得尊重。 The corrupting influence of power.权力的腐蚀影响。 These are some of the ingredients combined in Francis Ford Coppola's cinematic blender.这些都是在弗朗西斯福特科波拉的电影搅拌器某些成分结合。 They are themes which have intrigued the greatest authors of every medium through the centuries.他们有兴趣,通过每一个世纪中最伟大的作家主题。

Although the issues presented in The Godfather are universal in scope, the characters and setting are decidedly ethnic. 虽然教父中提出的问题是普遍的设置范围,是果断的人物和种族。 Even to this day, there is an odd romanticism associated with New York's Italian crime families.即使到今天,有一个奇怪的浪漫主义与纽约的意大利家庭相关的犯罪。 The word "Mafia" conjures up images of the sinister and mysterious - scenes of the sort where Luca Brasi meets his fate.这个词“黑手党”使人联想到神秘的险恶和图像 - 排序的地方路卡布拉西符合他的命运的场景。 Francis Ford Coppola has tapped into this fascination and woven it as yet another element of the many that make his motion picture a compelling experience.弗朗西斯福特科波拉已挖掘到这个魅力和编织袋,又一次使他的许多元素,一个引人注目的电影体验。

We come to The Godfather like Kay Adams - outsiders uncertain in our expectations - but it doesn't take long for us to be captivated by this intricate, violent world.我们来到亚当斯像教父凯-外界的期望我们的不确定性-但它并不需要很长时间,我们将这个复杂的世界所吸引,暴力。 The film can be viewed on many levels, with equal satisfaction awaiting those who just want a good story, and those who demand much more. The Godfather is long, yes - but it is one-hundred seventy minutes well-spent.这部电影可以被视为在许多层面上,以同样的等待满意的谁只是想要一个好故事,和那些谁的需求等等- 。 教父是漫长的,是的,但它是一个花一百七十分钟良好。 When the closing credits roll, only a portion of the story has been told.当片尾滚动,只有一个故事的一部分已被告知。 Yet that last haunting image (Kay's shock of recognition), coupled with Nino Rota's mournful score, leaves a crater-like impression that The Godfather Part II only deepens.然而,去年困扰图像(Kay的认可震),得分加上尼诺罗塔的悲伤,留下火山口般的印象是教父第二部只会加深。


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