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(2012-10-08 20:45:14)




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Zhao Siyun
Lili’s Story

My name is Lili Wu
Nine years old
born in North Zhufeng, Tongshi;
Pingyi County, Linyi City district.
When I was very small
My parents were divorced.
I went to live with Mama and Grandma.
Now I am in 3rd grade at South Fuwan primary school.
I like English.
Got 80% in my last exam.
The math teacher is nice to me.
The ethics teacher is nice to me.
I haven’t gone to school for 4 months.
On May 30 this year
During Chinese lesson with our class advisor
Vice-principal Jiang Feng
Called me to the music classroom,
Principal Wang Jiasheng was there, too.
They gave me sweet pills
And took off my pants.
Wang Jiasheng put his weewee into my little hole
When Wang Jiasheng came out
Jiang Feng went in
They told me
Not to tell Mama
Otherwise they wouldn’t let me go to school here
And they would kill me and my mom.
They told me many times.
(Then I must have fainted.
Hearing screams
Class advisor Chen Yongxiang came running.
She pulled up my pants.
Then someone lifted me up
Put me in Wang Jiasheng’s car
And brought me to the clinic on the right side of the gate.
My classmate Xiao Wen wrote all this down on paper.
She said
Other kids saw it too.
On that day
I should have been home at twelve
When I came home at 1:30 p.m
Tottering left and right all the way to our door
Grandma had been waiting on the corner for a long time.
When I was home I wanted to throw up
Didn’t want to eat
Mama wasn’t home
She was at the county hospital visiting a relative
Didn’t come home till the evening
My face, hands and feet were all white
That evening
A nice teacher called Mama
Told her I had been raped by Wang Jiasheng and Jiang Feng
I liked going to school before
Now I don’t dare to go
When school is mentioned I break out in sobs
I am afraid
I took a rest at home for a month
On July 2nd, Mama went with me
To the Pingyi County People’s Hospital for a checkup
The medical record was written a follows
Patient complains of small bleeding in vagina
Accompanied by discharge for over one month.
Recent medical history:
Complains of vaginal pain, red spots, much discharge,
feels like another person forced in his sexual organ
Physical examination:
Normal vulva development
Hymen opening greatly slackened
Old fissures at #3, #8
No other …(I cannot read the writing)
Initial diagnosis:
Hymen ruptured, slackened
From last winter
I had been bleeding
One day I came home in the evening
There was blood on my legs
I wiped it off with paper
Mama has also helped me wipe it
Last winter
Wang Jiasheng and Jiang Feng
Put their cocks into my little hole several times
After school
I felt dizzy, sick, burning
Mama didn’t know then
She took me to the clinic to get some cold medicine
All winter
I got shots, took pills
Mama went to the police
People’s Police Uncles from the criminal police
Went to Xiao Wen’s home several times
So her folks complained at our house
They said Xiao Wen was frightened
And would hardly dare to go to school
So Xiao Wen said her testimony was instigated by my mom
The teacher who had called my mom that evening
Also denied it
The doctor at the clinic said first I was brought in unconscious
But then they said I came in with the principal and two classmates for checkups and shots
Reporters from the province came to our village
They interviewed six children on their way home from school
Five said they didn’t know anything
Another girl
Did not say a word
Our class advisor said
She took a bribe from my mom
She said my mom made her give false testimony
She said I was in class all day as always
She never pulled up my pants
Over one month later
I had another checkup at Pingyi County People’s Hospital
The results were the same
On Sept. 19th, 2012
Wang Jiasheng declared online
The whole affair was all defamation
Jiang Feng also declared
It was a frame-up, made up
To attain some unspeakable purpose
The Pingyi police
Said conditions were not fulfilled
For prosecution


Tr. MW Oct. 2012

Source material


赵思运//丽丽传/ 我叫吴丽丽/9岁/出生在临沂市平邑县铜石镇北诸冯村/我很小的时候/爸爸妈妈就离婚了/我一直跟着妈妈姥姥过/现在南阜完小学读三年级/我喜欢英语/考 了80分/数学老师对我好/品德老师对我好/但是/我已经4个多月没有上学了//今年5月30日/在上班主任的语文课时/副校长姜锋/把我叫到了音乐教室 /校长王加生也在/他们喂我吃糖丸/脱了我的裤子/王加生把他的鸡鸡放到我的窝窝里/王加生出来后/姜锋又进去的/他们跟我说/到家不能告诉俺妈/要不就 不让我在这上学了/把我跟俺妈都弄死/这话说过好多次了/(后来我被他们弄得昏迷了/听到喊叫声/班主任沈永祥老师跑过来/给我穿上裤子/然后有人把我扛 起来/塞到王加生的车里/送到大门右侧的诊所/这些都是我同学小文后来在纸上写的/她说/班上还有其他小孩看到了)/那天/我原本应该在十二点回家的/一 直到下午一点半还未到家/我东斜西歪地回到家门口时/姥姥在路口已经等了很久很久了/回到家我就想吐/不想吃饭/妈妈没有在家/她正在县城医院陪护亲人 /直到晚上才回家/我脸和手脚都发白/当晚/学校有位好心的老师曾打电话给妈妈/告诉她我被王加生和姜锋强奸了/本来我很喜欢上学/现在我不敢去学校了 /一提上学我就哇哇大哭/害怕/在家休息了一个月/7月2日,妈妈带着我/去平邑县人民医院做了检查/病历诊断是这样写的/主诉:/阴道少量流血,伴分泌 物多一个月/现病史:/自述近一个月来,外阴疼,少量见红,分泌物多,觉别人用生殖器强进/体检:/外阴发育正常/阴道处女膜口大松弛/见3点、8点出有 陈旧性裂口/其他不……(此处字迹看不清楚)/初步诊断:/处女膜外口破裂松弛/其实/从去年冬天/我下身就出血/有一次晚上回家后/腿上有血/我自己拿 纸擦了擦/妈妈也给我擦过/去年冬天/王加生和姜锋/就有几次把鸡鸡放进我的窝窝里/放学的时候/我头晕恶心身子发热/妈妈那时什么都不知道/就带我到诊 所开点感冒药/上个冬天/我一直都在打针吃药/妈妈报案了/刑警大队的民警叔叔/几次到过小文家里询问/小文的家人就到我家吵闹/说小文吓得/都快不敢去 上学了/小文就说那证词是我妈妈教唆的/那天晚上电话提醒我妈妈的老师/也不承认了/诊所的医生第一次说我是昏迷中去的/后来说是校长跟两个同学陪我去打 针看病的/省里的记者到俺村头了/问了6个回家的学生/有5个说不知道/另一个女孩/从头至尾一句话也不说/班主任老师说/她接受了我妈妈的贿赂/说我妈 妈让她作伪证/她说我一天都在正常上课/她没有给我穿裤子/一个多月之后/我又到平邑县人民医院做检查/这两次的检查结果是一样的/2012年9月19日 /王加生在网上发布声明/说这事纯属污蔑/姜锋也发了声明/说这事是诬告、陷害/是为了达到不可告人的目的/平邑警方/说是条件不足/没有立案/2012 年10月6日
素材源自人民网 http://edu.people.com.cn/n/2012/0930/c1006-19159472-1.html



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